My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e40 Episode Script

Episode 40

-Happy birthday, Dad.
-Happy birthday, Dad.
Always be healthy.
-Jung-hui is here.
-Come in, Oh, My Boss.
-Hello, Jung-hui.
-Hello, Mr. Celebrity.
You're here.
Happy birthday,
It's great timing, Mr. An.
Have a seat here. We were about to start.
Yes. Have a seat.
Yes. I should.
-This is delicious.
-Pass me my fork.
-Give me a spoon, please.
Everyone's here.
Here you are.
I heard you didn't come home for a while.
Why are you behaving like this?
You must always make sure
to sleep at home.
He's now so big
that it's hard for us to see him.
Now that he blew off the candles
on the cake,
all we have left to do now is to eat.
Let's eat.
You should eat.
Let's eat.
Eat a lot.
-It looks delicious.
-You prepared a lot.
-Isn't it hot?
Jeong-hwan made this bulgogi, Grandmother.
-It's delicious.
-It's delicious?
It's delicious.
Stay inside, please.
We'll go, Father and Mother.
I'll get going, Mom.
Why is everyone out? Go in, Dad.
Bye, Hye-yeong.
You should sleep over.
Drive safe. Visit us again.
Get home safely.
We'll sleep over next time.
Bye, Mr. An.
Let's go in.
Let's have a talk. Both of you.
You're going to turn yourself in?
For what?
So you can pay for what you've done now?
So you can feel less guilty about it?
Or to reduce your sentence
by turning yourself in?
You were planning to keep it a secret
if I never found out.
You were planning to hide it from me.
But you're going to turn yourself in
so you can live in peace by yourself?
After you put me
in so much pain?
I'm sorry, but I can't let that happen.
You may feel
at peace by turning yourself in,
but what about me?
Even now, my heart feels like
it's going to explode
from just looking at your face.
I just can't understand
how you could hide it from me.
So you had no choice as an ex-convict?
Does every ex-convict live
with someone else's identity like you?
Even if you did,
you should've told me when I found you.
At the very least,
you should've stopped me
from believing that you're my real dad,
so I don't get hurt.
You didn't
just steal my dad's identity alone.
I was so happy
to find my dad in 35 years,
and you ruined it.
So don't even think
about turning yourself in.
I'll be the one to do it.
Whether I tell all your beloved children
or I
report to the police myself,
I'm the one who should decide it.
So don't do anything
until I make my decision.
And I will live here for a while.
You should see my face every day
and feel what it's like
to have your heart broken.
You deserve to feel it.
Is someone in the bathroom?
Why did you come back?
I can use it later.
I'll make the bed first.
Then I'll take a shower first.
What shall I do?
I can't seem to face Mr. An.
Help yourselves.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Your schedule is way more hectic, right?
Isn't it hard
to commute to the shooting site?
The drama is getting more interesting.
But it must be harder for him.
That's true.
Especially by the end of the miniseries,
the shooting site is like a battlefield.
But since it's doing well,
everyone must be happy.
Dad, this perilla soup tastes so good.
Dad's perilla soup is the best.
He's not just good at perilla soup.
Everything he cooks is just delicious.
Actually, he's good at something else.
He's so good at acting.
Dad is good at acting?
No way!
Dad is such a shy person.
Ra-yeong, how can you be so sure?
Don't think you really know everything
about your parents.
They might have kept a secret
that their children could never imagine.
Jung-hui, Mom, and Dad seemed
strange this morning.
Don't you think so, Yu-ju?
They have been strange since last night.
Did you notice it too, Yu-ju?
Is there something going on between him
and my parents?
What's the matter with Jung-hui?
Didn't you feel upset?
I will.
I won't.
I will.
I won't.
I will. I won't.
-You won't.
-I will.
-What will you do?
-I won't.
-What are you doing now?
-I will…
To be Mother's agent
for their marriage graduation
or not to be, that is the question.
I will. I won't.
I will. My goodness!
You don't want to, do you?
You don't have to do it
if you don't want to.
It's a marital problem.
There's a chance I can get in trouble,
stuck between Mother and Father.
That's possible.
However, there's an advantage of doing it.
I can totally get a handle on things
in my relationship with Mother.
I can also suggest terms as I wish.
So what are you going to do?
That's the question.
I'll do it again.
I will. I won't.
I will. I won't. I will. I won't.
I will.
I won't!
Good morning.
Aren't you going to work?
I just stopped by before I went to work.
Do you have time?
I sure have.
Shall we go to the kitchen?
I just brewed some coffee.
It smells great.
Where's Father?
He went for a walk with Chico.
I wish he was just half as nice to me
as he is to Chico.
I forgot. How do you like your coffee?
I think hot, iced Americano is the best.
Don't you think so?
Come over here.
Here we are. Try it.
It smells just awesome.
Yes, it's nice.
Don't you like hot coffee?
Shall I put some ice cubes in it?
I like the hot, iced Americano,
but you might not like it.
I forgot to ask what you like.
No, it's fine. Have a seat, Mother.
have you thought about what I asked you?
If I act as your agent,
will you faithfully follow
what's written
on our new Cohabitation Agreement?
You can say that again!
Then why don't we look
at the Cohabitation Agreement first?
To the former contract,
I added the terms
which you asked for and I agreed
the day before yesterday.
If you look here,
I added these three lines
which are the terms I want.
I especially want you to follow these.
don't drop in anytime without notice.
Be sure to ask for consent by text
before a visit.
Check by text message
if I can talk on the phone
during working hours.
I get it. I will text you first. Okay.
Second, don't text me
too often.
Especially, avoid sending text messages
that contain wise sayings
about filial duty.
Wait a second.
Don't you think it's strange?
It means not to text you, right?
The first clause says
I need to ask you by text.
It means you can text me
only when it's necessary.
I've sent you texts
only when it's necessary.
Okay, I understand.
I think it's necessary,
but I'll think twice before I send it
next time. Is that good?
if I stop your marriage graduation,
you agree to let us move out next January.
Goodness. That's impossible.
Cohabitation was
the precondition of your marriage.
Moving out of the house is
my precondition for acting as your agent.
I can never miss this golden opportunity.
A golden opportunity?
How can you tell me in such a rude…
I mean, in an off-putting way?
In the long run,
telling the truth will help us build
a healthier relationship.
Also, I wouldn't like it if I had to live
with my own parents.
I got married to live with Jeong-hwan
And I won't move out right now.
It's next January.
We still have five more months to go.
So you can think about it and let me know.
Okay, I get it.
Let's do it as you suggested.
Make sure you prevent
my marriage graduation, okay?
If you want me to do so,
you need to trust
my advice and suggestions
and faithfully follow them no matter what.
Can you do that?
Only then I can bring a successful result
as your agent.
You bet I can surely do that.
All right.
I will accept your offer, Mother.
Do you really need to move out?
Yes, I do.
Well, first,
I'll listen to my client's request.
Why don't you want a marriage graduation?
It's not been so long
since I saw how you live,
but Father is not sweet or affectionate.
He often talks down to you.
Sometimes he insults you.
Don't you want a divorce?
I've thought about it.
I have feelings too.
I sometimes think about that.
I do get upset,
but when I see that face,
I'm not upset anymore.
Your father-in-law changed a little
because he got older,
but do you know Min-woo
from Wanderer in Winter?
He looked just like him
that people would say they're twins.
Min-woo from Wanderer in Winter?
Do you not know him?
Min-woo from Wanderer in Winter.
Look it up.
Back then…
He was like Brad Pitt today.
So you mean
you still
like Father, right?
That's why we live together.
Isn't that why you live with Jeong-hwan?
Mother. We just got married.
Hey, it still feels like
we got married yesterday.
You know there's nothing special in life.
I got this old after blinking just twice.
Right, anyway.
It's surprising that you still love Father
after 38 years.
Couples don't just live together
only when they're happy.
Couples should live together
even when they're upset at each other.
Hey, Chico.
You should clean your feet first.
Come here, Chico.
Speak of the devil.
Since I heard your thoughts on this,
I should now ask how Father thinks.
I'll go talk to Father since I'm here.
What? You don't need to knock.
Hey, what brings you here?
Do you have time for a few questions?
Sure. Have a seat over there.
What's up?
Mother asked me to be her agent
for her marriage graduation.
I'd like to know your reasons
for marriage graduation.
Then I can either help Mother
or persuade her to give up.
An agent for marriage graduation?
Gosh. I can't believe what she's doing.
Wouldn't you rather talk to me
instead of Mother,
since she's emotional right now?
That's true.
Did you find the real estate guy
who scammed me?
No, not yet.
But even if I do find him,
it won't be easy to get your money back.
That shouldn't happen.
I need that money back
to find a new place to live.
Why do you want to graduate
from this marriage?
Do you still ask that question
after seeing your mother-in-law?
I want freedom.
I want my life back.
I want
to get out of this place
where I was under the pressure
as a breadwinner for my entire life.
Is it still not enough
to live by separating the space?
You've already separated the bedroom,
and it looks like you're free in general.
Just because you blocked the second floor,
does she think you're living separately?
As long as we're in the same place,
she can never be independent.
I understand what you mean by that.
we have nothing in common.
Even when we travel,
she wants
the most expensive travel package,
but I want to travel freely.
I hate traveling
with people I don't know.
Also, even when
I listen to classical music,
she'd snore beside me.
Our level of intelligence doesn't match
nor do we have a common interest.
Your mother-in-law and I are
completely incompatible.
She should just give up
trying to adjust to my life
and live like two independent individuals.
But she still wants to do things with me,
eat meals together, have conversations,
and spend time together.
She's being clingy.
It makes it hard for me to live with her.
So in summary,
you find Mother bothering and boring.
You also don't love her as much.
That's what married couples are like.
Like I always say,
we meet as a man and a woman,
and we live as humans.
But you want to graduate
from your marriage
because you don't even want to live
with her as a fellow human.
Life is short.
It's not worth wasting your life away
worrying about
what other people would think.
Life is what we call
osu in the middle of summer.
Life escapes
even before you try to grab it.
Youth leaves
even though I never let it go.
This is a total crisis.
Did she say Min-woo
from Wanderer in Winter?
This must be him.
This is a total crisis.
Mother still loves Father so much
that to her, he looks like Brad Pitt.
Father is trying to run away from Mother
as if he never loved her in his life.
How should I fill this gap?
This gap. This huge, gigantic gap.
Hey, Jeong-hwan.
Relax. Your proposal is fine.
I know, right?
There will be no problem, right?
But why is he still reading it?
Is he memorizing it or something?
-I'll be back.
Did you go over it? How was it?
I think it's a pass this time.
It's good.
-It's good?
-It's good.
Make a pilot show in three episodes.
Really? Did my proposal pass?
Yes. It passed.
I can't believe
you came up with such a bright idea.
It's very good.
Marriage Internship.
People will be interested
in finding out if they will get
a permanent position after it's over.
Good luck with it.
Yes. I'll do my best.
Oh, hello.
What are you going to eat for lunch?
It's lunchtime already?
I'm not that hungry.
Jung-hui is right, honey.
This must be how people feel
when they feel choked
and their blood dries.
My heart beats fast even when I sit still.
It feels like my heart is constricted.
If this continues,
I think I'd want Jung-hui
to actually report us.
It's natural for Jung-hui
to react like that.
If I were him, I'd report it myself.
I stole his father's identity
for 35 years,
and he couldn't find out
his father is dead.
I could've told him
when I first met him,
but I fooled Jung-hui
by acting like his father.
This is nothing
to what I have done.
I know that.
-Are you ready?
All right. Let's go.
Scene 30, take 1.
I understand, Father.
I see why you did what you did.
Cut. Let's try again.
Jung-hui, that was void of emotion.
I need you to act like
you actually understand your father.
Let's go again.
Scene 30, take 2.
I understand, Father.
I see why…
What's wrong, Jung-hui?
You're having trouble concentrating today.
Try to focus. Let's try again.
Scene 30, take 3.
Sorry. I can't do it.
I just can't say my lines.
Let's shoot another scene first.
What is he doing?
I can't believe this.
What's up with him?
Why can't he just do it?
He isn't that good.
This is just unbelievable.
He thinks he's all that.
Because he's hot now.
What a nuisance.
Let's skip to scene 36.
It's the scene with Hye-rim.
Jung-hui, is something bothering you?
-You've been down these past few…
-My script.
Come in.
Hello, Intern.
I brought the outfit you asked for.
Thanks for bringing it here
on such a hot day.
Wait here. A pair of shoes needs fixing.
Aren't you in the wrong room?
Seong-jun's next door.
You won't even say hi
because you're dating him?
How are you?
I feel terrible.
-Have these fixed.
Isn't it nice to be on the set again?
It's suffocating to sit at a desk all day.
Kind of. I'll get going.
I'm going on vacation in two weeks.
Can you replace me for a few days?
You know Jung-hui
and how things work.
You're just perfect for the job.
Sorry. I can't do it.
Can't you?
Are you busy?
Okay, then.
-It's fine.
-I should go.
-Take care.
It's impossible.
It can't be.
It just can't be.
It's a mix
of idolizing a celebrity
and being worried about him.
That's why I feel so strange.
That's it.
It can't be.
Stop it.
You're recovering well.
You can stop coming now.
That's great news.
Do you have any questions?
About 25 percent of pregnancies in Korea
end in a miscarriage.
We can't pinpoint a cause
for most of them.
"If I hadn't done this,
if I hadn't done that."
Don't blame it on yourself.
It's not your fault.
Take good care of your wife.
Thank you, Doctor.
Eat this before it gets cold.
This place looks expensive.
This is an abalone,
and this is a king prawn.
We haven't been on a date
since we got married.
This is four months' worth
crammed into a meal.
Eat up.
You should eat too.
I won't if you won't.
I've been thinking.
What should I do?
Should I quit my job
or should I keep working?
I thought about it.
I think I want to keep my job for now.
If I quit working
when I don't have a baby,
I'll probably feel worse.
But I won't strain myself anymore.
Okay. If that's what you want to do,
I'm all for it.
about our baby…
I'd like to speak first on that issue.
How about
we take a break before trying for a baby?
We weren't ready to become parents anyway.
Let's study what it takes to be parents.
If I'm to become eligible
for paternity leave,
I need to work for at least another year.
Or my bosses wouldn't be
too pleased with me.
Okay, then.
I'll try to get things back on track
and focus on my job.
If I get pregnant again,
I think I'll study more
on how to become a mom
and be better prepared.
From now on, you must spend
at least one day on a weekend with me.
We're still newlyweds.
That's what I was going to say.
-It's a deal.
Thank you.
How did you get the idea
to sell these to our chairman?
You even gave him some freebies.
I just tried to think out of the box.
I treat our chairman like a customer
and I treat customers like our chairman.
I'm really impressed.
-Have you had lunch yet?
-Let's eat together.
Not today. I have plans.
Who do you eat lunch with every day?
Something's fishy.
-Are you dating a colleague?
-My friend?
My friend works at a company nearby.
Ra-yeong, let's have lunch together.
See you after lunch.
It looks delicious.
It tastes best when it's hot. Eat up.
You too.
How did you sell the drinks to my dad?
It's like selling a baseball
on a soccer field.
Don't you think I'm good at sales?
I think you are. You're a sales genius.
Aren't you scared of my dad?
I think he's like you.
He doesn't scare me.
Your mom's beautiful, isn't she?
Can't you tell by looking at me?
She's beautiful.
All my sisters are pretty.
I guess so.
I'd like to meet them.
Your whole family.
So soon?
It's not soon.
You know my brother and my dad,
but I don't know anyone in your family.
If your brother had known who I was,
he wouldn't have beaten me up.
I want to be introduced as your boyfriend,
and I also want to get
their approval.
Let's take it slow with my parents.
You can meet
my brother and sisters together.
My brother offered to buy a drink.
Let's meet up.
Okay, I'd like that.
Beware of one person.
My oldest sister. She has a rotten temper.
One wrong comment
and you're six feet under.
I almost got buried.
She told me to get Dad a birthday present.
I forgot about that.
Let's shop on the way.
What are your basics?
Basics? Dribbling and passing.
I'm talking about basic skincare products.
Toner? Lotion?
-Moisturizing cream?
-Oh, those basics?
I use whatever I have.
I don't use much.
You must.
You're outdoors most of the time.
Let's have a look.
Oily skin that lacks moisture.
Use this.
This is a foam cleanser
to wash your face with.
I should get it.
Forty percent off?
This is what I call a bargain.
A bargain.
Two for the price of one.
-We get one for free?
Why did I buy all these?
You're really good at making people
buy things.
Where are you? Will you be late?
Go ahead and sleep. I'll be home soon.
I can't avoid him forever.
What should I do?
Why are you eating instant noodles
when there's so much meat?
Come and have some.
Goodness. Come on.
Come and sit over here.
Come on.
I'm not joining because I want to.
I'm only eating
because it's too much for you to eat.
We can't waste food.
From now on,
I won't eat anything you cook.
Don't waste your time.
This isn't going to change my mind.
Is it tenderloin?
Tenderloin's your favorite.
Your taste is as luxurious as your looks.
It's tender.
-Try some of this.
You should eat meat with garlic and onion.
I like that.
Nicely cooked.
I did as you said
and cooked him some meat.
What should I do now?
What should I do about her spelling?
Did she do math with a plate of meat?
You did very well. Don't cook him dinner.
I shouldn't cook him dinner? Why not?
Why shouldn't I cook him dinner?
What if he leaves me?
You forgot to text to ask
if you could call me.
Oh, I'm so sorry. Let's hang up.
Can I call you?
You can't. I'm busy. Text me instead.
I prefer to talk. Can't we keep it short?
Okay. What if my husband leaves me?
Even married couples
need to play hard to get.
Father is used to your constant
support and care.
It's like the air to him.
He takes it for granted.
When a man starts to think of his wife
as a piece of furniture,
that's when you need
proof of your existence.
The quickest and easiest way to prove
your value is to be absent.
You must do as I say.
Do not cook dinner for him tonight.
And I'll see you at the bookstore
near our house at 7 p.m.
At 7 p.m.?
Someone sent me a really nice quote today.
Can I send it to you?
What are all these?
Books on spelling and grammar.
Try not to be offended.
I have to type up a lot of statements
or arguments when I'm on a case,
and I'm particular about grammar.
Father was a reporter,
so he'll be even more so.
I noticed that spelling is
a huge weakness of yours.
I would like you to brush up
on your spelling.
If you send a text
with the spelling all wrong,
you won't be taken seriously.
I know what you're talking about,
but books make me sleepy.
Studying isn't my thing.
They have books in cartoons.
Study a chapter a day.
I'll test you each week.
I'll take the answer pages,
so you can't cheat.
We're done. Let's go and pay.
A chapter a day is too much.
I'm back.
What's that?
Why are you looking at that?
Let's talk about it later.
You two are sighing enough
to cause an earthquake.
I knew you'd be like this.
I knew you'd never make up your minds.
Tell me how far you got.
Explain the situation.
I want
to let Min-ha do what he wants.
When I wanted to send him
to the science school,
you were against it.
That was then.
Now we have enough money for his tuition.
According to my calculations,
if we open a store now,
we can do so at half the price.
-Can you?
-Just half the price?
That's why I want to have a go at it now.
I see.
Shall we try selling pizzas?
We can't work part-time forever.
But Min-ha wants to go
to the science high school.
I want him to go.
This is the first time
he wanted something.
It is.
Shall we send him off?
They do say there's a time to learn.
-But then--
My goodness.
You're just going to go
back and forth with it.
Let's make this fair and vote on it.
-An anonymous vote?
-The three of us?
Whatever we get,
-we can't blame anyone.
Wow, you're so pretty.
Why are you giving me this?
Could you
give me your number?
This is calculus.
-Aren't you in middle school?
-Yes, I am.
-Why are you looking at a calculus lesson?
-It's fun.
Will you give me your number?
Do you see the high school over there?
I teach math there.
I'll teach you when you're the right age.
We'll open them on three.
One, two, three, go.
Grandma, Mom, Dad.
I want to go to Onjeong High School.
I really want to study there.
What are you doing?
You come here to work,
not to zone out.
Pick up a box from the parking lot.
They're CDs. Don't break them.
Thank you. Bye.
Wait for me.
The doors are closing.
That stings.
No wonder it hurts.
It feels like it left a dent.
Get a grip.
Who are you?
Only staff are allowed here.
You can't be here.
I'm here to see Jung-hui.
Mr. An isn't here.
He just left.
You're here.
You're crazy.
You've lost your mind, Mi-yeong.
He's your brother.
This is nonsense.
It can't be.
It's a nice room.
Why are you here?
I got worried about you, of course.
You haven't come to see me.
I don't need to.
Why not?
Do you think you've sorted things out?
Are you giving up on your treatment?
No, there's no need for it now.
You should know by now that
the man in the photo is my dad.
But not my biological dad.
Then Judo isn't your sister.
So there's no need for further treatment.
You must feel confused.
Your dad isn't your dad,
and you and Judo aren't related.
I'm confused as well.
As your doctor, I should congratulate you,
but to be honest, I can't.
It's obvious what you'll say next.
I might as well say it for you.
Let's stop seeing each other.
I still had feelings left,
so I wanted to get back together.
Now that you're famous,
I don't feel comfortable.
I want to break up with you.
Thanks for saying that.
That really makes me feel bad.
I said I wanted to break up
and you thank me.
I'm sorry.
That makes it worse.
I wish you the best.
I hope you won't be my patient again.
Jeong-hwan! I'm home!
He's not here.
Jeong-hwan. Where are you?
Will you be late again tonight?
How long have you been there?
Not long. I just got here.
You seemed worried about Mother.
I thought Walnut would be busy, so I came.
It's nothing.
Do you think you can join us later?
Really? Pack your bag.
Let's sleep over tonight.
All right. I'll see you soon.
I should do what I can
to earn some points.
-Goodness. Jeong-hwan.
-I'm here, Father.
-What brings you here all of a sudden?
I thought you'd be happier
to see me this way.
Father, do you mind
if I spend the night here?
Not at all. I'd be more than happy.
It sure is good to see you.
What have you brought with you?
What's all this?
I went to buy some fruits.
They seemed so good,
so I thought I'd buy some
and bring them to you.
How have you been?
We've been doing well, of course.
You should've called,
then I would've gotten a hen.
You have plenty of time.
I intend on sleeping here with Hye-yeong.
Hye-yeong's coming?
-Hi, Jeong-hwan!
-Hi, Ra-yeong!
I see that my pretty
little sister-in-law is home.
-How have you been?
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
I might as well just disappear.
I'll just drink and die.
There's no more left.
Excuse me. One more bottle, please.
I'll help you.
-No, I'll do it.
-It's fine.
-It's all right.
-Oh dear.
It's hot. It's really hot.
-Oh boy.
-Oh boy. Goodness.
Gosh. You really prepared a hen.
I should. My son-in-law's here, isn't he?
Thank you.
Gosh. Did you guys start without me?
Welcome, Hye-yeong.
-Hurry and have a seat.
-Hye-yeong. Welcome home.
-Hi, honey.
I love you so much. Thank you.
Then reward me at home.
My apologies.
Mom, don't you even care that I'm here?
I'm busy.
I'm in the middle of deboning this.
There's a problem.
There are seven people,
but only six drumsticks.
That sure is a huge problem.
I don't like drumsticks anyway, Mother.
I don't see Mi-yeong and Mr. An again.
Mi-yeong said she'd be late,
but Mr. An hasn't replied.
-He's here.
Mr. An, when did you get home?
Jung-hui, you were home.
Were you upstairs? You should've told us.
You're home.
-I thought you'd be home late.
-I came to have dinner together.
I can't let you eat in peace.
Have a seat. You should eat dinner.
Yes. I wouldn't miss out on this.
Yu-ju, could you go to the kitchen
-and bring a plate and spoon?
-I will, Mother.
The meat is chewy.
I can actually feel the protein.
Chicken is the best in the summer.
I'm sure it's not because it's chicken.
It's because you're with your in-laws.
You're right.
Mother and Father,
why don't you come visit us?
We haven't had a housewarming party yet.
We'd love to go if you invite us.
I was wondering when you'd invite us.
I wanted to see your place.
Forgive me.
I should've thought of it earlier.
Shall we set a date while we're at it?
So this is how it should be.
It's natural to wonder
how your child is living.
When my mother was here,
why didn't you invite her?
Why did you try so hard to keep her away?
Wait a minute. You're joking, right?
I think that was rude
to consider it as a joke.
She thinks I'm rude.
I must take after you, Dad.
-Mr. An.
What do you think you're doing?
What's with your attitude to Mom and Dad?
That's enough.
There's no need to raise your voice.
I can't help it.
Can't you see how Mr. An's…
Hye-yeong. That's enough.
It's none of your business. Drop it.
-I can't believe him.
Can anyone help me
understand the situation?
We feel just the same.
Dad should be scolding Jung-hui, not me.
Something must be going on
between the three,
but I have no idea.
Whatever it is,
he still shouldn't talk that way.
Good job, Hye-yeong.
I'm glad you said that.
What could it be?
This may not be the right time
to ask this,
but where am I supposed to sleep tonight?
You're right. I didn't think of that.
I can't let you sleep in Mr. An's room
after what he just did.
-What about the living room?
-No problem. It'll be nice.
Thank you.
I don't want you sleeping
in his room tonight.
-I can get you some blankets though.
I think I'll borrow one of Mom's pants.
I think this will do.
What's this? What is this doing here?
Why are you running away from me?
Answer me.
Why are you avoiding me?
Tell me. Why are you avoiding me?
What do you know to avoid me?
Do you hate me
like the other family members?
Is that why you're avoiding me?
You don't know anything.
You don't know why I'm acting this way.
So why are you avoiding me?
I'm not avoiding you.
Then what's the reason
for you to avoid me?
I like you, Mr. An.
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