My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e27 Episode Script

Episode 27

What are you doing here?
I came because I have something to say.
Hello, Father.
It's nice to meet you.
I am Byun Hye-yeong.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
I've been wanting to see you,
and here you are.
-Why don't we sit down?
-Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Don't you dare sit down!
Fine. Let's hear what you have to say.
Sit down.
Thank you, Mother.
Why do you keep calling me Mother?
I'm not your mother.
But you're Jeong-hwan's mother.
She's right. You're Jeong-hwan's mom.
Oh my! You must be Chico.
Hi, Chico!
You know Chico?
Yes, Jeong-hwan told me so much about him.
He's the Park Bo-gum of the dog world.
She's quite a witty lady.
Of course!
Chico is a very handsome dog.
I'll see you again.
-You can put him down.
Good boy, Chico.
Oh, I got some presents for you.
This is a cake.
I heard you like it.
A French master patissier
baked this using organic flour and butter
imported from France.
Oh, I can see it was baked
by a master patissier.
And these are golf gloves for you.
This is dog food for Chico.
Oh, you got something for Chico, too?
I heard Chico has lost his appetite,
so I got him some delicious
healthy dog food.
Pets are family, too.
Of course they are.
She's a very thoughtful young lady.
So, what is it you have to say? Go ahead.
Thank you for apologizing to me about
what you did eight years ago, Mother.
Admitting your fault
and apologizing isn't easy
for both the young and the old.
But because you apologized,
I was able to look back
at what I did wrong, too.
You came here to say that?
So I wanted to apologize to you, too.
About how I mentioned
the illegal building extension
and made what could've been interpreted
as a threat
when I came to see you at your cafe
after the police station incident.
I thought about it
and realized my approach was harsh.
When your approach is too harsh,
it ends up hurting
the other person's feelings
before you get your point across,
but I was a bit upset at the time
because of my mom,
and I overlooked that.
I apologize.
I am very sorry.
Thank you, for coming here
and apologizing.
Honey, don't you have anything to say?
I think you do.
Okay. Since you apologized,
I should accept it.
Thank you.
You're finished, right?
No, I'd like to add…
Father, Mother,
I would like to marry Jeong-hwan.
Please give me your permission.
Why don't I visit your parents
and say hello?
It bothers me
that I haven't visited them formally.
Then I'll visit your parents, too.
I was thinking I should visit them.
-You mean it?
But when you do visit my family,
you should brace yourself.
I have a big family, so even if
they each ask just one question,
you might end up completely drained.
Geez, how many people are in your family?
Including myself, 12.
What else should I watch out for?
If you want to bring food,
don't bring a fruit basket like last time
because it won't be nearly enough.
Just buy a whole box. A box or a bunch.
A box or a bunch.
If I buy meat, buy a whole animal.
You're a quick learner.
Good luck.
Let's persuade our parents
so we can get married.
Yes, let's make it happen.
We can do this.
Pears, Korean melons.
Sea bream.
One, two, three.
I can't believe this.
I bought too much.
I forgot they don't have an elevator here.
I can't be worn out already.
Let's go. Let's go!
What should I do?
Hello, Father and Mother.
I'm sorry I showed up here
without calling first.
I wanted to say hello to you both,
and I have something I must tell you.
What's all that?
Some fruits and yellow corvina.
All domestic.
You didn't have to bring so much…
Did you carry all of them
up the stairs by yourself?
They weren't heavy at all.
Come in for now.
Thank you, Father.
If you've caught your breath,
say what you will.
Yes, sir.
Father and Mother,
I would like to marry Hye-yeong.
Please give me your permission.
How are we supposed to trust you enough?
When you keep changing your mind?
You broke up with her only a few days
after you came to us and told us
you're marrying her.
And a few days after that,
you disappeared.
-Am I wrong?
-You're not.
I'm sorry.
If you're sorry,
you shouldn't have come here.
I love Hye-yeong.
Very much.
If I may explain myself,
I made those errors in an attempt
to try to marry Hye-yeong.
I was shortsighted,
but if you forgive me,
it won't ever happen again.
Please give me your permission,
Father and Mother.
Hye-yeong is a special woman.
There is no one else like Hye-yeong
in this world.
And the only one who can handle her is me,
Cha Jeong-hwan.
The whole time I was seeing Hye-yeong,
I realized I did something incredible
in my past life.
I will never, under any circumstances,
forget that.
I will never betray her.
I will cherish her with my heart
and make her happy.
How will you make her happy?
Should I tell you in detail?
Yes, in detail.
I am planning on doing
all the cooking and all the dishes.
If we get into an argument,
we will resolve it before the day is over.
We will never get our parents
involved in our issues.
We will never sleep in separate rooms.
We will express our love for each other
once a day.
We will 100 percent respect
each other's lifestyle and tastes.
We will make decisions
on all family events together.
I will maintain my shape
and never grow a beer belly.
And moreover,
I will be grateful to Hye-yeong
for marrying me
and love her for all my life.
-It's like watching Show Me the Money.
-He sure can talk.
That must be why Hye-yeong's dating him.
-Do you gamble?
-Excuse me?
No, I don't.
Do you drink or smoke?
I drink sometimes.
-But I don't smoke.
-Are you a mean drunk?
I'm not. I just fall asleep.
Where will you live? Are you thinking
of moving in with your parents?
We're getting an apartment near work.
Do you suffer from any illness?
-No, I don't.
-How about family history?
Like diabetes, high blood pressure,
Not on my father's side.
My grandfather on my mom's side has high
blood pressure, but my mother doesn't.
How do you maintain your health?
I work out at the gym at least one hour,
three times a week.
Do you have a hobby?
-I like to go fishing.
-That's not a good hobby for a wife.
I'm not really good at it.
I'll get a new hobby.
What's your specialty?
According to Hye-yeong…
It's my face.
-Please forgive me.
-What's your motto?
Dream like you will live forever
and love like you will die tomorrow.
-My gosh…
-He's dying tomorrow?
Your mother and Hye-yeong
fell into the river.
Who will you rescue first?
I would have to…
Rescue my mother first.
Hye-yeong is a better swimmer than I am.
Since you're here, stay for dinner.
Go and invite your grandma.
If you give me your permission
to marry Jeong-hwan,
we will love and treasure each other
and live happily ever after.
So you only apologized to me
to ask for my permission, didn't you?
No, Mother.
As I said earlier,
because you took the high road
and apologized first,
I learned my lesson and apologized, too.
An apology is an apology
but a permission is a different story.
I can never give you my permission,
so you should go home.
What are you doing? She's my guest, too.
I have so many questions.
Jeong-hwan raved about you,
so I was very curious,
but you deserve everything he said.
You work at a law firm right now?
Yes, sir.
It's one of the top 30 law firms
in Korea.
And I have the highest number of cases
in the firm,
and my salary is also very high,
which makes me
the envy of all my colleagues.
I'm a bit embarrassed to say this,
but I was on TV, so I'm pretty famous.
Although my looks played a part
in my fame,
but people also say
that I'm a talented lawyer.
For example,
of my classmates at the Law Institute,
I am one of the top five lawyers
with the best track records.
You are very confident.
She's great, isn't she?
I added a bit of boasting
to my introduction.
You should go home.
You showed up out of nowhere,
and now this?
Next time, I will call first
and come with Jeong-hwan.
-That's enough.
Okay. I'm sorry,
but you should go home for now.
But we will meet again.
Yes, sir.
Excuse me then.
Let me make my final appeal
as they do in trials
in the form of a closing argument.
this white rose means "a new beginning."
I know you're not happy with me
because of various incidents in the past.
But I, Byun Hye-yeong,
is the woman your son
loves most in the world.
He loves me as much as he loves you.
If you believe in your son,
please believe he made the right decision.
I, Byun Hye-yeong,
am a woman that will shock you.
I am quite a catch.
To be frank, Jeong-hwan's hit the jackpot.
I want to have a new beginning with you
as a daughter and mother-in-law.
Please give me your permission.
Thank you.
Why is he wearing funeral clothes?
Maybe it means he voluntarily dug
his own grave by signing up for marriage.
Thank you.
You must like strong women.
What about Hye-yeong do you love so much?
-That can't be true.
There must be something you don't like.
-Tell us one.
-There's nothing.
Mom, he's lying.
Oh, there is one.
Sometimes Hye-yeong goes to bed
with makeup on.
I've removed it for her at times.
And I plan on doing it in the future.
You've already done it?
Are you bragging about living with her?
No, I'm not. That's not what I meant.
Make yourself comfortable.
No, this is uncomfortable…
This is comfortable.
You've been seated like that
all this time.
Make yourself comfortable.
Thank you. I will.
Oh, that looks too comfortable.
When I first came here,
I couldn't even breathe.
Is it because you lived with her?
No, this is comfortable for me.
Director Cha.
You know I'm the eldest here, don't you?
Of course, big brother.
I've been editing the making-of film
focused around you.
You're a TV show producer?
Yes, Grandmother.
Okay. I really love your job.
How did you meet Hye-yeong?
Actually, Hye-yeong and I
dated in college.
You did?
Mi-yeong, don't you remember me?
You twisted a man's arm
because he came to see
Hye-yeong eight years ago.
You remember, don't you? That man was me.
I don't remember.
I twisted
lots of college guys' arms for her.
You didn't know?
Hye-yeong dated many men.
Yes. I've heard. I have.
She told me she dated dozens of men.
I'm sorry.
Did you just try to kick me?
Cramp… Oh, I'm sorry.
Let me see.
This is why I told you
to make yourself comfortable.
-My left foot…
-Say meow.
He's really putting on a show…
-They stink.
-That really hurts!
The number you have dialed is unavailable…
How weird.
Why isn't he answering his phone?
You should go home.
You've had a lot to drink.
No, Father.
I'm perfectly fine.
Can I have one more, Father?
Oh, you should stop.
You seem rather drunk.
-I'm not.
-I'm home.
Wake up, Jeong-hwan!
-What happened?
-I don't know. He said he was fine.
How much alcohol did you give him?
We didn't. He drank on his own.
What did you say to him?
What's the use of asking about that?
Take him to a room
and let him sleep it off.
Right. He can't go home.
Let him sleep here.
We can't let him sleep in the living room.
What? Why are you looking at me?
In my room?
My gosh!
Oh, my back…
Thank you for letting him stay here.
Why didn't you go easy on him?
It wasn't me.
-I can't believe you.
-It wasn't me. It wasn't.
What are you doing this late?
I want to make hangover soup,
so I'm thawing the monkfish.
Go to bed.
I'm going to clean some bean sprouts.
So, you feel reassured now?
I told you I've always liked him.
It's his mother I'm worried about.
People don't change.
They say brains can't be fixed.
So? You're still saying no?
You think I'd be doing this
at night if I am?
We're finally getting a brother-in-law?
Mom and Dad haven't said yes yet.
It feels like they have.
I say yes! I like him.
Me too!
He has a good job,
and he looks pretty pleasant.
-And his mother owns this building.
-That's the biggest problem here.
By the way,
Jun-yeong and Yu-ju looked down, right?
Maybe you're right.
Come to think of it,
they are all of similar age,
but one's a TV show producer
and the other is a famous star.
-But Jun-yeong only works part-time.
I hope Jun-yeong passes
the exam this time.
He must pass no matter what.
He must, if he knows what's right.
It's been five years!
He could've gone to college and graduated
and still have one year left.
That's long enough
for two terms of army service.
I passed the bar in half that time!
He should be able to pass it
with his eyes closed.
I know.
I really hope he passes this time.
Did you hear us?
I'm sorry. We were just concerned…
It's okay. I'm fine.
I deserve every word of it.
Go to bed, Mi-yeong.
Can you please let go of me?
-Mr. An, what are you doing here?
-This is my room.
Did you just call me Mr. An?
Big brother! Did you sleep well?
Yes, I did. How about you?
I slept really well.
Don't stare at him.
You're embarrassing him.
Just eat your food.
How's the soup?
I made it for your hangover.
It's really delicious and refreshing.
My liver's already been detoxified.
Get married.
-Yes, I'm giving you our permission.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Father. Thank you, Mother.
Okay, okay.
You're going to dive into your soup.
Hye-yeong, congratulations.
-Jeong-hwan, congratulations.
Congratulations, Hye-yeong.
Thank you.
Congratulations, Jeong-hwan.
Congratulations, Nut.
Wow, that leaves my parents.
How did your visit with my parents go?
I totally forgot about that.
I'm not sure.
I did my best,
but I might not be able
to get the answer you got.
The rest is up to me.
You can trust me.
You have huge bags under your eyes.
Why don't you go to the sauna
on your way to work?
Did you call your mother
about not going home?
Man! I forgot.
I'll call her. Bye.
I'm off.
Chico, good boy.
Eat up.
Has Jeong-hwan called?
He stayed out all night
without calling us?
And he's still not home?
He didn't disappear on us again, did he?
So stop saying no, okay?
You have to know when to stop
because if you don't,
you may never get the chance to.
Otherwise, Jeong-hwan might leave us
and marry Hye-yeong without us.
There's no reason for you to say no now.
She came to see us and apologized
about the cafe incident.
So just give your permission, okay?
I mean, she's pretty and smart,
and I couldn't find any fault
even if I tried.
So why are you being this way?
I don't have to have a reason
to hate someone.
You eat. I've lost my appetite.
Oh, boy…
You're going to work?
Yes, Mother.
Have you seen Jun-yeong?
Come to think of it, where did he go?
Doesn't he have to drive you?
Are you sure you can carry
all that to work? Should I drive you?
It's okay. I'll see you later.
Let me have that, too.
How long have you been waiting?
Let's go.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
I lashed out on you.
Like you said,
I haven't had a real job,
so I didn't know how you must be feeling.
Don't say that.
I wasn't mad at you.
I got stressed out at work,
but I took it out on you.
I'm really sorry.
Don't be.
If it ever happens again,
you can take it out on me.
Don't keep it to yourself.
I'd prefer you tell me
instead of bottling up.
Thank you, and I'm sorry.
I won't ever get mad at you again.
I said it's okay.
No, I mean it. I won't.
Left, right!
Grab my arm, lower your center of gravity!
-Let's try that out for real, Jung-hui.
I did it!
Hey! Judo, Judo! Did you see that?
Yes, did you ask for me?
You come here.
Is there something you want?
I want water.
Jung-hui, you've improved a lot.
Let's try that again.
She's stuck to her phone all day.
That's nice.
I have to drive now.
Okay. I will be careful.
Who was that?
Why did your voice change like that?
Excuse me? It was nothing.
If it was, why were you stuck
to your phone all day?
What if I got hurt during my training?
What would you have done?
Why couldn't you pay attention to me?
I'm sorry.
I was trying to console Jun-yeong.
Jun-yeong? Your brother?
Yes. He's been having a hard time lately.
The civil servant exam results are near,
so he's got a lot on his mind.
I've been trying to call him more often
and trying to make him laugh.
You're overreacting.
He's an adult so why worry so much?
He can take care of himself.
I'm worried because he's my brother.
I'm more worried because he's my brother.
What about me?
Excuse me?
What? I didn't say anything.
Here we go.
Mr. An,
did you play catch with Dad yesterday?
How did you know?
So you did.
I saw Dad with a baseball glove.
I've never seen him do that
with Jun-yeong.
I guess you and Dad are a lot closer now.
I'm sorry.
Remember what you said?
That I should tell him I hate him if I do.
Get angry at him and curse him.
And that's what I've been doing right now.
But now that I told him I hate him,
it's like my hatred is disappearing
little by little.
I mean,
I do feel awkward around him sometimes,
but I believe I might be able
to forgive him.
That's great.
I heard that.
I'm saying I believe I could.
I might be wrong.
I might never be able to forgive him.
Yes, I know.
Anyway, I'm on your side!
Really? You're not on Dad's side?
On this issue, I'm on your side.
Hey! Is there anything you want to have?
I want an iced latte!
I'm so thirsty.
You should've told me.
-Pull over. Hurry.
-Yes, sir!
I ended up hiring a married couple.
It would've been nice
if you told me from the start.
It's already done, so I hope it works out.
You begin at 10 a.m.
and finish at 7 p.m., okay?
Yes, sir. We live upstairs,
so we will never be late.
-Ms. Lee, why are you so quiet?
-Excuse me?
Yes. I'll do my best.
Hey! That face?
You placed at the top of your class again?
That goes without saying.
I got one wrong,
so I missed a perfect score.
So disappointing.
I'm so proud of you.
-First place.
I heard everything.
Congratulations, son. Good job.
-Can I get some pizza?
-Of course!
-First place.
Thank you.
Eat up.
If you want anything else,
just tell me, okay?
Min-ha, what would you like to be
when you grow up?
Someone that makes lots of money.
It'd be nice if you and Dad didn't have
to work so hard,
so we can live happily together.
Son, you're all grown up, aren't you?
Son, go for it!
Dad, you too!
Son, see you later!
I think Min-ha is just fantastic.
On top of being smart, he's considerate
and he loves his parents.
He's got everything.
Except for decent parents.
Is something wrong?
We're going to end up being bad parents
who can't give
proper support for their smart son.
What are you talking about?
Did something bad happen to Min-ha?
What's this?
We had that two days ago. Sandwiches?
We had that as a late night snack.
How about some sushi?
Sushi? Sounds different.
Right? The shop across the road
has lunch specials.
Oh, but…
-Why are you looking at me?
-You can't have raw fish
because you're pregnant, right?
You're right.
We won't be able to have sushi, then.
No, you guys go ahead.
I feel a bit nauseous, so I'm not hungry.
Really? Then we'll see you later.
See you later.
See you.
Yu-ju, it's your lunch, right?
Don't forget to eat.
Okay. I'll eat.
I shouldn't let things like that
bother me.
What's all that?
What are you doing here?
Movie, Italian restaurant,
dessert cafe?
Why are you reading that? Give that back.
You really are dating.
But your ideas aren't that great.
They're not?
-What should I do instead?
-I will tell you
what I do when I want to win someone over.
What are you going to wear?
Which one's better?
What's the difference between the two?
The colors are different.
You should be grateful that you have me.
Coach Park will show up
in training gear, won't he?
Then I should wear training gear to match.
Byun Ra-yeong,
you are the perfect girlfriend.
You are beyond considerate.
Ms. Byun!
Why are you walking backward?
Why are you wearing that?
-You don't like it?
-I do, you look great.
You look great, but…
It's just that you only wear
training gear.
So I wore this, trying to match you.
But I wore this, trying to match you.
Oh, I see.
-I'll go and get changed.
-You can't!
I got tickets to a concert.
A concert?
It'll be fun, right?
Cheol-su, why don't we…
Go and eat? I've made reservations.
Thank you.
What would you like?
Please excuse me.
What's taking him so long?
-Where are you going?
-Let's just go.
Ms. Byun.
If I made a mistake, tell me.
I mean, Coach Park, tonight…
I'll call you back.
Who was that? You talked to
that person at the restaurant, too.
If you're busy,
you should've said no to this date.
I felt humiliated dressed like this,
but you left me all alone
to talk on the phone.
You don't like being with me?
No, it's not that…
To be honest, this was my first real date.
You seemed really unhappy,
but I didn't know what was wrong
or what I must do,
so I called Yeong-hui and asked him.
I mean, if you don't know
what to do on our date,
you should've asked me. Why ask Yeong-hui?
I thought you'd figure out
I'm new at this if I asked you.
From now on, you must ask me about
anything related to our relationship,
since Park Cheol-su is dating
Byun Ra-yeong.
Got it?
Yes, I got it.
Were you really disappointed
about tonight?
I forgive you since you're handsome.
I'm glad I'm handsome.
To be honest,
I'm not very fond of concerts or movies.
-How about you, Coach Park?
-I'm not fond of them either.
Then what are you fond of?
I think I would like anything
I do with you.
The same goes for me.
So let's not waste any money.
We both know how much we make.
If we keep going on
Yeong-hui's style of dates,
we're going to be broke.
Let's go on our own dates.
Okay, let's do that.
Ms. Byun?
I told you you're not supposed to ask.
And no hesitating.
Your lips are like jelly.
Are you crying?
No, it's because
I haven't worn contacts in so long.
What? You scared me.
By the way, what's up?
You're going somewhere?
Look at what you're wearing.
You're not wearing glasses.
Yes. My high school coach
is retiring today.
So I'm going to his retirement ceremony,
since you're not working today.
Oh, you are?
You should go to events like that.
I don't think I'll be needing you today
so go and enjoy yourself.
Thank you.
Oh, right!
I warmed up the heating pad for you.
Don't forget to use it,
since you practiced yesterday.
I won't.
Hey, An Jung-hui. Wake up.
-What's going on?
-Hurry up and get up.
-What's going on?
-Pull yourself together!
What is this? This is Mi-yeong, isn't it?
-What do you mean?
-This, right here.
What is this?
Next to her. That's Jin Seong-jun, right?
That famous actor.
Why is he with Mi-yeong?
I don't know. Why are they together?
Didn't she say
she was going to a retirement ceremony?
Oh, the judo coach…
Do you know Coach Bae Jin-hyeok,
by any chance?
What? You know Coach Bae? Incredible!
What? They went together?
What are you saying?
Is Mi-yeong seeing that guy?
Are you mad?
Then why did they say that in the article?
They should've at least
blurred her face out!
Isn't that a violation?
Yes, it is.
This violates her portrait rights.
What if his fans attack her?
Look. There are mean comments already.
Can't your agency block
this kind of article?
-They must. I'll take care of…
-Right? You should, right?
What should you do? Rush over, right?
-Put this on. This one.
-You must hurry. Hurry.
-I'll be back.
The number you have dialed…
Why isn't she picking up?
Mr. Kang. Mr. Kang?
Wake up.
-I wasn't sleeping.
-I said wake up.
-What's this with Jin Seong-jun?
Oh, the photo with the intern?
But there weren't that many articles
about them.
They'll go away eventually.
Are you kidding me?
Her face hasn't been blurred out.
This is nothing. Why are you overreacting?
Why is this nothing?
Take this article down
before it spreads.
Okay. I will get it taken down.
I will do that.
Hi, Mr. Bae.
Please take Jin Seong-jun's articles down.
I know it's the weekend.
Yes. Thank you.
Happy now?
Make sure they check every web portal.
How can they write this
without confirmation?
Are they crazy?
Why are you so angry?
I'm not!
I mean, Mr. Kang, I'm not really angry.
This is because of the intern, isn't it?
-Do you have feelings for her?
Don't be ridiculous!
You're letting your imagination run wild.
Then why are you so angry?
I mean,
this reporter wrote a novel,
not an article,
so how can I not be angry?
And Oh, My Boss will be airing soon,
so if this becomes a scandal,
it'll be bad for me.
This will definitely affect the drama!
-That's all?
-What? Of course that's all.
I'm leaving, so…
Why didn't you answer your phone?
Come to the office right now.
-That was the intern, right?
-Take all of those articles down.
He's acting mighty suspicious.
Thank you.
Hey, you should've been careful
not to get your photos taken with her.
Are you new to this business?
You didn't think there'd be reporters?
Mr. An…
It's not unusual to be photographed
with a manager.
Why are you so upset?
The articles don't say she's your manager.
Didn't you read them?
Calling her Jin Seong-jun's woman?
Well, I read it,
but it wasn't anything special.
Don't you think you're overreacting?
Like you said, we're actors.
They always write
stuff like that about us.
Aren't you used to it by now?
I'm not really concerned.
Why are you only thinking about yourself?
She's the one who's going to suffer
because of you.
Why do you have to hurt
an innocent person?
Mr. An.
Please stop.
Let's just go.
Get in.
Why are you so angry?
I'm asking because
I really don't understand.
They'll figure out
I'm a manager soon enough,
and it's not like there are
many articles out there.
And to be honest,
if anyone gets trashed, it'll be me.
You won't be affected.
You think I'm doing this
because I'm worried for myself?
Then why are you doing this?
It's because…
Please? Please tell me.
That's Jun-yeong's number.
It's me. How did it go?
The articles will be taken down.
What about Mi-yeong?
She's with me.
Hi, Jun-yeong. I'm here.
I was really worried about you.
People posted nasty things about you,
and my heart was pounding.
I'm sorry. Did you worry a lot?
Of course. But I'm relieved
Jung-hui took care of it.
You're on your way home? Hurry home.
Okay. See you soon.
It's because I'm your brother.
Excuse me?
I was worried
because I'm your brother, too.
Because you're my brother…
I think I get why you were angry now.
I'm glad you do.
It's Jun-yeong.
-You were waiting for me?
-Of course.
I was worried
Jin Seong-jun's fans might appear
and attack you.
All the articles were taken down.
Good job.
It took so much work.
I even went to the office on my day off.
I'm exhausted.
That's how all men
who have little sisters feel.
Oh, I feel rather reassured.
Let's go, my reliable brothers.
What am I going to do now?
I have no reason to say no anymore.
Must I give them my permission?
On top of being a self-made woman,
she's strong-minded, rebellious,
and disrespectful.
She's nothing
like my dream daughter-in-law.
It's not like I have a loving husband
or a daughter.
I don't even have that many friends.
All I ever wanted was
a daughter-in-law I could love.
Oh, but I'm not even allowed that.
I'm home.
Yes, yes, I have the perfect solution.
You were home?
I didn't hear you.
Did you know that girl was here?
She's not "that girl." She's Hye-yeong.
Yes, that girl, Byun Hye-yeong.
Bring her home.
Let's discuss your marriage.
Thank you, Mom.
I haven't given my permission yet.
But I'm happy you want to see her again.
Thanks, Mom. Thank you.
She did? Really?
I'll come over after work tomorrow.
But I really didn't expect this.
I had no idea
she'd invite me back this soon.
Even though it's not a definite yes,
I feel good thinking there's hope.
Okay. See you tomorrow.
That woman wants to see you?
You heard?
So she's been saying no
to you all this time?
That's not so bad.
You and Dad barely gave
your permission today.
But I think I kind of deserved it.
I was pretty nasty to her
after the police station incident.
Even if you can't marry Jeong-hwan,
don't let her intimidate you
or belittle you.
I'm your daughter, remember?
You didn't have to get all dressed up.
Why are you all dressed up at home?
I'm not.
What do you think this is about?
To be honest, I have no clue.
-I have a bad feeling about this.
-You do?
Okay. We'll find out soon enough.
Let's go into the tiger's den.
Let's go.
Hello, Father.
You look way too happy.
I am happy.
I haven't given my permission yet.
-Come and sit down.
-Let's sit down.
I didn't think
you'd invite me back so soon.
I invited you to make a proposal.
You can be more casual with me, Mother.
Okay, I'll do that.
Go ahead. I want to hear it, too.
I've always had this dream
about my son's marriage.
If you fulfill it,
I will give you my permission.
Yes, what is it?
When you get married,
move in with us.
You can have the second floor.
I really want to live with my son,
and his wife in the same house.
Wait… What are you talking about?
What's wrong with that?
It's not like I have another son.
So? Do you think you can move in with us?
Mom, I've already discussed
where to live with her.
And I'm sorry, but I can't accept this.
It's too far to commute,
so we're going to get
an apartment near work.
-Then I won't yield.
Okay, I will do that.
I will move into the second floor.
So you're giving us
your permission, right?
It's okay with you, isn't it?
Well, I…
I'm fine if you are, but…
Wait, you really…
You really want to move in here?
Yes, Mother!
So we have high expectations
for this wedding.
I'm asking you to meet with our standards,
not yours.
You're not getting married.
I won't allow this marriage either!
Do we have to get married?
Let's just keep on dating like this.
Don't become in-laws with them.
I'm never ever getting married.
Where? My house?
How do you know
how to make a girl's heart flutter?
Happy birthday.
No one has ever done this
for my birthday before.
Happy birthday, big brother.
You're falling for the intern, aren't you?
She really is my little sister.
My blood. My sister.
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