My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e28 Episode Script

Episode 28

I need to make that woman
feel really small.
Even if I wear a luxury brand suit,
she won't know it.
Let me see…
This one?
This is too plain.
Fur would be best
for an occasion like this.
Why do we have to meet on such a warm day?
Geez. There's nothing to wear.
Mom, are you done yet?
We're going to be late. Hurry up.
Let's go.
What are you wearing
around your shoulders?
Are you serious?
Mom, you're going to be really hot.
True fashionistas boil to death in summer
and freeze to death in winter.
Come on, let's go.
Are you out of your mind?
It's really hot outside.
Hurry up and get changed.
You don't know what you're saying.
Fur trumps all clothing
no matter how expensive.
Oh, jeez.
My gosh.
There's nothing to wear in here.
I should've bought some clothes.
I have nothing to wear.
That woman's going to inspect me
from head to toe.
Mom, have you decided on what to wear?
No. I have nothing to wear.
Number three brush.
No, number three.
-This one?
Think, "I am the best,"
and show up in full makeup.
Even if she shows up
in luxury brand clothing,
there's no need to feel small.
Why would I feel small?
I never feel small.
You're a luxury brand all of its own.
You're overflowing with class.
All done. Ta-da.
I look like I'm going out to get a refund.
Why? You look pretty.
Hey, I don't think this is suitable.
Look at me.
Is it a bit too much?
My gosh! What's that?
See? It's too much.
Let me see.
Let me try it again.
Mom, you don't have to try so hard.
What are you talking about?
When Jeong-hwan's mom is
the building owner?
Hye-yeong, lend her one of your bags.
Mom's bag is too old.
There's no need for that.
She has the most expensive accessory
with her.
Do we have something like that?
Right here.
My intelligence,
my character,
and sexy body.
The complete luxury package,
Byun Hye-yeong!
I agree.
From a great woman comes a great daughter.
Don't you need some clothes
and accessories?
May I coordinate your outfit today?
You're the head of the art team.
What you need on a day like today are
a stylish suit and posh accessories.
Mother, what do you think?
Yu-ju, do you have shoes?
Mom has no shoes.
I do!
This is gorgeous, Mom.
-You'll need something like that.
-This is amazing.
What did his father do?
He was a reporter
for Daehan Daily's culture section.
I think he was the general manager.
But he retired a year ago.
He did?
He had an impressive career.
Could it be?
Do you feel intimidated?
No way. Why would I feel intimidated?
All finished.
Mom, you're not finished yet?
Wow, Mom!
You look amazing!
You have a gangsta aura about you.
I think I've seen her before.
In that movie with those thieves!
Do I look okay?
Do I look okay, honey?
Yes, I think so.
You don't look like yourself,
but you look cool.
You look amazing, Mom.
It's okay to get dressed up
on a day like this.
I think you're dressed to kill.
I am?
Let's go, honey.
What's up with that fur coat?
When it's almost the middle of summer?
She wore that to show off.
Talk about plastering your face
with makeup.
I can't look at her
because it hurts my eyes.
Hello. I am Cha Gyu-taek.
I am Jeong-hwan's father.
It's nice to meet you. I am Byun Han-soo.
I am Hye-yeong's father.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
I've been dying to call you and meet you,
but I thought that might be impolite.
I never had the chance to call you either.
You've met my wife, haven't you?
It's been a while.
This is my wife.
It's nice to meet you. I am Cha Gyu-taek.
We've met once.
At the cafe's grand opening.
Oh, yes, I remember.
It's been so long.
I guess our families were meant
to meet each other.
The trouble is how we met.
Hello, Father and Mother.
Hello, Father and Mother.
you look even more beautiful today.
Thank you.
Have a seat, Mom and Dad.
Have a seat, Mother and Father.
-Father, Mom, sit down.
Let's sit down.
Please have a seat.
-Yes, have a seat.
-Have a seat, please.
Let's try to survive this.
I love you.
-Are you mad?
I'm not saying this
for the sake of compliment,
but we are so grateful for you giving us
your amazing daughter.
I haven't met her many times,
but she's strong-minded,
has her own beliefs,
very beautiful, and extremely talented.
It really feels like
we've been blessed with
the best daughter-in-law.
You're too kind.
Thank you for noticing that.
She lacks nothing,
and we hate to give her to anyone.
She's always been so smart
that she got into
Seoul National University
without any tutoring,
and although she began late,
it took her only two and a half years
to pass the bar exam, which made the news.
I see.
She passed the bar exam
in just two and a half years?
She is amazing.
She sure is.
I might sound like a fool,
praising my own child,
but she's not just smart.
She was born honest and upright, so…
Excuse me. Why don't we order first?
If we don't order soon,
we might end up eating too late.
Okay. Let's do that.
press the bell so we can order.
The menu's over there, Father and Mother.
And you're making it sound like
Jeong-hwan lacks something.
But we don't want to give him
to anyone either.
I don't want people to call me a fool,
so I don't brag about my son…
I didn't mean it that way.
We should've thanked you sooner.
We are both happy and grateful
that you are giving us
such a wonderful son-in-law.
When he came to visit us the other night,
we found out he is serious,
upright, and warm
and we couldn't find any fault with him.
And he has such a wonderful job.
Take a look. We should order.
Order whatever you like.
It is our treat today.
No, no. We couldn't let you do that.
You're giving us your precious daughter,
so it will be our treat.
From our point of view,
you're giving us your wonderful son.
Right. Let us pay.
I said we're paying.
That was why we chose this restaurant.
And this place is extremely expensive.
We can afford this much.
Why don't we each pay half, then?
There's no need for that.
The groom's family
is supposed to pay for this.
Don't you know?
Why must we stick to
conventions and customs?
We will pay.
Me and Hye-yeong.
You are here to discuss our wedding,
so it's only right for us to pay.
We will pay.
And we will order for everyone.
-We'll have the B course.
-Yes, ma'am.
Don't slurp. Mind your manners.
You look like you've been starving.
But the food…
It's delicious.
They used fresh ingredients
and different broth for every dish,
adding more flavor.
And the grilled short rib patties
are very juicy and delicious.
Must you keep doing that?
Are we here as food critics?
We'd like to get married
as soon as possible.
Yes, we wouldn't mind doing it
as soon as possible.
We'd like to do it within this month.
You can't do that.
We'll need at least a few months
to find the venue and plan everything.
We can't agree to that either.
Our eldest son just got married,
so hurrying along your wedding
might be a bit too much.
We're not going to have a formal wedding.
You're not having a wedding?
What do you mean?
Instead of a formal wedding,
we want to have dinner with our families.
Small weddings are popular these days,
and neither Jeong-hwan nor I
like putting on a show.
We're going to save the money
for the wedding
and spend it on something more practical.
Like buying furniture
or taking a trip abroad with Jeong-hwan…
Why aren't you having a wedding?
I've spent so much money
on wedding gift money.
We're not saying
we won't have a wedding, Mom.
We're going to have a small ceremony.
We're going to have dinner
with our families
and have a simple ceremony
to remind us of what…
Be quiet.
No small wedding. Have a big wedding!
You're going to have
a grand hotel wedding!
I don't think they're being unreasonable.
And don't you think a hotel is too much?
It might be too much for you
but not for us.
And now that we're on the subject,
Jeong-hwan is our only child.
So we have high expectations
for this wedding.
We want the full package of wedding gifts,
according to customs,
including a cash gift.
When you say the full package,
I'm not sure how much you're expecting…
I'm asking you to meet with our standards,
not yours.
-Hey, honey!
You're crossing the line, don't you think?
You've been bragging
about money all dinner.
-Bragging about money?
-Yes, you heard me.
Are you trying to auction off your son?
Demanding for wedding gifts
and a cash gift,
-demanding us to meet your standards.
I can't ask for that much
for my son's wedding?
Were you planning on sending
your daughter to us empty-handed?
Mom, please stop.
There'll be no wedding,
wedding gifts, or the cash gift.
Why not?
You're having a wedding,
and you're getting wedding gifts
and cash gifts!
-Your wedding isn't just your wedding.
It's our chance to introduce
our grown up son
to our friends and acquaintances.
If you were planning on doing
everything your way,
why did you bother asking
me and your dad here?
You're treating us like we're dummies.
Do you think you've raised yourself?
Honey, what are you doing?
Don't have a wedding
or register your marriage then!
Just keep living together!
They're going to delay
their marriage registration.
They're going to have a trial period.
-I think they're being very smart.
With a mother-in-law like you,
who'd be crazy enough
to register her marriage?
-I thought that was a very wise decision.
Fine. That's great.
So even if they end up breaking up,
we won't have to pay any alimony!
That's great news for us!
Thank you.
What was that?
Look here!
You think you can just blurt out
anything you want?
Look who's talking!
I had to force myself to come here,
and what was it? A mother-in-law like me?
Same here! You think I want to be here?
Stop it, honey.
Please calm down.
She doesn't mean it.
They are moving in with us,
so we don't need any wedding gifts.
Wait, come again?
They are moving in with you?
Didn't you know? When they get married,
they are moving in with us.
The second floor of our house.
What is she talking about?
You're moving into their house?
Yes. It kind of just happened.
No. Who says you're moving into there?
I won't allow this!
Look who's talking!
I won't allow this marriage either!
What? Why did you call me? Why?
If you were going to do
everything your way,
why did you set that dinner up?
And what's this about
delaying your registration?
You're saying if anything goes wrong,
you're just going to get a divorce?
Be quiet! You're not in the right.
I was so embarrassed
that I couldn't stay there.
Why bring up the wedding gifts
you gave out?
You can't show your bottom like that.
"I am materialistic!" Did you have to
advertise that to the world?
What's wrong with that?
People don't say that,
but they think it
when they send wedding invitations.
People go to other people's weddings
to help each other out.
Please stop it!
Are you trying to stop your son
from getting married?
Getting married?
Didn't you hear what that woman said?
You won't be able to get married.
So you should give up!
I tried to force myself
to accept them for you,
but I just can't become in-laws
with the likes of them.
Fine. I'll do what you say.
Don't become in-laws with them.
I won't beg or plead anymore.
There's no need for you to become in-laws
or expect to be respected
as a mother-in-law.
I'm going to leave home
and marry Hye-yeong and live with her.
What did you say?
How dare you say that to your parents?
What about all the things you said?
You are impossible. Impossible.
-Mom, you're home.
-You're back.
Mom, how did it go?
Mother, did you enjoy yourself?
Dad, how did it go?
What's going on?
I think something went wrong.
Are you out of your mind?
How can you even consider
moving in with them?
And why didn't you tell us about it?
Don't you think
you should've discussed it with us first?
I was going to tell you after tonight.
It was decided two days ago, so…
No matter when it was decided,
you should've talked to us
before saying yes.
Don't you know what kind of woman she is?
It just happened.
-Jun-yeong's wife is living with you, too.
-Be quiet!
At least Jun-yeong and Yu-ju
asked to live with us.
It's not the same with you.
We gave you permission
to marry since you begged,
but you betray our trust the moment we do?
And when that happened,
you should've talked to us.
Regardless, you're not getting married.
And I can't believe him either.
When he came to see us here,
he said he was getting
an apartment near work,
and he changed his mind
in just a few days.
Does he ever keep his word?
He isn't trustworthy at all.
Why is it so easy for him
to change his mind?
No. I can't trust him enough
to give you to him.
You're not marrying him.
Okay what?
I won't marry him.
I won't get married.
After all that screaming
and name calling between you
and his mother,
I doubt you can become in-laws.
And since you hate it so much,
I'm not going to insist
on getting married.
What's so special about marriage?
I can't believe how it brought out
a new side of you.
I was stunned today.
I had no idea you could be
so outspoken, unrefined,
petty, and rash.
So okay. I won't get married.
But you can never bring up marriage again.
I'm never ever getting married.
But I will continue to date.
I'm too young to give up dating.
When I meet someone nice,
I could live with him.
But if he brings up marriage,
I will break up with him.
I'll keep doing that
for the rest of my life,
so let me live that way.
Okay? So that's that.
What happened?
They're not getting married?
Maybe she said that out of anger.
It sounded to me like
she said that out of anger.
Hye-yeong was going to move in
with his parents?
So is the wedding off or not?
are you coming to the get-together?
What? Yes.
Are you enjoying your class?
Call me when it's over.
I'm sorry, but I don't think
I can come. Have fun.
You're not going to wash up?
Let's watch something else.
But you don't even like soccer.
From now on, I do.
I can't go into our room,
so let's watch something else.
Coach Park, you're finished?
Hey, you have a boyfriend?
Did you play soccer?
Why are you out of breath?
In front of where?
My house?
Just a second. I mean…
Give me ten minutes.
Coach Park?
What are you doing here?
Didn't you say you had plans after class?
Yes, I did have plans.
But I wanted to see you.
What? Are you sure this is
your first relationship?
How do you know
how to make a girl's heart flutter?
What kind of class did you have tonight?
We gave presentations
on soccer strategies in different teams.
Do your classes always finish this late?
It must be hard to handle while working.
What could you do after getting
a master's degree?
I want to be a professional soccer coach,
so I'm taking classes.
Didn't you say you used to play soccer?
When did you stop playing?
I was in a pro team,
but I quit around two years ago.
I bet you were amazing.
Why did you quit?
To become a coach?
I suffered a serious injury.
I couldn't play anymore, so I had to quit.
Sorry. I shouldn't have asked.
I feel like I opened old wounds.
I love every question you ask me.
I was able to meet you
because I quit soccer
and got a job at the center.
So I really am okay with it now.
You should answer that.
Hi, Mi-yeong.
Me? I came out to get some air.
Okay. I'm coming home.
It's late. Why don't you go home?
I'll walk you home.
But I'm okay.
Oh, you'll miss the last bus.
Oh, that.
I'm okay, too.
I was planning on walking to the center.
I should go home, though, right?
Let's go.
I think my house is too close.
Let's go. I'll walk you
to the main street.
-But we've done this three times already.
-I mean it this time.
After I walk you to the street,
I will walk home by myself.
But I want to be with you a bit longer.
Don't you?
I do.
But it's too dangerous for you
to walk back alone.
But I'm fine with it.
But I'm not.
Go home.
But you're not doing what you're saying.
-You're still holding my hand.
-Oh. You're right.
Go home now. We'll meet tomorrow morning.
Okay. I'm going up.
Mr. An Jung-hui, happy birthday.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday, sir.
It's my birthday today.
What's this? What's going on?
-You'll find out soon enough.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
-Happy birthday, dear An Jung-hui
-Mr. An!
Happy birthday to you
Blow out the candles.
Happy birthday.
You didn't have to do this.
How did you know?
Because I'm your manager.
Thank you. Thanks, guys.
-Sit down.
By the way…
Is it okay to do this right now?
Why? Did something happen?
It's okay.
Dad, I'm hungry.
Let's eat.
-Thank you!
-Thank you!
Jung-hui, why aren't you eating?
I don't like seaweed soup
because it's slimy.
Eat up.
You can't leave unless you eat
your birthday soup.
She's not joking. It's true.
If you don't finish it,
we can't leave either.
I don't like multigrain rice
because it's coarse.
Don't be picky.
I've seen stars eating insects
in the jungle on TV.
You should eat everything you can chew.
So hurry up and eat up.
That's our family tradition.
And that's how I raised my children.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
So here, you must do as we do.
And you are our son, too.
I'm sorry.
No one has ever done this
for my birthday before.
We have a present for you too.
Happy birthday, big brother.
Happy birthday, big brother.
Hold on.
That doesn't sound right, Hye-yeong.
Why not?
Why is that, big brother?
I just can't handle it.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry today's my birthday.
I'm sorry, Hye-yeong.
I feel awkward, too.
Guys, wait!
I will drive you to work today
since you wished me a happy birthday.
Get in the van.
You mean it?
-You're really giving us a ride?
-Hurry up.
Get in!
Ms. Kim, where are you going?
Get in. It's okay.
Let's go.
Get in, Mr. An.
You get in. I'll drive today.
Wow, I'm in a celebrity van.
Let's go!
Mr. An,
Big brother, drive.
Big brother, drive!
Hye-yeong, you stop that.
Big brother, drive!
Stop it!
Come on in.
What's that?
Red bean rice cake.
-Weren't you bored?
Now that Bo-mi works all day, too,
I feel bored out of my wits.
You made red bean rice cake?
Someone's birthday?
What? Well…
Why won't you answer?
Hey, you didn't cook a birthday feast
for your husband's illegitimate son,
did you?
No, I didn't.
I just made it because I wanted to.
You like this rice cake,
and so does Hye-yeong.
So, how did the dinner
with the future in-laws go?
Don't even ask.
I'm sorry I asked to see you so suddenly.
It's okay.
I've been wanting to speak to you, too.
Ms. Lee, do you know
about science high schools?
I wanted to talk to you about that.
I saw the flyer on Min-ha's desk.
I wanted to find out more about it.
I'm glad to hear that.
I sent letters through Min-ha,
but you didn't reply,
so I thought you didn't care
for Min-ha's education.
I'm sorry for being a bit distant.
It's okay.
Min-ha has never been second place
in this school,
and he did amazingly
at various competitions.
He is a very exceptional child.
You read the flyer, so you must know,
but the teachers here think
maybe Min-ha should attend
a science high school.
-Our Min-ha?
This says Min-ha wished to apply
to a science high
during the first two years here.
But for some reason,
he changed his mind this year.
Why is that?
I asked him, but he wouldn't say why.
He just said he doesn't want to go.
But if you can afford it,
I'd encourage you to send him
to a science high.
If a prodigy like Min-ha
goes to a science high
and studies hard, he could flourish.
I'd like you to talk to Min-ha about it.
Thank you!
So, did you see Min-ha's homeroom teacher?
-What did she say?
-She says Min-ha is a prodigy.
If we can afford it,
she'd like us to send him
to a science high school.
She did?
So what did you tell her?
I couldn't say anything.
Min-ha is incredible.
I know.
We have too great a son.
I can do this.
Don't be so nervous.
There must be a seat for me there.
Fifty-seven, fifty-eight, fifty-nine.
Let's go!
What's this?
What's this?
It's over for you.
Did you get it?
When will I ever get to see
Jeongyeon in person?
Maybe in your next life?
Now that we're here,
why don't we play a game?
You go ahead.
I need to relieve my stress.
What are you doing?
Did you lose it
because you couldn't get a ticket?
I feel better
when I work on math problems.
My gosh. You're a nutcase.
I just don't get you.
We're working on
Jin Seong-jun's outfit sponsors.
But the season's changing,
so we'll need a whole new set.
I will share the list
the minute it's done.
We've finished An Jung-hui's
drama wardrobe.
And we've been checking the progress on
Hero's debut stage wardrobe production.
The concept hasn't been fixed yet,
so we'll decide after we talk
to the members more.
We've been keeping Ms. Im
in the loop, but…
Okay. Work with Ms. Im.
If anything goes wrong, let me know.
Of course. But it'll be fine.
I should take charge.
I'm sure you'll do great.
-We got a request for a magazine spread
with all of our actors.
And it's a pretty big project.
I brought some snacks!
You missed lunch
so take a break and have some.
Yes! Let's open these.
Let's eat first.
I'm fine. Eat.
This is crazy.
Why did I have to get
morning sickness now?
I guess I can sit here now, right?
It'll be your seat soon enough.
Ms. Kim might take her maternity leave
and never come back.
Is it okay to put her name
on the overtime schedule?
Isn't that a bit too much?
If she works too hard
and something goes wrong,
we'd feel rather guilty.
How can we ask a pregnant woman
to work late?
Don't schedule her for overtime
or business trips.
Let's share the burden
until we get someone new.
Geez. We already have so much to do.
What's going on here?
Were you badmouthing me?
-We weren't.
-No way.
In case you're concerned
about my pregnancy,
I can take care of myself.
So I can work overtime
and go on business trips.
Ms. Kim, why don't you put in
a request for more staff?
That would put our minds at ease.
I'm telling you we won't need anyone else.
But you've requested a half day
for the ob-gyn.
That? I've cancelled it.
I'm not going. Don't worry.
Ms. Kim, what if you get sick?
I'll take care of my own health,
so you worry about your performance.
You have time to worry about me?
Seoul ob-gyn,
please cancel my appointment.
It was for 3 p.m. for Kim Yu-ju.
Where did she go?
She won't even answer her phone?
Oh, my goodness!
Look over here!
You almost gave me a heart attack.
Happy birthday. This is my gift.
What's this?
Your enunciation still needs work.
Use them to practice your enunciation.
-You can do it.
-I got you a gift, too.
-What is it?
You love showing you're a star.
-Am I that bad?
-How did you know?
Mr. An, this is from me.
-What's that? Why is that so big?
-Open it.
What's this?
You don't like it?
Happy birthday.
I almost fell over.
-Was that a birthday gift from your fans?
-It was.
They didn't forget it's my birthday.
Let's work hard for our fans.
-An Jung-hui, go for it!
-Go for it!
Let's start!
Let's go!
Roll 8, scene 5, take 4.
How could you?
When father searched so hard for you?
He waited all this time for you.
It made him very happy…
when you came to find him.
He shouldn't have abandoned me
in the first place.
What do you know?
That man has never been a father to me.
Let's try that again.
What's wrong with him today?
Roll 8, scene 5, take 5.
How could you?
When father searched so hard for you?
He waited all this time for you.
It made him very happy
when you came to find him.
He shouldn't have abandoned me
in the first place.
What do you know?
That man has never been a father to me.
What is this?
Why can't you show any emotions?
-You didn't understand the script?
-I'm sorry. Let me try…
Mr. Jin Seong-jun, what's going on?
You're not in character!
Jung-hui, you did a great job.
Let me work with Mr. Jin for a while,
so go take a break.
Okay. Excuse me…
Did you see that? Did you?
When the director said, "Cut! Cut!"
my heart was pounding.
But it was because of Mr. Jin Seong-jun!
It was totally unexpected!
I know! I thought I made a huge mistake,
so I was about to fall
into the self-loathing mode.
"Mr. Jin Seong-jun!"
This is why I can't give up acting.
This is why I can't give up
being a manager.
Hello, Mr. An Jung-hui's manager speaking.
Excuse me?
Of course he can.
I'll check his schedule
and call you right back.
Thank you!
-Mr. An.
-Yes? What is it?
2 Days and 1 Night Together.
2 Days and 1 Night Together?
Hey, that's the main variety show for KBC!
So you're doing it?
Of course!
I'll set it up.
You do that. Wait, Judo!
It's a great day,
and we must do something.
Tell me what you want to eat.
-I want meat!
-Meat? Meat!
-Let's go!
-Let's go!
This isn't what I meant when I said meat.
It's too expensive here.
This is the meat I feel like.
So eat up when I'm treating you.
I've never been to a place
like this before,
so I don't know what to order.
In that case, come closer.
You must pretend you've been here often.
Haven't you seen it on TV? Do that.
-On TV?
Are you ready to order?
I'll have the usual.
Excuse me? The usual? I'm not sure…
Oh, that? The one you usually get?
I guess you haven't been here that long.
There's something
we always get here, right?
Was it the B course?
B course it is.
That wasn't it, right?
That was it. That was.
You did a great job. You sure did.
You think this is to cover something? No.
An Jung-hui,
does he want rumors to go around?
Honey, wait for me at the table.
-Please show her to our table.
You're supposed to wear it
around your neck.
-You're teasing me, aren't you?
-I'm not.
Jung-hui, what are you doing here?
Who did you bring…
Hello, Mr. Kang.
Hi. It's been a while.
You came with your manager? Okay.
We had some good news today,
so we came to celebrate.
You did?
Enjoy your dinner.
-Enjoy your dinner.
-Thank you. Goodbye.
Sit down.
Oh, boy.
Mr. An.
I wonder why you brought your manager
to such an expensive restaurant.
I just wanted to eat here.
I can't be alone at a restaurant
like this.
And something great happened today,
so I thought we should celebrate.
Be honest with me. It's obvious.
You're falling for the intern, aren't you?
Not that again.
I said no! She's my little sister.
Do you know what all Korean men say?
"She's my little sister."
That won't work on me. I won't be fooled.
You were gazing at the intern
with love in your eyes.
Love. Romance.
This is crazy.
She really is my little sister.
My blood. My sister.
Mr. Kang, I found my biological father.
And the intern is his daughter.
So she really is my little sister.
Happy now?
Why didn't you tell me that sooner?
You should've at least told me.
Who else knows about that?
No one outside my father's family.
Mr. Kang,
this is my private life.
Please look the other way.
Hey, Jung-hui--
Don't waste your time
jumping to conclusions.
I'm going back to my table.
Is she really her sister?
But his eyes were…
Love in my eyes? No way.
You came home late.
Yes, I went to exercise.
I didn't get to give you
your birthday gift in the morning.
No, it's okay.
It's pocket money.
It's not much.
I thought about what to get you
and remembered how my children loved it
when I gave them pocket money.
It's so little
that I'm embarrassed about it,
but I'd like you
to get something delicious.
Thank you.
Happy birthday.
Get some rest.
Thank you for this.
But it really is little.
I don't think this is enough for me.
Same here.
Shall we?
Must we go this far to get married?
Let's call it quits.
Shall we?
It's not a bad idea.
Let's forget about marriage, Jeong-hwan!
This is so degrading
that I can't take it anymore!
It's not like I'm crazy
about getting married.
I can't take this anymore!
Okay. Let's forget about it!
I neither want to persuade
nor beg them anymore!
Let's forget about it!
You mean it? You can't take it back later.
Last night, I told my mom
I'm not getting married!
Okay. Good for you. Let's not do it.
If I don't get married,
it'll only hurt them.
Our parents are mistaken
because we're in charge of our own lives.
A parent cannot interfere
with an adult offspring's life.
Why can't they sever the umbilical cords?
Why are they still attached to us?
Please sever your cords
and be independent.
Sever the umbilical cords
and let us be independent!
Why are they telling us what to do
when we're the ones getting married?
Let's just keep on dating like this.
I'm sorry. It's my bad.
That was very sexy, Cha Jeong-hwan.
I will love you forever.
Me too.
Hello, director.
-Jung-hui, you're here.
You're finally doing
your first romantic scene.
How do you feel?
I feel great. Let's start right away.
Roll 12, scene 43, take 1.
Go with my brother.
I think those exhibitions are boring.
You won't be bored with me.
That might be true. If it's just with you.
It's your eyes.
You're not looking at her
with love in your eyes.
Try to show love in your eyes.
Yes, okay. Love in my eyes.
Love in my eyes…
Roll 12, scene 43, take 2.
Go with my brother.
I think those exhibitions are boring.
Why are you trying
to pick a fight with her?
You're not looking at her right. Again.
I'm sorry. Let me try that again.
Love in my eyes…
Roll 12, Scene 43, take 3.
Go with my brother.
I think those exhibitions are boring.
Roll 12, scene 43, take 4.
-Go with my brother.
-Don't cry. No need to cry.
-I'm sorry.
Roll 12, scene 43, take 18.
Roll 12, scene 43, take 19.
Go with my brother.
You look like a zombie!
Roll 12, scene 43, take 20.
-I'm sorry.
Roll 12, scene 43, take 21.
Go with my brother.
I think those exhibitions are boring.
You won't be bored if you come with me.
That might be true.
If it's just with you.
This isn't working.
Jung-hui, can you come over here?
Play it from the beginning.
Jung-hui, have a seat here.
You need to see
what you look like.
What's this? When did you film this?
This was the test take before the shoot.
One sec…
No, no. It's okay.
Jung-hui, look.
That's what I want!
You have love in your eyes.
What were you looking at then?
What were you thinking about?
At that moment?
Try to remember
how you felt at that moment.
That's how you look
at the person you love.
You can do it!
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