My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e48 Episode Script

Episode 48

Lee Yun-seok is alive?
Have you seen this article?
This man, Byun Han-soo.
This man, who used someone else's identity
to hide his criminal record,
is my dad, Lee Yun-seok.
It's the Byun Han-soo you know of.
You three learned judo together
in middle school.
How could this happen?
My father committed
a crime of identity theft,
but I want him to be clear of the crime
that he didn't even commit in the past.
I'm sure he's not the one
who killed the student,
so I'm here to listen to the story
from the witness, which is you.
I don't know anything.
You testified that you saw three students
who were attacking the student
who eventually died.
I told them I didn't see anything.
Then why did you say that at first?
I was trying to help Yun-seok.
I tried to help Yun-seok
by siding with him,
but they said it's a crime to lie,
so I told them I saw nothing.
You even said they are
students from Geumsung High School.
The dead student
went to Geumsung High School.
That's why I said that, but I saw nothing.
Why do I have to explain this to you?
Get out. I have nothing to say anymore.
The statute of limitations on the case
has expired.
No matter what you say,
you won't be charged with false testimony.
False testimony?
I told you I didn't see anything.
If you don't leave, I'll call the police.
Do you want me to report you
for trespassing?
Thank you.
Thank you.
Do we have mail?
Yes. It's to Dad, from the court.
From the court?
Is this a trial date notice?
What's that?
It's a trial date notice.
We have a court date.
It's next Monday.
Will you have to stand for trial?
I've been getting investigated
at the police station.
But I didn't know
you'd have to face a trial.
Me neither.
Next Monday is
much closer than we expected.
What's going to happen to Dad?
It'll depend on the result.
If he gets sentenced, he'll be imprisoned.
If he's put on probation, he won't go.
Are you saying Dad will go to prison?
I thought he'll pay a fine or something.
I thought that'd be it.
What's the chance of Dad going to prison?
It's hard to say.
Registrations he made
for marriage, moving-in, or us
in the past have expired,
but he'll be charged with using
a fake identity for the last seven years.
Since the media is focusing on him,
they might go harsh on him
to set an example.
It's a 50-50 chance.
Do you mean
Father might get sentenced for real?
Yes. That's possible.
Can we ask Jung-hui to turn in a petition
saying he doesn't want Dad to be punished?
We can't ask Mr. An.
Dad wouldn't want it.
Dad refused me to be his lawyer.
Why? What if he really goes to prison?
Hye-yeong, what if we all ask him
to let you plead for him?
-You should.
-That's a good idea.
Don't cry. You need to stay strong.
If we do, Dad will feel bad. Get it?
Here we go.
Come in.
What's going on?
What brings you all here this late?
Let me plead for you in the next trial.
I said
no last time.
Why would you refuse her
when she's a lawyer?
He's right, Dad.
I'm not saying I won't admit your crime.
Even a real murderer has a lawyer.
If you don't have a lawyer,
the country will pair you up
with a court-appointed lawyer.
It doesn't mean you're shameless.
It's your right.
You might be imprisoned.
Let her defend you, Dad.
Give her a chance to defend you.
I don't want
to do that.
I know how you all feel,
but I don't want to do that.
I already feel uncomfortable and sorry
to make her sit beside me in the trial.
I don't want her to defend me.
I've never been proud of myself
for a moment in the last 35 years.
I always felt a burden
in my heart, and I was ashamed.
I only thought about
getting my name back before I die,
but I could never fathom
to set the record straight.
That's how stupid
I've been.
So I don't want to do that for the trial.
I want to pay for my action
and leave that shameful past behind.
I shouldn't be
a lousy father anymore.
Yes. I understand.
I'll respect your decision.
Dad, Mom. Come and eat.
What should we do?
I'm telling you,
this is fraudulent marriage.
She didn't lie to us
about her educational background.
He forged his identity,
and he's an ex-convict, a murderer.
We didn't even ask for much
when Jeong-hwan got married.
We gave up on wanting our in-laws
to be wealthy.
We were just satisfied
with how kind and honest our in-laws were.
My goodness.
I can't believe he's an ex-convict.
Why did you stop me
when I tried to break up this marriage?
This wouldn't be happening
if you didn't stop me.
You should've tried harder
to break them up.
Why are you so fickle?
What? Are you blaming it on me?
My gosh.
I'd sue him for fraud if I could.
My goodness.
I can't believe he's an ex-convict,
and he even forged his identity.
Mom, Dad.
Father is really innocent.
I know it may be hard to believe this,
but he was really falsely accused.
-Are you serious?
I'm not trying to take Hye-yeong's side.
I looked into the case report
and there were so many strange factors.
Hye-yeong's getting ready for a retrial.
She even found a witness.
As soon as we find new evidence,
we'll file for a retrial,
and he'll be able to prove his innocence.
Are you serious?
He only forged his identity
because he got falsely accused.
He just didn't want his children
to suffer.
I know he shouldn't have done that,
but I understand why he had to.
But who's going to believe that?
And the fact that
he lived with someone else's identity
for 35 years is still very awful.
No ordinary person
would be able to do this.
Hye-yeong even told us
that she'll understand
even if we ask her family
for compensation.
I can't easily let go of this issue.
My gosh.
How are Mother and Father?
Are they still very angry?
Just leave them to me.
I'll take care of them.
I guess your parents
also know about it too.
Here. It's freshly baked.
It looks delicious.
Thank you for the meal.
I resigned from my job.
I was thinking
if I should take a leave of absence
or if I should resign
because of Dad's retrial.
But I suddenly heard people
whispering about Dad's case.
So I just resigned without turning back.
I'm fine.
But Mom and Dad might feel bad,
so keep it to yourself
until the retrial ends.
You should definitely quit
in that kind of situation.
Good job.
He's right.
Good job.
They won't be able to hire another lawyer
who's intelligent, kind and beautiful
all at the same time.
-Yes, he's right.
How's the preparation
for the retrial going?
Did you find the witness?
Yes, I did. That's why I asked to see you.
-You did?
-But he's refusing to testify.
That's why I need your help, Jun-yeong.
What do you need me to do?
Please find any kind of records
about Dad and the witness.
He used to be a judo player,
so there must be articles.
And tomorrow, please go to Yangyang
and find out anything you can
about Dad and the witness.
You can either visit Dad's high school,
or go visit judo players
who used to train with him.
I'll go straight to the car repair shop.
I need to convince him no matter what.
I'd love to go with you,
but I have a shooting.
You can use my car to get there.
Here's the key.
My gosh, you surprised me!
What… What are you doing?
You could've said hello or something.
What were you doing?
Why were you smiling so happily?
What… What are you talking about?
Here, look at this.
This is the last script for episode 30.
We should work hard.
Where did we finish off?
-See you tomorrow.
-You better practice.
You're done? I got coffee.
You're here.
It feels great to come outside like this
after being locked up in your studio
for so long.
I don't know if we got lucky,
but that celebrity couple's marriage
made everyone forget about your issue.
We can finally come outside.
I feel like I can finally breathe.
Thank you so much, Tae-bu.
Thanks for whatever it was
you were trying to say.
-I'll take you home.
-I'll go on my own.
-Where are you going?
-Don't mind me. I'll call you.
He's slowly starting to do things
without me again.
You're here early.
It just feels a bit awkward.
Get in.
Did you sleep well last night?
No, not really.
What about you?
No, I couldn't sleep well either.
Then do you want to go home and rest?
No. I don't need to take a rest.
I'm not tired. Are you tired?
No, I'm not tired either.
Do you want to do anything?
Or go somewhere?
Do you want to watch a movie?
Would that be okay?
There will be a lot of people.
Right. Then how about an amusement park?
No. That place will also be crowded.
Then should we go for a drive?
I have to go home a little early today.
I see.
Then let's go to a restaurant I know.
I'll make a reservation.
Hello? Yes.
I'd like to make a reservation for two.
I see. Okay.
They're fully booked.
I guess this is why celebrities
just have dates at home.
Do you want to go to my place?
I'll make pasta for you.
No, that's not what I meant.
What do you mean?
Well, I…
Don't you like pasta?
No, I like pasta.
You do, right?
Let's go to my place.
Fasten your seatbelt.
Hi, Al. Long time no see.
How have you been?
You can stay here with Al.
I'll cook you pasta.
It'll be fine.
I'll just follow the recipe.
They say that those who are smart
are also good cooks.
Olive oil, spaghetti noodles,
and clams.
Can I give you a hand with anything?
No. Don't come nearby.
Oh, it's just that
I get easily distracted when someone
comes into the kitchen when I cook.
Make yourself at home.
Should I play music?
No, it's okay.
Then let me know if you need my help.
Okay. Get some rest.
This is crazy.
I should've gone
to the grocery store first.
Hey. Well…
By any chance,
do you like ramyeon?
I don't have any pasta at the moment.
I like ramyeon.
I like it
about ten times better than pasta.
Oh, without eggs, though.
Ramyeon tastes the best as it is.
Mr. An.
What is this?
It was sticking out of the box.
I'll tell you about it after we eat.
It looks delicious.
Thank you for the food.
I'll really make pasta for you next time.
I really like ramyeon.
Gosh, this is like a work of art.
That's an exaggeration.
Thanks anyway. Eat up.
By the way,
are you not going to tell me?
All right. Just a second.
I told you
that I saw a psychiatrist because of you.
My psychiatrist told me to do this.
I had to write down thoughts
that I want to get rid of,
and then put it in this box.
Gosh, I should've
saved that for an important moment.
You know everything now.
You can't keep any secrets from me
from now on either, okay?
Then I'll ask you.
You've been looking sad today.
What's going on?
You caught that?
Yes, I saw everything.
I'm like this.
I really didn't want it to show.
Promise me one thing.
That you wouldn't feel guilty
even if I told you this.
It's about your dad, isn't it?
All right, I promise you.
Dad's trial
has been scheduled.
It'll take place next Monday.
That must be why
you need to go home early.
You have to keep your promise, okay?
Yes, I'll keep my word.
Eat first. I'll drive you home after.
Mother, have you left yet?
I'll be leaving shortly.
See you at the hospital.
-Mother, I'm sorry.
Something came up as I was leaving.
Sorry, I'm late.
It looks like you ran.
You didn't have to come if you're busy.
I'm not busy anymore.
I took a leave, Mother.
Father's trial is around the corner,
and I want to be by your side
after your surgery.
It looks like you ran hard.
You should sit
in front of the air conditioner.
It'll cool you down.
Ms. Na Yeong-sil.
How about we book your surgery
for next Wednesday?
You'll have to check in the day before.
Next Wednesday?
We have a court date.
It's next Monday.
Can we postpone it?
There's an issue at home.
Then you'll have to wait for a long time.
I suggest you don't do that
with your tumor in such a condition.
You need surgery urgently.
He's right, Mother.
You should do it that day.
Please postpone it, Doctor.
I don't think next Wednesday will work.
I apologize, Doctor.
Let's have a quick talk, Mother.
Mother, you should do it next Wednesday.
He said you should get it
as soon as possible.
But how can I check into the hospital
the day after Yun-seok's trial?
We don't even know
what the verdict will be.
And if he receives jail time,
he'll get locked up right away.
I should be home to console everyone.
I should also visit him
so that he won't feel as anxious.
You still have to get the surgery.
It won't happen, but what if…
What will you do if it's cancerous?
And why aren't you
telling the family about this?
How can I bring it up in this situation?
Let's just wait
until the trial is over, okay?
We can't do that, Mother.
You have to get the surgery next week.
If not, I'll have to tell everyone.
I'm okay, Yu-ju.
Even if it's cancerous,
the cells don't spread quickly
when you're older.
-Putting off the surgery for a bit won't…
I'll tell Father about it, then.
All right.
I'll do it next Wednesday.
Please don't tell the family yet.
I've done a lot of wrong things
to Yun-seok.
I can't tell him this
when he has a trial coming up.
I'm begging you.
I'm really fine.
Come in.
Hey. Have a seat.
What's up? You never want to see me first.
I'm transferring my duties.
What do you mean?
I'm resigning.
What are you doing?
I knew what your plan was
when you made your offer
about that football team,
but I accepted it because I loved soccer,
and I really wanted to coach.
I think I got too ambitious.
I'll start over by myself.
What's wrong with you?
Why are you doing this?
You insulted Ra-yeong's family
and told her to leave.
Yes, I did,
but you can't resign.
You think this is a joke?
Who do you think you are
to insult Ra-yeong?
I'm going to take things
into my own hands from now on.
If you do,
do you think she'll continue to date you?
She's dating you because of your family,
background, and money.
She dated me even when I had no money
and lived in the night duty room.
She knew nothing about me
when we started dating.
Stop insulting her in front of me.
It's your money.
I never thought of it as mine.
I'm grateful for what I have,
but I never wanted to depend on you.
Call me when you find a replacement.
Why you little…
He'll definitely go through with this.
What should I do?
Did you meet the witness?
I couldn't.
The car repair shop was closed.
I'll try again tomorrow.
Have you found anything?
I think we knew nothing about Dad.
He had a bright future as a judo player.
He even represented his province.
It happened just before
the national competition
and that's when his life as a player
was finished.
You've never seen this picture, right?
"My mother's dream is
to see me compete
as a part of the national team."
He was an awesome athlete.
Take a look.
They played judo together.
They competed in the same weight class,
but the witness was always behind Dad.
But after Dad went to prison
for manslaughter,
he went to compete
in that competition as Dad's replacement.
You've done well on your research.
It was nothing. You're working hard.
Do you want me to go
to the car repair shop too?
If we all go,
it might upset him and make it worse.
I'll go alone for now.
Let's go to sleep now.
You have to leave early tomorrow too.
He'll show up.
He'll show up at least once
to put up a sign or something.
Where are you going?
Are you up?
I must have woken you up.
Go back to sleep.
No. I heard someone leaving already.
I think Hye-yeong went out early.
I'm going to the market.
Let's go together.
It's hot outside. Let's drive there.
What would you like?
Put it back. This one.
Okay. Good.
I should get spring onions.
What do you think?
-It's fine.
Look at this one. This is nice.
Yes. That one's nice.
How much is this?
-It's 4,000 won for 2 bundles.
-I see.
It's fine. I got it.
You bought so much food.
Hold on.
Give it to me.
Oh, gosh.
Your dad wants to make kimchi and pickles.
How are you going to make this alone?
I have all day to do it.
It's actually not that much.
Oh, my.
What is all this?
Is it because tomorrow's the trial?
For us to eat while you're gone?
No. I'm just making them
so we can eat them during the year.
Don't. We won't eat it.
Don't do it.
Who's going to eat this
when you're not home?
That's not why I'm doing it, Ra-yeong.
What's wrong with Dad?
He wasn't even sentenced yet.
Don't cry.
Hye-yeong told you to stay strong.
That's what Dad wants the most. Okay?
Don't cry.
You're right.
We haven't got the verdict yet.
This is a lot, though.
Yes. We should hurry up.
I'll help you.
Oh, my goodness.
It's like you brought
the whole market here.
Hurry up.
We should hurry up
to finish this by the end of the day.
It's so hot
like a sauna.
My goodness. We're done.
Good job.
You've done so much work.
We're finally done.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry
that I couldn't even apologize to you.
It's fine.
You don't need to do that to me.
Relax, and don't worry so much
about the trial.
You've suffered a lot until now.
I understand how you feel.
Don't worry about the trial.
You and Yeong-sil can
finally live in peace from now on.
Where are you?
At the car repair shop.
Hasn't it been eight hours?
Are you all right?
I'm okay. He'll show up eventually.
Don't worry about me and focus on work.
Mr. Lee.
It's summer,
so put the food in the fridge right away.
I heard your trial is tomorrow.
How did you know?
I didn't want you to find out.
How can I not know about it?
Reporters fill up the court.
You're so famous right now.
I see.
Why did you have to do
an interview like that?
I also told you not to turn yourself in.
I have…
never felt this much at ease.
For the first time in 35 years,
I can go out without worrying
and walk along the streets.
I stopped having nightmares too.
I can sleep soundly now.
I know that this might sound odd,
but the room you used to use
will always be empty,
so you can come back anytime you want.
You can come by
when you miss home-cooked food.
Oh, and this.
This is where Han-soo…
I mean, this is where your dad is.
I've been wanting to go there with you.
I made a drawing of the map,
so that you can go there by yourself.
Han-soo will be happy to see you.
And the address below
is for the sanatorium
that Han-soo's aunt is in.
That means she's your great-aunt.
That's where she is.
She's suffering from Alzheimer's disease,
but she comes back occasionally.
Tell her you're Han-soo's son.
She'll be happy to see you.
Stay healthy
and take care.
You're already at the top
and you're doing a great job,
but I hope that you can be
acknowledged and loved by even more people
as a good actor.
I want to thank you
for everything.
And I'm so sorry, Jung-hui.
I'll see you again
after I pay for what I did.
Mr. Lee.
come back after freeing yourself
of the guilt.
And I'd like to thank you as well.
-In the middle, right?
Oh, boy.
-Father, you're back.
Yes, I'm home.
I'm back again.
Father, you're home.
-Dad, have a seat.
-My gosh.
You guys are already preparing dinner?
I was going to make dinner.
It's okay.
Sit here and don't even lift a finger.
-Please have a seat.
-They refused my help.
-I barely managed to grab the cutlery.
-All right, then.
-Everyone is home early.
-I don't see Hye-yeong though.
-She said she'd be home a bit late.
I guess she's very busy.
She left so early in the morning too.
It would've been nice
if she was here with us.
-We're here.
-We're here.
-You guys are here.
-Hello, Mother.
We're having a feast today.
Let's all enjoy it.
Please go ahead, Mother.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Oh, I haven't had a chance
to congratulate you.
You're having twins.
Yes, it sort of just happened.
Congratulations, Aunt.
-Congrats, Aunt.
My gosh, Uncle. You still got it.
You guys conceived twins.
I still got it, of course.
I killed two birds with one stone.
Min-ha, you must be excited.
Yes, I'm so excited.
Min-ha, it's not something
to be excited about.
You're going to have
two annoying siblings.
What do you mean by that?
You tell me. What do you think I mean?
Try this. It's so good.
Give my wife a lot of meat.
She's eating for three people, you know.
That is true. Eat up, Aunt.
Here are three servings.
Thank you.
Ra-yeong, forget losing your weight.
You should eat up today.
What? Okay.
Don't give us too much, Yeong-sil.
No, you guys have to take a lot of this.
We made too much.
Yeong-sil, are you all right?
It must've taken you by surprise.
I'm too ashamed to face you guys
as well as Min-ha.
Please don't say that, Yeong-sil.
We know you and Yun-seok very well.
We're just upset.
That's all.
At first, I got so mad at him
for what he did,
but like Bo-mi said,
I know you two well enough.
You must've had a legitimate reason
for making such a decision.
You must've been
so distressed over the years.
Thanks, Yeong-sik.
Thanks, Bo-mi.
By the way,
I have a favor to ask of you.
Don't come to the trial tomorrow.
Especially Mom.
Don't let her attend it.
I don't want her to see
her son-in-law like that.
we don't even know
what the verdict will be.
All right, we'll do that.
Yeong-sil, don't worry too much though.
Everything will be all right.
I wanted to see you
since the trial is tomorrow.
I thought so.
My entire family had dinner together.
You seem better than I expected.
I'm trying to stay strong,
but I can't help feeling scared.
I heard that if he receives jail time,
he'll get locked up right away.
I should've written a letter of appeal.
Why haven't I thought of that?
No, it's okay.
Even if you had written it,
Dad wouldn't have accepted it.
He's not even letting Hye-yeong
defend him.
I see.
thank you so much
-for saying that.
-No, don't thank me.
I didn't even write it.
I won't be able to be there tomorrow.
It'll be packed with reporters.
If I'm there,
it'll be worse for your dad.
Yes, I'm aware.
Everything will work out.
What do you want?
Do you know what time it is?
I know it's late.
I waited for days to meet you.
I thought I told you
that I have nothing to say.
Then please just listen
to what I have to say.
No, I have nothing to hear or say.
-Get out.
-I won't stay for long.
Did Yun-seok send you?
Did he tell you to harass me?
My dad doesn't know I'm here to see you.
He won't even let anyone
even mention the trial.
Bringing up the past
still hurts him too much.
He took the fall for what he didn't do,
and because of that criminal record,
he committed another crime
and stole an identity.
As his daughter, I am incredibly upset,
and I feel very wronged.
My dad said he doesn't feel wronged.
He told me he never once felt that way.
He believed he wouldn't be able to survive
with that mindset,
so he refused to even think
about how he was wronged.
My dad will stand trial soon.
He won't let me defend him
or even do anything for him
even though I'm a lawyer.
He feels so guilty and ashamed
for living the past 35 years
as another man,
that he refuses to make excuses
and wants to pay the price.
That's why I want to clear his name.
I want him to live the rest of his life
as the proud man he is
with his true identity.
I beg of you from my heart.
Please just state
what you've witnessed on that day.
Just one short statement from you
will relieve my dad
from a lot of the shame and guilt
he had lived with for the past 35 years
and will comfort him.
I have nothing to say.
Tomorrow, my dad stands his trial.
Please come and at least watch.
Please come
and see what kind of a life
my dad lived.
Please, sir.
AUGUST 14, 1 P.M.
Was it a long day?
Did you miss him?
No. I met him.
But I don't know how to persuade him.
You said it wouldn't be easy.
Are you exhausted already?
Are you?
No, I can't be.
No, right?
Are you ready for your dad's trial?
There's nothing to prepare.
There's nothing to say other than
how we accept all the charges.
I've never had
a case in which so little could be done
that upsets me so much.
What's wrong with me?
It will work out, Walnut.
It will all work out. It's okay.
It's okay. It'll be fine.
Do I wear this?
Do I need a tie?
Of course.
You need to look clean.
I should.
I should
get going.
I'll see you later, Father.
It'll be fine, Dad.
Yes, Father.
Ra-yeong, I have to go.
Jeong-hwan will drive you.
See you. See you later.
No, I can't just sit here.
I have to be there.
Yeong-sil told me not to come,
but I can't just sit here.
No, Mom.
Stay at home for Yeong-sil's sake.
She doesn't want you
to see her husband on trial.
What should I do, then? What can I do?
I feel so uneasy.
This is insane.
Should I be there?
You made it.
Without further delay,
I shall begin
the trial of case number 2017-K6266.
On October 6, 1982,
a fire broke out in America.
The defendant was mistaken
for Byun Han-soo, who died on the scene.
He did not correct the fact,
and for the next 35 years,
he used Byun's identity.
He also applied for a new identity card,
breaking the Residents Registration Law.
Also, he used Byun Han-soo's ID card
to get a business license
on August 27, 2011.
He gave false information
on official documents
and used them dishonestly.
Also, on March 4, 2014,
the defendant used his fake ID to register
for a new cell phone.
It's an illegal use of official documents
and forgery of private papers.
What does the defendant say of the charges
and evidence brought forward?
The defendant admits to all the charges,
and also agrees to the prosecution's use
of all the evidence.
Defendant, do you agree with your counsel?
Do either party have
anything more to say or submit?
Prosecution, state your sentence.
The defendant committed many crimes
while living under an assumed identity.
Although we omitted the charge
due to the statute expiring,
in 1983,
he registered his marriage
and his child's birth as Byun.
Due to the severe nature of his crimes,
I believe the defendant
must be punished severely.
Please sentence him to one year in prison.
Do you wish to give a final statement?
I'll announce the sentence
after a short recess.
According to the evidence,
the defendant broke
the Residents Registration Law,
gave false information,
used official documents dishonestly,
and also
forged and circulated private papers.
The defendant confessed and admitted
to all the charges mentioned,
I find the defendant guilty of all charges
brought against him.
I considered the fact
that after the fire in America,
he accidentally procured
the assumed identity.
He didn't use the identity
to commit heinous crimes,
he didn't gain any financial profit,
and no one suffered particularly
due to his assuming
the dead man's identity.
The defendant confessed and admitted
to all his wrongdoings,
and shows great remorse.
Those facts should be considered
in his favor.
the defendant had many prior chances
to correct his mistake
and come forward.
But in order to hide his criminal record,
for 35 years,
he assumed another man's identity.
He caused great unrest
to the system and public order.
Those are the reasons
for which the defendant
must be punished severely.
After taking all these into account,
I sentence the following.
The defendant is
sentenced to six months in prison.
But for two years
from the finalization of the judgment,
the sentencing shall be postponed.
Why won't you punish me?
Punish me, Your Honor.
You punished me
for something I did not do.
And now
you're just letting me go
when I've actually committed a crime?
Punish me, Your Honor.
I insisted that I didn't kill him
but you refused to believe me.
Why won't you punish me now
when I admit to everything?
You're Jong-hwa,
aren't you?
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