My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e38 Episode Script

Episode 38

Wake up.
Oh, my goodness. Look at you sweating.
Did you have a nightmare?
Did you?
I haven't dreamed about
being chased in a while.
It has been a while.
Are you okay?
What time is it?
I meant to wait for Jung-hui,
but I fell asleep.
It's 3 a.m.
Is Jung-hui back?
Check on him in the morning.
Even if he's back, he'll be asleep.
Don't wake him up.
Should I not?
I hope he's home and in bed.
Go back to sleep.
I'll try to go back to sleep too.
He isn't checking his messages.
There are no new articles.
It means he didn't get into any accidents.
Why can't I reach him?
Why are you talking to yourself
like an old woman?
Are you up?
I'm worried about Mr. An.
He isn't answering his phone
or checking his messages.
He should be okay, right?
Or he'd be in the news.
I guess so.
Aren't actors really busy
when they're shooting?
Mi-yeong, did you sleep well?
I don't have any schedule today.
Would you like to have lunch together?
-It's not him.
-It's Seong-jun again.
Date him already.
Why won't you go out with him?
He's Jin Seong-jun.
Do you not feel love or something?
If he doesn't have any schedule today,
is Mr. An free today too?
You only talk about Mr. An all the time.
Do you realize you've been talking
about Mr. An a lot for the past few days?
It's because I'm worried.
I couldn't reach him.
I mean, you're worried about him too.
I'm going to shower.
What the…
Dad, did Mr. An come home?
I just checked, but he didn't come home.
He used to tell me
if he couldn't come home.
I know.
How about calling him?
Have you called him?
I called him yesterday,
but he didn't pick up.
I'll try again later.
I think he's sleeping now.
Can you go find out at work?
Yes. I was planning to go ask
the senior manager
about him later today at work.
Yes. I'm sure it's nothing serious,
but I'm worried.
Me too.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
He fell down
after looking at me like that.
Then he hasn't shown up for days now.
Of course, it makes me worried.
Here, Mi-yeong.
Did you have a good sleep? Come sit down.
Good morning, Mother and Father.
Yes, good morning.
It's a great morning for us too.
Let's eat.
-Thank you for the meal.
-Thank you for the meal.
I'm fine, ladies.
Are you all right now, Yu-ju?
Of course, I am.
I'm all recovered now.
Thanks to Father and Mother trying
to improve my health with beef bone soup
and seaweed soup,
I think I recovered pretty fast.
You know you still have
to be careful, right?
Your health is the most important.
Don't get stressed.
Relax and eat a lot.
Yes, Father.
I'm not exaggerating,
but since I've been doing nothing
but eating and sleeping,
I feel like I can fly.
I'm glad to hear that.
By the way, Father and Mother,
I'm going to go back to work from today.
Already, Yu-ju? It's too early.
I can take care of myself, Jun-yeong.
I'm completely fine. Don't worry.
Are you worried about work?
I thought you could take time off
for 30 days.
That's not it, Mother.
I'm pretty bored
because I've been staying in bed.
I'm completely recovered now.
Have you?
It hasn't even been a week yet,
so we'd like you
to stay home and rest,
but since you say you're fine,
talk about it with Jun-yeong.
Yes, Father.
Hey, Yu-ju.
Do you really have to go to work today?
Can you take time off for a few more days?
It's fine. I've rested enough.
Also, there are things
I need to take care of.
If the law allows you to rest for 30 days,
it means that's how much you should rest.
I think you're going back
to work too early.
I think you're pushing yourself.
I told you I'm fine.
Don't just say you're fine
all the time and…
I get it.
Let's go together. I'll drive you.
What's wrong with you?
I'll get the car ready.
Hey, Jun-yeong.
What is it that you want to tell me?
Do you want to say I lost the baby
because I said I'm fine all the time
and pushed myself?
If so, just say it.
I've never said that.
I thought your body hasn't recovered yet,
so I was only asking you to rest
because I'm worried.
It sounds like you're blaming me.
Is it because I feel guilty?
Why are you so sensitive?
Do you enjoy twisting and turning
everything I say?
I'll go to work on my own.
The number you have dialed
cannot be reached…
Jung-hui isn't picking up his phone again.
I have to go see Aunt today,
so I'll go visit his house tomorrow.
I'm worried too.
By the way, how bad is Aunt?
I don't know. I have to go and check
if she is getting better or worse.
Don't pack so many summer clothes.
I brought her some last time,
so she probably has a lot.
My goodness.
I should drive you,
but I sprained my ankle.
It's fine.
Don't walk too much and rest.
I just can't drive, but I can walk.
But I'll still be careful.
Have a safe trip.
Take a look at the beef bone soup
for Yu-ju.
Yes, don't worry. Bye.
My goodness.
There are a lot of people
taking care of you.
You must be happy, Al.
What's wrong? Is something bothering you?
I'm worried about Mr. An.
I can't reach him.
He doesn't answer my call or Dad's.
I'm sure he's fine.
He must be busy with filming.
I didn't tell Dad
because then he'd be worried.
When Mr. An was drunk a few days ago,
he was a bit weird.
He was kicking our restaurant door
while yelling to open the door,
and he got upset at me
asking if I knew anything.
Then he passed out.
He left the next day
without anyone knowing,
and I couldn't reach him since.
I'm so worried.
If he's fine,
he would have called us to check on Al.
I'm sure he's fine, right?
Right, Al?
He can't be someone with the same name.
He didn't recognize my mom's name
at first, but then he did.
He also knew she'd hurt her hand.
Who are you?
Who are you to use my dad's name
and pretend to be him?
Where is my dad?
Is he…
Let's hear what you have to say.
Messenger service?
I'd like to send a document.
To Dad's Snacks in Suwon.
-Let's go inside.
-Watch your step.
-Oh dear.
-We're home.
It's still sore where they sewed me up.
It's great to be home though.
Oh, dear. Home sweet home.
My goodness.
Oh my.
Hello, madam.
I almost miscarried a baby
I wasn't even carrying.
-Who are you?
-Is everything ready?
Yes. These are the papers you asked for.
Thanks so much.
It was a long morning.
You can go and rest. You too, Bok-nyeo.
She didn't answer yet. Who are you?
Can't you tell right away?
She'll help with the housework from today.
I'm Na Do-mi, your housekeeper.
I hope we get along, madam.
You didn't ask me…
Be quiet. Don't embarrass her.
You can get to work.
You're so rude and inconsiderate.
What's there to ask?
Do you think you can do the housework
in your state?
Even so, you should have told me--
Be quiet. You talk way too much.
As you see, I hired an expert.
I did my duty.
I'm going out.
You two can get some well-earned rest.
Even if she calls, don't come downstairs.
Just turn off all your phones.
Everything's here. I'm going out.
We'll go upstairs then.
Get some rest, Mother.
Try to rest, Mom.
Sleep as much as you can.
Let's go.
Are you both going upstairs?
Yes, Mother. We'd both like to.
Now you're recovering and at home,
the Code Red's lifted.
You should do what the contract says.
See you, Mom.
It hurts. Oh, dear.
Nut, wait.
Nut. I'll go upstairs first.
Take your time. Come very slowly.
It's an honor to have you
at Jeong-hwan's spa.
Relax in the tub for ten minutes
and an expert helper and then a masseur
will come and serve you in turn.
Shall I?
I'm an expert spa therapist,
Cha Jeong-sun.
Shall we see what you can do?
-Good morning.
You can stop looking.
I'm sure you all heard what happened.
Ms. Kim.
Are you okay?
You can all relax. I'm fine.
I'll get right back into things today.
The schedule will stand. Don't worry.
Will you really come back to work?
Yes, so bring me your schedules
for the month.
Filming, trips, shows, buying, everything.
I'm sorry.
The number you have dialed…
Intern, you called me.
Tae-bu. Where's Mr. An?
Is he all you think about when you see me?
Ask how I'm doing first.
Why did you call?
Is something up with Mr. An?
He isn't taking my calls.
He isn't doing anything this week.
A soccer match is airing this week,
so they postponed the filming.
Oh, I see.
Come to think of it.
Jung-hui hasn't called at all this week.
Did he go somewhere?
Shouldn't a manager know
where his actor is?
What if he's somewhere all alone
and he's sick?
Are you scolding me?
I wasn't at all.
I was just worried.
I see I trained you well.
I'll look after Jung-hui. Don't you worry.
See you.
Did he go somewhere?
Why won't he answer my calls?
Can't he text me back at least?
Is Ms. Kim really okay?
I'm worried.
I get the feeling
that we did something wrong.
Me too.
I thought she'd be away for a while.
She came right back.
I think she's really obsessive.
She isn't just obsessive.
Isn't she shockingly calm
about the whole thing?
I'd like to return this.
Just because she seems calm
doesn't mean she is inside.
I'd like you to stop talking
about her in secret.
It's you. You're Yu-ju's husband.
Aren't you?
I should have met you
before I got married.
I'm sorry about that.
I'm sure Yu-ju said
she doesn't have a mom.
Shall I talk to you casually?
Sure, you don't need
to use honorifics, Mother.
You called me Mother.
I feel like I'm an old lady.
What brings you here?
If you want to see Yu-ju…
I came to see you, not Yu-ju.
As we're both busy,
I'll skip the introduction.
I'll get to the point. I need some money.
Yu-ju is the only child I have.
But she didn't let me know
she was getting married.
So I didn't get any wedding gifts.
I want you to give me some money
instead of it.
Here's the pizza you ordered. Enjoy.
Here are the drinks. Enjoy.
Tell me if you need anything.
-Thank you.
-How are you?
How are you, Manager?
I want you to post this here.
What is it?
It's a new menu development contest.
It's open to everyone.
You two can participate in it too.
For an award,
they'll help you open a store.
You'll also receive a cash prize.
-Can we open a store?
-Can we get a cash prize?
You mean after you make something,
we need to eat it, right?
We'll choose one that tastes better.
Mom, you're quick of understanding.
I think the company's recipe
would taste best.
-I don't think so.
-Me neither.
Let's play fair.
-Let's go!
-Go for it!
-We can do it!
-Forget it.
Don't look at me.
-Don't look.
-Come on.
You're making me worry.
I'm not sure if you can make
something edible.
Taste this, please.
-It's hot.
-Rinse your mouth first.
You should get rid of the taste
of his pizza
and taste my pizza. That's fair, isn't it?
What do you think?
It tastes better than I expected.
But how shall I put it?
I think both pizzas lack something.
It can't be. Nothing lacks in my pizza.
I put on the sauce and lots of cheese too.
-Various vegetables…
-Right. That's nonsense.
See how much meat I put in here.
Do you think it's easy
to grill the meat nicely?
I made this pizza
with an Italian master's spirit.
Mine isn't on the same level
with a veggie pizza.
My goodness.
Pizza wouldn't taste good
with only the meat.
You need to put something more
for a better taste.
Your pizza lacks that something.
You're talking nonsense.
Both of you keep quiet.
As I eat your pizzas,
I found it weird
that when I eat them together
it tastes really good.
-Both of them together?
Oh, Mom! This is it!
Yes, this is it!
It tastes great.
-Pumpkin steak, pumpkin!
The number you have reached is
currently unavailable.
You'll be charged after the beep.
He's not picking up the phone all day.
You pervert!
I knew this would happen!
I was watching him,
and he looked suspicious.
You jerk!
What were you trying to do to me?
You scum!
You jerk!
Ra-yeong, call the police!
Okay! You stay right here!
-Excuse me, Ra-yeong!
-How dare you!
My goodness. What do I do?
Cheol-su, are you okay?
Jun-yeong, he's my boyfriend!
Your boyfriend?
Cheol-su, I'm sorry. Look at me.
Are you okay?
I'm fine. Are you okay, Ra-yeong?
You're bleeding.
You mean this? Why is it…
There was a misunderstanding.
I thought a stranger
was trying to harass my sister.
I think it's natural you misunderstood.
I think my outfit
caused the misunderstanding.
I think you have a problem, Jun-yeong.
How can you hit someone without checking?
What's going on? Are you disciplining him?
At ease!
Gosh, what did he do
to your handsome face?
It hurts, doesn't it?
I was too shocked then.
Have a seat here, Ra-yeong.
So, how long have you been
seeing each other?
It's been about five months.
Who confessed first?
-I did it first.
Is it true
that you made her confess first?
Well, that's because
I've never dated someone before, so…
I mean, it's my fault.
You don't seem to take blows well.
Does it hurt a lot?
No, it doesn't hurt at all.
You said it doesn't hurt at all.
Do you mean that my punch
is nothing to you?
I mean, it hurts.
All right, fine.
I'm sorry that I misunderstood you.
I'm also sorry that I hit you.
I'll buy you a drink next time
as an apology.
So I'll see you around.
Sure. Thank you.
Jung-hui, did you use the bathroom here?
Honey, did you take out my toothbrush?
He couldn't have…
He didn't, right?
I'm sure he didn't.
Hello, honey.
Jung-hui says he sent me something.
I hope you can receive it for me.
Did you reach Jung-hui?
No, the delivery man called me.
He'll be there soon.
Honey, I need to catch the bus now.
Bye now.
The number you have dialed
cannot be reached.
Your call will be directed to voicemail
after the beep.
How did you like the service?
I don't just like it.
It's commendable.
Is it? Then Hye-yeong,
do you think I did enough
to score a love point?
I know I did wrong,
but I'm amassing too many penalty points.
No. Forget it.
-Two points?
-One isn't enough.
You deserve at least two.
What do you want for dinner?
If you want to earn another point,
there is a way.
What's that? Just name it.
Take me as I am to bed.
Yes, madam.
Let's go.
Don't take it.
I won't.
I'm calling a meeting. Come downstairs.
Your father's quite an obstacle.
He isn't helping.
I called a family meeting to discuss
things about your mother and me.
Now that she's at home,
there's no reason to wait.
As I said before,
I must put our marriage behind me.
Will you stop this?
I just got discharged today.
That's why I waited until today.
I have to end this marriage with your mom.
Be quiet.
For 38 years,
I was your husband, Jeong-hwan's dad,
a son-in-law, and a breadwinner.
I think I did my duties.
Now, I want to be free
of the responsibilities and restraints.
You need to stop being so stubborn
and accept some of my opinions.
I found a place to move into.
This is the contract of the lease.
You didn't give me my severance pay,
so I got a loan on the building
in Mapo that's in my name.
You pay it back.
That building isn't yours.
Why did you get a loan on it?
I had to because
you wouldn't give me my money.
Give me my severance pay.
Then I'll repay the loan.
You can't have it.
You'll just take it and move out.
Don't you see what's happening?
I will move out anyway.
From now on, I will manage my pension.
-That's final.
Isn't this too much?
It's not too much.
-Be quiet, third party.
Don't even try to tell me
I'm being unreasonable.
I won't hear any of it.
I shall move out today.
I will attend family meetings sometimes.
Unless it's really important,
try not to contact me.
Let's focus on our own lives.
I assume you all got the point.
The meeting's over.
You can't do this. You can't move out.
I will not accept
this marriage graduation thing.
If you leave like this,
it will be a separation, not a graduation.
From what I know, graduating a marriage
requires mutual consent.
A short while ago,
Mother stated her disapproval.
If you go ahead with your plan,
this is a separation, not a graduation.
If I am correct, Father wants
to separate himself from Mother
while avoiding moral and social scorn.
You're abusing the phrase
"graduation of marriage."
I'm what?
What do you know? Stop being arrogant.
Divorce is a hassle,
and you don't want to be a divorcee.
You don't want others
to think you're a failure.
A separation will put you in the hot seat…
Will you stop nodding?
If you say
you're graduating from marriage,
you think all the concerns and problems
will go away and you can achieve
a successful separation.
This is no graduation. It's a separation.
Yes. That's it.
This is exactly what I wanted to say.
If Father pushes ahead with the separation
by moving out against your will,
because he caused the family
to break down,
you can sue him for divorce and alimony.
You've been talking back to me recently.
Don't yell at my wife, Dad.
Right. When did she ever say
anything wrong?
Do what you want.
Sue me for divorce or alimony.
It's up to you.
I will move to my own place.
Have you gone mad?
Don't talk like that
to your own daughter-in-law.
I wasn't expecting you.
Seeing you here
tells me you knew everything.
I did something terrible.
You did. You did something terrible.
You helped him pretend he was my dad.
Was the whole family
in it together?
Are you all
a family of frauds and crooks?
No, our kids don't know anything.
Where's my real dad now?
Where is my dad?
-Did you kill him?
No, I swear.
Then where is he?
He's dead.
It was an accident.
What did you say?
I'm sorry.
I'll explain everything.
His real name
is Yun-seok.
He was a hometown friend
with your late father, Han-soo.
I heard Han-soo immigrated to the States
with his parents
when he was in middle school.
One day, when Yun-seok was on his way back
to home from high school
after practicing judo,
he reported to the police to help
a student who was being beaten up.
But he was framed to be the culprit.
The student passed away.
Yun-seok was arrested for murdering him.
No matter how many times he denied it,
there wasn't a single person
who believed him.
He ended up
being sentenced to three years.
He had to stay imprisoned.
He was done as an athlete.
His life was doomed too.
His mother suffered so much emotionally,
and it led to her serious disease.
Even on the day his mother passed away,
he was framed for stealing money
and was locked up at the police station.
He couldn't
stay by her side when she was dying.
For three years after he was discharged,
he suffered in darkness, despair,
and pain.
Just then,
Han-soo contacted him from the States.
He suggested that they
start a business together.
It felt like an escape route
from this endless darkness.
I told him to go to the States
without hesitation.
left for the States with a new hope.
two days after he arrived in the States,
there was an explosion at the bar
where the two
were having a drink together.
woke up after being in a coma for a week.
Han-soo didn't make it…
During all that chaos,
their identities got mixed up.
The two changed jackets
that had their passports inside
before the event.
People thought the dead Han-soo
was Yun-seok.
They thought Yun-seok who was in a coma…
was Han-soo.
Are you kidding me now?
Do you want me to believe you?
No, I'm telling you the truth.
It was a huge accident,
so there must be articles about it too.
I can't believe you.
All right,
let's say I try to understand you
and believe what you say is true.
Still, you could've revealed it.
You must've had so many chances to reveal
that he wasn't Han-soo.
Why didn't you?
It's because of me.
I stopped him from doing so.
I was pregnant with Jun-yeong then.
I stopped him from revealing who he was
so that he can live as Han-soo
for the baby's sake.
-What did you say?
wanted to let the others know immediately,
but I stopped him from doing so.
I asked him if he wanted
our newborn baby to have a murderer
as a father.
I told him,
after what he had been through,
he shouldn't let the baby
face the same thing.
It was not like
we changed identities on purpose.
We didn't force this on ourselves.
So I told him to live as it was.
I wanted to
believe that someone must have
sent us a way to survive.
That someone must have given us
a chance at life again.
Shut your mouth!
Do you call that an excuse?
I'm sorry.
I'm terribly sorry.
I won't ask you to forgive me.
Don't forgive us.
Can't you leave it buried as it has been?
What did you say?
I know how shameless and despicable I am.
it's all in the past.
It was an accident.
Please let it slide.
For our kids' sake.
Jun-yeong became
a public official this year.
Hye-yeong wants to be a judge.
Mi-yeong and Ra-yeong
have not gotten married yet.
Are you out of your mind?
How could you say that to me?
You're right.
I'm not a human.
I know I'm despicable.
I told you to shut up!
What should we do?
I have no intention to do that.
I won't leave you be.
No, I can't.
If you were me,
would you be able to do so?
Get out.
I don't want to see your face anymore.
I said, leave!
I don't think
I can handle the fact
that my dad is dead.
So leave.
Is my dad dead already?
Did he die 35 years ago?
She wasn't feeling well this morning,
but she got better this afternoon.
Maybe she knew you were coming.
I'm glad to hear that.
I was worried about her.
I called you because we were worried.
I think I shouldn't have called you.
No, you did the right thing.
Call me whenever she isn't feeling well.
I'll see her for a little while.
The battery is dead.
Since I came all the way here to see Aunt,
I thought I'd visit you as well.
Do you know
that Jung-hui's drama hit the jackpot?
The drama is very fun to watch,
and Jung-hui is getting really popular.
Su-jin came to Korea recently.
I thought about telling
Jung-hui everything,
but I couldn't do it.
When you meet me later,
you can beat me to death.
I'm such a coward who lacks the courage
to fight against the world.
It's all over now.
Will you be able to sleep soundly
without having any more nightmares?
Come home early today
after you finish work.
Hye-yeong, don't forget to come.
I miss you.
For the last time
before the rainstorm comes,
I wish my family could enjoy
a meal together.
Chico, stay here. Good boy.
All right.
Let's go.
Goodbye. I'm leaving
with hopes of a new future.
Gosh, this man…
Here we go.
All right.
You pushed the wrong button.
That's strange.
You pushed the wrong button.
What's going on?
I think Dad is running late.
Let's start eating.
-Thank you for the meal.
-Thank you for the meal.
I'm so happy that you could join us
for dinner, Hye-yeong.
Jeong-hwan would be sad to hear this,
but I like it better
that you came here alone.
I'm really happy too.
Mom, what's the matter?
I'm so curious. What's the matter, Mom?
It's nothing.
I just wanted to have dinner
with all of you.
Gosh, come on.
Come clean now.
Most things don't even shock us anymore.
Our half-brother appeared out of nowhere.
Even if you say you have another daughter,
we won't get shocked.
That's nothing.
"The truth is,
your real dad is someone else."
That kind of secret would surprise us.
Really, nothing's going on.
Maybe it's because of the weather.
I missed Hye-yeong.
It's also the beginning of summer.
I wanted to bring all my children here
and cook something delicious for you.
I understand.
I have such a huge presence.
Tell us now, Mom.
It's really nothing,
so enjoy the food, all right?
Are you sure?
Then I can relax and eat it now.
On my way here, I kept thinking about
what the matter was,
and that made me hungry.
I hate it when I have to think
in an empty stomach.
I hate it when I'm on a diet
with an empty stomach.
I'm sure you hate it.
Mom is a natural-born school nurse.
-I think Mom's food is delicious.
-Leave the cooking to Dad.
Pass me the noodles.
Eat up, Yu-ju.
Hye-yeong, don't you think Mom is strange?
She looked depressed.
Did you think so too, Mi-yeong?
Both Dad and Jung-hui are not at home.
Plus, Mom called us for dinner.
Hye-yeong, Mr. An has not come home
for days.
That's why Mi-yeong looks so depressed.
I'm not depressed.
The look on your face now.
You also look strange today.
See? She worries too much.
He hasn't come home or answered his phone.
I'm sure he's traveling
with his girlfriend.
You see?
He's gone when he doesn't have any plans.
This is obvious. He even had a scandal.
That's pretty convincing.
Anyway, you're depressed
because of Mr. An, right?
Okay. You're fine, then.
Then how about Mom? What's wrong with Mom?
She looked like
she had something to say, right?
Hey, did you wash up already?
Mom, what's wrong?
Tell me what's wrong.
Stop keeping it to yourself and tell me.
Everyone is worried.
I guess I can't fool my own kids.
There's something wrong.
But I'll tell you later.
What's going on?
I'm getting scared now.
Don't worry about it. I'll tell you soon.
I forgot I left the soup on the stove.
Hey, Gyeong-ju.
Is your father-in-law's name Cha Gyu-taek?
That's right. Why do you ask?
How do you know my father-in-law's name?
Actually, your father-in-law
is in our office right now.
I think I've become
a victim of an apartment scam.
A contract fraud?
I wonder if he's inside.
You were inside.
You were home.
I was worried about you.
You should've called me.
What's going on here?
Did something happen?
Did you say you were worried about me,
Mr. Lee Yun-seok?
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