My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e46 Episode Script

Episode 46

Go inside. See you tomorrow.
I'll call you.
Sweet dreams. I'll see you tomorrow.
Whether you're Byun Mi-yeong
or Lee Mi-yeong,
I don't care now. To me, you are
just Mi-yeong.
I love you,
Yu-ju, your phone keeps ringing.
It must be from work.
It's the office.
Why are they calling so early?
I'll be right back.
Did you submit a letter of resignation?
How did you know?
I just got a call from Mr. Kang.
He said he hasn't processed it yet
because Mr. An asked him to disregard it.
He wants you to take a few days off
and come back.
What does that mean?
-Did you quit?
-Yes, I did.
Did you have to do that?
I completely understand
why you're uncomfortable,
but you're not even his manager anymore.
Hye-yeong is right.
How about you just move
to a different department?
I'll have a talk with the higher-ups.
It's okay, Yu-ju.
You don't need to do that.
I've already submitted
my letter of resignation.
Whether they accept it or not,
I don't want to work there anymore.
-Don't be so stubborn…
-I said I don't want to!
Should I ask Mr. An
to find another agency?
How can we work in the same company?
Don't you think I should
at least have some shame?
Keep it down.
Mom and Dad will hear it.
Don't you know
that this will distress them?
They deserve it.
They did something so crazy.
They certainly deserve to be distressed.
-Are you worried about them?
I'm worried about Mr. An.
In situations like this,
shouldn't we be worried about the victim?
Do you have to talk like that?
Right, I fully understand
why you're furious,
but they're still our parents.
We're a family, you know.
If we criticize them like
everyone else is doing,
we'd be no different than strangers.
Can't you try to understand
why they had to do it?
If they weren't my parents,
I'd try to understand them
like what you're doing.
But they are my parents.
It's Dad who I trusted,
loved, and respected.
How could he do this to us?
Even though I try to understand him,
I can't.
Even if he had no choice
but to live as Mr. An's father,
he should've told Mr. An the truth
at least five months ago
when Mr. An first came here,
thinking Dad was his real dad.
If he didn't get caught,
he probably would've deceived us all.
You're right.
There's no room for his excuses.
I blamed Dad at first just like you did.
But when I found out
they made that decision for us,
I couldn't just blame them.
I never asked for it.
Stop it, Mi-yeong.
I can't face Dad and Mr. An anymore.
Dad reminds me of Mr. An.
When I think of
how much he must have suffered
and how much he must have hated us
after he found out,
I feel so sorry towards him that
I can't face him anymore.
I'm not going to see Dad
or Mr. An anymore.
Wait, Mi-yeong.
You forgot this.
I thought you might need it.
Why did you do that?
How could you lie to his face every day?
Saying sorry won't cut it.
I have something to ask you.
What is it?
Tell me.
I want to know what happened.
How you became a suspect
from a person who reported the crime,
and also about the witness Lim Jong-hwa
who refused to testify.
What for?
I've gone through the case record,
and a lot of things don't make sense.
The investigation was not very organized.
I thought I could clear your false charge.
You don't need to. Don't bother.
I don't want to think about what happened.
If we can prove that there was
a mistake in the investigation,
we can request a retrial.
I said don't bother.
I don't want to do it.
Don't you think it's unfair?
It is.
Of course, it's unfair.
I had to make a living,
so I tried not to think that it's unfair.
Without doing that, I couldn't live.
I just thought
I'm getting punished for borrowing
Han-soo's identity.
Just forget about it.
That's the way to help me.
Let's talk.
Have a seat.
Are you investigating Dad's case?
I was going to tell you when it's certain.
Even by looking at the case record,
I think Mom's right
about his false charge.
So, I'm planning to request a retrial.
But it's not going to be easy.
Even if I request a retrial,
they rarely accept a retrial request.
If they accept the retrial request,
it means they acknowledge an error
in the investigation.
I see.
But to request a retrial,
I need physical evidence
and a witness to reverse the decision.
Even if it's unfair,
there's no point
without physical evidence and witness.
Is there any possibility
of finding evidence or witness
for Dad's case?
Not yet. I don't know yet.
I'm still looking for it.
Anyway, let's keep it between us for now.
Yes. Sure. I get it.
Let me help you.
If you need any help, let me know
You got a reply
on the medical record request
-on Han Seo-jun.
-Thank you.
By the way,
can you look up Lim Jong-hwa's address?
-Thank you.
Is the detective who was in charge
back then still working?
I should go to Yangyang.
Are you detective Jung Hae-il who worked
in Yangyang in 1974?
I am Jung Hae-il.
Who are you?
I'm Byun Hye-yeong,
a lawyer from Haeon Law Firm.
Can I talk to you for a second?
What brought you here from Seoul?
When you worked
in Yangyang police station in 1974,
a student died in Geumsung High School.
Do you remember that?
In 1974…
That was a year
after I became a detective.
A student at the site was pegged
as a criminal and arrested.
He was charged with manslaughter
and sentenced to three years in prison.
His name is Lee Yun-seok.
He was a judo player.
He was also the person
who reported the crime,
but he was pegged as a culprit.
Oh, that case.
Do you remember?
I do.
I feel the lack…
Why do you ask about that case?
I'm investigating that case.
It'll be a great help if you could tell me
everything you remember.
I captured the student at the site
as a suspect
when I went there after the report.
It turns out
he reported it.
He kept arguing that he didn't kill him
and that he saw the criminals.
He said the three criminals were wearing
Geumsung High School uniforms
and said he can recognize them
when he sees their faces.
But the senior detectives ignored him.
To me,
it seemed strange.
He specifically said
there were three culprits.
He gave the details
on what they wore and their height.
So, I went to the school
to get the group picture.
I showed it to him too.
But when the senior detectives found out,
they got mad at me
and excluded me from the case.
I see.
Then the investigation was closed
and sent to the prosecution.
But I heard they found
a witness not that long after.
Just like what Yun-seok said,
he said he saw three students
who were wearing
Geumsung High School's uniform
beating up one student.
But that witness
suddenly changed the testimony
and said he didn't see anything.
In the end,
he didn't even show up in court.
You seem to remember things
very specifically.
You must've paid close attention
even after they cut you out of the case.
There were so many strange things
about that case.
So, I felt uneasy
as I saw how the case unfolded.
What exactly was strange?
They didn't let me show him
the suspects' photos.
Also, there was a rumor among
Geumsung High School students saying that
the culprit is someone else.
But no one investigated the case
any further.
The investigation wasn't done properly,
so it was weird
that they hurriedly wrapped it up.
The student who gave me
the suspects' photos
is managing a stationery store nearby.
Would you like to meet him
while you're here?
-Over here.
-There you are.
-How have you been?
-What brings you all the way here?
I came to eat lunch with you.
Sit down.
I'll buy lunch since you came here.
-Eat up.
How's work?
It's your probation period.
It must be hard.
I'm completely out of my mind these days.
I try to keep my eyes wide open like this
so that I don't make a mistake.
Did you hear about our dad?
You must've been surprised.
I'm sure you guys
were more surprised than I was.
How's Mother and Father?
Are they doing okay?
They try so hard not to show it.
They seem fine,
but I'm sure they're dying inside.
Hye-yeong's acting the same way.
I'm sure she was shocked
and had a hard time,
but she really doesn't show it.
Because of that, I've been meaning
to ask for your help.
I'm sorry, Dad.
Why are you sorry?
I'm the one who's sorry.
Dad, where's the red pepper paste?
The red pepper paste?
It'll be salty if you eat it like that.
Do you want mayonnaise instead?
Yes. It's really salty. Dad, I want water.
Dad, let's eat bibimbap.
Shall we? Let's add radish kimchi
and red pepper paste.
Okay. Let's add a lot of sesame oil too.
-Where's the sesame oil?
-It's in the cupboard.
Over there.
I found it.
"Out of business"?
What? What's going on?
Why did they close down the restaurant?
Mom, I'm over here.
What's going on?
Why did you close down the restaurant?
You saw that?
Why do you look so down?
Did something serious happen?
I'll tell you everything.
Don't be too shocked.
My gosh.
Seeing that this got burned like this,
I can see why
those two got accidentally switched.
My gosh, who in the world
would believe that this ever happened?
My goodness.
I'm sorry.
I'll tell Yeong-sik everything myself.
No, it's okay. I'll tell him.
It won't be easy for you to tell him.
let's keep this
a secret from Bo-mi for a while.
I'm sorry, Mom.
My gosh, come here.
You should've at least told me earlier.
How did you manage to endure this hardship
all by yourself until now?
My goodness, you must've suffered so much.
My gosh.
You must've been so anxious.
I can only imagine
how difficult it must've been.
You must've gone through
so much all by yourself.
You did more than enough.
Mom, I'm sorry.
No, it's okay. It's okay.
I'm sorry, Mom.
No, don't say that.
I'm sorry.
-No, it's okay.
-I'm sorry, Mom.
-I'm sorry, Mom.
-It's okay.
Go back inside. It's hot.
I'll go down to see Yeong-sik.
Okay. Bye.
My gosh.
My goodness, my poor daughter.
She could've…
She could've at least told me.
How did she go through
such a huge hardship?
She must've…
She must've suffered so much.
My goodness, my poor daughter.
My poor daughter.
Sit down.
Is Han-soo home? What about Yeong-sil?
This makes no sense at all.
How could he steal someone's identity?
Sit down!
Sit down and talk.
This is a marriage fraud.
How could he do such a thing?
Your sister already knew about it all,
so it's not a marriage fraud.
And he was only trying
to protect his children.
He could've done much worse.
Then he should've kept it
a secret forever.
Why is he trying to confess
everything now?
What about the kids?
Your sister
and your brother-in-law deserve
to live a comfortable life from now on.
They probably lived an uneasy life
until now
after doing what they did in the past.
Then why did they do that
in the first place?
I get that he was falsely accused,
but this is not right.
A person will feel upset
even after getting slapped for no reason.
But he had to serve time in prison
for something he didn't even do.
You can only imagine how he must've felt.
You won't ever get to know
if you haven't gone through what he did.
I feel sorry
for my daughter and my son-in-law.
I feel sad for them.
Others may point their fingers at them,
but I can't even express in words
how sorry I feel for them.
So, I don't want you to say anything
for a while.
Don't say anything.
What should I do?
They look so pretty.
Do you see anything?
Of course.
I should give them birth names.
What should I name them?
Since our last name is Na, what about
Na-bi and Na-bang?
Na-bi sounds good,
but one of them wouldn't like Na-bang.
You're right.
What are you into lately?
What? What is it? Tell me.
It's nothing.
These days, I find calculus hard,
and I'm enjoying it at the same time.
Isn't that what you learn in high school?
Mibun and jeokbun?
Yes. That's it.
What about Mibun and Jeokbun?
That sounds good.
Mibun and Jeokbun sound great,
so that they'll be smart like you.
I love it.
They can be smart,
and they can be the Cupids of love.
It's a secret.
Cheol-su hasn't called.
Whatever. I'll stop thinking about it.
This is the furthest place
you'll get in your life.
Usually, if someone is awful
on their resume,
they need to be from a good family.
I don't know.
My gosh.
It's not wrong for me to get upset.
If he wants to insult, insult me.
Don't insult my family.
Of course, Dad has done wrong.
Still, he shouldn't insult my family.
Aren't you going to eat?
I don't feel like eating.
What's wrong?
Did you have a fight with Ra-yeong?
We broke up.
With Ra-yeong? Why?
I got dumped.
She doesn't like talking
about getting married.
Dad is against it.
She told me to meet someone
from my league.
I asked her
if that's how she really feels.
She said yes, so I said fine.
She knows you well.
She didn't care about Dad.
What's gotten into her?
Are you really going to break up?
I don't know.
Is the chairman inside?
Well, no.
Actually, he's inside,
but you have to make an appointment.
Come in.
Good idea.
If you ever need a job…
What did you just call me?
I resigned and broke up with Cheol-su.
So, you're not Chairman or Father anymore.
I couldn't think of
anything else to call you,
so I just used a general term.
I'm sure you don't mind.
What are you…
You need to apologize.
Apologize for insulting my family.
It's okay for you to insult
my academic background or my job.
You're right. I'm not good at anything.
You should've stopped after saying
you don't like me for who I am.
Why did you insult my parents?
It's not right to insult one's family.
That's not what I meant.
You've probably seen many CEO's
making public apologies for being a bully.
Apologize now.
If you don't,
I'll tell the public about what you did
and the stingy things you said
to fire a part-time worker.
Contact me after writing up
an official apology.
What's wrong with her?
She's not asking for money.
An apology?
You could've changed it.
-It's the same.
He could still say hi.
My gosh.
I haven't worn these for a while.
My goodness.
I hate both Dad and Cheol-su.
I heard you quit today.
Stop by the store to get your stuff.
Why aren't you saying hi?
Do I have to? We broke up.
Even though we broke up,
we still know each other.
Exes are worse than strangers.
I have no reason to say hi.
Screw you all.
You don't even know why
I made that decision.
Hello. What are you looking for?
You went to Geumsung High School, right?
I'm Byun Hye-yeong from Seoul.
I'm a lawyer.
Oh, that incident?
Do you remember it?
Of course, I do.
A man died in this quiet countryside.
I heard there was a rumor
going around at the time.
They call it bullying these days,
don't they?
The dead student was bullied.
Three students bullied him.
Then one day,
all of them moved to another school.
So there was a rumor
that it was them who killed him.
-They transferred to another school?
One of them was very rich.
Some people say he went to the US.
Do you know the names of the students
who transferred?
All three transferred after the accident?
It sounds suspicious.
I'm home.
Hey, you're here.
Just in time for food. Come join us.
You're home early.
Yes, Hye-yeong.
Oh, there's a gift for you in the kitchen.
What? A gift?
Here come the eggs.
It's a delicious steamed egg dish.
It's so hot. Ra-yeong, move over.
No, the other way.
-This way?
-No, to the right.
Yes, you got it.
All right. Try this egg dish.
Spare me a second.
Well, okay.
I told him to come over.
How can newlyweds live separately?
-Sit down.
You guys can talk after dinner.
Sit and eat with us.
Jeong-hwan worked so hard
to make dinner for us.
Yes, you guys should talk after dinner.
You look tired too.
Sit down, Hye-yeong.
All right, everyone. Jun-yeong and I
made this together.
You haven't tasted it yet,
but once you taste it, you will…
Anyway, this is the beef stew with squid.
I hope you all enjoy it.
All right. Let's try
this mouthwatering stew together.
-Thanks for the food.
-Thanks for the food.
Gosh, that was such a good meal.
I should tidy up.
What happened?
What do you mean?
Cracker goes where Nut goes.
I gave Jun-yeong a heads-up
because I didn't want
your parents to be uncomfortable.
I didn't get permission from Jung-hui,
but it's only for a few days,
so he'll understand.
I didn't say it on a whim.
Think about it carefully.
Yes, I know.
But I've thought about it carefully.
It's true that I was stunned.
It's something
that I've never even imagined.
But no matter how stunned I am,
it wouldn't compare to your situation.
Judging from what Jun-yeong told me,
it sounds like you're pretending
to be okay
to take care of the family members.
But there's no way you'd actually be okay.
You probably didn't want
to show it to your family,
but you don't need to be like that
in front of me.
You can lean on me.
I want to be there for you,
and that's why I'm here.
It's okay to not be okay.
You don't have to be okay all the time.
There's something else I want to hear.
I love you.
I love you too.
Gosh, you.
It's this room.
You said it's 300,000 won, right?
I'll sign the lease.
Do you remember this restaurant?
Of course.
What do you want to eat?
You can actually say that line today.
"I'll get what I always order."
Shall I order today?
Eat up.
Thank you.
You should also eat.
All right.
Even that steak is not making you smile.
Do you want to hear something funny?
It's one of those corny jokes you like.
What is a "letter of apology" in English?
Isn't it funny?
All right. Then…
What's the longest food in the world?
Sesame oil.
Then what's the second-longest food
in the world?
Perilla oil.
Isn't it funny?
Mr. An.
By the way,
so many stars are visible in Seoul.
Am I wrong? Are they satellites?
-Mr. An.
-I don't hear any cicadas either.
They cause so much trouble for us
during our shoots.
Do you know this?
Cicadas live underground for seven years.
Then when they come out into the world,
they only live for seven days.
When I first heard that,
I pitied them so much.
But my thoughts on it have changed.
Even if you can only live for seven days,
if each day is meaningful, eventful,
and brilliant,
it wouldn't be so bad.
That's what I think now.
To me, it was like cicadas' seven days.
I'm talking about yesterday.
You confessed your feelings for me
which I couldn't even imagine.
I felt like my heart was going to explode.
I'm nothing special,
yet you care about me so much.
Had I been in your shoes,
I wouldn't even have wanted to see me.
It's very hard for me to face you.
I'm not strong enough
to overcome my guilt.
But at the same time, I can't see you
when I'm filled with guilt
because I'm not a shameless person.
When I see you,
I can't help but hate
and resent my dad more.
But I'll always be his daughter
no matter what.
When I'm with you,
I just want to smile,
and make you smile all the time.
But I don't know if I can be like that.
I'm sorry.
I can't accept your love.
I'm sorry.
I understand
what you mean.
can't you just put up with me?
I only just started to express
how I feel about you.
I'm really okay.
I know that the feelings he showed me
were honest and sincere.
I also know that
the choices he made were for you,
his children.
He even turned himself in.
I actually had almost forgiven him.
Thank you for everything.
I'm not giving up on you.
I'm letting you go for a while.
I know that we both need time.
I'll wait
until you feel better.
Don't take too long.
Even if you decide
to come back to me tomorrow,
there's nothing to be ashamed of.
Did you sleep well, Father?
Are you up already?
You should've slept in.
No, I slept really well.
Can I help you?
Are you cooking doenjang jjigae?
Then I'll get the tofu.
Thanks, Jeong-hwan.
I'm very sorry.
I'm too ashamed to face you.
I'm really okay with all this.
It would make no sense to say that
I understand how you feel,
but if you made that kind of decision,
I believe you had a good enough reason.
be strong, Father.
Where did it go?
I swear it was here.
Where is it?
Are you looking for something?
No, I'm not looking for anything.
We need to talk.
About what? I'm busy.
What a nuisance.
What do you want to talk about this time?
My goodness.
Try to be brief and get to the point.
Keep it as short as possible.
Is this what you were looking for?
Why was that there?
Why do you have it?
Did you read it?
Of course, I did.
Why did you enter
someone else's room and read things?
Did you
what it's about?
Do you think I can't even understand that?
You're the plaintiff suing an estate agent
for a loss of 100 million won.
That pretty much sums it all up.
The money's good as gone.
Even if you sue for compensation,
you won't get back much.
I'll give you your severance pay.
Use that to pay back the loan.
Will you do that?
We can't go on
paying the interest forever.
The price of the building
you put up as collateral will only go up,
so I refuse to sell it.
Okay. I'll do as you say.
Look at you. You mocked me and acted like
you knew better than me
and you went and got conned.
You're in quite a mess, aren't you?
I'm sorry.
Anyone can get conned
if they aren't careful.
There's no reason to feel so small.
You don't stand a chance against people
who are determined to scam you.
It's the scammer who's in the wrong,
not the victim.
Don't let it get to you.
I feel terrible that you lost
the severance pay
you got for working for over 30 years.
If you were to become timid,
I wouldn't be able to live with that.
Try to cheer up and eat something.
I cooked ox bone soup
to help heal your bones.
Go and wash your hands.
Okay. I will.
Is she serious?
I can't get used to this.
Is she acting like that out of shock?
"Okay. I will."?
How could you lose all that money?
And do you still feel like eating?
"Okay. I will."?
No. I must hold back.
Calm down.
What's this?
You knew about this, right?
Is that why you mentioned 100 million won
when you enrolled us
in the couples' class?
Mom, I…
How could you both deceive me?
Does your wife know about this as well?
Did your wife keep this from me too?
Try to calm down.
How can I calm down?
It's not a few cents.
It's 100,000,000 won!
You need to calm down.
You're out of breath.
I totally understand why you're upset.
I'm angry too.
He insisted on moving out, rented a place,
got a loan, and lost it.
That's just nonsensical.
But now that the money's gone,
let's look at the bright side.
Now, Dad's unable to move out,
and now that you know about it,
you now have the upper hand.
You are now on the higher ground.
Keep going.
You can use this to get what you want.
One, Dad's affection.
Two, making Dad give up on leaving you.
It's basically psychological warfare.
Dad must have expected you
to shout and scold him
when you found out about this.
But you can surprise him.
Say it's okay.
That things like that happen.
That he should get over it
instead of getting upset.
Try it.
I promise it'll have some effect.
What if he gets even more arrogant?
He won't.
Trust me. I promise you
it'll have an effect.
Let's eat, then.
Eat all you want.
You need to eat well
for your ligament to heal.
A weak body creates a weak mind.
You must eat and be well
at a time like this.
Don't just tell me to eat.
You must eat as well.
I'm really sorry.
There's no way
to justify this terrible mistake of mine.
Thanks so much.
I had no idea you cared so much for me.
I'll do as you said
and try to get over it soon.
Let's eat.
Gosh, this soup tastes amazing.
Your cooking is
and always has been the best.
This tastes just incredible.
It's not that.
So, you used Byun Han-soo's identity
to get a cell phone three years ago,
and open a bank account 30 years ago.
Yes. At the time, my salary
was wired to that account.
I didn't use it after I resigned.
Then there's my medical insurance.
I recently saw a doctor
and used the insurance.
Also, since I ran a restaurant,
I had a health card.
I used his identity card many times.
I used it to register my marriage
and my children's births.
Also, I used it to report my new address
when I moved.
Hang on. That guy is An Jung-hui's dad.
What's he here for?
So, you're here for trespassing
into actor Lee Yeong-jin's property,
Don't call it trespassing.
That's just unfair.
I took snaps in his garden
for just a minute.
I was out of there in 30 seconds.
Do you think this is a joke?
You were caught on camera.
What is that man here for?
He doesn't look like someone
who'd do wrong.
Let's focus on your case.
Driver's license?
I never drove a car.
I didn't use the passport either.
What are you looking at?
Hye-yeong, why do you look so serious?
I wasn't able to tell you
because I wasn't sure,
but I'm preparing to have
my dad's case reopened.
I see.
It's not easy to have
a criminal case reopened.
You're right. It's very hard and rare.
If you don't meet all the requirements,
you can't even apply.
And not all applications are accepted.
My dad has a little glimmer of hope.
The court records mention
a witness who was summoned
but never showed up.
If I can find this witness
and get a new statement,
that's enough to overturn
the existing conclusion.
It provides the grounds
for an application.
So, you're looking for the witness?
Lim Jong-hwa was the only witness
to the case.
My clerk gave me his address this morning.
That's it.
The car repair center.
Are you sure the witness lives there?
Not really.
I have to go and ask.
I'll be very honest.
I never felt
a sense of duty
towards my job at all.
This career was the only way
for someone like me to succeed,
so I passed the bar
and now I'm a lawyer.
That's why I'm not confident at all.
Do I have the right
and capability
to take on something like this?
this isn't a case for a nobody like me.
Shouldn't someone smarter and better
be in charge?
What if I ruin my dad's trial?
How you feel about your dad
gives you the right.
No other lawyer in this country
will take this case
as seriously as you do.
I'm afraid, but I'll do it.
I'll go and see if the witness is in.
See you later.
Raise the car and look underneath.
-You can't see anything in that position.
-Right, sir.
Hello. Are you Mr. Lim Jong-hwa?
I'm not. I'm Mr. Kim.
I see.
Do you think
I could meet Mr. Lim Jong-hwa?
Lim Jong-hwa?
I don't know that name.
This place was listed as his home address.
Then you must be talking
about the previous tenant.
I moved here a month ago.
Oh, is that so?
Do you have Mr. Lim's number?
Or could you tell me where he moved to?
How would I know that?
Oh, right.
I'm Byun Hye-yeong, a lawyer.
If you meet
someone who knows Mr. Lim
or come across his number,
can you please call me?
Hi, Yu-ju. Is something wrong?
Okay, hang up.
It's the third floor, right?
Mr. An, how about an interview?
-Mr. An.
-Mr. An.
Answer your phone, please.
There is no response…
-There's no one inside.
There's no one home.
It's empty.
That's him.
Byun Han-soo, you fraud!
Apologize to Jung-hui!
-Apologize right now!
-You jerk!
-Apologize to him!
-Say you're sorry.
How could you do such a thing?
-Hey! Apologize to him!
-Say you're sorry.
-What's wrong with you?
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