My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e30 Episode Script

Episode 30

Hey! Mr. Civil Servant!
Congratulations, Jun-yeong.
Welcome, Mother.
Oh, Jun-yeong! I'm so proud of you.
I knew you could do it.
Oh, can I get a hug?
Oh, my boy.
You're incredible. Congratulations.
People might think you passed the bar.
These days, the civil servant exam
is like the bar.
It's just as hard.
Here is the beef and octopus stew.
Enjoy, everyone.
Hey, didn't I say some flowers bloom
in the spring
and others bloom in the fall?
I know you worry about everything,
but I told you not to worry.
I told you he'd pass this year.
When was I ever wrong?
I know.
We should always listen to your advice.
Anyway, Good job, Han-soo.
Yeong-sil. You, too.
But Jun-yeong was the one
who did all the work.
Oh, Uncle. I wouldn't dare say
I worked hard.
I was a bad son.
Wow, now that you passed,
you sound very cool.
The yellow croakers I hid in the freezer.
Oh, they look delicious.
-Min-ha, enjoy.
-Thank you.
Jun-yeong, take this one.
-Thank you.
He's the most important person
at the table now?
we've set the date for Hye-yeong.
It's next Sunday.
What? That's so quick.
When did you say it is?
Are you sure you'll be ready?
It's going to be simple, Grandmother.
We'll rent a cafe with a yard
and invite only the families.
That's what the young people do
these days.
Oh, a small wedding? I've seen it on TV.
That's amazing, Hye-yeong.
Hye-yeong, what would you like
for your wedding?
Ra-yeong and I will pitch in
so pick something and let us know.
But nothing too expensive.
Why don't you and Jun-yeong sing the song?
Since it's a small wedding,
we're not taking any money or gifts.
Won't you be disappointed?
No way.
Mr. An, you have to come, too.
Of course. Jung-hui's family, too.
So he must come.
Dad, I'm sorry,
but no one else must find out
Mr. An is our family.
What are you talking about?
The director at work asked us to make sure
no one finds out about Mr. An
living with us.
His private life getting out
won't do any good.
So please keep
Mr. An's living here a secret
from anyone else outside our family.
Oh, I can't believe Mr. Kang said that.
Don't worry about it.
I understand what you mean,
but since it's just the family,
it'll be okay.
He knows Jeong-hwan,
and his family will assume
he's Jeong-hwan's guest.
Right. I think it'll be okay.
Jung-hui, why don't you come?
Okay then.
Why are you here?
Didn't you go to get the van?
I think you should start wearing these.
I think Mr. Kang is right.
You need to stop
showing your face everywhere.
I said don't worry about it.
Mr. Kang is overreacting.
Just think. I've been showing
my face everywhere,
and did anything happen? No.
We were just lucky this whole time.
As your manager, I'm going to be strict.
It won't hurt to be careful
like Mr. Kang said.
What are you doing? What?
Wait, okay. Let me. I'll do it.
I'll go get the van. Take your time.
What is it, Dad?
Use this to buy the things you need.
But I don't need to buy much.
We're going to keep it simple.
And we're going halves on all the costs.
Take it.
We can't give you a lavish wedding,
but your mom and I would like to help out.
Thank you.
What? This is too much.
I could buy everything with this.
Have you been to Jeong-hwan's house?
You should,
so you can figure out what you need.
I have.
There's a bedroom and a living room,
and there are steps
outside for a private entrance.
Gosh. There's just one bedroom?
I thought it was a huge mansion. Goodness.
But that's enough for a newlywed couple.
Can I go?
I have to go.
Yes, go.
We just wanted to give that to you.
I'll see you later.
Why are you so sullen?
I'm not.
-You're getting married?
Wow, so your disappearance worked.
My strategy worked.
You're finally getting married!
Why are you getting married?
Why must you get married?
Marriage has gone out of fashion.
Everyone just dates.
They don't get married.
Are you sure you can live
with one person forever?
Marriage is a dangerous thing.
Hey, Yeon-ji.
How can you do this to me?
I've waited for so long.
How could you get married
without giving me a chance?
What's wrong with you?
Come with me. Let's talk outside.
I've loved you longer than Hye-yeong,
and I've always been there by your side.
You just can't do this to me!
-That's enough!
What? I can't do what… To… What?
I'm not sure if she should come
to my wedding.
One, two…
Oh, gosh. You scared me!
You're jumpy because you feel guilty.
What were you wearing?
Are you working as a part-time thug?
This is all because
of what you said to the intern.
What in the world did you say to her?
Nothing much. Be careful.
Nothing good about people finding out.
Did you or did you not mention
Jo Seong-yun
and say problems might arise
for An Jung-hui's career?
I did. Yes.
Now that we're on the subject, be careful.
Be careful about what?
You get really protective of the intern.
The way you treat her
is enough to make anyone suspicious.
If you're unlucky, rumors will start.
And once they do, for you to explain that…
You'd have to tell them
she's your half-sister.
What good will revealing your family
history do to you or that family?
Look at Jo Seong-yun.
When his family history came out,
he got trashed by the public.
-Mr. Kang?
I'm not as big as Jo Seong-yun was.
Right. That's true.
He was a top star,
so his family secret was pretty powerful.
But no one would want to know about mine.
We can't be sure of that.
It's better to be careful.
Your drama will be airing soon.
Okay, fine.
I'll be careful. Happy now?
Is it because he's getting old?
Why does he nag so much?
Who's getting old? You punk!
I'm doing this because you're not careful!
Why that little…
What is she doing right now?
I can't do this.
This isn't right for me!
Wait, did you see just that?
Yes. I think I did see something,
but I haven't figured out
what it was exactly.
What were you doing?
I was practicing the dance for Hye-yeong's
I thought I heard you'll be dancing
to Park Jin-young's "Honey."
Yes, that's right.
So what was that thing? This thing?
A squid?
Actually, I have two left feet.
Hye-yeong, Jun-yeong, and Ra-yeong
can dance
but not me.
What do I do?
But I'll get better
with practice, won't I?
Speaking from experience,
there's no hope for you.
If anyone can dance overnight,
why do you think I worked so hard?
Right, you used to be in an idol band.
Can you please teach me how to dance?
No, I don't think I can.
Mr. An!
What are you doing?
Stop it!
I'm sorry.
Please help me. Please.
Let's try one move at a time.
Are you ready?
Five, six, seven, eight.
Try it.
Okay? Three times.
Okay. Four.
Put them together. Try it.
Don't worry too much.
Five, six, seven, eight!
Please don't laugh.
I just thought of something funny.
The movements should be big. Look.
Mr. An! You promised not to laugh!
Once again. Five, six, seven, eight.
You won't ever be able to do this.
One more time. I'll do a better job.
Big, big!
I had no idea there was something
harder than acting.
What's that?
Teaching you how to dance.
I had no idea there was something
harder than losing weight.
Let's go. I need sugar.
Let's get some ice cream.
Chocolate is good,
and I like green tea, too…
But strawberry's the best
if you need sugar.
I'll have strawberry.
I'll have green tea.
Ms. Kim, I'll transfer this call to you.
Okay. Number two.
Hello, this is Kim Yu-ju.
How can you transfer the call
without checking?
You should tell me who it is
before doing that.
I did it because she said
she was your mother.
Is this month's business trip schedule
I have finished, but…
Then where is it?
-What happened here?
-Excuse me?
Why is Ms. Im's name
under all the overseas business trips
I was supposed to go on?
What happened? Who changed this schedule?
I did.
I thought you shouldn't be taking
any flights.
And when you're on these business trips,
you can't rest
and you have to carry heavy bags.
Why is that your concern?
I told you I would take care of myself.
I doubt you have the authority
to change my schedule like this.
Ms. Kim!
She didn't change your schedule.
Since you're pregnant,
she was being considerate…
Who is that consideration for?
Who asked for it?
I will change the schedule back.
Report it to me again tomorrow.
What are you doing?
Why did you sit here?
When there are empty seats everywhere?
I came to eat alone, but I saw you.
Everyone knows we're family,
so eating at different tables
would look weird.
Are you okay?
Don't make a fuss.
People are staring because of you.
Everyone's after me because I'm pregnant.
What's wrong?
Have you seen Ms. Kim?
I thought she came in here.
No, she didn't.
Oh, okay. Thank you.
Excuse me, intern.
Is Ms. Kim planning
on taking a leave of absence?
No, I haven't heard anything about that.
Why do you ask?
The kind of work we do
in the Art Team involves
carrying heavy bags
and working late all the time,
so it's hard for a pregnant woman.
But Ms. Kim keeps saying
she's okay with it,
so the rest of us
feel nervous and worried.
She said she'd go on
an overseas business trip.
-She did?
I drafted the business trip schedule
without her,
and she blew up on me.
Ms. Kim's been acting weird lately.
She's been really annoyed, too.
Is it because she's pregnant?
Anyway, you're her family
so please talk to her.
If anything bad happens to her,
we'd feel really guilty.
That must be why she was so sensitive?
You stop right there!
Come back into the house.
No, I have to go.
Go where?
Quit your coaching job
and come work for me.
Learn how to run my company.
How many times must I tell you?
No. I'm going to keep coaching soccer.
I won't let you. No matter what.
I warned you.
You warned me?
What are you going to do?
Lock me up like you used to
when I was little?
Go ahead and try it.
You have no control over me.
You fell for some stupid ball game
and turned your back on your parents.
You're useless.
Stupid ball game?
If you don't like something, it's useless?
I'm glad I'm useless.
When something is useless to you,
you throw them away.
Just pretend you never had me.
How dare you!
Your call is being forwarded to voicemail.
He didn't read any of my texts.
What happened?
I'm so worried.
Who is she?
-Get in.
Mr. Kim!
-Get him into my car.
-Yes, sir.
Please get in.
Don't cause a scene.
I'll call you.
He went with his father,
so he should be okay.
Please call me, Coach Park.
I'm worried sick.
-Your call is being forwarded…
-Ms. Byun!
Coach Park?
What took you so long?
Ms. Byun, people are watching.
Are you okay?
Why didn't you answer your phone?
Do you know how worried I've been?
You wouldn't answer your phone,
and I don't know your address,
so I couldn't go.
Why didn't you put some ointment on that?
It's okay. It's nothing.
It's not okay! It's scabbed. Come with me!
Your handsome face is going to get a scar.
All done.
Thank you.
So tell me.
What happened?
The man from yesterday is your father?
So why was your father so angry at you?
Did you do something wrong?
No, I didn't. Not really.
In summary,
your father's against you playing soccer,
so you left home?
Your father cut off all financial support,
so you're living in the night duty office
and working at the convenience store?
So in summary,
you left home
because your father hates soccer,
and you're trying your best
to support your studies
and make ends meet?
I know I might appear like a dreamer
who has no sense of reality.
-You're amazing.
Excuse me?
I thought it was only the cover
that was handsome,
but you're handsome inside, too.
What does that mean…
I've always been jealous of the people
who are passionate
and convinced of their dreams,
and my boyfriend was one of them.
I've never felt passionate
about anything before,
so I think you're amazing.
Thank you for saying that.
Your father's too harsh.
How can he beat up
someone with such passion?
I'm a bit less sorry
about biting him yesterday.
Why are you smiling?
Because I'm happy you're on my side.
Don't smile.
Mom, are you going somewhere?
Why do you look so gloomy?
You're going to drive
all the customers away.
So Min-ha's school
wants you to send him to this school
because he is really smart? Is that it?
Then send him there. What's the problem?
When he's so smart?
He's smart, but we can't afford
to support him properly.
The tuition is so expensive, Mother.
The three years there
will cost us at least 50 million won.
What? 50 million?
My goodness…
It's enough to get a small apartment.
And that's just the tuition.
When you add tutoring and other things,
it might cost as much as
a decent apartment.
Goodness, we couldn't dare.
This… This isn't right. It isn't.
We know, Mom, we do, but…
We feel bad
about not being able to support him.
I'm sure he can still study
without spending money.
Look at Hye-yeong.
She got into the best college
in Korea on her own,
and she passed the bar just like that.
Min-ha doesn't have to go
to this science high
because he can study on his own.
Don't worry about him.
Mother, it's a different time now.
They got rid of the bar exam,
so you can't become a lawyer
if you're poor.
The age of the self-made man is over.
Then what are you going to do?
Do you have to send him
to this school when you're broke?
We're going to ask Min-ha,
and if he really wants to go,
we'll have to figure something out.
What are we going to do about this?
It's bad when your child is too dumb,
but it's also bad when he's too smart.
My goodness.
Hey, middle schooler.
Jung-hui, hello.
Hi. Sit back down. Sit.
Relax. My home is your home.
Al, let's go for a walk.
Run. Go ahead.
What is it?
can you make a lot of money
if you're a star?
A star?
A star… That depends on the person.
Everyone is different.
Why? You want to become a star?
You don't look like the type.
No, I don't want to become a star.
But they seem to make a lot of money.
You want to make a lot of money?
Do you? Why?
What would you do with the money?
Well… Study?
Study… What?
Hey, you want to make money to study?
Not the other way around?
I see your point.
I need money to study,
but I need to study to make money.
And I need money to pay for my studies,
but in order to make that money,
I need to study? Is that it?
It's like I'm trapped in an endless cycle.
I think you're trapped in puberty.
I have a performance assessment,
so I must go downstairs.
Thank you for listening to me, Jung-hui.
Mom, where are you going?
I bought ice cream.
Mom, where are you going?
What do you think? To your dad.
Mom. Mom, what's wrong?
Are you mad at me?
You demanded to record my words,
so of course I'm mad at you.
Oh, don't be silly.
It was a joke.
Why get upset about a joke?
Fine. Your mom's so dense
that she can't tell a joke
from a serious remark. Happy now?
What's wrong with her?
Whitening, moisturizing, pore tightening.
Which one?
I choose whitening.
I drive so I get sunburned.
I'm home.
She's home.
This will tighten your pores
and turn your skin porcelain white
just after one use.
If this pack really does that
after just one use,
it deserves the Nobel Prize in Medicine.
Oh, boy…
We should thank Jeong-hwan
for taking someone like you.
Hye-yeong, do you need help
with any planning?
No. There's nothing to plan.
-Aren't you going to wear a wedding dress?
-I will.
Whatever I wear will be my wedding dress.
Man… Seriously…
But Hye-yeong, it doesn't seem real to me
that you're leaving us.
Why? It's not the first time.
I left you once before.
That was just moving out.
This is completely different.
From your point of view,
it might not seem
that different at all, but…
You want to pick a fight with me?
Aren't you sad about leaving us?
Because I'm so sad.
Hey! Why should you be?
Visit us often, Hye-yeong.
We'd feel betrayed
if you don't visit us often.
-We will.
-Very betrayed.
Girls! Don't overreact.
I'll visit so often
that you won't have time to miss me.
I'm going to call often, too.
And I'm going to treat everyone
the same way.
You mean that?
Get your arm off me.
Oh, my little sisters
are busy with skin care.
-You're back from work?
Wow, you three look nice together.
can we talk after you're finished?
What is it?
You're done?
Here's my wedding gift.
What? I told you I'm not taking any.
Take it.
I never got you a decent gift before.
It's not that much.
You could maybe get a washer.
Take it.
Do you know how hard I worked
so I could give you this?
Don't mention it.
I wanted to get you a fancy fridge,
but it was too expensive. Sorry.
Thank you for being the reliable
eldest child in my place.
I'm not sure if I can do as well
as you did,
but I will play my part as the eldest son.
I'm so happy I passed,
so I could give you
a wedding gift like this
and offer you my congratulations.
congratulations on your wedding,
and I wish you all the happiness
in the world.
What are you doing?
I'm sorry I was rude to you all this time.
What are you talking about?
You were never rude.
If anyone has to apologize,
it's me for not being able
to play my part.
Let's call it even then.
Thanks. I'm going to buy
a washer with this.
Mister, please make sure everything
is in order and everything is working.
It's for a newlywed couple, okay?
-Of course.
-Thank you.
Oh, we're getting work done,
but they're both too busy
to come and check.
So how are they going to keep me
away from here?
Let's see what happens.
Life doesn't always work out
like what it says on a contract.
I'd be lucky if they don't ask me
to cook for them.
Hye-yeong, I think I'm going to start
liking you.
You better love me.
You haven't returned the other bag yet.
I love you.
Is that you, Hye-yeong?
You can open your eyes now.
-Can you see?
-A little.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thanks. Come again.
-We will.
Hi. Did everything go well?
Where are the girls?
Mi-yeong's in her room
with the curtains drawn,
and Ra-yeong's in the living room
with her bag.
How did you think of doing
such nice things?
I've always wanted
to get Mi-yeong LASIK surgery,
but I thought that might upset Ra-yeong.
So it was like my going away present.
I'm sure you made them very happy.
Thank you, Hye-yeong.
You must be tired. Why didn't you go home?
I'm hungry.
Can you make me some ramyeon and gimbap?
They look delicious.
Dad, you're not eating?
-I'm not hungry. You eat.
Yes, this is it.
Dad, why can't those
other restaurants do this?
Ramyeons all taste the same.
I'm telling you they don't.
They don't taste like how you make them.
Thank you, Dad.
I can be difficult,
but you still loved me.
You weren't difficult at all.
Now that you're getting married,
I feel like I haven't done much
for you as your parent.
It feels like all I fed you
were gimbap and ramyeon.
If you say that, it breaks my heart.
I said that knowing it's really cheesy.
I know.
I thought I would never be able
to let you go,
but I guess I'm doing it.
Live a happy life.
What? I'm going to visit often.
So often that you'd get sick of me.
My eyes are closed.
-I'm home.
-My eyes are closed.
Hye-yeong, have some fruit.
Do you need anything?
If you're tired,
should I make you some coffee?
It's okay.
It's creeping me out
so go back to being yourself.
Hey! Why are you still wearing
your sunglasses?
Just in case.
Take them off. I'm sure you can see now.
Hye-yeong, you're home.
-You came home early.
My eyes are naked,
but I can see everything.
She can see.
I can see so clearly.
You can?
I can see the patterns on the wallpaper,
and I can see the smudges on the window.
How incredible!
-Thank you!
Thanks to your big sister,
you can see now.
You're both so lucky.
I wish I had a big sister like you,
Well, I… I stopped by Dad's.
He'll be home soon.
Mom, are you still mad at me?
Oh, seriously… I was just joking!
Okay, okay. I'm sorry.
I apologize if that made you angry.
Don't you think this is too much?
What was so terrible about what I did?
I didn't say they were terrible.
I'm just being careful
so my other self won't come out.
She's being so petty, isn't she?
Seriously… Talking about holding a grudge!
Isn't she too much?
How could she…
Sitting together at the table like this
makes it feel like it's the Last Supper.
Don't be silly.
This might be our last meal alone
as a family.
Let's make a toast.
Sure. Why not?
congratulations on getting married.
Dad, Mom, congratulations on
your daughter-in-law.
Do you have to say that
on a night like this?
Couldn't you make a toast for your mom?
For you, Mom! Cheers!
Oh, it's empty, Mom. You've had enough.
Yes, if I had another child,
I wouldn't be feeling
this sad and disappointed.
You're my one and only child,
so how can you have a small wedding?
After all the money I spent?
I went to so many weddings,
dreaming of the day you'll get married
and your luxurious wedding.
I'm not going to any more weddings.
No, wait….
Can I get money back
if I throw a 60th birthday party?
Oh, your material side
is coming out again.
Why do you always pick on what I say?
Honey, tomorrow, you have to wear
the tuxedo I got for you.
Why would I wear that?
Am I getting married?
Please do this for me.
I've been dreaming about my son's wedding!
I have this dream!
Mom, don't be so disappointed.
Hye-yeong is a great woman.
I'm sure she'll get along with you.
Please don't say things like that tonight!
Do you even know how I feel
about marrying you off to that girl?
You're calling her a "girl" again.
What else could I call a girl but a girl?
Should I call her a boy?
My only son doesn't understand how I feel…
Oh, no!
Oh, I must be mad! I can't cry.
I'm going to be all swollen tomorrow!
I'm not swollen already, am I?
-You're not.
You have to tell me the truth.
I'm not swollen?
Oh, let me see. Where's my mirror?
Oh, mirror, mirror. What am I to do?
Oh, boy…
Are you sure about this?
Living with her and your wife
under the same roof?
It won't be easy, but I have to try.
-It's so nice here.
-So pretty.
-I like your suit.
-Guess how much.
If we sold pizza here, we'd be successful.
What's that? That's so pretty.
Isn't an outdoor wedding just wonderful?
-I think so.
-My goodness.
-Have you been well?
Mother, this is Jeong-hwan's father.
This is my mother-in-law.
Oh, I see. Hello, ma'am.
I've met your wife many times,
but I've never met you before.
I see.
By the way, why are you here alone?
Where is your wife?
Well, she said she's stopping by
the beauty salon.
I'm sorry.
There they are!
-How pretty!
-Looking cool.
-You're here.
Hye-yeong, you look so pretty!
Mr. Cha!
Hello, Jung-hui.
Father, you're here.
Where's your mom?
She's not here?
She's late.
I'm sorry. Let me call her.
That's Jeong-hwan's mother, right?
Is this an award show?
Shouldn't we roll out the red carpet?
I think we should show her
the red card, actually.
That dress must have cost
an arm and a leg.
I'm sorry.
It's okay. There's no need…
But it's just… Something.
That woman must be out of her mind.
How can she show up looking like that?
I'm speechless, Mom.
I think my wife showed up
in the bride and groom's ride.
She brought our car…
Mother, congratulations.
It looks like everyone is here.
So let's start the wedding ceremony
of the Nut-Cracker Couple.
We'd like to thank everyone
for coming to our wedding.
Hello. I am Cha Jeong-hwan,
and I am both the MC and the groom.
Hello, I am Byun Hye-yeong,
the beauty and bride.
Family and friends, thank you
for coming to our wedding.
Actually, this isn't much
of a wedding ceremony
but a chance
for our family members and friends
to have a meal together
and enjoy ourselves.
I hope you enjoy it
and make some memories.
We should've done this, too.
Well, Father, Dad, and Mom…
Can you please say a few words
of blessing for us?
congratulations on your wedding.
And I'll call you my son-in-law now.
congratulations on getting married.
Thank you!
Please be good…
-To Hye-yeong.
-I will.
There are two kinds of people
in this world.
Those who read poetry and those who don't.
"The Buddha made from the dirt
-I bought in Lumbini fell on the floor
-Dad loves poetry.
and broke into a million pieces.
When something breaks
into a million pieces,
you get a million pieces.
When something breaks
into a million pieces,
you can live as a million pieces."
My dear son, Jeong-hwan.
Since the day you were born and until now,
I can remember every moment.
When you were one year old,
you started walking sooner
than anyone else.
When you were two years old,
you already began to call me "Mommy."
When you were three years old,
you came to me and kissed me
for the first time.
She's not going to go on
until he's 37, is she?
I still remember clearly.
When you were six years old…
Hye-yeong, congratulations.
Girls, come out!
My husband, you're so cool!
Oh, you're so good.
How precious.
Honey, aren't they really good?
Sit down.
Are you okay? Are you?
Did you have fun?
The dinner is almost over.
If there's anything else
you'd like to say to us…
Over here.
I have something to say to the two of you.
Of course.
Jeong-hwan, thank you so much
for becoming my son-in-law.
But you're in big trouble.
She's my daughter but she's impossible.
She loves to quarrel,
she thinks she's always right,
and she always has to have the last word.
You're facing a bumpy ride.
Good luck to you.
Don't worry.
I can't believe her.
My daughter, Byun Hye-yeong!
If I missed this chance,
I'd regret it forever,
so I took the mic.
I'm sorry I was petty to you.
I guess I was really sad.
I knew you would get married someday,
but now that you are getting married
and leaving home,
I feel like there's a hole in my heart.
you know…
You were my pride and joy, don't you?
Being born to poor parents,
you suffered a lot of hardships,
but you never complained
and grew up to be a wonderful woman.
So thank you,
and I'm sorry.
And I love you.
And most of all,
congratulations on your wedding.
I can't believe you.
you know…
You've always been my role model,
don't you?
So I really didn't want to get married.
I wasn't sure
if I could be a good mom
or a good wife like you.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I love you, Mom.
Mommy's sorry…
Don't cry…
I wish you the best.
Let's gather together for a photo.
Here we go.
Just a second!
Look into the camera.
-Smile, everyone. Smile!
-Mr. An, smile.
One, two, three.
We pulled it off.
Let's make it work. For one year for now.
The timer.
Oh, I'm exhausted.
Have you lost it?
How could you show up there in that getup?
What's wrong, so out of the blue?
Are you determined to humiliate your son?
You're the groom's mother,
so you should've worn something classy.
But what is that? You look so cheap!
What? What's wrong?
This is an expensive luxury brand dress!
And it wasn't like
it was a formal wedding,
so what was wrong with me
wearing this dress?
When would someone like me
ever get the chance
to wear a dress like this?
It'd be easier to talk to a monkey!
Oh, man!
My goodness!
Everyone's jaw dropped
because of how pretty I am.
Oh, he has no taste.
Oh. I'm exhausted.
I can't do this anymore!
Read that now!
-What's that?
-Marriage graduation!
Start reading that right now!
Oh, I can't breathe.
But you have to wear them around here.
You're a real nagger, you know?
You just realized that now?
Palace Hotel. 9 a.m.
Here we go.
Is this the right place?
Where's the camera team?
This is the right place…
Just a second.
"Ilsan, Palace Hotel, 9 a.m."
This is the place.
Call the camera team.
Okay. I'll call the assistant director.
Hello, I was about to call you.
We're at the Palace Hotel in Ilsan,
but there's no one here.
What are you talking about?
I sent you a text yesterday
about the change.
It's the Grand Hotel in Bundang.
What? They didn't know about the change?
What's wrong with you?
You didn't check my text?
If you're at the Palace Hotel,
it'll take over an hour to get here.
Everyone's waiting.
You have to rush over.
I'm sorry. We'll be right there.
I'm sorry.
-Mr. An…
-Let's just go.
-I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Jung-hui, what happened?
Manager! You didn't know about the change?
I forgot to check…
I'm sorry. It was my fault.
I will go and get ready.
There's no time, so let's hurry up.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Let me see!
-You're finished?
-What do you think?
That won't do.
They look painted on.
I think we need to use real lips.
Right? They don't look real enough.
What do we do?
Jung-hui's manager?
Can you help us?
Excuse me?
Let us borrow your lips.
You're his manager.
So it'll be better if you do it.
-But, director…
-Let's hurry up.
We're running out of time
because you got the location wrong.
Oh, okay… I'll do it.
-Is everyone ready?
Okay. Let's do this.
Manager, let's go.
Should I?
Over there, over there and over there?
Yes. Don't worry about it and do it.
Hurry up. We don't have time!
Yes, sir.
Here I go.
Doesn't that look weird?
It doesn't look serious.
Manager, let's do one more.
Excuse me?
Right here. On the lips.
We need it for the drama so hurry up.
But that's a bit…
You're not finished yet?
We've been on standby for over two hours.
We're almost done.
We'll be right out so get ready.
Hurry up and do it.
Stay still. I'll do it.
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