My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e44 Episode Script

Episode 44

My goodness.
Are you cleaning the fridge?
It's late. Do it tomorrow.
Sorry, let me just finish up.
Did you clean the whole place?
Even the kitchen's clean.
Sit down. I have something to say.
Did Jung-hui
say something?
I'll turn myself in tomorrow.
left early this morning.
He told me to leave things as they are.
He'll forgive us for our kids' sake
because they don't deserve to lose us.
He told me to go on being Han-soo.
I felt so ashamed when I heard that.
I wanted to hide.
If only I could,
I wanted to disappear.
That's why
I can't go on like this any longer.
If I were to think of you and our kids,
I should keep living like this
just as Jung-hui suggested.
but I can't stand it any longer.
If I lived on like this
after doing that to Jung-hui,
I can't call myself human.
I'll tell our kids tomorrow,
then go to the police station.
I hope you understand.
I never imagined that…
Jung-hui would forgive us.
The day…
I saw the test result,
I did something that
I will regret and feel ashamed
about forever.
I went to him
and asked him to let it go
for the sake of our innocent children.
I begged him.
Why did you do that? You shouldn't have.
Why did you do that?
I was so scared.
At the time,
that was the only thought in my head.
Go ahead.
Do as you wish.
We shouldn't put it off any longer.
Why are you here out of the blue?
Hye-yeong, what are you doing here?
Where's Jeong-hwan?
I'm here alone.
I wanted to talk.
About what?
What do you want to talk about?
What's this?
Take a look.
How did you…
How did you find this?
I'm sorry.
I looked into it…
without your permission.
I saw the DNA test result in Mom's drawer,
and the way Mr. An treated Dad
had been weird too.
So I began to look into it.
But the more I searched,
the weirder it got.
Your entry history says
Mom and Dad couldn't have met before 1982,
but you did.
Jun-yeong couldn't have been born,
but he's here now.
The picture in LA High School's yearbook
doesn't look like you at all.
I recently found
that unbelievable picture.
How could
the criminal Lee Yun-seok
be Dad?
You're Byun Han-soo.
So I gave this a thought.
In October of 1982,
when there was an explosion in LA,
the person who died isn't Yun-seok
but Han-soo.
Yun-seok started living
with the identity of Han-soo.
Then everything began to make sense.
I don't know why,
but Dad started living
as Byun Han-soo since then.
Am I right?
I hoped you'd say no.
How could you…
Did you not want to live as a criminal?
Yes. That's right.
I'm sorry.
Sorry about what? What are you sorry for?
That you're not Han-soo, but Yun-seok?
Or that I'm not Byun Hye-yeong,
but Lee Hye-yeong?
-You should've told me.
You should've told me
when I said I'll be a lawyer.
When Mr. An
came to this house
thinking that you're his dad,
you should've told him.
Do you know how mean we were to him?
How could you hide something so terrible?
Mom and Dad I knew
were people who would
never hide such a thing.
Listen to me, Hye-yeong.
I'm sorry.
You should be sorry.
I wouldn't have been so proud
and full of myself.
I would've never pointed out
other people's faults
as if I'm so clean and innocent.
I would've never
dreamed of becoming a lawyer
or even…
becoming a judge.
Do you know what confuses me
and pains me the most?
Dad was
like a road sign in my life.
Mom was
like a role model of my life.
Seeing how you two always trying your best
and living honestly
had been my pride and joy!
That's why I lived my life diligently
with love and respect for you.
I feel like
I've lost the sign of my life.
You both seem so strange now.
I feel like you're gone.
I don't think
I can visit tomorrow.
I don't think I can come
next weekend either.
I don't think I'd want
to come here again
when Mom and Dad
I used to know are gone.
Please consider
what you'll do while I'm gone.
Now that I found out,
you can't continue to live like this.
I'll think about it too.
Did you wait for me?
Here, drink this. It's chrysanthemum tea.
It helps you relax.
Thank you.
It's nice and warm.
What happened?
What made you cry, Walnut?
After a while,
when I'm settled with it,
I'll tell you first.
But I'm not settled yet.
Sorry. Please give me more time.
Sure. I'll wait.
Just one question.
You're not sick, are you?
I'm not.
Okay then.
That's enough for me.
Let's get back to ourselves and go home.
I'm actually relieved now.
It's weird,
but I'm glad Hye-yeong got upset.
I was worried
about how I'm going to tell the children,
and if it'd be too harsh
for me to turn myself in.
That's what I've been
most scared and worried about.
But Hye-yeong found out first.
I think I can turn myself in at ease.
Why did you stop me from telling her?
If Hye-yeong finds out
why you had to make the choice you made…
There's no need for an excuse.
Not everyone lives like me
because they feel unfair.
There were thousands and millions of times
when I wished I could turn back the time.
If I could go back in time,
I wouldn't force you to live as Han-soo.
This might make you sad,
but if I could turn back the time,
I wouldn't have been with you.
I made you
suffer the most.
I was just an ex-convict,
but I dared to love you
and dreamed of having a family with you.
Let's go upstairs.
We need to sleep early
in order to make breakfast
for our kids tomorrow
and go to the police station.
I have a lot to do tomorrow.
I didn't get to sleep much yesterday.
I need to sleep well tonight.
Come on.
Get in. I'll take you home.
Do you want to go somewhere?
What do you mean?
Do you want to drink coffee
or go eat ice cream?
No, it's okay. You should sleep early.
You have an early day tomorrow.
By the way,
I sent you a text with the change
in the shooting schedule tomorrow.
Yes, I heard.
I'll take you home, then.
-Fasten your seat belt.
Thank you for driving me home.
I'll pick you up on time tomorrow.
Okay. Go on inside.
Bye, then.
I like you too.
I can't believe this.
Mr. An likes me.
My heart might burst at this rate.
This is driving me crazy.
Byun Mi-yeong.
How great would it have been
if you were Lee Mi-yeong
from the beginning?
It's okay. What's important is
that you never find out.
When did you get up?
Let me help you.
No, I'm almost done. This is the last one.
I also made some side dishes.
It's summer, so you shouldn't
take too long to eat them.
I'm coming with you today.
I'm an accomplice.
Don't do that. I'm doing this by myself.
I'm the one who made the decision,
and I'm the one
who lived as Byun Han-soo
for the past 35 years.
I also have a favor to ask of you.
I'm going to the police station
right after breakfast.
After I leave, please tell
Jun-yeong, Mi-yeong, and Ra-yeong
about what's going to happen.
I don't have enough courage
to tell the kids.
I know I'm making things harder for you,
but I want to go
when I've made up my mind.
You know how weak-hearted I am.
I don't think I'll be able to leave
after seeing the kids get shocked.
Don't be like this.
I'm really at peace now.
I want you
to feel the same way.
You suffered
a lot more than I did for many years.
Why are you staring?
I'm not.
What's better? This or this?
Shouldn't you at least pick out
two outfits in different colors?
And wear something thin. It's hot outside.
You're weird.
You rarely care about clothes.
What? You're wrong.
What are you talking about?
Something smells fishy.
Look at my dark circles.
Wait a minute.
Hey, can I have
Mr. An's shooting schedule?
Do I look weird?
I was just about to erase it.
I was just trying to hide my dark circles,
but this is how it ended up.
-You wanted Mr. An's schedule.
Would you like me to help you?
I'm just saying it won't look that bad
with a bit of a touch-up.
Isn't she pretty?
You look like a different person.
How pretty.
Really? It feels a bit awkward to me.
Isn't it too much?
No. You look really pretty.
You look beautiful.
I didn't know Mi-yeong was so pretty.
My gosh, Mi-yeong.
You were a hidden jackpot.
You should wear makeup from now on.
-Let's hurry up and eat.
-Thank you for the meal.
-Thank you for the meal.
It's bulgogi and octopus stew
for breakfast.
I made it because it's your favorite dish.
Eat up, everyone.
You should eat well in the summer.
Thanks to you, we always eat so well.
Is that right?
I don't think I've done much for you guys.
-How does everything taste?
-It's so good.
Everything is delicious.
Yes, it's really good.
You should eat. Why aren't you eating?
We're eating.
And Yu-ju.
You all know
that I love you guys a lot, right?
I love you a lot too, Dad.
We love you too, Dad.
I love you, Father.
Me too, Dad.
Try this too. It's delicious.
I should just accept it.
He must've had to muster up
a lot of courage.
I shouldn't stop him here.
I really shouldn't.
Do I look okay?
Let's go.
You're treating me like a king.
I'll see you soon.
Take good care of the children.
I'm sorry, honey.
I shouldn't have done…
what I did to you.
Don't say that.
Why do you keep saying such a thing?
It was my decision.
Like you said,
I shouldn't have fallen for you
37 years ago.
Had it been the case,
you wouldn't have had to make
this decision.
Don't say that, please.
No one ever treated me like a human
because I was an ex-convict.
You were the first person
who treated me well.
Back then, I wouldn't have been
able to survive
and continue breathing
if it weren't for you.
If you weren't there for me,
I'm not sure
if I could be alive like this now.
After my mother passed away,
I wanted to follow her,
but the one who stopped me
was you.
I'm really okay.
Please send me away with a smile.
Only then, I can leave in peace.
All right.
I'll have a talk with the children
about it.
I'm sorry
for doing this so late, Han-soo.
How can I help you, sir?
I'm here to turn myself in.
Mr. An, I'm at the parking lot.
It's too much, right?
You're wearing makeup.
Oh, Yu-ju did it for me this morning.
When I'm tired from lack of sleep,
I get terrible dark under-eye circles.
You guys have gotten a bit closer?
Oh, yes.
Yu-ju apologized to me a little while ago.
It was a heartfelt apology.
Frankly, I had been
holding a grudge against her.
But her apology melted everything away.
Everything I'm harboring inside now
would also melt away with time, right?
We'll leave now, then.
-All right, let's go.
Come in.
Well, sir.
Have you seen our website today?
No. Why? Is something going on?
She works part-time at the store
at our headquarter.
I'm jealous.
She's dating that rich guy now.
That brat.
It's all cooked now.
Here. Eat this, Ra-yeong.
It's good.
Why are you eating?
I was just kidding.
Go ahead. Eat up.
You almost hurt my feelings.
By the way,
has your family said anything about me?
How was my first impression?
-Ninety-nine points.
-Out of what?
Out of 100.
Well, my mom
took a point off saying
you're too handsome.
I'll visit them again and try for 100.
You don't have to come back
when my family made you stay
only to give you a rough time.
I wanted them to do that.
-To say hello.
I want to get married.
-With me?
-Of course.
You're the woman I like.
Who else would I marry?
Aren't we too young to get married?
My brother got married not long ago,
and my sister just got married too.
My other sister is still single.
I don't think age or order matters much.
Each evening I take you home,
I hate saying goodbye,
and I want to stay with you.
Just looking at you makes me so happy.
Can't we get married earlier?
It's not that we can't.
I never thought about it.
Then please start thinking about it.
I really want to marry you.
Eat up.
Thank you.
Hello, how can I help you? Gosh.
Is it lunchtime soon?
Just a moment.
Let me wrap up.
Thank you.
You can eat something more expensive.
You only chose black noodles
and sweet and sour pork?
Black bean noodles
is a working man's favorite menu.
You've completely assimilated.
It tastes better because you're buying.
Why? Is there something on my face?
You met my mom
and gave her money.
-I know you took out a loan.
Use that to pay it back.
You should've told me.
I met her back when you weren't well.
I thought that
if I didn't lend her the cash,
she'd go to you.
That would only stress you out.
I was going to tell you
after you'd fully recovered.
You saw the side of me
that I hoped you wouldn't.
I'd like to say it'll never happen again,
but I don't believe my own mom.
She might call you again
and say she needs more money.
If she does, please tell me.
I'll say no to her.
Would you be okay…
saying no to her?
I don't want to be dragged around anymore.
I'd like you to help me free myself.
I know you find it hard to understand.
You were raised
by a great mother and father,
so you'll have never seen a family
that hurts each other.
Do I sound evil?
Gosh, no. That's not what I was thinking.
I thought
it must be tough for you.
I was wondering what I should do
and what I could do
to make your life easier.
Okay, then.
Like you said, if she calls me,
I'll tell you right away.
Good. Promise you'll do that.
-Let's eat.
Open wide.
May I ask how long
you'll be away from work?
So I know how far to postpone
your court cases.
Right. Give me a week for now.
Thank you.
Your Dad…
went to the police station
to turn himself in.
To be honest,
before you came over last night,
we'd already made the decision.
I guess your dad was too ashamed.
He didn't let me speak.
Ever since Jung-hui found everything out,
your dad
hasn't slept well
even for a night.
Mr. An knows about this?
Say what you want about me,
could you try to understand your dad?
He never caused anyone to die.
He only reported it
and ended up becoming the suspect.
What do you mean?
Back when he was
a second-year in high school,
he saw a kid bullied on his way home.
He played judo, so didn't want
to get involved
right before an important match,
so he called the police.
When he got back after making the call,
he found the student down and bleeding.
He took the kid to a hospital,
but the kid didn't make it.
Your dad
ended up as a prime murder suspect.
No one…
No one believed his story.
There was a witness,
but he recanted his statement.
Your dad had no choice
but to go down for something he didn't do.
Shortly after,
his mother passed away.
Your dad lost the only life
he had ever known.
I gave him the idea.
After the explosion,
when officials confused him with Han-soo,
I was already pregnant with your brother.
I was so afraid.
My unborn child
could end up being branded the child
of a murderer.
I was afraid our child would suffer.
And so
I begged your dad to live as Byun Han-soo.
I asked him to do so
for our unborn child.
Everything was my fault.
Your dad
lived the life he did for me and his kids.
You can criticize me and resent me.
you can refuse to ever see me again.
can't you try to understand your dad?
Don't you feel sorry for him?
Everyone in the world can scorn him,
but is it too much to ask…
for his own kids
to at least try to understand him?
Why didn't you say so last night?
Why didn't you
tell me this until now?
Your daughter is a lawyer.
You should've told me earlier.
Why did you live
hurting yourself
and committing a crime
that you didn't have to commit?
I'm 43 this year, doctor.
Do you think
twins are possible at this age?
One kid is already too much for me.
Forget about how tough it'll be for me.
I'm worried
if my children will grow up healthy.
It could be risky
to be pregnant with twins,
but it's not something impossible.
It's just a lot of work.
Are you working by any chance?
Yes, I am.
It'll be difficult for you to work.
You have to be extra careful
because of your age.
But if you come and check regularly,
the twins will be safe.
Ask your family for help too.
Thirty-five million won.
And 250,000 won.
Three thousand
and 200 won.
Should I work as a chauffeur?
It costs 300 million won to raise a kid.
How did Yeong-sil raise four children?
What do you mean, how? With love.
Right. Think of Yeong-sil's family.
Money is not what's important.
Where have you been?
-Maternity clinic.
-Maternity clinic? Maternity…
Did you by any chance…
What are you thinking?
I asked the doctor
if it'll be safe to have twins
at this age.
She said it's dangerous,
but it'll be fine if I am careful.
We have no choice.
We tried so hard to have another child
ten years ago,
but we couldn't make it happen.
We just have to think they're being late.
Honey, I'll be good.
From now on,
I'll do all the household chores.
I'll open a store soon
and make a lot of money.
If that's not enough,
I'll work as a chauffeur too.
You'll get sick
doing all that work at your age.
It'll cost more to get treated.
I'll work out starting today.
Yes. Work out.
Wait. A cramp.
-Not even two.
-Move aside.
Mom. We decided
to keep them.
Sure. That's a good idea.
But it'll be a lot of work for you.
Looking at Yeong-sil's family
made me wish Min-ha had a sibling.
I'll just think positively.
A sibling? Having a sibling
is nice.
-Let's eat.
Eat. You should eat.
I'm home.
-Welcome home.
I want to eat too.
-Have a seat.
-I'll get you--
I'll get you food. Don't move so hastily.
It might be dangerous.
Mom. Are you okay?
She's not sick.
You get this
from a maternity clinic.
Mom. Dad.
Son. You're getting siblings.
Really? For real?
That's awesome.
-Are you happy?
I was so jealous of our cousins.
Thank you, Mom and Dad.
I'll be good now.
I'll change the baby's diapers,
teach the baby how to read and write,
and give pocket money too.
Right. You can raise one,
I will raise the other.
You don't need to worry.
One and the other?
Are they
Mom. Dad.
-Thank you.
-Oh, My.
Oh my gosh.
Let me see.
I need to talk to you.
Can we meet when you're off?
Is she busy?
Your father-in-law hurt his arm,
so I washed his hair and looked after him,
and he was so happy.
Do you think it's a good idea
to keep doing this?
She keeps ignoring me.
She told me not to call, so I texted her,
but she's ignoring my texts now.
"Respecting your parents
is the basic law of nature.
Do not befriend those
who do not respect their parents.
They've a made critical error in life.
By Socrates."
"There are 3,000 offenses
in five punishments,
but no offense is worse
than disobeying parents.
If you don't respect your parents,
you'll regret it after they pass away."
What's going on with her?
What's going on?
You should hold the door
for the person behind you.
I slammed my arm on the door.
-Did you?
-Let me see.
It's fine.
-It's nothing.
-Hi, Jeong-hwan.
Here, Dad. Mom.
-What is this?
Married Couple's School?
I applied for the classes.
You just need to be there.
Is this why you told us to come here?
I'm not doing this.
I don't need a couple's school
at this age.
You promised to check your relationship
for a month.
Then you should try this.
Also, this is worth
at least 100 million won…
There's nothing to lose.
But Jeong-hwan.
What is this for?
I don't want to study.
You need to study for your relationship
to learn how to converse
and understand each other.
If you don't want to study,
think of it as a chance
to learn about Dad.
You said it all the time.
"I can't tell what your dad is thinking."
It's time for class now. Let's go in.
Beloved wife and respected husband.
Let's go.
First off,
let's talk about each other's strengths.
Actually, let's start with the weaknesses.
-Ms. Oh Bok-nyeo?
My husband is
only nice to others and his dog.
He's supposed to be the nicest
to his wife.
-He always says,
"Go cook. Get me food.
I don't want to eat."
He only talks about food.
I thought my name changed to "Food".
I don't know when was the last time
we had a proper conversation.
All men are the same.
They only ask for food.
So we call them Mr. Three Meals.
I don't like
talking to my wife either.
Communication is one of the most
important factors in a relationship.
But it's impossible to communicate
if two people do not share
the same interests.
She's not interested in learning more
about our society
or what's going on around the world.
She's only interested in watching dramas
and gossiping about celebrities.
How am I supposed to talk
to someone like that?
You have a point.
What's wrong with watching dramas
and gossiping about celebrities?
They are also stories
about what's going on around us.
You should have a limit to that.
But that's all you're interested in
throughout the whole year.
That's all there is to see.
-What do you mean?
-Okay, hold on.
Calm down.
This time, let's change the atmosphere
and talk about each other's good points.
Open this.
You had a lot of bad things to say
about each other.
But you've suddenly become silent.
That's how most couples are like.
You might be embarrassed
to compliment each other.
Then I'll try to find something first.
I'll start with Mr. Cha Gyu-taek.
You're an eloquent speaker,
and you're very handsome.
Some people might even mistake you
for an artist.
I'm so flattered.
I do know a lot about art,
and I love reading poems.
Without reading poems,
you cannot talk about life.
Without reading poems,
you cannot observe
what goes on around you.
That's right.
Then let's talk
about your wife's good points.
First, she's very pretty.
She has taken great care of herself,
so that must be why
she has a great figure.
She also has a great sense of fashion.
Her outfit is very pretty.
You're really pretty.
When you first came in,
I thought you were a celebrity.
How are you so slim?
-Your outfit is also very pretty.
-Thank you.
To be honest, it's not very expensive.
I'll tell you where I bought it
when we finish.
You don't seem to know too much
about each other's strengths.
So your homework for the next class is
finding each other's strengths.
You'll find one for each day,
so you need to find
seven strengths about your spouse
until next class.
-How many?
Thank you.
I'm sorry. You must be busy.
It's okay. I have time for a cup of tea.
Why did you ask to see me?
Is it about your dad?
No, I called because of Hye-yeong.
Have you heard anything from her recently?
No, she hasn't told me
anything particular.
Why? Did something happen to her?
Yes, I'm sure
she's going through something.
But I'm worried
because she won't say anything.
She didn't tell me,
but she could've told you something.
She didn't say anything to me either.
I wonder what's going on.
I'm getting worried too.
Then if Hye-yeong asks you to meet,
please make sure you meet her
and buy her good food.
You should go get a massage with her too.
I'll pay for everything.
I wish my husband would be
half as nice as you are.
It's nothing.
What's the most memorable incident
-that happened to you while acting?
-A memorable incident?
Can you guys come home early tonight?
I have something to tell you all.
Does anyone know
why Mom's calling us home?
Don't you know either?
I have a bad feeling about this.
It's like when Jung-hui came to our house.
Do you feel that way too? I do too.
Mom and Dad didn't look
very happy recently.
Mom won't surprise us
with a secret daughter, will she?
No way.
But I'm worried too.
I guess we'll find out later.
See you guys at home.
I wonder what's going on.
Could it have something to do
with Mr. An and Dad?
No, don't get off.
I can get off on my own.
-It's okay. You must be tired.
You're the one who must be tired.
All I did was just wait for you.
Are you going back to the office?
No, I'm going to go home right away.
Actually, Mom told everyone
to come home early today.
So we're all kind of nervous right now.
You should go in and take some rest.
Okay, bye.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Okay. See you tomorrow.
I'm home.
Mi-yeong's here.
Mom, I noticed
that the restaurant was closed.
-Did Dad go somewhere?
He went somewhere.
Now that Mi-yeong's here,
please tell us what's going on.
I have a story to tell you guys.
There was a man I loved,
but he was an ex-convict.
He was very diligent,
and he cared for his mother very much.
Although I knew he was an ex-convict,
I couldn't give up on him
because I knew how kind he was.
He couldn't treat his mother properly
because of his criminal record.
He couldn't even stay by her side
when she died.
It was hard to watch him suffer.
He lost everything
because of everyone's prejudice
against him.
one day, he got a call
from a friend in the U.S.
He suggested
they start a business together.
I had no other choice
than to send him to the U.S.
He had no hope here.
a few days after he met his friend,
he got into a big accident.
One of them died,
and one of them lived.
due to an administrative mistake,
the person who lived was recorded as dead,
and the person who died
was recorded as alive.
The person who died…
was Byun Han-soo.
The person who lived…
was Lee Yun-seok.
Mom, what do you mean?
Why is Dad's name popping up
all of a sudden?
Your dad…
isn't Byun Han-soo.
He's Lee Yun-seok.
He borrowed
Byun Han-soo's identity after he died
and lived with it for 35 years.
And Jung-hui is…
Byun Han-soo's…
So are you saying that you've been living
as the deceased Byun Han-soo since 1982?
That's correct.
I've been using my friend's identity.
brings you here?
Hello, Officer.
I'm Mr. Byun Han-soo's attorney,
Byun Hye-yeong.
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