My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e31 Episode Script

Episode 31

Mr. An.
They want to begin. You should hurry up.
Okay, I'm coming.
Pull yourself together.
Pull yourself together.
Mr. An, your script.
And this is quince tea.
-Go and get the van washed.
I need to watch you shoot.
It's okay. It's not an important scene.
Go now.
I feel so awkward
that I can't bear to look him in the face.
What do I do?
No. Stop thinking about it.
Stop thinking about it.
It's nothing. Yes.
It really isn't.
I'm sorry.
It's okay. It's not like I didn't know.
I should go.
I like you.
Let's try that from a different angle.
Jung-hui, you're doing great today.
My heart aches just by watching.
Let's keep this up, okay?
-Yes, sir.
Let's do this.
Scene three, take two.
I'm sorry.
It's okay. It's not like I didn't know.
I should go.
Jung-hui, where's your line?
I'm sorry.
It's a shame.
You had a good look in your eyes.
Let's try that again!
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you, everyone. See you next time.
-Great work.
I got the van washed
and parked it downstairs.
Let's go.
I'm tired. I'm going upstairs.
Okay. Great work today.
What do you think you're doing?
What are you thinking?
This is wrong.
This is wrong.
I must be insane.
I think you got a text from Mr. An.
I have some personal business today.
I'll manage.
Don't worry about me and do your thing.
Things were so awkward
that it almost killed me.
-This is a relief.
-Why? Why were things awkward?
What? It's nothing.
It looks like something is up.
It looks like something happened.
Does Mr. An feel like
a big brother to you?
Huh? A big brother? No way.
I call him that way
because he's older, that's all.
He's different from Jun-yeong.
Right? I'm not the only one
who feels that way, right?
Of course not.
We just began living together.
What's wrong? Is he mad
because you don't treat him like one?
No. I was just curious.
I'm starved! Let's go and eat.
Oh, what am I thinking?
I'm filling a bowl for Hye-yeong.
You're doing it too, aren't you?
Oh, I am.
I filled eight bowls of rice again.
You both did the same thing yesterday.
I wonder what Hye-yeong's doing right now.
She must be asleep.
Her plan was to sleep
for three days at the hotel.
Hye-yeong is so cool.
She didn't even go on a honeymoon.
If it were me,
even if it was because of work,
I'd be disappointed.
I still can't believe she's gone.
The table feels a bit empty.
Be quiet.
What's all this? What an awful taste.
The colors are too depressing
for newlyweds.
Gosh, her mom probably
didn't teach her anything.
I'll have to teach her everything.
Oh, I hate these.
Wait, does she have any decent clothes?
-What are you doing?
My goodness. You scared me!
This isn't your bedroom.
Close that!
Why are you peeking
into Hye-yeong's closet?
This isn't Hye-yeong's closet.
This is my son's closet.
And I was curious.
I don't expect you to worry about
the state of our country and people.
But try to be curious
about something productive.
For example,
what should you make for breakfast today?
Who is it?
Just a second.
Goodness. What's going on?
May we start early?
I should've called you first,
but your son wouldn't answer his phone.
Weren't you finished
with all the work upstairs?
I thought you were.
I guess they're not done.
You're here, so go ahead with your work.
Come in.
-Yes, thank you.
Mr. Lee, come in.
Going in.
Wait, wait right here, sir.
Why did you bring that door?
Excuse me? We're installing it.
Install… Where would you install that?
On top of the stairway.
We're here to install a door
between the two floors.
What? Between the two floors?
Come here.
You got up early.
You, too.
I didn't wake you, so you could sleep in.
But I had to see you off, Nut.
You should get some more rest.
We still have two hours until check-out.
I can rest at my office.
I'll go and review some documents
and come home early.
Then get ready while I take a shower.
We have to eat breakfast together.
We have to eat the hotel breakfast.
-It's my mom.
Hello, Mom.
What's this?
Why are you installing a door?
This is ridiculous!
They came already?
Why would they work at this hour?
Mom, I'll be there shortly.
I'm on my way.
Why? They came already?
This is bad.
I haven't told my mom yet.
Hye-yeong, hear me out.
I was going to tell her over lunch.
I thought she'd take it better
if I told her
at her favorite brunch cafe.
I've been busy planning our wedding,
and my mom's been low-spirited
the whole time.
You don't know my mom.
She's totally moody,
so if you tell her something
when she's depressed,
she says no
without even thinking about it.
Oh, this is driving me crazy.
They said they'd come at 2 p.m.,
so I thought I had plenty of time.
Who would've thought they'd come early?
Those people…
If they wanted to come earlier,
they should've called.
They did.
I told you to tell her in advance,
didn't I?
I said your mother
probably didn't understand
how we needed
to block off the second floor.
I asked you to make it clear.
So I thought I'd do it over lunch.
I was going to tell her.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know this would happen.
And why didn't you tell me?
You should've told me
you're the kind of person
who can't take care of things.
We're back.
What's going on? Huh?
You're installing a door
between the two floors?
Mom, actually…
You! You wanted to install a door up there
without saying a word to me or your dad?
Mom, no. I would never.
I was going to tell you!
We were going to eat lunch
at your favorite brunch cafe today.
I was going to tell you there.
Weren't you supposed to come
this afternoon?
How could you just show up this early?
Hey, how can you say such a thing?
You were going to tell us
about this afternoon over lunch?
You should've told us beforehand!
This is huge.
You should've told us in advance.
Yes, Father. I agree with you.
Gosh. Hey.
You're acting like
you had nothing to do with this!
This was your idea, wasn't it?
Wasn't it?
My son, Jeong-hwan,
would never even dream of doing something
this outrageous and ridiculous!
Let me explain, Mother.
Yes, Mom.
We'll explain, so please sit down.
I can't explain things to you
while you're screaming.
But before that,
why don't we let these men go?
It's a bit rude to make them stand here.
-That's true.
I'm sorry. Please go back for now.
We'll call you back.
No way.
We won't call again.
There's nothing more to do here.
I'll call you. Thank you.
Have a seat, Mother and Father.
We'll explain.
Mother, do you remember this?
Before our wedding,
we all signed this agreement
to promote our happy cohabitation.
What about that?
Look. Father, Mother,
Jeong-hwan, and I, the four of us
sealed it with our fingerprints,
and the agreement includes…
"Article One,
the living spaces
will be completely separated."
And here's Article Eight.
"Renovations to separate living spaces
will be permitted."
It's clearly written right here.
Here. Can you see that?
Well, so what? What?
I didn't see that.
Look. It's stated right here.
"Renovations to separate living spaces
will be permitted."
You're right, Father.
You agreed on getting the work done
to separate the two living spaces.
Which also means you agreed upon
getting the door installed.
What kind of nonsense is this?
I've never even seen that.
How can you say that at this point?
I told you many times to read it over.
What about you?
I told you to read it carefully!
After reading it,
you should've told me about this nonsense.
-Why didn't you see it?
-I read the agreement with my own eyes.
That's why I sealed it.
Father, Mother?
I think you two should discuss that later.
Anyway, I can't accept this.
I've never even seen this agreement,
and moreover,
I have never even heard
of any such articles.
it's a shame you didn't
review the agreement more carefully,
but this agreement is perfectly valid.
Right. Don't be stubborn.
You sealed it,
so you can't go back on it now.
Hye-yeong, this is a fraud.
Had I known that was in there,
I wouldn't have sealed it.
How can you force me to seal an agreement
I never got to read?
No one forced you.
If anyone heard you,
they might think it's true.
Be quiet!
Hey! You did the same thing
at my cafe back then.
It looks like you're a regular con artist!
If you wanted my fingerprint,
you should've explained
what was in the agreement.
Just because I'm not familiar
with legal things
doesn't mean you can smooth this over.
you're the one who's trying to do that.
I can understand
why you're being so stubborn…
Hey! You!
Mom! Mom, look here.
Shouting rudely that way is
banned by Article Four.
Be quiet!
Chuck that worthless piece of paper!
Just because
I'm not familiar with the law,
you think I'm easy prey.
Be quiet! How much longer
are you going to keep this up?
I think we need to take a break.
I think you two should discuss this alone.
Ignoring what the other party wants
won't help us reach an agreement.
Sounds great. Let's do that.
I think that's a good idea.
Yes, let's take a break for now.
After we review what we want,
let's meet back here again.
I suggest a formal family meeting.
The agenda will be
the installation of a door
to separate the two floors.
We should take plenty of time
to think about it,
so let's meet tomorrow at 8 p.m.
Okay. That's a good idea.
You're much clever with these things
since you're younger.
-I'll see you then.
You must be thirsty.
I'll grab a glass of water.
Do you want some ice?
I think I need some.
Of course. Just a second.
Cold ice…
-It should be refreshing.
-I think I'll need more.
Huh? Sure.
More. One, two, three, four.
Here you go.
I'm sorry. It was all my fault.
I should've told my mom
about it in advance.
Of course, it's your fault.
But knowing your problem
won't solve the situation, you know.
I know.
Mother was pretty rude to me,
so one penalty point for parents.
You failed to handle
the door installation,
so one penalty point for family matters.
No objections, right?
Of course. No objections.
I know what I did wrong, I do,
but I have two penalty points already?
Oh, you're right.
At this rate, our marriage
will be over in less than a month.
This is why your pet name is "Cracker."
Point Cracker!
Right. Cracker.
I can't let that happen.
Shall we discuss
how we can convince my mom
and get that door installed?
I'm ready.
This! I knew it!
Honey, look at this. Look.
There's nothing here
about installing a door
at the top of the stairs.
It doesn't say it. Look.
You embarrassed yourself already
in front of your daughter-in-law.
It's too humiliating for me to live here.
Are you a child?
You think being stubborn
will make it go away?
If you had read it carefully,
this would never have happened!
I did read it carefully!
To me, everything sounded appropriate
and reasonable!
I like getting a door installed up there.
I can come out of the shower in my briefs!
Do you have to do that with her here?
Why can't you take my side
on important matters like this?
I can't!
I wonder why I didn't think of that myself
before Hye-yeong did.
Had I thought of that,
I would've put up a door
and lived upstairs.
-How can you say such a thing?
-Be quiet!
Do what Hye-yeong wants to do!
We got a very smart daughter-in-law.
So stop complaining!
You sealed it already,
so there's nothing to be done.
You're unbelievable.
How could you!
What are you doing?
Where's my glue stick?
Stay still. I'll do it.
-Why are you spacing out?
What was I doing?
Oh, right. Glue. A glue stick.
I was looking for a glue stick.
This thing.
You're crazy, Byun Mi-yeong.
What are you doing?
Are you doing well, Mr. Jin?
I'm well, but it looks like you're not.
I'm fine.
Oh, your hand. Is your hand okay?
It's okay.
I better go.
Are you busy?
Yes, I have to sort out
the receipts today.
You are busy.
That's a lot of work.
Let's go. I'll help you.
Excuse me? Huh?
Mr. Jin?
It's okay.
I'm really good at this.
I didn't have a manager when I debuted,
so I had to do this myself.
But you don't have to do this anymore.
You're a celebrity.
I haven't done this in a while. It's fun.
Make it straight,
or General Affairs will yell at you.
Yes, sir.
Sandwiches, macarons…
I guess Jung-hui likes
these kinds of snacks.
What do you like?
I like just about everything.
But my favorite is meat.
I'll buy you dinner.
Would you go out on a date with me?
Excuse me?
What kind of meat do you like? Beef? Pork?
Never mind.
Since it's a date,
maybe we should eat steak.
A date…
Excuse me? A date?
It's embarrassing to see you get shocked.
You really had no idea?
I tried so hard to make it obvious.
I have a crush on you.
Wait, is this a prank cam sort of thing?
-Excuse me?
-Is this a candid camera prank?
This is why I like you so much.
I'm serious. I like you.
Oh. Well…
I'm not asking for an answer right away.
I just wanted you to know how I feel.
I should go.
Don't try to avoid me.
You'll hurt my feelings.
What was that?
Am I dreaming?
I'm not dreaming.
Has Hye-yeong called?
Yes, yesterday.
She said she was going home
from the hotel today,
but she hasn't called yet.
By the way, Yeong-sil,
how did you manage to raise four kids?
We only have Min-ha,
and it's still really hard.
I have so much respect for you, Yeong-sil.
I need to talk about Min-ha.
His school is suggesting
a science high school for him.
But the tuition is so steep
so we're hesitating.
How did you manage with Hye-yeong?
I wanted to ask you.
Min-ha must be really smart.
I'm not sure
if we should be congratulated.
We haven't even asked Min-ha yet.
It must be a huge concern.
But my husband and I
haven't done anything.
Our kids managed on their own.
And things were different back then.
Hye-yeong's junior high teacher
recommended that she goes
to a foreign language high school.
But I guess she didn't want to burden us.
She never mentioned it, so we didn't know.
I guess all smart kids
want the same thing.
They want to compete
with other kids like them,
study with them,
and bring out the best in themselves.
Min-ha is very considerate.
Maybe that was why he didn't tell you.
He probably thought that was considerate,
not knowing you'd be more heartbroken.
Why don't you ask him
and have an open conversation about it?
You need to know what Min-ha wants.
That way, you won't have regrets.
When I heard about Hye-yeong,
I was so upset.
I blamed myself for not knowing
what she wanted as her parent.
It wasn't about being able
to support her or not.
I just thought
I should've known how she felt.
Right. We were going to do that.
We'll do everything we can
to see if we can support him.
If we can't, at the least,
we're going to explain it to him.
I guess the old saying
about how every child is
born with a way to support themselves
isn't so true in this day and age.
These days, every child's life
already seems to be decided
on the family they're born into,
be they wealthy, okay, or poor.
Min-ha, do you have time to talk?
Yes? Is something wrong?
Min-ha, don't you want to go there?
Did my teacher call you?
I told her I wasn't going.
I saw the flyer you threw away
in the trash can,
so I called your teacher
and went to see her.
I heard you were thinking about it
until last year.
Why did you change your mind?
Mom, actually,
I didn't mean anything by it back then.
You don't have to worry about it.
I'm going to a regular high school.
It'll be easier to get straight As,
and the workload won't be as stressful.
Besides, my friends will be there.
Min-ha, if you're worried
about me and your mom,
we really appreciate it.
But your mom and I
want to know what you want.
We want to know how you feel right now.
Don't worry
about what your mom and I can afford
and be honest with us.
If you want to go,
your dad and I will find a way.
The tuition is our concern. Not yours.
To be honest,
it's not that I don't want to go.
But I don't have to go.
If you had to work even harder
because of me, I wouldn't want that.
I doubt it'll help me to go to a school
that only makes your life harder.
It's not for you.
It's for me.
I like studying,
and I don't want to feel unhappy
doing what I like.
That's why.
And I believe in myself.
Even if I go to a regular school,
I can do just as well.
Gosh, I'm hungry.
Mom, I want some snacks.
Okay. What would you like?
-You're home.
Mi-yeong, can you get me an autograph?
Autograph? Whose?
Jin Seong-jun.
Jin Seong-jun?
Why are you so startled?
No, I'm not startled.
I'll see what I can do.
I don't know him that well.
So I can't say for sure.
Didn't you go to that judo event with him?
I thought you two were close.
Did it start back then?
But why?
-Me? Why me?
Why are you mumbling? You're scaring me.
It's nothing.
Is Mr. An home?
No. I thought he came home with you.
Mr. An?
He's not back yet.
Will you be home late?
When are you coming home?
I'll be really late. You should go to bed.
The script for episode six is out.
You weren't in, so I'm leaving it here.
The macarons are for when you get hungry.
From Judo.
Did he go out already?
But I didn't even see him
come home last night.
Let's eat.
-Thank you!
-Thank you!
On top of Hye-yeong,
even Jung-hui isn't here.
Our dining table seems really empty.
I guess I'm not the only one
who feels that way.
Why is Mr. An so busy?
I don't know.
He has some personal business again.
Yu-ju, are you feeling okay?
Is the morning sickness going away?
Things are much better than last week.
That's great to hear.
This is your favorite, isn't it?
Have some more.
There were so many things
happening lately,
so I couldn't pay enough attention to you.
That's not true.
If you start craving anything,
let me know.
Eat up, Yu-ju.
You really love spicy pork ribs.
I do like it, but I'll gain weight.
Right, Yu-ju, you've gained weight.
If you gain too much weight… Ouch!
-Have you been seeing your doctor?
-Yes. Today's her checkup.
It is? Are you going with her?
Of course. We'll go together.
Don't you worry about that.
Doesn't he take after you,
Mr. Byun Han-soo?
It's Hye-yeong's first day
at her in-law's.
I wonder if she made breakfast.
She's not making her mother-in-law
cook breakfast, is she?
She'd be lucky enough
to eat that before work.
Right. I think Hye-yeong slept in
and had to skip breakfast.
I think she slept in
and Jeong-hwan made her breakfast.
I think she's still asleep.
-Me, too.
Ms. Kim Yu-ju?
Your fetus is a lot smaller than normal.
Small? What do you mean by that?
Is it a big problem?
No, some don't grow as big.
It's not a serious problem,
but you need to take care.
You must eat well and get plenty of rest.
You shouldn't strain yourself.
Do you work?
Yes, I do.
You need to look after your health.
And you need to help your wife.
I will.
-Hey, Yu-ju.
I think you've been working too hard, too.
Like your doctor said…
Can we do this later? I have no time.
I have a meeting at one o'clock,
so I have to hurry.
Maybe there was an accident.
What am I going to do?
It's already five to one.
Can't you call and postpone the meeting?
Why did I go see my doctor today?
-Your call…
-Why won't she pick up?
Are they all in the conference room?
Yu-ju, please calm down.
We're almost there.
This is driving me crazy.
She shouldn't run.
I'm sorry I'm late.
You're back.
I heard you went to see a doctor,
so we began without you.
We didn't feel like we should wait.
So we'll need to make adjustments
on the purchases we'll make abroad.
Gaon and K-Top
have already bought several items
through proxy shopping services.
Why don't we delete
the overlapping items by brand
and replace them with items
from up-and-coming designers?
Why are you standing there?
Why don't you have a seat?
I gave you the list of new designers
who debuted this year.
One of you can
check the items from all the designers
and make a list of items we need to buy.
The rest of us
can deal with everything else.
All of these?
Gosh, who's going to do all this work?
I'll do it.
-Excuse me?
-You, Ms. Kim?
I was late to the meeting,
and taking a look at them will be helpful.
It'll be too much for you.
It's a lot of work.
You won't be able to handle it
even if you stayed up all this week.
I'll deal with it. I can handle it.
I'm taking the list.
I'm home.
You're home.
What's all that? Why didn't you call me?
No, it's okay.
Yu-ju, you need to eat dinner.
Later. I'm busy. I have to work.
But you skipped lunch today.
Aren't you hungry?
Should I fix something for you?
Sure, maybe later.
You're having fruit?
It's for Yu-ju.
May I take a banana?
Hey, Mi-yeong.
What kind of work
does Yu-ju do at the office?
Just asking.
I don't know anything about that industry.
And I'm wondering how her job is going.
I'm in a different team so I don't know.
Why don't you ask her?
Yu-ju doesn't like talking about her work.
Why? Is something wrong?
we had a doctor's appointment today,
and the fetus is
a lot smaller than average.
She shouldn't be straining herself.
But Yu-ju has been
working late these days, even at home.
I'd watch her work,
but since I have no clue what it is,
I can't help her.
It's frustrating.
Yu-ju's team has a lot of work.
They need to figure out a concept
for each artist,
buy clothes or accessories,
and find sponsors, too.
Sometimes they have to make things
There are frequent late nights
and business trips,
and sometimes they work through the night.
And since Yu-ju is the team leader,
she must have a lot of work.
Is it that hard?
Then she'll end up straining herself.
That's right.
Let's summarize the coaching methods,
for different age groups.
What is the key to training young athletes
between the ages of 9 to 12?
-Mr. Lee Si-hun?
-Having fun?
Because they're children,
they need to have fun to continue playing.
I can't say that's wrong.
But that's not enough
to call that training.
Mr. Park Cheol-su?
Between the ages of 9 to 12,
their nervous system is mostly developed,
which allows them to move delicately,
so they can learn to attack instantly.
You should aim for the acquisition
of practical skills when you coach them.
That's a response
befitting an active coach.
That's it for today.
-Thank you!
-Thank you!
Guess where I am.
Where is that?
Stop messing with my girlfriend.
Ms. Byun, didn't you tell him
you have a boyfriend?
-No, I didn't.
-Why not?
-Coach Park, this isn't--
Ms. Byun, don't say anything.
You need to be firm with men like him.
Excuse me.
-What are you looking at?
-He also has a great face.
You have a face for great fortune.
But goodness.
Your ancestors are angry at you.
See? I told you it wasn't like that.
Your ancestors are angry at you
and are keeping you from being successful.
You need to show your sincerity.
I think I can give you some great advice.
Shall we talk over a cup of tea?
Let's go.
See? I told you it wasn't like that.
But you were standing with some man, so…
My boyfriend is the jealous type.
Yes, I admit I am.
So please be careful.
Well, your graduate school had
a lot of pretty girls.
Shouldn't I be the one who's jealous?
Do you get jealous, too?
Really? Because of me?
Of course,
I'm fighting hard not to show it.
Why? Why are you fighting it?
If I show it, I might seem petty,
and it might show how much I like you.
Can't you just be jealous?
I'd like you to show how much you like me.
Since you asked me to do that,
I'll take you home today.
I'll keep other women away from you
and take you home safely.
Yes, ma'am.
Can we talk?
Hello, Ms. Byun.
I have nothing to say.
But I do. Should I do it here?
Ms. Byun, I'm sorry.
I can't take you home today.
It's okay.
I was going to take you home.
I'll go. Call me.
Be careful. Text me when you get home.
I heard you dropped by at home.
Did you tell Dad? That I was here?
Don't you think he could figure that out
himself without my help?
What do you want to say?
You're officially getting appointed
next month.
Did Dad put you up to this?
No, I'm the one who's doing it.
Father was all for it, of course.
Nobody pays attention to what I say.
I told you to leave me alone.
Let me do what I want to do.
Just leave me alone!
You think you're the only one
who feels that way?
The only one with a dream?
Do you even know what I wanted to do?
Have you even thought about it?
You always talk about what you want.
"I want to play soccer. I'm going to play.
So I don't care about other stuff.
I don't want to care."
Then go live your life.
Nobody forced you to help Dad's business.
Don't use me as an excuse.
You didn't have the will to face Dad.
Be honest with me.
You do this
because you have me as a backup.
"Since Yeong-hui is around,
it'll work out without me." Am I wrong?
But you know what?
I can't do this alone.
Come back home. I came to tell you this.
You know how stubborn Cheol-su is.
He won't listen to you,
so why would he listen to me?
Should I break his leg or something?
There is one person
who can get through to him.
Do you think
you're the only lawyer in this world?
We can't have a family meeting.
Your mom's not home.
-She's not? Isn't she in her room?
I'm here. Let's have that meeting.
I'm not late, am I?
Before we begin the family meeting,
there's a reminder.
Don't get angry and don't get stubborn.
We must come to a reasonable agreement
through expressing rational opinions.
Especially you.
Share your opinions.
Let me go first.
I just came from a meeting with a lawyer.
This sentence.
It just says renovations will be done
to separate the spaces.
There is no article which clearly states
a door will be installed.
This allows for various interpretations,
so I can request for suspension
and raise my objection.
-Do you understand what I mean?
-Yes, you could interpret it like that.
Did you hear that? Did you?
just as you requested for suspension,
I can go ahead with installing the door
because this allows
for various interpretations.
Goodness, you. This is a fraud!
I approved your marriage
on the condition that you move in.
But if there's a door,
you can't call that moving in.
That would mean we're living separately.
Mother, I can say the same thing.
I decided to move in
only because you agreed
to let us live in separate places.
So if you say that's not possible,
I would feel cheated.
You can have a separate dwelling.
The second floor is yours.
I will never go up there.
Here, as it says right here,
I won't go up there without permission.
But this morning,
you went into their room.
But that was because I…
I wanted to check if it was clean…
I went in there to clean.
See, Mom?
If it's open, you'll keep coming up.
Why won't you trust me?
Today was the last time. One last time.
And I won't ever go up there again.
If you're not going to come upstairs,
why won't you let us install a door?
I just can't understand that.
That's true.
If you won't go upstairs,
why won't you let them install a door?
Well, that's…
-It feels…
Be honest with me.
You want to see how we live, don't you?
Yes, to be honest,
I want to be able to see you
even if I must do it far away.
But if there's a door,
it'll be like a wall
between me and my son…
I'm trying hard to accept you,
but you're building a wall between us.
It hurts my feelings.
I feel like my life is pointless and sad.
if you can't trust me,
how about installing a security camera?
Yes, install a security camera.
You should install one in every corner.
But still,
it seems wrong to put up cameras
because of trust issues within a family.
Yes. That's nonsense, Mom.
I'll come downstairs every chance I get.
I'll come by morning and night.
How can you be so ignorant of how I feel?
Why can't you understand how I feel,
when I devoted my whole life to you?
Mother? How about this?
You don't want a door, but I do.
Let's install only half of it.
Only half?
Yes! Make it a half-door.
It'll be like a security blanket
for everyone,
including you and me. How's that?
That's a great idea.
It's the Judgment of Solomon!
I think that sounds nice.
Well, I guess that is better
than having a whole door.
So we're going to install a half-door!
An Jung-hui?
Help me.
Help you with what?
You're a psychiatrist.
I need therapy.
I think I should remind you.
I'm your ex-girlfriend.
And I'm the worst of its kind
who cursed you during our breakup.
But you're still a doctor.
100,000 won per 10 minutes.
How's that?
Jung-hui, is something wrong?
I think I've gone mad.
I keep staring at someone.
I keep thinking about that person
all day long.
That person's always on my mind.
When I come to my senses,
I find myself watching that person, and I
keep smiling without knowing it.
Am I…
Am I in love with that person?
Crazy jerk.
Are you here to brag about your love life
to your ex?
But there's no way. It just can't be.
It should never be.
Have you fallen for a man?
But that's not an illness.
It's not that.
Is she married? Are you having an affair?
But that's a moral issue,
not a psychological one.
That's not it either.
Then who is it?
You think of her all day long,
you find yourself watching her,
you smile like a madman all day,
but you're not supposed to feel that way?
She's my father's daughter.
My half-sister.
I didn't know she was my sister
when we first met.
I found my biological dad recently.
And when I did,
I learned that she was his daughter.
I'm crazy, am I not?
Right? Isn't this an illness?
Tell me this is an illness.
Hyeon-ji, please fix me.
I'll do everything you tell me.
If you prescribe medicine, I'll take it.
If I must get hospitalized, I will.
I don't know what to do.
If you tell me to get brain surgery,
I'll get it.
What do I do?
How do I get better?
This is bad.
You've fallen in love.
People were working late last night,
so the door must be installed.
It's much better than an entire door.
And I can just climb over it.
What the heck is this?
I mean, this is…
Mother, good morning.
Mother, I thought you were going to die.
Your mother-in-law got a cast
because of you?
But with my arm like this, I can't do it.
I am so happy.
If you convince my son to move back home,
I will make it worth your while.
-How about an early leave of absence?
-That's just another word for resigning.
Don't you care about our baby at all?
Put some distance between you and her.
Spend more time with your dad.
Can you tell me about yourself, Dad?
Jung-hui, what's wrong?
Are you ill?
Are you okay?
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