My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e26 Episode Script

Episode 26

Says who?
You can't marry her!
But you apologized to Hye-yeong.
I apologized.
I didn't say you can marry her.
I will not accept her
as my daughter-in-law!
What kind of nonsense is that?
Then why did you apologize?
Why do you keep talking
about that apology?
I'm talking about their marriage!
That's the same thing!
How can your attitude change
so completely?
You apologized, cried and begged her
to find Jeong-hwan for you.
And now you're saying no?
Have you no shame?
You don't know what you're talking about.
Do you know what that girl did to me?
What did Hye-yeong do to you?
She came to my cafe, glaring,
threatening me
about some illegal building extension.
And she pointed her finger at me,
"Do you understand or not?"
Mom, that was right after
the police station incident.
Right after or right before.
You two were living together,
and she knew I was your mom.
So how could she be so rude to me?
How could I face her
as my daughter-in-law?
I will never allow it!
Even if the sky falls,
I am not giving you my permission!
I am marrying her no matter what you say.
Then why are we talking about this?
Just go and do it!
Why are you asking me for my permission?
Get out of my house!
If you're going to ignore me like this,
get out of my house!
I'll pack my things and leave.
Where are you going?
To see her, aren't you?
You can't. You come back here!
What do you want him to do?
He's not going to marry her.
Unless you bury me in dirt,
he can never marry her!
there's plenty of dirt in that pot.
What, what did you say?
I knew something was wrong
when you went to look for him.
Are you out of your mind?
How can you think of marrying
into that family?
Why the sudden decision to get married?
Didn't you say
you weren't interested in it?
Instead of losing Jeong-hwan,
I've decided to take the risk
and try out marriage.
There's no need to take risks.
You're not supposed
to take risks like that.
Even if you end up alone
for the rest of your life,
I will not let you marry into his family.
I guess you're right.
I know what you're worried about.
I really do.
-But you still want to marry him?
-I'm not marrying into that family.
I'm marrying Jeong-hwan.
Who are you trying to fool?
Don't you know
what kind of woman his mom is?
That woman,
her values are completely different
from ours.
And it's not just her values.
She humiliated your mom.
I've known all along
dressing up in luxury brands
can't give you class.
But still, how can someone
be that vulgar and crass?
Everything is based on money.
Because she has some,
she belittles people who don't.
She disregards them,
thinking she's above everyone.
She doesn't have even
a microscopic amount of manners.
Really? When she came here
the other morning,
she apologized and minded her manners.
That was done out of desperation
because her son had disappeared.
Wait, did you decide
to marry him because of that day?
No. No way.
And on top of that,
I don't like him anymore.
When we caught you living together,
he ran over, apologized,
and said he wanted to marry you,
but a few days later,
he broke up with you.
Suddenly, he changes his number
and disappears.
Then returns in a few days,
and says he wants to marry?
He keeps changing his mind.
How can I trust him enough
to let you marry him?
The one who kept changing their mind
wasn't him but me.
It's that I changed my mind
about marriage.
I've always been
scared to death of marriage,
and Jeong-hwan's the only man
who made me want
to give marriage a chance.
Marriage isn't something you can rush into
just because you love your boyfriend.
I understand what you're saying.
I feel the same way as your mom.
I don't want to let you marry
into that family.
But since you feel differently
about marriage,
I will think about it.
Yes, please do.
No, there's no need for that.
Unless he gets new parents,
you will never get my permission
to marry him!
Why did you change your mind so suddenly?
When we broke up, I was miserable.
They say life is like a box of chocolates.
So I'm going to see which flavor I get.
Are you sure about that, Hye-yeong?
I kind of understand how mom feels.
I heard his mother isn't so great.
I bet his mother isn't happy
about it either.
Since I'm going to be her daughter-in-law.
I'm asking because I don't know
what's going on,
but what kind of woman
is your boyfriend's mother?
You all know her?
She's the owner of this building.
She's been very abusive about that.
That means the family's pretty well-off.
Don't get me wrong.
I didn't mean much by it.
But Mother is so adamant about it.
Right, she is.
She has every right to be so.
But you've made up your mind?
Yes, so please help me.
I expected it,
but Mom's more adamant than I thought.
Shouldn't you introduce him to us first?
Of course. I'll set it up.
Is he really reliable?
That's why I've decided to marry him.
Okay. If you say so.
Father and Mom haven't said yes,
but for now, congratulations.
Congratulations, Hye-yeong.
Wow, I still can't believe it.
You actually decided to get married.
Congratulations, Hye-yeong.
Thank you, everyone.
I can't believe it either.
Hye-yeong's marrying that producer.
-Oh, you work with him, don't you?
I hate that woman
becoming your mother-in-law.
Don't worry about it.
I'm walking into the lion's den,
fully prepared with a safety net.
What are you talking about?
It's a beautiful night, isn't it?
I, Byun Hye-yeong, decided to get married.
So, will you apologize?
Or shall we go to court?
Excuse me, but you have no idea
how to be polite with other people.
Got it?
No, no. It can't be.
Oh, this can never happen.
Hi, good morning.
Let me go first.
I need to go, too.
You can't cut in.
Jeong-hwan is outside.
-Then you should go first.
-Yes, go.
What are you doing here?
I had to rush,
so I didn't have time for makeup.
Still, you look beautiful.
Is the eyeliner tattooed?
What do you mean?
I'm a TV show producer.
You think I won't recognize makeup?
Beautiful. Totally beautiful.
She's not making breakfast?
You're not making breakfast?
Actually… I'm sorry.
Fix something up for yourself.
I need to go somewhere.
Where are you going?
You're not… Stop right there!
You're not going to see
that young lady, are you?
You are.
What are you going to say to her?
I asked what you're going to say!
You're not going to tell her
you're against their marriage, are you?
No, I'm not going to see her.
I'm going to see her parents.
Her parents?
Why would you see her parents?
I'm sure her mom is against this marriage.
Trying to get through
our son's thick skull isn't going to work.
So I'm going to sort things out
with her parents.
Why can't you understand how I feel?
I'd rather die
than to have her as my daughter-in-law.
Do you think I got any sleep last night?
Thinking about what she did to me
makes my heart race and my hands tremble.
So how can I accept her
as my daughter-in-law?
Neither you nor Jeong-hwan
saw what she did to me
and how it enraged me.
Be quiet!
Why are you screaming at me?
When my heart is pounding as it is?
How can you be so shameless and brazen?
I don't expect honor from you.
But you should at least
have some sense of shame.
You just went to see her
to apologize for what you did,
and you're already changing your attitude?
No matter how unhappy you are with her,
there are things you did and said.
So you should accept the consequences.
You're going back there
to take everything back
and say you object to the marriage?
Is that it?
That's why I'm not going to see the girl
and see her mom instead.
Are you kidding me?
How much more will you disappoint
Jeong-hwan and me?
If you hate it so much,
keep trying to change our son's mind!
Stop him from marrying her!
Don't act like a bat!
A bat?
Of course you are.
You're two-faced and crafty.
If you ever go to see her or her parents,
both Jeong-hwan and I
will leave this house!
I'm not going to live
in the same house with you!
Got it?
I'm going downstairs.
Honey, wait.
Why won't you say anything
about Hye-yeong?
What do you think about it?
I object.
I can't fathom having her as my in-law.
Just thinking about her makes me furious,
so how can we be in-laws?
Let's think about it a bit more.
Hye-yeong wants to do it,
so we can't just object.
You've shifted
toward letting her marry him?
If you believe we must let her marry him
just because she lived with him…
It's not about that anymore.
It's about Hye-yeong.
Like she said,
she never talked of getting married.
She never brought anyone home.
That's what I'm saying.
She wants to get married
for the first time,
so how can I say no?
It means she loves him that much.
Still, I can't say yes.
When you're blinded by love,
it's hard to make a rational decision.
It's our job as parents to help our child
make the right decision.
Okay. Let's think about it some more.
I'm going downstairs.
Okay. Bye.
And we will put down what we each want.
Me first.
No pregnancy during the internship period.
Each pays 50 percent for the wedding
and the place to live.
Sure. As for me…
Arguments shall only last one day.
And we each manage our own money.
No matter what, we sleep in the same room.
Each pays half of the living expenses,
and we manage that account together.
-What about the chores?
-They'll be divided.
Why don't you do the cooking
and the dishes?
I'll do the cleaning and the laundry.
But let's do the recycling together.
Okay. Wait.
Let's not get our families involved
in our arguments.
I'm totally okay with that.
Tell each other "I love you"
at least once a day.
Why? You don't like that?
I do.
But just with words?
Saying "I love you," sure.
But let's count texting, too.
And we each look after our own parents.
Don't expect the other
to play the good child.
Of course.
But within a reasonable level,
we will be a good daughter and son-in-law.
Wait, I think we need to discuss that.
What is your idea of a "reasonable level"?
Well, holidays and birthdays.
And visiting them once a month?
So we'll visit each other's parents
every other week.
That sounds reasonable.
Added to that, any family event
will be discussed and settled reasonably.
And our marriage will be terminated upon
any flirting or mental or physical affair.
That won't happen, but sure.
And respect each other's hobbies,
lifestyle, and values.
Don't complain about me going fishing.
Okay. I'm going to play dead
all day every Sunday,
so no complaining.
All day is a bit too much.
How about half a day?
And don't gain weight.
I hate men gaining weight
after getting married.
Nut, you think I would?
Stop it.
Anything else to add?
Dream like we'll live forever
and love like we'll die tomorrow.
Okay. Review it.
Anything you want to add or take out?
When we get our parents' permission,
we can sign this and get it notarized.
Why? You're nervous?
No, not at all.
I'm confident I can make you
beg me to continue this marriage
one year from now.
-What is it?
-Nothing. Get in.
Are you wearing sunscreen?
No, why do you ask?
If you don't after removing freckles,
it gets worse.
Didn't your dermatologist tell you?
Oh, I did get a kind of handout,
but I didn't read it.
I'll start wearing it from tomorrow.
Pull over for a minute.
-Pull over up there.
Is there something you're looking for?
These are for women.
Oh, it's not for me. It's for her.
Can you recommend some sunscreen?
It's okay. I'm fine.
I'm sure there's one lying around at home.
You want to get your freckles back?
How about this one?
It's not expensive, and it's moisturizing,
and our customers love it.
Not inexpensive ones.
I want something good.
It's okay. I'll pay!
Hey, hey.
-Put them on this.
-Yes, sir.
Thank you.
You have to reapply it every three hours.
Don't forget.
Okay. I will.
Let's go.
Why are you going there?
Get in.
What are you doing? Put the sunscreen on.
You'll get your freckles back.
Why are you being so nice to me?
Is there a huge favor
you need to ask me or…
Hey, I'm good to my managers.
Haven't you heard from Tae-bu?
Treat my managers like my family.
That's my motto.
And… And you're not just any manager.
You're like my little sister.
Put it on.
There's a mirror there.
Use it and put it on.
Oh, why are you so bad at it?
It's bunching up here.
Pat it. Try.
-Like this?
You're totally handsome.
Do you have a girlfriend?
Yes, I do.
You're so stern.
I thought you were Mr. Stern.
You can't go around
asking for guys' numbers.
I never do that.
I'm loyal and noble.
If you're worried,
come and get me every day.
I will come and get you every day.
And take you home every day.
Why did you let go of my hand?
The center's just ahead.
We have to be careful not to get caught.
Coach Park, you go ahead.
I'll wait five minutes and follow.
Do we really have to hide this?
Of course.
If people found out, they'll say
we're not working hard
because we're dating.
And other instructors
might feel bad about us.
-Here. First, Ra-yeong.
-Mine is iced.
-This is yours.
-Mine as well.
Here you go.
-What are you drinking?
-I like juice. Coffee keeps me awake.
It tastes nice.
How did your blind date go?
-It was fantastic.
-He asked you out again?
Don't be so sour, Coach Park.
I want to sit next to you.
Ra-yeong, are you seeing someone?
Whose text are you smiling at?
No! I'm not seeing anyone.
The fish in your ocean
must be pretty lacking.
Didn't you keep
your ex-boyfriend in there?
Do you still talk to your ex-boyfriend?
Gosh. What ex-boyfriend?
My ocean dried up a long time ago.
What? It dried up?
How about filling it back up
and letting me in?
I'm not going to fill it back up.
Wait, for you to stop dating anyone
is like wasting your talent.
You should really…
Wait, what are these?
Where did I get two tickets?
Ra-yeong, these are tickets
to a musical you like.
I quit going to musicals.
Why would you do that?
How about gift certificates
to a hotel restaurant?
I have two, and their food is amazing.
Ms. Byun!
Don't you have a boyfriend?
You have a boyfriend?
That tall and handsome…
Oh, the man in your yoga class?
I knew it.
It was weird for a man to take yoga alone.
Oh, him?
Coach Park, don't you know him, too?
I saw you with him once.
Ra-yeong, you are seeing someone.
Congratulations, Ra-yeong.
Why don't we go see
Ra-yeong's boyfriend later?
Should we?
Breathe in.
Lift your head up.
Good job.
Ms. Byun.
You should check me too.
Especially when we're friends.
Breathe out and say meow.
I thought I should take this class, too.
My muscles are stiff,
so I need to do some stretching.
And I heard yoga is good for your health…
Come in. Take that mat.
Don't you have a class to teach?
I don't.
Is something wrong?
Did you have an argument with Ms. Byun?
Focus on the class.
Let's move on to stretching.
Face your partner and stretch your legs.
Ra-yeong's boyfriend sure is handsome.
Coach Park is handsome, too, but so is he.
Right? They look really good together.
Are you busy?
No. What's that?
They just delivered what I ordered.
You want to play catch?
Have you ever done this?
Don't you just need to throw and catch?
Yes, that's it.
I'll go over there.
-Here I go.
I missed it again.
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Wait, let's stop.
I think this is enough.
Why? We can do it a bit more.
You're having fun? I'm not.
It's no fun, right?
I've never done this before.
Why didn't you come to me
when I was little?
You thought I'd enjoy this at my age?
I'm sorry.
It's okay. At least I got my revenge.
I threw it long because I was mad.
When other kids played catch
with their fathers,
I had no one to play it with,
so I threw the ball against the wall.
And when it went far, I ran to get it.
Just like what you were doing.
I threw really hard on purpose,
so you could feel the same thing I felt.
You played a joke on me?
That I did.
What should we do next?
How about going camping?
You could do that when you're older.
I've never done it before, so I'm excited.
Okay, then.
Oh, is there anything else you want to do?
I'm not sure.
Is there something you want to do?
I want to go to the public bathhouse
with you.
I guess we can't. You're too famous.
I'll think about it.
What the…
Oh, now they go everywhere together?
My goodness,
if my poor Jun-yeong saw them,
his heart would break to pieces.
Even I am infuriated just looking at them.
Min-ha, why are you still here?
Isn't today
the science high school admission seminar?
Aren't you going?
You're not going to the admission seminar?
Did you tell your mom?
Actually, I'm not going
to the science high school.
If I do, managing my grades will be hard,
and I don't want to say good-bye
to my friends.
I want to go to a regular high school.
Min-ha, with your brain,
you could maintain your grades
at the science high.
Even with no tutoring,
your grades are excellent.
And you'll make new friends
once you're there.
I just want to go
to a regular high school.
I think that will be more convenient.
Why don't you talk to your parents
one more time?
I hate to see you give up.
I'm sure you'll do great there. Okay?
Why did he throw this away
without talking to me?
Min-ha could get in here if he wanted to.
It's today?
How much do you spend
on Dong-hyeon's tutoring?
He's taking four subjects,
and it's a little over four million
a month.
Just four subjects?
But then again, Dong-hyeon is smart.
I spend more than seven million a month.
-Seven million won?
-If you take many subjects,
it costs that much.
And you can't stop after getting in.
You'll need more tutoring once you get in.
The competition will be fiercer.
Tuition and tutoring…
That's a lot of money, isn't it?
Excuse me.
How much is the tuition here?
The tuition is 8,7 million won?
The admission fee is 300,000,
the dorm is 3,08 million.
The meals are 3,3 million.
It'll be at least 15 million a year.
This is for seven days and overtime.
It's 500,000 won.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Yes? You're home.
Was it a long shift?
Oh, you're sweating. Go take a shower.
I will.
You're worried about Hye-yeong,
aren't you?
What should I do?
No matter how hard I think about it,
I don't want to let her join that family.
If it were one of the other girls,
I'd be worried,
but since it's Hye-yeong,
I think we can trust her.
Hye-yeong is as smart as a whip.
She's not the type
to keep things bottled up inside.
That is the reason I can't let her.
You need to know
how to adjust your lifestyle,
be patient and be willing
to make sacrifices
in order to make marriage work.
But she's incapable of that.
What if I let her get married,
and she gets divorced in less than a year?
I believe in Hye-yeong.
She wants to do it
because she can handle it.
But her future mother-in-law-to
is beyond belief.
What's this?
The rent for me and Yu-ju.
I haven't been able to pay
because I was studying,
but now that I'm married
and working part-time,
I think I can manage to pay a bit of rent.
But you worked hard for this…
Thank you so much.
If I pass the exam, I'll pay more,
and I'll give you an allowance
every now and then.
You will pass this time, won't you?
I hope I do.
I hope you do, too.
Oh, is Yu-ju doing okay at work?
Yes, I think so. Luckily,
her morning sickness isn't so bad.
That's great.
Be good to her.
Being disappointed during pregnancy
lasts a lifetime.
I will.
Hey, what are you doing over there?
Excuse me? Nothing really…
We're working. We are.
We were talking about lunch and stuff…
Cho-rong, what's the status
on Hero's album photoshoot?
Did you finish making the costumes?
Where are they? The shoot is in two days.
Well, Ms. Kim, actually…
What? You're still working on them?
No! It's not that…
Mr. Kang put Ms. Im in charge of it,
so we got her confirmation.
Come again?
He said because you're pregnant,
it would be hard for you
to manage everything…
Would you like to see them?
Should I bring them?
It's okay. You can go back to work.
Yes, ma'am.
I'm home.
Hello. Was it a long day?
I bought a melon for you.
Yu-ju, you look upset. Is something wrong?
What is it?
I haven't said anything
all this time, but…
Your grandmother was too much.
How could she announce that I'm pregnant
and that you studied for a state exam
for five years at our wedding?
In front of everyone from my office?
She did it because she was so happy.
Do you know what I'm going through
at work because of that?
I'm excluded from the project
I prepared for four months.
They cut me from it!
The project will be over in three weeks,
but just because I'm pregnant…
I'm only asking
because I really don't understand,
but don't you think
they are being considerate
because you're pregnant?
It's nothing like that!
They're not giving me work
just because I'm pregnant.
At this rate, I might even get fired,
let alone go back to work
after I give birth.
I love my job, and I worked so hard…
It's not like I did anything wrong.
I had no idea I'd be ostracized like this
just because I'm pregnant.
That's never ever going to happen.
You're such a talented designer, Yu-ju.
Don't cry.
Even if that does happen,
I will support you and our baby.
Why can't you understand?
You think I'm worried about making money?
What I want is to continue working.
You've never worked before,
so you can never get how serious this is.
But I regret it so much
that I want to go back in time.
How could she say such a thing?
She regrets it?
What did your parents say?
Are they really unhappy?
It's a bit worse than I had expected.
What about your parents?
It's pretty much the same,
but don't worry.
My mom won't try anything
in case I run away again.
But my father's happy for us.
why don't I visit your father and mother
and formally ask for their blessing?
Do you think that would work?
They're saying no because of your mother.
The police station business
was pretty bad.
It was.
And she acted a bit unreasonably,
as the building owner.
Oh, boy.
What do we do?
We'll have to try harder.
-I'm going inside. Bye.
Mom, are you still against it?
What about you, Dad?
You're against it, too.
Knowing what kind of person his mother is,
you're not concerned?
I am.
One of the reasons I didn't want
to marry him was his mother.
I know very well
what you and mom are worried about.
You still want to marry him
knowing all that?
Mom, I believe in Jeong-hwan.
He will keep her at bay,
and he will stop his mother
from being unreasonable.
And I'm not going to be
a docile daughter-in-law.
You think that's as easy as you say?
If marriage were that simple,
why would anyone get divorced?
Mom, I can do a great job.
-Mom, don't you believe in your daughter?
-I do.
I believe in you,
but I don't believe in marriage.
No matter how hard I think about it,
I just can't.
You can't marry him.
What changed your mind?
That's what I want to know.
I don't want to regret it later.
I know marriage
is a union of two families.
But 90 percent of one's married life
depends on the married couple.
If we break up
because of the remaining ten percent,
I think I would end up
regretting it so much.
When I broke up with Jeong-hwan briefly,
I had such a hard time,
and I regretted it.
Of all the things
you regret about in life,
you regret more about the things
you didn't do than those you did.
Marriage is something you regret
whether or not you do it.
So if I'm going to regret it anyway,
I'd rather give it a try and regret it.
I believe I'd have less regrets that way,
and I believe I'd feel less sorry
for my life.
And we're not registering
our marriage right away.
You're not registering your marriage
right away?
No, if you give us your permission,
we want to wait before we get it.
I can do a great job, Mom.
I know I can, Dad. Okay?
Please give us your permission.
I'm home.
Where's mom?
In bed. Go in.
Why? Is she sick?
Mom, are you sick?
As if you don't know.
I'm dying here.
Thinking about having her
as my daughter-in-law
makes my heart race, and I ache all over.
So please listen to me.
No matter how hard I think about it,
I just can't accept her
as my daughter-in-law.
So please take it back.
I can never give you permission.
Mom, please let me.
Hye-yeong is a great woman.
She will be a great daughter-in-law
for you.
I'm sorry.
I left home and changed my number.
Knowing you and Father would be worried,
I still acted selfishly.
But when I told her I'd leave home
and marry her, Hye-yeong objected.
She said she'd rather break up with me
than to make me sever my ties
with my parents.
What? Sever your ties?
How dare you say that to your mother?
That's how much I love Hye-yeong.
So please give me your permission.
I really want to get married
with your blessing.
No! I won't!
Please give me your permission.
I'm getting married with or without it.
How could you…
You're just informing me?
Yes. I have no other way.
You're saying your own parents have no say
in your marriage?
As a parent who raised you for 38 years,
I have every right
to stop you from marrying her!
Mom, I'm not a minor.
How much longer are you going
to be this stubborn?
Fine. Do what you want.
You were never interested
in my permission.
You just wanted to announce it,
so why bother asking?
Pay me back for feeding you,
clothing you, and housing you!
Pay me back for everything I did for you
from when you turned 20 until now!
From your college tuition
to language course
and your studying abroad!
I'll do that.
What did you say?
How could you put a price on that?
How will you pay back something
that has no price?
How would you ever do that?
Father, did you sleep well?
I didn't, thanks to you.
Where's mom?
She's devastated, so she's in bed.
How can you be so tactless?
You should try to get her permission
by appeasing her and consoling her.
But instead, you added fuel to the fire.
If you act that way,
I might take my permission back.
I don't know how to change her mind.
Can you tell me how?
You figure it out.
You're the one who's getting married.
Try to make it work.
Let's go, Chico.
This wasn't you, was it?
It wasn't, was it?
Did you have me followed?
How could you do this?
Father searched for you for so long.
He waited for you for so long.
Nice. Let's move on to the next scene.
Hello. You're working too hard.
Oh, I'm not.
You are the ones who are working hard.
Help me get changed.
-Yes, sir.
-Let's go.
You should check how you did.
Let me.
This wasn't you, was it?
-Oh, no…
-It wasn't, was it?
I feel so sad for Seung-u.
You seem more into the character than me.
Father searched for you for so long.
Hey, what's this?
Did you exchange numbers
with Jin Seong-jun?
He said he'll call me if he can't reach
you and asked for my number earlier.
You should be careful.
He's nice to everyone,
so people misunderstand.
And he's kind of a playboy.
Mr. Jin Seong-jun isn't interested in me…
There's no way.
Hey, I'm saying it just in case. Okay?
So you can be careful.
Yes, sir.
This wasn't you, was it?
What did you save me for?
Mr. An Jung-hui.
Mr. An Jung-hui?
Mr. Jin Seong-jun, Mr. An Jung-hui?
I'm going back to work.
What happened?
Why is he being that way again?
Is something wrong?
Oh, Jung-hui.
Hye-rim got hurt.
She won't be able to join us for a while.
What do we do, then?
We can't even finish today's shoot.
I thought I'd shoot the last scene
with a stand-in.
But I can't find anyone suitable.
How tall are you?
Excuse me? Me?
I'm 163cm…
What do you think? She's of similar build,
and she can wear a wig.
Oh, you're right.
Jung-hui, can I borrow your manager?
Your face won't show,
and it's just for one scene.
For us to shoot it another time,
it would be a waste
of money, time, and manpower.
I look weird, don't I?
No, actually…
Oh! From the back,
I thought you were Hye-rim.
You're perfect.
So what is the scene?
It's nothing. She just needs to run over
and jump into Seong-jun's arms.
The camera will be on your back,
and Seong-jun will take care of the rest.
-Run over and jump into his arms?
Wait… Look at her face.
She can't do it. She's not an actor.
Jumping into someone's arms is so hard.
-It's nothing. Just jump right in.
Don't worry. I'll make it work, Mi-yeong.
Yes, Seong-jun will make it work.
I'm begging you.
We have to shoot it today.
In that case, I'll give it a try.
Good thinking.
But I've never done this before,
so what if I keep messing it up?
Oh, it's okay.
Seong-jun will make it work.
Of course.
Pretend you're jumping
into your boyfriend's arms.
I'll grab you.
What a load of crap.
Let's go and do this.
Let's do this!
Cut. Again.
Take your time and be lively.
Lift your head up.
Look at our handsome Seong-jun. Okay?
Okay. Look at his face?
I got it.
Listen to me.
If you're embarrassed, close your eyes.
He will catch you.
-You can't mess it up again, okay?
Let's get this done. You can do it.
Let's do this again.
Cut! Again.
Why? Why is that?
That looked great.
That looked totally believable.
She shifted to one side,
so she didn't really jump into his arms.
Let's try that again.
I will try it again.
Just jump into my arms.
Judo! Just run straight ahead!
Yes, sir!
Let's try that again.
No one told you
to wrap your arms around him.
Such great chemistry. Nice, nice.
Let's try that one more time.
That was incredible.
Seong-jun. Jin Seong-jun!
Jin Seong-jun is so amazing.
Now I get why people praise him so much.
How could anyone be that great?
That was totally awesome.
Wasn't it?
It was that great?
How could anyone make it better?
It was like over 120 percent.
I felt so excited and my heart pounded.
You won't get that if you did it again.
You think so?
That was great.
Thanks for helping out.
Let me treat you to dinner.
Why would you do that for my manager?
It's okay. Thank you for making it work.
Let's go, Judo.
You must return to your actual job.
I didn't cause trouble for the drama,
did I?
No. You did well, you did.
But you were born to be a manager.
Don't ever try that again.
Okay, sir.
Get up. Get up and come out.
I heard the bell ring. Is someone here?
Yes, so come out.
Why? Who is it?
What are you doing here?
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