My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e47 Episode Script

Episode 47

Where could he be?
-He doesn't know. Did you find anything?
-They don't know either.
Does this mean no one around here knows?
I know that people
keep to themselves these days,
but how can no one know
who Lim Jong-hwa is?
He should've registered his residency
since he moved in a month ago.
Some people don't report
on their new addresses for months.
Someone is bound to know.
Let's stop by one more place.
Okay. Give me a moment.
Hey, Jun-yeong.
That's him.
Byun Han-soo, you fraud!
-Apologize to Jung-hui!
-You jerk!
-How could you do such a thing?
-Hey! Apologize to him!
-Say you're sorry.
-What's wrong with you?
-Apologize to him!
What are you all doing? You need to stop.
Mi-yeong, don't get into this.
You fraud.
How much did you take from Jung-hui?
Don't say that. He didn't do such a thing.
-Stay quiet.
-You deceived him.
You pretended to be his dad
when you weren't.
-Yes, you jerk.
-You're a fraud.
-Apologize to him.
-How can you do this?
-We need to report him.
-Apologize to him.
-You jerk.
-Apologize to him.
-Is he a joke to you?
Apologize properly.
Otherwise, we'll be back.
I am going to sue you. I mean it.
You should've avoided them.
Why did you let them do this?
It's fine.
I'll go get the dustpan and the brush.
I'll clean this up.
You should go upstairs and get changed.
What's going on?
Who did this?
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
What happened?
Is it because of this news article?
Yes, Mr. An's fans were here.
-I don't believe this.
Those jerks.
Dad, did you see their faces?
Mi-yeong, you did too, right?
There's no security camera,
but there has to be a dashcam.
Hye-yeong, don't do that.
I'm fine.
They obviously used violence against you.
You did commit a crime,
but there is no reason
for you to get assaulted
by those strangers.
I'm really okay.
I completely understand
how angry they were.
They're all Jung-hui's fans.
Of course, they are going to be furious.
Even if they were,
they have no right to do this to you.
Hey, honey.
You should get changed first.
Come and sit.
How did they find out?
It's the same reporter from before.
This time, he didn't mention any names,
so we can't sue him over what he wrote.
All he did was omit his name.
Anyone who's read the article from before
would know it's Dad.
It even mentioned our restaurant.
That's how those fans came.
This is making me furious.
Ra-yeong, close your social media account.
They won't go after our identities, right?
If that happens,
I'm not going to let it pass.
I'll take legal action.
Are you all right?
Why do you ask me?
I should be the one to ask you.
Why do you look so down?
Has this been happening?
It's weird to look happy
in a situation like this.
Don't lose heart.
We expected this
when you turned yourself in.
Of course.
I'm fine.
I'm just worried
it might harm our kids or Jung-hui.
Oh, and I received the indictment today.
The case was already passed over
to the prosecution.
They'll soon set a date for a trial,
and I'll have to stand trial.
Yes. I understand.
He must've called
as soon as he read the article.
Mr. An. Are you okay?
Hi, Mom. I was about to call you.
Did you see the articles?
Mom, that's not it.
I tried to call you before you read it.
Sorry, Mom. Let me explain from the start.
Let's eat.
-Thank you for the food.
-Thank you for the food.
Dad, Mom.
I think you should stay home today.
Yes, we'll do that. Don't worry.
If reporters try to interview you,
make sure you refuse them clearly,
and like I said before,
give them my name card.
Yes, we will do that.
I'll stay home in the morning,
and Ra-yeong will be home
in the afternoon.
You don't need to protect us.
You can go do your business.
Have you looked up new articles
this morning?
Are there a lot of bad articles
about Jung-hui?
When I read the articles,
they don't criticize him directly.
They're showing sympathy to Mr. An.
We'll keep our eyes on this,
but Jung-hui won't suffer much from this.
That's good. I'm relieved.
You don't look fine.
Let's go home at some other time.
It's fine.
The news is out already.
I should go explain.
If they find out about it some other way,
it'll be even more difficult to explain.
Dad and Mom
might say something mean.
I know.
I'm ready for it.
What does it mean when they say
someone's used a dead person's identity?
What are you talking about?
-Are you talking about a soap opera?
-Do you think that's all I watch?
It's on the news.
You read news articles?
-Of course.
-Let me see.
I knew it. It's about celebrities.
I've seen him before.
He came by at Jeong-hwan's wedding.
He's acting in a very popular drama.
I remember him now.
He was at Jeong-hwan's wedding.
He's very unfortunate.
How was he scammed by these jerks?
-Poor boy.
I can't believe
there can be such mean people.
They can't be humans.
How could they do such a thing?
Oh, I forgot.
It's the kids. They said they'll stop by.
Didn't they say
they'll go to Hye-yeong's house?
Right, but they said
they have something to say.
Gosh, it has been a while.
I was about to forget your face.
Hello, Father and Mother.
-Hi. Long time no see.
What made you stop by on your way to work?
Let's sit down first.
-Okay. Let's sit down.
Sure. Come here.
Dad, Mom. Take this first.
A calming drink?
Is it something serious?
Why do I need to take it?
-You're scaring me.
-Is it something about me?
If so, you don't need to do this.
-Mom knows everything already.
-It's not about that.
Take it.
You have a weak heart, Mom.
What is it about?
Is it worse than losing 100 million won?
You don't need to bring that up.
You should drink it first.
He said you should drink
since your heart is weak.
Now, tell us.
Mom just drank it.
Father and Mother. Did you happen to read
an article about An Jung-hui?
What? An Jung-hui?
Oh, that one.
The celebrity who got fooled
by his fake dad?
Yes. We just read about him.
We were just talking
about how sad he must be.
So why are you bringing that up?
The man in the article
is my dad.
What do you mean?
My dad stole
his friend's identity
for 35 years to hide his criminal record.
Oh, my.
I'm sorry.
Sorry, Dad and Mom.
She just learned about it too.
I'm sorry.
Oh, my.
Honey, are you okay? Honey.
-Are you okay?
-Get water.
-Get water now.
-Are you okay?
So… So you're saying
your dad lived as Mr. Byun
for 35 years
when he's not Mr. Byun?
He's actually Mr. Lee,
but he did that
to hide his criminal record?
Oh my goodness. Oh my.
What's the record about?
What is it about?
It's involuntary manslaughter.
What? Involuntary manslaughter?
What's that?
-Dad, but that's…
-Shut it!
Shut your mouth.
What is that?
Oh my goodness.
Involuntary manslaughter is
when someone dies due to the injury
one caused on the other.
My goodness.
He killed a man?
He's falsely charged, Mom.
Father never did it.
He only reported the incident,
but he was framed as the perpetrator.
This is a fraud.
This marriage is a fraud!
-Be quiet.
Why do you keep calling me now?
Oh, my. I can't believe this.
I'm sorry, Dad. I'm sorry, Mom.
-you just found out about it?
When did you find out?
When did you find out?
-A week ago.
-Why didn't you tell me?
If you found out a week ago,
you should've told us sooner.
And listen.
If it wasn't for the article,
you would've never told us.
-I was going to--
How can you put this off?
Why were you over at their house anyway?
Why would you go there in this situation?
I'm sorry.
My goodness.
My goodness. How can this be?
I've never even imagined
something like this.
How do you think it makes any sense
for someone to live
under someone else's identity?
And I can't believe the reason either.
I'm sorry, Father.
To be honest,
like you said,
if it wasn't for the article,
I could not have
gained the courage to tell both of you.
It is as serious as it sounds
and an embarrassing thing.
After all, my dad lived
under his friend's identity for 35 years.
He was falsely accused of the charges,
but legally speaking,
my dad is clearly an ex-convict.
When I first found out,
I really wished to die.
So I don't have
any intention to make any excuses to you.
Although I didn't intend for this,
I sincerely apologize
for making you go through
a fraudulent marriage.
If I had known before the wedding,
I would have told you about it.
I would not have gotten married.
So no matter what you decide on,
I will abide.
As a victim of a fraudulent marriage,
you may break off this marriage,
and you have the rights
to demand compensation.
Once again,
I apologize.
I know it's serious,
but was it necessary
to mention the compensation?
I'm sorry.
I didn't say that out of anger or pride.
But this is far too huge
to ask them to understand.
If I were in their shoes,
I wouldn't want a daughter-in-law
from a family like mine.
I understand your parents.
But I do wish
to make it clear that my dad is innocent.
I feel falsely accused for that part.
Even your parents wouldn't believe me.
-But Hye-yeong…
-I felt victimized for that part.
I finally began to understand my dad.
This is why…
This is why he had to live
under another name.
It's really hard
to deal with this tiny blame.
I'm sure my parents felt worse about this.
They must've gone through so much.
Do you believe Lawyer Byun?
Don't you think
she's absolutely shameless?
Do you know anything about her dad?
-Tell us.
What time is my meeting with the client?
What is it?
Lawyer Yoon asked me
to hand that case over to another lawyer.
It looked like
people were talking about me.
Is this because of that article?
I guess the news
got to the office already.
Hey, Lawyer Byun.
What? A resignation?
You handed my case over to another lawyer.
Isn't this what you meant?
Oh, that?
You looked distressed.
I thought a break could…
I was trying to decide
if I should quit and focus
on my dad's retrial anyway.
Thanks to you, I could make the decision.
Thank you for everything.
there really is no need to resign.
He must be home.
-Why won't he come out?
-Is he here?
How long has it been?
Are you sure An Jung-hui is home?
If he's home,
he's bound to come out someday.
Hasn't he come out?
-Are you sure he's home?
Did he ever come out?
It has been hours already.
Check and see if he's home.
Ms. Byun.
Mr. Kang.
Follow me.
You're very bold, aren't you?
How dare you come here?
Didn't you know
that reporters would be here?
Are you determined
to ruin Jung-hui for good?
I'm sorry.
You should know your limits.
A simple apology
won't resolve the situation.
How can he deceive him
with a fake dad?
If he had the last bit of conscience left,
he shouldn't have let him in his home
while living under his friend's identity.
How much did he want from Jung-hui
that he would make him
live under his roof?
I'm sorry.
Were you aware of everything?
Was this all planned?
No, that's…
How can any person do this?
Aren't you ashamed?
Is this something a normal person can do?
How did you face Jung-hui every day
doing this to him?
This is frightening.
Humans are truly frightening.
Don't ever show your face
to Jung-hui or me.
If your family or you
lurk around Jung-hui again,
I really won't let this pass.
I'll either ask for compensation
or sue you.
I will take any and all legal actions
I can to relieve my anger.
Do you understand?
Goodness, unbelievable.
My goodness.
I pushed back all of the shootings
and canceled
all the other scheduled events.
Okay, I understand. This is all great.
But I have to go out for a second.
You can't do that right now.
There are reporters everywhere outside.
We'll announce our take on this very soon.
So wait until then.
What's our take? What will you say?
Just as how it is.
You knew nothing and were victimized.
You looked for your dad, he said it's him,
so you had to believe him.
Can you please not do that?
You can't.
What will happen to that family?
What about that family? What about them?
They deceived you.
Why are you taking their side?
This isn't right. Don't do anything.
How can I do nothing?
There are tons of speculative articles,
and ill rumors are spreading everywhere.
People say
you bought their building for them
and lost a huge amount of money too.
-You're a huge pushover.
-Darn it.
Mr. Kang.
I get it.
You can release a statement like this.
This is my personal life.
I won't tolerate
any speculative articles on my privacy.
Mentally and physically,
I never suffered from any damage
in any way,
so I don't want them to be insulted
because of me.
If anyone distributes any untrue stories,
I'll sue them immediately.
-Hey, you…
-Don't miss or add anything.
Just write what I said.
If you don't,
I won't work with Gabi anymore.
We're done.
Tae-bu. Get me some water. I'm thirsty.
No. Do you want me to get fired?
There are so many reporters outside.
Fine. I'll stay. Go.
Yes, Intern. Is it true that you resigned?
You should've told me.
Yes. What's up?
I read the articles.
I was wondering if Mr. An is okay.
I was his manager for a while.
I was worried about him.
He's fine.
He's fine until now.
He'll be fine in the future.
This isn't the first time.
It'll calm down soon.
Who is it? Is it Mi-yeong?
Tell her not to worry about me.
If she's worried, she should call me.
Okay, Tae-bu.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Here, Min-ha.
What should I watch?
Pregnant people
should not watch TV so much.
TV sends out something bad.
-Electromagnetic waves.
-Yes, that one.
You should be careful about it.
Stop watching TV from today.
Also, stop using your cell phone
and the computer. Okay?
Right. Electromagnetic waves must be bad.
I should go take a walk since I'm bored.
No. No walking.
When you go outside, what was it?
Fine dust is not good for pregnant women.
He's right.
Okay. What should I do?
Nap. Take a nap, Mom.
Nothing is better than enough sleep
for you and the fetus.
Is that right? Then before I fall asleep,
I should read news articles.
When did you find this?
I hid this on purpose.
I told you not to use these. My gosh.
Are you afraid of me reading the articles
about Han-soo and Mr. An?
Have you read it already?
Honey. Did you read it already?
I read it last night.
My goodness.
I was surprised,
but I understand him.
I would do that for Min-ha too.
I'm worried about Min-ha more than myself.
Are you okay, Min-ha?
You're too young to understand this.
There are a lot of surprising
and sad things in the world.
But there are always reasons,
and everyone has their own story.
At times, I could understand
once I listened to their stories.
Listen to what he says.
He must grow up to be a philosopher.
Look at him.
Give me my jacket back.
I need that jacket tomorrow.
I need to get it back today.
He's coming for a jacket
in the middle of this?
Hasn't he read the articles yet?
Where are you?
Here. You said
you're here for this jacket.
Are you okay?
Did you read the articles?
I guess you really needed the jacket
if you came even after reading that.
I'm here because I'm worried.
Did you think
I was really here for the jacket?
Were you worried about me?
Why didn't you tell me?
How can I tell you
when I still haven't processed it myself.
Is this why you wanted to break up?
This doesn't change you, though.
What do you mean?
I could be Lee Ra-yeong now.
Your last name doesn't matter.
Do you like me because I'm Park Cheol-su?
I don't care whether
your last name is Byun or Lee.
If that was the reason,
I would have never agreed to break up.
your dad told me to break up with you.
I didn't care
when he did not like me for who I am.
But when he insulted my family,
I couldn't say anything.
Usually, I would have gotten upset at him
for insulting my parents,
but it was right after
I found out about this,
so I couldn't say a word.
I'm sorry.
After I left his office like that,
I asked you to break up.
That made me mad at my parents,
so I yelled at my dad
and said mean things.
You should have said them to me.
Are you really fine with
what's going on with my dad?
Then are you okay
that I'm Chairman Park's son?
Have this.
Lim of the car repair shop?
-He moved recently.
Do you happen to have his phone number?
I don't have it.
You mean the car repair shop, Mr. Lim,
-from across the street?
We met on the street, but I'm not sure.
Right. Thank you.
People said you've been here
for a long time.
I'm not sure.
Okay. Thank you.
My gosh. Keep up your spirit, Hye-yeong.
You even quit your work for this.
You have to take this to the end.
First of all, let's eat.
Ma'am. By any chance,
do you know Mr. Lim across the street?
Oh, Mr. Lim of the car repair shop?
I do, why?
I see.
I see!
I had my car repaired by him a month ago,
but it turns out that I left
an envelope in his office.
I only found out today.
And I got here to see that he moved.
I really need that envelope.
Do you know his address
or number by any chance?
Here, have this.
He didn't move very far.
He moved to the next neighborhood.
You'll find him in K Car Repair Shop.
Okay, thank you.
-And kimchi fried rice.
Are you Mr. Lim Jong-hwa?
Who are you?
There's no such person around here.
Aren't you Mr. Lim Jong-hwa?
I'm telling you, no.
There's no such person around here.
I heard this is the right place.
I guess I'm at the wrong place.
I'm sorry.
-Hey, try this one.
What are you doing in front of my mail?
Nothing, goodbye.
Some woman who claims to be a lawyer came
and asked me for your number.
It seemed like she was asking everyone.
This is the right place.
Wait, didn't he say, "Who are you?"
Most people would respond
with a yes or no.
They won't say, "Who are you?"
I think I found Lim Jong-hwa,
but he denies it.
Is there a way I can find out
what his name is?
What's going on here?
Hello, Mr. Byun Han-soo.
I'm Kim Geun-soo, a reporter.
Do you think I can check a few things?
I'm not doing any interviews.
It'll take only a moment.
I'm not doing it.
I'm calling my daughter
if you keep doing this.
My daughter is a lawyer.
That was one of the questions.
Rumors say she helped you
take on his identity.
I heard you turned yourself in
at the perfect timing
which she told you to.
I mean, she is a lawyer.
She probably knows the legal system.
I heard you turned yourself in
because the statute of limitation expired.
-Excuse me.
-And I heard
your third daughter was Mr. An's manager.
You asked Mr. An to give her a job, right?
You wanted her to keep her eyes on him.
And when he found out, she resigned.
This means your entire family
played a part in your identity fraud.
No. I'm telling you, no.
My children knew nothing.
I did everything by myself.
But that's what people are saying.
We can only speculate if you won't speak.
In that case,
are you willing to do
an official interview?
If I do this interview,
will you write the article as I tell you?
Of course.
It's an exclusive. I can do that much.
Hey, I stopped by to visit someone.
Hey, Yu-ju.
What brings you here?
Oh, me? What about you, then?
I came to visit a friend of mine.
Ms. Na Yeong-sil.
Please, come to office number two.
Are you feeling ill?
Oh, well. It's nothing huge.
It's a simple checkup.
You should go home. I'll go after this.
Ms. Na Yeong-sil. Are you here?
She's here. She'll be there soon.
Mother, I'll go with you.
Let's grab something to eat after.
This is the CT scan we took last time.
I saw a small lump,
so I recommended she gets an ultrasound.
how did the ultrasound go?
You have a tumor in your breast.
It's about three centimeters big.
It's not developed in a dangerous area,
but it looks like it can be malicious.
It's hard to discern
if it's benign or not.
There is a chance it may be malignant.
Can it be malignant?
That means…
We'll know for sure when we do a biopsy
after we have it removed.
Why don't we set up a date
for surgery now?
Can you not tell the family for a while?
But still, they have to know.
Just for a while.
you also know about the situation at home.
And above all,
I need some time to digest this.
I'm not ready yet.
When I'm ready to accept the reality,
I'll tell the family myself.
In that case,
promise me
you'll come to the hospital with me.
If you promise,
I'll do as you say.
I'll do that.
Then you can
help me out.
Yes, Mother.
Right. Also,
we don't know if it's cancerous or not.
A friend of mine went through this too,
but her biopsy result said it was benign.
I'm sure that'll be your case too.
I'm sure everything will be fine.
Of course, it should be.
Let's go.
Are you almost done?
Yes, sir.
Hello, sir, how are you doing?
Can I help you?
I'm with a group of people
who are trying to get
a subway line in our area.
Could you sign the petition?
The subway?
I never heard about that.
Not many people know about it yet.
We're trying to spread the word,
but it's hard.
We could use your help.
Sign it for the neighborhood.
Give me that.
Thank you.
I quite like your handwriting.
"He confessed to it all
in an exclusive interview.
Unlike the rumors,
he says he did everything on his own.
Not only did he deceive An,
but also his own wife and children.
He had assumed his new identity
35 years ago,
so it wasn't particularly hard
to deceive his…"
Help me out. I need to see him.
It might get worse.
There are reporters outside.
The second you leave, they'll follow you.
Everything you do will be printed.
That's why I need your help.
I just want to check if everyone's okay.
Dad, what happened?
Did you do this interview?
Why, Dad?
Why did you do it?
I told you this morning
not to talk to the reporters
and to just give them my card.
I think
the reporter threatened him.
That he'd say we were accomplices
unless Dad gave an interview.
That you helped Dad
assume his new identity
and told him to wait
until the statute had expired.
We can sue him
for spreading false information.
Did you fall for a trick like that?
Why did you give in?
You should've called us first.
There was no time for that.
I was scared he would write about you.
Do you know the internet's blowing up?
You've become the worst man in history.
That's okay.
I'm fine as long as
you're all safe and well.
It's true that I did it alone.
It's not okay.
Why do you always say you're sorry
and that it's okay.
Don't you care?
Why must you always endure everything?
Can't you tell us when you're hurting,
or when you don't want to do something,
and speak up when things are unfair?
Stop putting us first.
Stop putting others first
and focus on yourself.
Are you a fool?
Aren't you upset at all?
Do you know how you make us feel?
How you make Mom feel?
Do you know anything at all?
You lived like this for us
for over 35 years.
Why won't you let us do anything for you?
Why won't you let me defend you?
I'll reopen this case.
I'll do anything it takes
to find the witness
and clear your name.
You know she said that
because she was upset, right?
Of course, I do.
I want to apologize.
I spoke out of turn.
That was rude of me.
What do you mean?
I don't remember that at all.
I blamed you
because of Mr. An.
You weren't blaming me.
What you said was true.
I'm glad you said what you did.
Let's go upstairs.
Mom's cooking for us
and her brother's family.
I think that's his.
Who's that?
He must be coming out.
-That's him.
-He's coming out.
Don't take photos.
How do you feel? When did you find out?
Will you sue them? Where are you going?
No interviews.
We'll release a statement later.
-Mr. An.
-Any comments?
-What do you have to say?
-Please, Jung-hui.
-Get out of the way.
-Say something!
-Mr. An!
-Any comments?
-Mr. An.
-Say something.
-Just one comment.
Say something, anything.
-Stop the car.
Stop the car!
Are they gone?
My goodness.
I'm boiling.
Did I learn how to act to do this?
I feel distraught.
You were pretty good back there.
You were like Jung-hui
when you pushed a camera.
So where did Jung-hui go,
leaving me to put up this show?
How did you get here?
I sneaked out.
How is everyone? How's your dad?
He's fine.
We should go upstairs.
The others will be glad to see you.
We were all worried
and felt guilty, you see.
Mother, I'm coming up from behind.
Why isn't Jun-yeong back yet?
Ra-yeong, tell him to come upstairs.
That must be him.
Hello, Grandma.
How are you, Ms. Na?
Mr. Lee.
You're here.
I'm glad you're here. Come and sit down.
Get some more rice and soup.
-Don't bother.
I have to leave soon.
I'm reminded of the day I first came here.
You stared at me like this back then too.
I don't see Hye-yeong.
Where's my stool?
I came by
because I was worried
and I thought you'd be too.
Because of me,
you're going through something
you didn't have to.
I felt bad.
Why should you feel bad?
You're just making us feel worse.
Okay, then.
I won't feel too bad
about how this blew up,
I hope you feel the same.
I didn't lose anything.
The public took pity on me
for loving a family that wasn't mine.
Is that true?
I felt so bad
that I was reluctant
to look you in the eyes.
Do I not have to be?
No, I'm really okay.
Mr. Lee.
Ms. Na.
Mi-yeong, Ra-yeong,
and Ms. Kim.
Thank you.
I should get back home.
I sneaked out.
I can't let my agency find out.
Why did you do that interview?
Thanks for coming.
Seeing that you're doing well
helped me be at peace.
I feel much better knowing
that you and the others are well.
I should go. Bye.
Mother, I'm sorry for the delay.
It was so brief,
so it feels like I saw a ghost.
But seeing him again
makes me feel so much better.
I felt so bad
and guilty for what he had to go through.
Me too.
Let's eat dinner.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Here, Mom.
Can I be excused?
Do you remember me?
I was here earlier today.
What do you want?
I'm sorry to bother you,
but you are Lim Jong-hwa.
Yes, I'm Lim Jong-hwa. So what?
Who are you,
and why have you been looking for me?
Do you remember
Lee Yun-seok?
In Yangyang in 1974, he was the suspect
in the manslaughter
of a high school student.
You agreed to be a witness
but then refused.
You remember, don't you?
That happened long ago.
And Lee Yun-seok died over 30 years ago.
Go away.
He's still alive.
I am
Lee Yun-seok's daughter.
Come to the roof.
I thought you'd left.
Should I have?
Aren't I silly?
I said I didn't want to see you.
Are you really okay?
All is well, then.
I was worried sick.
And you never called?
I was afraid
I wouldn't be able to stand it
if I heard your voice.
Thanks for coming by.
Is that it?
Did you run up here just to say that?
I missed you.
Should I keep waiting?
You said no.
We have a court date.
I have never felt this much at ease.
I want to thank you for everything.
And I'm so sorry, Jung-hui.
Promise me one thing.
That you wouldn't feel guilty.
Everything will work out.
You need surgery urgently.
Can I postpone it?
There's an issue at home.
I have to go.
I told you I didn't see anything.
Please come and see
what kind of life my dad lived.
I sentence the following.
The defendant is…
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