My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e49 Episode Script

Episode 49

You're Jong-hwa,
aren't you?
It's you.
Do you know him?
It's nothing.
Let's go.
They're here.
My goodness.
Great job.
You've been through so much.
Great job.
I'm so glad.
Yes, I'm so happy for you.
Yes, thank you.
Dad, I couldn't tell you before,
but I'm so glad.
You were all nervous, weren't you?
All right, then.
It's my treat tonight.
What do you want?
You can order
all the Chinese food you want.
Choose anything.
But I'm getting jajangmyeon.
Mom, don't do that. It's my treat.
What do you say to beer and pizza?
Hello? What happened?
That's such a relief. I'm really glad.
Yes, it's really great.
Were you worried?
I'm at home. We just got here.
Okay, great. Mi-yeong,
I want to run over to see him and you,
but you should celebrate
as a family tonight,
so I'll hold back.
Hey, but…
I'll be on the set until late tomorrow.
Okay, then.
I'll see you the day after tomorrow.
Such a relief.
Why do I have to be there
all day tomorrow?
Don't you miss me? You just said goodbye
without even taking a breath.
It's not like I can go over today.
It'd be discourteous to do so.
I guess he'll be working late tomorrow.
That means I won't see him for two days.
And why is he being courteous
all of a sudden?
My family will be glad to see him today.
Let's make a toast.
You need to have beer with pizza.
That's right.
Yun-seok, you did very well.
Congratulations, Yeong-sil.
I love you, Dad.
Mi-yeong, come join us.
Where were you?
Oh, I had to call someone.
Who? Why did you talk outside?
A friend.
I have an announcement to make.
I'll be away on vacation for four days
starting tomorrow.
I wasn't going to go,
but the verdict is good,
so I'd like to go.
I'm going to Namdo
with my friends from school.
Mom, Dad's trial just ended though.
Don't you think that's too much?
I agree. Can you wait for a few days?
Yes. It's mean to go on a vacation
without us.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I want to get some rest.
All of my friends
took time off in advance for this trip.
Yes, I think it's a good idea.
You should go.
When else will you get
to go away with them?
Yes, you should go. Mom. You've never
really had a chance to travel.
Yes, that is true.
You should go on trips
and take time to relax,
but this is too sudden.
Where in Namdo are you going?
What? We're going
to Namhae County, Tongyeong
and Geoje.
The route sounds amazing.
You'll have a great time
with your friends.
Don't worry about us. You should go.
Good for you, Yeong-sil.
I'm really jealous.
Where did I put the envelopes?
I want to give Mom some money for
the trip. You're okay with that, right?
You're the eldest child.
You should, of course.
Well, Jun-yeong.
What should I do?
I'm actually supposed to be away
for work for three days starting tomorrow.
Oh, really?
I should've told you sooner,
but I haven't been able
to due to the trial. Sorry.
It's okay. You should go if it's for work.
Where do you have to go?
Will you come back the day after tomorrow?
Gosh, I'm so happy. I'm over the moon.
I was clenching my hand so hard earlier
that it still hurts.
I was so nervous.
That's why my hand hurts.
I was wondering why it's been hurting.
I know, right?
Hye-yeong. By the way,
how did Dad get framed like that?
When Dad was crying
in the courtroom earlier,
my heart broke.
Me too.
My heart ached so much too.
Why did it happen in the first place?
Well, I'm not sure.
I don't know the details either.
All I know is that he called the police
and ended up getting everything
dumped on him.
That's why I'm investigating it now.
I want to prove Dad's innocence.
I can't guarantee it though.
I'll tell you girls more
when the right time comes. Bear with me.
Hye-yeong, you have to, okay?
Yes, you must.
All right.
Lim Jong-hwa at least came to the court.
That means we still have hope.
See you in a few days.
-All right. Have fun.
-Mom, have a safe trip.
You better have a lot of fun.
Oh, you're going somewhere too?
Well… I'll be away on a work trip as well.
What? Both you and Mom will be away?
I'm sorry, Ra-yeong.
The project deadline is around the corner,
so I couldn't put it off any longer.
You need to go if it's for work.
All right. Have a safe trip, Yu-ju.
You'll be late. You should get going.
All right. Let's go, Yu-ju.
I'm giving Mom a ride,
so I'll drop you off too.
-There's no need.
-Don't worry, Jun-yeong.
Well, taking a taxi is easier.
Same here. The traffic is bad.
You'll be late for work.
I think I have enough time, Mom.
Don't worry about it. We'll take a taxi.
I can drop Mother off on the way.
You don't need to waste your time.
Oh, you're right. Yes, let's do that.
I'm going, kids. Bye, honey.
Give it to me.
I'll carry it for you outside.
Gosh, Yu-ju will help me.
Don't see us out.
See you in a few days, Father.
Bye, Jun-yeong.
Have a safe trip. Call us when you arrive.
-Be careful, Mom.
-I love you, Yu-ju.
I saw someone I know
at the court yesterday.
His name is Lim Jong-hwa.
Did you ask him to come by any chance?
I did ask him to come,
but I didn't think he'd actually come.
Did you go see him in person?
Are you preparing for a retrial?
Yes, I am.
Why would you do such a thing?
I told you not to do that.
I've actually been meaning
to talk to you about it.
Dad, you should apply for a retrial.
I'll do it for you.
Why are you not listening to me?
You must know better than anyone else
how hard it is to win such cases.
It's not impossible though.
I don't want to be tortured by hope.
Being foolishly hopeful like that
will make me live in the past.
I don't want that.
After you told me about it the other day,
I did a lot of research on retrials.
And I learned that
the chances of winning are very slim.
Hye-yeong, I don't want to see you
wasting your life on something
that's not even possible because of me.
Don't do that, please.
Just live your life.
I quit my job at the firm
to prepare for your retrial.
Why did you do that?
You didn't even talk to me about it.
Is it because of the article?
A little bit.
That did influence my decision.
I just realized that I'm a hothead.
I can't tolerate people
talking ill about you.
-Don't worry, Dad.
Your daughter is very capable.
If I want to,
I can get hired
by a different firm right away.
To be honest,
I'm not completely confident.
Mr. Lim may or may not want to testify.
We don't know yet.
And if he chooses not to speak about it,
we can't even apply for a retrial.
As you said, we might be tortured
by hope during that process.
It'll be stressful and harrowing.
But what pains me the most now
is not doing anything
while knowing all of this.
Doing nothing while being fully aware
of all this
is a crime in and of itself in my opinion.
Please be brave.
Please appoint me as your lawyer.
Even if we fail, that's okay.
I don't think I'm wasting my life.
You've given me so much love.
Please give me a chance to repay you.
The wait will be long.
I'll go pick up some food.
What do you feel like having?
The curry restaurant in Cheongdam-dong.
I'm craving curry.
Curry from Cheongdam-dong?
That will take some time.
That's okay. I'm not hungry now.
I can wait.
All right, then.
I'll try to get back quickly.
Okay, bye.
-Hey, Jung-hui.
-Mr. Lee.
You didn't even tell me you'll be here.
I had a break, so I came to see you.
I heard the trial went well. I'm so glad.
Thank you.
Have you eaten?
If you haven't, join us.
I'm making noodles.
Even if you have, you should eat again.
Take a seat.
Should I?
-Yes, join us.
Take a seat. I'll make another bowl.
It's too small, right?
If I had known, I would've made a lot.
No, it's fine.
You can have mine.
I'm not that hungry right now.
I'm really fine.
Are you feeling sick?
You always have a lot of noodles.
When did I do that?
I always eat about this much.
I just had breakfast. You can eat more.
-Eat up.
-No, I'm…
I'm okay.
-I really eat this much.
-It's fine.
What happened? I thought you were working.
I snuck out while my manager
went to get food.
-I bet he's really confused right now.
-I'm sure he is.
You have to go right away, don't you?
Yes, I do.
Okay. I'll call a cab.
I couldn't hold back because I missed you.
How can you be so patient?
Tell me.
You're insane.
My father-in-law's trial went well.
Did he have his trial already?
What happened?
Thankfully, he is on two years
of probation and six months of jail.
Goodness, does this mean
he's going to jail?
He's on probation. What are you saying?
He just said he's going to jail.
What does this mean?
My goodness.
He's supposed to live six months in jail,
but he is put on probation.
So it will be put off for two years.
That's what probation means.
Oh, I see.
Oh, that's it. Probation.
That's what it means.
Anyway, I'm glad he's not going to jail.
But nothing will change.
It's not like we didn't get
into a fake marriage.
Of course.
His legal sentence
does not wash away the ethical issues.
Even if he wanted
to hide his criminal record,
how could he want to live
under a fake identity?
Okay, then. Let's get going.
-We have to be somewhere.
-Let's get ready.
All right, let's go.
-Fill up your glasses.
Okay, then. The sixth dinner meeting
of retired journalists will begin now.
Who wants to make a toast?
Mr. Park?
Okay, then.
We're gathered here today
because we could not give up on living
as intellectuals and opinion leaders.
The first glass, to us.
The second, to our passionate youth.
The last glass, to our beloved wives.
Why did you drink the entire glass?
I'm frustrated,
so alcohol is inviting me in.
Why does he get snobbier
each time we see him?
He's always been like that.
Goodness, the trial is over already.
He's just on probation.
Oh, the man who conned An Jung-hui.
Have you heard anything interesting?
An Jung-hui's story
is the hottest right now.
Oh, I heard this from a junior of mine.
This story is unbelievable.
Not only did he lie about being his dad,
An Jung-hui even bought
the building he lives in.
Did you sell the building?
What are you saying? I never did that.
That didn't happen.
I think you heard the wrong information.
I'm sure.
All the journalists know this already.
And I heard his entire family
helped him out in carrying out his scheme.
One of his children is a lawyer.
And that's the one who set up
the whole thing.
My goodness.
I read the interview
and it said his children didn't know.
And that lawyer
especially did not know anything.
Goodness, do you really trust them?
Look at his sentence.
He's only on probation.
I'm sure his lawyer kid
calculated the statute of limitations
to find a perfect timing
for him to turn himself in.
You are being overly speculative.
You need to speak
based on facts as a journalist.
What are you saying? This is a fact.
Do you have evidence?
Did you at least check
the building registration?
You are always out of touch.
-Darn you.
-That is why
you only wrote mundane articles. You
never got a huge scoop before retiring.
-Darn you!
-Excuse me.
Yes, I never got any huge scoop.
But as an ex-journalist, I still
don't speak on things without any facts.
What? He bought him a building?
The lawyer planned out the entire scheme?
How dare you speak of such absurd rumors?
How dare you!
What did you say?
Are you saying
what I said are absurd rumors?
How dare you say that?
Hey, how do you know if those are rumors?
And I am sure he bought the building
for that guy.
If that's a lie, I will burn my hand.
-Really? Let's do that.
Turn on the heat.
Turn it on.
What are you doing?
My goodness. Darn you.
I'm going to get you.
Stop that!
Don't do that to him.
My goodness.
Yes, of course. I finished the editing.
Yes, I'll take care of it. Thank you.
Yes, Mom.
Where are you?
Okay, I'll be right there.
My gosh.
Hey, Hye-yeong.
She bit me.
How could she bite your arm like that?
-Can you tell me who started it?
He suddenly burned my hand on the stove.
Do you know about
the con man who said
he's An Jung-hui's dad?
He suddenly burned my hand
while talking about that.
Be quiet.
That stove wasn't even on.
He's even lying now.
He's lying.
Goodness, these two are completely insane.
Hey, how dare you call us insane?
Shut your mouth.
Your husband is the one
who started the rumors
about the building and his lawyer child.
Why do you make up such lies?
How do you know they are lies?
Did you see them?
How dare you shout at me?
Yes, I did see them.
A friend of mine knows them very well.
They never bought him a building.
The lawyer says she didn't know anything.
Also, her father is falsely accused.
He's actually innocent.
If that's not true,
I will eat my hat.
Stop screaming.
-Watch your mouth.
I'll break your other hand too.
Look at them.
They're so violent and threatening.
I can't take it anymore. I'll sue them.
Sue us? Hey.
Do you want to get slapped
by a lawyer's in-law?
My daughter-in-law is a lawyer. Sue me.
-Sue me now.
-You shouldn't say that.
Oh, dear.
How did you know?
-That's what I mean.
-My goodness.
Did you hear us?
From the part you burned his hand.
I didn't burn his hand.
He's lying.
Why didn't you tell me you're here?
What were you doing listening to all that?
Are you okay?
How did you make it here?
You must be very busy.
I'm not ready to see you yet.
Right. You can leave.
We'll handle this.
Okay. Then I'll leave now.
Call me when it's all settled.
Yes, I will. Go now.
Are you okay?
-What do you think?
-Do I look okay?
-My body aches.
-What happened to your arm?
Did someone bite you?
I'm Byun Hye-yeong, their lawyer.
I'm also their daughter-in-law.
You just said violence,
but it looks more like a mutual assault.
Also, you've spread false information.
What? Seriously.
That's not what we were trying to do.
If you're going to sue them,
contact me, please.
Then bye now.
I can't believe this.
My goodness.
Mother. Why are you up?
You should lie down.
I'll lie down later.
You should have dinner by the way.
You shouldn't skip a meal because of me.
I'll eat later. I'm not hungry.
I actually don't feel comfortable.
Let's tell the family now.
Father's trial is over.
It ended just yesterday.
It hasn't even been a day yet
since he's relieved.
I'll tell them after the surgery.
I don't want to make them worried now.
If it's negative, I'll tell them.
But even if it's bad,
the doctor said
it's still treatable.
Honestly, I don't understand.
To be honest,
I can't tell him that I'm sick.
He lived as Han-soo for 35 years
for me.
I asked him to do so,
but I still made him
face all the blames and charges.
All of this happened because of me.
When I saw him
and my children suffering,
I felt so guilty.
I thought
it was all for the family,
but maybe
I was being selfish.
I deserve to be sick.
That's why.
I don't want to make him or my children
suffer more before the result is out.
I feel bad for you though.
Mother, that doesn't make sense.
Why would you say that?
There's no mother like you.
Actually, when I found out about all this,
I was envious of Jun-yeong
and his sisters.
I lied, Mother.
My parents
are alive.
When I was five,
my mom left me and got remarried.
My dad got remarried
and left me abandoned at my grandmother's.
After Grandmother passed away,
he had no choice but to take me with him,
but he never paid attention to me.
My parents
abandoned me
even though they were completely
capable of raising me.
But you and Father made
that choice to protect
your children no matter what.
I'm envious of Jun-yeong and his sisters
for having parents like you.
I wish my parents loved me as you do.
That's what I thought, Mother.
I'm sorry for lying.
No. It's fine.
But does Jun-yeong know about this?
He does.
You must be disappointed.
That's not it.
I am
very proud of you
for growing up so well.
No. There's actually more
that I haven't told you yet.
Then what about this?
How about receiving love from me now?
Thank you, Mother.
Don't cry. There's nothing to cry for.
Good job.
She must be having fun with her friends.
She hasn't called since the first text.
Please be brave.
Please appoint me as your lawyer.
-I'd like to rent out these books, please.
Thank you.
You finally told him.
What did he say?
He hasn't given me an answer yet.
I even used my hidden card.
I even told him that I quit my job.
He's scared of false hope.
I completely understand.
He's most worried about
how I'll be discouraged
and hurt during the process.
Of course, he is.
He loves his children dearly.
But don't you think things look hopeful
because Mr. Lim came to the court?
I'm sure he changed his mind a bit
to be there.
I agree.
I really hope so.
Especially, if he had seen Dad
crying out at the court.
I'm sure he did.
Everything will work out.
Why are you so sexy these days?
Why are you saying that
in such a public place?
You're right.
Why are you so sexy in a public place?
What brings you here?
Shouldn't you be with your parents?
My mom is away on a trip,
my dad is busy with our snack shop
and I came because I missed you.
Did you miss me?
-That hurts.
-My goodness.
You're going to hurt Cheol-su's neck.
What? Father?
I thought you two broke up.
What are you doing here?
People are watching. What are you doing?
I'm sure they're watching
because you're here.
And we didn't break up.
Follow me, you two.
Ms. Byun.
Don't you have anything to say to me?
-I need something.
-Give me a letter of apology.
-Why would I give you that?
Break up with her immediately.
No, why would I break up with her?
Ms. Byun told me
that she'll break up with you.
She said that out of anger.
You say you'll get a divorce with Mom,
but you've been with her for 30 years now.
It's just like that.
Darn you.
Excuse me, Ms. Byun.
-If you made a promise…
-You should keep it.
But you haven't given me
a letter of apology,
so I'm not breaking up
with Cheol-su either.
You heard her.
Have you found my replacement?
My gosh, darn you two.
Is this too much?
No, I should still wear a dress.
Is this too much?
She might misunderstand me.
Wasn't it hot outside?
It was.
Come in.
I was trying to get rid of the smell.
It smelled weird in here.
Do you want this one?
Whichever one is fine.
-How about a movie?
What kind of movie do you like?
-Romance movies?
-Sounds great.
Do you want to watch this?
It had great ratings.
No, I don't like that one.
Why not?
Okay, then. Give me a moment.
What's going on? Why does she look angry?
Did I do something wrong
in this short period of time?
I just asked her
if she wanted to watch a movie.
Did you watch
that movie already by any chance?
Did you watch it with Jin Seong-jun?
No, it's not like that.
I just don't like that movie.
Why don't you like it?
Choi So-yeon is in it.
Oh, I guess so.
Why don't you like her?
You had a thing with her
while filming a drama…
How did you know?
I was your manager.
I know everything you like and dislike,
including your relationship history.
Nam Tae-bu, darn you.
Mi-yeong, I'm sorry.
I wouldn't have chosen it
if I knew she was in it.
I really didn't know. I really didn't.
Are you mad?
No, I'm not.
Who am I to be mad at you?
What do you mean? You're my girlfriend.
-Is that what we are?
-My gosh.
Then aren't we dating?
Aren't we? Then do you hold hands,
kiss and make out with strangers?
Do you?
-You choose then.
Oh, what about this one?
It was released last year
and the ratings are good.
I haven't seen it yet.
That one? Jin Seong-jun is a cameo
in that movie.
I knew it.
That's why I didn't want to watch it.
In that case,
let's watch an action movie.
Something with fights.
An action movie? Let's do that.
-A foreign film, then.
I'll wait here.
I'm fine, so you can go back to the room.
It's too uncomfortable
for you to stay here.
Don't worry about me.
I hope the operation goes well.
Hey, Dad.
I'm sorry if I asked you
to come when you're busy.
No, I was researching in the library.
What is it?
I want to thank you first
for understanding and empathizing with me.
The fact that you understand me
is compensating enough.
Let's do as you say.
But it'll only work
if Jong-hwa will testify.
Let's decide after meeting with him.
Promise me that if Jong-hwa won't testify,
we'll give up and you'll find another job.
I'm concerned
that you're getting too involved.
I'm also worried
that this could harm your career.
I'm a more seasoned and worldly lawyer
than you take me for.
Promise me.
Until you do, I won't meet Jong-hwa.
Okay. If he refuses to testify,
there's nothing I can do.
I'll do as you say.
Dad, it's this way.
What… What's going on?
What surgery?
What happened, Yu-ju?
Mom has a 3cm-long lump on her breast.
It could be benign,
but based on the sonogram,
it could be malignant,
so they're taking it out.
What if it is?
Do you mean it's cancer?
We don't know for sure yet.
They can only tell
by doing a biopsy after the surgery.
That's what this surgery is for.
Why did she go in there
without telling me?
How could she?
I'm sorry, Father.
Mother wouldn't let me tell anyone.
Your trial just ended
and you're just recovering.
She didn't want you to get stressed again.
Mother feels guilty
that you're shouldering
the full responsibility for something
she made you do.
I'm sorry.
I tried to tell you many times,
but Mother
sincerely wanted to go in quietly.
Your mom.
When did she go in?
About an hour ago.
What's wrong?
What happened?
Mom is in surgery?
We don't know the details.
Mom, can you see me?
Mom, how do you feel?
Are you okay?
Do you recognize us?
How did you all find out?
You're coming round.
You recognize us, don't you?
Others might think I had a major surgery.
I told you not to call them.
I couldn't keep quiet any longer.
How could you do such a thing?
How could you not tell us
about your surgery?
I didn't want you to get worked up.
It's nothing serious.
How is this not serious?
Yes, Mom. This was mean of you.
Yes, Mom.
You should've told us about this.
You have four grown kids now
and you went in alone.
What does that make us?
It was very wrong of you, Mom.
Okay. I'm sorry.
Aren't you nagging a patient
a bit too much?
You made us want to nag.
I feel betrayed.
I'm sorry.
But I'm really okay.
Honey, I promise. I'm okay.
It's okay, then.
My goodness.
Don't do this again.
I'm glad, Mom.
Are you okay?
The surgery went well.
The biopsy will take about a week.
Do you feel uncomfortable?
Not at all.
How long does she have to stay
in the hospital?
For two to three days.
I'll confirm based on how well
she recuperates.
What's the likelihood of
it being malignant?
I can't say until the results are out,
but it wasn't big and there were
no signs of the tumor spreading.
We got the lump out completely.
Even if it is malignant,
you won't have to worry.
It's most likely not malignant.
I see.
Thank you, Doctor.
Is there anything
we should be careful with?
Nothing much, really.
Let her sleep well and get some rest.
Thank you.
I'll stay. You should all go home.
No way. I'll stay.
-Then let's stay together.
Put the patient first.
I'm much better than you two.
Do you think so, Hye-yeong?
If you put the patient first,
she'd prefer me or Mi-yeong.
That's right.
You all go home.
I'll stay the night.
There's nothing to discuss.
I will spend the first night with her.
Alone, just the two of us.
I think your parents are so much in love.
They're both such romantics.
The sweetness drips like honey.
I need to marry someone like Dad.
You will.
Thank you, Yu-ju.
It must've been tough keeping the secret.
Thanks, Yu-ju.
For being there for Mom through all this.
You have my thanks too.
It could've been worse without you.
Mom would've been totally alone.
I'm still upset you didn't tell us,
but this time you beat her daughters.
This is great.
I was afraid Jun-yeong and you three
would hate me.
Mi-yeong, why are you all dressed up?
She's right. You're wearing a dress.
Were you on a date?
A date?
Are you seeing someone?
The elevator's here.
She is seeing someone.
She should.
It's a great age to fall in love.
Where are you going?
Do you need something?
No. I feel a bit stuffy.
Can you raise my head?
Is this enough?
Were you very surprised?
Of course, I was.
Waiting for your surgery to end
felt longer than eternity.
I realized how you must have felt
watching me go through the trial
and I felt bad.
I didn't think about how upset
you must've been.
It hurts more to watch.
Why do you keep
blaming yourself?
Should I blame myself
for liking you, then?
You said you regret meeting me.
Are you stupid?
I didn't mean it that way.
I said that because
I felt terrible for putting you
through everything that happened to us.
That's why you got sick.
That's not true.
It really isn't.
You're really wrong this time.
If you say so,
why do you blame yourself?
I won't from now on.
-If you…
-I know.
I won't think about that from now on.
Even if
I'm born again,
I'd marry you.
What about you?
It depends.
How's Mom?
She slept well.
She isn't in much pain
and is recovering fast.
It must be because you're with her.
Did you get any sleep?
Yes. Let's go.
I drove Jeong-hwan's car. Come this way.
Don't expect too much.
He's more likely to keep quiet.
This is it.
I'll go and talk to him.
It'll work out, Dad.
It's been a long time.
It's been a while.
Can we sit and talk?
Sit down.
I won't stay for too long.
I want to ask you something.
Why did you do that back then?
You agreed to testify.
So why did you suddenly say
you saw nothing?
My mom visited you many times.
You saw that I didn't kill the kid.
The three high school kids did it
and you saw it too.
Why did you say you didn't see anything?
We were friends.
We trained and sweated together,
practicing for hours.
I don't think it's like
what the others said.
I don't think it was
because you wanted me to not compete.
You aren't that evil or mean.
So why did you change your mind?
I came by just in case.
I should go.
My mom
was paid off.
When I got home from talking
to the police,
she'd already paid my dad's medical bills
with the money she had received.
One of the kids' dad had visited her.
That's why I did it.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I see.
That's what happened.
I thought
that's what had happened.
After I'd heard about your dad's surgery.
Could you
testify to that?
If you could,
I want to get a retrial.
Can you testify?
It can't be easy
to tell that story in court.
I feel much better now, at least.
Now I exactly know what had happened.
You ruined a friend's life
all those years ago.
You must pay the price.
-Please testify!
If you have a conscience,
that's what you'd do.
You were my dad's friend.
Do you need me to tell you
what kind of life
my dad had after that?
I'm not like my dad.
I'll make you pay for it.
You'll have to suffer too.
Your sons, daughters, and grandkids
might end up finding out what you did!
What do you think you're doing?
Stop it.
I didn't want a retrial
because I was afraid you'd be like this.
Don't do it.
I don't want to see you
go through all this just for me.
I've been through it all.
Having to watch a parent wither away
because you can't afford treatment.
So I can't blame him for what he did.
Let's go.
I will
The retrial.
You should do it.
I'm going to file for Dad's retrial.
I want to prove his innocence.
Good job. I'm so proud of you, Nut.
Come home now.
Until when are you going to leave
my son all alone?
Did you get my result by any chance?
Is it cancer?
I miss you.
This is my room.
You never know what can happen.
I've seen people marrying actors too.
All of my life's journey has been a road
that leads to you.
But then I think it's fate
and that we're meant
to keep Jung-hui close.
Why don't you become my real son?
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