My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e34 Episode Script

Episode 34

So, how did it go?
Did you prove it wasn't my car?
You should've made her feel really guilty.
I'm back.
-You're all in here?
What's all this?
Mom, what did you make
Hae-yeong do this time?
I didn't make her do anything.
We were making pickles for everyone.
Oh, boy…
There's something you must all watch.
Huh? What is it?
Watch what?
Can you come to the living room with me?
What is it? What do we have to watch?
Mom? Mom.
Mom, we need to talk.
Your arm…
This was all fake?
Did you fake your arm injury?
Well, actually…
It wasn't like that.
Then what is it?
What was that video clip about?
I don't think I can make pickles anymore.
Where do you think you're going?
You humiliated me in front of Hae-yeong.
How can anyone do such a thing?
How can a person be so wicked and crafty?
Well, actually…
I can't take this anymore.
I shouldn't.
The fact that I was married for 38 years
to a woman like you
makes me feel embarrassed and lost.
I don't want to remain
as your husband anymore.
Let's end this!
What are you talking about?
I asked you to read that book!
Let's graduate from this marriage.
Let's end our marriage
and go back to being strangers!
End our marriage?
You want a divorce?
Yes, I'm done with this!
Graduate from marriage?
What does it mean
to graduate from marriage?
I'm sorry, Hae-yeong.
So? When did you find out?
Four days ago.
It's been four days already?
So you and your mother
have been deceiving me for four days?
I'm really sorry.
Of course. Of course, you should be sorry.
But saying you're sorry isn't enough here.
Let me explain.
Try to explain. I'll hear you out.
When I found out four days ago,
I couldn't believe it either.
I was so embarrassed.
I tried to persuade her
and bully her to take it off,
but nothing worked.
She kept asking me
to give her one more day.
But she promised today was the last day.
So I was going to let her have today.
So you were never going to tell me?
The cast would have come off tomorrow,
and I would have stayed in the dark?
I was going to tell you
the truth at first.
But that would've embarrassed my mom
and embarrassed me, too.
I couldn't bring myself to tell you
what kind of person my mom is.
I couldn't do it
because I was embarrassed.
I'm sorry.
Between saving your mother's face
and staying loyal to me,
you chose the former.
No, Hae-yeong.
No? Then what was it?
You have formed a triangle
between us and your mother.
You got stuck between me and her
and failed to tell me
what you should've told me.
Conflicts between mothers
and daughters-in-law
start from that triangle.
I decided to marry you
because I believed
you'd be able to cut off that link,
unlike other Korean men.
I believed you'd never form
this kind of awkward triangle
and hesitate
between your mother and your wife.
I was sure you wouldn't go
back and forth in a wishy-washy way.
I can force myself to understand.
You probably didn't want
to embarrass your mother.
I know that. I do.
But what makes me angry is that
you actually thought
everything would be fine
as long as I didn't find out.
You thought it wouldn't matter
if I didn't find out?
I am so sorry.
I am, Hae-yeong.
I have no excuse.
Of course. Of course, you should be sorry.
I am very disappointed in you.
I know. There's no excuse.
I will take all the blame
and suffer the consequences.
Isn't this why
we're in a "Marriage Internship"?
I will mark it right now.
We can't deduct points for this.
I can't forgive you for this today.
No argument shall be carried over
to the next day.
Minus one point.
I'm in no mood to tell you I love you.
Say "I love you" once a day.
Minus one point.
I'm not going to sleep with you tonight.
Never sleep in separate rooms.
Minus one point.
End our marriage?
Didn't you miss your mom?
How come you never visited me?
Have you been well? What brings you here?
Come in.
Why didn't you tell me
about meeting your father?
Why do I have to read that
in the newspaper?
How could you keep that from your own mom?
You don't like to talk about him.
Mom, did you come alone?
Where's stepfather?
Don't change the subject.
Why did you suddenly go
and look for your father?
Just because. I got curious.
Looking for him made me want to meet him,
and when I met him,
I wanted to live with him.
So I asked if I could move in.
Wait, so you really moved in
and lived with his family?
With his wife and children?
Yes. They've been great to me.
Let me meet your father.
Father? Why?
Why do you think?
He's living with my son,
so I want to meet him.
You said you never want to see him again.
Things have changed.
You are living with his family.
And I want to know
why he is living with my son.
What do you mean?
Mom, I asked to move in with them.
Why does a father need a reason
for wanting to live with his son?
Who knows?
He might be trying
to take advantage of you
or he might have some other reason.
Mom, it's not like that.
Father's not like that.
And neither his family.
Okay, then.
I'll ask father and let you know.
Let me taste it.
Oh, it's hot.
Perfect timing. Breakfast is ready.
I made spicy kimchi stew.
I'm not hungry.
I'm sorry, Hae-yeong.
I really am.
It's natural for you to still be angry.
But you should have breakfast.
I got up early so I could make
breakfast for you.
I'm getting even angrier as time passes.
I feel like ending
the internship right now.
I just can't eat.
You won't even say good morning to me?
Also, don't you think
you should apologize to me?
About what?
You humiliated me by getting my husband
and your husband together
and showing them I was faking it.
Fine. I faked my injury.
But still, if you had come
and talked to me,
I would've explained things to you.
You are the one
who should be apologizing for that!
It wasn't my fault. It was yours!
That's what I'm saying!
If you had come to me first,
I would've apologized.
But you were determined
to humiliate me yesterday
and took your anger out on me!
Do you know what I had to go through
yesterday because of you?
My gosh!
How can you do such a thing?
How can you be so rude
when I am talking to you?
I'm not done. Where are you going?
Hey! I'm not done!
-Let's eat.
-Thank you.
You don't always notice an extra person,
but you sure notice when someone is gone.
Now that Jung-hui is gone
on top of Hae-yeong,
this table seems empty.
I wonder if Jung-hui ate breakfast.
Mi-yeong, should we video call him?
No, we can't do that now.
He must be on his way to the shoot.
The articles have died down.
Won't he come back?
No new articles have been posted
since two nights ago.
I'm sure he's trying to be careful.
I'll ask if I see him at the office.
I'll go and ask.
I'm going to go to his apartment
to bring him some food.
Dad, there might still be some reporters
in front of his apartment building.
Don't worry. I'll be careful.
Are you coming to the office today?
I want to ask you out on a date.
I shouldn't ignore this, should I?
Oh, what am I going to say?
-Mr. Jin Seong-jun?
-Hey, let go.
Why are you reading my messages?
Is it really Jin Seong-jun?
Why would he ask you out on a date?
Wait, Jin Seong-jun doesn't have
a crush on you or anything, does he?
I don't know.
You want some barbecue?
I found a good restaurant,
so I could take you.
Mi-yeong, don't say you don't know.
He does!
Jin Seong-jun has a crush on my sister.
Mom! Dad!
This is a secret.
If this gets out, I might get fired.
It's really serious, okay?
What was that?
Force of habit.
I thought the van was there.
You haven't lost your mind
because of that text, have you?
What? Just go.
Your call is being forwarded
to an automated….
He won't answer.
Is he in bed?
Ms. An, you weren't answering,
so I'm texting instead.
How is your cold?
Are you eating well?
Everyone is worried.
Oh, I thought it was Mr. An.
He did read it.
Make sure you don't have
to write another apology.
Yes, sir.
We were able to get the articles
taken down,
but the story is out there,
so the reporters
won't let it go that easily.
Make sure your family members don't talk
about this. Jung-hui can't go back there.
Yes, sir.
You'll be transferred
to another department.
Excuse me? Transferred?
I'm going to think about which department
and let you know through HR.
I'm not going back
to being Mr. An's manager?
It'll be inconvenient for Mr. An to get
a new manager in the middle of the drama.
Jung-hui is doing great
as a miniseries star,
and his acting is raising his profile,
so I don't think it's right
to leave him in charge of an intern.
He needs proper care.
Look at what happened this time.
You failed to keep things under control.
I believe he needs someone
who is more experienced,
so I'm assigning Tae-bu back to him.
You're getting rid of them already?
How cold of you.
Is An Jung-hui seeing someone?
Excuse me?
Male actors always ask for male managers
when they meet someone.
He's getting a more experienced manager.
Yes, Tae-bu is going back to him.
He is more experienced than I am.
His drama began airing,
and there was that article.
I'm sure he needs
a more experienced manager.
Don't be too disappointed.
It's not because you were bad at your job.
Thank you.
Come in.
How are you feeling?
I'm better.
That's great.
My family wants to know
when you are coming home.
I'm not sure.
Why? You came to ask me that?
I'm sure you heard,
but Tae-bu will look after you again.
I wanted to keep working with you,
so I'm very disappointed.
Oh, I admit Tae-bu
will be far better than me
in providing you with support.
So I came to say goodbye.
These are your favorite macarons.
Have them when you get tired.
Thank you for putting up with me
despite my shortcomings.
I have to read my script.
I better
get going.
I'm back.
-Look at your hair!
Look in the mirror
and straighten out your hair.
You can't meet
Min-ha's homeroom teacher like that.
I had to wear a helmet.
But why is she coming to visit us?
Is it because of science high school?
What else could it be?
Is this Min-ha's…
Hello, Ms. Lee.
Hello, I am Min-ha's dad.
They'll be taking applications soon.
I came to find out
if you talked to Min-ha about it.
What did he say?
We would love to send Min-ha
to a science high school.
Did Min-ha say no?
He didn't tell you why?
Is there something else he wants to do?
It's not that…
It's not.
We can't afford to send him there.
Min-ha's friends told me
you own this restaurant.
Actually, we just work here part-time.
I see…
Sir, ma'am.
Min-ha will do great
no matter where he goes.
Don't worry about him.
Number 16 across is a three-syllable word.
Eat this at someone's house.
Eat? It must be food.
-Eat someone's salt.
-Eat someone's salt!
"Eat someone's salt" is correct.
Grandmother, you're great at this.
I can't speak other languages,
but I'm good at Korean.
Incredible. You and I are tied.
I'm home.
Me, too.
What are you doing?
Be quiet. Here's the next question.
You use this word to describe
postponing the deadline
over and over again.
What is that?
Isn't it gatbachi?
Gatbachi is correct!
Wow, incredible.
Grandmother, you're incredible.
But what is gatbachi?
That's what people called shoemakers
in the old days.
They never finished the shoes on time,
and they kept delaying the finish date,
so people started to use that phrase.
Mom, you're incredible.
How did you know all that?
I know, Mother. You could be on that show.
Really? Should I go on that show
and win the prize money?
I couldn't, could I?
I'll be nervous on TV.
Prize money?
There's prize money?
Yes. If you become the master,
you win 30,000,000 won.
What? 30,000,000 won?
Really? 30,000,000 won?
Why did you bring so much food?
You didn't have to do this.
Your fridge is empty.
Did you eat? You must be hungry.
I'm late because I had to avoid
the reporters.
Actually, I was hungry,
so I was thinking
about ordering some food.
Why didn't you call me?
Sit down. I'll fix you dinner.
I brought spicy chicken stew,
soybean paste stew and some bulgogi.
I also brought enough side dishes
for three days,
so you just need to make rice.
Okay. Thank you.
You should eat well
when you're recovering from a cold.
I'm worried about leaving you here alone.
I have a feeling I'll get fat
if I eat all the food in the fridge.
Right. I hope you gain some weight.
You are too thin.
Try this.
You like it with milk,
so I made it with milk.
My mom came to Korea.
Yes. She read the article,
so she wants to see you.
You don't want to?
No. Okay.
I'll think about it.
Thank you. Come again.
-Thank you.
Honey, what's wrong?
Did you run into reporters again?
What's wrong?
Why? What happened now?
My heart is pounding.
Ms. An Su-jin came to Korea.
She read the article,
and she wants to see me.
Ms. An Su-jin?
Honey, no. You can't.
We're talking about Ms. An Su-jin here.
She was married to Han-soo.
She'll know the truth
the moment she sees you.
Don't even think about it.
You can't do it.
I know. Of course, I know.
But I'm worried Jung-hui
might think it's weird.
We must come up with an excuse
to avoid her.
Tell him I said no.
That I wouldn't let you meet your ex-wife.
Let's say that, honey. Please?
I'll be the bad guy.
Use me as an excuse. Okay?
I can't believe it.
What's going on?
Ra-yeong, did you know?
Coach Park has been living
in the night duty office.
You didn't know?
Who told the director? None of us knew.
How many times have I told you?
Living in the night duty office
is against the center's policy!
I sympathize with you, but I can't
allow it because of the policy.
If you had talked to me about it,
we could've…
Ms. Byun.
Where are you going?
Oh, we're here.
It's 190,000 won a month.
You can't even stretch your legs here.
I will take--
We'll come back.
A roach!
How much is the rent?
It's 450,000 won.
Let's go.
Thank you.
I don't think we can find anything better.
I'll just take the first one.
Do you have to do this?
What do you mean?
You do have someone you can ask for help.
Is that what you think, too?
I'm used to people saying that.
"How much longer will he keep this up?
He's a rich boy being rebellious.
When things get tough,
he will crawl back to his father."
After the draft,
one of my teammates told me
he wished I would get hurt seriously
enough to prevent me from playing again.
Why? Why would he say such a thing?
An owner of a soccer club
wanted one of us,
and he ended up picking me.
He was angry at me.
He thought I didn't have to play soccer
to make a living.
He thought I stole his chance.
I guess he thought
he was more desperate than me
and wanted me to let him have that chance.
But I couldn't do that.
I was just as desperate as he was.
But people don't believe it
when I say
I am just as desperate as he is.
It's so hard to make people see that.
I'm sorry.
I was being careless about your dream.
You have my sincerest apologies.
And I can see it.
I can see you are crazy about soccer.
Let's go.
Who cares if the room is small? Huh?
You don't have to stretch your legs.
Right. I don't have to.
What are you doing here?
You were crying?
No, my eyes hurt.
I was visiting our sponsors.
I have to get back to my office.
Can we have some tea?
What is it? What do you want to say?
I thought long and hard about saying this.
I thought you'd get mad if I say it.
But I couldn't just let it go
because I saw it.
And I was really worried about you.
It was a coincidence.
I saw you and your mother
at the restaurant.
And I heard your conversation.
Byun Mi-yeong.
Sit. Sit down.
How much did you hear?
Almost all of it.
When you married my brother,
you said your parents passed away,
but now I know your mother is alive
and that she is making
unreasonable demands from you.
You're really…
You're really annoying.
Why are you digging into my secrets?
Why do you have to see me like that?
I told you it was a coincidence.
Whatever it was!
Don't worry about it.
It's none of your business.
Why not?
To be frank,
you lied to my whole family
about your mother being dead.
If I had been just your sister-in-law,
I would've told my mom and dad about it.
If I hadn't been your friend.
Are we really friends?
Fine. You're right.
We're not really friends.
You're the bully
who thought I was an easy prey,
and I was the victim who got bullied.
Do you still think I'm a joke?
Why are you so twisted inside?
I was the one who got bullied
in high school,
and I was the one
who forced myself to forgive you
and accepted you into my family.
So why do you always lash out at me?
As if I was the one who bullied you?
You make me annoyed.
You hurt me when I'm most vulnerable.
I did it because we're family!
I was thinking maybe I should help you
if Jun-yeong couldn't.
I knew you'd react this way,
but I couldn't turn my back on you.
You are my big brother's wife now,
and a daughter-in-law to my mom and dad
and a sister-in-law to me.
To be honest,
it's easier for me to ignore you!
Forget it.
Do whatever you want.
Don't worry!
I told Jun-yeong before we got married.
I didn't lie to him.
Wait, your father made all these
and brought them to you?
I was sick a short while ago,
and he made me all kinds of porridge.
I didn't know he could cook.
Father's a great cook.
You didn't know?
He never cooked anything back then.
I guess he's changed a lot since.
How did you two meet?
Why are you asking about that?
I was just curious.
I thought about it,
and Father's not your type.
Why did you fall for him?
Well, we met in high school.
We relied on each other
while struggling abroad.
We lived in the same neighborhood,
so he drove me to and from school
and we became close.
Wait, Father drove…
But he can't drive.
He was a great driver.
So he's choosing not to drive?
Hi, Father.
I don't think I can see her.
I have nothing to say to her
after all this time.
I wouldn't feel comfortable.
Besides, I would feel guilty
toward my wife.
Okay. I'll tell her.
Don't worry about it.
Was it your father?
He thinks it's best not to see you.
He has nothing to say.
But I have something to say.
We have a son together,
so why can't we meet?
He has a wife. I told you that already.
Of course, this could be uncomfortable.
It's not like I don't have a husband.
I just don't understand it.
He's seeing you, my son.
She did judo, so I called her that.
I see.
There are so many.
Fill it up again.
How are things with you and your father?
My father?
Things are great.
It'll be great if we can keep this up.
That's great to hear.
Is the same time next week okay?
Yes, but I'll call you if I can't make it.
Okay. Let's go.
Did you bring your car?
No. I didn't want
to be followed by a reporter.
Where are you going? I'll drop you off.
How did you know?
I've never seen that expression
on you before.
-Aren't you getting off?
-I should. Bye.
Wait, what are you doing?
I still have feelings for you.
How could you leave
while I was still talking to you?
Was that how your parents raised you?
My muscles were hurt.
My doctor told me to take it easy,
and that was why I got the cast.
If you want, you can talk to my doctor.
I didn't do anything wrong.
I can see why you were upset.
But I was upset when I saw that door.
So let's call this even.
I wanted to be friends with you.
As I told you before,
I've always wanted to go shopping with you
and treat you like my own daughter.
How can you keep ignoring
your mother-in-law's texts?
My son changed after he met you.
He used to be so loving and caring.
My husband was always brusque and cold,
but my son wasn't.
Are you okay?
Yes, I'm fine.
Your client is here.
Has she read them or not?
Why isn't she replying?
I know you're not asleep.
Get up and come out.
I have to talk to you.
Let me explain about graduating
from marriage.
You need to know what it is to do it.
You never read books,
so I'm going to explain it to you.
I don't know what it is. Explain it to me.
What in the world is it?
Graduating from marriage.
It means ending your marriage.
We're not going to be restrained
as a married couple
but live as if we were two single people.
We don't have to fulfill
the duties of a husband or a wife.
In other words,
we will live in separate dwellings.
Live in separate dwellings?
How's that different from a divorce?
It's different.
Divorcing is legally complicated,
and we have to worry
about how others will think about us.
And Jeong-hwan won't be happy
if we get a divorce.
But if we graduate from our marriage,
we won't be called divorced,
and we can enjoy freedom.
What do you mean, so?
I'm saying we should graduate
from our marriage.
I'll get my own place,
so I want you to agree to it.
No, I can never agree to that.
Why? Why not?
All we ever do is fight.
You said you hate everything about me.
I'm indifferent, cold, and self-centered.
Do you hate living with me that much?
Try living as an independent woman.
Stop obsessing over me.
I know I'm irresistible,
but I need some breathing room.
No! I'd rather die
than do that graduation thing.
My stomach…
If you want to fake it,
make it believable.
Now it's your stomach?
Oh, too bad.
You can't wear a cast around your stomach.
I really am in pain!
I'm going hiking
so don't be stubborn and think about it.
Oh, my stomach.
What's wrong with my stomach?
Huh? What's this?
-What's wrong?
-There's a ridiculous article.
There's another article?
You said they were all taken down.
Read it to us.
"An Jung-hui's father is reaping
the benefit of fame.
While gaining popularity
through Oh, My Boss,
An Jung-hui has been actively promoting
his father's snack bar,
making it become a popular eatery
in Suwon.
One of the customers said
they didn't know about the snack bar
but came because it was in an article.
The neighbors are touched
by An Jung-hui's love for his father."
Are they crazy?
How can they lie like that?
An Jung-hui never promoted our snack bar.
He kept it a secret all this time.
What? A popular eatery?
It was always popular.
It's all fabricated.
-You come here.
-Did you read this article? Read it.
-What is it?
Do you still think I was worried
for nothing? I was right, wasn't I?
He never came to see you
after you were born.
When I heard he accepted you,
I was suspicious.
Mom, it's not true.
This isn't true. They made it up.
They made all of this up!
Mom, I'm sorry. But it's not true.
They are actually suffering because of me.
I thought it was dying down.
Mom, I'm sorry.
But I need to make a call. Excuse me.
Hi. Did you read that article?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry you have to suffer like this.
Don't worry about it.
I'll take care of the article.
I'm fine. Is everyone okay?
Is that your father? Let me talk to him.
I need to see your father.
He has the right to refuse to see you.
Hi, Mr. Kang. Did you read that article?
Yes, that one. Can you get it taken down?
They keep posting awful comments.
How annoying.
This must be why he took An Jung-hui in.
"You should be ashamed of yourself.
You're exploiting the son
you never even raised."
What? What was that?
"You are leeching off your child."
People are so mean.
They don't know anything.
How can they say that?
Huh? That's Dad's Snacks in Suwon.
How did they know?
-The name of my snack bar is up?
Yes. Another comment says that, too.
Didn't they say they were going
to take this down?
I talked to An Jung-hui.
If you'd like,
the company will file a suit
for defamation
and for spreading false rumors.
And he's going to give an interview
to make sure this never happens again.
Do an interview and file a suit?
There's no need for that.
Why? Dad, let's do it.
We need to show we're innocent.
Your father said no.
Don't make things worse.
Tell him not to do anything.
Yeong-sil, you're not angry?
Tell him to do an interview.
Jung-hui said he'll do it,
so let him tell--
I said no!
We know we're innocent so there's no need!
I agree with your mother.
We should let this pass.
But the comments
are getting pretty serious.
Oh, how annoying.
Ra-yeong, what's wrong?
Someone figured out dad's snack bar
from the photo.
I tagged dad's snack bar
on my social media account
and now the cyberbullies are after me.
I'm not going to stand this.
I'm going to sue them.
"I can tell she's materialistic."
"Did she make An Jung-hui
buy her that bag?"
"She looks like she'll use him for money."
How can people be so mean?
Oh, more comments are being posted.
"Don't you dare spend his money."
"Are you happy to live off
someone else's money?"
Hey, capture them.
We'll go to the police station tomorrow.
Okay. I'm not going to sit down
and take this.
Mi-yeong, call Hae-yeong.
Right. We can't let this continue.
Stop it!
Why are you making such a fuss?
Ra-yeong, stop being a baby.
You know you're innocent,
so why make such a fuss?
Are you sure you did nothing
to instigate this?
You can delete your account.
What's the fuss?
Delete it! Then it'll be over!
What did I ever do to deserve this?
Right, Mom.
Ra-yeong didn't do anything.
Why get mad at her?
Right, Mom. You're hurting her feelings.
She didn't deserve it.
Well, actually, your mom is right.
Taking issue with this won't do any good.
In a time like this,
it's better to do nothing.
You might end up
getting into bigger trouble.
So just let it go, okay?
A shower doesn't last.
It passes by very quickly.
You're still angry, right?
Hae-yeong, let's move out.
We shouldn't have moved in
with my parents.
Let's get an apartment near work
like we originally planned.
Do you think moving out
will resolve this issue?
I'm sorry.
-I will take care of this.
By telling her to stop this?
Don't worry about it. And don't reply.
I will tell her never to do this again.
The more you say that, the angrier I get.
You and I both know this isn't something
you can take care of.
So when you ask me to ignore it,
I can't help but feel angry.
What should we do?
Well… To be honest,
what makes me really angry is myself.
I am so angry at myself.
I was foolhardy.
I didn't take marriage seriously enough.
And I got punched in the nose.
I'm bleeding profusely right now.
I thought I could avoid
the troubles and difficulties of marriage
with things like "Marriage internship"
and by signing an agreement.
I know what kind of woman your mother is,
so why did I believe
I could reason with her?
How does that make sense?
Faking her injury?
I've heard of married women not wanting
to visit their in-laws on holidays,
but I'd never imagined
a mother-in-law pulling
something like this to torture
her daughter-in-law.
Any reasonable person
who got caught doing it
would apologize. Or I thought.
But she demanded that I apologize to her.
Isn't this…
Isn't this straight
out of a daytime soap opera?
I, Byun Hae-yeong, ended up
in a ridiculous daytime soap opera.
I got punished
for not taking marriage seriously.
Do you regret it?
Yes, totally.
If I could,
I'd like to turn the clock back
to before I went looking for you.
I'm sorry,
but this is how I feel right now.
I don't want to go home tonight.
I want to be alone.
There's no need to feel sorry.
I feel the same way as you do.
I also
regret it.
I am disappointed in myself, too.
From the day we came back from the hotel,
my mom ignored the agreement
and kept pushing,
and it made me feel so little.
In my head, I knew it was ridiculous,
but I could see why she was doing it,
so I couldn't say no,
and I failed to persuade her.
I realized it then.
Oh, I didn't take marriage
seriously enough.
I overestimated myself.
I can't do anything,
and I'm a loser, right?
I'm the one who got punched in the nose.
So we're both
bleeding from our noses.
Get up.
I'll take you to a hotel.
Here you go, sir.
Thank you.
Do we have to stay together like this
while bleeding from our noses?
We could just end the internship.
Hello, this is Dad's Snacks.
Is Mr. Byun Han-soo in?
No. He's not.
Could I leave a message for you?
Please tell him An Su-jin called.
An Su-jin?
Give me a second.
Yes, go ahead.
Excuse me? Yes.
Please tell him to call me
when he gets back.
I will.
Why won't he answer his phone?
Why did she come here?
Father doesn't want to see her,
so why is she here?
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