My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e39 Episode Script

Episode 39

You two.
What are you doing here?
Did you sort everything out?
What do you mean?
At the law firm.
Your contract was a fraud.
How'd you find out?
Do you know the lawyer?
What a terrible firm.
They should've protected my identity.
Also, did you have to tell Jeong-hwan
about this?
That's not the issue.
What will you do now?
I'll deal with it. Pretend you don't know.
Where will you sleep tonight?
I will deal with it.
I got a room at a hotel.
How long will you stay at a hotel?
You'll have to pay
200,000 to 300,000 won a night.
You need to pay off the loan too.
I said I will deal with it.
Since when did you care so much?
Stop meddling with my business.
How could you fall victim
to something absurd like this?
It's not even 10 million won,
It's but 100 million.
If you'd checked carefully
before signing the paper,
this wouldn't have happened.
I'll get it back.
That's why I contacted a law firm.
It's not like I lost your money.
I won't ask for your help or money.
Just stay out of this.
This isn't something to be stubborn about.
What if Mom finds out?
How would she find out?
Don't you dare tell her.
Why don't you just come home?
Staying in an unfamiliar place
for a long time
can't be good for Chico.
Dogs feel a higher level of stress
in unfamiliar surroundings
compared to humans.
That is true.
This isn't fair on Chico.
Forget it.
I already moved out. I can't go back home.
Why don't you do it for Mother?
She isn't prepared
to put her marriage behind.
If you were to leave
after a unilateral notification,
it's just so cruel to her.
Be a humanitarian.
You've lived with her for 38 years.
You're right. From a humanitarian aspect,
it's worth considering.
Okay. Let's do that.
You're doing the right thing.
Don't you tell her what's really going on.
I'll tell her when it's sorted out.
Don't tell her first
and make things worse.
Don't worry.
I wanted to tell Mom right away,
but I didn't because Hye-yeong stopped me.
Did you?
Goodbye. I'm leaving
with hopes of a new future.
Fine, just leave.
Do you think I can't live without you?
But still, we shared a bed for 38 years.
How could he leave without a word?
He just left me a note.
Mom. Where are you? Mom?
I'm in here.
I see you're back.
What's going on?
Dad is home.
Why are you back?
It hasn't been a day
since you left with such ambition.
I think I was too cruel to you.
Even professional athletes
stretch and warm up
before a match.
We were married for 38 years.
I think it was too cruel of me to suddenly
announce our marriage graduation.
Hye-yeong said
that a unilateral notification
makes our graduation
look more like a separation.
It was quite a reasonable objection.
So I decided to give you enough time
to consider the idea I proposed.
We can also discuss this
in an open conversation
which I'm willing to offer for you.
Do you understand what I mean?
Chico, we're home.
You wanted to come home, Chico,
didn't you?
Let's go to Daddy's room.
What happened?
Did you bring him home?
No, Hye-yeong did.
She did?
We'll leave now.
Are you leaving already?
We need to rest.
Goodnight, Mom.
I see. Goodnight.
You did a good job.
It's such a small world.
How did Dad end up
going to Gyeong-ju's law firm?
He got busted.
I guess he wanted to avoid my law firm.
He doesn't have enough money
to leave home now.
He'll stay quiet for a bit.
I really hope he does so.
I really wish nothing worse would happen.
I'm sorry.
It drives me crazy
to tell you I'm sorry so often.
But Mom and Dad didn't use to make
so much trouble before.
They began to do this
as soon as I got married.
It's a mystery to me.
It's mysterious to you, is it?
For me, it's pleasure followed by pain.
So am I the pleasure?
Do I bring you pleasure?
I'm so exhausted
that I feel like
I'm coming down with a cold.
You shouldn't catch a cold, Walnut.
Get inside and lie down.
I'll remove your makeup.
Take a rest, and I'll get you honey-water.
Drink it and sleep hard.
Let's get inside.
There you go.
You were home.
I was worried about you.
You should've called me.
What's going on here?
Did something happen?
Did you say you were worried about me,
Mr. Lee Yun-seok?
Why do you look surprised?
Did you think I would never find out?
I heard you're my dad's friend.
How can you deceive me for four months
with such an innocent face?
You shouldn't have taken me in at all.
You took me in your house
and pretended to be my dad
with that wicked smile all along?
What made you do
such a terrible thing to me?
Were you afraid to get caught?
Were you going to take a quick measure
if I found out the truth and reported you?
So how did it feel?
"That idiot really thinks I'm his dad
since I treat him nicely.
If I keep this up,
I might never be caught."
Is this what you thought?
I mean, say something.
For the last four months,
you've acted so well
just like an Academy winner.
Why are you so reserved now?
How dare you say my name?
How dare you say my name?
Why did you deceive me?
How could you
deceive me,
pretending to be my dad?
Tell me.
Why did you deceive me?
Darn it!
Because of you,
I didn't know my dad passed away
until today. And you know what?
Because of you,
I don't know how I should feel about it.
I don't want to see you.
I said go!
The device you reached is turned off.
You'll be transferred…
You're soaking wet.
You should get changed.
You met him, didn't you?
I did.
How did you find out he knew
and went there?
Jung-hui sent
the DNA test result to our home.
That was the package he sent you.
You should've called me right away.
I did,
but your phone was turned off.
I was worried that you might visit him.
I thought you should know before you go.
I assumed
you might have had a heart attack,
but this is how it ended.
You must
have been shocked.
I thought the world would fall apart
if we got caught.
But the world hasn't fallen apart.
We struggled for the past 35 years
not to get caught.
I know I asked too much of you.
At least now,
you won't have to be tormented
with nightmares.
That was the first thought
that came to my mind.
That you'd
be able to sleep in peace now.
How could I do that
after what I've done to Jung-hui?
He didn't know his father had passed away
because of me.
If I've lived with his identity
for 35 years,
that's a long time.
It's time to straighten things.
I'm going to turn myself in.
You should.
shouldn't we let our children know first?
I know
you're most concerned about Jung-hui,
but I think it's right
to tell other kids in advance.
Our children will all be here
for your birthday today.
Tell them first,
and then go to the police.
It'll only be two more days.
All right.
I'll do as you say.
I'll go with you.
I'm just as guilty as you are.
Come to think of it,
I'd say I'm more at fault.
Don't blame yourself. It was my decision.
You suggested it,
but I chose to do it myself.
At the time,
I thought of my late mother.
I was worried
I wouldn't be able to protect you
and my baby
like I couldn't protect my mother.
That's what made me decide to do it.
As a father,
I thought I should protect my baby.
You just helped me a bit.
I made the final decision.
I'm sure I wasn't the only one
that couldn't sleep.
Don't you ever blame yourself.
I'm going to the police alone.
Like you said,
I'll go to the police
the day after tomorrow,
after I tell our children.
I'm sure they'll be shocked at the news,
but they're all grown up now.
I don't know
why I'm preparing this for him.
Why are you going?
Aren't you having breakfast?
-Have a seat.
-What are you doing?
Sit. I made your favorite,
-braised mackerel and kimchi.
-Hurry and sit down.
Since you insist,
I'll eat what you've prepared.
But don't make my food from now on.
Why not?
I've also prepared
cucumbers pickled in salt.
In the summer,
I know you can eat with this alone.
Try this too. Doesn't it taste amazing?
What do you think?
Doesn't it taste unbelievable?
The weather is getting hot.
Aren't you losing energy?
Would you like me to get you
some herbal medicine?
You must have gotten the wrong idea.
I haven't taken back
graduating from our marriage.
I'm here to give you time
to get used to the idea.
Let me make myself clear one more time.
I'm graduating from this marriage.
What should I do with this man?
Goodness, this is good.
Wait, Chico.
I should get to Chico.
Wait a minute.
I'll finish this first.
Who could it be this early?
Did you sleep well?
I almost forgot
and was about to go up the stairs,
but I remembered our promise
and came this way.
What can I do for you, Mother?
You see, I have something
I'd like to ask you.
Could you possibly meet with me for lunch?
I'm afraid I'll be busy
with consultations.
Then I wouldn't mind
meeting in the evening.
Could we meet somewhere
other than the house?
I have something
I'd like to consult with you.
We have to modify our contract too,
don't we?
We can do that as well.
-Right, our contract?
Then, I'll check my schedule
and let you know.
All right.
I was just about to leave for work,
I see. All right.
Go ahead and finish getting ready.
How could she not even invite me in?
No. Never mind.
I have to get on her good side right now.
I'll let this go just this once.
Inner peace.
So much stress.
Turn on some exciting music.
I like this.
Walnut. What's wrong?
What's with the dancing
this early in the morning?
Why are you up so early?
Get some more sleep.
I'll make breakfast today.
No. I'm sure you didn't get much sleep.
No. I got some sleep.
Now that he found out,
I'm actually more at ease.
I feel the same way.
I actually feel lighthearted.
That's good.
I'll wake the children up and make juice.
You fold the blankets and take your time.
Ra-yeong and Mi-yeong, wake up.
Ra-yeong, you said
you have to go early. Get up.
Wake up.
You'll regret this in ten minutes. Now.
I love you, Dad.
I love you too,
but you still have to wake up.
If you sleep in,
you won't have time for breakfast.
Wash up and come to the kitchen.
Good morning, Mother, Father.
-Did you sleep well?
Is your boyfriend
still suffering from my punches?
Her boyfriend?
Is Ra-yeong seeing someone?
Did you meet Coach Park?
-Is he good-looking?
-Who is Coach Park?
A kids' soccer coach at the sports center.
He is apparently handsome and tall.
He isn't handsome or tall at all.
He is handsome and tall.
So you are seeing someone.
Where is he hurt?
Jun-yeong just went
and punched him all over.
I didn't punch him all over.
I freaked out
because he jumped on you from behind,
so I was shocked.
He jumped on you?
He did not. Jun-yeong.
When he did, she giggled.
Stop it.
Finish your breakfast.
Whether he is handsome or not,
we'll see when you introduce him to us.
Off to work, everyone.
-You'll be late.
My handbag.
Which bag should I take today?
What's this?
I'll come home early today.
I'll head to work first.
Why aren't you here?
You have an interview.
I've been waiting in the parking lot.
What about the interview?
Why didn't you pick up?
Wait at the office.
I'll see you there.
I can't do that.
I'm at your door. Let me in.
I said I'll see you at the office,
so wait for me there.
Where are you? Why aren't you here?
Sit where you want.
-Is this it?
I think you're all here.
Shall we begin?
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
People are saying
your acting has improved.
What do you think about that?
What do you mean?
Do I agree?
Yes, I do. Even I think I'm doing great.
Why are you laughing? Don't you think so?
What's wrong with him now?
I guess living with your father helped you
portray your emotions.
I don't know.
Do you get along with your father?
You're asking all sorts of things.
Is that why
you're into exposing my private life?
This is insane.
Excuse me.
Could you please
stick to the questions we sent you?
Jung-hui is not well at the moment.
He was late today
because he was at a hospital
getting an IV to drop his fever.
His fever reached 40 degrees last night.
He was so hot I almost burned my hand.
It was bad.
It hurts.
Jung-hui's back at it again.
What about him?
He upset a reporter during the interview.
He messed things up.
Is he in the building?
I think he left by the back door.
Jung-hui, is something wrong?
Why did you trash the interview?
My goodness.
You've been avoiding me, haven't you?
You won't take my calls
or answer my texts.
I apologize.
Who am I to…
I know that
having someone like you to like me
is as huge
as winning the lottery.
In my whole life,
I never even dreamed
of winning the lottery.
I'm really sorry.
I don't feel the same way about you.
I knew that all along,
but actually hearing it really hurts.
Is it because of Jung-hui?
Do you
like him?
What kind of nonsense is…
You do.
Why didn't you tell me so?
I feel like a fool now.
Take care, Mi-yeong.
How could I like Mr. An?
Kiss me, darling
Kiss me, kiss me tonight
I'm off on a business trip
to check out a site.
I can't join you for lunch.
I can't help it. Have a safe trip.
Can you all gather round?
We have a tasting this afternoon.
You both have a quota
that you need to fill.
A quota? Is this normal?
No, we never had one until now.
Direct orders from the chairman.
The chairman?
Do you mean Mr. Park?
Ra-yeong's quota's bigger than ours.
The others must sell 10 boxes,
but you must sell 15.
Why is that?
I'd love to know why.
13, 14, 15 boxes.
Let's do this.
Come and have a taste. Do you want one?
Are you thirsty? A free…
It's an oriental raisin.
Granny, would you like a free sample?
What makes me look like a granny?
How could you?
Just a moment. Goodness, what's this?
I feel so much better now. Hello, miss.
Have a pouch of this.
You'll see the world so much clearer.
I'll give you one.
Here you go.
It's not bad.
How much did you say this is?
Two, four, six.
Let's do this.
Free tasting.
These drinks are
good for you and your body.
There are many kinds.
You can pick and choose.
Free tasting.
My goodness.
This is one of ours.
Would you like a taste?
This is the product line
I was telling you about.
It doesn't look too different.
You'll feel the difference
once you taste it.
Your skin is dry.
Did you drink a lot last night?
If you work and drink,
this is the one for you.
It's nice and refreshing.
-Is it?
You know this is good for women, right?
It's refreshing, light, and tasty.
Free tasting.
Free tasting.
I like it.
-Isn't it nice?
-I like it.
-It's great.
-It is.
Since you like it,
I will buy you a box each.
-Will you?
-You must taste it
to like and trust my company's products.
Give them a box each.
Yes, sir.
-Here you go.
-One for you.
-One for you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Shall we head out?
-Sir, you must pay.
Do you want my money?
I'm the chairman.
You must pay the price
that suits the product
so they will buy from us in the future.
"This product is so great that even I,
the chairman, buy it with my own money."
-She has a point.
A product that even the chairman buys.
-She is quite a skilled salesperson.
I'll do that.
Everything from our products to our staff
are honest and transparent.
Thank you.
I'll give you the staff discount, sir.
Ra-yeong is beating our dad.
That's about the soccer field.
It's two-thirds
the size of a standard field.
It's clean.
The artificial turf is relatively new.
The facilities such as the showers
and locker rooms need fixing.
That requires negotiating.
We're still talking.
Why? Are the negotiations not going well?
No. It's tough to find a compromise.
Why do you want to do
something that's so tough?
Just come and work for me--
If you change the topic,
-I'll leave.
Sit down. When did I change the topic?
Please sit.
I'm just a dad worried about his son.
Why do you always misunderstand or twist…
Next, about the soccer team's uniform.
-You have a…
-Hello, sir.
Hello, Cheol-su.
-How dare you barge in like this?
I apologize. I had something to give you.
You bought six boxes from me
and I forgot to give you the free samples.
These are great for when you feel swollen.
I thought this is what you need.
Have you been tired lately?
Your face is always puffy.
Drinking this should help.
Have a great day.
Which part of my face is puffy?
It's more like you put on fat
for being so mean.
Ra-yeong must be mistaken.
I'm just puffy and swollen. See?
Ms. Kim, may we talk in private?
You drink latte, right?
I do.
I think I should quit drinking coffee.
What's this? "Leave of absence"?
Do you want to take time off? Why?
I'm pregnant.
Considering the poor timing,
I wasn't sure how to tell you this.
I thought about going straight
to our director,
but that would only undermine
your authority.
I'm sorry, Ms. Kim.
Don't be.
You have nothing to apologize about.
I guess
I should congratulate you.
Thank you.
I will tell our director.
Okay, you do that.
Are you sure about this?
You were so ambitious.
You might not get to return.
I know that.
I thought long and hard about it.
Even now I'm not sure
if I'm doing the right thing.
You know how ambitious and selfish I am.
I thought that if I survived this year,
I could have gotten promoted
at the end of it.
I even thought I had a shot
at the company scholarship
to study abroad.
I thought I should be responsible.
I want to be.
Who is it for? Your girlfriend?
No, it's for my wife.
Could you recommend a chocolate cake?
Yu-ju, you've been tired lately,
haven't you?
Whenever I see you come home
looking exhausted,
it makes me wish
I could be sick and tired instead.
I'm sorry I can't do that.
Once our baby is born,
I will take paternity leave
and care for the baby
so you can do what you want.
You know I love you and feel sorry, right?
It's nice.
I'd like to cancel my prenatal checkup.
It's at 3 p.m. for Kim Yu-ju.
-I'll get it.
-Let go.
What's with you?
During the last check-up,
I think I told you
that your baby is too small.
Your baby isn't big enough yet.
You have to rest.
If you can, take some time off.
You need at least a week of rest.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I was wrong.
I was wrong.
You came home early, Yu-ju.
Why did you take these out?
It's because of me.
It's all because of me.
I should've gone to the hospital that day.
That presentation wasn't that important.
Only if I didn't carry those heavy boxes.
When the doctor told me
the baby was too small,
I should have listened to her advice
to eat well and rest well.
When you wanted
to give our baby a nickname,
I should have done that.
Only if I had called the name of our baby,
just once.
I'm sorry, Jun-yeong.
I was wrong. I was really wrong.
I was wrong.
No, Yu-ju.
Why is that…
Why is that your fault?
Don't get such ideas.
People say this can happen to anyone.
Our baby…
Our baby
just didn't want to come to us.
It's okay, Yu-ju.
It's all right.
I'm telling my kids tomorrow,
then I'll report myself the day after.
I'll tell them about what I've done
and pay for my crimes.
But I know it can't undo what I did to you
or make up for how much I hurt you.
I should still give your dad
his name back.
You can do whatever you want.
You can report me,
and you can file a lawsuit against me too.
You can do
whatever you would like.
I'll gladly accept
whatever punishment I receive.
I am sorry.
I have committed a huge crime
which those words cannot contain.
But I'm sorry.
You weren't asleep yet.
I feel bad for you,
but I'm glad Mr. An isn't here today.
What will I do from now on?
You can wear these today.
Your son-in-law
and Hye-yeong are coming too.
I will.
tell the kids after they eat.
Yes, of course.
-Wow, these have dried very well.
-Very crisp.
Mom. Mom, goodness.
Mom, did you get a black eye?
It looks like you're dressed up too.
Mother, are you going somewhere?
No, I'm running to the grocery store.
After I appeared on TV,
it feels like everyone is looking at me,
and they actually recognize me too.
So I am trying to cover myself up a bit.
I do stand out in a crowd.
Isn't that right?
My mom thinks she is a celebrity.
-She does.
-You're right.
If she is going to cover her face,
she should wear the sunglasses
instead of putting them on her head.
Now that I'm out,
it's not really manners
to cover myself up too much, isn't it?
Why can't they ask me for an autograph?
I guess they would feel shy
to talk to someone they've seen on TV.
Hello, yes.
Okay, I'll give you an autograph.
Yes, you're right.
I'm the woman who was on TV
last week…
You darned idiot. Come here.
Here you are. Goodbye.
-Come again.
Goodness, let me take a break.
Why do we have so many customers today?
You're right.
I think I've become a slice of pizza too.
My legs hurt.
Hey, Do Jeong-tae!
Jeong-tae, how dare you come here?
Do you want to go to the police?
-Calm down.
I was going
to pay you back first
when I get any money.
I had such a hard time making a living,
so I couldn't.
So what? What are you trying to say?
I finally got a lump sum of money.
I've been thinking about
what I can do with it.
But that's when
I saw your mom on TV.
Also, I heard her speech
when she dropped out.
This isn't half of what I owe you,
but I'm sure this will help you out
with Min-ha's education.
I'll pay the rest back whenever I can.
Goodness. We couldn't find you
when we looked everywhere for you.
How on earth did you think
of coming to us to pay his money back?
As a parent,
I couldn't just let this pass
when I heard about Min-ha.
I'm sorry. I apologize, Ms. Kim.
Hey, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Goodness, 35 million won?
Goodness, I guess
Min-ha is destined to study more.
Yes, Mother.
What perfect timing, isn't it?
We'll last his high school years
with this money.
This is all thanks to you.
I always thought
I got lucky with my wife and kid,
but you were my luck.
Did you just find that out?
I'm home.
-Min-ha, come here.
Sit down.
-Is there great news?
-My son.
You really wanted to get into…
Wait, what's going on?
-The headquarters.
-The speakerphone.
Is this Mr. Na and Ms. Lee's phone?
Congratulations. You've won first place
in the pizza menu contest.
-The first prize?
Yes, your sweet pumpkin steak pizza
was selected as our new menu.
You get prize money
and start-up assistance.
You can begin a start-up.
Wait, how much do we need
to do a start-up business?
It depends on the size of the store,
but about 30 million won.
Thirty million won?
My goodness.
Why does life always put me to a test?
-You're here.
What were you looking at?
Lawsuit cases on divorce
caused by mother-in-laws.
Are there such irrational daughter-in-laws
who ask for a divorce because of them?
Hey, I love this cafe.
I wanted to start a cafe like this.
Do you remember Cafe de B?
I'm going to try starting a cafe again.
The statistics say
among newly established cafes,
about 63 percent of them close down
within three years.
If you're going to start something new,
you should consider
something that's unique.
I'm a bit busy, so let's cut to the chase.
Mother, do you have a list of demands?
"Call once a day.
Go to a public bath together.
Take summer vacations together.
Go shopping once a month.
Go grocery shopping once a week."
Yes, I don't have a daughter, you know.
I had a million things I wanted to do
with my daughter-in-law
once my son gets married.
To be honest,
that isn't everything I wanted to do.
Mother, a daughter-in-law
cannot be your daughter.
Hey, why not?
I really think of you as my daughter.
A daughter is from your own bloodline,
but your daughter-in-law is
a complete stranger.
I'm not sure what the case will be
after people live together for decades,
but for our case,
how can I be your daughter
if we just got to know each other
through Jeong-hwan?
Should I give you an example?
After a daughter gets home from work,
she can eat
the dinner you cooked
without doing a thing.
what if a daughter-in-law did that?
She will be rebuked right away,
wouldn't she?
If a daughter complained
about your dishes,
you might think
about making something else.
what if a daughter-in-law did that?
The mother will rebuke her and ask,
"Did your parents bring you up like this?"
You always have the smartest thing to say.
Let's take a look at each clause.
"Call once a day."
I don't think even Jeong-hwan does this.
Isn't this too much to ask
of your daughter-in-law?
You're my daughter-in-law.
You're supposed to do it.
Again, we can see that you do not consider
your daughter-in-law as your daughter.
Why must a daughter-in-law
call you every day?
If anyone should do that,
it should be your son.
It's only right for him
to do it as your child.
Isn't that right?
So I'll tell Jeong-hwan
to call you once a day.
Next one. "Go to a public bath together."
Mother, after I became an adult,
I don't even go to public baths
with my sisters.
Why did you ask me
to write these down anyway?
Next one.
"Take summer vacations together."
I only get a week of vacation in a year.
I can't do a whole week, but I'll consider
using three days for a family trip.
Three days?
Next. "Go shopping once a month."
Let's put this together
with two monthly visits.
However, it cannot go over two hours
and we must respect each other's taste.
I'd like you to refrain
from giving me dishes
or beddings as gifts
when I don't want them.
It's a waste of emotions and time.
You're so good with words
and at debating things.
Honestly speaking,
you are really something.
How can I be more like you?
I want to speak and debate well like you,
but I get angry and I cry
once I start speaking.
So I have no chance of winning
in a fight with your father.
While we're on the subject,
can you give me a hand?
With what?
Help me so that
I won't have to graduate from my marriage.
I really don't want to do that thing.
But I can never win against your father.
If you help me,
I'll do whatever you want me to.
So can you please help me?
-Can you taste this?
-Taste that? Okay.
It's deliciously smoky,
and it's seasoned perfectly too.
It's much better than what you get
in Chinese restaurants.
Right? Jun-yeong is too good of a cook
to be sitting at a dong office all day.
Come on, honey. I think so too.
Why did all of Father's cooking DNA
go to you,
but not to Hye-yeong?
-Not at all.
What about me?
-Hye-yeong is here.
-Hey, honey.
I told you to work,
not to talk behind my back.
I wasn't talking behind your back.
I did my best, I did.
But Jun-yeong is such a great cook.
Yes, only the men in our family can cook.
That's why you are a great cook too.
That's why I'm bad at cooking.
Mr. An is gone again. Can't he come today?
No, I don't know. I forgot to call him.
Why not? Let's call him now.
He is probably busy.
Even so, he should come.
It's Dad's birthday.
It's not just any birthday, it's his 60th.
You're right. Text sent.
Jung-hui, it's Dad's birthday today.
We're having a party as a family,
so come home.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Dad
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, Han-soo.
-Happy birthday, Dad.
-Happy birthday, Dad.
-Always be healthy.
-Congratulations, Father.
-Jung-hui is here.
Come in, Oh, My Boss.
-Hello, Jung-hui.
-Hello, Mr. Celebrity.
You're here.
Happy birthday,
An agent for marriage graduation?
If I stop you from marriage graduation,
-you'll let us move out.
My heart beats fast
even when I stay still.
My heart feels constricted.
What's with Jung-hui?
Don't think you really know everything
about your parents.
Something that we don't know of is
happening between him, Mom, and Dad.
What will I do? I can't seem to face him.
Why are you running away?
Why are you avoiding me?
Mi-yeong, you're insane. You are crazy.
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