My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e37 Episode Script

Episode 37

It's as I explained yesterday.
Please read it again carefully
and sign it.
Okay. Thank you.
Jeong-hwan, I'm scared.
You can't sign it just like that.
That's your wife's surgery consent form.
You must read it carefully
before signing it.
Will you be quiet?
My goodness.
Here you go, doctor. Thank you.
-The bed is on its way.
-She'll be taken to the operating room.
-Okay, thank you.
You were there when the doctor explained.
I'm sure he brought the right form.
Don't you think so?
You should still check. You never know.
Laparoscopic surgeries
rarely have side effects.
The scars are small
and they'll heal in days.
Don't be so nonchalant.
I've never been to a hospital before.
You know how scared I am of injections.
Will you stop making me repeat myself?
This surgery is not dangerous.
The doctor who just left
is one of the top experts.
By the time you wake up from your nap,
you'll find yourself lying here
in this room.
Mom, for every kind of surgery,
you need to be relaxed.
Stop saying
that you're scared and worried.
It's here.
It's time to go.
Don't worry. You'll be fine.
It'll go just fine. Don't worry too much.
It'll go well, Mother.
Take a nap, and it'll be all over.
It's been a long day.
You should sit down.
Where is Father?
Did he go to eat?
He thinks a catastrophe will happen
if he doesn't eat on time.
I didn't know
he could be so cruelly direct.
I'll reward you a point for your courage.
You were pretty cool yesterday.
I wasn't.
You were. It was right for you
to defend your mother.
You deserve to be praised.
Thank you.
When did your father stop caring
for your mother?
He was always like this.
When he was a reporter,
I thought it was because he was busy.
Even after he retired,
he is still the same.
I think that's why my mom
is obsessed with me
and relies so much on me.
Do you understand her a bit now?
To a certain extent, I do understand her.
But understanding
is not the same as acceptance.
Right. I get that.
It just ended.
-Let's go.
Are you tired?
Do you want to go home first?
You're tired as well.
Let's leave when Father comes back.
Where is he anyway?
My goodness.
Give him a call.
Shall I?
What took you so…
Did you go to the sauna?
I felt so tired and cranky
that I went for a short while.
Waiting outside the operating room
won't help much anyway.
Did the surgery go well?
Yes, it went just fine.
She'll sleep all day.
We'd like to go home now.
We both have to work tomorrow.
I'll switch with you tomorrow evening.
Stay here tonight and tomorrow.
You want me to stay here?
Who else should stay here
when your wife is sick?
You are her legal guardian and husband.
I said I'll take over tomorrow evening.
Okay, fine.
They're different people.
The dad I found
isn't my dad?
Did I find the wrong man?
Why did he say he is my dad?
Why did he take me in?
No, it makes no sense.
The recipient cannot…
Mom, do you know the man in this photo?
Why are you giggling?
-Jung-hui's articles?
They're all saying nice things about him.
He is on the rise.
You're quite loyal.
Still checking up on him.
I used to be his manager.
Could you go get Seong-jun's outfit for
the photoshoot from the dressing room?
This is great.
No one cares about Dad
or the dating scandal.
It's all about his acting.
All the comments
say positive things about his acting too.
Do you know anything about
this nonsensical situation?
The dad I found after 35 years
might not be my dad.
Could you and I be unrelated?
Then, would it be okay for me to like you?
Should I be happy about that?
Watch where you go.
Thank you.
What's wrong with me?
I was surprised. Too surprised.
What are you doing, showing up like this?
You're lucky that a patient just canceled.
Next time, call before showing up.
What's going on?
It sounded urgent over the phone.
I'm just
very confused.
I met someone
and I'm not sure
if that person is the person
I wanted to meet.
Put it simply.
The scar he should have on his back
isn't there.
His memories don't match
and neither do the photos.
He can't be someone else.
There is no way he can be.
Like you said before, memories
can always become warped
or fade and the scar…
He got it 36 or 37 years ago.
So as time went by,
the scar could have faded.
It is possible.
There are surgeries to erase scars.
That could be it.
But if that wasn't it,
no matter how many years have passed,
I doubt a scar would disappear naturally.
The men in these photos.
Could they be one man?
Based on these,
I'd say they're different people.
Some people look utterly different
in photos.
Some say I look different
when I pose for shoots.
Some people are like that.
But his memories don't correspond,
he doesn't have a scar,
and he looks different in photos.
Isn't that strange?
All three anomalies in one man.
Is that common?
If I were you, I wouldn't think
they're the same person.
Who is this person?
Thank you. I have to go.
Have some fruit.
-Have some fruit.
-Thank you.
-Here, forks.
-Thank you.
Mom, you should've told us
you'd been invited on the show.
Then, we would have gone to support you.
I couldn't tell you.
She just wouldn't let me.
You're awesome, Grandma.
You're on television.
Wait and see how great she was.
Really? How far did she get?
You're not supposed to ask that.
Min-ha, what is that called?
-A spoiler, Grandma.
-Yes, that.
-It started. Be quiet.
The next contestant
is from Ogeum-dong, Suwon.
It is Kim Mal-bun. Welcome.
You aren't wearing makeup.
You should've told me.
-You can do it, Mom!
Why didn't you ask me for some clothes?
Be quiet, it's her turn.
When two people are close, we say…
-Yes, Mal-bun?
Isn't it the liver and gallbladder?
The liver and gallbladder.
That is correct.
I thought you were wrong.
-Make a contribution.
That's correct.
"Harmoniously" is the correct answer!
-You're incredible.
How did you get all those right, Mom?
Grandma is really great.
Number five, he came last.
What goes in number six?
Number six would be…
Let's see.
Grandma, please.
Dear, Buddha. Amen. Hallelujah.
-Either way.
Either way. Let's check the answers.
What a pity.
I am sorry to say you were wrong.
Let's all clap.
Grandma, you have my respect.
Me too.
What's that?
It means they have respect for you.
Does it?
I respect you too, Mother.
I'm really amazed.
My mom's really amazing.
Mom, I'm impressed.
It's tough to muster the courage
to go on such TV shows.
How did you reach the final round?
Weren't you nervous?
Even if you're in a tiger's den,
you live if you stay alert.
I stayed alert
and got some questions right.
Before I knew it, I was up there with her.
You were really amazing, Mother.
-Thank you.
-You're the best, Mom.
My goodness.
Jung-hui, will you be very late?
Isn't my mom just amazing?
Most people forget things they know
when put on the spot.
How did she get everything right?
She is your mom.
She has the guts.
That sounds like a jab
disguised as a compliment.
It's a compliment.
Go to sleep. I'll go downstairs for a bit.
-Don't stay there too long.
-I won't.
He's coming home really late today.
He used to text me on days like this.
No, it can't be.
Is that why he didn't want to see my mom?
-Do you know An Su-jin?
Don't you know her?
An Su-jin?
Yes, An Su-jin.
I'm her son, okay?
Mr. Byun.
Then, the reason he couldn't remember
or get my mom's name the first time…
But why?
Why did he say he is my dad if he isn't?
Because I'm a celebrity? Is my mom right?
What did he gain?
Nothing. People criticized him,
saying he tried to benefit from me.
If not that,
is it because he couldn't say the truth?
Why not?
Then, where is my dad?
Honey, I'll come with you.
Let's finish it
before the children wake up.
I'd appreciate the help.
Did you use the toilet?
Yes. Someone was using the other one.
You're up early.
You got home late last night.
You must be tired.
I'm fine. I should go.
He must feel completely at home now.
He used our toilet. He's never done that.
I guess he couldn't wait.
Where did I put it?
Did you throw away my toothbrush?
Your toothbrush? No. Is it not there?
I can't find it.
I didn't touch it.
Get a new one.
There are extras
in the living room drawer.
I only used it for a week.
-All right.
Yes. What?
I need to go to the toilet.
Get up and go.
Hang on.
Oh my goodness.
Get up.
You need to help me up.
My goodness.
Get up.
That hurts. Be gentle.
Your slippers.
There you go.
No. Honey.
You need to push that in with me.
Push what in?
That thing.
Your IV drip bag?
Here you go.
I can't do this.
I should hire a caregiver.
Any more of this and I'll get sick.
It's not like you did anything.
My goodness.
Stop mumbling
and do your business and get out.
I'm going back to sleep.
She must have been working all night.
I should tell her to stay home tonight.
Nut, go and sleep in our bed.
No, leave me alone.
You need to sleep in comfort.
Stay still. I'll carry you inside.
There you go.
That's it. Sleep tight.
Who could this be?
Your interview with Mr. Baek is at 6 p.m.
Goodness. What should I do?
We barely scheduled this.
I can't postpone it.
Hi, Dad. It's me.
I'm sorry, but could you stay there
one more day?
What are you talking about?
Absolutely not.
I have plans for tonight.
I'm sorry. Something urgent came up.
There is a retirement ceremony
for the Political Desk Director
I have to attend.
He attended my retirement ceremony.
More than that,
if I stay here any longer,
I think I'll become ill.
There is no way I'm staying.
You have to come.
All right. I understand.
Yes. That's right.
Come on.
Aunt. How have you been? It's Jeong-hwan.
Yes. I was wondering
if you were busy tonight.
I see. If you could postpone that…
Yes. Well, I understand.
I hope to see you soon. Take care.
What should I do?
Considering Mom's personality,
I can't hire a caregiver.
Well. I'll have to try and reschedule it.
Jong-beom, it's me. About the interview…
I'll go to the hospital.
Go do the interview.
I'll call you back.
Weren't you sleeping?
My trial will be over by this afternoon.
I can make it to the hospital
in the evening.
You just need me from six to nine, right?
Yes. That would be more than enough.
Fortunately, I'll be doing it
near the hospital.
I'll definitely be there by nine.
Thank you, Nut.
If it were any other interview,
I would have canceled.
I've been trying to get this for a month.
would you like me
to deduct a point
for you doing this for me?
You're right. I shouldn't even be asking.
I should definitely deduct a point.
Doing filial duty by proxy.
I can't believe this.
I barely recovered a point. I'm so sad.
Here I go.
Five, four, three, two, one. Done.
I'm going to go have lunch now.
She is unbelievable.
It's lunchtime. What shall I have?
Mr. Park.
Cheol-su won't be able to have lunch.
He is busy with what I've asked him to do.
How about you and I have lunch together?
I'll buy you something expensive.
Enjoy your meal.
-Could they have mistaken the order?
-What's wrong?
Don't you like the food?
No. It's just that the proportion
is so small.
Do they expect me to be full eating this?
It's just some crumbs.
We're having a course meal.
There'll be plenty on the way.
Don't worry.
This is delicious.
Go ahead and open it.
What is this?
This is a limited edition.
Thanks to you, Cheol-su returned home,
and he started working.
It's the least I could do.
This is amazing. It's beautiful.
It's the reward I had promised.
Please accept it.
I haven't done anything
to be rewarded for.
Could you please give this back to him?
It's my way of expressing my gratitude.
I went through a lot
to find something you'd like.
Give it back to her.
Then, why don't you use it?
You see, I still have my 12 precious bags.
Please return this to him.
Your 12 other precious bags
wouldn't add up to this.
This is much more expensive.
You'll regret it.
It'll cost me much more
to carry that around.
I'll need to buy clothes
and shoes to match the bag.
Working part-time, I can't afford that.
You should use it.
I'm sure it'll suit you.
How on earth could I carry this?
It's obviously a lady's bag.
Just accept it, will you?
Then, give it to your wife.
I'm sure she'll love it.
I almost forgot.
Just so you know, I can't keep secrets.
Especially to my boyfriend,
there is nothing I wouldn't say.
For instance,
he'll know we had lunch together,
and that you tried to reward me.
When is the next dish coming?
I'm done with this.
What does he take me for?
I would never betray someone for a bag.
I would rather use up my credit card
to the limit than do that.
But that limited edition bag…
I won't be able to afford it
even if I max out my credit card.
Forget about it.
Don't regret it, Ra-yeong.
I'm proud of you. Goodness.
What's this?
Ra-yeong. Haven't you had lunch?
I did,
but I was in an awkward situation.
I couldn't eat well.
Who did you have lunch with?
There is no need to feel intimidated.
Don't worry.
Can we sit at the same table and eat?
Absolutely not.
We've walked 15 minutes away
from the office.
There won't be anyone here
from our office.
We still have to be careful.
I did apply for this job
so I could see you often,
but you shouldn't come
to see me like this.
This isn't like
just any other office romance.
This is between the owner's son
and a part-timer.
I have no intentions
of becoming Cinderella,
so make sure we don't get caught.
Who could blame us for anything?
We aren't committing a crime, are we?
We have your dad to watch out for.
In fact, I had lunch with your dad.
What on earth did he say to you this time?
Don't get so upset. Sit down.
Nothing much happened, Cheol-su.
I thought you were as gentle as a lamb,
but you're such a tough guy to your dad.
Don't waste your time being so tough
on your dad. Be more manly in front of me.
But what exactly
do you mean by being tough?
Exactly what you're thinking right now.
I'm all done.
There we go.
Here are the main costumes
for the title song.
These are for the music video
and television shows.
With the concept of dangerous
backstreet boys,
we chose the collection from the G brand
that highlights retro style
as the main costume.
Ms. Kim, what's wrong? Are you all right?
I'm fine.
It's been a while since I did
a presentation. I guess I got tense.
I'll continue.
G brand's collection for this season uses
glitter and embroidery of bright colors.
It's very different from modern minimalism
that was popular before.
Being a luxury brand,
the price range is rather high.
But I'll discuss the matter with G brand
and try to get sponsored to some extent.
-I like it.
-It's good.
Let's go with this.
Can you proceed with purchasing
and getting sponsored, Ms. Kim?
Sure, I'll do that.
Let's finish here.
Great work, Ms. Kim.
-Good job.
-Well done.
Thank you.
Ms. Kim, I…
Ms. Kim!
Ms. Kim collapsed.
The ambulance is coming. Go to the
conference room on the third floor now.
Don't you need to go back to the office?
I don't have to.
Hasn't she awakened yet?
When did the surgery finish?
It's been about an hour.
I guess she'll wake up soon.
I know you're sorry and upset.
you should console Yu-ju.
You know she is the one
who is most upset, right?
I know.
You two are still young.
You can have a baby again.
She looks worn out.
I'll buy some beef bones on my way home.
I'll go with Mi-yeong now.
After she takes some rest, bring her home.
It will be better for you
to be by her side alone
than all of us being here
when she wakes up.
All right.
We're home.
I'm so tired.
Goodness, why did you buy so many of them?
Those are too heavy for you.
You should have called me
for grocery shopping.
No, it's fine. I went with Mi-yeong.
I bought beef bones, ginseng,
and some fruits.
I think Yu-ju needs to regain her vigor.
I bought some eel and some small octopus
as well. Mi-yeong has them.
She can have seaweed soup today.
I'll boil beef bones tonight.
-I'll put it in water to take out blood.
Are you coming this weekend?
I'm sorry.
I can't visit you this weekend either.
My mother-in-law was hospitalized.
What? What happened now?
Is she sick?
She had surgery due to uterine myoma.
I see.
I'm relieved
that it's not a serious illness.
Why does everyone get hurt and sick?
So many things are happening.
Many things happened at home.
Yu-ju had a miscarriage.
My goodness.
She and Jun-yeong must be devastated.
Okay. I'll stop by tonight.
All right. See you later.
With extra cheese, it's 20,000 won.
Yes, thank you.
Honey, a chicken pizza with extra cheese.
Gosh. Come in.
-Hello, Bo-mi.
-How are you?
-You have customers.
-How are you?
Have a seat.
As I earned a cash prize
for appearing on a TV show,
they're pushing me to treat them.
That's why I brought them here.
Good on you.
Well, bring the most expensive one here.
Yes, Mother.
Honey, the most expensive one!
I took the order. The most expensive one!
-Help yourselves.
This place sells the best pizza in town.
Goodness, why do you have to go to Italy
to eat pizza paying so much money?
Eat up.
-It's good.
-It's delicious.
Look at that.
Do you watch that drama?
I heard that the main actor
found his real dad.
Is that a real story, not the drama?
It's true.
He even moved into his dad's house.
His dad has a wife and children.
Why did he accept the actor?
I'm sure he seized the chance
to take advantage of his celebrity son.
Stop talking nonsense and eat this.
What are you doing now?
What do you know about them?
Watch your mouth
when you don't know anything.
Did you see it?
Did you see his dad
taking advantage of him?
If not,
why would he take him in?
It's all because of money.
I'm sure his family is a crook.
What did you say?
What? Come here, you witch.
-Goodness, it hurts!
-What's going on?
-Goodness, let me go!
-Calm down!
My goodness.
What did you just do, you old wench?
-Take this!
Goodness, what are you doing?
-Stop it!
-My goodness!
Let me go!
Compared to humans,
how can AI differentiate fake news?
Lee Eun-jeong,
a science reporter found out.
I got surgery and can't eat
because my gas hasn't come out yet.
How can he eat something in front of me?
It's similar to the existing news.
However, the scholar's name
in the article…
But he didn't come in yet.
What are you doing? I was watching it.
Give it to me.
My goodness.
Give me the remote control!
Why don't you just watch this?
You need to pay attention
to the ways of the world.
You keep watching the same news
all day long.
Why don't you watch something fun?
This is why you lack intelligence.
You keep watching stupid shows.
What did you say?
Goodness, give it to me!
It's my hospital room.
I can watch what I want.
If you want to watch what you want,
you should get hospitalized too.
Goodness, you're so childish.
You and I have different tastes
for everything.
We're so different.
We should graduate from our marriage.
Let's graduate from our marriage
so that you live as you like
and I live as I like.
Let's graduate from our marriage
and live separately.
Let's live as we'd like to
without any regrets.
Don't you remember what you did
38 years ago?
You said you would love and cherish me
and be on my side as long as you live.
You even kneeled down
in front of my parents.
Goodness, that was 38 years ago.
When your parents objected
to our marriage,
I should have broken up with you.
I kneeled down too easily back then.
As I didn't cherish my precious knees
that my parents gave to me,
I'm paying for the price so harshly now.
He argued for his position a bit too much…
Even just by a little…
I believe you have stepped over the line.
It's not just over the line.
You have completely denied and insulted
your 38 years of marriage with Mother.
Do you also remember what you said
about taking out "her useless womb"?
That was the moment…
You are also forcing
a patient to graduate from your marriage.
Ending a marriage
is a matter between a couple,
and I have no intentions of stepping in.
You may end the marriage, and you may not.
However, that is something
you cannot force upon someone.
What is more is that Mother is a patient
who just went through a harsh surgery
called a total hysterectomy.
Don't you think it's bad manners
and inhumane to force that on a patient?
Yes, that is exactly what I wanted to say.
Also Father, you do not have the manners
you should keep between a couple.
You continuously say rough words.
Also, she has not released any gas yet,
so she cannot eat. However, you are
enjoying that lunch box in front of her.
Even a little child cannot eat well
when that child sees
that his or her mom cannot eat.
I believe she is the one who should ask
for this marriage to end, not you.
You're right.
That is exactly what I wanted to say.
My goodness.
Be quiet.
Be quiet!
See? You just bullied her again.
I have been noticing this
for some time now,
and I think you feel superior by bullying
and treating her badly.
-What did you say?
-Why do you let him do that to you?
How did you deal with him for 38 years?
You should ask him
to finish this marriage.
How dare you?
How dare you speak
to your father-in-law like that?
What do you know?
Do you know anything about us?
Do you know anything about my life?
You are condemning me
solely for this situation,
committing the fallacy
of a personal attack.
You are the one
who is diverting the argument.
How can I not divert the argument now?
You are one brazen daughter-in-law.
Darn it. What is the point
of talking to you? Goodness.
You idiot.
How dare you talk to me like that?
How can you say that I'm useless?
Your wife also stepped over the line
because you've treated me with no respect.
Darn it.
What's wrong?
Dad, what happened?
-Are you busy?
Even so, how can you bring work
to my hospital room?
Have you eaten?
You haven't eaten? You must be hungry.
Are you still ticked off at me?
No, right?
I am not ticked off.
I am angry, Mother.
My goodness. You are so narrow-minded.
How do you feel?
I thought you were busy.
My work ended early,
so I got here quickly.
Hae-yeong, thank you.
You should go home now.
I hate this.
Darn it!
I knew it.
You have to be crazy to get married.
-We're home.
Hey, welcome back.
You're home.
You should go in and lie down.
Jun-yeong, take her in and get some rest.
Then, we'll have dinner.
Okay. Let's go to our room, Yu-ju.
You're here.
Is Yu-ju asleep?
It must be the medicine. She is so sleepy.
Maybe she is trying
to catch up on all of her sleep.
You must be heartbroken.
I am.
I kept on asking her to take a rest,
but she wouldn't listen.
Yu-ju has been overworking herself.
I see.
But you can't let her notice
you're heartbroken.
Of course, I know.
I keep thinking,
"What if she had rested just one night?"
"What if
she didn't stay up all night yesterday?"
Thoughts like these pop in my head.
I shouldn't be thinking that.
It's all because you're heartbroken.
But still.
It must be the hardest on Yu-ju.
She must be blaming herself.
You have to cheer her up.
I know. I should, but…
Cheer up.
Let me know
if I can help you with anything.
Thank you for stopping by.
I know you're busy.
-Mother, you were up.
Why are you out here? You must be tired.
I woke up, but it was hard for me
to sleep again.
I was afraid I would wake Jun-yeong.
It's okay.
It could happen to anybody.
It must be heartbreaking,
but don't be too sad.
Also, it's not your fault,
so don't blame yourself.
You should go and sleep.
we'll eat breakfast together, okay?
Are you all right? You've had quite a lot.
I saw the picture.
Who do you want me to see?
They're all strangers.
Don't you know them?
No, so who are you talking about?
Open the door.
Open the darn door!
Mom said she doesn't know who you are.
She says she doesn't know you, Dad!
Why did you deceive me?
Why did you fool me?
Open the door. Open it.
Open the door!
Mr. An.
You knew, didn't you?
What? Know what?
Tell me.
You knew, didn't you?
Did you know?
Mr. An, you're hurting me.
I'm sure you did. You knew.
Tell me!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Mr. An.
Mr. An.
Mr. An, wake up.
Mr. An.
I'm sorry, Dad.
I was going to call Jun-yeong,
but I couldn't call him because of Yu-ju.
No, don't be sorry.
You did well. It's all right.
Anyway, why did he drink so much?
I have no idea.
I just saw him in front of the shop.
Is something going on?
He never drank this much.
It's okay. I'll take care of him.
You should go and sleep.
Good night, Dad.
Is there really
something going on?
Why did you drink so much?
Have some honey tea and come downstairs.
I'll help you get over your hangover
with tomato pasta and vanilla ice cream.
Who are you to use my dad's name
and pretend to be him?
Who are you?
I thought
about telling Jung-hui everything.
I've never seen him with such sad eyes.
I have to end this marriage with your mom.
I just got discharged today.
Goodbye, I'm leaving.
Your father's quite an obstacle.
You pervert!
Cheol-su, are you okay?
-He's my boyfriend!
-Your boyfriend?
I wasn't expecting you.
Where's my real dad now?
Can't you leave it buried as it has been?
Honey. It's all over now.
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