My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e35 Episode Script

Episode 35

They don't recognize each other?
What's going on? Where has she gone?
How are you?
You must be the one who received my call.
I'm An Su-jin. I called you a while ago.
Has Mr. Byun Han-soo returned yet?
No, he hasn't.
I see.
May I ask you when he's coming back?
He went somewhere far.
I think he'll be late.
I see.
Could you tell him to call me
when he comes back?
Here are my name and phone number.
Thank you.
Goodness, where has she gone?
-Jung-hui! What brings you here?
No, what are you doing here, Mom?
-Let's go now.
Goodness, what are you doing?
-We need to go.
-What's wrong with you?
-Let's leave here.
-Get in the car.
Get in the car now.
Mom, Dad said he doesn't want to see you.
-So why are you here?
-What's the big deal?
You're being too sensitive.
I wanted to see the one who's with my son.
-I don't understand why he's avoiding me.
Of all things,
I wanted to see him regarding my son.
Why is he avoiding me?
Anyway, I haven't even met him.
I see. Let's go home and talk.
What's the matter? What happened?
Why did you close the store today?
Ms. An Su-jin was here.
-She was here just a few minutes ago.
Haven't you come across her
on your way back?
I wouldn't know even if I had.
She and I have never met before.
Honey, let's just close the store.
When she was here,
I felt like I dropped dead.
Never have I imagined
she would actually show up here.
I'm so scared. I don't know what to do.
I understand. Let's go upstairs.
We'll talk there.
We have to do something.
You should
go off the grid for a while.
We don't know
when she'll show up here again.
We can't go on like this.
We have to do something.
Go hide for a while
just until Ms. An Su-jin
goes back to the States.
I'm sure she won't stay here forever.
Why don't we take this opportunity
and confess everything
to our children and Jung-hui?
We can't go on living like this forever.
What has suddenly gotten into you?
I've been thinking about it.
I've felt uneasy
ever since Jung-hui moved in.
You know
you're not making any sense, right?
You've been
shaking with fear
ever since the news got out.
Now that An Su-jin found us,
how can you sleep in peace?
Are you saying it's because of me?
Don't you worry about me.
I can live without sleep.
Like you said, we've committed a crime.
We should pay the price
for what we've done.
Our children are all grown up now.
Perhaps they'll be able to understand us.
-What if
someone who knew Han-soo
sees that picture in the article
and comes looking for us?
What if Ms. An Su-jin
suddenly shows up at our house one day?
That's why I'm telling you
to stay away for a while.
For how long?
How long can we live like this?
How much longer
do we have to live in fear?
Not a day goes by without feeling ashamed.
-How much longer?
-Why are you doing this again?
We knew we'd have to live with this
from the start.
Don't you
feel guilty when you see Jung-hui?
I can't
bear to look him in the eyes.
I feel so ashamed and sorry for Jung-hui.
Do you
only feel sorry for Jung-hui?
What about our children?
Haven't you ever thought
about what our innocent children
will have to go through
or the pain they'll have to suffer?
Just so you could feel at ease,
I can't let you do
such a terrible thing to our children.
You just have…
to go on living as Byun Han-soo.
Since the moment we made that decision,
we both knew this is
what we would have to handle.
Just because you feel tired of all this,
ashamed, the situations are tough,
and guilty and sorry for Jung-hui,
there is no way we can undo things.
That's out of the question.
I apologize.
Before I got married,
whenever my married friends
or seniors would empathize with each other
while talking behind
their mother-in-laws' backs,
I honestly laughed at them to myself.
I thought they were wasting their time.
I thought they were disgracing themselves.
Why did they get married, then?
Please accept my sincere apology.
It was hasty of me.
Consider me
the icon of hastiness from today.
Why are you acting so grim?
My mother-in-law wore a fake cast
to teach me a lesson.
Like daughters-in-law who want to avoid
their in-laws during the holidays?
Exactly. She actually got a fake cast.
This is the biggest obstacle in your life.
I agree. First of all,
I can never talk to her.
She can't understand,
so there is no use talking.
If something doesn't go her way
or she feels
she is at a disadvantage,
she just resists.
She is a 6-year-old
with the face of a 60-year-old.
She hasn't apologized
after she got caught with her cast.
No, she expects me to apologize
for revealing everything
to her son and husband
and humiliating her.
She is like a plain wall.
A thoughtless, shameless barrier.
Remember what you told me
about considering marriage as insurance?
I'm sure I'll die
before claiming my insurance.
I'm sorry.
She says I'm her daughter,
but why does she let her son rest
while I do everything?
Does she think I have magical powers?
I have to go shopping,
clean, and make pickles.
Why can't she stand to see me
get some rest?
Why on earth isn't Jeong-hwan calling?
How could he have the nerves not to call?
If you're still wondering about him,
things are far from over at this stage.
He still hasn't called.
What is it? It's late.
I have to go to bed.
I'm sorry, but I have to tell you this
before today ends.
I can't end things between us like this.
That can't happen.
I'm just as disappointed in myself
and I know you consider me a fool,
but I can't give up on you like this.
I love you too much to do that.
I can't live without you.
And our internship isn't over yet.
Give me another chance
to prove myself to you during that time.
We'd be breaching the contract
by ending things like this.
We still have a long way
until those 50 points.
I'm not ending this.
Even if I wanted to,
we're on a contract.
Are you forgiving me?
I don't want you
to ever come between your mother and I
and make things more complicated, okay?
Yes, I promise I'll never do that again.
Thank you.
I was miserable
-for the past two days.
-Me too.
I'm sorry.
Once again,
I want to thank you.
Here you go, Walnut.
Will you come home after work today?
Of course.
I'm too proud to give up now.
Like you said, whatever I decide
in a year's time,
I'll do my best, so I have no regrets.
That's right. That's the Hye-yeong I know.
-Thank you.
I won't force myself
to get along with your mom.
I played the good daughter-in-law
to try to win her over,
but I realized I can't handle that.
I won't play a good daughter-in-law.
I'll stick to the entries in our contract.
You can do that.
I don't want you to try too hard.
How about we move out
from my parents' house?
If you agree, I'll tell my mom.
Not yet. It's not time yet.
A promise is a promise.
We promised to move in
when we got married.
Unless they trespass over five times
or break a rule over ten times,
we should stay.
I will adhere to our contract.
I must do that to make demands to her.
I get it.
I also will stick to the contract.
Let's see your family this weekend.
Drop me off on the way.
I'm free in the morning,
and I'm attending a trial this afternoon.
I need to discuss with your mom.
Let's eat.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Do you know all the articles are gone?
No new articles were uploaded
since yesterday.
The negative comments are
gone with the articles too.
Ra-yeong set her accounts on private, too.
There won't be a problem.
The company took speedy care of it.
They care more about Jung-hui
now that he is popular.
That's great.
What's wrong?
Your dad will take a few days off.
He worked too much
and never got a day off.
We were afraid
reporters would keep coming by,
so I told him to go on a vacation.
He'll leave after breakfast.
Is that why there is a closed sign
on the door downstairs?
I noticed it on the way home yesterday
and wondered if something was wrong.
Really? I didn't see it.
Dad, it's a great idea.
You haven't taken a break for a few years.
Why don't you go with him, Mom?
Yes, Mom. You two can go together.
We'll manage.
I'll go later.
I'd like to go fishing alone.
I'll leave after I eat.
See you.
Take care.
Call me when you reach the inn.
-You're needed out there.
I'm needed?
Mr. Lee has stomach cramps.
Car 9613 is parked out front.
Hurry, it's urgent.
You're the replacement they told me about?
I should tell Mr. Lee
to take a long break.
-That should do.
-Hello, sir.
You're Jung-hui's manager.
Why are you with Seong-jun today?
She is my manager starting today.
I heard we'd get help,
and it was you.
Yes, here I am.
Let's go.
See you.
-Well done.
-Great job.
-Good job.
-See you later.
-I'll call.
Can his girlfriend come to the set?
That can lead to rumors and a scandal.
He is just starting to get noticed.
He should be careful.
What is Tae-bu doing?
Shouldn't a manager monitor that?
This is a dereliction of duties.
See you.
You had a long day as a fill-in.
Let's eat. My treat.
Mr. Lee is on his way.
He'll arrive in five minutes.
I'll go back to the office when he comes.
When will you give me the answer
about our date?
Well, Mr. Jin.
Why are you doing this to me?
I'll explain myself over a meal.
Let's go and eat.
Mr. Lee is here.
I'll call you.
Don't ignore my calls, okay?
This should stop him
from wanting to leave me.
Here you go.
Eat up.
Honey, come and eat.
What's with her?
What's all this?
It's a feast.
I cooked a lot.
We must eat well in the summer
to keep our energy up.
Come and sit down.
Would you like boiled chicken for dinner?
Did you give a thought
about graduating from marriage?
What is there to think about?
I don't want to.
Why not?
Once we do that, you can also graduate
from cooking for me.
Whenever I asked you for food,
you'd get angry and say,
"Do I look like a rice cooker?"
I said I don't want to.
Why do you not want to live with me?
How could you do this to me?
I can't believe you don't know why.
-It's just amazing.
Even if you say no,
I've made up my mind long ago.
I will start looking for a place today.
Give me my severance pay.
I can't give you that.
Why won't you give it back?
That's my money.
I'd like to come over
to look at apartments.
My goodness.
What's this for?
You will see very soon.
Will you apologize to me?
For using a fake cast
to tease me, harass me,
and cause me mental stress.
Why should I apologize?
I told you already on that day.
If you came to me in private,
I would have explained or made excuses.
Are you saying
you do not feel sorry
or guilty towards me?
Why do you make me repeat myself?
You should have come
and talked to me first.
Jeong-hwan strongly insists
that we move out.
What? That is just nonsense.
I agreed to you two getting married
because you said
you'd live with us.
So I said no.
That would break the promise we made,
which our marriage is based upon.
An adult with a sound mind
who has a conscience
would keep his or her promises.
We even signed the Cohabitation Agreement.
It makes no sense to move out now.
Then could you follow
each detail in the contract from now on?
If you promise to stick to each item,
I'll persuade Jeong-hwan
that we must stay.
But if, once again,
you ignore the contract and get stubborn,
I'll have no choice
but to leave with Jeong-hwan.
What will you do, Mother?
Shall we move out
or will you follow the contract?
Are you threatening me?
Yes, a little.
I am really sorry about having to do this,
but the fake cast
pissed me off.
How dare you
use such words
in front of your mother-in-law!
How dare you wear
a fake cast around me then?
What do you say?
Shall Jeong-hwan and I move out
or will you honor the contract?
Fine. I'll do it.
I didn't say I wouldn't.
Thank you, Mother.
Let's review the items that were affected
by the fake cast incident.
On the top it says,
"Living areas will be
completely separated."
Now that you don't object,
I'll block off
the second floor completely.
I'll call the workers this weekend.
You can't do that.
Shall I move out?
But do you have to block off
the staircase?
Second. "We share a meal once a week."
While you deceived me with your fake cast,
we ate seven times together
over four days.
That is six times more than
our weekly agreement.
We shall not eat together for six weeks.
What? But that's all in the past now.
Shall I move out?
Hey, you.
You can't blackmail me with this.
"Hey, you." Similar phrases like that
are not allowed.
If you break this rule ten times,
we move out.
This is all void. This is unfair.
I didn't get a say.
You wrote down whatever you wanted.
Nothing is about me.
This is so unfair!
I gave you a chance
and you turned it down,
but I don't want confusion
or disturbance later on.
I'll accommodate
your objection and opinions
and write up a new contract.
-A new one?
Go over the old one
and think about what you want
to put in the new one.
We'll meet in the evening
in two days' time
and write up the new contract.
What do you say?
Okay. Let's do that.
I told you during your last checkup
that your baby was smaller than average.
It hasn't grown much.
Are you working?
Yes, I still am.
Some pregnancies do not become stable
even after the 16th week.
That's because you lack rest.
You must rest.
If you can, take a break,
and get a good rest even for a week.
Okay, I will.
I think your child
will have your pretty looks.
-Do you mean--
-I love having a girl as a first child.
Ms. Kim.
What is it?
Could you work on
Hero's fourth album's concept art?
We finished giving
the theme presentation already.
Yes, but we were told
to change it completely.
I want to do it,
but I have too many business trips.
If you can't,
I can hire another team to do the job.
No, don't do that.
I'll do it. Don't outsource it.
You have to look over a lot of material,
then you have to make
and give a new presentation.
Can you manage?
You won't sleep for days.
It's fine. I can do that
without any problem.
I'm Kim Yu-ju.
That's great. Thank you.
I was really worried.
You shouldn't have been.
Where is the material?
Why did you bring me here?
You should date me again.
I said I have regrets.
Telling you so made me clingier.
You're my shrink.
You're the one who best knows
what's on my mind.
Don't you watch dramas?
Doctors always fall for their patients.
I'm in no condition for that.
-I know.
As a shrink, I say there is
some truth to the phrase,
"You use love to forget love."
Dating someone will help you right now.
As an ex-girlfriend who has regrets,
if you're going to date someone,
you could date me.
You made me look like a psychotic pervert
and now you want to make me
a bastard who used his ex-girlfriend?
You were never good, anyway.
Use me and I'll get over the regret.
Okay, let's do it.
He's not even calling to say he's arrived.
Mom, I will come home
with Jeong-hwan tomorrow.
Okay. See you tomorrow.
When do you get off?
Did you drag him here?
No, he walked in with me.
He wants to fight with you, Dad.
Goodness. He looks like
he is about to punch me.
Have a seat.
-It was you, right?
-What do you mean?
Reporting me at the night duty room.
Is this how you're going to play?
-I didn't do it…
-Come on, Dad.
You went too far, Dad.
So when you left the night duty room,
you should have returned home.
-What are you doing out there?
Stop it before you really disappoint me.
I've told you many times,
but you never understand.
I'm telling you again for the 1000th time.
-Soccer is my…
-You can do it.
I said you can play that darned soccer.
Instead, you should do it
where I can see you.
Where I can see you. Do you get it?
We are a health food company.
It's not a bad idea
to sponsor a sports team.
It'll help us get a reputation
as a social enterprise.
Come work for my company.
You can operate this.
You can recruit players
and devise the curriculum.
If you want to do soccer,
do it well. All right?
I don't want to see my son
do a sloppy job.
Are you serious?
If you don't want to, fine.
I want to.
You have five years.
Make it worth my investment
in those five years.
-Ms. Byun!
-Instructor Byun, what's the matter?
-I'm not Instructor Byun anymore.
-Call me something else.
-What do you mean?
I'm fired. The sports center
will not renew my contract.
That's why I'm not an instructor anymore.
I'm so depressed.
I want to take my mind off this.
What do you want to do? Just tell me.
You can't eat spicy food?
No, I can eat it.
You should have told me you can't.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Are all these for Mr. An?
Not for Mr. Jin?
Yes, these are all for An Jung-hui.
I never imagined this.
Are you happy?
Of course. I was his manager.
Many of these came from abroad.
It's troublesome.
Don't forget to take proof shots.
Don't worry.
All right.
Mr. An, you're really popular now.
You are here.
Look at the list here.
Check if it's all right and sign here.
Are you not going to check?
-There are so many of them.
-It's all right.
Mr. An.
I think you'd better be careful
about your girlfriend coming to the set.
It's where you work.
A rumor might spread if she keeps coming.
I'm giving you an advice
as your former manager
who worked with you.
Your many fans can be upset
if they know that you have a girlfriend.
This is my advice as your former manager.
Hi. Did you load all the presents?
I did.
You need to check
if they go together with the list.
Great job.
You should get in the car.
Thank you.
-Come again.
I've never seen these words
before in my life.
We need to know what those words mean,
as well as spacing and idioms.
Where is Mom anyway? We need her now.
Mom. What in the world are you wearing?
You know,
I'm going to the broadcasting station.
I need to look the part.
What if I run into Nam Jin there?
Are you all ready?
If you are ready, let's get going now.
Let's go quickly. Let's go!
Let's go. Get your things now.
Goodness, let's go.
Mother. It's this way.
This way.
Mom, the preliminaries.
-Stop staring. Let's go.
Min-ha. The third question?
I can't tell you.
-I think I botched it.
Goodness. You need to wake up.
-It's over.
-It's over.
-Is it over?
My goodness.
Isn't she that Kang something?
Goodness, she is so beautiful.
I wonder what kind of makeup she has on.
She looks exactly the same
as she does on television.
But she is very short in real life.
I think I botched the test.
I didn't know anything.
Neither did I.
Was it really Korean? I had no idea.
-It was really hard.
-That's true.
I guess I'm better at sciences.
Come and check if you passed.
The announcement is here.
-There is my name.
-Is that me?
-Excuse me.
-Goodness. Mom!
What's wrong?
Do I have something on my face?
You passed.
Mom! I'm here.
I'm here too, Mother,
-Jun-yeong, and ladies.
Welcome, Jeong-hwan.
You're here.
-Welcome home, Hye-yeong.
Hello, Jeong-hwan.
Hye-yeong, why did you come so late?
I waited so much for you last week.
What's with you? This is so unlike you.
-Where is Dad?
-He's taking a vacation.
Dad is on a vacation?
I can't believe this.
Dad closed the shop to go on a vacation?
Did something happen?
We thought reporters would return,
so we told him to take a rest.
Really? In that case,
that's understandable.
You must've been surprised too.
the articles stopped coming out.
I even made
my social media account private.
That was a pretty good cover-up.
I heard Mi-yeong did a lot
to resolve this.
I didn't do a lot.
It's my family's problem,
but it's also my work.
Right, how is your mother's arm?
I was worried that she's hurt badly.
She's fine…
She's completely fine.
She has been showing amazing progress,
so she already took her cast off.
Really? That's a relief.
Her bones must be healthy
for someone her age.
Yes, she takes a lot of calcium.
Anyway, without Father and Jung-hui,
the house feels so empty.
So did Mr. An stop coming home?
It's been a while since we've seen him.
He can't come for a while.
Can't you tell him to stop by
for a second?
Hye-yeong and Jeong-hwan are here.
The articles are down
and reporters are gone.
Hello? Mr. An?
-It's me, Hye-yeong.
-Hey, Hye-yeong.
What's up? You never call me.
I called because I was disappointed.
I came home, but you weren't here.
Have you forgotten about us
now that you're a star?
I guess you are pretty popular nowadays.
But still. You can't start
to act differently.
-That way, your popularity won't last.
-What are you talking about?
Is this your tough way of saying
you miss me?
Okay, fine. I'll be there right now.
Okay, I'm coming.
Don't worry. We won't see anyone we know.
Another nightmare?
Yeong-sil, I can't live like this.
I can't live like this.
I'm telling everything.
I'm sorry, Yeong-sil.
No, Yun-seok!
I'm sorry, Han-soo.
My poor baby.
Did you write his birth registration?
I'm about to write it.
Your son, Lee Yun-seok, no longer exists.
My son is Byun Jun-yeong,
and I became Byun Han-soo.
I'll become your son again after I die.
I'm sorry, Mother.
I came home because Hye-yeong is home.
When will you come?
If you'll come tomorrow, I'll wait.
Okay, I'll be home early tomorrow then.
When did you arrive?
I heard the children came.
Don't worry.
I'll make breakfast for them and leave.
Dad, when did you come?
No wonder I smelled something good.
-You're here.
First time seeing you after the wedding.
Were you sad I wasn't there?
Of course, but I didn't say anything
because it was your first vacation
in years.
How did you know I was here?
I didn't want to disturb you,
so I didn't call.
I texted him.
You should eat breakfast.
Take the dishes to the living room.
Let's eat up.
-Thank you!
-Thank you!
It looks great.
So this is what a feast looks like.
When did you cook all these dishes?
I just ended up cooking a lot of food.
If I cook spicy spareribs
which Yu-ju likes,
Hye-yeong would be sad.
So I made japchae,
and I also wanted to cook bulgogi
for Jung-hui too.
But I didn't know what Jeong-hwan likes.
-What do you like?
-I like everything.
Dad, what about me?
-He made perilla seed soup.
-You're right. I didn't see it.
Why did you make so much?
That must've been tiring.
It wasn't tiring at all.
I'm the happiest when I cook for you all.
Dad was away for two days,
but it feels like
he has been away for months.
You're right.
Dad is never away from home.
Yes, Father.
Even I felt that way, and I'm new.
Is that so?
Was everything all right while I was gone?
Yes, Dad. Nothing happened.
Do you really think so? There is big news.
-What is it, Ra-yeong?
-What is it?
-Jin Seong-jun asked Mi-yeong out.
-Jin Seong-jun?
-That's awesome.
Mi-yeong, is that true?
-Jin Seong-jun asked you out?
-Is this
Jin Seong-jun the actor?
No, it's nothing.
I'm serious.
Jung-hui, what is he like?
Is he a good guy?
Stop it.
Of course, he is. He is a top celebrity.
He's known for his great personality
and his humbleness.
Isn't that right?
We're not that close.
No, it really isn't like that.
I told you to stop.
Yes, stop it already, and let's eat.
Wait, I forgot to bring mustard sauce.
I'll bring it, Father.
No, you won't be able to find it.
This is so good.
It's delicious.
Who could it be?
Who is it?
Pass me that.
Please excuse me for my early visit.
Hey, Jung-hui. You are here?
Mom, why would you come here?
So you were his wife.
I know it's rude, but I need…
-Mom, please.
-to see your husband.
-What's with you?
-Let's go out and talk.
-Okay, let's go out.
-Excuse me.
Let's go out.
Mom, why are you so rude?
How dare you visit them without a call?
I did call them.
I left a note, and I called them.
I went to his shop, but it was closed.
I guess Dad doesn't want to see you.
Why wouldn't he?
That's what is weird.
Why would he close the store and avoid me?
What's on his mind?
Don't say that.
They aren't like that.
Then why are they avoiding me
with all they got?
Do you understand this situation?
I am happy in that house.
I never felt happy when I was with you,
but I was happy with them.
It was hard for me
to live with your boyfriends.
Parker may be
your husband, but he's not my dad.
It always felt like I was the third wheel.
That's why I wanted to move out quickly.
That's why I became a celebrity.
Now that you've seen their house,
you would also know
their house is smaller
and older than ours.
They have nine family members,
but they only have two bathrooms.
But I still like that place.
I think I felt
the warmth of a family
for the very first time.
It was my first time
someone gave me a birthday meal
with seaweed soup and multigrain rice.
It was the first time I discovered
how happy I could be
when I share a meal
with the entire family.
Mom, I do not wish
to condemn you for anything.
I'm leaving.
I'm fine.
Let's talk later.
I am happy in that house.
I never felt happy when I was with you,
but I was happy with them.
Yes, it's me, Mom.
I'm going back to the States today.
Take a seat.
I didn't want
to be rude to your dad.
I just wanted to know what was on his mind
and what was on your mind
when you two decided to live together.
But I think it's all good since my son is
happy there.
I don't have to see him anymore.
That's why I'm returning so quickly.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know how you felt.
You should've told me about that.
I would have found another way.
Mom, I'm sorry. I crossed the line.
I'm thankful that you were honest with me.
Now that I know how you feel,
I'll come here often.
-I'm home.
-Was your visit great?
-How are my in-laws?
They're doing well.
Right, Mother and I came to an agreement
and decided to edit
the Cohabitation Agreement.
If you wish to add something, let me know.
We'll hold another family meeting
at 8 p.m.
to rewrite the contract.
I don't have anything in particular.
I am going to move out anyway.
What are you talking about?
I decided to move out.
We decided to graduate from our marriage.
What? Why?
You resemble your dad.
He was a good driver.
But you should be careful.
Don't drive recklessly like him.
You shouldn't take after things like that.
Was Dad a reckless driver?
He liked driving at high speed.
Then he got into an accident
and almost died.
An accident?
There was a huge accident
when I was in the car too.
He embraced me to protect me,
and got punctured in the back
by a big shard of glass.
The wound was huge,
so it left a huge scar.
Haven't you seen it?
You two went to a public bath.
Yes, I did.
But I don't think I saw any scars.
I even rubbed his back.
-You did?
-But I didn't see it.
No way.
The scar was too huge to be gone by now.
No, I really haven't seen it.
I'm sure I haven't.
Come visit me when this drama ends.
You can't just stay with Dad.
Okay, Mom. I'll really visit this time.
Right, I had something to give you.
I almost forgot.
Here, it's a present.
A picture of me and your dad
right before our wedding.
I met Jong-ok, and she gave me this.
I don't need it,
but I thought you would want to see it.
Is this really Dad?
That's me, that's Dad.
Next to us is Jong-ok.
He doesn't look anything like him.
He did change a lot.
-That's why you couldn't recognize him.
-I didn't recognize who?
You ran into him once
in front of that snack shop.
You two didn't recognize
each other and walked by.
That can't be.
If he changed,
I may not have recognized him,
but I'm pretty much the same.
If we did meet, he would've recognized me.
I'm sure you are mistaken.
We lived as a married couple for a year.
Why wouldn't we recognize each other?
We definitely would.
I can't undo what's been done.
I already crossed a river
I can't turn from.
Can he change that much
just because he's dating?
What if I have an incurable illness?
You are completely fine.
I know everything about you, Mom.
I have a secret too.
A huge secret that none of you know about.
-Dad, did you ever live in the States?
How can he look like such a stranger?
I would believe it
if someone said it's not him.
How can this make any sense?
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