My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e41 Episode Script

Episode 41

Then, what's the reason
for you to avoid me?
I like you, Mr. An.
What did you just say?
You like me?
You're crazy. You're totally crazy.
I told him. I've lost my mind.
You reek of alcohol. Did you have a drink?
Shower first. You stink.
What's wrong, Mi-yeong? Are you sick?
It's hot today,
why are you all covered up?
Go to sleep. I'm fine.
You'll get a rash.
At least change into something else.
Are you that drunk?
Watch yourself when you drink.
Leave her alone and go to sleep.
Are you leaving already? What time is it?
I have to get to work early.
Go back to sleep.
Do you feel okay?
I'm crazy.
I've totally lost my mind.
How could I tell him?
Here you go. It's hot.
Where is Mi-yeong?
She left for work early.
She must have lots to do.
I feel bad that she has to work
without even having breakfast.
Come and have breakfast.
Are you leaving without eating?
You must have a shoot.
Shouldn't you eat…
See you later.
Father, you know he is really popular
these days, don't you?
His drama is a huge hit.
His drama might be a hit,
but he is going off the rails.
Let's eat.
You all have to get to work.
Yes. Let's eat.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
I compiled all the data you asked for.
Already? Were you up all night?
No. I came to work early today.
You did a great job.
I'll read it after my meeting.
I like you, Mr. An.
This won't do.
We can't go on living together like this.
30,000,000 WON
Where will I get the deposit?
I need at least a few million won.
Should I move into a gosiwon?
Hye-yeong, if you're free this evening,
can we meet after work?
Then, what's the reason
for you to avoid me?
I like you, Mr. An.
Okay, then. Jung-hui.
Let's concentrate and nail it in one go.
An Jung-hui.
What are you thinking about? Let's shoot.
Let's focus and nail it in one go.
Scene ten, take one.
Byun Mi-yeong.
Who are you calling?
Her character is Hye-rim.
Sorry. I'll do it again.
Let's focus.
You've been distracted lately.
-Try to focus.
Let's do it.
-Your change.
-Thank you.
Come by again.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Sit down.
Don't you think we should put
the store up for sale?
You never know what'll happen to me.
You can't run this place alone.
It won't be easy even if you find a cook.
You're right.
We should wrap up.
Then, when I go grocery shopping,
I'll put it on the real estate market.
I wonder when Jung-hui will tell.
must be suffering more than us.
If Jung-hui tells the kids,
will they see us again?
I think they'll despise us.
they're good kids.
They'll understand after time passes.
If I were them,
I wouldn't see my parents as humans.
We shouldn't have had four kids.
I'm worried
that they'll blame us
for making them have such parents.
We should listen if they blame us.
I'd prefer it if they blame us
rather than they just stay quiet.
It hurts me more when Jung-hui
doesn't say anything.
Does this make sense?
Mr. An is not Dad's real son?
Does that mean
Mr. An's mom cheated on Dad?
No, then that doesn't explain
Mr. An's mean attitude towards Dad.
What's going on? Does Dad know this?
Mom is probably aware of this.
Since this document was in Mom's drawer,
does this mean Dad still accepted Jung-hui
even though he is aware of this?
Even Mom too?
My goodness.
I was so busy
that I asked you to come here.
It's fine. I asked you to see me.
I didn't know there is a restaurant here.
Is everyone here lawyers?
No. I'm really busy.
You should read this now.
Sure. Okay.
I'm not sure if I understood it right,
but doesn't this mean
that I'd like to graduate from marriage?
Yes. That's right.
It says that you agree
to Father's graduation.
What are you talking about?
I don't want to do that.
It doesn't mean you'll graduate now,
but you'll graduate from marriage
after a month of rehearsal.
You'll get to change
Father's decision in a month.
How can you guarantee it?
I don't like this.
What if I really graduate from marriage?
This is kind of like push and pull.
I've told you this before.
The basic way to maintain
tension and interest in a relationship
is push and pull.
People's hearts are complicated. When the
person comes close, you want to run away,
but if they run away,
you want to go close.
I know what you mean, but…
That's why you should push and pull
in the relationship with Father,
and maintain the tension.
People live
until they're 100 years old now.
You'll be spending a long time
with Father.
It's your manner and obligation
to push and pull and manage yourself
for the other person to feel
the tension and interest in you.
I said no.
I don't want to live alone.
You promised to do everything I say
if I become your representative.
I mean,
what if I really graduate from marriage?
What are you going to do then?
Will you not move out
and be responsible for it?
Then, I'll do as you say.
I'll do that.
You just promised.
Fine then.
I'll do as you say.
Did you go through it?
Yes, I did, but…
-Then, memorize it.
Memorize it and proclaim to Father.
I'll accept your request
to graduate from marriage.
But let's graduate from marriage
after a month of rehearsal.
During that time,
you'll do things separately
including eating and doing the laundry
as if you really graduated from marriage.
You should maintain an attitude
of having no interest in Father.
Act the exact way Father did.
Have no interest in him, be insensitive,
and sometimes yell at him.
-Make him put himself in your shoes.
It's only then he'll realize
the value of you
and the love you gave him.
Father's been receiving
so much care from you
that once he becomes alone,
he'll suffer a lot to handle this.
I can't guarantee you this,
but Father won't be able
to leave the house easily.
Also, through this chance,
Father will learn how hard it is
when he graduates from marriage.
Right. I know what you mean.
Then, hurry up and memorize it.
Memorize the whole thing,
and proclaim to Father with pride
that you'll accept graduation
from marriage.
But I'm not good at memorizing.
Mother, you must.
No, you can do it.
You should try
if you want to change Father's heart.
Also, have you been studying grammar?
You must have been very hungry.
Eat slowly.
Did you not have breakfast, Dad?
Your mom doesn't prepare
breakfast for me anymore.
It's because you keep talking
about graduation from marriage.
Give me some allowance.
You know that your mom
only gives me 300,000 won, right?
My goodness.
Fine. I'll wire you some money.
Thank you.
Do you manage your money yourself?
We manage our own paycheck.
Hye-yeong is much cooler than I thought.
I never had a chance
to spend my own salary.
Your mom took all of it.
Does this make sense to you?
I never had a chance
to use the money that I earned.
You never know what will happen
to you tomorrow.
What's the point of preparing
for the future?
You should enjoy the moment.
Carpe diem.
You're right, so you should stop
talking about graduating from marriage
and compromise with Mom.
Whatever happens,
Mom worries about you the most.
You know that well too.
You've been stressed because of me, right?
Sorry. It'll never happen again.
For now, have some snacks.
I'll take you out for lunch soon.
Great. Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
I know you're all busy
because Ms. Lim is absent,
but let's try our best.
Bring documents for approval in advance.
Ms. Kim, this is delicious.
-It's delicious.
Hey, Hui-jin.
I'll be there soon.
Hey, why did you get married so fast?
I know.
I couldn't go to your wedding
because you were rushing it.
It happened.
By the way,
thank you for the congratulatory money.
You like money more than us, don't you?
Isn't she Byun Mi-yeong?
Byun Mi-yeong from class 7.
Did she lose weight?
Byun Mi-yeong.
It's her.
Aren't you Byun Mi-yeong?
Sit over here.
It's been 12 years
since we last met in school.
I didn't recognize you.
Did you have something done on your face?
You look amazing.
Do I? Thank you.
What are you up to these days?
Do you work?
Gabi Entertainment? Do you work there?
You didn't even go to a college in Seoul.
Does Gabi Entertainment
really hire just anyone?
You can't say things like that.
"Just anyone"?
No, I'm an intern.
An intern?
She can be let go at any moment.
Yu-ju is a team manager there.
You're under her at work too.
That's hilarious.
It's not like that.
We're on different teams.
Do you even wear perfume?
You're almost human now.
You were such a loser
in high school. Right?
You should've worn perfume then too.
Back then, she…
I smelled like a pig.
That's not what I meant.
Then, what did you mean?
That's all you said to me back then.
Mi-yeong, you have a way
of twisting things.
-Is that all we said?
-Will you stop it?
What are you doing?
Do you want me to recite
everything you said?
Don't, Mi-yeong.
I have no reason to stay.
I'll leave first.
What was that?
Why is she so twisted?
She was just as frustrating in school.
I doubt she gets along
with anyone at work.
That's why she was bullied.
How can you say things like that?
She does fine at work
and people acknowledge her.
"Bullied"? You can't just say
whatever you like.
Yu-ju, you're really weird.
You're the one
who bullied her first in school.
That's right. You were the ringleader.
Come on. It wasn't that bad.
I just joked about--
You made bets about her weight
and teased her each time she changed
for P.E. class. Was that a joke?
You even tipped over her lunch on purpose
and said she smelled like a pig.
Was that all a joke?
Hey, that was all…
Not again.
No way.
One, two…
-Look at that.
-You're looking good.
It looks so good.
Oh dear, I'm so sorry.
You'll get fat if you eat all that.
Consider this me helping you lose weight.
Are you okay?
I smell a pig.
Don't touch her. She stinks.
-My gosh.
-The stink.
You're crazy, Yu-ju.
What did you do?
Thank you. Come by again.
Thank you, bye.
Wipe the display case with this
and organize it.
What brings you here, sir?
"What brings you here?"
What would you like?
I'm going to meet
an old teacher of mine today.
I need a gift.
Did you have lunch?
Oh, I see.
What do you think about this?
I enjoyed it.
I like it.
Especially today.
Me too.
Me even more.
A business trip?
Do part-timers go on business trips?
No, this has never happened.
I keep getting orders
from the chairman's office.
It's the chairman again.
If it's his order, I'll go.
Where must I go?
Gosh, this is so insanely far away.
The view is amazing though.
Just as amazing
as the chairman's pettiness.
It is nice to visit a place like this
in a while.
Is this it?
Are you from the corporate office?
Yes. How are you?
I hope the trip was okay.
What did you say you need?
A sample of fresh produce
that goes into the product.
The chairman wants us
to put some on display.
From now on, we must keep
a sample on display at all times.
They'll wilt if you take them as they are.
You can't keep coming over
all the way here.
Why did he give such an order?
Maybe he wants me to come here regularly.
What should I do?
Should I give you the field?
Give me the field?
You can.
Do you get that many from a plant?
-Yes. Watch where you walk.
-Watch out.
How will you take them back?
-Did you drive here?
-You have a point.
Just a moment.
He'll argue with his dad if he finds out.
Hello? Director Park.
Don't you feel like seeing
how the produce is grown?
It's him.
Or not.
Why'd you call Yeong-hui and not me?
You said you're meeting
an old teacher today.
-Why are you here?
-Yeong-hui sent me.
Did my dad put you up to this?
How could he…
You should've told me first.
Why'd you come here alone?
This isn't a part-timer's job.
This is unlawful.
I'll talk to my dad.
If this happens again,
call me, not my brother.
I do get jealous of him too.
Are you a rapper wannabe?
That was fast.
It was the chairman's idea,
but it wasn't as hard as you may think.
Cheol-su, if you go
and take it out on your dad,
don't you think he'll give me
a worse mission?
I'll complain again…
I'm Byun Ra-yeong.
I'm going to make him give in first.
Trust me.
Don't you think
this is the first time
we've been so far away from the city?
It's like we're traveling.
When a couple goes
on their first trip together,
the public transport stops
and they end up sharing a room.
We're on land.
Then, how about a car breaking down?
Gosh. You scared me.
Hey, what are you doing here?
Cheol-su borrowed my car.
Let's go home together.
Why did he borrow your car?
I heard you made Ra-yeong
go on a business trip.
He went to pick her up.
I can't believe him.
I've been telling you.
You can't win Ra-yeong.
I can't?
My goodness.
-Did you relieve your hangover?
Then, tell me what's going on now.
You've been weird since yesterday.
It's nothing.
Then, why did you want to see me?
I need a favor.
I was thinking about living alone.
I'm getting more and more tired
of commuting.
I often go to work early in the morning,
and I often work until late.
Sometimes, I spend half of my paycheck
for the cab fee.
Have you talked to Mom and Dad?
Not yet.
You're the first to talk to.
If you can,
can you lend me money for the deposit?
I'm looking for a place to stay,
but I need a deposit.
You should think carefully.
If you think of commuting,
living alone is good,
but if you live alone now,
you can't save up.
I know. I know that counts,
but I want to live alone
while I work at Gabi Entertainment.
Get permission from Mom and Dad.
Then, I'll lend you money.
Thank you, Hye-yeong.
Are you getting along with Mr. An,
by the way?
I'm not Mr. An's manager anymore.
But you still see him every day at home.
Is there anything weird about Mr. An?
I don't know. Why do you ask?
He was very rude to Mom and Dad yesterday.
Jun-yeong and Ra-yeong said
he's been like that lately.
Maybe he had a fight with Dad.
Fighting and reconciling is pretty common
between a parent and a child.
Let me get this straight.
One. An Jung-hui is not Dad's child.
Two. An Jung-hui and my parents know this.
Or at least Mom knows this.
Three. An Jung-hui
has a major issue with Dad.
Dad is taking An Jung-hui's anger,
and Mom is ignoring it.
Hypothesis one.
Jung-hui's mom cheated.
Jung-hui moved into Dad's
without knowing it,
and recently found out
through DNA testing.
But that doesn't explain
why Jung-hui's rude to Dad.
If this hypothesis is right,
he should feel sorry towards Dad.
Hypothesis two.
If Dad accepted Jung-hui
even though his mom cheated,
Jung-hui recently found out,
and he's mad that they didn't tell him.
That kind of makes sense.
But why? Why did Dad accept a kid that
his ex-wife gave birth to by cheating?
Even enduring the criticism
from his children?
Does he still love that woman?
When did Dad go to the States
and meet Jung-hui's mom?
When is Jung-hui's birthday? Hold on.
Jung-hui's birthday.
An Jung-hui.
June 6, 1982.
My brother was born in January of 1983.
Jung-hui was born in June of 1982?
No way.
Does this mean Dad got divorced
because he cheated with Mom?
No way.
But that makes sense
why he's upset at Dad.
But could Mom and Dad…
I have one too.
A huge secret that you don't know.
Aren't you An Jung-hui?
-I'm a big fan of yours.
Can I get your autograph?
-I have a pen.
-You do?
Here you go.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
What are you doing in there?
Get up.
Do you want me to go in there?
Let's have a talk…
Can you just leave me alone?
If you saw me hiding,
you should just pretend you didn't see me.
I'm so embarrassed right now.
I'm so embarrassed that I could die,
so can you just leave me alone?
-Hey, Mi-yeong.
-I know it too.
I know I'm crazy,
and I know I shouldn't be like this.
So just leave me alone.
But I'm not completely crazy yet,
so if you just leave me alone,
I'll be normal soon.
pretend you didn't see me.
Hey, are you okay?
Yes. I'm fine!
What should I do with you, Mi-yeong?
What am I going to do?
I must've lost my mind.
Take this with you.
You need to eat
when you have an early start.
Have the juice and pancakes in the car.
Can you write a letter please?
A handwritten letter looks more sincere.
I'll scan it
and upload it to your website.
I'll log in with your ID.
Could you answer your fans' questions?
This person won again.
We're rewarding the fans
who logged in the most.
See the ID "Dad's Snacks"?
This person visits your site the most,
even more than I do as the administrator.
Do you know this person?
I'll call you
when I'm done with the letter.
Okay, you do that.
Hello, Jung-hui. I'm a huge fan of yours.
It's quite cold out.
Try not to catch a cold.
I've been enjoying your drama
101, Haengbok-dong.
I read you're hospitalized for fatigue.
I'm worried.
Oh, My Boss starts today.
I'm really excited.
I love watching Oh, My Boss.
Your acting is on point.
I just watched the second episode.
The plot's picking up and I can't wait
to watch the next episode.
Congratulations on the rising ratings.
I just watched episode three of
Oh, My Boss.
I feel so sorry for your character.
I can't wait until the next episode airs.
I watched Oh, My Boss episode four.
I cried so much.
Your portrayal of the character
was the best I've ever seen.
Min-ha, didn't you used to hate anchovies?
Did your taste suddenly change?
Is he going through a growth spurt?
Slow down.
What's gotten into you today?
This is your third bowl of rice.
Have you been starving
my grandson behind my back?
Have some of my rice. Eat all you want.
-Slow down.
-Eat slowly.
Can I have some milk
for my instant noodles?
No. I need all the calcium I can get.
Don't you play basketball after lunch?
-Does it help you grow?
-Taller, you mean?
It might help. Why?
Have you ever dated a girl before?
Are you seeing someone?
I thought you study all day.
I feel betrayed.
I'll teach you all you need to know.
What's going on?
Will she not take me seriously
if I'm shorter?
We are quite a few years apart too.
A lot.
-But some women like younger guys, right?
I wish I were taller than her though.
Okay. A large cheese pizza.
And a soda.
Sure. It'll take about 30 minutes.
A large cheese pizza.
Will you stop yawning?
It's not like I want to.
I can't stop yawning if I'm tired.
At least try while our manager's
-in the store.
-It hurts.
-Here you go.
-Thank you.
Close up well after you're done.
-Sure thing.
-Have a nice day.
What's wrong with you lately?
-I'm so tired.
-You're always tired
and can't seem to focus.
You messed up an order yesterday.
That wasn't my fault.
The customer messed up
and put the blame on me.
Why are you getting upset so easily?
Are you going through menopause?
You're having mood swings.
What? Menopause?
You're the one with a mid-life crisis.
You complain at night
about being hot or cold.
I'm tired because I can't sleep at night
because of you.
What are you talking about?
I'm the one who hasn't been able to sleep
because of you.
You keep opening the door
to go to the bathroom
and turn on the lights to hurt my eyes.
Should I not pee when I want to?
I'll get an infection if I do that.
Don't drink anything before bed.
What nonsense is that?
What I mean is… Sorry.
Hello? Yes, hello.
-Yes. Go and cook.
I can't believe he is cleaning.
I doubt he even knows
how to use that thing.
What was that?
Oh, dear.
What happened? Did you trip?
Can't you tell? Help me up.
-Help me get up.
Free my legs.
How did you get that around your legs?
It hurts.
You should've been careful. Are you hurt?
Did you hurt your arm?
My goodness.
Does it hurt a lot?
Did you fracture your arm?
-This won't do.
I need to see a doctor.
Go and get the car key.
Okay, just a moment.
Act the exact way Father did.
Make him put himself in your shoes.
It's only then he'll realize…
Right. I'll treat him how he treated me
when I was sick.
He needs a taste of his own medicine.
We're here. Get out.
What about you?
I have a previous engagement,
so I have to go.
Take a taxi home when you're done.
What are you doing? Cars are coming.
-Hey, wait--
-Hurry up and go.
My goodness.
Hey, but…
My gosh.
He's been treating me like dirt.
He needs to learn a lesson.
My goodness, you even got a cast.
How badly were you hurt?
I pulled two centimeters of my ligament.
I need to keep this cast on
for at least two weeks.
How can you not even call
when your husband got hurt so badly?
I thought you wanted me to be like that.
You wanted me to stop caring,
so I did just that.
Were you disappointed?
My goodness.
Gosh, it still hurts
even after taking painkillers.
This is bad.
I must have gotten hurt pretty badly.
What will I do…
My gosh.
Are you busy?
No. Why?
Then, can we talk for a second?
Are you okay?
Is something going on?
No, nothing.
What about you?
What about me?
About our old school friends
the other day.
Let's not talk about that.
I don't think that will help
either you or me.
I'm sorry.
I was wrong.
I'm not even sure
if I have the right to apologize,
but I'm sorry.
I've finally realized after seeing them.
I've finally realized what I did.
I finally realized how horrible I was.
I realized
that what I did to you
was evil and horrid.
This is a lie too.
To be honest, I knew.
I knew all along,
but I didn't want to face it.
I'm sorry.
Do you remember?
You told me that I smell like pigs.
You ruined my lunch box.
You pulled the curtains
while I got changed.
I'm so sorry.
I was wrong.
Then, can you tell me now?
Why did you do that to me?
I was so envious and jealous of you.
I was living with a dad who didn't care
if I ate lunch or not,
and a stepmom
who hated paying for my lunch.
But you had a dad who would always
pack a warm lunch box for you
every single day.
I was so envious and jealous of you.
That's why I hated you.
So I took out
my sense of inferiority on you
even though I knew
what I was doing was bad.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I never imagined
you would apologize to me.
To be honest, I only pretended to be okay.
But now,
I think I might actually be okay,
thanks to your sincere apology.
I couldn't really forgive you until today.
But I think I may begin
to feel better now.
Thank you
for apologizing to me,
Thank you.
What a relief.
I finally feel better after 12 years.
See you at home,
my sister-in-law.
Hey, Hye-yeong. You didn't even call.
I bought some blueberry cheesecake,
your favorite.
Let me see that.
This is so good.
It would be great if Dad can join us.
He must be out doing something.
The shop was closed.
Yes, I think he went to a market.
Right, how is your mother-in-law?
Is she well now?
Yes. She is well.
-Does she treat you well?
-Yes. Not bad.
Right, Mom.
My mother still loves her husband so much.
What's wrong with that?
I still love your dad so much.
Right. I know.
I forgot to check
the closest people to me.
Then wait, when did you and dad meet
for the first time?
Come to think about it,
I don't think I ever heard
about your love story.
We first met at a hospital.
On my first day of work.
How old were you then?
I was 21.
21 years old?
Then, is that when Dad came back
from the States?
Yes, right.
Anyway, how does Jeong-hwan treat you?
When will he begin a new TV program?
If things go well, probably in the fall.
But he is preparing
a pilot program right now.
He's always the same.
He's always good to me.
He's just like your dad.
Is there any restriction
to become a judge?
Do you still get punished
for your family's crime?
That's been gone for a while.
But why do you ask?
I suddenly got curious.
What is it?
Why did she suddenly ask about that?
What is this?
Were they charged with adultery?
Mom said she met Dad when she was 21.
That means Dad was 23 years old.
That's when he was married
to Jung-hui's mom.
Then, did Dad come to Korea
to get married?
Wait, did Mom go to the States?
This is driving me insane.
I need to find out for sure.
Hey, Ji-sang. It's me.
Have you been well?
Well, I had a question.
I wanted to see someone's
immigration records.
DEPOSIT: 10,000,000 WON
Let go of me.
Are you going to go
and turn in your resignation?
You've been looking for a room
to move out, right?
Are you going to leave home too?
Come with me. We need to talk.
Mr. An.
Let's go. We need to talk.
Come out.
What do you think you're doing?
I asked you to leave me alone
and pretend like you don't know.
I can only do that if you do your part.
You said it was hard for you
to get this job.
So why would you resign?
Do you think I want to quit?
I'm trying everything I can
to get over this.
So can you just ignore me?
I'm sure you have no idea how I feel
or how much effort I am making
at this moment, but…
No, I do know.
I know how you feel more than anyone.
How would you know?
I just want to die.
How can this be?
Have I gone insane? Am I a pervert?
It feels like everyone
is pointing their fingers at me.
But whenever I see you, my heart flutters.
It keeps on going off by itself
like a broken metronome.
I just want to die.
That's why I'm going to quit
and move out.
So please,
can you just pretend not to know?
I'm begging you.
We're not related.
We aren't siblings.
What are you talking about?
Your dad
isn't my dad.
Why are you and Dad hiding this?
Report me to the police, Jung-hui.
Don't beat yourself up like this anymore.
This just can't be.
I'm sorry that I ask
for such difficult favors.
Moon Ji-sang?
Aren't you being too harsh on me?
Like you said,
I will accept the graduation.
Stand in as Jung-hui's manager for a week.
Work is work. I'll do my job well.
You can rest and sleep.
You guys have feelings
for each other anyway.
Are you crazy?
Do you want your career to end here?
What am I going to do?
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