My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e43 Episode Script

Episode 43

Are you up already?
Yes, did you sleep well?
Try this.
I toasted it in the oven,
so it's still warm.
It's a cheese sandwich.
This has bananas,
and this has chicken in it.
When did you make all these?
I made some quince tea
and fruit juice too.
This is quince tea,
and this is fruit juice.
Make sure you eat them with Jung-hui.
If you don't have enough time,
eat it in the car.
Okay. Mr. An will like it.
He likes both cheese and chicken.
Did things work out for Jung-hui?
Yes. Things worked out well.
The company went to apologize
and persuade the director,
and Mr. An also went
to apologize at night,
so it all worked out.
That's great. I was very worried.
And I'd like you to keep it a secret
from your dad and the others.
Please wait until I settle this problem
with your dad.
Never mind.
By the way, you don't look well, Dad.
Are you sick?
Get going before the traffic jam.
Have a good day today.
Yes. I'll see you later.
Good morning.
It wasn't easy to get up early, was it?
It'll take about an hour.
Sleep until we arrive.
-I'll wake you up when we get there.
this is quince tea.
I know the weather is hot,
but a warm drink is
better for your throat.
Thanks. Let's get going.
Stop the car for a second.
I'm going to grab some coffee.
-I'll go.
-No. It's fine. I need to wake up.
-What would you like?
-For me, too?
Then iced mocha…
with a lot of whipped cream.
Got it.
Thank you.
We'll get going now.
Let's go.
Dad packed your favorite sandwiches
for lunch.
I'm not hungry.
Still, eat some.
You'll be filming a lot in the morning.
This is blueberry juice.
While you're having these,
I'll go get the shooting schedule.
report me to the police, Jung-hui.
Don't beat yourself up like this anymore.
If you can't report me,
I'll just turn myself in.
Why aren't you eating?
I don't have an appetite.
I'm sorry, but I'll leave for work first.
Is everything fine?
Or is it because
I asked you about Ji-sang last night?
Is that why you don't even look at me
and look upset?
No, it's not.
I'm worried about a trial.
I'm in charge of a very difficult case.
I'm sorry,
but I can't think of anything else
right now.
I'll get going first.
Gosh. What kind of trial is it?
Hey. Are you on the way to work already?
I memorized everything you wrote
and declared
our marriage graduation to Gyu-taek.
Isn't that great?
You did?
I tried to memorize everything,
but I just couldn't memorize some parts,
so I made a cheating note.
He almost caught me,
so I ate it.
Do you know what he said after?
"Hye-yeong helped you, didn't she?"
Isn't that funny?
Good job.
I'll get going now.
Oh. Okay. Bye.
So picky.
She always does that
when I begin to think we got closer.
Is she playing hard to get?
Byun Hye-yeong.
What are you thinking right now?
Do you think that makes sense?
How can you imagine
something so absurd with just one picture?
Jung-hui, you're going too fast.
Look at Hye-rim's lips
and approach slowly.
Okay. Sorry.
Let's try one more time.
Scene 11. Take 2.
This is business.
Hye-rim. You raised your chin too high.
Keep your chin down, please.
Jung-hui. You're blocking Hye-rim's face.
Turn your face a bit.
I'm sorry. Yes.
Let's try one more time.
Scene 11. Take 3.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
One moment please. I'm very sorry.
Go to Incheon, get some fried chicken.
Why does this drama need
a kissing scene anyway?
This is Oh My Boss,
a drama about a father and son.
They can't start adding
these romantic scenes
just because his character is so popular.
If they must do a kissing scene,
shouldn't they do
just one in the end as a finale?
If they start kissing now,
it won't be any fun.
There won't be any tension.
Is this nothing to actors
because it's work?
How can he want to eat chicken
at this moment?
Why is it so quiet?
Aren't they finished?
Cut, okay. Great job.
-Great job.
-Let's move on.
To the next location.
Gosh, were they filming this scene
until now?
How many times did they kiss?
No, it wasn't like that.
You should eat.
What about you?
I'm not in the mood to eat.
But you can't skip a meal.
Come on, eat with me.
No, I really don't feel like eating now.
That took longer than I thought.
Were you nervous
since it was a romantic scene?
You couldn't seem to focus
during the rehearsal.
But shouldn't you film
the whole scene at once?
That way, it'll be easier for the crew.
I'm going to the restroom.
You're crazy, Mi-yeong.
You can't be so straightforward like that.
You're the one who said work is work.
if I told him that I like him,
shouldn't he let me know how he feels too?
Is this his way of saying that I am
not worthy of an answer?
He should tell me something.
I'm sorry
that I made you look so sad.
I can live on all kinds of cup noodles
for only so long.
Gosh, I'm hungry. I should just eat.
Goodness. It's not cooked yet.
How can she not care when I hurt my arm
and have been eating
instant noodles all the time?
Does she want to cut me off completely?
I wanted to graduate, not get divorced.
How many noodles has he eaten as a meal
and not even with kimchi?
If he keeps on eating junk food
at this rate,
maybe I'll end up
caring for a sick man later in my life.
No. He must suffer
to realize how precious his wife is.
Then he'll stop asking for a graduation.
My goodness.
Yes, hello.
Is that right?
Give me a moment. Let me write that down.
My gosh.
Excuse me.
Yes, you can continue. You're saying
that I can claim for damages
to the real estate office, right?
Yes, is that so?
Give me a moment. My goodness.
No, it's nothing. I'll call you back.
What's wrong?
-My goodness.
-What are you doing?
Cramp. I have a cramp on my neck.
-Take the phone out.
-You're unbelievable.
You're good now.
While you're here, can you help me
put on some pain relief patches?
Where are they?
In the drawer.
My goodness.
That looks like a really bad cramp.
It's completely stiff.
That hurts.
What if this happened
while you were alone?
It's not like Chico will help you do this
or call 911 for you.
Here you are.
You're all good.
Gosh, what is this smell?
My gosh…
When did you last wash your hair?
Your hair smells like Chico's poop.
How can I wash my hair
with a hand like this?
I tried washing it with my one hand
because I couldn't stand it either.
But now I suddenly have a cramp too.
Well, now that you already helped me,
could you help me wash my hair too?
Did you wash your face?
Not really.
I just put some water on my face.
Close your eyes.
-My eyes?
Okay, now. Lower your face.
Are you done?
What are you doing?
I thought you were done.
-I'm not finished yet.
Goodness, that feels great.
That's why you should make
a lot of bubbles
when you wash your face,
just like what I did.
That will make
your skin feel so soft like this.
And your tough hair became so soft
after using that hair conditioner.
Can you feel how soft your hair is?
My goodness.
How long must I teach you
every little thing?
That really felt great.
I really feel great now.
Anyway, thanks for your help today.
Thanks to you, I'm all refreshed.
Thank you.
Well, should I have played
a bit harder to get?
Was I too nice to him?
Maybe I shouldn't have used
the conditioner.
What is this?
Married Couple's School? What's this?
It's a school for married couples
to learn how to make a happy family.
It was originally for newlywed couples,
but now, it's for all generations.
Since we're on that topic,
why don't we divide up couples
by different generations
and try the marriage internship?
So we'll provide internships
for couples of various ages,
and let them decide
whether to continue this marriage or not?
A marriage internship makes sense
for newlywed couples,
but if older generation couples join,
it kind of becomes a marriage renewal.
Oh, my.
Great. Wait.
That's 1, 10, 100, 1,000,
10,000, 100,000, 1 million…
I got 1,191,344 won.
It's less than before,
but since this is my first paycheck,
I should still buy a gift.
-Do I get an employee discount?
How am I going to carry this home?
It's hard to get a cab.
Should I call Mom?
What are you doing here?
You didn't go to the hospital again?
It's bearable.
It's not my first gastric ulcer.
I'll be fine in a few days.
Go to the hospital.
It's worse than last time.
You can't even eat now.
I'm fine.
And no one's coming to buy the restaurant.
Let's eat dinner.
Jun-yeong and Yu-ju are back home.
Hurry up.
We should eat together,
otherwise you won't eat.
Hurry up now.
This must be where you live.
Thank you for driving me home.
I couldn't have carried them home
without you.
Put them down here please.
Dad. Mom.
This is my boyfriend.
Yes. Mother and Father. Nice to meet you.
I'm Ra-yeong's boyfriend, Park Cheol-su.
Oh, really?
We were about to eat.
Would you like to join us?
Yes. Thank you.
Let's eat.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Thank you.
If I knew you were coming,
I would've made something good.
I didn't prepare anything special.
Don't worry. I like everything.
Also, it's very delicious.
You're very tall and handsome.
I know, right? Ra-yeong was right.
I know, right?
Oh, I heard you're a soccer coach?
Yes, I am.
Are you a former player?
Yes, I am.
Do you like Ra-yeong?
Yes, I do.
Did you just leave the army?
Yes, I…
No, I didn't.
He seemed so disciplined.
You can relax.
Yes. Thank you.
How long did you play soccer?
I played until I got injured
when I was 26.
I used to be a forward.
Dad, you just told him to relax.
Yes, right.
He's just curious.
It's her first time
bringing her boyfriend.
Did you hear that? It's my first time.
Yes. Thank you.
Oh, right. Dad, Mom, Jun-yeong, and Yu-ju.
I got gifts for you.
I got my first paycheck today.
This is for Dad.
This is for Mom.
This is for Jun-yeong.
This is for Yu-ju.
You didn't have to buy one for everyone.
-You won't have any money left.
Stop it. She's treating everyone.
Thank you.
-Thank you, Ra-yeong.
-Thank you, Ra-yeong.
Right. Thank you, but…
Yes. Thank you.
-Well done today.
-Thank you.
Go in now.
What's going on today?
Why are there so many haters?
It happens sometimes.
What's this?
"An Jung-hui is totally not stylish.
I should be an actor instead.
Must be tough for his stylist."
What a jerk.
Jun-yeong. Let me handle this.
Jung-hui has great looks
and is perfectly in shape.
It can't be tough at all.
I heard he's getting many sponsors.
It's up.
Are you An Jung-hui?
-Did he write this himself?
-Darn it.
He has better things to do.
Why would he be doing this with you?
Not everyone can be a celebrity.
You shouldn't be so confident.
You all must be An Jung-hui's fan.
Oh man.
It's An Jung-hui.
Hey. Is An Jung-hui your friend?
Hi, Jung-hui. Have a seat.
-Hi, Jung-hui.
You got off early today.
What? What's going on?
He's Ra-yeong's boyfriend.
He's surprised
because we were writing comments
on an article about you,
then you suddenly showed up.
Have a seat.
He's so handsome.
I know, right? Isn't he handsome?
Come sit here, Jung-hui.
Come and sit, Jung-hui.
Mi-yeong must be home too.
Call Mi-yeong too, Ra-yeong.
Right. I should call her.
Mi-yeong. Come up to the roof.
My boyfriend is here.
Come have a seat.
Yes. Okay.
Stop looking at him, Cheol-su.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I've never seen a famous celebrity.
-Do you want to take a picture?
-Really? Yes, please.
I'm embarrassed now.
By the way, Ra-yeong.
Why didn't you tell me you live with him?
I wouldn't be so surprised if you told me.
I'm sure you're surprised.
We were so focused on writing comments,
then he actually showed up.
I knew it.
Are these
the comments you wrote?
Oh, wait. That's me.
Yes. How did you know?
It's so obvious.
The nicknames are "Kind Civil Servant",
"Sales Angel", and "My Joo".
She caught us.
What is this?
"You work for An Jung-hui, don't you?"
Really? Let me see.
-Get to work.
I'm not.
-No way.
Give me proof that we're paid trolls.
Mi-yeong, you just sounded like Hye-yeong.
"I like Jung-hui's six-pack abs the best."
When did you see them?
Well, you can tell
if you just look at him.
-Let's see yours.
My gosh.
-Come in.
This feels like a fan meeting
because you're all staring at me.
I'm taking a number two right now!
Hey, intern. Are you in line?
If you are in a hurry, you can use this.
Wow, you are really like me.
Let's grab a drink.
Stop. Stop with the beers.
Put them down right now.
Let's go to a hair salon
early in the morning.
And I'll treat you all to a full makeover.
You can be the prettiest wedding guests.
Okay, now. In one, two, three.
I want a son like him.
Come here, Seungwoo. You're my son.
Be quiet.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Jung-hui
-Happy birthday, Jung-hui.
-Happy birthday, Jung-hui.
Happy birthday,
Stop rushing me.
-Jung-hui, let's go.
-Jung-hui, let's go.
Okay, then. My two dependable brothers.
Jung-hui is here.
-Welcome home, boss.
-You're home.
-Hey, there's our celebrity.
-You're here.
What is this?
"He needs to get the grand prize.
I love you, Jung-hui."
By Ra-yeong Is Cheol-su's Girl.
Great job, Cheol-su.
This is embarrassing.
This is great.
Take it down.
No way.
-Come on.
I can't erase it.
Cheol-su, wake up.
My goodness.
Jun-yeong, where will you lie him down?
In the living room, I guess.
Ra-yeong, can you get some blankets?
I'll get it. Ra-yeong,
look after your boyfriend.
He might wake up
if he has some cold water.
-I have some blankets.
-Okay, Mom.
How much did he have to drink?
He barely had any.
Like three, four cans of beer.
It looks like he can't hold his drink.
He completely collapsed the last time
after two glasses of beer.
My goodness. He is a goner.
If you can't drink,
then don't drink so much.
My gosh.
We need to move him.
-My goodness.
-My gosh.
What do we do now?
My goodness.
I saw that you buy lunch boxes to eat.
I thought this would be better
than eating out.
I hope you like it.
Is there anything else
that I can do for you?
If anything, I'm a great cook.
Welcome. Was it hard to find?
Let's go up. Our family is waiting.
Are you coming home now?
You're home.
I wanted to ventilate your room.
Was it a hard day?
Does your stomach hurt a lot?
I made some honey-water. Have some.
I threw it far on purpose. I was upset.
It's not much.
Come to think about it,
Jun-yeong also loved it
when I gave him some pocket money.
Happy birthday.
You know,
drumsticks and crab shells are special.
You should eat too, Dad.
Can we
talk for a moment?
Okay. I'll change and be there.
See you at the store.
I'll be waiting.
-Did you say you'll turn yourself in?
Please let me do that.
If you turn yourself in,
what about your kids?
Jun-yeong, Hye-yeong,
Mi-yeong, and Ra-yeong…
don't know anything.
I thought Hye-yeong wanted to be a judge.
You should continue to live like this.
Live as Byun Han-soo,
under my dad's name.
It's not because I forgive you.
How can I forgive you so easily?
I think I will begin to forgive you.
Just let me finish.
I'm not sure how much I can forgive you.
I'm not sure
if I can forgive you completely,
without any hate or resentment at all.
I know you treated me with so much love
from the bottom of your heart.
So before I found out about this,
I was very happy in this house.
It may have been the first time
I found out what a family is like.
Mi-yeong, and Ra-yeong.
I was very happy
to have spent time with them too.
Toward the end,
I did get pretty angry,
but I am thankful for Ms. Na,
and I loved her too.
The one thing that made me the angriest
when I found out about this was
definitely the fact that you deceived me,
but also the fact
that I am without a family again.
I was angry
and sad about that.
I can't do that.
Your children didn't do anything.
I can't do that to the kids.
I really felt that way
when I saw them laughing and smiling.
I told myself
I shouldn't hurt them.
I lost my dad again,
but I can't let them
lose their dad.
This is
my punishment to you.
You'll now live your life
feeling guilty about me.
Be good to your kids.
I'm not your real son,
but your friend's son.
Tell them that later on,
when the time's right.
They should know.
We're home.
We won't go back there again.
What's wrong, Yu-ju? My goodness.
I'm so sorry.
Are you okay?
Did you mistake the table for a bed?
I think so.
I'm really sorry.
-That's fine. It's not a big deal.
It's better to mistake this for a bed
than end up in Ra-yeong's bed.
Was it really Yu-ju
who cooked this bean sprout soup?
Yes, I put my best efforts into it.
But I can't guarantee how it'll taste.
Why did you choose the day
Cheol-su came over to try cooking?
Ra-yeong, please.
Are you any good at cooking?
-Too bad.
You don't qualify
to be a son-in-law of this family.
I'll learn how to cook.
I'll start taking cooking classes
right away.
No, no.
What about Dad and Mr. An?
It's Mr. An's day off,
so, I think we should let him sleep in.
He has been shooting until late
for the past few days.
Sometimes you need sleep more than food.
What about Dad?
Mom, is Dad downstairs in the restaurant?
He isn't.
Just a moment.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
You fell from the table. Are you okay?
Did he go downstairs already?
Goodness, is something burning?
My goodness.
Oh no.
Oh dear.
What's wrong with you?
You should watch the pot
if you were bleaching rags.
If it hadn't been for me,
the whole house
could've gone up in flames.
I'm sorry.
What has gotten into you lately?
Is something wrong?
Why are you always so dazed or distracted?
What should I do, Mother?
What's going on? Talk to us.
I'm pregnant.
You're what? Pregnant?
What? How?
No, what I mean is…
That's not the shocking part.
I have twins.
Oh dear.
How did you end up with…
You got here early.
Is that a latte?
I prefer an Americano.
Why did you ask to see me first?
I lost the baby.
How come?
How's your condition?
I'm fine physically, but not emotionally.
Why didn't you watch out?
When I was in school,
I bullied a friend.
The mom who had left me when I was five
and never came to check on me.
Dad never cared
whether I ate or not.
My stepmom thought feeding me was a waste.
I hated everyone
and my situation,
so I took out my anger on a friend.
I was the worst.
Why are you telling me all this?
And yet, I was so confident.
I thought that I'd at least
make a better mom than you.
But I was wrong.
I'm just like you.
I don't care about others.
I'm selfish and mean.
That's why I think my baby left me.
She didn't want to have a mom like me.
Why are you saying things like that?
I feel bad now.
What's this?
You said you had no money.
I'd put aside some money
before my marriage
in case I'd need it for the baby.
This is really the last time.
I did more than enough for you.
I can't take it if you put it like that.
I don't need it anyway.
You married a great man,
unlike me.
Your husband's handsome
and can keep a secret.
What do you mean?
Did you see Jun-yeong?
Why? What did you say to him?
What's all the fuss about?
I met him
and asked him for some money.
I will pay him back.
Would I steal from my son-in-law?
Please, Mom.
Can you please stop?
I said I'll pay him back.
I don't want to get divorced like you.
But if you see Jun-yeong one more time,
I will leave him.
I can't put my burden on him.
How can you say that to your own mom?
What did I do?
Must I tell you myself?
I tried really hard
to understand your situation.
You were young
when you had me by accident.
It must've been hard.
That's why you abandoned me.
Please, can you
try to walk in my shoes for once?
I really will leave him
if you see my husband once more.
If that's what you want,
do what you want.
Is Mr. An still asleep?
He hasn't texted me.
No. Don't do it.
You showed your feelings
and regretted it yesterday.
If you do it again,
you'll regret it again.
This Byun Mi-yeong, Mr. An's manager.
A change in the schedule?
Okay, thank you. Bye.
I should tell him
of the change in schedule.
Your call cannot be…
Is he still asleep?
He can't still be.
Is he…
I hope he's not
rejecting my calls on purpose.
I'm really sorry.
If I have any meetings, push them back
and request a change in court dates.
Why, Ms. Byun?
Are you sick?
Yes, I'm not feeling well.
Can you do that for me?
This fax came in
while you were with the client.
I began
investigating this case
because of two questions.
When did Mom and Dad first meet?
Is Byun Jun-yeong Dad's son?
Mom said
she met Dad in 1980 when she was 21.
But according to official records,
Byun Han-soo
went to America when he was 15
and was there until 1982.
Mom also
first flew over in October 1982,
when she was 23.
They couldn't have met before then.
The second question.
Jun-yeong was born in January of 1983.
If he is really Dad's son,
Mom and Dad
had to have met before October of 1982.
At least in April of 1982.
But that also is impossible.
Dad was in America, Mom was in Korea.
During my investigation,
I came across a shocking photo.
It's a mugshot
for Lee Yun-seok, an ex-convict.
It's Dad as a young man.
When I compared it
to a photo of Dad and me
taken when I was one,
I became sure it was him.
Around the same time,
this man appears
in a high school yearbook.
Byun Han-soo
is not my Dad.
Is my Dad
Byun Han-soo
or Lee Yun-seok?
Am I
Byun Hye-yeong
or Lee Hye-yeong?
I'm home.
Is everyone out?
Is he out?
What's going on?
Did he move out?
Al's gone.
Did he really leave?
Your call cannot be connected.
Did he leave
because of me?
Your call cannot be…
The doors are closing.
This phone has been turned off.
Leave a message after the tone.
The phone has been turned off.
Leave a message…
When will you leave work? I'm leaving now.
Shall I come get you?
Sorry, Jeong-hwan.
Something came up.
See you at home.
Is it because of me?
Is that why you left home?
Don't you think
it's harsh to leave without a word?
What did I…
I never asked you to like me.
It's not that. It's not you.
I know I put you on the spot.
I didn't mean to tell you I liked you.
I wanted to keep it to myself
and get over it.
But I got caught like a fool.
I won't do it again.
I promise.
I won't get jealous again.
I'll get over it soon
and stop making you feel
uncomfortable or awkward.
I don't want you to avoid me.
I'm your manager at the moment
and this is work.
I want to wrap this up well.
I promise.
I'll get over it.
So please help me finish this week.
It's not that.
Byun Mi-yeong.
I like you too.
But give me
a little more time.
Why did you live with it for so long?
I feel like I lost the compass
that guides my life.
Not everyone who's accused falsely
lives like I do.
Mi-yeong. See you tomorrow.
Do I look weird?
Since when did he like me?
How nice would it have been
if you were always Lee Mi-yeong?
Do you know how much I love you all?
I'm so sorry I took so long, Han-soo.
I came to turn myself in.
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