My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e29 Episode Script

Episode 29

What's taking her so long?
I'm going to finish making
the radish kimchi.
-So go to bed first.
-This late?
I've salted the radish already.
Are you waiting for Hye-yeong?
No, why would I be waiting for her?
Don't be like that.
Just let her have her way.
You've already given your permission,
and there's no point in taking it back.
If you keep this up,
you'll only make things worse with
You know she gets her stubbornness
from you.
But how can I just watch her
jump into hellfire?
It can't be worse than yours 35 years ago.
You married me
despite the objection of your mother.
You're home.
Did you eat?
I did.
I'm going downstairs.
You won't even greet your parents now?
Are you protesting
our objection to marriage?
I'm angry at you right now,
so I don't want to talk to you.
Why, you brat…
You think I'm doing this to spite you?
You don't think I might have
a good reason for saying no?
Then how about when your smart daughter
decided to move in with her in-laws,
don't you think she has her reasons
for doing so?
I hope you have a daughter
who's just like you.
That way, you'll know how I feel now
and regret how badly you behaved today.
I'm innocent here.
I didn't do anything.
I told you I'm not getting married.
Get your own place.
If you do, I'll give you my permission.
Forget it.
I'm not thick-skinned,
so I can't take back what I said.
I can't go to Jeong-hwan's mother
and tell her I can't move in with her.
How dare you!
Fine! Don't get married.
No matter what,
I will never let you move in
with that woman.
So either get your own place
or don't get married.
I'd rather die
than become in-laws with her.
So you not getting married
is great news for me.
But you can't blame me
for this in the future.
I gave my permission on the premise
of you getting your own place.
I'm scared to death
of becoming you when I get old.
What was that?
When you become 58 years old,
does everyone lose their memory like you
and forget all about love and romance
thinking of them
as trivial and insignificant
and become brutally realistic?
You still married Dad
because you loved him
despite your mother's objections
35 years ago.
As you love Dad, I love Jeong-hwan.
So after careful consideration,
I decided I could move in
with his parents.
But none of that matters to you.
The man your daughter loves,
the gravity of the decision
she made out of love,
and whether or not she can stick to it…
You've forgotten all about love,
what it means,
and what it even looks like, haven't you?
That's why it's so easy for you
to tell me not to get married.
See? She's just like you.
You're home late.
Were you waiting for us?
No, I came down to do something.
I'm home.
Please excuse me.
Did something happen at the shoot?
I guess he's unhappy
about his performance today.
Jung-hui, look.
That's what I want!
You have love in your eyes.
What were you looking at then?
That's how you look
at the person you love.
Gosh, that's ridiculous.
How can that be?
What? Scared of becoming me
when you get old?
You're still up? But it's really late.
You're still up, too?
I was making kimchi.
Are you not sleepy?
I thought I'd practice my lines.
Have a seat.
When you practice this late,
don't you get hungry?
If you are, can I make you something?
No, I'm okay.
If I eat now,
I'll be swollen in the morning.
Oh, right.
But it's so late…
Excuse me.
That was my stepdad
calling to say happy birthday.
So he calls you?
Yes, on my birthday and on Easter.
Once or twice a year.
I call him once or twice a year, too.
On his birthday and on Christmas.
It's more for my mom than for my stepdad.
My mom likes it.
What is your stepdad like?
When I was 12 years old,
my mom married my stepdad.
-When you were 12?
About a year after you left,
she married another man,
but she divorced him after a few months.
After that, it was me,
Mom, Grandmother, and Grandfather,
just the four of us.
Then when I was 12,
she met my stepdad and married him.
She did?
He wasn't a bad guy, my stepdad.
After he married my mom,
he made an effort
to get to know me for a while.
But we didn't see things the same way.
And we were from different backgrounds.
He was my mom's husband,
but he didn't feel like my dad.
It was like living
with my mom's boyfriend.
It was uncomfortable.
I see.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean for you to feel that way.
What's the use of three girls
and a daughter-in-law?
I'm still stuck in the kitchen.
Jun-yeong's result is tomorrow,
so I can't sigh.
Let's eat.
-Thank you!
-Thank you!
You made sweet rice?
Yes, we're having this today and tomorrow.
Everyone, you must finish all the rice.
Don't cut the noodles. Eat them whole.
Oh, the result comes out tomorrow.
So that's why you made sweet rice.
Oh, sweet rice is lucky
but cutting the noodles is not?
Don't worry, Mother.
I'm sure he'll pass this year.
Right, Jun-yeong?
Right. I should.
You saw that, right?
Until tomorrow, when you eat noodles,
don't cut the noodles and eat them whole.
Why don't we take turns cooking?
Everyone works during the week,
so Mom has to do it,
but on weekends,
let's take turns making breakfast.
I'm sorry, Mother.
I overslept again.
Yes, Yu-ju.
Even when you're pregnant,
ignoring all the chores on weekends
isn't right.
Look who's talking.
You don't do anything, so don't nag Yu-ju.
Mom, Hye-yeong is your daughter.
Seriously? Daughters should be better.
Dad, ask Mom this for me.
I'm thinking of buying a dishwasher,
so is it okay with her?
I say yes.
I've been wanting to bring it up.
This is a huge family,
so there's too big a load of dishes
after each meal.
Honey, please tell Miss Know-It-All
to mind her own business
and stay out of mine.
Dad, can you please tell Mom this?
She's only making her life miserable.
She complains
of her aching back and knees,
so tell her to take it when we offer it.
Honey, tell her to stop with the slander.
I never complained of any aching.
Ask her how she can say such harsh things
and break my heart to pieces
when she cares about me so much.
I'm a realist but she's two-faced.
Dad, Mom's the one who's…
Stop it, Hye-yeong!
And you, too, honey.
What's wrong with you?
Did something happen?
Ask Mom what happened
at the dinner with Jeong-hwan's parents.
Hye-yeong, stop.
How much longer must you do this?
Until I no longer feel embarrassed.
I was really embarrassed at that dinner.
Why would you be embarrassed?
Was I supposed to sit there and take it
like I'm an idiot?
-Why would you be embarrassed?
Should I brief everyone?
About what happened at that dinner?
What? Tell us.
Guys, do you know what Mom did?
Shut your mouth!
You rotten brat.
Don't you open your mouth.
Such a brat…
Oh, that's cold.
What's going on here?
Why is water dripping from the ceiling?
If you want to break them, try harder.
Why are you adding to this?
Let her have her way.
What else can we do when she's our child?
She's making it impossible for me to.
The hallway ceiling
on the third floor is leaking.
There's water dripping from it.
Yes, I'd like to see them
all today if possible.
Yes. At 3 p.m. for Sanho Apartment,
and at 4 p.m. for Gold Studio Apartment?
Yes, I got it.
I'll be at the realtor's office.
Thank you.
What do you think you're doing?
Why are you apartment hunting?
Can't you hear me?
I told you already.
I'm not going to beg you anymore
and I'm getting married.
So you're just going to do what you want?
Is this how you repay me
for raising you all your life?
I did my best,
even willing to move in here.
I tried my best to satisfy you
and get married with your blessing,
but I've realized that's not possible.
I'm not going to waste any more time.
What did you say?
I couldn't choose you, Mom,
but Hye-yeong is the woman I chose.
And I have the duty to make
the person I chose happy.
I'm going to give Hye-yeong
the wedding she wants.
And I'm going to find our own apartment.
He's really going to go ahead with it?
You brought all of this upon yourself
through greed.
You made them agree
to move into this house,
so you should've made compromises.
Oh, serves you right.
You're not going to get invited to
your only son's wedding,
let alone live with them.
Are you adding fuel to the fire?
What am I going to do?
If he says he'll do it, he'll do it.
I don't think I can fix that.
-You can't?
I need to know where the leak is exactly,
but I can't even begin to guess.
I'll call the building owner
and hire a professional.
The building owner?
It's not too late.
Go and see Hye-yeong's parents
and apologize
and tell them we'll do what the kids want.
Why should I apologize?
Her mom should apologize to me.
She said I was flashing money at them,
asking me if I was auctioning off my son.
Then don't.
I have nothing more to say,
so you do what you want.
What? The hallway ceiling is leaking?
No, I should go and see it.
I own the building,
so I must go and check.
Yes. I'll be right there right away.
Yes. Bye.
How can you laugh at a time like this?
Ouch, my nose.
What if it's broken?
You charged at them
so I thought you could fight.
Why did you do it?
In the movies,
brothers defeat villains together.
I was picturing that.
What is it?
Seung-u just got beaten up.
Think about how he must feel.
Try it again.
How can you laugh at a time like this? My…
Ouch, my nose. What if it's broken?
Why can't you focus today?
What? I'm focused right now.
Should I try it again?
You got yelled at for the romance scene.
Is that why?
You heard that already?
I talked to the director.
You did well
after watching how you did, I heard.
I pulled it off at the end, luckily.
So who were you looking at?
The director said
you looked like you were in love.
Was it the female lead, Hye-rim?
I was staring blankly.
-I'm not in love.
-Thank you.
You're finished?
How did your practice go?
The instructor looked really happy.
Get the van. I'm going to the restroom.
Okay, go ahead.
Is it number two…
I mean, do you need a lot of time?
Why do you keep glancing at me?
You caught me.
I'm wondering how you feel.
I feel fine.
Keep your eyes on the road.
Yes, sir.
Mr. An.
Can I give you a quiz?
Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get to the other side.
Another one.
It's the same series.
Why did the chicken cross the playground?
Whatever. Just tell me.
To get to the other slide.
Do you feel better now?
You told lame jokes
to make me feel better?
It worked.
I wasn't feeling bad.
Then why did you look so upset?
I wasn't upset.
I was thinking about my acting
the whole time.
Oh, I see.
I thought you were mad at me.
You wouldn't look at me, Mr. An.
But I never really stared at you or
No, I mean…
As long as you're not upset.
Eat up.
all your sighing is going to cause
a sinkhole in this neighborhood.
This big.
I'm sorry.
I keep thinking about Min-ha.
He probably wants to go
to a science high, right?
That's what he wrote in seventh
and eighth grade.
But why didn't he mention it to us?
I know.
Honey, why don't we ask him?
We need to know what Min-ha wants.
I'm scared.
What if he says he wants to go
when we ask him?
It's not like we can afford to send him.
We're such losers.
But let's ask him first.
We can't help being loser parents,
but we shouldn't be cowards
who turn their backs
on their child's dream.
You're right.
Okay. Let's ask Min-ha.
What happened?
A plumber came to take a look,
and he was able to spot
the location of the leak.
He's almost finished.
That's great.
I shouldn't have called you.
I made you come all the way on a weekend.
Oh, no. I own the building,
so I had to come.
Hello, ma'am.
I can't believe you said hello
to me first.
Hello. Is everything good
with your family?
Yes, it is…
You're here, too.
I am.
I'm sorry you had to come here
on a weekend.
Well, excuse me.
Would you like to have
a cup of tea with me?
So, did you think about it?
Think about what?
What do you think?
About our children's marriage.
Now that things have developed this far…
Things haven't developed that much.
We didn't print any invitations
or reserve a venue.
But moreover, our children are in love.
No parent can bend their child
to their will.
I can't agree.
Isn't it the parents' duty
to guide their child
to make the right decision?
You're saying
you won't let them get married?
I'm sure all parents of this world
treasure their children
and are proud of them.
But our girl, no matter where she went,
she would never embarrass her parents.
Even if a prince
from the British royal family asked,
I'd be reluctant to give Hye-yeong to him.
As I told you that night,
what makes her special
isn't just that she's smart
with good grades.
She could rival any resistance fighters
in tenacity and volition.
When she opens her heart to someone,
she never betrays them.
That was why she decided to move in
with you in this day and age.
What kind of daughter-in-law
would do that now?
Are you saying you're okay with that?
Are you planning
on throwing a big wedding?
As you said before, for all parents,
their children are the best.
And Jeong-hwan is the best son
you could ask for.
When it comes
to how smart and handsome he is…
Oh, I wouldn't even know where to begin.
And don't you know?
If you want to become a TV show producer,
you would've had to save your country
at least 12 times in a previous life.
That sounds a bit far-fetched.
And it doesn't end there.
He's handsome, tall, and loving.
When it comes to being loving,
Jeong-hwan could melt your heart.
My gosh! I was wondering
what lucky girl
would snatch Jeong-hwan up…
And because he's such a special son,
how could I be happy
with anyone he brings home,
and how could I be satisfied
with his wedding?
while I'm at it, I've decided
to let them have their way.
The small wedding they wanted.
Okay. Let's do it.
Sure, then.
Does that mean
you won't ask for wedding gifts?
Sure. They're moving in with us,
so what's the use?
You can do as you wish.
If you insist.
Actually, I am living
with my son and his wife,
so I think it's okay for a married couple
to live with their in-laws
for about a year.
You're saying we should
let our kids get married?
Sure. Why not?
Let's put the past in the past
and let them do it.
Let's do that, then.
Why don't we…
shake hands and put all ill feelings
behind us?
Oh, my goodness!
I didn't know you were wearing rings.
Oh, I'm sorry. I am.
You're home.
So, did it go well?
Mom, where have you been?
Get married.
For real?
Mom, you're not going
to change your mind again?
Should I record it?
I can't believe you.
Here. Say that again, so I can record it.
Hye-yeong, your mom just went
to see Jeong-hwan's mother.
Why didn't you tell me?
Oh, Hye-yeong, congratulations.
Lucky you, Hye-yeong.
Honey, thank you for everything.
Congratulations, Hye-yeong.
Oh, I wasn't going to get married,
but I guess… I'll have to now.
There you go again.
Mom, Dad,
nothing will change after I get married.
I will come home every weekend,
and I will pay more attention
and be better,
so you won't feel neglected.
This feels weird.
Hye-yeong, you're really getting married?
I guess I am.
-Where's Jeong-hwan?
You have a seat there.
If it's about Hye-yeong, don't bother.
I'm sick of hearing about her, too.
If you're going to say no again,
don't even start.
I won't.
Have a seat.
Marry her. I give you my permission.
You can have that small wedding
or whatever.
I just met with her mom
and decided together.
Oh, what made you
make that kind of decision?
Good for you.
I'm glad you changed your mind.
You mean it, Mom?
Thank you, Mom.
I'll be good to you. Thank you, Mom.
I'll hold you to that.
You can't turn your back on me
and side with her.
No, I won't. I'll be good to you.
Don't even worry about it.
Thank you, Mom.
I love you, Mom.
I felt the same way
when I was about to make a jump
when I went bungee jumping.
I came all the way here,
so I couldn't climb back down.
But I was still too scared to jump
and couldn't climb back down
because I might regret it later.
I was scared
but excited at the same time.
I was scared,
but I wanted to jump.
Let's jump. Why not?
I have the safety net
of the marriage internship.
Even without marriage, life is like
bungee jumping anyway.
You can't sleep?
You're still up?
I woke up.
Why can't you sleep?
Because of the result?
Yes. I must be nervous.
You'll pass this time.
There's no way you won't.
I'm sure.
Go back to sleep.
If you don't,
you'll be tired at work tomorrow.
Oh, I'm sleepy.
Please let my son pass. Please.
Please help us.
Dear God, please let Jun-yeong pass.
Even Byun Jun-yeong should be allowed
to have some good fortune,
don't you agree, God?
I gave him luxury brand underwear,
so he better pass.
It's up.
What's taking him so long?
Gosh, what is he doing?
Maybe the list isn't up yet.
But it should be up.
So what's taking him so long?
Go in and check, honey.
Give him time.
How much longer?
Even if he didn't pass, we need to know.
Jun-yeong, what happened?
-You passed?
-You did?
You passed?
You passed, Jun-yeong?
Yes, Father.
I passed…
I passed.
I'm so proud of you, son.
You finally passed.
Good for you. Good job.
You did great. I'm happy for you.
Jun-yeong, congratulations.
I can't believe this.
I feel so happy.
Jun-yeong, congratulations.
I know you suffered so much.
Good job.
Good job, my son.
Honey, congratulations.
You did great, honey.
You sure did.
See? I told you not to worry.
Congratulations, Jun-yeong.
You worked so hard.
Coach Park should be here by now.
But you can't park there.
You can't park here, sir.
Isn't there a youth soccer class today?
Oh, soccer?
No, not today. May I help you?
So where do I have to go
to see the soccer coach?
Oh, he's out right now. May I ask why?
I'm very interested in the soccer team.
Oh, you are?
You want your grandson to play soccer?
Great thinking.
The coach here is amazing.
He's great with kids,
and he goes to graduate school
to help with his coaching,
which is great for improving
the children's skills.
Once children start,
they hardly ever leave.
I totally recommend it.
You won't regret it.
You must know the soccer coach well.
I kind of do.
So, should I show you
where to go to apply?
There's the coach.
You should see him.
I'm sure you'll like him.
You brat.
Get in. We'll talk at home.
Get in before I get mad.
I said no.
You punk!
Oh, no!
-You jerk!
-What are you doing?
-Why are you hitting him?
-Let go of me!
You jerk!
Are you mad? I said stop hitting him!
I'm calling the police!
What are you doing?
You punk!
What are you? Who is she?
Wouldn't you like to know?
I'm calling the police!
He's my father, Ms. Byun.
Your father?
Who is she?
Is that all we need to put away?
-You checked the list?
-Yes, I did.
We just need to receive the returns now.
Okay. Let's move quickly
and put everything away today.
Next season's supplies
are arriving tomorrow,
so we need to clear the space.
-Got it?
-Yes, ma'am.
Shall we move the boxes first?
But Ms. Kim,
can you lift these when you're pregnant?
It's okay. Don't worry about me.
You guys sort out the returns.
Is that really okay?
I don't know.
She's making us more worried.
Quiet. Let's get to work.
I'm returning these supplies.
Okay. Can you put that on the trolley?
Give it to me.
What are you doing? Let go.
Let me help.
You shouldn't lift heavy…
I don't need your help
so get out of my way.
-I'll do it.
-Let go.
What are you doing?
Are you advertising to the world
that I can't work because I'm pregnant?
Get out of my way.
The number you have called is unavailable…
Ms. Kim Yu-ju really canceled
her appointment?
I'm sorry I called you over
out of the blue.
It's okay.
I was in the office
because Mr. An has a class.
There's something I wanted to check.
Jung-hui gave me the gist of it,
so I know,
so you can be honest with me.
You and Jung-hui are half…
Siblings with different mothers?
Yes, that's correct.
So the biological father Jung-hui found
is your father?
When did you find out about that?
Remember when Mr. An
asked you for a new manager?
Mr. An and I both
found out around that time.
Oh, when that…
I see.
Besides your family,
who else knows about it?
Nobody else knows.
Ms. Kim Yu-ju in the Art Team,
since she's family.
As you may well know,
this business is filled with rumors.
If the public found out about this,
it won't be good for Jung-hui.
But you don't have to look so…
Oh, boy. How should I explain this?
Oh, remember Jo Seong-yun?
Yes, he did a lot of movies.
He found his biological mother
at the height of his career.
And when that got out,
they wrote a lot of lies about him.
"Jo Seong-yun turned his back
on his mother."
"He ignored his own blood."
"Family secret left Jo Seong-yun
stunned and unable to recover." And so on.
It was such a huge blow to him
that his career still hasn't recovered.
But that's not the case for Mr. An.
He never turned his back on Father.
You think Jo Seong-yun did?
The truth doesn't matter.
What matters is the family secret.
People will focus on that
and spread rumors and gossip.
As long as An Jung-hui remains an actor,
that story will follow him around.
So I believe this whole story
should not get out.
You understand what I mean, right?
I do.
Please make sure the story
about his family
doesn't make it to the press.
And please talk to your family, too.
I will.
The number you have dialed is unavailable…
The number you have dialed is unavailable…
What? Why isn't she picking up?
She's sound asleep.
I guess she does work.
Mr. An?
I didn't answer my phone
because I was asleep.
-When did you get here?
-An hour ago.
Wipe the drool off your chin.
You sleep like this is your bedroom.
Snoring and grinding your teeth.
Let's go.
Did I really grind my teeth?
I sometimes snore,
but I don't grind my teeth.
Why are you drinking wine like it's water?
Did you want a drink that bad?
This wine is really good.
But it's the same wine we always drink.
Is it because
you look even more beautiful tonight?
That sounds odd, too.
I've always been beautiful.
So why mention it?
Here. They make great desserts here.
Would you like to try? Open wide.
I need to use the restroom.
What's wrong with him?
I do look even more beautiful tonight.
No wonder Cha Jeong-hwan fell for me.
Ouch, my stomach.
Did I eat too much?
Jeong-hwan, I'll wait for you upstairs…
I'll get some snacks and wine.
Wait for me upstairs.
Jeong-hwan, sorry…
Sorry, Jeong-hwan.
Just a minute.
Wait right there.
Why do I even bother?
Jeong-hwan, are you still there?
Of course I am.
You think I'd run away
because my proposal was a huge failure?
What are you talking about?
Your proposal was a huge failure?
I, Nut, didn't see anything.
Oh, boy…
I'm leaving.
I'm leaving and I'll come back in.
I'm going.
The heart, the heart.
The heart, yes.
Music, cue.
Music, cue, cue…
Why isn't this working?
What's all this?
I'm so touched.
Now I understand
The reason I was born
Meeting you
And loving you until I die
Is the happiness someone gave me
It's the happiness
You gave me
I'm so touched.
This is too amazing.
Marry me, Hye-yeong.
For a year, for now.
Why is it a necklace and not a ring?
I'm going to give you the ring
when we get our marriage certificate
in one year.
This is exactly what I wanted.
I will propose to you formally
one year from now.
you'll still kiss me, won't you?
Must we get our agreement
notarized like this?
Of course.
I think this will give
the marriage internship
that we created an official status.
This is
an exclusive compulsory
termination agreement.
Oh, do you really think that way?
I think this is a kind of a safety net.
That sounds better. A safety net.
Okay. Let's go inside.
March forward.
Congratulations, intern.
Congratulations, intern.
We have our safety net,
so let's go and install the airbags.
I love it. Yes!
Let's go.
What's that?
When you mentioned us moving in with you,
I asked to put
what each party wants in writing.
Each, each party what?
Leave a document of what we each want?
So you want to draw up an agreement?
Oh, I see.
You didn't have to twist your words.
Is it because you're a lawyer?
And why do we need to sign an agreement?
We just want to be sure, Mom.
Okay, let's do it. Sure is good.
Is that what you want?
I wrote down what I want,
so if you tell me what you want,
I will type them up.
Why don't you read it?
Oh, it's okay. I don't need to read it.
You can review it.
"One. Food, clothing, and shelter
will be separated.
The living space
will be completely separate.
Two. Access to each other's
living space is permitted
but prior consent is required."
Oh, I like this one.
I was a bit worried about
not being able to walk around
in my undershirt
once you moved in with us.
"If you invade our space
five times without consent,
we will immediately move out.
Rude words like
'Hey' and 'You' are prohibited.
Weekends are…
That's a load of crap.
When you move in, you'll see.
You won't be able to control anything.
…sign a lease agreement…"
You want to pay us a lease fee?
Yes. We've asked around,
and it's about 150 million won
for the second floor.
I typed up a lease agreement
before I came here.
It's okay. You don't have to pay us.
Please take it,
or we won't be comfortable.
Mother, I'd like to get
some work done upstairs.
"Interior work to separate the space…"
Oh, okay. I got it.
That's enough.
You can do whatever you want.
Why is the list so long?
Just browse through it.
I'm sure it's fine.
Everything looks reasonable.
Okay, then. I got it. Do what you want.
-Mom, thank you.
Thank you, Mother.
Now tell me what you want.
I don't have anything.
Things like this give me a headache.
I can't stand it.
Then should we leave this
as it is, Mother?
Yes, go ahead. Is that it?
You must sign it. It's an agreement.
Or would you like
to leave your fingerprint?
Father, you first.
And Mother.
Happy now?
Thank you, Mother.
we're done signing the agreement
for a happy co-dwelling.
Okay. This is great.
It all worked out for the best. Yes.
I'm so sad.
Thank you for being the reliable
eldest child in my place.
Why are you so sullen?
Do you even know how I feel
about marrying you off to that girl?
What took you so long?
I've never felt passionate
about anything before,
so I think you're amazing.
Mr. An!
Stop it!
It's enough to make anyone suspicious.
If you're unlucky, rumors will start.
So let's start the wedding ceremony
of the Nut-Cracker Couple.
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