My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e23 Episode Script

Episode 23

Have you been doing well?
Not really…
Me, neither…
I thought about it a lot.
But I just don't understand.
Why do we have to break up?
We love each other.
Jeong-hwan, don't you love me?
I do love you.
So, why?
I'm too average
to handle you.
I just
want to marry the woman I love
and live happily ever after.
I'm just an average, normal guy.
So I can't handle you.
Oh, and…
I thought about it,
and I'm grateful
that you got back together with me
despite what happened eight years ago.
And even though it was brief,
being the man
who knows most about Byun Hye-yeong…
It made me…
very happy.
And I'm sorry.
For not being…
the kind of man who can handle you.
Dad, why are you out here?
Did you have a good trip?
Yes, we did.
Why are you out here? I feel bad…
I just closed the snack bar
to go home. Let's go.
Okay, Dad. Let me get our things.
Grandma, let us bow.
Good. You look nice.
Dad, Mom, let us bow.
Sit down.
So, did you enjoy your trip?
Yes, we did.
Yu-ju was tired,
so we didn't get around much.
But we rested and ate well.
That's good. Being pregnant,
working and planning the wedding
must have been hard.
So did you have nice dreams
on your first night?
We literally passed out,
so we didn't dream.
We closed and opened our eyes,
and it was morning.
Mom, do you have anything to say?
You want me to give another speech?
After embarrassing me like that
at the wedding?
We were the ones
who got embarrassed, Grandma.
You told everyone about
my studying and Yu-ju being pregnant.
It's okay.
People don't consider those things
flaws these days.
Right. It was moving, though.
I got you some presents.
I made an effort. I hope you like them.
These are lotions for Dad and Uncle.
These are face creams
for Grandma, Mom, and Aunt.
And these are body lotions for you.
And this is body wash for Jung-hui.
Have a seat.
How much longer will you keep this up?
What do you mean?
How much longer will you mope
over your breakup
and make us uncomfortable?
Can't you see everyone is tiptoeing
around you?
Yu-ju moved in with us,
and you want to advertise
your breakup to her, too?
Why did you break up with him
in the first place?
Why can't you just get over it
and move on?
I didn't show it that much.
I'm trying my best not to show it
to the family,
so I won't bother anyone else.
I got it.
I'll be careful…
Dad. Can we sleep in this room tonight?
You can if you want, but why?
Hye-yeong is crying.
What? She's crying?
Oh, I can't believe that girl.
I told her not to do that just now.
Leave her alone for a while.
She can't control it.
She's never done this before,
and that's what breaks my heart.
Even when she was in her 20s,
she never cried over boys.
That's true.
I've never seen her like that, either.
Should I go see that guy?
What for?
To beg him to take Hye-yeong back?
Mom, what she needs now is a new man,
or for time to pass by quickly.
Should I set her up on a blind date?
-I don't think you should, Mom.
I don't think you should, either.
Let's give her time.
You can sleep in here with us tonight.
Hi, girls.
Mother, I'm sorry.
I set my alarm for 5 a.m.,
but I didn't hear it.
Being pregnant is really tiring.
I'm sorry. What should I do?
There's nothing, so go and get ready.
No, I can do anything.
Oh, you must get ready to go to work.
Go wash up.
Yes, Yu-ju. You must go to work.
The bathroom is free, so go.
I'll help with breakfast instead of you,
so go.
-I'll go get ready for work, Mother.
Girls, wait!
I'm really sorry,
but use the master bathroom.
Yu-ju's not comfortable
using that just yet.
Thanks, Jun-yeong.
It's occupied.
But it's my turn.
Oh, Ms. Kim…
Let's eat.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Well, why don't we make
a bathroom schedule
to make things go smoothly in the morning?
The busiest people,
Mi-yeong, Hye-yeong, and Yu-ju can each
use the bathroom for 20 minutes
from 6 to 7 a.m.,
and the rest can use the master bathroom
or go to Uncle Yeong-sik's apartment.
-So I can't use the big bathroom?
-I can't either?
I'm saying try to avoid that hour.
Use it after 7 a.m.
We agreed to be understanding
in the morning,
unless it's unavoidable.
Yes, Ra-yeong. Let's do that.
You don't always have to go to work early.
Yes, let's do that.
-Does anyone have a suggestion?
Someone used my bidet this morning.
I don't know who it was,
but do you want one
on the other toilet, too?
It wasn't me. Did you use it?
-I didn't.
-I didn't.
I didn't, either.
We don't use the bidet.
I did.
Oh, I'm not supposed to?
It's just for me.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't know it was just for you…
Well, you don't have to be sorry.
It's okay to use your bidet.
How can you embarrass her like this?
I didn't say anything.
I just asked if you'd like one
for yourselves.
Let's get another bidet then.
My kids don't use a bidet.
Yu-ju uses it, so why don't we get one?
Then, I'll order one today.
Wait, you work at the same place,
so Jung-hui, Mi-yeong, and Yu-ju
can all go to work together.
Well… We have something to do,
so we have to make a stop on the way.
Right, Judo?
This is delicious.
You're going to the office?
Yes, I'll check the script,
and go to the action school afterward.
Well, Mr. An…
-Thank you.
-For what?
The Yu-ju thing.
But you don't have to do that.
-I don't want you and Ms. Kim to--
-It's not because of you.
I really hate sharing my car
with strangers.
Here we go!
Well… Is there anything
I can help you with?
-You're not going to work?
-Well… I should.
I'm leaving.
See you later.
-Okay. Have a good day.
-Son, have a good day.
What are you doing?
Why don't you go with Min-ha?
Well, I…
-I don't have to go this early today.
-Why is that?
Actually, I…
Hey, I'm going to the bathhouse.
Why are you still home?
I was about to leave.
Oh, go to work.
A man should be diligent above all.
Even if there's nothing to do,
you must go to work on time every day.
-Yes. I'll see you later.
-I'll be back.
Yeong-sil, let's go to the bathhouse.
Gosh, what happened here?
Was there a whole brigade here?
Tell me about it.
Jung-hui coming didn't make
much of a difference,
but with Hye-yeong back,
and now with Yu-ju,
as the kids say, it's nuts.
You dug your own grave.
It's not easy to have
more people in the family.
Just wait until the baby is born.
Your life will be, as the kids say,
game over.
Don't keep scaring me like that.
You'll have to go to the bathhouse
by yourself.
I know.
Wait. Where are you going now?
Aren't you worried about Jeong-hwan?
Your son hasn't been home for days.
He won't even answer my calls anymore.
Can you please go and see him?
What is he thinking?
How long will he keep this up?
I'm getting ready to go and see him now.
You are?
Well, in case Jeong-hwan
doesn't answer your call,
I'll give you
the assistant director's number.
It's okay.
I'm just going to go,
and if he doesn't answer, I'll call you.
Hello, Dad.
Gosh, you look awful.
Have you been eating?
Let's go somewhere and have coffee.
I have a meeting.
Just say it here.
When are you going to come home?
Your mom made a mistake,
but if you do this,
you'll only make her angrier.
You should come home
and persuade your mom.
Then you'll be able to marry that girl.
There's no need for that now.
I broke up with Hye-yeong.
You did?
Hye-yeong said she couldn't marry me.
She doubts she can handle Mom
as her mother-in-law.
I couldn't change her mind.
So I can't come home.
When I see Mom,
I get so angry.
Yes, I know what you're saying.
-And I understand. I do, but--
I applied for a position in Vietnam.
I just submitted my application.
-I'm going to leave Korea for a while.
I don't think I can stay here like this.
For me,
Even breathing is painful for me, Dad.
-Hey, Jeong-hwan.
-Keep it to yourself for now.
I have to go. Goodbye.
Hey, hey… Jeong-hwan!
What did he say?
Did you see Jeong-hwan?
It serves you right.
The son you dote on…
You won't be able to see him for a while.
What are you talking about?
Jeong-hwan's going to Vietnam.
He broke up with that girl,
and he can't stay here anymore.
So he applied for a position in Vietnam.
He's going to Vietnam?
He hates hot weather.
He can't go to Vietnam.
He said he's going!
He's faking it. He's putting on a show.
He's been fooling me all this time.
Both at the police station
and at his apartment.
He thinks if he does that,
I'll tell him that he's forgiven
and let him marry that girl.
Tell him to dream on.
There's no way.
Are you okay?
I am.
I cry a bit from time to time.
But if he doesn't want me,
I don't want him.
Why did he break up with me?
It's not like I don't love him.
I'm madly in love with him.
Is marriage that important?
There's no future or hope for us?
Do you know what no future or hope means?
It's walking into hellfire
knowing that it's hellfire and giving in,
letting yourself be devoured.
Why is everyone so hung up on marriage?
Are you happy that you're married?
Yes, marriage has more pros than cons.
Marriage isn't just hellfire.
You always badmouth
your in-laws and husband to me.
Hey, I'm just venting to my friend.
You saved your husband's name as "Hole."
I say crazy things when I'm mad.
Now it's a heart.
Did you get a handbag or something?
How did you know?
He got me a Chanel bag
for our wedding anniversary.
And raising a kid is fun, too.
Kids are so adorable.
Hey, raising your kid
made your identity disappear.
And running my own household is fun, too.
Was that why you majored in law
in college?
Why don't you get married as insurance?
You're young, pretty, and talented now,
but once all your friends are married,
you'll be old and lonely.
Don't worry.
The divorce rate nowadays is so high.
Some of my friends will be divorced,
-so I can hang out with them.
Aren't you sad about breaking up
with Jeong-hwan?
You think you can meet
another man like him?
Why don't you just marry him for now?
Try it.
And if it doesn't work out,
you can divorce him.
I handle many divorces each month.
You think getting a divorce is easy?
Divorce reveals one's darkest side,
gnawing away at each other's soul.
Here's my wedding thank-you gift.
-Thank you.
-Thank you for coming to my wedding.
-Congratulations on your wedding.
-Thank you.
Have some rice cake.
-Did you enjoy your honeymoon?
-Yes, it was so nice.
Have some rice cake.
Thank you.
But I didn't know about you
and the intern.
Oh, I was going to tell you,
but I didn't want to make
Mi-yeong uncomfortable.
How was your honeymoon?
Since you're pregnant,
you didn't go far, right?
Right, we went to Jeju Island.
The Art Team must be in a panic.
You'll be out of the office.
Where can we find a new team leader?
Why would you? I'll still be here.
Did you ask for me, Mr. Kang?
Hello. Have a seat.
This is my wedding thank-you gift.
Thank you.
I heard at the wedding
that you're pregnant. Is that true?
Yes, it is.
Oh, it would've been nice
if you had told me sooner.
As you know already,
we can't afford to lose someone here.
And it takes a while
to replace that person.
I won't cause any inconveniences.
I'll work until my final month,
and I'll only take
three months of maternity leave.
And depending on the situation,
I could come back early.
I understand how you feel.
But you know that
our kind of work is too much
for a pregnant woman.
-All those late hours and all-nighters.
-It's okay. I can handle it.
I'm sure you might be able to.
But it'll burden those who work with you.
They can't ask you to carry
anything heavy.
They can't ask you to stay late
or work all night
when they do it all the time.
So I was thinking that
maybe we should try
to figure something out.
Mr. Kang,
you're hurting my feelings here.
You know I've poured my heart and soul
into this company.
I do.
And I also know
you won't be able to anymore,
because you're pregnant.
How can he leave his lenses at home?
Even if there are no customers…
What if his boss gets angry at him?
Out of business?
Then where is he right now?
It's me.
Where are you?
What do you mean? I'm at work.
Did you have lunch?
Yes. You should have lunch, too.
I have a customer now, so I have to go.
Okay, bye.
I feel lost.
That's because
you're sitting there like that.
You left this at home.
I thought you might need it,
so I brought it.
How did you know I was here?
What don't I know about you?
I know everything.
I'm sorry.
Your hand. Hand…
Let's go. Get your things.
-You'll see. Get your things.
Oh, my. What's all that?
We're not throwing a party.
Did you win the lottery?
No, I didn't.
This is Yeong-sik's resignation party.
We should have a feast on a day like this.
So I got some money
out of my savings account.
What? Resignation?
-You got fired?
No, he didn't get fired.
The photo studio
went out of business, Mother.
They went out of business?
Oh, my, I knew things were bad,
and they finally closed down.
Hey, it's actually better this way.
Now you can get
a more stable job before it's too late.
They only paid you half your wages.
Yes, so I told him this is for the best.
Eat up, honey.
Thank you for working so hard
to earn money.
Grandmother, you should eat up, too.
You've lost weight these days.
You eat up, too.
Son, eat up.
Thank you.
Jung-hui, let's try this together.
-Where should I stand?
-Over here.
A little more.
Jung-hui, bend down more,
dig in deeper,
-and grab the arm really firmly. Firmly!
-Yes, I got it.
-Let's try that again.
You're supposed to go low.
Let's wrap up for today.
If you try too hard, you'll get hurt.
Let me practice a bit more by myself.
Okay. Go ahead.
What is it? Say what you want.
When you take your steps,
you have to bend over deep
and push your bottom backward
to make the opponent lose his balance.
I know how it's done.
It's just that my body won't do
what I want.
Hey, you did judo.
-Come here. Come.
So how do you do it? Show me.
Well, first of all…
May I retie the belt on your uniform?
You could get hurt if it's tied wrong.
Hey, you're good at this.
Shall we try it again?
Are you going to be okay, though?
Your weight is…
You're much lighter than I am.
You can just tell me instead.
-Did you just laugh at me?
-You don't have to worry about me.
Here I come.
Try it. Go ahead!
Lower your center of gravity,
push with your back…
Are you okay?
Don't come any closer!
I'm getting into character.
Oh, so this is how it feels. So I should…
I'm getting it right now.
Don't worry. I'm getting into character.
Okay. I think I got it. I know now.
Hey, water. Water.
Okay. Water!
So you were dumped?
Gosh, Ms. Byun is so interesting.
She said she liked my outer shell.
What did you say to get rejected
when you look like that?
What did you say?
"I like you."
That's pretty sweet. And?
She said, "Okay."
"Okay"? That was all?
I think I really did get rejected.
I know. Why won't she call?
It can't be easy to reject Park Cheol-su.
-I'm going to ask her.
-Ask what?
Hi, this is Park Cheol-su.
What does "Okay" mean?
I thought about it,
and I couldn't figure it out.
Does it mean "Okay, but I don't like you,"
or "Okay, that's great"?
If it's "Okay,"
why won't you say anything?
I said that I like you.
So it's real.
Coach Park must really like me.
It's real!
What should I wear tomorrow? What?
A facial before I go to bed?
It's real! Yeah!
You're home. Did you get hurt?
No, I'm fine. Don't worry.
It looks like you hurt your back.
It's okay. I'm going upstairs.
He practiced an action sequence,
and he pulled some muscles.
He'll need a massage.
I'll bring him a heat pack
and pain relief patch.
Okay. Thank you.
Darn it. She's so tiny.
How humiliating.
No, she used to be a professional athlete.
She was trained. She trained really hard.
If I had training, I'd be much better.
Ouch, wait…
You can't move suddenly like that.
Lie down, Mr. An.
This is a heat pack.
Keep it on here.
If you use it for a few days,
it'll get better.
I said I'm okay. Don't overreact.
Put this pain relief patch on
after the heat pack.
Okay. I'll do it later. You can go.
-Why aren't you leaving? Why sit down?
-Mr. An.
Why do you keep avoiding Dad?
Do you hate him?
No. I don't really think about him.
But you look like you're avoiding him.
I've been watching you and Dad,
and when everyone is together,
you're fine,
but when it's just you two,
it gets very awkward.
Isn't it natural to be awkward?
We just started living together.
But still…
You won't meet his eyes,
and you won't talk to him.
It's as if you're angry at him.
You've crossed the line.
I'm sorry.
Yes, I do feel that way.
He looked happy
on Jun-yeong's wedding day.
Your family looked so happy together.
When that happens, I think I get angry.
"Have you been
happy with your family
for the past 35 years?
That was why you never thought about me?"
I keep thinking like that.
Sometimes, I get even more upset.
When I see him smile,
I feel a surge of anger. Out of nowhere.
Just because I'm smiling silly,
does he think I'm a silly person? Does he?
I mean, now that we live together,
does he think he's made
everything up to me?
How can he smile like that?
In front of me?
His worrying about me like earlier…
That honestly annoys me, too.
I mean, why…
Why is he pretending to worry?
He should've done it a long time ago.
You don't want to hear it?
Me badmouthing your dad?
So why did you ask me?
No, I don't hate hearing it.
If I were you, I'd hate my dad, too.
I probably would've hated him even more.
I would've never considered
moving in with him like this.
So Mr. An,
just tell him everything.
Don't keep it bottled up inside.
Like how you told me just now,
just tell him everything.
Tell him that you hate him or blame him.
Ask him how he could do this to you.
Scream at him and blame him.
Take it all out on him.
Didn't you come here to do that?
Only then can you forgive him
or find out you can't forgive him,
and never see him again.
Dad wants to get to know you better,
but you've built walls around yourself,
and you won't do anything.
You didn't move in here
to do that, did you?
Did I cross the line again?
It's okay. You should go.
You're leaving now?
Mi-yeong went to bring the van around.
How's your back?
It's better.
Well… Would you like to have
a drink with me tonight?
I think I'll be home around 9 p.m.
Do you have time then?
I'd love to.
Okay. I'll fix some food.
Oh, and this is a banana smoothie.
I made it because
you didn't want breakfast.
I'll see you later.
Yes, of course. Night shift is okay.
Short-term sales?
That'd be great.
Yes. Call me anytime.
-You're getting a part-time job?
Han-soo isn't calling me much,
so I thought I should.
What's this, Mother?
Use it for the family.
It's not much.
What do you mean?
Thank you, Mother.
Thank you for being nice to Yeong-sik
and not blaming him.
He's your son,
but he's also my husband.
Good days will come in the future.
Right. He's a flower,
but he needs time to bloom.
Still, he'll definitely bloom one day.
Yes, Mother.
Let's go.
I don't think we can begin
our lesson right now.
Why not? I came on time.
Mr. Jin Seong-jun had to switch his lesson
due to another engagement.
Your times kind of overlapped.
I'm sorry.
It's just today.
Please wait a bit in the waiting room.
-Let's go.
Is my schedule a mess?
No, it's not.
But I need to sort some things out.
Oh, I need something sweet.
Something sweet?
I don't have anything.
Hey, why not play a game,
and the loser buys snacks?
Should we?
I think I need something sweet, too.
It's two out of three.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
I didn't fall over.
Again. This one is for real.
I won't go easy on you. Here I come.
You got something on your shirt. Hello.
I won the first round!
Hey! What's the next game?
I should let you choose, right?
Let me choose? Hey, you come with me.
Okay! Did you see that?
Yours must go past mine,
but it can't fall off the table.
Try it.
Here we go.
Oh, yes! Two wins!
That was invalid. It's a tie.
I didn't say you could hit my coin out.
So it's a tie.
But you didn't say I couldn't.
Right. You're smart.
Still, this is invalid! It's not fair!
-Then let me choose the next game.
-What is it?
Thumb wrestling.
What's that?
What is that?
If I hold your thumb down
for three seconds, you lose.
Why are you suddenly holding my hand?
-The next thing on my schedule is, go!
-Wait. Hey, wait!
Three, two, one. Over!
I won!
Wow, how petty of you!
Are you okay?
Jung-hui, let's do this.
I should go and exercise.
You stay here and rest.
Mr. An…
You think I'll fall for that trick?
The number you have dialed
is not in service.
What's this?
Did I dial the wrong number?
No, I didn't. This is my son's number.
The number you have dialed
is not in service.
It's not in service?
What's going on?
Hello, ma'am.
Hi, Jong-beom.
Why does it say that Jeong-hwan's number
is not in service?
Where is Jeong-hwan right now?
He transferred his files
and went on vacation.
-We don't have his phone number either.
-Vacation? When?
He applied for the Vietnam position,
transferred his files,
and left just like that.
We thought you knew about it.
Wait, so he really applied
for a position in Vietnam?
Yes. I heard he's leaving Korea
next month.
Honey, where have you been?
Have you tried calling Jeong-hwan?
Why does it say
his number's not in service?
Honey, what will we do?
Jeong-hwan applying for a position
in Vietnam was the truth.
He handed his files over
and went on vacation.
So he changed his number on purpose?
I think so.
He's been gone for three days now.
I mean, how can he do this to us?
Do you really have to ask?
Don't you know who brought this on?
Still, how can he change his phone number
and disappear like this?
What kind of son does this to his parents?
Oh, Jeong-hwan? Is that you?
Ms. Oh, this is the real estate agency.
The apartment was sold,
so I need your account number.
Hello? What are you talking about?
Why sell the apartment? Who sold it?
Your son did, and it was sold.
Your son told me
to wire the money to your account.
Okay. Well, I will call you back.
What was that about?
Honey. Jeong-hwan…
He must be serious
about never seeing us again.
He sold his apartment.
What will we do, honey? What will we do?
Where are we going to find him?
Good for you!
You made our only son
turn his back on us!
I hope you're happy!
Why are you blaming me?
What did I ever do wrong?
Hi, I was wondering if he called.
He hasn't?
If he calls, please let me know.
Okay. Bye.
He hasn't called Eun-gyu.
He hasn't?
Where could he be?
It's been three days already.
You don't think
anything bad happened, do you?
I'm sure nothing happened.
If it did, we would've been contacted.
I can't believe him.
Wait. Just in case,
should I call Hyeon-su?
There was an accident this afternoon.
An SUV and a sedan crashed
head-on in Seongnam,
resulting in a fire.
A man in his 30s
driving a dark gray SUV
was taken to Seongsu Hospital
in Bundang for treatment,
-but he is in critical condition.
-Oh, my.
Oh, honey. Honey. That SUV, that one.
Isn't that Jeong-hwan's SUV?
That dark gray SUV,
it's like Jeong-hwan's SUV!
Oh, honey! That man!
He looks like Jeong-hwan.
Oh, no! That must be Jeong-hwan!
What will we do?
Oh, no! Honey!
Wait, where was it? Which hospital?
Bundang? Where in Bundang…
Seongsu Hospital?
Excuse me. Can I ask you something?
We saw the news.
Where's the car accident victim
from an hour ago?
-In there.
-In there?
It's not him. It's not.
Pull yourself together.
Pull yourself together!
Honey… Honey, find Jeong-hwan for me.
-I can't do this anymore.
-Hang in there.
Please find Jeong-hwan for me.
Hang in there.
Okay. Let's start with your eye makeup.
Oh, where did you get your looks,
Stay still. It's not working.
Quit crying.
He said he couldn't handle you!
You go up. I'm having a drink with Dad.
Off you go!
-You're here.
-I got the drinks.
What? I got some, too.
Shall we drink that?
Sit down. It's finished.
Did you have dinner?
Of course. It's late.
I figured, so I only made a few snacks.
-What would you like? Beer or soju?
I like soju, too.
Here. Let me pour you.
Allow me.
Is the filming going well?
Yes… I guess.
You're a better drinker than I expected.
Have some snacks, too.
Do you like to drink?
You looked happy
on Jun-yeong's wedding day.
You never thought about me
because you had four children
and were busy being happy with them?
Because you were…
busy playing the role of
the best father in the world?
Why didn't you come to see me?
I asked why you didn't come to see me.
You weren't even curious about me?
When you divorced my mom,
you knew she was carrying me.
Coming back to Korea,
having four children,
and living your own life…
Does that make the son
born in America disappear into thin air?
What that son looks like…
How old he is…
Whether he misses his father…
You were never concerned about that?
Why didn't you come to see me?
At first, I felt sorry for you.
How poor do you have to be
to be kicked out
without ever meeting your son?
I heard that you refused
to divorce my mom.
It must have been so humiliating.
So I thought you would come someday.
Even if you hated my mom,
you couldn't hate me.
"Maybe he'll come on my next birthday."
"I'm sure he'll come
to my junior high graduation."
"He'll come to my high school graduation."
Isn't that what a father must do?
Every birthday and every Christmas,
do you know how much I waited for you?
Do you know what it's like to live
with an American stepfather?
Do you know how hard I tried
not to get into trouble?
I thought that way, you'd come and see me.
I thought I had to be a good boy.
I'm sorry…
I'm sorry.
It was my fault.
It was all my fault.
Stop it. Who wants to hear that?
You have no right to say that.
I was never going to come and see you.
So even after I came to Korea,
I didn't search for you
for over ten years.
I… I'd rather die
than see my biological father,
no matter what happened.
I was never going to see you.
Why are you crying?
How dare you cry in front of me?
You don't deserve to cry.
Be a father for me now.
You have to make up for everything.
Cook me a hangover meal
for breakfast tomorrow.
I eat tomato sauce pasta
and vanilla ice cream.
Wake me up every morning.
See me off when I go to work.
When I come home,
don't go to bed first, and wait up for me.
Call me at least once a day.
Text me and take me to baseball games.
And play catch…
And go camping.
Ever since I was a boy…
Everything I ever wanted to do…
I'm going to make you do
every single thing.
Careful. Watch the steps. Careful.
Who is it?
Who is it?
I want to show this to him
and tell him the truth.
Your father didn't abandon you.
You're closer now, right?
Okay. It was amazing.
My actor is awesome!
-How could you do that today?
-Excuse me?
But why did she have to smile like that?
-Do you really like me?
I'm sorry about that.
Please find my son for me.
Where is he?
I know!
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