My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e25 Episode Script

Episode 25

Let's get married.
Marry me.
Just for a year.
What's wrong?
Why won't you say anything?
You should ask me what I mean
so I can tell you the rest.
Explain yourself.
Marry you for just a year?
What does that mean?
Thank you for not pointing out
how ridiculous it sounds.
I fought hard not to say it.
I decided
to marry you, Cha Jeong-hwan.
You're someone I can't live without.
I know that.
Wait. Wait a minute here.
What about me? Aren't I a femme fatale?
-How could you give me up just like that?
-I haven't forgiven you just yet.
Okay. I'll get back to the point.
I decided
to marry you, Cha Jeong-hwan.
That's what I've decided.
I don't want to lose you.
But I'm still afraid
whether I can handle this marriage.
Or if we'll be happy being married.
What if I'm unfit for marriage
and make you suffer and unhappy?
And what if you regret it
because of the gap
between what you dreamed of and reality?
So I want us to have a trial period.
A one-year internship period.
A one-year internship period?
When you look for a job,
you go through a trial period
called an internship
to find out if you're right
for the company
and if the company needs someone like you.
So when you're getting married,
which can alter your life
for better or for worse,
how can you just make it official
without any fear?
It's giving up
your most fundamental right,
the pursuit of happiness.
You're handing over the control
of your life
to happenstance and giving up entirely.
So like how companies decide
to hire you or not
after a year of an internship,
you want to live together for a year
and then decide
whether to get a marriage license or not?
We will live together for a year
and evaluate each other
on whether or not
we are fit to stay married,
fit to devote and invest ourselves
in this marriage
and decide if we want
to continue to stay married.
Explain it to me in detail.
I would need to make
a formal presentation.
But let's wrap it up for now.
There's something more urgent.
Your parents are waiting for you
to come home.
Because you changed your number
and disappeared,
your mother hasn't slept a wink.
You need to go home
and put your parents' minds at ease first.
How did you know about that?
Did you see my mom?
Yes. Your mother came to see me.
She cried and begged me
to find you for her.
And she apologized
for what happened eight years ago.
She did?
So get up.
I have a duty to bring you home
safe and sound.
Get in and go. I'll follow you.
Where's your mother's car?
Over there.
I'm going to be right behind you,
so don't try to escape.
How did you find me?
I remembered what you said once.
You said when we broke up eight years ago,
you went to the bed and breakfast
we went in college
and went fishing every day.
I went to every single place.
Which one was this?
This one was the fourth one I checked.
So if you appreciate the work I put in,
you can't disappear again.
I won't.
You're like quicksand.
I can't escape from you.
I've missed you.
I thought I was going to die.
Me too.
For coming to look for me.
For being safe.
I was really worried.
Me too.
What? What is it?
Did I step on you? Sorry.
-What is it?
-Focus on your driving.
Stop staring at me
through the rear view mirror.
How did you know?
I know you like the back of my hand.
You'll never escape from this quicksand.
Oh, my! Oh, Jeong-hwan!
Jeong-hwan is home?
Father, Mom.
How could you?
Oh, where have you been all this time?
Are you all right? Are you?
You're not sick or anything?
I'm fine.
You're such a jerk. Oh, you're heartless.
How could you
just change your number and disappear?
How can you be so heartless?
I was so worried I almost died!
I'm glad you're home.
If anything happened to you,
I was going to kill myself.
I'm so glad you're back.
Are we reunited war refugees?
-Let's sit down. Sit.
So, where have you been?
I was in Sokcho, fishing.
Hye-yeong came and found me.
She found you?
She said you two were worried
and insisted I come home, so I did.
If it weren't for her,
I wouldn't have returned.
Mom, I heard you apologized
to Hye-yeong about eight years ago.
It's late,
but thank you for apologizing to her.
Is that all you can tell me
after coming home?
What about "I'm sorry for making
you worry" and things like that?
I'm sorry I made you worry,
but I don't think I was wrong.
At least you're back.
You must be tired. Go take a shower.
We haven't eaten all day.
Let's eat after you take a shower.
Is that really our son?
How can he change so much?
What are you talking about?
He said he wasn't going to come home,
but he did because of her.
How could he say that to his parents
who were worried sick about him?
This is all that wench's fault.
How did he become so weird?
Be quiet. Don't be absurd.
We should be grateful
to her for bringing him back.
You're changing your mind
now that he's back? Is that it?
He hasn't even said
he's not going to Vietnam.
Go and make us something. I'm hungry.
Come in.
You took a shower?
Let's crack open a cold beer.
How did you know?
I was thirsty for one of these.
Your father knows everything.
You patched things up
with your girlfriend, right?
You look very happy.
Is it that obvious?
It's written on your face.
You're not going to Vietnam, are you?
No, I'm not.
But leaving home like that was wrong.
I know.
But I just couldn't understand Mom.
But still, if you leave home like that,
it's like stabbing her in the heart.
You know what you mean to her.
I was always too busy,
so you were everything to her.
But she assaulted
someone else's precious child.
She can't justify what she did
in the name of love.
She already apologized for that.
You know how stubborn she is,
and she never apologizes for anything.
Why do you think she went to see
that young lady and apologized?
It's because her love for you
is that deep.
I'm telling you to show generosity
as the man who has the upper hand.
Her unconditional love
gave you the upper hand.
Make a bit of effort to understand
how your mom feels.
I will.
But I know this is the wrong time
to say this,
but knowing all that, what about you?
Well… Your mom's cooking,
so get some rest and come down. Let's eat.
Hey, Jeong-hwan's not going to Vietnam.
He got back together with that young lady.
What's with the frown?
Even if he wants to marry her,
you can't object.
You know that, don't you?
That smells good.
Says who?
For the big stars,
their fans send a gift lunch
to make their stars feel proud.
Jun-yeong, are you busy?
If you have time,
can you drive me somewhere?
Of course.
I'm on my way home right now,
and I'll be there in about 20 minutes.
Father, are you getting a large group?
I'll be your pack mule,
so buy whatever you need.
We'll come back.
Should we deep-fry some squid and shrimps?
Won't you be too busy with that group?
What? It's not for a group reservation.
I'm making lunch for Jung-hui at work.
Remember what we heard
about the gift lunch?
Do you have any fresh squid?
If you're not too busy, can you help me?
Okay. Thanks, Dad.
-Who's coming?
-A gift lunch.
-Dad made enough for the whole staff.
One, two, three…
Oh! Jun-yeong!
You and Dad made all these?
We packed plenty,
so there'll be enough to go around.
Enjoy them with the staff.
Thanks, Jun-yeong.
Stay and eat with us.
You haven't eaten, right?
Yes. Stay and eat with us.
And you can get a tour of the shoot.
No, I have to go
before the traffic gets bad.
Right. The traffic's
going to build up soon.
Thank you so much, Jun-yeong.
Thank you.
Bye. Enjoy the food.
How did he make all these?
I'll pass them out.
You must be hungry, so you eat one.
I'll pass them out.
No, wait.
Put them down.
Give them to me. I'll do it.
You can't lift heavy things.
No, this isn't heavy at all.
I'll do it.
I'll pass them out and show off.
Gift lunch!
You're the best!
Mr. Delivery Man, do you have more soup?
And do you have some water?
We're thirsty.
It's just what's in the box.
-It looks delicious.
Here you go.
Thank you.
-It looks good.
-Thank you.
Let me have one too.
Mr. Jin.
-Here you go.
-It looks good.
I'll wait for you to finish
handing them out.
I'm going to eat with Mr. An later.
Good for her.
Lunch is here.
-Thank you.
Uncle Han-soo.
Did you see this?
Jung-hui's fans sent him a gift lunch.
He must be getting more and more popular.
So he posted this photo.
Where have you been all day with the car?
I wanted to use it,
but you didn't pick up.
You called me?
I'm sorry. The battery died,
so I didn't know.
Was it urgent?
No, it wasn't urgent, but…
Where have you been?
I went to Paju for Father.
I delivered a gift lunch to the shoot.
Gift lunch?
Yes. I went grocery shopping with Father,
made lunch, and delivered them.
My goodness. Lunch for all those people?
I'm sorry you had to do that.
It's fine. I did it for Father.
I'm going to my room.
why do you look so upset?
Is something wrong?
What do I mean to Father?
Ever since An Jung-hui moved in with us,
all Dad cares about is him.
That's not true.
It's just that he feels really guilty.
Son, this was a hard day for you,
wasn't it?
Oh, Mom, I'm not saying this
because I didn't like cooking
and delivering lunch.
I know,
you're not as proud of me as Hye-yeong.
I'm the eldest son,
but I was never good enough for the role.
I always got into trouble
and brought you worry.
I studied for the civil worker's exam
for five years,
and I know…
how much I disappointed you and Father.
But, Mom…
When I went to the shoot today,
An Jung-hui looked so cool and successful.
No wonder Father is proud of him.
Even if I were Dad,
I'd prefer Jung-hui over me.
I know all that,
and I know
it's all because I'm not good enough.
But, Mom…
I wish…
Father would look at me
as lovingly and warmly
as he looks at An Jung-hui.
Father's never asked me
to have a drink with him.
And he's never asked me what I like.
To Father, I've always been
the son who's not as good
as his little sisters
and who brought him
nothing but disappointment.
Mom, I'm sorry for saying
stupid things again.
I'm really sorry, Mom.
I'm going to my room.
-Mother, help me with my glove.
Hello, Yeong-sil.
Hi. You started already?
I wonder if the cabbage is good.
Try it.
I didn't expect much,
but it's pretty good.
It's been salted to perfection.
She's ready to do this by herself.
It's good.
Take a container full.
You always gave us kimchi before.
Okay. Thank you.
Why do you look so gloomy?
I know. You look really down.
You are so sharp.
How come there's trouble every day, Mom?
I take care of one problem
and another one arises.
So? Which one was it today?
Oh, my gosh! He failed again?
They announced it already?
No, Mom. Don't say things like that.
Just hearing it gives me a heart attack.
Oh, right. I take it back.
I didn't say anything.
I take it back. Oh, gosh.
What's wrong with Jun-yeong?
I think he's felt small
ever since Jung-hui moved in with us.
He's a man, and he was the eldest son,
so he must feel self-conscious.
And my husband
does pay a lot of attention to Jung-hui.
This is all because of that jerk.
I told you over and over
not to take him in.
You should've listened to your mom.
Gosh! That darn Han-soo! I should just…
Mother, you're making her upset.
It's not as bad as your husband
losing his job.
And that husband is still so childish.
He thinks it's embarrassing
to work part-time.
He's afraid he might work
part-time forever.
He's not desperate enough?
What's Yeong-sik doing right now?
I coaxed him
into looking for a part-time job,
but who knows what he's doing?
Fine. You win.
I should sit in the corner and be quiet.
Hey, I'm the mother of that man.
And my only daughter is living
with her husband's illegitimate son.
Mom, you win.
You beat us all.
Oh, boy.
Why are you singing?
Hye-yeong, did something good happen?
You're seeing that producer again,
aren't you?
-For real?
Yes, we're getting back together.
But don't tell Mom or Dad yet.
So you're going to marry him?
For now… We haven't decided.
But we will soon,
so you must keep this a secret until then.
It's Cracker.
She's "Nut" and he's "Cracker."
Nut Cracker?
My lovely quicksand, goodnight.
My MSG in shining armor.
Visit me in my dreams.
You're home.
I opened the window
for some fresh air and just closed it.
-You came home late.
Thank you for lunch.
Don't mention it.
I saw the photo you posted online.
Want to see a movie with me tomorrow?
If you're free?
I'm free.
What kind of movie?
Anything is fine.
Whatever you want to see.
Okay. I'll get the tickets.
You must be tired.
Take a shower and go to bed.
Honey, you look happy.
I am.
Jung-hui asked me to see a movie tomorrow.
Oh, he did?
That's great.
But, honey…
It's nothing. Go to bed.
You must be tired
from making all that food.
Jun-yeong told you?
He helped me a lot.
He even delivered the food.
You should've thanked him.
I did.
What kind of movies are out these days?
You don't know, do you?
We're having an American-style breakfast?
I'm trying new things out.
It's boring to have
the same food every day.
Just a second. I'll make you rice.
It's okay. I'll eat these.
What's wrong?
Yu-ju, you don't eat pancakes?
Well… Yu-ju has a stomach problem,
so she can't eat flour.
Really? I had no idea.
I'm so sorry.
If you had told me,
I would've made you something.
It's okay, Father.
Jun-yeong, I'm fine.
I'll eat some eggs and ham.
No. I can heat up instant rice.
It's up here.
Get the yellow croaker stew
from the fridge,
-and the cucumber kimchi.
It's really okay, Mother.
It won't take long.
Don't worry.
You're pregnant so you must eat well.
Talk about overreacting.
Eat, Yu-ju.
Yu-ju's not good at getting the bones out.
Right. I'm scared of fish bones
because I can't get them out.
One always gets caught in my throat.
Is it okay if Jun-yeong gets them out?
Yes, Hye-yeong.
When Jun-yeong gets them out, I'm fine.
He's amazing
at getting the fish bones out.
Right. It's a match made in heaven.
So, how did it go yesterday?
What do you mean?
Didn't you take the car
to go find that man?
Did you find him?
Yes. Yes, I did and I sent him home.
What do you mean?
I found him, sent him home,
and went straight to work.
That's all?
You're not getting back together?
Well, we didn't talk about it.
Is it okay?
Eat up, Yu-ju.
These are the shoes for today's shoot.
I'm sorry it took so long.
The sponsor sent them late last night.
Okay. No, let me.
What are they?
What's this? What's up with the size?
Don't you know my size, Ms. Kim? Look.
Oh, no. It's a size smaller.
I'm sorry. They arrived so late
that I didn't get the chance
to check the size.
Should I get you another pair?
You expect me to wear those and act?
I'm not going out with my friends.
Those are for the shoot!
If the shoes are too small,
I'll be uncomfortable to walk
and unable to concentrate.
Didn't you know that?
You don't, since you brought those.
I understand.
I'll go to my office, get new ones
and send them to the shoot.
Ms. Kim, what happened
to your performance?
Nothing's done right the first time.
Please pay more attention to me.
This is a formal request, okay?
Send a courier.
I'll receive it on location.
Are you happy now?
Because you ratted me out, Mr. An's
been nagging about everything I do.
Are you blaming me?
Why do you think he's acting like this?
Getting the wrong sized shoes
happens all the time.
It's nothing to be pissed off about.
And he's never been this cranky
about it before.
Then why didn't you say that
in front of him?
Why are you blaming me after he left?
You still blame everyone else
for your problems.
This wouldn't have happened
in the first place
if you had checked the size
and brought them to us.
Have you forgotten I'm your superior?
You're not complaining to me
as my superior.
-Excuse me, Mr. An.
About scolding Ms. Kim Yu-ju earlier,
it wasn't because of me, was it?
What are you talking about? I can keep
my personal feelings from business.
Why? Did Ms. Kim say something to you?
No, I just overreacted.
Hello, sir. We're on our way.
I'm sorry, but today's shoot
has been cancelled.
We must postpone it a day
because of equipment issues.
Will you let us know about the change?
Yes, I'll call you back this afternoon
after we work the schedule out.
Okay. Thank you.
What should we do?
We have free time,
so how about some coffee?
Postpone the interview tomorrow morning
to next week…
It'd be great if we could do
the photoshoot today,
but they're booked today.
If tomorrow's shoot is all day,
can he make it to the event?
What can we push up to today?
Dermatologist's appointment.
Right! We can do that.
Hey, you have really small hands.
How do you drive with them?
They're not that small.
What is it?
What? What do you mean?
I mean, you keep staring at me.
Hey, what are you wearing?
You'll catch a cold. Don't get me sick.
Okay. I'll be more careful.
If you're finished,
shall we go to the dermatologist?
Take your time and eat.
Don't stuff your mouth. Drink this.
Excuse me.
How much will it be
to get my freckles out?
Removing freckles is a bit costly.
Would you like to talk to a doctor?
No, maybe next time.
Why? You want your freckles removed?
No. Well, I just asked how much.
-I was wondering…
-You want to do it? I'll pay for it.
No! Why would you pay for it? It's okay.
I mean, you're my manager, and…
It's okay.
Go and get your facial.
I will apply the mask. It's cold.
Wait. How much is it
to get freckles removed?
It's about 1,2 million won
for 10 sessions.
It's a bit expensive,
but it works amazingly.
My manager looked like
she wanted that, right?
I had freckles before, so I know,
and it's really stressful.
It'd be great to get them removed.
In that case…
It's so expensive.
The stars have great skin
because they get these.
I'm so jealous.
Mr. An's already finished?
No, not yet.
-You work for Gabi Entertainment, right?
We work with Gabi Entertainment,
so the employees
get a 90 percent discount.
-Would you like to talk to a doctor?
-Ninety percent?
But I'm just an intern there…
That's okay.
As long as you have an ID.
How much is it to get freckles removed?
It's 50,000 won for 5 sessions.
Fifty thousand won for five sessions?
Isn't that too cheap?
It's just
for the Gabi Entertainment employees.
You can't find this price anywhere else.
It's a great chance. Why don't you do it?
I'll do it.
Go over there and wash your face.
-I'll get it ready.
Thank you.
Put everything on my card.
You're the first star
to do this for his manager.
I'm really surprised.
Don't be. I do this kind of thing
all the time.
I tend to look after my people,
and I'm kind and righteous.
But word just doesn't spread.
Oh, this is what should be
in the articles. Right?
I know.
I've worked here for years,
but I've never met anyone like you.
You must really care for your manager.
I do.
Put it on my card.
-What is it?
Do I look weird?
Can you tell I got my freckles removed?
What? No, I can't.
Then why do you keep staring at me?
I didn't stare.
But you've been doing that all day.
Hey. Didn't you say
you had to go to the office?
Are you not going?
Oh, right. I'll be right back.
Call me when you're finished.
Okay. Bye!
TOTAL: 1,500,000 WON
Was it too much?
No, it wasn't. She's my manager.
I can do this for my manager.
But for Tae-bu…
I've never done anything like this
for Tae-bu.
Judo isn't just any manager.
She's like my little sister.
Little sister…
Did I go too far?
Tae-bu! What are you doing here?
I was passing by, and I saw you.
Hey, sit down. I'm glad you're here. Sit.
-You must be busy with your shoot.
-It's not too bad.
Hey, didn't you say
you have a little sister?
I do. Why do you ask?
Don't you just adore her?
Well, I seldom do.
You do? You want to do things for her?
If she wants work done for her skin,
you want to pay for it, right?
Not just her skin, if I could afford it,
I'd like to get her
full-body plastic surgery.
Calling her human is a stretch.
I knew it.
And you want to buy her
expensive meals, right?
-Not really.
-Why? You don't?
She even steals my food.
I don't know. She always does.
By the way, why do you ask?
-You're an only child.
Look. That's the reason. Oh, My Boss.
I have siblings on it.
Mr. An, you're amazing.
You're getting along
with the intern, right?
Yes, I am.
Jung-hui, don't be mean to her
like with me.
She's cute. She works hard.
You think she's cute, too?
She is.
She's cute, isn't she? She is?
You don't want to remove
your freckles? My treat.
-My treat.
I'm saying this
because you're like my brother.
Just tell me anytime.
You're cute too, you know.
What are you doing here?
I was just thinking.
What's that?
Oh, this…
Your mom gave me this for a part-time job,
but I'm thinking about it.
A part-time job at my age… Man…
What's wrong with part-time jobs?
Min-ha, will you be okay?
If your dad works part-time
at a pizza place?
You're not stealing money.
You're getting paid for hard work,
so why would I be embarrassed?
Physical labor is noble.
Right. You're right, Min-ha.
Let me see… Dad.
Get something sweet and cheer up.
No, it's okay. I don't need money.
And hey, you don't have any money.
I don't give you a big enough allowance.
Where did you get that much?
Min-ha, you're not…
Don't worry.
I made this by working.
I've been tutoring my friends.
But Min-ha, if your school finds out,
won't you get into trouble?
If you needed money,
you should've told me.
I won't get into trouble. I turn down
all homework and graded materials.
I only do tutoring.
And I charge a reasonable price.
Two thousand won an hour.
I do it as a kind of review.
We're actually helping each other.
You're my son,
but you're a better man than I am.
Okay. Let's go.
Let's go and make pizza.
Father, I believe in you!
Science high school…
Tuition must be steep.
What are you doing?
Is something wrong?
Let me go and wash my hands.
"Science high school admission seminar"?
Summer is coming,
so many people
are paying attention to their shape.
And more people
are enrolling in our courses.
In a time like this…
What are you doing after work?
I have a lot to do.
You don't want to do them with me?
Not at all.
So let's help our students get
the best kind of…
Lasers just shot from your eyes.
Stop staring. People will find out!
They can't find out?
Of course not.
Why not?
Let's get coffee later.
But you can't follow me out right after
this meeting.
Wait three minutes before you come.
That's it for today!
Thank you.
Something's up.
What do you mean?
You and Coach Park seem
to be cozying up to each other.
I don't understand what you mean.
I'm sleepy. I should go get some coffee.
Something's fishy.
Caramel macchiato,
half a shot and extra drizzle.
You have a great memory.
Why did we have to come all the way here?
Don't you have one more class?
We could've talked at the center.
Didn't you see how the instructors
looked at us?
If we walk around the center together,
they'll know we're dating.
Are you saying they can't know?
Of course.
The moment they know,
they'll gossip about us.
They'll gossip when we fight or make up.
The stars keep their dating lives
a secret for a reason.
It's really annoying and troublesome.
But it's more annoying and troublesome
to meet in secret like this.
You said
this is your first relationship, right?
So I'm not sure.
I want to tell the world.
Of course I want to tell the world that
the handsome Coach Park is my boyfriend.
But that pleasure won't last very long
and the cost will be great.
Especially for a workplace romance.
You know more about this than I do anyway.
Teach me anything I need to know.
I'm like an information sponge,
so I'm a quick learner.
Let's see, what else is there?
How about this?
"Can I hold your hand? Can I kiss you?"
You don't have to ask
for permission for that.
Rookies always ask things like that.
Good job.
Actually, this is my first office romance.
My friends told me
it's better to keep it a secret.
Once people start gossiping,
the couples fight and break up.
Lots of instructors have a crush on you,
so they might attack me.
-Ms. Byun?
You said I didn't need to ask
for permission.
You sure are a quick learner.
Let's go inside
before people recognize me.
Oh, okay.
How about the movie?
I got us tickets for this.
What's wrong?
You don't like thriller movies?
I got these
because this is the most popular one.
No, I do like them.
I've been to the army.
I'm a former sergeant.
Let's go inside.
-Let's leave.
You should've picked something better.
I wanted to treat you to a nice meal.
This is okay.
Let's eat.
-You eat green onion, right?
-No. I don't like it because it's slimy.
Then I should try this without it.
When did you come to Korea?
When I was 20 years old.
So you lived alone since you were 20?
Why did you decide to come?
I just wanted to live in Korea.
My mom was against the idea,
but I passed the audition
and got her permission.
Did you always want to become an actor?
Yes, since I was little.
You did?
It's not too hard?
It is.
Because I'm not good at it.
Not true. I downloaded the dramas
you did and I've been watching them.
And you're great.
You've watched them?
Of course.
I've watched Notebook and How to Breathe.
And now I'm watching 101 Haengbok-dong.
And I really like it.
-You're here.
It looks like everyone else went home.
I'm meeting with a very important client.
Well,then. Let's go.
I will start the presentation
on marriage internships.
How come you look
even more beautiful tonight?
How come you look
even more handsome tonight?
I should listen to your presentation,
shouldn't I?
I should give my presentation,
shouldn't I?
Let me start.
I'm ready.
The key to this marriage internship
is to have a one-year evaluation period.
As I told you the other day,
you get an internship when you get a job,
so we should have
an internship for our marriage.
Through one year of married life,
we can evaluate if this marriage
is right for us,
if we're right for each other,
if we have what it takes to
stay married to each other,
and on our one-year anniversary,
we will decide if we want to stay married.
If either one of us decides
not to stay married,
we must terminate our married life.
If both of us are interested
in staying married,
we can legally register our marriage.
How is it different
from just living together?
It's different
since we will announce our marriage.
-And you want to have a wedding?
-Of course.
But I want to keep it simple
with just family.
Spending too much money
on a wedding is ridiculous.
Then why not just report the marriage?
We should get it for the sake
of sincerity and responsibility,
and if things go south,
we can get divorced.
I don't want
the complex procedures and formality.
Why do we need
the government's permission to divorce?
I don't like the cooling-off period,
and I hate the physical
and mental suffering,
and the loss of time
that I'll have to undergo in the process.
Maybe it's because I'm a lawyer,
but this is my life,
so why can't I get a divorce
when I want to?
I understand what you mean,
but even if we get along well
for one year,
we might still have problems
down the road.
We're going to check
to see if there are any chances of that
during this trial period.
You don't trust me?
I don't trust myself.
You're going to be fantastic to me.
But I, Byun Hye-yeong,
might be terrible to you.
Are we having kids?
Maybe about a year
after getting a marriage license,
so about two years from now?
If you agree to having kids,
I don't care when.
So how do we evaluate ourselves?
We will draft a contract with
what we each want from our marriage,
and we will stick to it.
If we break it, you get one penalty point,
and when it goes above 50 points,
we can quit being married.
But if we want to, we can continue.
And after one year, upon agreement,
we can decide whether or not to go on.
But even if we part ways,
there'll be no alimony simply because
it'll be the end of our internship period.
So you want to sign a kind of prenup?
-So in summary,
let's get a marriage license
after a trial period.
And if we part ways,
make a clean cut. Right?
I just want a safety net of sorts.
To me, marriage is still scary.
Even when your husband is Cha Jeong-hwan?
Well… There are options
that come with you.
You want the main product?
Like mad. So?
I don't understand why I get
so turned on when I come to your office.
For me, it was since the beach.
You MSG!
You quicksand.
-Did you just swear at me?
-No. It was a compliment.
You think our parents will say yes?
Oh, I thought about it,
and why don't we tell
our parents we want to get
our license a little later?
-Because they might object?
-Well, that, too.
If we tell them
we want to try this out first,
from their point of view,
it might look weird.
But the bigger reason
is if they find out now,
they might try to hide
their true feelings,
making it hard to get a good assessment.
What are you saying?
Our parents are included
in the evaluation?
Of course.
It's about our married life,
so they are included.
Conflicts with each other's in-laws,
their causes and risks,
and if our families
can cause trouble for us,
and if we can be good
daughter-in-law and son-in-law.
-We each announce our marriage tonight.
And you persuade our own parents.
Will your parents say no?
Probably. What about your mother?
She won't be able to.
She already apologized to you.
I hope so.
Leave my parents to me.
Go for it.
Go for it.
I'm home.
-Did you have a long day?
Hi, Hye-yeong.
-Hye-yeong, have some fruit.
-Come and eat.
Maybe later.
Father, Mom, I have something to tell you.
You do?
Should I tell you here?
What is it?
It's okay. Tell us here.
No, don't.
It's about marriage, isn't it?
This is about marriage?
Yes. Well…
I'm going to marry
-No! You can't marry him!
Go ahead. What is it?
Father, Mom.
I'm going to marry Hye-yeong.
That's great. I say yes.
But I'll need to meet her first.
Of course. I will introduce her to you.
I object!
Mom, you already--
Says who?
You can't marry her!
How can you think of marrying
into that family?
And we're not registering
our marriage right away.
He can never marry her!
I'm getting married with or without it.
You're such a talented designer, Yu-ju.
Why can't you understand?
They're not giving me work!
-Ra-yeong, are you seeing someone?
-No, I'm not.
Ms. Byun, don't you have a boyfriend?
I threw it long because I was mad.
You played a joke on me?
Did you exchange numbers
with Jin Seong-jun?
Mr. Jin Seong-jun isn't interested in me…
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