My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e24 Episode Script

Episode 24

Have you been well?
Can we talk for a while?
Who is it?
What are you doing here?
I need to talk to your daughter.
What do you have to discuss
with my daughter?
Just say it here.
It's not something I can say here.
I want to go somewhere and talk.
How dare you take my daughter out to talk?
You show up at my place
this early in the morning,
completely unannounced.
Talk here or just go home.
I'm sorry
for showing up so early unannounced.
I know it's rude,
but this is really urgent.
Please let me talk
to your daughter briefly.
Mom, I'll be back soon.
Come back quickly. You need to go to work.
You keep in touch with Jeong-hwan,
don't you?
No, I don't.
You really don't talk to him?
No, I don't.
We broke up.
If you do talk to him, please let me know.
I just can't go on like this.
I said that I broke up with him.
Just like you wanted.
If you don't know, either,
then where did Jeong-hwan go?
You really don't talk to him?
You still must keep in touch.
What is this about?
Jeong-hwan has disappeared.
He changed his phone number.
He applied for a position in Vietnam,
and I can't reach him anymore.
You really didn't know?
Then where did he go?
Well… Well, miss.
Please find my son for me.
He's been gone for four days,
and no one knows where he is.
He must not want to see us anymore.
He sold his apartment and disappeared.
But you must know where Jeong-hwan
might be now.
Please. Please find my son for me.
I… I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have done
what I did eight years ago.
I was worried about my son,
so I said those heartless things to you.
I'm sorry about that.
So please be understanding and forgive me.
And please find my son for me.
You must know where my son might be now.
Nothing bad could've
happened to him, right?
Please find my son for me.
I can't live without my son.
I'll look for him.
I'll call you, so you should go home.
Okay. Please find him for me.
Come here.
Why did she come here?
Jeong-hwan disappeared.
He changed his phone number
and applied to be transferred abroad.
She asked if I knew where he might be.
She asked me to look for him.
Why is she asking you to find her son?
I guess she was desperate.
She begged me, crying.
She begged you, crying?
Yes. It made me a bit uncomfortable.
I guess her son really did disappear.
I can't believe that she begged and cried.
You reap what you sow.
She brought this on herself.
Do you know where he might be?
How could I?
I'm going to work.
Hi, Jong-beom.
It's me.
I'm sorry to call you so early.
Where are you right now?
Can I see you before you go to work?
I'll come over.
Did you meet with her?
What did she say?
She doesn't know.
She didn't know that he was gone.
She didn't?
So you just came home?
You didn't apologize
and ask her to look for him?
You didn't?
Your son has disappeared,
but you didn't say that
-because of your stupid pride?
-I did! I was desperate,
so I got down on my knees and apologized
and asked her to find our son,
crying and begging.
Oh, you did?
Good job.
So is she going to do it?
She said she'd look for him.
She told me to go home, so I did.
Jeong-hwan, where are you right now?
What is this about Jeong-hwan
He applied to be transferred to Vietnam
and went on vacation,
but we can't reach him.
We thought you might know.
-You're saying you don't know?
-No, we don't.
Oh, this is frustrating.
I had no idea he wouldn't call you.
You really don't know?
You should know, don't you think?
If it were me,
I wouldn't have let him disappear.
If it were you, he wouldn't have
loved you enough to disappear.
You're his ex now.
You broke up with him twice.
You have no idea when to shut up, do you?
You want me to remove your brain?
Okay. Bye.
Bye, Hae-yeong.
If you reach him, let me know.
Let's go.
So Hae-yeong went to work early.
I guess that woman really cares
about her son.
Even when she framed me for stealing,
she never apologized
and held her head high.
But she showed up here so early,
looking dejected,
and she apologized to me.
I guess that guy is really heartbroken.
Hold on a second.
You're making pasta for breakfast?
Jung-hui wants this for his hangover.
He drank a lot last night.
He did?
I'll finish after I go and wake him up,
so get the pasta dishes out for me.
You need to wake up, Jung-hui.
Does your stomach hurt a lot?
I made you honey tea. Drink it.
Maybe later.
Okay. Drink it and come downstairs.
You need to have breakfast and go to work.
You're not in pain, are you?
You were grimacing in your sleep.
No, I'm not.
I was just worried.
When you get old, you worry a lot.
Drink this and come down.
What? Italian?
Dad, why are we having pasta
for breakfast?
Dad, did you want to eat this?
I have vanilla ice cream
and pasta for a hangover.
I had a lot to drink last night.
So that's why he went to buy
ice cream so early.
You should eat.
Let's eat.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Dad's pasta is really delicious.
I'm glad. Eat up.
What a weird hangover ritual.
I got used to it.
Different countries have
different hangover foods.
When I went to Spain,
people there have churros
and chocolate pudding.
What will you have for lunch?
Should I pack you lunch?
You don't have to, Dad.
We're getting gift lunches today.
What's a gift lunch?
Oh, it's like a gift
that fans send to their stars.
Mr. Jin Seong-jun's fans
are sending lunch boxes.
Oh, Jin Seong-jun is a huge star.
Mom, the fans these days send lunch boxes
to the stars they love to encourage them.
I see. They do things like that?
Get in.
Let me tell you what's on your schedule.
Your shoot starts at 3:00 p.m.,
so you can stop by
the beauty salon on the way to the shoot.
I have a personal question.
How did last night go with Dad?
He made you pasta and got you ice cream.
You're closer now, right?
Why are you so conventional,
Cha Jeong-hwan?
Requesting an overseas transfer
and disappearing?
I mean, must you
advertise to the world that we broke up
and that your heart is broken?
You're the one who broke my heart. Okay?
You're the one who wanted to break up.
You dumped me,
saying you couldn't handle me.
Why would you disappear like this?
You're really making me worried.
That big one is called jewfish.
The ones with stripes? Striped beakfish.
Also rock bream,
because they live among rocks.
The pointy ones are filefish.
The fish jerky ones? Wow!
That's flounder, and that's halibut.
This is how you tell them apart.
Halibut, flounder.
Halibut, flounder, halibut, flounder…
Halibut, flounder.
Halibut, flounder. Right.
But how do you know?
You're like an expert.
It's all your fault.
What? My fault?
When you dumped me eight years ago,
I went to the bed and breakfast
where we went in college
and went fishing for months.
I know!
Do you want a room?
Oh, hello.
Is a man named Cha Jeong-hwan
staying here?
He's in his 30s.
Man or woman,
we don't have anyone
staying here right now.
I see.
-Jung-hui, you're here.
Can you do well today? Did you rehearse?
Yes, I rehearsed a lot.
Okay. Let's do this.
Let's go!
We're starting!
-Sorry, but can I get some water first?
-Mr. An Jung-hui's manager?
-Is this quince tea?
It's going to take all night.
We haven't begun yet.
Maybe they should get a different actor.
That's what I'm saying.
It's wrong for an actor
to be that bad at acting.
My script.
Jung-hui, when you're ready, we'll go.
Everyone, standby!
Give your phone to me.
Okay, just a second.
Is the shoot going well?
How is your stomach?
When are you finishing today?
I'll make dinner for you.
See you at home, Jung-hui.
I'll make dinner for you.
See you at home, Jung-hui.
I'll be back.
Scene 34. Take 1.
It seemed like
you didn't want to look for Father.
Why the sudden change of heart?
Just because.
It wasn't really all that sudden.
I think I prepared for about 20 years.
Do you need to prepare
for something like that?
If you wanted to see him,
you could've just come.
If I had the chance to prepare myself,
you think it would've been easier?
It was like you came out of nowhere
and demanded me to share Father with you.
It's harder than I thought.
Now you're being honest.
I thought maybe you were a little slow.
You were so welcoming.
How could I be?
When I see you,
I hate my father
and feel sorry for my mom.
I really, really hated to accept you.
This isn't your fault.
I thought you might be a victim here.
Who do we have here?
-Seung-u is finally here.
Okay. It was amazing.
Good job, Jung-hui. Wow!
How can you change overnight like this?
Let's maintain momentum
and move to the next scene.
Wait, are you sure it was okay?
Of course.
Seong-jun, let's just try yours again.
The beginning was a bit shaky.
-Yes, sir.
Jung-hui, you were seriously amazing.
You caught me off guard.
It wasn't all that…
I should go and prepare
for the next scene.
Mr. An, you were fantastic.
It was like…
Watching Seung-u and not you.
I got goosebumps. I was so moved.
Oh, don't overreact.
Let me go to the restroom.
-Sure. Go ahead.
Yes. Good job.
Good job. Good job!
Good job, good job.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
I knew he could do it. I did.
My actor is awesome!
I'll be home around 8 p.m.
You came home early.
Why are you looking at that?
This is the only photo left of Han-soo.
Though half of it was burned…
I wish I could show this to Jung-hui.
To be honest,
I want to show this to him
and tell him the truth.
"I'm not your father."
"Your father didn't abandon you."
I drank with Jung-hui last night,
and he asked me
why I didn't come to see him.
Why I never once came to see him,
saying I should've come, being his father.
He said he waited for me so long.
Jung-hui's stepfather must be a foreigner.
He asked if I knew how it felt
to have a stepfather of a different race.
Every birthday and every Christmas,
grade school, junior high,
high school graduation…
He asked if I knew
how much he waited for me…
I couldn't say anything.
I didn't even have the heart
to say I was sorry.
It never even occurred to me
that what I did
could cause so much pain
and suffering for someone.
I only thought about protecting my kids.
you didn't know that Jung-hui existed.
Now I know, and I'm still deceiving him.
Acting like I'm Han-soo,
acting like I'm his real father.
I don't have the heart
to look him in the eye.
I feel so guilty and ashamed.
I'm sorry.
I talked you into it
when you didn't want to do this.
But it was me
who chose to live as Han-soo.
It's my own sin.
I shouldn't have
reported that fight.
I should've just lived as an ex-convict.
I should never have met you.
Mom, it's me.
I told you to go home and rest.
You must be tired from working all day.
I'm not tired at all.
Ta-da! I got your favorite vegetable buns.
Sit up and have some, okay?
They're still warm.
It looks nice.
Oh, and have some water, too.
You have some, too.
I will. You eat first.
-Yun-seok, come here. Can you help me?
Grab here, and I'll grab there.
Right here.
-Good job.
-Thank you.
-Don't drink so much.
-How much am I getting paid?
-Good job.
-Thank you.
You'll get yours next week. Next.
Captain, I need to get paid tonight.
I have to pay my mom's hospital bills.
I don't have any money. Next.
If I don't pay now,
the hospital will kick her out.
I'm begging you.
You're an ex-con,
so how dare you lay your hand on me?
I'm sorry.
Please pay me. My mother will die.
Do you want to get fired here?
Stop whining.
-Yes, sir.
-Good job.
-Thank you.
You should work harder.
Please give me
until the end of this month.
-She's so sick, so how can she go home?
-Our hands are tied at this point.
Please, ma'am.
How can you let a sick person go home?
I'm sorry.
If my mother leaves, she'll die.
I'm begging you.
I'm very sorry.
You're the nurse.
How did you know where I live?
I brought some medicine for your mother.
If she takes her medicine,
she'll feel better.
Take it.
I want to help you somehow,
but this is all I can do for you.
Thank you.
Compared to how you helped me
when I almost got pickpocketed on the bus,
this is nothing.
How is your mother doing?
I'm an ex-convict.
Please don't come here anymore.
Thank you for the medicine.
Here. I forgot.
I got some tangerines for your mother.
They're not for you, Yun-seok.
I'll come again.
You scumbag! It was you, wasn't it?
You stole money from this sack,
didn't you?
What? What sack?
What are you talking about?
You come with me, punk.
I put 1,2 million won in the sack,
including today's pay.
But this ex-con took it!
No. Please believe me.
I never saw that money.
I never went near his office.
I checked his name.
He did three years for manslaughter,
not for theft.
You're not just any ex-con.
You're a murderer?
It wasn't me.
I never touched that money.
I didn't kill anyone.
You scum.
You killed a man,
but you claim you didn't?
-Lock him up.
I didn't steal the money!
There's no evidence!
How can you do this to me
with no evidence?
How can I steal money
that I didn't know existed?
Detective, it wasn't me! Detective!
He wasn't home last night, either.
Did he not even come home?
Does that mean his mother is home alone?
It's me, Yeong-sil.
Lee Yun-seok, come out.
Nurse Na.
Where is my mom?
I said where's my mom?
That's not my mom.
That's not my mom.
But where's Yu-ju?
Shouldn't the daughter-in-law
be doing this?
I'm sorry, Mother. I overslept again.
What's this?
You came just in time to eat?
After we finished?
I'm sorry. Mother, what should I do?
It's okay.
Mi-yeong and Ra-yeong can help.
Go get ready.
What? How can you say that?
What kind of daughter-in-law
makes her mother-in-law cook for her?
Scoop the rice.
I feel the same way, Ra-yeong.
Yu-ju, are you okay?
I'll do it, so get out.
It's okay. I can do it.
See? You can't. Get out.
-Give that to me.
-I should do this,
but I keep getting morning sickness.
you have morning sickness again, too?
Some husbands get morning sickness, too.
That's what happened to Jun-yeong.
He keeps getting morning sickness
like I do.
It was okay for a while, but it came back.
I'm okay. I can do it.
Forget it. I'll do it, so get out.
Hurry up.
-I'm sorry, Mom.
-Get out.
Oh, no. Are you okay?
I can't believe those two.
Be quiet.
Don't be so rude to your brother.
You don't know
what it's like to be pregnant.
Darn it.
Oh, I'll be late.
You're not going to work?
Oh, what's all this?
Did you just have a fashion show?
Mom, do I look like I tried too hard?
You do. Do you have a blind date?
-You look like you tried really hard.
-I do? A lot?
I'll be embarrassed
if he knows I did this for him.
Maybe I shouldn't have gotten a haircut.
Should I get changed?
Oh, stop being silly, and go to work.
Why are you suddenly saying hello?
I'm sorry about calling you last night.
I drank too much and did something stupid.
Oh, that?
It wasn't all that stupid.
Ms. Byun, when are you having lunch?
Later, I'm sure. Why?
Would you like to have lunch with me?
I have plans. I'm sorry.
How about coffee on your break?
I have a full day today.
What are you doing after work?
I'm sure I'll go home.
I'll wait for you until you get off work.
Why would you wait for me?
I told you…
that I like you,
but you never gave me your answer.
Oh, that?
That answer?
A caramel macchiato,
half a shot, extra drizzle.
Excuse me?
At the bench at 4:56 p.m.
Shot… What about it?
Half? Shot?
One with caramel…
Oh, that one. Caramel macchiato
-with half an extra shot.
And there was something else.
Dri… Dribble?
Oh, extra drizzle?
Yes, that. That, please.
You want it iced?
She never told me.
-Give me both.
Three minutes.
You didn't say hot or iced.
I want…
-Do you really like me?
Since when?
I don't know since when.
I came to, and I was already liking you.
What about me do you like so much?
You're kind, pretty, and cute.
I just like everything about you.
Coach Park, you're kind of brazen.
-Is that a turnoff?
I like you, too, Coach Park.
That's all?
-You're not even going to ask me out?
Then let's date.
Thank you.
Wow, your face is so unfair.
Why do you keep smiling?
You're embarrassing me.
I like you so much, Ms. Byun.
How experienced must you be
to be this brazen?
I've never dated before.
What? Not even once?
Is that bad?
No, it's not bad. It's just that…
It's weird.
How is it that someone like you
has never dated?
I was never interested.
And my coach said that
dating would affect my performance badly.
I've never liked anyone
more than I like soccer.
So you like me more than soccer?
I can't compare you to that,
but yes, I do.
Why do you keep staring?
You're pretty.
Wow, that was so straightforward.
-You're going in?
Come in!
Thank you.
What's that?
Lunch boxes.
I came to eat with you. Is that okay?
Oh, the gift lunch.
Intern, join us.
Sure. Why not?
Hey, why do you keep glancing at her?
-Because she looks familiar.
-How is that possible?
Did you ever do judo?
What? I did. How do you know?
So I'm right!
Bronze medal
at the 2004 National Sports Festival?
I competed there, too.
I won a silver medal.
Don't you remember?
I think I remember.
I watched the men's matches, too.
I watched the final match.
I watched all the women's matches.
That match was really impressive.
A win by one full point at the end.
Thank you. That was actually
the best match of my life.
Right? It was so impressive.
But I never saw you at matches after that.
Was it because of an injury?
Yes. The same old story.
Oh, I'm so tired.
Too bad.
Do you know Coach Bae Jin-hyeok,
by any chance?
What? You know Coach Bae?
He was my coach in junior high,
but then he transferred
to a girls' high school.
Yes, that's right.
He was my coach in high school.
Incredible. This is so weird.
What? I'm going to the restroom.
-Stay and chat.
So when did you quit judo?
I got injured right after that game, too.
-Judo, how could you do that today?
-Excuse me?
I was tense because of the shoot,
but you were smiling.
And you call yourself my manager?
-Excuse me? I did?
-Yes, you did. You think it was me?
And who else is in this van but you?
When an actor is shooting,
he gets really tense and agitated.
You know that.
So how could you smile like that?
And this field is very small.
If you smile like that to just anyone,
bad rumors will spread like wildfire.
When you act like that,
do you know who they blame?
Me. They'll all blame me.
Hey, Judo.
They call this field a zoo.
And I can't have my manager act like that.
I just can't.
But I don't understand what you're saying.
If you can explain it more specifically…
How? How can I explain it
more specifically?
You don't understand Korean?
I'm sorry.
You always make silly mistakes like this.
Behave yourself.
Don't make me worry about you. Okay?
Okay. I won't.
-But Mr. An…
-I'm going to take a nap, so be quiet.
Wow, what's up with him? What did I do?
When he does this, I can see
why all his former managers quit.
Seriously, what's wrong with him?
Goodness, your eyes must be fuzzy.
If you stare, your eyes will ache.
I wonder how his interview went.
Oh, you're home.
-I'm home.
-Come in.
So? How did your interview go?
I did have an interview,
but you shouldn't get your hopes up.
They were looking for someone young.
You're saying there's no hope?
Not really.
I wonder how 48-year-old experienced
photographers make a living these days.
Mom, how do other people make a living?
If at first you don't succeed,
try and try again.
If you keep trying,
you'll make it eventually.
Don't feel too anxious.
Start with a part-time position.
The pizza place downstairs wants help.
It's okay.
If I get a part-time job now,
I'm afraid I'll never get
a full-time job again.
And I can't work part-time at my age.
It'll look weird.
What kind of creative nonsense is that?
Unemployed is okay,
but a part-time job isn't?
It's a hundred times better
than being unemployed.
But Mom, part-time jobs pay minimum wage,
so the money's not good.
But the photography studio
only paid you half wages.
It's on the first floor,
so it's really close.
You can eat lunch here,
so you can save money.
Go and interview with them tomorrow.
Yes, she's right.
But I can't work at a pizza place.
I'd rather do hard labor.
But you'll end up in the hospital.
Don't be too proud.
Go interview at the pizza place tomorrow.
But I can't really do this.
You're off the clock now?
You won't even talk to me
after work hours?
As if you have the right!
Was I crazy?
Behave yourself? What was that all about?
What was I thinking?
Judo must be mad, right?
Yes, she's mad.
Look at how she ignored me.
But why did she have to smile like that?
But can a manager
put on a sour look at a shoot?
What will I do?
Why is he mad at me again?
I just don't understand Mr. An.
I mean, the shoot is going well,
and he was praised for his acting.
So why?
To the rooftop.
Sit down.
-Are you sulking?
You are sulking.
I'm not sulking. I'm just a bit angry.
I told you to behave and stuff.
I think I was a bit hard on you
because I was tense and agitated
about the shoot. Sorry.
Well, if you say so…
You're not mad anymore?
By the way, why did you say those things?
I'm wondering what made you upset.
Oh, I should know why,
so I can be careful in the future.
Hey, I told you.
I said I was feeling tense
and agitated because of the shoot.
Okay then.
I'll pay more attention from now on.
Oh, so you won a medal? A bronze medal?
Yes, just once.
At the National Sports Festival.
And you quit because of an injury?
Yes, I hurt my shoulder pretty badly.
After I was done with physical therapy,
I couldn't do judo anymore.
That must have been really hard.
Yes, it was hard.
I did nothing but judo since grade school.
"What will I do now?"
What could Byun Mi-yeong do
outside judo? I kept thinking that.
I wasn't doing anything,
but I felt pathetic about
not doing anything.
But I'm okay now.
It's all in the past.
What is it?
Well… So how is it? Your shoulder?
There was no permanent damage?
It's okay.
I can't move as freely as I used to,
and I get aches sometimes when it rains.
And I can't lift anything too heavy.
Other than that, I have no trouble at all.
There's one thing.
-What is it?
-It's lop…
I can't tell you.
Why? What is it?
I said I can't tell you.
That must have been hard.
Time has gone by,
and now it's a fond memory.
What are you doing here?
Hi. I was in the neighborhood.
Do you remember the bed and breakfast
we went to when we were in college?
You were the financial manager.
There might be a record of it.
Why do you ask?
Jeong-hwan has disappeared.
He said he went to that bed and breakfast
when we broke up eight years ago.
I want to go and check.
What will you say if he's there?
He left in order to get over you.
I understand how you feel,
but if you're not going to marry him,
maybe you should leave him alone.
Don't you think?
Still, just see if you have a record.
It's late. Go home.
Call me if you find it.
What will you say if he's there?
If you're not going to marry him,
maybe you should leave him alone.
Hey. You're home.
You look tired. Do you have a lot of work?
I guess you could say that.
You look happy.
I do?
It's nothing special,
but Mr. An's acting skills improved a lot.
The director praised him.
And that made you happy?
Yes, it did.
When my actor does well,
I feel really proud.
When he does badly, I get really anxious.
Is this how parents feel about their kids?
You sound like a real manager now.
I guess I do.
I'm glad. It looks like
the job is a good fit for you.
Yes, for now.
I'm not sure if it really suits me,
but it's fun and interesting.
I want to do well.
After my internship,
when I become a full-timer,
I can get transferred
to another department,
but for now,
I think I could keep doing this.
But you should really think about it.
You're not the only one being evaluated.
You're evaluating the company, too.
You're seeing if the job suits you
and if the company is worth staying at.
But isn't it great?
With jobs, you have internship,
so you can test it out and decide.
There's no grace period
or safety net for marriage.
It's all or nothing.
You're right.
I wish there were
marriage internships, too.
I forgot, so I'm sending it now.
I found the list.
I'm going to work early.
Tell Mom that I took her car.
Jeong-hwan, please be here.
Yes, yes!
There's no way I can catch any fish.
He can't even do it right.
Empty-handed again today.
I should quit.
You said you were great at fishing.
But you're not!
Why are you here?
I came because I was worried.
Isn't this unfair?
How can you change your phone number?
I'm not grateful at all.
I still need a lot more time
before I can face you again.
How much time?
I'm not sure.
Eight years this time as well?
Go. Don't ever come to me again.
I can't imagine my future
without you, either!
Just like how you can't imagine
our future without marriage.
Let's get married.
Marry me.
Just for a year.
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