My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e32 Episode Script

Episode 32

Should I congratulate you first?
Since the heartless
An Jung-hui fell in love?
Stop being sarcastic and tell me.
What am I supposed to do?
There's no need to be so serious.
It happens.
You're neither crazy nor perverted.
You began as strangers.
You became family only recently.
Think of it as a confusion one can feel
in the process of becoming family.
Having that kind of feeling
isn't a problem.
But if you develop that feeling
and start expressing it,
it will become a problem.
Try to put some distance
between you and her.
It'd be better for you
not to see her for a while.
And most importantly,
spend more time with your dad.
When your relationship with your dad
becomes sound,
you will be able to accept
the other family members as your family.
Then you'll be able to escape
from that confusion.
With my dad.
I'll give you homework.
Find out as much as you can
about your father,
enough to describe him to me.
What is his hobby?
What kind of food does he like?
What kind of life did he live?
What kind of place do you have
in his life? And so on.
Jung-hui, did you just get here?
Yes. You're still here?
It took some time to clean up.
-You came home late.
I'm hungry. Can you make me some ramyeon?
Are you sure?
You said you don't eat late when you work.
I'm not shooting anything tomorrow,
so I can eat.
That's great.
-Sit down and give me a minute.
Honey, I've been trying to fight it,
but now that he mentioned it,
I can't anymore.
Okay. Why would you fight it?
If you want something, you should have it.
All right, I have your ramyeon.
I'll be so swollen tomorrow morning
if I eat this.
It's okay. Eat.
Who cares if you're swollen?
Right? What the heck!
Life is short,
so I should eat what I want.
-Let's eat.
-Thank you.
It's so delicious.
Yes, it is.
They all taste the same.
But I'm glad you like it.
Tomorrow's the first episode, isn't it?
Aren't you nervous?
I'm sure he is.
-I'm getting nervous myself.
-You are?
Of course!
But I'm very excited.
I can't wait to watch it.
I can't wait either.
Why don't we all watch it together
as a family?
Yes, that's a great idea.
-Can you do that?
-Sure. Let's do that.
Would you like to go to
the bathhouse with me?
Are you sure?
You said people might recognize you.
If we went early, it'll be fine.
That'd be great for me.
Let's go.
I'll wake you up early.
Your job starts in two days,
but you still went to your part-time job?
Yes. You're up early.
It was just until today.
I had to finish what I started.
Are you going to the bathhouse?
Should I tag along?
Oh, sure.
Can Jun-yeong come, too?
Yes, sure. Come with us.
Is this your first time here?
I've been to one about three times
for a shoot,
but I've never taken a bath.
I see.
After you take a shower,
go into the water to soak,
then scrub your skin.
Just a second.
I'll get us something to drink.
That's hot.
Let's go into the bath.
Oh, this feels great.
Great? It's way too hot.
Try soaking your body in hot water
after some physical labor.
You'll understand why it feels great.
The first episode airs tomorrow, right?
I saw that it's a family drama.
I looked it up.
It was about a son finding his dad.
Yes. You looked it up online?
I had some free time.
And you're playing
the son who has trouble
with the half-brother
who comes looking for his father.
In a way, I'm you in the drama.
My character's name is Seung-u.
Playing Seung-u
made me think of you at times.
I began to understand you too.
Byun Jun-yeong must have been pissed off
when I appeared out of nowhere.
He must have hated me. Stuff like that.
No, actually, it wasn't that bad.
Don't even try.
You were so pissed,
you acted like I was invisible.
Hey, I didn't.
It was just at the beginning.
I'm sorry. I apologize.
Things must have been hard for you
growing up.
You're a victim, too.
I knew all that, but I couldn't help it.
I think you're pretty amazing.
If it were me,
I don't think
I could've forgiven Dad so easily.
But I'm not saying I like you
or anything like that.
You know, don't you?
That's great.
I'm not all that fond of you either.
All done.
I have to work the hardest here.
This is how we wrap up our routine.
-Let's eat.
-Thank you.
I'll taste great after a hot bath.
It's Yu-ju. I'm going to take this.
Can you tell me about yourself, Dad?
What were you doing at my age?
At your age? That's 35.
I think I was busy working
and raising my children.
You got remarried right after
you came back to Korea?
Well, yes.
When did you come back to Korea?
How long after you divorced Mom?
I came back soon after the divorce.
So, how long did you live in America?
How old were you
when you emigrated to America?
When I was a first-year in high school.
The first year.
I'm sorry, but let me use the restroom.
This is beyond imagination.
Mom, get up. Let's go see a doctor.
Mother, you need a doctor.
That was brilliant.
I had no idea
that's how you'd put up the door halfway.
Can't you see your wife is in pain?
How can you be impressed with that?
You're not really hurt.
What do you mean?
I fell down the stairs from up there…
Mother, are you okay?
Mom, get up. Let's go see a doctor.
How can you put up such a door
and make me get hurt?
I'm sorry.
I thought you were going to die.
Do you want me to die?
You wanted to kill your old mother-in-law?
How could you think of doing such a thing?
Mother, let's go see a doctor.
I'm so worried
you might be seriously hurt.
Yes, Mom. Get up.
Hey, just get to work.
I'll take her to a doctor.
Yes, I'll go with your dad,
so you go to work.
I don't want you to be late for work
just because of me.
Go. I'll go with your dad.
I wasn't trying to shock Mother like that.
I had no idea she'd be so shocked.
I know.
I hope she's not seriously hurt.
I'm worried. And I feel so uncomfortable.
I'm dying here.
How can this happen
right after our wedding?
Why did you put up the door that way?
I thought she'd come in
whenever she wanted to
if the upper half was open.
In a way,
I wanted to pull a prank on her.
She was being so stubborn.
I mean, she's not a kid.
I'm sorry. I was so childish.
It was my mom's fault
for trying to ignore the agreement.
I'll come home early tonight.
If you can, can you also come home early?
Get it treated, then take a cab home.
I have to be somewhere right away.
You want me to go alone?
Why didn't you let me go with the kids?
By the look of it,
you pulled a ligament, that's all.
You'll be fine by yourself.
Get out. There's a car behind me.
Hurry up.
I'm home.
Did I fall asleep?
What time is it?
You still have some time.
I'll drive you to work,
so why not take a ten-minute nap?
Can you wake me up in ten minutes?
What's this?
It's a lucky charm.
Open it.
It's a ritual of mine.
Whenever there's a big test or a match,
wearing red socks
sort of helped.
So I got those for you.
Oh, My Boss starts tonight.
It'll do great without things
like this, of course.
But I wanted to give them to you.
Mr. An?
Where have you been in the past two days?
You ignored my texts all day long.
If an artist keeps his manager
in the dark,
it means
something bad is happening to him.
That's what Tae-bu told me.
Is something wrong?
Don't worry about it. It's personal.
Excuse me, Mr. An.
Did you read that article today?
Because today's the first episode,
it was trending this morning.
I'm both excited and nervous.
Aren't you nervous?
Let me read my script.
This is the first overseas purchasing list
for this fall and winter season.
The top items are by new designers,
as we mentioned during the meeting.
And of the items that were
already bought by other agencies,
I've made a list of things
we absolutely need.
Take a look at that as well.
In the case of luxury brands
that hired new art directors,
we should watch their shows
before deciding,
-so I made another list for that.
-How did you do all this by yourself?
It wasn't much.
I told you I'd do it, so I did.
You shouldn't work too hard.
You're pregnant, so I'm worried.
I'll watch for my own health
so stop worrying about it.
Yes, sir.
Ms. Kim, Mr. Kang wants to see you.
Did you ask for me?
Oh, Ms. Kim. Have a seat.
There seems to be a mistake
with the schedule.
It's for a business trip abroad,
but your name was on it.
It's my job, so I should go.
I approved the schedule myself.
Ms. Kim.
You know how hard it is.
Don't strain yourself.
How can you take long-haul flights
and walk around shopping for clothes?
Mr. Kang, I'm fine. I can do it.
The first trimester is over,
so things are stable now.
But you're still pregnant.
You're making us nervous.
Don't try too hard.
Take your name
out of this business trip abroad.
for the time being,
I'll put Ms. Im in charge of the Art Team.
Mr. Kang!
This is for the sake of our company
and for your sake too.
I'm not telling you to stop working.
I'm asking you to be more realistic.
You came home early.
I'm glad.
You worked way too hard so get some rest.
I've been wanting to talk to you.
I'm worried
about how the fetus is too small.
There are small babies and big babies.
My doctor said it wasn't a big problem.
But still.
You've been working way too hard lately.
What do you think
about taking a leave a bit earlier?
What do you mean? I'm worried.
I'm worried our baby is too small,
and I'm worried about your health.
Mi-yeong told me
your work is really difficult,
with many late nights and business trips.
And since you're the team leader,
you have even more to do.
You'll have to go on a maternity leave
in a few months,
so how about an early leave of absence?
I'm going to start working now.
Take a leave of absence?
That's just another word for resigning.
Why is everyone doing this to me?
I'm not terminally ill,
so why is everyone asking me to quit?
Yu-ju, I'm worried about you.
Who asked you to worry about me?
I don't need you to.
I'm pregnant. I'm not sick.
Why do you all treat me
like a patient or an invalid?
I am a talented person
who can still do her job
even when she's pregnant!
Why are you so mad?
Whenever I bring up your pregnancy,
you get defensive and angry.
You know what?
You're 12 weeks pregnant.
Yet we haven't even picked
a pet name for our baby.
Yu-ju. Don't you care
about our baby at all?
What is it?
Do you have a hobby
of talking about other people?
What are you talking about?
Why did you tell Jun-yeong about my work?
If you want to talk,
talk about your own work.
Why did you talk about what I do
when you don't even understand it?
We're worried about you.
Jun-yeong asked because he was worried,
so I told him what I know.
What's wrong with that?
All that worrying!
I don't need it.
I don't appreciate
the worries and attention,
so please stop it.
I can't believe you.
You didn't mind
when we went out of our way for you.
But now you don't want
any worries or attention.
When we did the spring cleaning,
you were left out.
When we make dinner,
you're always left out.
My mom washes all your clothes
because you're pregnant and working.
You didn't mind or complain about it then,
but now you complain!
We should stay out of your business?
Fine. I am grateful for all that,
but it's not something
you should brag about.
Mother did those things, not you.
Hey! How can you say such a thing?
I talked to Mom,
and fortunately, her bones are fine.
She pulled a ligament, and she got a cast.
She needs to wear it for a month.
I'm so relieved.
It'll be tough to wear a cast for a month,
but I was worried
it might be more serious.
Okay. I'll see you at home.
Are you working?
I thought you might be worried.
Mother, I heard from Jeong-hwan just now.
I was really worried,
so I'm glad it's not more serious.
I received treatment.
I believe I'll be fine.
Okay, Mother.
I'm so glad you're fine.
Will you eat dinner at work?
With my arm like this, I can't cook.
But my doctor said I should eat well, so…
Okay, Mother.
I'll get some eels and come home early.
I prefer the gochujang flavor
rather than soy sauce flavor.
Yes, Mother.
Come to think of it,
I'd prefer half and half.
Yes, Mother. I'll get them both.
No, come to think of it,
your father likes grilled salted eels,
so that might be better.
Yes, Mother,
I will get every flavor there is,
so you can have whatever you want.
Can I get some eels to go?
Soy sauce, gochujang flavor,
and salted eels,
two portions each.
Mom, it's me.
I'm on my way home.
I'm going home early.
Mom, I can't come home this weekend.
You can't? Why not?
Your mother-in-law got a cast
because of you?
Did you twist her arm?
You already got into trouble?
It's hard to explain.
I didn't actually twist her arm,
but I provided the cause.
Anyway, I'll call you if I can come.
But it won't be easy.
Mom, I have to get another call. Bye.
Jeong-hwan, I'm at the eel store.
Are you finished with work?
Mother, we're home.
-You're home.
-Mom, let me see.
Does it hurt?
No, the pain isn't as bad as before.
That must be pretty frustrating, Mother.
It's a full cast.
Do you need that for a pulled ligament?
The doctor recommended it.
Did you get the eels?
I didn't have a decent lunch.
I'll go and set it up.
Stay here. We'll set it up.
Will you stay with me?
I mean, I'm in so much pain,
but your dad dropped me off
at the clinic and left.
I had to get a cab
and come home by myself looking like this.
Mom, Dad didn't go to the clinic with you?
Stay and talk to Mother.
I can do it alone.
Where did Dad go?
Why are you asking for me?
Dad, Mom's in pain,
so where were you all this time?
You didn't go to the clinic with her?
I thought it was a pulled ligament.
Oh, you got a full cast?
Come and have dinner.
Gosh, they look good.
You got all the different sauces.
Let's eat.
It'll be hard for you to use chopsticks,
so I got you a fork.
What's wrong, Mom?
Isn't your left hand okay?
I feel weak.
I've been in such shock
since this morning,
and I went through an ordeal
all by myself.
I can't lift a finger.
Let me help you.
My chopsticks.
Oh, this one looks good.
It's so delicious.
-Is it?
Chew well, and eat up.
The ginger.
I forgot the ginger.
Oh, boy. What a fuss.
Thanks to Hye-yeong, your wish came true.
Son, get me the gochujang eel.
-Gochujang eel?
I'll give you that with a bit less ginger.
Give me.
Gosh, it's so delicious.
Son, you eat some, too.
I'm okay.
You got some on your mouth.
There you go.
Mom, is your arm in pain again?
You haven't been this warm to me
for a long time.
I'm really touched and happy.
But I wasn't all that…
Hye-yeong, eat.
Mom, Hye-yeong likes salted eels.
Eat up.
I want the salted eel, too.
Enjoy, Mother.
Give me.
Come on.
Father, why aren't you eating?
Can you?
I am so happy.
I'm sorry.
It was a very long day, wasn't it?
Thank you for being nice to my mom.
It's okay.
She got hurt because of me, so I had to.
But your mother loves you
a lot more than I imagined.
It's because I'm an only child.
It's the weekend,
so let's visit your parents.
I told them we can't come tomorrow.
Why not?
How can we go with your mother like that?
We'll go next week.
Thanks, Nut.
I'm not in the mood.
Should I draw you a bath?
-It's starting.
-Come here.
The man of the hour is not here.
Shouldn't we go up and get him?
Sit there.
Oh, it's starting.
Oh, why am I so nervous?
Oh gosh, I'm a nervous wreck.
-Keep it down, everyone.
Seung-min, Seung-min!
Oh no. Seung-u's so bad at fighting.
That nosebleed is so horrible!
Why? It's cute.
Oh, that was why that jacket
from the sponsor
came back all ruined.
Wow, incredible.
Jung-hui's name is trending.
Really? What's the ranking?
Get a screenshot!
Number three. It's going up.
Be quiet!
I can't hear anything!
Yes, everyone. Be quiet.
We're professionals,
and you're a total amateur.
You must be awfully glad to be a thug.
Oh, gosh.
Mom, isn't Seung-u adorable?
He is. I wish he were my son.
Mother, Seung-u is right here.
That's true.
Seung-u, come here. Be my son.
Would you please be quiet?
Don't be rude.
I won't let you get away with it.
What would you do?
Thank you. Thank you so much.
Mr. An is a real actor.
It's totally good, isn't it?
I think it'll be a huge hit.
It really is good.
It's not just good. It's sensational.
We can't sit around like this.
Let's get ready.
-Okay. That's right. Let's go.
-Be careful.
Let's go.
What are you doing? Sit down.
The key is to make sure
you don't sound like you know him.
Use three or four different usernames.
Never use your real name.
And if you can,
please use the internet lingo
young people use.
Mom and Dad,
"I am enjoying the drama very much."
"The acting is superb."
"Go, An Jung-hui."
Please avoid these comments.
But that's what I want to say,
so what can I do?
Oh, Mom, you're so behind.
For "The acting is superb,"
"An Jung-hui's acting is dope.
Write that instead.
As for,
"I am enjoying the drama very much,"
say, "That's awesome."
Whoa, look at all the articles.
There are so many comments.
Oh, Dad!
Username, "Dad's Snack Bar"?
It's too obvious.
That's like using your real name.
Honey, "I am a Civil Worker"
isn't so great either.
there are more than
a million civil workers.
Hey, Ra-yeong, what's with "Yoga Fairy"?
"Judo Girl," "Yoga Fairy,"
same difference.
-Did you see it?
-Why? Mom, what did you say?
-What is it?
An Jung-hui isn't all that great.
He's totally ugly. His acting is crap.
I bet he's mean.
You aren't all that great, jerk!
In person, he has a halo around his head,
killer acting skills,
and the personality of a lamb.
Where are you?
Let's fight it out in person!
You're An Jung-hui, aren't you?
I'm An Jung-hui's mom! So what?
-I'm "Zero-Sil."
-It's better than "Dad's Snack Bar."
-"Dad's Snack Bar"?
It can be Otosan Sushi.
Mine is the number zero, and "Sil".
"Dad's Snack Bar" is too funny.
Who is that?
Hello, Mom.
Jeong-hwan, I'm a bit chilly,
so I want to take a blanket out,
but my arm hurts, so I can't.
Can you come down and do it for me?
Okay. I'll be right there.
Let me go downstairs for a second.
The night air is very cold.
Yes, Mom.
No, you're not bothering me.
I'm fine.
What was that?
What, Mom?
It's the first place!
Oh, My Boss got the highest ratings.
They were 16,6 percent nationwide!
Really? It became the first place?
What did I say? It was sensational!
Whoa! 16,6 percent! Amazing!
Is 16,6 percent good?
It's sensational!
What? Did you get the highest ratings?
That's great. The drama was really good.
Why isn't the man of the hour here?
-Let me go upstairs.
Jung-hui, congratulations.
Jung-hui, what's wrong?
Are you ill?
You have a really high fever.
When did it start?
I'm fine.
You're not fine.
When did it start?
Why didn't you call me?
Let's go see a doctor. Can you get up?
I have to be at a shooting.
I have no time to see a doctor.
I don't think you can work today.
Call them and cancel it.
They began airing the show,
so I can't cancel it.
I'm fine. I can work.
Why are you reading that?
It's heartbreaking.
Honey, I thought about this.
Why don't we send Min-ha
to the science high school?
It's not like he doesn't want to go.
He wants to, but he won't because of us.
We're his parents, so we should
support him even if it's tough.
Where will we get the money?
There's the lease deposit
we made for this house.
Where would we live?
Become homeless for his education?
Don't be so extreme.
We could move to a smaller place
or switch to monthly rent.
No, we wouldn't be able to keep that up.
Hyo-yeong still got into SNU
without going to a foreign language high.
I'm sure Min-ha can do a great job
at a regular high school like Hye-yeong.
Yeong-sil didn't know
because Hye-yeong never told her.
That's not the case for us.
We can't ignore what our child wants.
We can live in a smaller place.
I will work harder.
Why can't you see the big picture?
If we take out the lease money
to pay for his school,
do you think Min-ha will be happy?
Let's say we can get the tuition.
You think it ends there?
The kids there get tutors
and spend millions of won a month.
What if our son becomes discouraged
and feels small?
What if he wants to study abroad?
What do we do then?
If we can't support him to the end,
it's better to give up now.
He was born to poor parents.
It's a part of his fate to accept it
and adjust to his reality.
I don't want to blame myself
for not providing
the support my talented kid needs.
It's better to blame ourselves
than to support him halfway
and then depend on him
for the rest of our lives!
Why did you…
Why did you start a business
only to lose all our money?
I told you it was a bad idea
to go into business with your friend.
If you hadn't lost that money,
Min-ha would have been free
to pursue his dreams.
Why are you bringing that up now?
Is it really necessary?
Fine. It's all my fault.
It's all my fault!
I'm home.
Let's go out. Hurry up.
Let's go.
Oh boy.
Mom and Dad are arguing, aren't they?
I guess you caught on.
They must be arguing over me.
I don't have to go
to the science high school.
Why couldn't you be a B student?
You're my own grandson,
but you're too smart.
Way too smart.
I suppose so. If I got lower grades,
Mom and Dad wouldn't be so upset.
Don't blame your parents.
They don't have any money to give you,
but they gave you
that smart brain of yours.
I wasn't able to give your father that.
Not even that.
That's not true.
You gave him integrity and a kind heart.
I'm happy to have Mom and Dad
as my parents.
And you, too, Grandma.
I'm also glad you're my grandson.
Let's go.
They must be done arguing.
Just to be sure,
should we take a walk to exercise?
If you want to exercise,
why don't we circle around
the neighborhood at least twice?
Let's go.
Ms. Byun, are you finished?
why didn't you come to class today?
Can you spare some time?
I have to talk to you about Cheol-su.
Coach Park?
Let's go.
What was that?
Is this a love triangle?
Let's go.
Hello, director.
He's waiting for you.
The chairman's room?
Yeong-hui, where are we?
Where did she go?
-Is he looking for Ra-yeong?
-I think he is.
Your call cannot be connected…
Where did she go?
Coach Park, are you looking for Ra-yeong?
Oh, yes.
Ra-yeong's boyfriend came and took her.
He said he needed to talk to her
about you.
What's going on with you three…
When was that?
-Have some tea.
-Thank you.
-We've met before, haven't we?
Sorry about what happened last time.
I didn't know you were his father.
Is your hand okay?
What do you think? You bit me mercilessly.
I'm so sorry. I should pay for--
Instead of treatment,
let me ask you for a favor.
Excuse me?
Yeong-hui told me
you and Cheol-su are in a relationship.
Yes, we're seeing each other.
He refuses to listen to his parents,
but he listens to you.
He does, but…
I don't know how much you know,
but he left home to play
that stupid soccer.
He should learn how to run a business
and take over this company.
At the board meeting next month,
he will be appointed as a director
and start working here.
Can you talk to Cheol-su
and make him move back home?
If you need anything, let me know.
If you convince my son to move back home,
I will make it worth your while.
Money. I'm talking about money.
Get out of my way!
Ms. Byun, let's go.
I'm not finished.
I think you should stop.
Ms. Byun, I'm sorry.
My father can be really pushy.
I'll make sure this never happens again.
your father is
the chairman of GB Corporation?
Yes, he is.
You're in shock, aren't you?
I didn't mean to lie to you.
I just didn't know
how to explain my situation,
so I was trying to figure it out.
I see.
My dad's company or money has
nothing to do with me.
I've never learned how to run a business.
Having me take over the company is
only my dad's wishful thinking.
I see.
But you seem rather different today.
Coach Park,
you don't seem like the man I know.
I'm still the same.
Nothing has changed.
The company and my father,
they're behind me.
I am the same man you used to know.
I'll take you home.
I want to go by myself.
I can't believe
I got a business card from a chairman.
He's here.
Jung-hui, did you read the articles?
They are all praising your performance!
It's a huge hit!
Thank you. I owe it all to you.
I hope we can keep this up.
-Let's do this right.
-Don't worry about it.
-Let's do this.
-Let's go.
Stop it.
The lighting's hot,
so you have to cool down.
It's okay. Don't bother.
Let's roll!
Scene 55, take 1.
You knew, didn't you?
Why didn't you tell me?
-What difference would that have made?
Jung-hui, how about
looking more like
you're about to burst into tears?
-Can you check on Hye-rim's shirt?
Are you okay?
Give me the handkerchief and leave.
Let's try that again.
Jung-hui, I love that face.
Keep that face.
Scene 55, take 2.
You knew, didn't you?
Why didn't you tell me?
-What difference would that have made?
why did you put your hand on that?
I'm sorry.
Mr. An.
I got some fever reducers.
Sit down. You're making me dizzy.
If it's too hard for you,
should I postpone the shooting?
I'll feel better after I rest.
You're looking worse.
Is there a way to break a fever quickly?
Are you okay?
I need some air.
You crazy fool.
Oh, Mr. Ryu!
What brings you here?
I can't believe it.
-Why don't you have some of these?
-Please look after Jung-hui.
-Of course. He's been doing so well.
Jung-hui, what are you doing?
Why is your hand so hot?
You don't have to drag me by my wrist.
Mr. Kang.
Yes? What is it?
I'll need a new manager.
Get me a new manager.
Oh, that feels great.
That's nice.
Father? Mother?
Come and have breakfast.
How can you call this breakfast?
All you did was
take them out of the fridge.
This is like a feast
for breakfast, Mother.
It's better to have a small breakfast.
Yes. This is great, Mom.
Oh, it looks delicious.
Yes, let's just eat.
It's not like you made
anything special before.
I can't believe you.
I've made you great breakfast
every morning for the past 38 years.
By the way,
how bad does the ligament have to be
to require that full cast?
I know. How bad is it, Mom?
How can I remember all that now?
Oh, I almost forgot.
After breakfast,
please clean the house thoroughly.
Excuse me? What did you just say?
I clean the house thoroughly
every weekend,
but with my arm like this, I can't do it.
I see.
I'll call for help, Mother.
You can't do that.
I hate it when strangers
go through my things.
That was why I did all the chores
for this big house all this time.
Oh, you created trouble
for yourself, Mother.
If you get help from professionals,
you can get well-organized service,
and they can provide you
with a more ideal living environment.
Did you say I created trouble for myself?
Are you lecturing me?
Why am I in this state in the first place?
How could you say such a thing?
I thought you were
a very reasonable person.
I'm not asking you to do everything.
Just clean the living room,
two bedrooms and the kitchen.
Oh, and you should
probably do the laundry, too.
That sounds like everything, Mother.
Let's do it together after breakfast.
I'll clean the first floor,
so you take upstairs.
I'm sorry,
but it must be because of the cast.
My shoulders hurt very badly.
Can you massage my shoulders? Please?
Can you massage Mother's shoulders?
Jeong-hwan and I have to clean the house.
-I don't want him.
When I ask him to massage my shoulders,
he pinches them instead.
Mom, I'll do it after I finish cleaning.
I think I'm getting
cervical disc problems, too.
It aches so bad here.
Go and give her a massage.
Maybe she needs to be hospitalized.
Okay. I'll do it quickly and come out.
Let's go, Mom.
I should walk Chico.
Leave the study to me. I'll clean it up.
Mom, excuse me for a second.
I need a bathroom break.
But you have to come back quickly.
And bring me a cup of water.
I'm thirsty.
It's so itchy.
Mom, I got some water…
Be quiet. Hye-yeong might hear you.
How could you…
Mother, let me clean your bedroom.
No, it's okay.
I'll clean in here. There's nothing to do.
Okay, then.
It does hurt, really.
Mi-yeong, Jung-hui, what's this?
-What is it?
Titled, A Passionate Journey Over 66 Days:
An Jung-hui of Oh, My Boss
Looks for His Birth Father.
"Talk about passion for a TV drama series.
An Jung-hui found his father
after 35 years to prepare
for his new drama.
He found him,
and he's now living with him
at his father's house.
According to our source,
he was inspired to do this
because of his passion for acting.
An Jung-hui's birth father is Byun,
a man who runs a snack bar in Suwon."
Mr. An
What's this?
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