My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e36 Episode Script

Episode 36

Who would believe this is Dad?
How could he look so different?
Mom still looks the same.
Yes, Dad. It's me.
I'm sure you were surprised this morning.
Yes. I'm at the airport.
Mom just left for the States.
She just left?
I see.
No. Why should you be sorry?
All right. Don't worry.
I'll reassure them.
Ms. An Su-jin went back to the States.
Jung-hui called me just now.
Jung-hui told me to tell you he's sorry.
He's sorry
his mom visited us without notice.
Don't be mad.
Everything is all right.
I was wrong about telling the truth.
I'm so relieved she left Korea.
I don't think I can tell the truth.
I won't even think about it again.
As you have told me,
I can't undo what's been done.
We can't tell the children the truth.
Thirty-five years ago,
the moment we registered
Jun-yeong's birth,
I already crossed a river
I can't turn from.
I'm sorry, honey.
I will never change my mind again
for the sake of our children.
I hope you can forget what happened.
Thank you
for making up your mind.
I can understand
why you wanted to tell the truth.
I also understand
how guilty you feel toward Jung-hui.
However, he already thinks
that you are his real dad.
He accepted you with his heart.
If I say this,
you might say I'm rationalizing myself,
but if Jung-hui gets to know the truth,
he would get hurt a lot.
Let's treat him better, all right?
We should.
Did you know they wanted
to graduate from marriage?
No, they haven't told me until now.
-You must be surprised.
-I was somewhat surprised.
By the way,
were they on bad terms all along?
They don't get along that well.
Dad is very indifferent,
but not to the point
they'd want to graduate from marriage.
What is Dad thinking?
Why did he say it in front of her?
Graduating from marriage?
Then will that mean
I have two separate in-laws?
Goodness, Mother will become
more obsessive over Jeong-hwan.
How could you talk about that
in front of our daughter-in-law?
I didn't even agree
on graduating from marriage.
They would get to know anyway.
I looked for a place today.
I will sign a lease soon,
so get ready to give me my severance pay.
Don't even talk about your severance pay!
I'm not giving it.
I'm asking you for my severance pay.
Why can't you give it to me?
If you keep doing this, I will
file for divorce instead of graduating.
-I need to file for divorce
to claim division of property.
So just give me my money.
Why do you want to graduate from me?
I was so faithful to you.
You can never have a wife
like me anywhere.
I tried to understand you,
but I can't at all.
Why on earth do you want it?
I don't like you showing off your money.
I don't like your fancy outfits.
I don't like your harsh voice.
Moreover, I hate it when you call me
a poor-to-successful man
and look down on my family.
I hate your full-makeup
which looks like a mask.
I hated your frivolous attire
at the wedding.
I hate your audacity that you openly talk
about the congratulatory money
you've given so far
when we met our in-laws.
And the decisive moment was
when you wore a fake cast
to annoy Hye-yeong.
I can never forgive you for that.
You even deceived me.
You must be unbelievably shameless
to do such a thing.
I've told you over and over
that I don't expect dignity from you.
I just asked you to have a sense of shame.
Are you having an affair?
Who on earth is she?
What did you just say?
Goodness, it's useless
to talk to you about this.
You don't seem to understand Korean.
There's no point in talking to you.
I don't want to argue with you anymore.
I don't want to waste my energy on this.
I'm going for a hike,
so sort out your thoughts before I return.
Do you understand?
Where are you going? I'm not finished.
I'm not finished!
I can't graduate from our marriage!
I won't! I don't want to!
I won't do it as long as I live!
Do you understand?
Goodness. These pictures look great.
I think it's a misunderstanding.
Let me explain…
I don't think I misunderstood.
An Jung-hui is entering
a mental clinic here.
You're right. That's true.
The thing is this.
He gets lost easily.
He was going to another department,
but he got lost and entered here.
He goes to a funeral hall
instead of the ER.
This is driving me crazy.
It's natural you misunderstood.
I can totally see why.
Why? What's the matter?
Hi, Jung-hui.
You came to the wrong place again.
You should go to the practice room,
not here.
I'm Lee Jae-han of Hankook Sports.
-Hello. Nice to meet you.
-I'm glad you came.
I've been collecting materials on you.
I guess you're seeing a psychiatrist.
Do you have trouble
with your father's family?
You left home, right?
Mr. Lee, it's not like that…
The psychiatrist is my girlfriend.
-Is she?
You know, my ex-girlfriend.
It's Hyeon-ji. I'm seeing her again.
How can you…
Yes, he is right.
He went to the clinic to date the doctor.
Then why did you leave your dad's house?
Leave his dad's house?
He didn't. He didn't leave that house.
He hasn't been there for several days.
I couldn't because
I was too busy with work.
You know I'm pretty popular these days.
Your misunderstanding is cleared up.
If something comes up again,
just let me know.
Sorry I misunderstood.
-Goodness. Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you. Bye.
I'll leave the pictures here.
-All right.
-Is she your girlfriend?
Dating is better than
seeing a psychiatrist.
A scandal is nothing these days,
but if you're seeing a psychiatrist,
you won't get cast for romantic comedies.
You should have told me earlier.
I could have come up with a plan then.
May I go home now?
You said it yourself.
What if journalists follow me?
He can write an article saying I lied.
That's true.
Then stay at your dad's house for a while.
Just for a while, do you get it?
All right, Mr. Kang. Thank you.
Dad, it's me.
I'm going home today.
I'm home!
Hi, Jung-hui.
How are you? Welcome home.
Welcome back, Jung-hui.
I guess Jung-hui is here.
-What's up, Jung-hui?
-What's up?
Go and wash your hands.
Goodness, Jung-hui. You finally came back.
-Welcome home.
-Thank you.
Congratulations on your success.
I appreciate that. Thank you.
How have you been, Grandma?
You came back.
They say, "Lead a vagabond life."
You might eat out,
but you should sleep at home.
Don't leave home again. Do you understand?
Okay, I'll keep that in mind.
That's good. Have a seat.
Help yourselves. Cheers!
Yeong-sil and I are treating you today
to celebrate Jung-hui's return.
We got the best quality
Korean beef tenderloin for you guys.
I hope you all enjoy it.
-Thank you for the meal!
-Thank you for the meal!
Welcome back, Jung-hui.
It must've been tough.
I doubt you even ate properly.
Dad packed some food for me
now and then, so I ate well.
That was no big deal.
-Eat up.
I'm enjoying your drama.
How can you act so well?
By the way, Jung-hui.
I saw an article saying
that you're dating.
-Really? Let's see.
I saw that too.
I guess he really is a celebrity.
His love life is turned into an article.
Are you dating someone right now?
Yes. She is apparently a doctor.
My goodness, there really is an article.
It says she's a psychiatrist.
Yes. She is kind of like a friend.
You must like intelligent women.
Is she pretty?
You're smiling, not answering.
He must really like her.
What's wrong, Mi-yeong?
I've seen you eat like this before.
Trying to gain weight?
When did I eat everything?
I had a very small lunch today.
My goodness, Al.
You missed me, didn't you?
Have you been well?
I'm sorry for being late. I'm sorry.
Give me a kiss.
Why are you…
You changed the sheets.
I washed the old ones this afternoon.
You came just in time.
The old ones were kept downstairs.
Al was
very sullen while you were gone.
Did your mom go back to the States?
Yes. She wants Ms. Na to know
that she is sorry.
I already told her.
I'm glad you're here.
The house felt so empty without you.
I'm also really glad to be back here.
By the way, Dad.
When did you first meet Mom?
When I was 21 years old,
at a hospital.
What? A hospital?
Yes. I had lost my parents
due to an accident.
Ms. Su-jin…
Your mom had broken her hand
while playing piano.
You should go to sleep.
I also need to go to the restaurant
and clean up.
Okay. Go ahead.
Mom told me they first met in high school.
What's going on?
Why is my heart beating so quickly?
Who is it?
Just a second, Hye-yeong.
Jeong-hwan, my…
My chest hurts so much.
It hurts so much. Help me, Jeong-hwan.
Mom, how does it hurt?
Okay. I'll be right there.
What's going on? Does she have chest pain?
Yes. She has chest pain
and has trouble breathing.
-Use the stairs.
-Mom, are you okay?
-My goodness.
Jeong-hwan, it hurts so much.
Let's go to the hospital.
I'll carry you on my back.
-My goodness.
-Mother, are you okay?
-Give me the car keys.
-Grab some clothes.
-Okay. Mother.
Mother, hang in there.
You need to stay with us.
We're almost there, Mom. Hang in there.
Excuse me.
Open the door.
Jeong-hwan, I'm scared.
What if I have an incurable illness?
You'll be fine.
We don't even know the results yet.
Everything will be fine.
Do you really think so?
What if I die?
Mother, I'm sure it's nothing serious.
Even if you are sick,
medical science has improved greatly.
You don't need to worry. Okay?
Ms. Oh Bok-nyeo.
The results say that she is fine.
Really? She is…
-She is fine?
What? I'm fine?
That's weird.
My heart was beating like crazy
a while ago.
My chest really hurt. Are you…
Are you sure I'm fine?
I don't know.
Were you under a lot of stress recently?
-Just ease your mind
and go home when you're done with the IV.
Goodbye, then.
My goodness, I'm serious.
My chest really hurt.
It really felt like
my heart was going to burst.
isn't it a good thing that I'm fine?
I'll check a minus point
on the parents' criteria.
At this rate,
our contract will expire within a month.
It's too late to go to sleep.
Should we get ready for work?
I guess so.
We can't go back to sleep, can we?
Mother. Father. Did you sleep well?
-Yes. Did you?
Rice cake!
Eat it while it's warm.
Mom, I don't like injeolmi.
I want heukimja flavor.
Yes, ma'am. I'll do as you order.
Good morning, everyone.
My goodness.
You'll get an upset stomach. Slow down.
She must have been thirsty.
Hey, Mom.
Did you see the car inspection notice?
Yes, I saw it. I'll take care of it.
By the way, why don't you drive, Dad?
Dad doesn't have a license.
He is too scared to get licensed.
He looks like the son of a general,
but he is such a coward.
Dad is scared of heights.
He can't even ride planes.
But you used to drive
when you were in the States.
The States?
Dad, did you live in the States?
When, Dad?
Why didn't you ever tell us?
He must have met Jung-hui's mom
in the States.
I'm so sorry.
I shouldn't have brought it up.
Right. You wanted black sesame rice cake.
Is he not driving anymore
because of the trauma from the accident?
I wonder if he just wants to stay away
from talking about that time in his life.
He doesn't even remember where he met Mom.
Where is Mother?
She is studying.
She didn't sleep last night.
She what?
Mom, come and eat.
They shoot for hours.
You should eat breakfast.
Do you think I'd be able to eat?
Eat without me.
Mother, you have to eat something.
I need to memorize as much as I can.
Leave me alone and close the door.
Hold that up. Good.
That's it.
-Are you going dressed like that?
-Hurry, we're late.
You'll be on television.
You should dress up.
That's not important.
Let's get going. Move it.
But Mom, you should…
My goodness.
-Right, water.
Let the contestants come in.
-Ms. Kim?
-Good luck.
Good luck, Mom.
-Good luck, Grandma.
Let's begin. Clap, please.
Hello, I'm your host, Eom Ji-in.
We haven't had a master in a while now.
Will that change today?
Will there be a winner
who takes 30 million won home?
Let's meet the four contestants.
This kind of person is curious
and tends to ask a lot of questions.
Mr. Baek Mi-gu?
"Inquisitive" is the correct answer.
Keep going!
It looks like either Mi-gu
or Sun-mi will go on to the next round.
Good luck, Grandma.
The next question is
worth a lot of points.
Here it comes.
When two people are close,
we say they share these two…
Yes, Mal-bun?
Isn't it the liver and gallbladder?
The liver and gallbladder.
That is correct.
Go Mom!
Mal-bun, that is correct.
This word meaning "to furbish or supply"…
-Make a contribution.
This is the last question.
If Mal-bun gets this one right as well,
she will go on to the next round.
Here is the question.
To be on good terms with
or to be amicable with
-is another meaning of…
-I know.
Well. Harmoniously.
"Harmoniously" is the correct answer!
This means Mal-bun
made a comeback to enter the Master round.
The Master question
worth 30 million won is coming up.
Number one is
Number two?
From a distance.
Number three.
He looked upset.
-Which spelling?
-The first one.
He looked upset.
What goes in number six?
Number six would be…
Let's see.
I think it's…
-Either way.
Either way.
Let's reveal the correct answers.
What a pity.
I am sorry to say you were wrong.
May I ask how you feel?
You fool.
Do Jeong-tae.
You took my son's money and disappeared.
Are you enjoying life?
Cut her off.
You'd better not be.
Because of you, my smart grandson
who is supposed to have a bright future
is now stuck where he can't flourish.
You need to have an idea
of what that money meant to us!
I hope you never ever show up
in front of me.
If you do,
I will put you in a coffin
and nail it shut
with my bare hands!
You have to air that speech, okay?
What? This one just now?
I hope they don't edit it.
You'll do well
wherever you go.
I love you.
I love you too, Grandma.
I love you.
Goodness. Why does my back hurt?
This morning it was my stomach,
and now it's my back?
My whole body is breaking down
because of him.
My back hurts so much.
Can you pick up some pain-relief patches?
My head hurts terribly as well.
Buy some medicine for that too.
I think I have a cold.
I'm shivering.
Get me some cold medicine.
Someone sent me some touching proverbs.
I think you should read them too.
"Even if you enthrone your parents,
you cannot repay what you owe them."
By Buddha.
"Obey your parents.
Then you will be blessed."
From the Bible.
"Of all things in the world,
nothing is more valuable than your body.
Your parents gave you your body."
By Lee Yi.
Inner peace.
Why are you ignoring my texts?
You can ignore spam,
but not messages from me.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Why are you buying me lunch
when you should be busy with work?
People would think I never bought you
a meal in my life.
I'm just saying you're that busy.
Okay. I'll treat you every now and then.
I'd like that.
It's delicious.
I'm glad you like the food.
Were you very surprised?
I really didn't like it.
So what if that's how Americans do it?
How dare an ex-wife
just barge in like that?
It was like a scene
from Desperate Housewives.
Were you worried about that?
I'm okay.
You're way too cool.
So cool it's almost freezing.
You can be honest with me.
Or you'll die of frustration.
So? did you and Dad fight?
Because of Jung-hui's mom?
That's why Dad closed the store
which he never did, to go fishing.
You're right.
I can't hide anything from you.
How did you know?
Who else would know?
There is nothing I don't know about you.
I have one.
A huge secret you kids know nothing about.
Do you?
What is it?
Do you have…
Were you also married once before?
I enjoyed our lunch.
I'm sorry I don't have time for tea.
I'll catch you a taxi.
It's okay. I'll take the subway.
Take a taxi. It's hot today.
I said it's okay.
Don't worry about me and get back.
I took too much time already.
Go on. See you.
Mom, just take a taxi!
She is so stubborn.
I'm all upset now. Why didn't she give in?
When did she get so old?
Are you back already?
Did Hye-yeong buy you something nice?
Yes. She bought me
Vietnamese rice noodles.
It must have been nice
to have a date with your oldest daughter.
It was.
It was so nice I felt sorry for you.
So I bought these.
Your favorite red bean popsicles!
How did you know?
It's so hot, I was craving these.
That's cooling me down.
It's so nice.
What do you want for dinner?
You sweated a lot today.
Broiled chicken, perhaps?
Why are you so late?
Did you get my medicine?
It's right here.
I brought the whole pharmacy home.
stomachache, diarrhea, constipation,
headache, toothache, cramps,
sprains, bruises, colds,
athlete's foot, eczema,
hypertension, hyperlipidemia,
diabetes monitors, patches,
bandages, Band-Aids,
disinfectants, and vitamins.
They're all in here.
First, I must find a job
as a yoga instructor.
That's easy.
Keeping the job is the hard part.
Moreover, it'll be even harder
to continue as I get older.
In that case,
what's a job I can keep
for a long time, even when I'm older?
A civil servant.
Should I study for the examination
like Jun-yeong?
No, I'm dumber than him.
If it took him five years,
it'll take me seven to pass.
An online mall.
It's your dreaded credit card bill.
Let's have a look.
How do you react the same way each month?
There is no learning curve at all.
If you struggled that much last month,
shouldn't you try to spend less
this month?
I really didn't buy much.
This one here!
It was me.
This right here!
That was me, too.
I'm doomed.
What about your installment savings?
Are you still making payments?
I cashed that in long ago.
What? Why?
That's a luxury I can't afford.
Even if I make 20 million a year,
my monthly salary is just 1,374,780 won.
I give you 150,000 won for expenses.
Then 100,000 goes into transportation.
If I deduct lunch money,
insurance, and phone bill,
I'm left with nothing.
You brat.
You can afford to save up
if you buy fewer clothes.
I don't even buy that much!
I'd love to earn a fortune.
It's not about how much you make.
It's about how little you spend.
I told you so.
Get to work.
-What is it now?
I was fired.
Why else? My contract expired.
They won't renew it.
I don't have that many students.
What should I do for a living?
What do people do to make money?
However hard I think,
I don't know what I should do.
How come…
You're young. Don't you have a dream?
Aren't you afraid what'll happen
if you live so aimlessly?
I fear my credit card bill
more than what'll happen in the future.
I give in.
Sorry. My meeting ran late.
Did you wait for long?
Are you in a bad mood?
I feel a huge sense of shame.
Of all the people in this cafe,
I bet I'm the only one without a job.
Even you look like someone
with a career now.
I began to wonder who I am
and what I'm doing.
Shall we eat something spicy?
Is there something you want to eat?
My treat.
Really? Then, let's get out of here.
Cheol-su, stop.
What are you doing?
No way.
I don't have any other socks.
Hello, sir.
Hello, sir.
-Hello, sir.
-Hello, sir.
There are so many pretty women.
-Is that a prerequisite to get a job here?
I don't see any.
You should go.
I got this at a convenience store.
To congratulate you on your new job.
These are too precious to wear.
Please, I beg of you. Put them on.
Sporty socks with a suit are illegal.
Okay. I have to go.
-I'll call after work.
What a nice building.
My boyfriend is a team manager
and I'm jobless.
There are pretty women everywhere
and my boyfriend is such a catch.
What rotten circumstances.
Get ready for summer
with health supplements.
We're offering
a special discount starting today.
We have a discount. A free tasting.
What is she doing there?
Free tasting.
Free tasting.
-What would you recommend for my mom?
-For your mom?
How about pomegranate?
She is a shrink.
He must have lost his mind.
Why would a doctor date him?
Why wouldn't she date him?
Jung-hui, don't date anyone.
This is how a fan feels.
I know that doctor. She is really pretty.
She looks almost like a celebrity.
I wouldn't say she is that pretty.
What are you doing?
You ate this much ice cream?
I can see the bottom.
When did I eat so much?
That's enough. You'll get sick.
Can I have just a little more?
You get sick if you eat
too much cold food.
He'll never become a top star.
Actors who are in love in real life
can't pull off romantic scenes on TV.
Are you back?
Mr. An.
There are hundreds of comments
on your article.
Did you read them?
What comments?
You should read them.
You need to know what your fans think.
We can't help that
everyone knows you're dating,
but I think you should try to avoid
getting photos taken.
Rumors of your love life
could affect how people view
your character in the drama.
it won't help you
in landing a new role or commercial.
These are just some advice
from your ex-manager.
Don't bother. I have it covered.
When people said he got rid of me
because he was dating,
I didn't believe that.
It was true. They were right.
Can someone change that much
just because they're dating?
I shouldn't bother?
If his ex-manager gave some advice
out of concern,
shouldn't he at least pretend to listen?
I just don't get it.
Are you free tomorrow?
Want to catch a movie?
Why are you doing this again?
You have no sense of reality.
What do I have to lose?
Sure, I'm free.
You shouldn't bow like that to your date.
Get in.
Thank you.
Is this a movie theater?
Pick any seat you want.
Is it first come, first served?
No, not really.
You can sit wherever you want.
All right then.
What comfy seats.
They serve food too.
Meat, your favorite.
This is a great place.
It must be a boring movie.
There is no one else.
I rented it.
-We finally got to go on our first date.
I didn't want to get stressed out
because of other people
or coming and going in separately.
I see.
The movie will be fun.
Thank you.
-Great job.
May I get it to go?
Yes, one portion.
Can you add two more abalones?
Thank you.
How much is it?
That'll be 48,000 won.
When did you get home?
What's this?
I bought it to help keep your energy up.
Have some.
Is it just for me?
You need to eat fast.
I couldn't afford to get any
for anyone else.
I only bought one portion.
This is a drumstick
and this is an abalone.
I paid extra for them.
You should have some too.
No, I can't.
You need to eat every bit of it.
I'll put on weight if I eat all this.
Have some too. Open up.
How is it?
I heard it's a famous restaurant.
It's delicious.
I feel stronger already.
-Have some more.
-Open up.
I thought both of you were still at work.
I came in to leave these.
Hey, you.
You'll get sick if you eat too quickly.
Take your time to chew.
Why didn't you
buy some kimchi to go with it?
Wait here while I get you some.
No, Mother.
I still get nauseated
when I smell kimchi.
I'm fine.
Are you?
Then take your time to chew.
Ask me to cook next time.
It's much better for you
when it's cooked at home.
My husband would catch a Pacific whale
if you asked him to.
I'm sorry, Mom.
Me too, Mother.
Take your time.
She caught us. I feel sorry.
What did your doctor say?
Everything is fine.
The baby is on the small side,
but there are no problems.
I think it's a girl.
What? A girl?
We'll have a daughter.
I've been praying
we'd have a daughter like you.
-Are you happy?
-Of course. I'm so happy.
Hold on. What should her nickname be?
Mom had your conception dream
about peaches, so how about Peach?
No, that's not special enough.
Little Yu-ju. In short,
Liyu? Liju? Liyu.
The document is…
Jeong-hwan, what's up?
It must be good news.
Thanks to the good response I got
from the making film of Oh My Boss,
I got a three-episode pilot program.
I knew it. Congratulations, Jeong-hwan.
That's amazing. Congratulations.
It's just a pilot, you know.
I have a long way to go
to make it into a regular show.
With that being said, we should start…
Starting today, we should plan for…
Son, my stomach hurts.
-Sorry, you guys.
-It's okay.
Mom, I'm busy right now.
I don't have time to joke with you.
Sorry about that.
Starting today,
we should get into planning mode…
We should get into planning mode
and really start focusing
on the project from today.
Let's get out of the city
for two days this weekend
to brainstorm together.
Why isn't she picking up?
The number cannot be reached.
Please leave…
The device is turned off.
Please leave a message…
Why on earth
is his phone turned off?
Excuse me. I'm sorry, but…
The number cannot be reached.
I'm sorry to bother you.
Do you mind making a call for me?
-This is my daughter-in-law's number.
She is not picking up.
Please tell her that I'm not feeling well.
Sure, I'll do that.
My mother-in-law?
Yes, I'll leave right now. Okay.
My goodness.
What if she is faking it again?
It hurts so much.
-You're here.
-Are you her guardian?
Yes, she is my mother-in-law.
Her uterine fibroid is quite huge.
The location isn't good,
and due to the heavy vaginal bleeding,
rather than just removing the tumor,
I suggest she gets a hysterectomy.
Wait, she needs to get her uterus removed?
What do you mean?
Are you saying my uterus
has to be removed?
The tumor is too big.
You should get it done
as soon as possible.
Hey, Jeong-hwan.
What do you mean?
Mom needs to get surgery?
She'll undergo surgery tomorrow.
This time, it's real.
Get here soon.
How can something like this happen to me?
I can't believe I won't have a uterus.
I never thought it'd happen to me.
Does that mean
my life as a woman is over now?
Doesn't getting my uterus removed mean
that my life as a woman is
completely over now?
Where is Father?
He called me from the terminal earlier.
-You're here.
What took you so long, Dad?
I came all the way from Mount Jiri.
Didn't I get here pretty fast?
why are you crying your eyes out?
It's not even that big of a deal.
She'll be fine after the surgery, right?
Honey, how can you say such a thing?
Just be grateful that it's not cancer.
It's nothing serious
if surgery can treat it.
I heard some women
get their uterus removed
as a preventative measure for cancer.
Your weight will go down
after the surgery.
Hang on. Hey,
shouldn't we step out
and eat something first?
Your mom isn't allowed to eat anything,
so we shouldn't eat here.
Dad, that's too…
Hey, it's not like us starving together
will make the tumor go away.
-Good grief.
I got your call as soon as
I finished my hike.
I had no time to eat anything
as I ran here.
I'm about to pass out
because I'm so hungry.
Will you die if you skip one meal?
How can you be like this?
Your wife is about to get
her uterus removed.
I feel as if the whole world is
collapsing on me.
My life as a woman is over!
Stop making such a fuss.
I had my appendix removed too.
Isn't it the same thing?
How can it be the same thing?
Do you even know
what it means to have no uterus?
It's not like you want more children.
It's useless,
so nothing will happen to you.
You get rid of useless things too then!
You little punk. How dare you!
Isn't he An Jung-hui?
The scandal must have made you
uncomfortable. Sorry.
It was a new experience,
so it wasn't all bad.
You're finally seem like a celebrity.
What shall we talk about today?
What did you and Dad do?
Some people's faces drastically change
as they grow up, right?
To the point that they're unrecognizable.
Most people look like they did
when they were children
to a certain extent,
but I've seen some
who look completely different
because of plastic surgery or accidents.
There could be other reasons too.
If it happened a long time ago…
I mean,
if it's something that happened
about 35 to 36 years ago,
I wouldn't really be able
to remember it, right?
And it could be distorted.
All memories are
slightly distorted in a way.
That's why
we all remember things differently.
Why are you asking me that?
Tell me what you did with your dad.
Nothing much.
We ate,
then he brought me a blanket.
He was like any other dad as usual.
What about Judo?
Never mind. Disregard that question.
I wasn't asking as your psychiatrist.
Nothing happened with her too.
I told you to disregard the question.
You never listen to your doctor.
Are you cleaning up, Dad?
You should've done it with me.
It's not even that much work.
Can you splash some cold water on my back?
It's so hot today.
All right.
Just pour the water on me.
Come on. Just do it.
No way.
The scar was too huge to be gone by now.
That's refreshing!
It feels so nice.
I feel very refreshed.
That cooled me down.
What happened? Why…
Why is there no scar on his back?
By the way, Dad.
When did you first meet Mom?
When I was 21 years old,
at a hospital.
Well, we met in high school.
Dad doesn't have a license.
That can't be. He is a great driver.
But you used to drive
when you were in the States.
The States?
Dad, did you live in the States?
When, Dad? Why didn't you ever tell us?
Yes, I should compare this
with his old photo.
Come in.
Hey, Jung-hui.
What brings you to my room?
By any chance,
do you happen to have
any childhood family photos?
For example,
photos from your first birthday.
Childhood family photos?
We don't have many photos,
but we do have an album. Why?
I'm just curious.
Hang on a second. Where is that album?
It's in the living room drawers.
Our family album is…
Here it is.
Photos from my first birthday party.
Here you go.
Thank you.
What is this? How is this possible?
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