My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e45 Episode Script

Episode 45

What brings you here?
Hello, officer.
I'm Mr. Byun Han-soo's attorney,
Byun Hye-yeong.
This is my business card.
From now on, regarding the case,
Excuse me.
Please give me a moment to talk to her.
How did you know?
Mom told me.
I'm a lawyer.
You should've told me.
It's fine.
I'll face the investigation alone.
I don't need a lawyer.
I haven't done anything good
to deserve a lawyer.
Especially, I can't have
my own daughter defend me.
I'll say no.
I'll tell them the truth.
I'll get punished for what I did.
That's what I'm here for.
That will make me feel better.
Okay. Let's talk about it later.
Okay. I'll talk to you later.
I'm sorry. Please continue.
Dad is a criminal who killed a man,
and he lived
as someone else for 35 years to hide it?
Like I said before,
he was falsely charged.
Your dad…
Your dad didn't kill anyone.
He used his friend's identity,
and his friend is Mr. An's father?
Are you saying Dad pretended
he was Mr. An's Dad
so that he could hide it?
Does Mr. An know this?
He does.
You knew this all along, Mom?
I knew it too.
You're lying. It doesn't make sense.
Say that you're lying.
How can this be true?
How could Dad do this to us?
Where is Dad right now?
At the police station.
He went to turn himself in.
The number you have dialed does not…
What's going on?
There's no text. She's not answering.
Hey, Hye-yeong.
Sorry for calling you so late.
I was worried. Where are you?
I'm at Mom's house.
Jeong-hwan, I'm sorry,
but I'll have to sleep here tonight.
Something came up here.
What's wrong? You're making me worried.
I'm sorry, Jeong-hwan.
I'll tell you tomorrow.
I'll go home tomorrow.
Okay, then. Sleep well tonight.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Okay. Bye.
It sounded like something bad.
What's going on?
She doesn't want to talk about it.
I guess Mi-yeong went to work early
in the morning.
Let's eat.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'll leave for work now.
Eat, Yu-ju.
You should eat before going to work.
Don't mind him, Mom and Dad.
Let's have a talk after breakfast.
Please understand Jun-yeong and others.
It will take time for them to accept this.
Yes. Sure.
What do you want to talk about?
I want to tell you what will happen
from now on.
I was going to ask you.
Is it okay for me to stay home?
They said I can go.
Me too.
I thought he'd be imprisoned
as soon as he turned himself in.
That's a custody investigation.
Dad's under non-custody investigation.
He turned himself in,
and there's no risk of him running away.
What will happen now is that
there'll be a detective in charge
of your case.
Once that happens,
you'll receive a notice of appearance
When the police finish
the initial investigation,
the case will be sent
to the prosecutor's office.
After that,
the prosecutors might indict you.
When you're indicted, you'll have a trial.
You'll need a lawyer for a trial.
I'll defend you then.
I told you yesterday, but…
I know you don't want to defend yourself,
but that's the procedure.
I'll just be sitting next to you.
Don't worry.
Also, I'll stay here for a few days.
It'd be better if I stay here.
Can you do that?
I'd appreciate it.
But what about Jeong-hwan?
I'll have to ask him to understand me.
I'll go to work now.
Is there anything you want
or anything you want to say?
No. You should go to work.
-By the way,
thank you.
You don't need to mention it.
Bye now.
Are you okay?
I'm just worried about you and the kids.
I wish they would rather get mad at us.
Watching them staying quiet
makes me even more worried.
Me too.
I should clear up the store.
I'll go and clean up first.
Take your time.
Okay. I'll go after doing the dishes.
It's fine. I'll sit in the front.
It feels suffocating in the back.
Did you not sleep well?
I'm fine.
You look very tired.
I'll get going.
When is Tae-bu coming back?
It's my last day today.
His vacation is pretty short.
Hey, Mi-yeong.
Are you mad at me?
Then why won't you look at me?
Because I'm driving.
Drive, then.
Scene number 13-3.
Open the door!
She says she doesn't know you, Dad!
You knew, didn't you?
Did you know?
Don't think you really know everything
about your parents.
They might have kept a secret
that their children could never imagine.
What do you know to avoid me?
Do you hate me
like the other family members?
Is that why you're avoiding me?
You don't know anything.
You don't know why I'm acting this way.
So why are you avoiding me?
We're not related.
Your dad
isn't my dad.
I like you too.
But give me
a little more time.
Here is the document you requested.
Have you seen the intranet bulletin board?
Oh, that?
I did.
You did? Are you saying you saw it?
That hurts.
That is no way to behave at work.
What will you do now?
What can I do?
It was only a matter of time.
What? What are you talking about?
I want to marry Ra-yeong.
Tell Ms. Byun
to come to my room immediately.
Yes, sir.
Didn't you say you weren't going
to get married?
What? I did.
-I still feel the same way about marriage.
why did you let Cheol-su meet
your parents?
Oh, that's not the case.
He ran into them as he was helping me.
It wasn't a formal occasion.
I think I got this across many times
in many ways.
I'm not sure if you didn't understand, or
if you're pretending to not understand me.
I thought you would learn your place
and break up with him
if I gave you some time.
I guess I was mistaken.
Cheol-su just said he wants to marry you.
Learn my place?
Yes, learn your place.
This is the furthest place
you'll get in your life.
You're not outstanding
in your academics or work.
You've only been a contract worker
or a part-timer.
Usually, if someone is awful
on their resume,
they need to be from a good family.
I don't know.
It doesn't look like that's the case.
What do your parents do?
My parents have
nothing to do with this.
You can just tell me off.
End things with Cheol-su.
Stop leading on someone
who's not in your league.
You should both go separate ways now.
Break up with him as soon as you can,
and quit your part-time job too.
Do you understand?
I will believe that you do.
Go, now.
There's no way I can argue
about my parents.
Do you want to grab dinner tonight?
I'll see you at the park after work.
You're not surprised.
Are you sick?
You don't look so well.
Let's break up.
I said, let's break up.
Come on, what is it?
Did my dad say something?
Or did I do something wrong?
Then why do you say this all of a sudden?
I don't want to date you anymore.
Why not?
You want to get married.
But I don't.
I just wanted you to think about it.
Okay, then.
I will never bring that up again.
You can't take back what you already said.
You can say that now,
but over time, we'll argue again.
No, it won't happen.
I always keep my words.
I won't bring it up again
until you are ready.
Other than that,
I also really hated the missions
that your dad gave me.
He sent me on a trip and set a sales goal.
He does that to me because I'm dating you.
I'll talk to him about it.
That won't ever happen again.
There's no need to do that.
Don't fight your dad over me.
We'll be strangers once we break up.
It's better to date someone
in your league.
The couple's education level
or occupation level should be similar.
If not,
their family background should be.
So what?
What are you trying to say?
I told you. Let's break up.
I guess you're clueless
since it's your first time.
This is how people break up.
I hope you'll date someone
in your league next time.
Thank you for everything.
Goodbye, then.
Do you mean it?
Do you really want to break up with me?
Okay, then.
You have done well
until today.
Things were hard in the beginning,
but I'm mostly thankful.
Thanks to this shop,
we supported Hye-yeong and Jun-yeong
through their school.
Mother will be worried
when she sees this out of business sign.
We should tell her and Yeong-sik's family.
I'll put this on.
Everyone, curve your waist
as you breathe out.
Look at your belly button.
What was that? My gosh.
It stinks.
I can't control it because I'm pregnant.
It doesn't smell when there's a sound.
-Does it smell?
-Stop talking nonsense.
It stinks so much. It stinks.
Focus, everyone. One more time.
As you breathe in… My gosh.
-Why does it still stink?
Stop it.
-Stop it now.
All that smell is from your kids.
It must stink more because they're twins.
It stinks so bad.
Look at you.
-My gosh.
-Oh, my waist.
Hi, Yeong-sil.
-Hello, Yeong-sil.
What? What is all this?
The whole family is exercising
for the big upcoming event.
Big event? What big event?
Actually, Yeong-sil…
Yeong-sil. Min-ha is getting sisters.
It will be twins.
What? Really?
Congratulations, Bo-mi.
You're getting twins?
I know.
I couldn't get pregnant
when I tried so hard.
That's why I'm exercising right now.
I should be healthy
to raise twins inside me.
Yes. You're right.
Congratulations, Yeong-sik.
Congratulations, Mom.
You must be very happy, Min-ha.
I'm so happy.
CASE NUMBER: 74-03162
Lim Jong-hwa?
The witness's name is Lim Jong-hwa?
That name sounds familiar.
That's Lim Jong-hwa.
They must know each other.
Hye-yeong. You're home early.
What happened?
I was so worried about you last night.
Why is that out here?
I'll explain.
I knew you were worried
and annoyed,
but I couldn't tell you.
I was shocked too
that I needed time to think about it.
Please don't interrupt and just listen
to what I'm about to tell you.
Sure. I will do that.
It's about Dad.
So, the Dad you know
is not Byun Han-soo, but Lee Yun-seok.
I might become Lee Hye-yeong
instead of Byun Hye-yeong.
Are you
No. I'm not okay.
So, I don't want
to tell you to deal with this.
If you want,
I'll end our marriage internship
Our marriage internship is only valid
to Cha Jeong-hwan and Byun Hye-yeong.
But I don't know who I am right now.
I'll let you decide.
I know how shocked you are right now,
but how could you say such nonsense?
Don't say it right now.
Take some time
and tell me later.
It wasn't intentional,
but you got into a fraudulent marriage.
Your parents will be very shocked
to hear all this.
Whatever decision you make,
I'll understand.
Also, I'll stay at Mom's place
for a while.
Everyone is panicking.
I should stay with them.
I'll tell Mother
I'm going on a business trip.
I'm sorry.
Sure. Do that.
I'll think about it
just like what you said.
Thank you.
You even brought luggage?
I told you this morning.
I'll stay here for a while.
Mom. I have a question to ask.
I looked up Dad's case.
There was a witness.
He was going to testify,
but withdrew after.
Do you know anything about him?
It looks like he and Dad know each other.
Right. They used to exercise together.
At first, he said he'll testify,
but later, he said he didn't see anything.
The lawyer at the time
and your grandmother
went to his house and begged him,
but he didn't even blink.
Your grandmother went to his house
every day and begged him,
but he moved one day,
and they could never find him.
Why do you ask all of a sudden?
When I'm sure,
I'll explain to you later.
Good job today.
It's your last day today?
Thank you for everything.
Yes. You did a good job as well.
I'll go to the company tomorrow.
I'll see you tomorrow at the company.
Is everything fine with Mi-yeong?
She didn't smile or talk all day.
It can't be.
This is not true.
Dad would never do that.
You didn't do it, right, Dad?
Goodness, hey.
Why did you drink so much?
Come with me.
Let go of me.
How could I not drink?
Tell me.
Byun Ra-yeong, just go to your room.
Byun Ra-yeong?
Who's Byun Ra-yeong?
I'm not Byun Ra-yeong.
I'm Lee Ra-yeong now.
What? Am I wrong?
That's what Mom said yesterday.
Byun Ra-yeong, be quiet
-and go to your room.
Why are you suddenly acting
like a good boy?
Why are you a good girl all of a sudden?
Aren't you two angry?
Don't you feel betrayed?
Aren't you scared of Mom and Dad?
I'm really scared of them.
I can't even look at them
because I get scared
that they deceived us
for such a long time.
Ra-yeong, I think you are a bit drunk…
Let go of me.
I even broke up with my boyfriend.
I'm going to quit my job too.
Everyone thinks I'm Byun Ra-yeong.
How can I tell everyone
that I'm Lee Ra-yeong now?
"Oh, right."
"My dad forged his identity for 35 years.
So my last name turns out to be Lee,
not Byun."
You can all call me Lee Ra-yeong now."
I'm sorry.
I am
so sorry.
Things won't get better
just because you're sorry.
I'm really disappointed
by the both of you.
I won't even call you two
Mom and Dad anymore.
-Come with me.
-Let go.
I don't need any of you!
I'll have a talk with her too.
Stop crying.
Just stop.
You didn't do anything to deserve to cry.
You're a hypocrite.
How can you be okay as a lawyer?
He obviously committed a crime.
Dad was an ex-convict
who stole someone else's identity.
How can you look so calm
in this situation?
Stop it, Ra-yeong.
Do you really have to put it like that?
Am I wrong?
Dad is a criminal.
And he said he'll accept the punishment.
He'll pay for everything he has done.
He turned himself in
and turned my help down too.
He wants to pay for everything he did.
He's paying for what he did
to Jung-hui's dad.
What will he do for deceiving us?
For such a long time, he deceived me,
and Jun-yeong.
This can't be our dad.
Our dad can't do this to us.
How can Dad possibly fool us like this?
I really loved him.
I really trusted him.
How's Ra-yeong?
She's asleep.
Are you okay?
I'm not sure.
No, I'm not okay.
How did you sort yourself out so quickly?
It wasn't that quick for me either.
I had a go at Dad already.
No, I might have been worse than Ra-yeong.
If you're angry,
you can go and be angry at Dad.
That's much healthier
than staying silent like now.
Why on earth
did Dad and Mom do that?
How did they dare to do something so huge?
I have no idea what I should do.
I get all riled up,
but then I feel so bad
because he had been framed for the crime.
Then I get all riled up again.
Me too.
When I first learned about this,
I blamed and criticized
Mom and Dad for this.
Dad wouldn't even make an excuse,
so at first, I had no idea
that he was framed.
But still, not everyone
who is falsely charged
changes their identity.
When that fire incident broke out
in the States,
Mom was pregnant.
He became an ex-convict
for something he didn't do.
They were really scared their unborn child
will have to live with that fact.
That's why they decided to do this.
Is that kid
That's why
I hope you can
still understand them a little.
Why aren't you asleep?
Why are you out here?
Why aren't you asleep yet?
You have to get to work tomorrow.
Why did you decide to have me?
I heard all about
what happened at that time.
You wouldn't have lived
like this if you didn't have me.
It feels like
everything happened because of me.
You shouldn't have had me.
Then you would not be
going through something like this.
What are you talking about?
Why would you think that way?
That kind of a thing
never crossed my mind.
At that time,
I could only go on because of you.
Because you were born,
I found my hope in life,
as well as a reason
to keep living diligently.
I thought I lived to protect you,
but I was actually protecting myself.
There is no reason
to feel guilty or sorry.
I lived
thanks to you.
Dad, you're up already.
-What should I do?
Should I prepare bean sprouts to make
hangover soup for Ra-yeong?
She likes sea mustard soup with clams,
so I was going to make that.
That's great for a hangover too.
Are the clams in the fridge?
-Get lotus roots and mushrooms too.
-Okay, Dad.
Are you leaving already?
Have some breakfast.
Have some breakfast.
I'm not hungry.
Ra-yeong, get up and have some breakfast.
My dear baby sister.
Get up and eat.
Let me see your face.
I said no. Stop bothering me.
You drank too much last night.
You need to eat and soothe
your tummy, Ms. Drunkard.
Get ready.
Let's eat.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
If you aren't hungry,
at least drink the soup.
Soothe your hangover.
Dad cooked your favorite sea mustard soup.
"Identify one strength
of your spouse each day."
"Have a common hobby."
My spouse's strengths.
he is handsome.
he has a lot of hair.
he speaks eloquently.
Shall I do this with him?
My goodness.
Did you do your homework?
What homework?
Were you napping?
I was not.
I wasn't napping.
There's nothing wrong with that.
Anyone can take a nap.
I did not nap.
I'm not like you at all.
I don't fall asleep just anywhere.
My goodness.
Why are you laughing?
It's nothing.
We have homework to do.
Shall we start with complimenting
each other?
What homework are you talking about?
Homework from our couples' class.
Find seven strengths and share a hobby.
We don't have to do that.
Write down seven of your strengths for me.
I'll write down seven of mine for you.
What about the shared hobby, then?
There's something I want us to do,
so I made a reservation at 4 p.m.
Why didn't you ask me about that first?
I have plans.
I'm meeting some poet friends.
We still have to do our homework.
Oh dear, I forgot to feed Chico.
Chico, come and eat.
Jeong-hwan, it's Mom.
I'm so upset.
What good is the couples' course
when your dad won't even do
his homework with me?
He won't?
Okay, I'll talk to him.
Can you hang up?
Can't he just go along for once?
Dad, it's me.
Did you say you wouldn't do the homework?
Did she tell you that already?
You must be really bored
to be this interested in us.
Stay out of it.
We'll sort out our problems our way.
Mom might really want to know
where the 100,000,000 won went.
Wouldn't you mind?
How dare he.
Are you blackmailing your own dad?
The jerk.
Okay, I'll go. Don't worry.
I promise.
He wasn't like this before.
Is he taking after his wife?
How dare he threaten me?
Where are we going?
Get up.
You said you made a reservation.
Let's go.
-Do you mean that?
Wait here for just a bit.
Let me go and get my bag.
Come on.
What's the point of this?
What a waste of money.
Don't you ask me to take you here again.
You'll feel so good
after you get your nails done.
A lot of men
get their nails done these days.
Clean hands give a good first impression.
I see what you mean.
Men need to take care
of their appearance too.
Once we get our nails done,
we can go and do something you like.
What do you want to do?
You can't share my hobby.
You don't know anything about poems.
Why don't I know anything?
Aren't song lyrics poems too?
I wish to bury my face in your chest
And cry my heart out today
Our breakup was long overdue
When the time comes for us to cry…
That's enough.
I'm meeting the poets I met online.
You can do whatever you want.
I can join you then.
That's a hobby too.
You can't join my gathering.
It's a gathering of people
who write poems.
Who cares?
Why are you so determined
to make me stay away?
Are you seeing someone?
That's it.
These gatherings
are where most affairs start.
I can't believe how insensitive you are.
My goodness.
Tag along, then.
Find out for yourself
just how high-class we are.
It's not a gathering for just anyone.
Don't you dare open your mouth there.
One comment is enough
to show how little you know.
This is actually my first time as well.
The people leave
such amazing comments online.
Sometimes, even I'm out of my depth.
Everyone's so classy and well-educated.
Okay, I'll keep my mouth shut
and just smile.
Don't even smile.
Are you Yukmong, Cha Gyutaek?
Yes, I am.
I'm Yukmong.
What's your nickname?
I'm Poet Zorba.
So, you're Zorba.
Then is she
Oh Bok-nyeo?
Yes, well…
Yes, that would be me, Oh Bok-nyeo.
This is so strange.
You're the first middle-aged man to join.
In that case…
We're all students.
We study poems for
the college entrance exam.
So that's why you were all
-so analytical.
We have to be for the exams.
Then, are you taking the exam this year?
Didn't you say you must leave in a hurry?
What's the time?
Let's go.
I'm quite busy. It was nice to meet you.
Get up.
I'm glad we met.
-See you again.
I hope you study hard.
I will pay for the juices you ordered.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Goodness me.
Oh, dear me.
Stop laughing.
We're out in public.
You said they were so high-class.
You weren't wrong after all.
The kids were so polite.
Stop teasing me.
Oh, dear.
I have to go somewhere.
Go home by yourself.
What? Hey.
He's running off out of embarrassment.
Hang on, I need to take a photo of this.
Honey, are you off to take
the college entrance exam?
Are you home, honey?
What a mess.
It shows when I don't do any cleaning.
My goodness.
What's all this?
When was the last time he cleaned up?
What's this?
Why are there so many things on his desk?
Isn't this trash?
"Plaintiff, Cha Gyutaek."
"Defendant, Real Estate Agent"
What's this?
Did he lose the money he put down?
One hundred million won?
Come in.
What is it, Mi-yeong?
It's my resignation.
Your resignation?
You want to quit right away?
Yes. I'm really sorry.
You can't resign like this.
You did well.
We're likely to hire you full-time.
Sorry, sir.
Is there
a problem?
I don't know what it's about,
but why don't you
take a short break?
I'm sorry.
Please accept my resignation.
Thanks for everything.
-How are things at home?
-At home?
Fine, why?
The intern just resigned.
Today's her last day.
Don't you dare accept it.
Leave it on your desk, okay?
Why are you here?
I'm here to apologize.
We've been deceiving you
for a long time.
when I was here last time,
I said things to hurt you even more.
I was
very selfish and mean.
I want to
apologize sincerely.
I should have done it sooner.
I'm sorry I took so long.
My husband
turned himself in.
He did what? Turn himself in?
Did he really?
Do all your children know the truth?
Yes, they do.
I told them everything.
Why did you do that?
I told you not to.
I told you to let it go.
We couldn't do that any longer.
Your forgiveness made us feel worse.
We couldn't stand it.
It's just wrong and immoral.
I apologize
with all of my heart.
The number you have dialed is currently…
The number you have dialed…
It wasn't intentional,
but you got into a fraudulent marriage.
Your parents will be very shocked
to hear all this.
Whatever decision you make,
I'll understand.
Come in.
Lawyer Byun.
Have you ever
taken on a re-examination?
Why are you so late?
Let's talk somewhere.
You've found out.
So you resigned?
To run away?
What about me?
I'm sorry.
I'm really
Why should you apologize? Don't.
Why didn't you tell me?
You should've at least told me
not to like you.
I had no idea.
I went so far as to tell you I liked you.
I wanted to keep it from you.
I wanted to do everything
to keep you from finding out.
I'm sorry.
I don't have the right to even apologize.
I don't know
what else to say.
I really
didn't want you to know.
I wanted that more than I hated your dad.
This is the last thing
I want to hear you say.
I haven't completely forgiven your dad.
I liked him too much to do that.
I thought he was my real dad.
The reason I managed to stay sane was you.
I lost my dad again,
but I have you.
I fell for you first.
I thought I was crazy,
that something was wrong with me.
I wanted to die.
I was in confusion and pain every day.
Am I a pervert?
How can I like my own sister?
I even went to see a psychiatrist.
I wanted to confess my love.
I wanted to shout it out.
I like you too.
No, I like you more.
I liked you first.
I wanted to come to you
with a guilt-free conscience.
That's why I hesitated.
I wanted to get over the hatred I felt
to come to you.
Whether you're Byun Mi-yeong
or Lee Mi-yeong,
I don't care now.
To me, you are
just Mi-yeong.
I love you,
Cracker goes where Nut goes.
I'm preparing to have
my dad's case reopened.
Are you sure the witness lives here?
Cheol-su hasn't called.
Exes are worse than strangers.
Anyone can get conned
if they aren't careful.
There's no reason to feel so small.
I must hold back.
Can you come to me?
But I'll always be his daughter
no matter what.
I just want to smile
and make you smile all the time.
I can't face Mr. An or Dad anymore.
Answer your phone. Please.
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