My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e33 Episode Script

Episode 33

"After 35 years, An Jung-hui found
his birth father for his new drama.
His birth father is Mr. Byun
who runs a snack bar in Suwon."
They can't publish
our private lives like this.
They can't.
Isn't that your photo, father?
I know it's from when he was young,
but they didn't even blur the face out.
Let me see.
His name is on his uniform too.
Mr. An, you don't know
how this happened, do you?
No, I don't.
Nobody knows I live here.
Let me call the director at my agency.
Hello, Mr. Kang. What's going on?
Okay, I'll be right over.
Meanwhile, can you block other articles
from being published?
Okay. I said I'll be there.
Let's go to the office.
Mr. Kang wants us both.
Let me find out what's going on,
and I'll call you right away.
I told the director to stop other articles
from being published.
What if Father gets outed online?
I'll do my best to prevent that.
I'll get the photo taken down right away.
Some reporters might show up here
while I'm gone.
No matter what, don't talk to them.
They'll confuse you
with a lot of questions
and only print a few lines
that sound provocative.
Even if you go see a doctor for a cold,
they'll write you're dying with pneumonia.
Don't ever answer any of their questions.
Okay. I understand.
Hurry up and go. Don't worry about us.
-Okay. Let's go.
I'll see you later.
-Mi-yeong, call us as soon as you can.
See you later, Jung-hui.
Mi-yeong, drive carefully.
I will.
Honey, what do we do?
What if anyone recognizes Han-soo's photo?
What if they come here?
They wouldn't.
It'll be okay.
I'm so worried.
It'll be fine.
Even if they recognize the photo,
it's not like our address was in there.
And people my age won't be interested
in an article like that.
I read it because of Jung-hui.
Otherwise, I wouldn't have.
-You really think so?
You used to tell me
not to worry about things.
You're not being yourself.
Don't worry. Everything will be fine.
Jung-hui said he'll block the articles
and get the photo taken down.
Jung-hui and Mi-yeong
will take care of it.
You want to come to the snack bar with me?
It'll help to keep yourself busy.
Come and help me.
Are you Mr. Byun Han-soo?
Yes, I am. Who are you?
Hello, I'm a reporter from Mogirazzi.
I want to interview you
about Mr. An Jung-hui.
No. We're not interviewing with anyone.
It'll only take a minute.
I only want a few words.
I'm not doing it. I have nothing to say.
I heard you're living with
Mr. An Jung-hui right now.
Did the rest of your family
agree to do that?
It must have been a hard decision.
Is there a reason
why you're living together?
He said he doesn't want to say anything.
You are Mr. Byun's wife, right?
Will you answer my question?
You're living
with your husband's ex-wife's son.
How do you feel?
What are you saying?
How can you just show up here
and ask questions like that?
You have four children.
Did they all say yes?
Is there a special reason why you live
with your husband's ex-wife's son?
It's just not normal.
Please leave. We have nothing to say.
Let's go, honey.
Answer me.
Did you say yes to his moving in with you?
Mr. Byun, just a few words please.
How do you feel right now?
Mr. An's been getting
positive reviews about…
It's okay. He'll leave.
I'm going to wait here until you come out!
Mr. Byun!
Honey, should we call Hye-yeong?
Neither of us know
how to handle things like this.
Yes. We better call her, honey.
I know. That's why I'm asking you.
Yes. Please.
What do you think you're doing?
You moved in with them?
And you've been lying to me?
Okay, Mr. Kang. Please calm down.
How could you do this to me?
You should've told me.
How could you let me find out
about it this way?
What do I mean to you?
I'm sorry, Mr. Kang. I really am.
When did you move in with them?
About three months ago.
Three… Three months ago?
You two have been lying to me
for over three months?
Ms. Byun Mi-yeong, didn't I tell you?
I told you to report any changes to me.
Did you think I was joking? Don't you
have any respect for your director?
I'm sorry.
Mr. Kang, it was my decision.
Don't blame her.
You be quiet!
You want to be destroyed?
Didn't I warn you?
I told you to keep things quiet.
But you moved in with them?
Your career might be destroyed over this.
"An Jung-hui turned his back
on his father."
"An Jung-hui used his father
for his drama."
"He's trying to gain pity!"
What? What's wrong?
You think that won't happen?
Nobody knows how the public will react
or what they'll say.
An Jung-hui's career as an actor
might be over!
Don't scare her!
Move out of that house right now!
Okay. I'll do whatever you say,
so take the articles down.
Especially the photo.
My family's in shock. If this keeps up,
my father might get outed online.
How can you worry about
your family right now?
Who else could I be worried
about right now?
Please get the articles
and the photo taken down.
The Media Relations Team is working on it.
Come with me to your apartment right now.
Don't even think about going back
to that house.
You're getting a new manager as of now.
You're getting a new one,
even if it has to be me.
Intern, you're suspended.
Be at your desk starting tomorrow.
Be ready to submit a written apology.
Yes, sir.
Come with me.
Tell everyone not to worry.
That includes you.
Okay. Don't worry about me.
Hi, Jeong-hwan.
Hi, did you read the article?
What happened?
Are father and mother okay?
They must be stunned.
Yes, I'm on my way home right now.
I can't talk right now.
I'll call you later.
You're Mr. Byun's daughter, aren't you?
You recognize me,
so you must be the reporter
who wrote that article
after a 66-day stakeout.
Yes, I'm Kim Geun-soo of Mogirazzi.
Let me ask you a few questions.
You printed my father's name and photo
without blurring it out.
He was in his athlete's uniform.
Athletes don't have portrait rights.
That's only for sporting events,
didn't you know?
It's a different story for private photos.
They do have portrait rights.
So you must know what you did today was
a grave violation
of my father's privacy rights.
The public's right to know trumps
rights to privacy.
Oh, the public's right to know?
The public's right to know only applies
to public records, didn't you know?
It is limited to what is related
to public understanding and
legitimate public concerns.
The fact that Mr. An Jung-hui
is living with his birth father
is hardly a public concern.
Must the busy people of Korea be forced
to find out
about the private lives of others?
It's exhausting.
And what do you think
you're doing right now?
My father said no to an interview,
but you're camped outside,
disrupting his business.
I'm not doing that.
Article 17
of the Korean Constitution states
no citizen's privacy shall be infringed.
It is the right to protect one's privacy
from being exposed
to others against his wishes.
Article 21, should the press violate
the honor of other people,
claims may be made for the damages.
Would you like me to take you
to court to discuss
the public's right to know
versus individual privacy?
Let me have your business card.
I must begin by observing the practices of
this kind of vulgar yellow journalism.
Are you a lawyer?
Yes, I am Byun Hye-yeong
of Haeon Law Firm.
Did you say your name was Kim Geun-soo?
Go back to your office
and take the photo down.
Or else, I'm going to take legal actions.
You must be shaken up.
He kept asking questions,
and I didn't know how to react.
Nothing like this has ever happened
to us before.
I didn't know there'll be a reporter here.
Thank you for coming here, Hye-yeong.
I had to.
What did they say at the office?
The director said
he'll try to stop the articles,
and a team is working on taking them down.
They're working on it, so it'll die down.
And that reporter from earlier
won't come back.
But there might be some other reporters.
If they do, don't get nervous, okay?
There's no need.
You've done nothing wrong.
Don't get nervous,
and if anyone asks for an interview,
just be firm and say no.
But they might try to take a photo of you.
If they do, don't duck or cover your face.
Just let them take the photos.
Some scumbags print photos like that
just to make it more scandalous,
to make it appear
like you have something to hide.
Just tell them you will take legal actions
if they print anything.
And here.
Give them my business card.
And I'll take care of the rest.
I understand what you're saying. I will.
You're the one who must take charge, okay?
I'm not here,
so you must step up
and take care of Mom and Dad.
I will, Hye-yeong. Don't worry.
Mom, I have to go back to my office.
Dad, when did you do judo?
I never heard about that before.
Even when I did it,
you never said anything.
Well… It was only for a brief period
when I was young.
By the way,
how is your mother-in-law's arm?
Is she still in a cast?
Hi, you're home early.
How can you still be wearing that?
Didn't you say you're taking it off today?
But I'm still in pain.
The doctor said
my muscles are all sprained.
Mom, why are you doing this?
Why are you screaming?
What did your mom do this time?
It's nothing.
Did you read the book
I gave you the other day?
What book?
The book on graduating from marriage.
I gave it to you after
Jeong-hwan's wedding.
Oh, that book?
No, I haven't.
Wait, I don't even remember
where I left it.
Where did I leave it?
Don't you ever pay attention
to what I say?
I told you to read that book.
Why are you yelling at me?
You know I hate reading books.
Even if you do, just read it.
The book is about your life and mine.
What kind of book is it?
What was that? What did you say?
Read it first. And we can talk about it.
Oh, boy…
And where is my allowance?
Weren't you supposed
to give it to me yesterday?
How can you say that when I hurt my arm?
Can't you see how sick I am?
Stop talking about your arm.
I made you lunch and vacuumed the house.
Give me my allowance.
I couldn't go to the bank
with my arm like this.
You didn't hurt your leg.
Why can't you go?
Fine. Give me the ATM card.
I'll go to the bank.
I can't trust you with my ATM card.
Who knows how much you'll withdraw?
What do you want? Give me the ATM card
or go to the bank yourself.
I'm saying give me a few more days.
You're home all day,
so why do you need money?
Why are you asking for money?
-What did you say?
-Am I wrong?
Why are you arguing again?
Was I wrong?
Mom, wait.
I have a solution.
I'll resolve it so please calm down.
-Mom, where's your mobile phone?
-Right here.
I'll wire the money
into dad's account. Okay?
Dad, how much is your allowance?
I'm too ashamed to say how much.
It's 300,000 won.
Isn't that too much for an unemployed man?
Do you think that's right?
It's 300,000 won?
Okay. 300,000 won. And…
Mom, look into the camera.
The camera?
Okay. Done?
Look. The money's been wired, right?
Oh, that was easy. How did you do that?
It was nothing at all,
so why did you have to argue like that?
Wait, it's done?
Yes, the money's been wired
to your account.
And Mom, can I talk to you?
Huh? What is it? Why?
Mom, how much longer
are you going to keep that up?
Take it off before you get humiliated.
Just one more week.
I'll take it off after a week,
so please don't tell anyone.
Didn't you hear? Huh?
Because I'm in a cast, your father
made me lunch and vacuumed the house.
Otherwise, he would never
do such things for me.
I haven't felt this good
in such a long time.
But still…
I wouldn't ask for more.
Just one week. Please?
I just don't think this is right.
Take it off.
I can't lie to Hye-yeong like this.
If you don't tell her, I will.
Take it off. I warned you.
You don't care about me anymore, do you?
You don't understand why I'm doing this.
If I hadn't done this, you and your father
wouldn't have paid any attention to me.
-Mom, but--
-You didn't see me that morning,
but I almost fell
all the way down the stairs.
I was in such shock.
When I think of that morning,
my heart pounds and my muscles ache.
They ached this morning.
But you only care about your wife,
don't you?
Okay. Fine.
Give me three days. Please?
Just three days. Can't I have three days?
I feel so happy and excited.
Can't I have three days?
Think about the pain I suffered. No?
-I'm home.
It was a long day, wasn't it?
Drink this.
It's freshly squeezed orange juice.
I think it's dying down.
I searched online,
and there were no more follow-ups.
Your father's photo was taken down.
I met with the reporter who wrote it,
and he took it down a few hours later.
-It's delicious.
-Isn't it?
I'm glad it wasn't more serious.
Father and Mother are in shock,
aren't they?
Well, this never happened to them before.
But they've calmed down.
Oh, Nut. I'm sorry
you had to go through that.
You want to shower first or eat first?
I made some Spanish tapas.
Oh! It's a shrimp.
It's delicious.
I think I should take a bath.
I'm exhausted.
Right? You should.
I'll draw you a bath. Go and get changed.
Really? You will?
Let me have them.
Thank you.
Your reward.
It's been a long time. How about tonight?
Let's contact the first guy
who printed it.
We need to know who the informant was.
Okay. Thank you.
Where did it come from?
Even I was in the dark.
Mr. Ryu knows.
Mr. Ryu? The director of Oh, My Boss?
How does he know?
I told him after I failed the audition.
He leaked it?
This is crazy.
We can't sue the director
you're working with.
Why did you tell Mr. Ryu
when you haven't even told me about it?
I'll get this situation under control,
so you stay here and stay put.
Don't talk to any reporters
or answer their calls.
I won't.
I'll get going now.
There aren't any new articles,
but "An Jung-hui" is still trending.
The photos on social media pages
showed some reporters
outside his apartment.
I better go and check on Jung-hui.
You want to go to his apartment?
But there are reporters there.
He must be still recovering
from his illness.
I can't leave him there alone.
I know. He must be pretty sick.
I wonder if he took any medicine.
Should I go?
I'll go.
I was his manager,
so the reporters won't suspect anything.
Who's that?
Mr. An, it's me.
I came because I was worried.
Please let me in.
I'm fine. Go home.
I brought you some medicine.
You're still sick.
Let me just check on you.
Don't worry about me. Go home.
I'm fine.
Mr. An…
This box is for discarding your thoughts.
Write down what's bothering you on paper,
put it in this box and lock it up.
Bring it to your next appointment.
I'll help you discard them.
I'm home.
So? Does he look better?
Why? You didn't get to see him?
No, I didn't see him.
He wouldn't let me in.
I guess things are pretty bad.
Were there reporters there?
Yes, there were some outside the building.
I guess he is pretty famous.
He can't come out of his apartment since
he's afraid he might be photographed.
That's bad.
He hasn't been back there in a while,
so there won't be any decent food.
Who could it be at this hour?
How did you come in?
Someone was leaving when I arrived.
I woke you up, didn't I?
I was worried, so I had to come.
I figured there won't be reporters
at this hour.
How do you feel?
Don't you still have a cold?
No. I'm better.
You must be shaken up.
How was it? Did any reporters show up?
Don't worry about us. We're fine.
But I'm so worried
you'll end up suffering.
As long as everyone is okay,
I don't care about me.
I'm a celebrity anyway.
Go back to sleep
while I fix you breakfast.
Hurry up and go to bed.
-It's okay.
-I said go back to bed.
Sleeping is the best remedy for colds.
Hurry up and go to bed.
Jung-hui, come and have breakfast.
I guess I fell asleep.
You were supposed to.
I told you to get some sleep.
Breakfast is ready.
Sit down. Do you like boiled chicken?
Even if you don't, eat it for your health.
I put in an abalone, too.
I do like it.
Why am I the only one getting the abalone?
There was only one in the freezer.
Don't say anything and eat.
That's steamed pear tea.
It's good for colds.
I made it with honey.
Make sure to drink it often.
I made a whole pot.
When did you make all these?
I only made the chicken and the pear tea.
I brought the side dishes from home.
I don't give the drumsticks
to just anyone.
You should have some, too.
Why didn't you answer it?
Well, it was spam.
-Please eat.
What is it?
I guess having you here made me relax.
I slept like a baby just now.
It's nice to have you here.
I hope you wouldn't feel
so guilty anymore.
Thank you for breakfast, Father.
Eat up.
What time is it?
Don't get up.
I'll go downstairs and make breakfast,
so go back to sleep
and come down later to eat.
You mean it?
Okay. Thanks.
Don't be.
Let's make breakfast.
Onions first.
I slept like a baby! I feel great.
Yet the bleakness
of living with the in-laws returns.
It'll be a month until the cast comes off.
Come in.
Mother, Father, did you sleep well?
Yes, Hye-yeong. Did you sleep well, too?
You slept while Jeong-hwan made breakfast
and came down now?
Like they say,
you must have saved a nation
in your previous life
to deserve this. Right?
Do you know of any other husbands
who would let his wife stay in bed
and make breakfast?
You're right, mother.
But I don't think it was a nation.
I think it was more like a village.
Jeong-hwan, you should try harder.
She says it was a village.
It must have been a huge village.
Let's eat.
-Thank you.
Why am I worth just a village?
Are you disappointed?
If it were just you,
I'd say it was more than a nation.
I probably saved the planet.
What came with you isn't all that great,
although I did play a part in it.
Mother has to wear that cast
for 28 more days, right?
And we have to keep doing
this every morning, right?
-Are you okay?
Step back. Are you hurt?
I'm not.
What do I do?
They are the limited edition
Royal Affair dishes!
What was that sound?
Oh, no! My dishes!
I'm sorry, Mother.
That's too bad.
They were limited edition,
so we can't replace them.
Yes. I know.
What do we do?
What do you think?
We'll have to buy new ones.
Come with me
to the department store after work.
What time do you get off?
Is your hand okay?
A blue tie is great for the first day.
It makes you look relaxed and earnest.
It's not flashy,
so you won't get sick of it.
When did you get this? I know you're busy.
Thank you.
Actually, I can't do this that well.
Come here.
I know what you're worried about.
I know I've been too busy
to worry about our baby.
From now on, I will take care of myself
and eat well.
Let's think about what to call our baby.
I'm sorry I made you worry.
But I can't get any time off
from work just yet.
They are already leaving me
out of projects at work,
so if I take too much time off,
I might have to resign.
I'm not asking you
to take a leave right now.
I know how important your work is to you.
I just wanted you to watch your health
and pay attention to our baby.
And if there's anything
I can help you with
or if there's anything
I can do for you, tell me.
I will.
Thank you for apologizing first.
Are you nervous? And excited?
I'm going to work
for the first time at age 35.
I am a bit nervous.
And a bit embarrassed.
Don't be.
I'm so proud of you.
Just remember three things.
Smiling makes you look like a pushover.
People will be submissive if you're mean.
Being kind will make people
take advantage of you.
That can't be true.
There's one more.
What can't be true usually is.
I feel like I'm headed
for the battleground.
It is a battleground.
So make sure your eyes
are glaring like this
and stay alert at all times.
Like this?
No. Glare harder.
-Like this.
-Like this?
Newbie, get this copied.
Yes, sir!
Are you Jun-yeong?
-Can you help me?
-Of course.
-Mr. Byun Jun-yeong?
There you are. Come with me.
-Sit down next to me.
For today, just observe what I do.
Yes, sir.
I need a certificate of seal.
May I see your ID? Is it for yourself?
-I'm here to report my new address.
-Is it for yourself?
Do you have your ID?
Can I get a certificate
of local tax payment?
Yes. Is it for yourself?
-May I see your identification?
I need to go to the restroom.
If anyone comes here,
ask them why they're here
and get their document.
Of course.
-Thank you.
How may I help you?
-I'm here to register a birth.
-Is it for yourself?
Does the baby have to be here in person?
The baby is at the hospital.
Excuse me?
Oh, I'm sorry.
Certificate of birth… Document…
-May I see your identification?
Ms. Kim, do you have some good news?
You look really happy today.
Well, it's nothing special,
but it's my husband's first day
as a civil worker today.
I just feel so great. Can you tell?
We should celebrate.
Okay. I'll buy you lunch.
Why wouldn't you answer your mom's calls?
Do I have to come all the way here?
I'll buy you lunch tomorrow.
You guys go ahead.
-You're not eating?
-Why did you come?
You're short-tempered, just like me.
You have some money saved up, don't you?
You moved out of your apartment
when you got married, didn't you?
Wasn't the security deposit
around 10,000,000 won?
Lend me that money.
I spent that on my wedding
and bought the furniture. It's all gone.
You have a job,
so why didn't you save some money?
Get interim severance payment.
I already did that two years ago for you.
I'm not your bank.
You've done this so many times.
I have no money.
Even if I did, I wouldn't give it to you.
How mean.
I suffered so much
when I gave birth to you.
How can you be so ungrateful?
Did I ask to be born?
Giving birth doesn't make you a parent.
You never raised me.
Oh, I can't believe you.
I nursed you at least.
I am moved to tears.
But I believe I already paid
you back for nursing me.
Don't ever come back to me again.
Why? Did something happen? You look upset.
It's nothing.
Ms. Choi, what are you having?
We have to renew our contract soon,
don't we?
You're right.
I've lost my appetite.
What do you mean?
You already ate everything.
-It's all gone.
Ra-yeong, is something wrong?
You're picking on your food. I'm worried.
I have to lose some weight.
Excuse me.
Ms. Byun…
You're acting weird. What's wrong?
Are you worried
about renewing your contract?
Yes, I am worried.
I can sympathize.
Contract instructors like us
are a dime a dozen.
I hope I meet a rich man and get married
so I won't have to worry about it.
I have a class. I'll get going.
Coach Park.
Why are you avoiding me?
Can we talk?
Are you angry at me?
It's not like that.
What is it, then?
Let me apologize again
for what Yeonghui and my father
did that day.
It must have been very awkward for you.
I don't know what my father said to you
but please don't mind him.
I should've resolved things
with my father.
It was all my fault. I'm sorry.
It wasn't your fault.
And he didn't really say much.
You came right away, so I wasn't offended.
Then why have you been avoiding me?
You say you're not angry,
but you've been avoiding me.
I don't know what to do.
Ms. Byun?
I'm not sure how to face you.
I don't know how to act around you.
Can't you act like you used to?
If I do, I'm worried
I might look materialistic.
What if you think I like you
because you're rich?
I'm worried about that.
But if I show how awkward I feel
or how uncomfortable I feel,
I'm worried you might feel disappointed.
That's how it is.
To be honest,
you're like someone
from a different world.
I'm not a rich boy. I'm Park Cheol-su.
I know.
But your father owns a company.
I thought a rich boyfriend
was the best boyfriend,
but now that I know you are beyond rich,
I feel small.
You feel so out of reach that I'm afraid
I might get hurt trying to make you mine.
I hope you wouldn't feel that way.
I'm not a rich man or out of reach.
All I am is your boyfriend.
I thought I had enough dating experience,
but I guess it's useless.
I don't know what to do.
Let me think about it.
You have an evening class, don't you? Go.
I'll take you home.
You better not go and see Ms. Byun again.
Don't add to my problems.
Dealing with father is hard enough for me.
Ms. Byun?
So the tip off I got was right,
Coach Park Cheol-su.
What do you think you're doing?
Can you move your feet?
Oh, boy.
This is a terrible, terrible world.
Why? Is there another article?
No, there isn't.
I mean, why are they printing articles
about what's going on in our family?
I know.
Every time someone walks by,
I get scared thinking
they might be a reporter.
Han-soo and Yeong-sil must be so worried.
He's the trouble. That An whatever.
He caused all this trouble.
I told Yeong-sil not to let him
into her home.
She should've listened to my advice.
How come she never listens to my advice?
Calm down, Mother.
Mom, calm down.
By the way,
what's Jung-hui doing right now?
-Is he home?
-He's not coming back.
He went back
to his apartment or something.
He's not coming back. Good riddance.
I really hated him.
But what's wrong with that boy
wanting to find his birth father
and live with him?
Why is the whole world talking about it?
It's not like they raised him,
so why do they care? Why?
They don't even know anything.
Why are they gossiping about our family?
They are separating a father from his son.
Mother, are you siding with Jung-hui?
No, I'm not.
I should go check on Yeong-sil.
Hye-yeong, you're here early.
You're the one who's late.
I've always wanted to go shopping
with my daughter-in-law. Let's go.
Didn't you say
you're going to get some plates?
It's for you.
You don't have a summer blanket.
It's okay. I'll get one later.
But I want to buy you one.
How's this? Isn't this one nice?
I'll take this one.
Thank you.
This is so pretty. So pretty.
Hye-yeong, isn't this really pretty?
That's not my style.
It's heavy, expensive, and fragile.
What do you know?
You've never cooked before.
But when you have guests over,
they judge you based on your plates.
Let's check out another brand.
That was the third one already.
Just come. I want to buy you something.
No, mother!
The blanket was enough.
Oh, this must be new.
Let me see…
Is this one too flashy?
Oh! I love this style.
Bravo! This is the best one!
Mother, I want this one.
You and I have similar tastes.
Oh, I have so many outfits
I want to give you.
We could even share our clothes. Right?
Mother, please pay for this.
How much?
Hye-yeong, let's go in here.
Oh, how nice!
Look at you!
I can't believe I ran into you here.
-What happened to your arm?
-I got hurt.
Is she your daughter-in-law?
Yes, she is.
She is a successful lawyer
working at a huge firm.
Hi. This is my daughter.
She's getting married next month.
At S Hotel.
It'll be an extravagant affair.
We came to buy wedding gifts.
Her future in-laws sent a long list.
But I'm not going to complain.
I can afford it, so why would I complain?
By the way,
how come you married your son off
in secret like that?
I thought maybe your daughter-in-law
was pregnant,
but she doesn't seem to be.
It wasn't a secret wedding.
We had a small wedding
to go with the trend.
Who gets married at hotels anymore?
And who gives all those wedding gifts?
That's terribly backward.
Don't you agree, Hye-yeong? Huh?
My daughter-in-law
didn't want a flashy wedding,
so we rented a cafe
and had a small wedding.
Both families were there,
and it was fun, beautiful and simple.
It was so moving.
Oh, and they live with us
on the second floor.
Your son never visits you
after he got married.
It's not easy
to find a daughter-in-law like mine.
I guess I was very lucky. Don't you agree?
We better go.
Good luck with your wedding plans.
Let's go, Hye-yeong.
What is all this?
Was it a long day?
Did everything go okay?
Well, I could say no, but…
She's kind of cute.
Why? What happened?
There's nothing. They've stopped
posting articles since last night.
Right, and most
of the previous ones are gone.
They got them taken down.
They must be working really hard.
Most of the articles have been taken down.
Oh, that's a relief.
I think we can relax now, father.
And the comments aren't all that bad.
A few of them are mean
but the rest are okay.
"An Jung-hui's acting is amazing."
"Is that why his acting improved?"
A lot of people
are complimenting his acting.
I'm so relieved.
I was really worried people might post
mean comments about Mr. An
and spread false rumors about him.
Does this mean we can relax now?
I couldn't even breathe for a while.
I didn't know you were that worried.
You know this photo in the article…
Doesn't this guy look a bit like dad?
Before I saw the name Lee Yun-seok,
I thought that was dad.
So I wasn't the only one.
This one looks much more like Father.
I know. I thought the middle one was Dad.
I know. I thought this boy was you, too.
I've never seen any photos of him
when he was young.
Dad, do you have any other photos?
Cameras are very common these days,
but in our time, they weren't.
I don't have that many photos either.
Why don't you call Jung-hui
and ask how he is?
Yes, let's call him.
We haven't seen him in days.
I can't believe they called me
on a weekend.
I wanted to go out with you.
Good luck.
I've been wanting to take a very long nap.
It was such a long week.
Then don't come out of the bed.
I'll be home by five at the latest.
-See you later.
Mom, take that off right now.
I can't do this anymore.
It's killing me.
I can't take this anymore
so take that off right now.
What are you doing?
I asked for three more days.
Today is day three,
so give me until tonight.
But your son is dying here.
And what's the big deal
about a few more hours?
Please take that off.
What about you?
It's just a few more hours.
Why can't you give me a few more hours?
It's until tonight. Just until tonight.
No more articles.
Now I can relax.
You're here.
What's all this, mother?
It's the pickling season.
I pickle vegetables every year,
so I ordered all these in advance.
But what can I do with my arm like this?
I'm sorry,
but can you do these for me? Please?
You never pickled anything before.
I did. You don't know what you're saying.
Be quiet.
Don't give Hye-yeong work. Put them away.
You were busy at work, so you never cared.
Maybe I didn't make a lot,
but I did pickle vegetables every year.
Since we have Hye-yeong,
I was going to make plenty
and send some to her parents.
My parents?
Yes, that was why I ordered
the best there is.
I can't throw these out. What should I do?
What else can we do? We'll have to do it.
Father, please help.
They don't sting that much.
What's he doing?
Honey, don't cut off that much at the top.
I don't believe what she's doing.
It's like she's never peeled
an onion in her life.
Why are you so slow?
Make it look pretty.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Hye-yeong, you're so bad at this.
How come your hands are so slow?
Do it faster. We have one more box.
Hurry up, okay?
You're still working?
Did you fall into the toilet?
What took you so long?
Come and finish this up.
That's enough.
You're going to make Hye-yeong sick.
That's why you have to help…
Who's that?
Hello? Who is this?
Okay. I'll be right out.
What is it?
It's the woman from next door.
Someone scratched her car,
and she thinks it was us
because of the color.
But I didn't even go out. Unbelievable.
Oh, can you go?
can you go?
You're a lawyer,
so you must be good at this.
Okay. I will.
I didn't realize how big this place was.
Hi, mom.
Me? Home, of course.
What about you?
What? Where did you say you were?
Incheon Airport.
I'm in Korea.
What took you so long?
I called you ages ago!
Look at my car.
You have a camera.
Why don't we just check the footage?
We need to talk.
Your arm…
Damn it.
My mom came to Korea.
You're exploiting the son
you didn't even raise.
You are leeching off your child.
Let me meet your father.
She was married to Han-soo.
We must come up with an excuse
to avoid her.
Do you have to do this?
Is that what you think, too?
This was all fake?
Do you hate living with me that much?
Let's end this!
I didn't take marriage seriously enough.
Do you regret it?
You! Don't you think
you should apologize to me?
Is An Jung-hui seeing someone?
I wanted to keep working with you.
Is Mr. Byun Han-soo in?
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