My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e42 Episode Script

Episode 42

We're not related.
We aren't siblings.
What are you talking about?
Your dad
isn't my dad.
Your dad
was my dad's friend.
Your dad
feels like he owes my dad,
so when I first showed up
thinking he was my dad,
he accepted me as his own.
My real dad
died in an accident.
I found out only recently.
Don't resign.
Don't move out.
You're totally sane.
Let's go.
I'll drive you.
Are we really not related?
That's right.
Then why are you and Dad hiding this?
Shouldn't the whole family know?
I know you're curious,
but I'd like you to wait.
And I'd like you to keep it a secret
from your dad and the others.
Like I said,
I found out only recently,
so I'm still quite flabbergasted
and confused.
Once I sort it all out with your dad,
I'll tell you then.
Okay? Please.
Let's go. Wear your seat belt.
Yes, sir.
Tae-bu went on a break.
Stand in as Jung-hui's manager for a week.
I already told Tae-bu I can't do it.
You have no say. Do as you're told.
An intern can't choose
what she wants to do.
Managers can.
It's your old job anyway.
Shall I do it? I'm a manager.
Here's his schedule.
He has to film Two Days
and One Night Together starting tomorrow.
Get everything prepared.
Yes, sir.
This looks good.
We'd like this in 3cm slices, please.
He needs to wear a half-cast
for two weeks.
I'm glad it's not serious.
It was close.
What if he had to have a cast
in this weather?
It would be terrible.
It's so strange how they hurt
the same arm in a short while apart.
I told your mom
to accept your dad's conditions.
I suggested for her
to have a rehearsal period.
I told her to be cold to Father
as if she's doing push and pull with him.
-And? Did she say yes?
Father is so cold to Mother,
and Mother depends on Father so much.
I think that's what their problem is.
Father might realize the value of Mother
if he becomes alone
and has to handle everything by himself.
I thought Mother could find a hobby
and become less dependent on Father.
Here you go.
Thank you.
What if Father likes it
and decides to leave home?
That's possible.
But he has no money.
It's something like remodeling.
They've been living together for 38 years,
and they'll live together
for another 30 years.
I think they really need this.
Married couples need to remodel
just like how you renovate old houses.
Remodel the relationship?
Your idea is good,
but based on my 38 years
of experience of living as their son,
it doesn't sound positive.
Am I too idealistic?
That's somewhat true.
Not everyone is so reasonable
and fundamental like you.
I've heard that before.
"You're right."
"But life is not like a textbook."
Who was brave enough to tell you that?
What if Father insists to move out
after a month?
I made a promise to Mother.
I told her that if this fails,
I'll never move out.
Hello, Ji-sang.
Okay. Thanks. I'll check.
Who was it?
It was Ji-sang. I asked him for something.
Oh, you mean Ji-sang?
He used to flirt with you.
Did he?
There were so many guys who did that.
You should go home alone.
I need to check
on something in the office.
Really? Then you should go.
By the way, do you talk to Ji-sang often?
No. It's my first time today.
I had something to ask him.
Where is he now?
-Supreme Prosecutors' Office.
-Supreme Prosecutors' Office?
Is he married?
No. Probably not.
Let's go. I need to check it.
Sure. Okay.
So annoying.
Is it a good idea to look into the past?
What if Dad really got divorced
for cheating with Mom?
What would I do even if I find out?
But I still can't just ignore it.
Dad went to the States
in 1972 for the first time,
and he returned in 1982?
He was there for this long?
Mom went to the States in October of 1982
and returned in October of 1982?
She stayed only for a few days.
This is all.
Then the only chance for them
to meet up was in October of 1982.
How could this happen?
Mom said she met Dad when she was 21.
She was 23 in 1982.
Jun-yeong was born in January of 1983.
Then they met for the first time
in October,
and gave birth to Jun-yeong
in January the year after?
This doesn't make sense.
This just can't be.
Unless Dad teleported and visited Korea,
Jun-yeong cannot be Dad's son.
Let's have a toast for Uncle's
grand award for a new pizza recipe
and becoming a regular employee.
-Thank you.
You're on a roll.
You got the grand award
and a regular position.
It's really great.
Are they opening a store for you
as a prize?
Just the interior design, not the store.
That's still great.
You said you could open a store in a year.
Good job.
Mom's not worried anymore.
She can relax now.
I never worry about anything.
I told you so many times before.
He just needs time to bloom.
That looks exactly the same.
That's funny.
Eat now.
This is the pizza
made with our new recipe.
Hey, you're here. Perfect timing.
Come have a seat here.
Hey, Jung-hui. Come try this.
This is on my parents.
Have a seat here.
Come on and eat.
Have a seat, Jung-hui.
Pass him a plate.
Here you go.
Try this.
This is wonderful.
This is the pizza my parents made.
They won the grand prize
in the new recipe contest.
-Grand prize?
They won the grand prize.
That's why this is on us, so enjoy.
By the way, since you're here,
when are you going to ask her out
like a real man?
I'm talking about the drama.
It's so slow that it's worrying me sick.
I can't understand
why you don't just ask her out
like a real man.
Once he asks her out,
the show will be over.
Also, don't be a spoiler.
-A spoiler, Grandma.
-She said soup.
-Oh, that.
-Yes, a spoiler.
Go ahead and eat.
The color of your suit
is the color of the dough.
Eat now.
Grandma is fluent in Korean only.
She doesn't know what spoiler means.
Eat before it gets cold.
I should've tried making this.
I don't know if you heard,
but starting tomorrow,
I'll be your temporary
manager for a week instead of Tae-bu.
Yes. I've heard.
Work is work. I'll do my job well
to make you feel comfortable.
Okay. Then I'll see you tomorrow morning.
Good night.
Why are Dad and Mr. An hiding it?
Is that why Mr. An's been having
a hard time and got upset at Dad?
Does Mom know this?
What has Dad done to Mr. An's father
to have to lie to the family
and say Mr. An is his son?
Does it mean that I'm not crazy
if we aren't related?
I must be crazy.
You're helpless.
That's what you think about
even at this moment?
Why are you sitting there?
Do you think sitting there
every night will change anything?
What am I going to do?
You messed things up.
What will you do about it?
Let's see.
My glasses.
Oh, no.
My goodness.
Oh, dear.
My goodness.
Goodness me.
It's gone bad.
I've injured my arm.
She could at least cook for me.
Aren't you being too harsh on me?
Your husband injured his arm.
The least you can do is cook for me.
I'm doing as you asked.
I'm just trying to care for you less.
You said you don't like it
when I care too much.
The circumstances are different.
I hurt my arm.
My right arm.
You were like this when I hurt my arm.
It was my right arm too.
That was fake.
I have something to say, so sit down.
What is it about? Tell me.
Like you said,
I will accept the graduation.
I accept and support you
for wanting to be free of the restraints
and obligations of marriage.
-You are right.
Life is short.
We don't have enough time to even
do what we want.
We won't live that long and there's
no point in restraining
or shackling ourselves.
You should be free.
Graduate from us and move out.
Be free from all restraints
and obligations and be happy.
I will find
a way to enjoy my own life in this house.
I'm very surprised
that you decided to accept my decision.
What made you change your mind?
However, I think we should practice
for one month.
I only just decided to accept your terms
and I need time.
I also need to practice to prepare myself.
After a month,
when I am fully prepared,
then you can move out.
One month?
Okay, why not? We can do that.
Will a month be enough?
Tell me if you need more time.
Don't you think you'll need more time?
Also, we must sign an agreement
on the terms of our graduation.
I'm asking if you need more time.
Why won't you answer my question?
If we have different ideas
on how the graduation will commence,
we cannot have a successful separation.
We must discuss
and reach a compromisation.
It's "compromise", not "compromisation."
Oh, you're right.
We must discuss
and reach a compromise. The end.
What's that in your hand?
A cheat sheet?
You just read
what Hye-yeong wrote for you, right?
No, I just said
everything I wanted to say.
Do you have something to say?
What's that in your hand?
Give it to me.
Hand it over.
What do you think you're doing?
I'd like to excuse myself
if you don't mind.
My goodness.
Hang on.
Why did she suddenly agree?
Could it be…
Does she know I was scammed?
Good morning.
What's all that?
Once the shoot starts,
they don't hand out much food.
I thought you should eat on the way.
Thanks a lot for preparing all this.
-Hi, Jung-hui.
-You're a bit late.
I'm glad you could join us, Jung-hui.
-I'm Son Tae-ho, the director of the show.
-Nice to meet you.
This show is about
bringing your drama cast closer together.
Consider this
a two-day camp for the drama crew.
Okay, I will.
A camp? That sounds like fun.
This is my first variety show.
I'm nervous.
I'll sacrifice myself for the show.
I hope you do.
We have some games
with horrible penalties.
You'll have to swim
and sleep outdoors. It'll be fun.
Meet some mosquitoes.
-Can you excuse me?
What is it?
Wear this.
Mission one, pass them the cards.
-Pick one.
Pick one and you pick one.
-First up, Jin Seong-jun.
Reveal the mission.
with a woman in a hat."
"The loser drinks fish sauce."
-Let's begin!
-Get going.
There's one.
I see someone.
She's mine.
Sorry, Jung-hui.
-Hye-rim, rock-paper-scissors.
I won!
The director wins this time.
Jung-hui, straight ahead.
-Hurry up, Jung-hui.
There's someone over there.
Go on and bring her over!
Come with me. Don't ask why.
-Watch your step.
If you beat Jung-hui,
you get a gift certificate.
Are you ready to play?
Just a moment.
Are you ready now?
Ready? Rock-paper-scissors!
Jung-hui failed the mission.
Too bad.
Fish sauce.
-Fish sauce.
-Fish sauce.
-Fish sauce.
-Fish sauce.
Are you ready, Jung-hui?
-Do I pick one?
-Oh, no.
Oh, dear.
-That stinks.
-How do you feel now?
-I feel like I'm going to die.
-My goodness, it stinks so badly.
By the way, isn't she your manager?
She could've gone easy on you, right?
She must've been holding grudges
against you.
No, I treat her very well.
Your girlfriend must get jealous
if you're that good to her.
She's very beautiful too.
We broke up.
I see. You broke up.
That is sad news, but your mission failed.
You failed!
I hope you enjoy it.
Thank you for calling Bbongdderak Pizza.
An order for a large group?
Yes, we can do it.
Yes. 20 combo pizzas for tomorrow?
Sure, thank you.
Gosh, where did he go?
Where have you been?
We're so busy right now.
I had an amazing dream last night.
That's why I… Surprise!
-What kind of dumb dream?
Hear me out. Last night, in my dream,
a white piglet with flowers
all over it ran toward me
and flopped into my arms like this.
It must be a lucky dream.
Stop talking nonsense.
We got a large order,
so start working on it.
We'll see who's right.
Let's see.
Gosh, what is going on?
That hurts!
Are you going through menopause or what?
Why do you lose your temper so often?
Look who's talking.
Worry about your andropause.
-You're older than me.
-See? You're angry again.
-Angry Bo-mi.
-You're a loser.
Gosh, why didn't I win anything?
I totally saw the piglet…
Doctor, am I
going through menopause?
Usually, I can't give clear answers
without blood test results,
but I can tell you right away
in your case.
You're not going through menopause.
I haven't had my period
in two months though.
I've started noticing
menopausal symptoms too.
Right, I'm sure you have.
You see this, right?
Congratulations. You're pregnant.
Pardon me?
Oh, and…
My gosh!
Goodness. Was that a dream?
Gosh, that almost made me jump
out of my skin.
By the way, that peach
came into my arms, and I embraced it.
Isn't it a conception dream?
Oh, and you'll have twins.
Giving birth to one at this age
is scary enough.
I can't believe I'll have twins.
Come in.
Yes, sit here.
Okay, Mom.
What's the matter?
You're the eldest,
so I thought you two should know.
Well, these are
bank books, insurance policies,
and my seal.
These are for Mi-yeong's wedding,
and these are for Ra-yeong's wedding.
Remember them, in case anything happens.
I'll keep these here.
They'll be in this drawer, okay?
Also, the lease agreements for this house
and Dad's store are in this.
I'll keep this over here.
It'll be in this drawer.
Okay? Don't forget.
Well… Mom.
Why are you being like this?
You're scaring me.
Mother, you're acting strange.
Is something going on?
No, but we never know
what can happen in life.
I just wanted you guys to know.
And you know that the drain
in the washroom
needs to be unclogged regularly, right?
Mom, it seems like something is going on.
What is it?
No, there's nothing at all.
My friend had a stroke recently.
I just realized that Dad and I
are at that age now.
That's why I'm doing this.
There's no other reason.
Are you sure?
You're making me forget other things
I wanted to tell you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Good work.
-Great job.
Thank you for everything today.
It was so hard to book rooms
as it's vacation season.
We booked a seminar room for all staff,
so you guys can rest there.
The cast members can get
their room keys from me.
We'll start early tomorrow morning,
-so please get some rest.
-Rest sounds nice.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Good work today.
Please get some rest.
Call me if you need anything.
All right, I will.
I have to go somewhere.
Meet me in the car.
Everything is closed.
Only the snack place was open.
Will this be okay?
Yes, it's fine. Get in.
Get in. I can't eat all of that by myself.
Shall we turn on the radio?
Sure, let's do that.
-Jin Seong-jun is here.
We collected a few questions in advance,
and this was the most asked question.
Do you have a girlfriend?
No, I don't.
I had a crush on someone,
but she rejected me recently.
-Did you guys break up?
Well, how can we break up
when we've never dated?
It's spicy.
Isn't it spicy for you?
Can you come to the back?
Help me practice my lines.
Oh, sure.
You can rest and sleep
while I read the script.
No, I'm fine.
I'll wait until you finish memorizing.
No, it's fine with me.
I can't focus unless you sleep.
I'll lay the chair down.
I must've fallen asleep.
I'm sorry. I was supposed
to help you practice.
It's fine. I fell asleep too.
I think the sun's going to rise soon.
I'll go prepare for the shooting.
Yes. Sure.
If you have time,
do you want to get lunch with me?
Thank you.
Here you are.
Did you have a trial around here?
Why did you want to have lunch with me?
It's nothing.
There's something I got for you.
I thought I could give it to you
while having lunch.
What is this?
You must be stressed from work.
Your hair is getting thin.
What? Really?
My goodness.
-Come here.
My goodness. It's empty.
My goodness.
Gosh. My gosh.
The roots must still be healthy, seeing
that it hurts when I pull your hair.
What are you going to do with it?
This is not Mom and Dad's problem,
but something Jun-yeong should know.
This is a Pandora's box for him.
I don't deserve to open it.
I should find out what Dad did
in the States.
What happened in the States?
Why is Jung-hui acting like that
even though he knows
Dad's not his real dad?
Hey, Ji-sang.
It's me, Hye-yeong.
Thank you for the fax.
Sorry, but I have to ask you
for one more favor.
Yes. Come in.
Hello, Mr. Park.
Right. Have a seat.
Director of Sunho Electronics?
What is this?
If you call them,
they'll get you
a regular employee position.
That director is a friend of mine.
He told me he's hiring a new secretary,
and I recommended you.
Me? As a secretary?
A regular employee?
Thank you,
but I already have trouble
managing myself.
I'm not right for a secretary.
Do you think I'm doing this
because I want you to get a job?
Isn't that it?
I want you to stay away from Cheol-su.
At work as well as outside.
That was it.
I knew it. That's why there were missions.
I created a soccer team
to drag Cheol-su here,
so that I can teach him management
and pass over the company.
You're very smart.
That's a good strategy.
I'm very good at this kind of stuff,
and I'm very smart.
Anyway, I can't let you and Cheol-su
get married.
That'll never happen.
I'm getting married?
Aren't you going to get married?
I'm only 26, Mr. Park.
That's too early for me.
You've gone too far.
By the way, it's only been
six months since I dated Cheol-su.
Somehow, you and Yeong-hui found out.
But I haven't even introduced Cheol-su
to my family yet.
Does that mean
you're not marrying Cheol-su?
No, I'm just saying…
I'm not interested
in getting married right now.
in five years?
If I'm still dating Cheol-su,
then I'll think about it.
Why are you worried
about the future already?
You're very future-oriented.
So, are you going to marry him or what?
I'm worried.
I don't know.
How do I know what will happen
five years later?
Leave your future problem
to the future you.
Right. And I brought you
a pack of this juice.
It'll help reduce your swelling.
Hey, Cheol-su!
I mean, Mr. Park.
I hope you enjoy your talk
with the chairman.
She has no plans to get married?
Ra-yeong, why aren't you going
to get married…
What should I get for a wedding gift?
Here. How much does this cost?
That product isn't that expensive.
I see. Okay.
Isn't he
the chairman's second son?
Yes, I think so.
Hello, I'm Cheol-su.
You said you'd buy me drinks last time.
I just called to say
that I'd like to drink with you today.
-Great work, Ra-yeong.
-Thank you. Bye.
Good work.
Is he busy? Why isn't he checking my text?
Hey, Yu-ju.
Chicken and beer? Sure. Where are you?
What's this?
Come here and sit down, Ra-yeong.
What's going on?
My brother-in-law called
and asked me to buy him some drinks.
Thank you, Jun-yeong.
"Brother-in-law"? What do you mean?
He's calling him that
because Cheol-su is your future husband.
My goodness. "Husband"?
By the way, Ra-yeong.
You're dating such a handsome boyfriend.
You should've introduced him
to us earlier.
You're right.
I should've introduced myself sooner.
I'm sorry.
Have you guys been dating
for about six months?
I see. Then they must not have plans
for marriage
since they're both young.
Of course. We're too young to get married.
I really want to get married. I really do.
I really do.
That's good to know.
A man must be resolute.
Please take good care of her.
-Drink up.
-Thank you.
-I'll do my best.
-Drink up, Ra-yeong.
Do you know a guy named Moon Ji-sang?
Yes, I do.
I heard he became
the deputy prosecutor general.
He was cool even back in school,
but he's cooler now.
Ji-sang really was cool back in school.
Didn't he date Hye-yeong for a while?
Yes. He asked her out as soon as
she broke up with Jeong-hwan.
What was that for?
It's okay.
I'm already aware of everything.
I agree that Ji-sang
used to be cool and popular.
But I was the winner in the end.
I'm the one who married Hye-yeong.
He became a deputy prosecutor general?
I wonder if Hye-yeong sent him a text
to congratulate him.
We're having dinner together,
so I should talk about it then.
Carry on with your work.
Gosh, I got here too early.
Wait, they dated each other?
I thought they just flirted
with each other.
How can she call her ex-boyfriend
in front of me like that?
Let's not think about it.
-Hey, Nut.
-I'm sorry, Jeong-hwan.
I don't think I can make it
to dinner tonight.
Something urgent came up.
I'm sorry, Jeong-hwan.
Well, I guess it can't be helped.
Okay, I'll see you at home. Bye.
Is she busy?
Moon Ji-sang?
Thank you, Ji-sang.
She has plans with Ji-sang?
My gosh.
Thank you for coming all the way here.
That's the only way I get to see
your busy face.
Let's go. Okay.
Dinner's on me, so eat whatever you want.
Get something expensive.
I'm sorry that I ask
for such difficult favors.
She just saw me,
but she's not even coming out.
It's the documents on what
Byun Han-soo did in the States.
They weren't easy to get.
Thank you, Ji-sang.
But who is this guy?
Why are you so interested?
His last name is Byun. Is he your cousin?
I'm sorry, but please don't ask.
I just need to get some facts straight.
I don't have any bad intentions,
so don't worry.
Excuse me. Let me get this.
The receiver cannot answer your call.
Please leave…
you should've told me that you were here.
Don't get mistaken.
I'm only meeting him for work.
I'll call you after I finish eating.
I didn't know Dad had gone through
such a big accident.
The accident happened in October 1982.
That's also when Mom was in the States.
Lee Yun-seok.
Lee Yun-seok?
That name sounds familiar.
Is this Lee Yun-seok…
this Lee Yun-seok?
This is Dad?
Is this what he looked like
when he was young?
This isn't enough for me
to find out the truth.
I'm relieved it's not raining.
-It would've been bad.
-I know.
Things would've gotten delayed again.
-We got lucky.
-We did.
The director just came up with an idea.
What do you think about a love story
between you and your manager?
What are you talking about?
The shoot we did yesterday
was so lame and boring.
Shall we give it a shot?
No. That makes no sense.
Come on, let's give it a go.
you guys have feelings
for each other anyway.
What are you talking about?
My gosh, you must think
I don't know anything.
That look in your eyes.
I know it comes from liking your manager.
I knew everything,
but I just pretended I didn't.
This show needs to be a big hit
in order for our drama to succeed.
If we come up with a solid love story
and release it to the press,
it'll help you become more famous.
Playing tricks with the press?
You already did that last time.
My gosh, are you still upset about that?
I didn't know you held grudges.
What's with that face?
Shouldn't you be thanking me?
What am I supposed to thank you for?
I'm the one who cast you.
You're in this drama, thanks to me.
You became famous because of me.
Because of what I did with the press,
everyone thinks of you as their own son.
If it weren't for me,
you wouldn't have had a chance to act
in a miniseries.
Please stop it.
My gosh, what a big shot.
Look at you, telling me to stop.
You should know your place.
You used to beg me to cast you.
To be honest, if it weren't for me,
you would never have been able
to meet your dad.
You went to see him
only because you wanted to impress me.
You found your dad, thanks to me!
Oh, my gosh. Are you okay?
Jung-hui, stop. Why are you doing this?
What are you doing, Jung-hui?
Hey, how dare you hit me?
I'm going to teach you a lesson.
Hey, where are you going?
What a jerk.
Don't pick up.
Why did you do that, Mr. An?
Don't you think
you should talk to Mr. Kang?
I'm sorry.
Jung-hui would never hit anyone
for no reason.
Of course. I know him well too.
But he still punched him,
and that means he committed assault.
I'm so sorry.
My gosh, don't be sorry.
There he is.
You should go back in.
I'll talk to Jung-hui in private.
Oh, okay. Bye.
Mr. Kang is here.
What happened?
Are you crazy? How can you hit a director?
Why didn't you answer your phone?
-What about you?
-I'm sorry, sir.
I told her not to answer. Don't scold her.
Get in my car.
Let's talk on our way there.
No, I don't want to go.
-You should go. I'm staying here.
-You jerk.
Aren't you aware of what you just did?
The director says he's going to sue you.
So hurry up and just get in my car.
You need to go and beg him
for his forgiveness.
Whatever. Just tell him to sue me.
I don't care.
Tell him to sue me right now.
Let's first go inside and talk.
Come on, let's go inside.
People are staring.
My gosh, come on.
You don't need to follow us.
I'll talk to you at work.
Are you really going to be like this?
You're not the one who got hit.
You're the one who hit the director.
Do you want to get kicked out
before the drama ends?
Do you think you can do anything
now that you've gained some popularity?
Whatever the case, you're the one at fault
because you're the one who hit him first.
There's no point in debating about this.
Go and beg him for forgiveness right now.
Let's go. I'll beg on my knees too.
Wait. Mr. Kang.
Why would you beg on your knees?
You don't need to apologize.
I'm not going to apologize to him.
You punk.
Do you want your career to end here?
Whatever, I don't care.
I don't need to act.
I have nothing to lose.
Jung-hui, don't say that.
-Let's go!
-I don't want to!
I'm sorry, Mr. Kang.
You should go back for today.
I'm sure Jung-hui doesn't mean
everything he says right now.
Please give him some time to think alone.
He'll change his mind once he calms down.
Please help him change his mind.
He needs to go and apologize.
If not, the director won't stay still.
Okay, I'm sorry.
You better think straight.
I'm sorry, Mr. Kang.
What happened?
Why are you being like this?
I know you'd never hit someone
without a reason.
No, I'm a guy who hits people
for no reason.
What gives you the right to say anything?
I guess you now think of yourself
as my real dad.
I'd prefer it
if you got angry at me instead.
Hit me if you want to hit anyone.
Why are you torturing yourself?
Is this what you call revenge?
You're the one who's suffering right now.
What do you know? You don't know anything.
This is all because of you.
I'm going crazy because of you!
Just report me to the police, Jung-hui.
Don't beat yourself up like this anymore.
If you can't report me,
I'll just turn myself in.
I told you not to do anything.
Why did you have to make things worse?
You could have just told me beforehand.
Why did you have to lie to me
and make things complicated?
Jeong-hwan, were you home?
You didn't text me or pick up my calls,
so I thought you were busy at work.
You're not mad, are you?
Don't take it the wrong way.
I only met Ji-sang for work.
What are you talking about?
It wasn't anything like that.
I'm not a narrow-minded guy.
Meeting your ex-boyfriend
for work is fine.
What's wrong with that?
It's just for work.
But what was it about?
Well, I had to ask him for some documents.
What kind of documents?
It had something to do with a trial.
A trial?
Wait, let me answer this first.
Why is she being so secretive?
-Hey, Ji-sang.
-I forgot to tell you.
Lee Yun-seok who died
had a criminal record.
I'll send you a photo.
All right. Thanks.
This is…
This is Dad.
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