My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e50 Episode Script

Episode 50

Why are you so quiet?
I can't believe it.
I pinched my thigh twice on the way here.
It feels like I'm dreaming.
When I was on the way to meet Jong-hwa,
I didn't expect him to testify for me.
I just thought I'd feel better
if he tells me
why he did what he did.
I never thought
I would be relieved
from these hard feelings
until I die.
Thank you.
It would've never happened
if it weren't for you.
As you know,
This is
only the beginning.
I know.
Even if you submit a retrial application,
it must pass for there to be a retrial
and that the process isn't easy.
Yes. You're right.
We have a long way to go,
but you can celebrate today.
You finally found a clue to solve
the false accusations made against you.
Thank you, Hye-yeong.
When did you grow up so fast?
I've told you so many times.
Your daughter is a very talented lawyer.
Dad, let's get off.
We should tell this happy news
to Mom as well.
Are you sure you're not walking
too much, Mom?
No. I actually feel better
now that I'm walking.
Let's walk for one more round then.
Jun-yeong's late.
Dad and Hye-yeong are late too.
There's Dad.
I never noticed Dad is so handsome.
That's why I married him.
Mom. All you care about
is his looks, right?
Didn't you know?
I'm just like you.
What's so funny?
Where were you all day, by the way?
Oh, Ra-yeong and Mi-yeong.
Hye-yeong's waiting in the lobby.
You can go.
By the way,
would you like to go
on a date?
Yes. Sure.
Honey. What's wrong?
Is everything all right?
Did you get
my result by any chance?
Is it cancer?
It's fine.
I'm ready. You don't need to lie.
That's not it.
It'll take a while
until we get the biopsy result.
That's not it.
I met him.
The witness of that incident.
The one that refused to testify,
even though Mom went to see him
so many times.
I was right.
One of the criminals
gave him money.
He said he'll testify.
What does that mean?
Hye-yeong was working on my case.
She wants to clear me
of the false charge.
To do that,
I need his testimony.
I went
to meet him with Hye-yeong.
He told me everything.
And he said
he'll testify
at the trial.
I'm so grateful.
I'm so grateful.
I'm grateful…
Gosh, honey…
Why are you suddenly
treating us to a meal?
I know, right?
This is making me a bit nervous.
You seem a bit down, Hye-yeong.
Oh, is Mom's test result out?
There's good news
and bad news.
What do you want to hear first?
-Good news.
-Bad news.
I'll start with the bad news.
quit my job.
Now, I'll tell you guys the good news.
I'm going to file for Dad's retrial.
I want to prove his innocence.
Today, I got a statement from a witness
who's key to getting a retrial granted.
He said that he'd testify
for Dad in court.
Is Mr. Lim okay with testifying in court?
-Who is that? And what's this all about?
-We're not really following.
My gosh, that is crazy.
Just hearing about it
is making my blood boil.
It's so unfair.
How has Dad been tolerating it?
Now, we can try to clear his name
through the retrial.
If the retrial is granted,
that in itself can draw public attention.
We'll be able to let people know
that Dad is innocent
and that the culprit is someone else.
Hye-yeong, you have to succeed.
You must prove Dad's innocence.
We believe in you.
We'll help you
if there's anything we can do.
Yes, we know that you'll pull it off.
Good luck.
My gosh, what brings my queen
to this humble broadcasting station?
I missed you.
I know that you miss me all the time
because you can't get enough of me.
By the way, what's that look on your face?
What is it? Did something…
Did something happen?
Mr. Lim said
that he'd testify.
He promised us today.
Good job. I'm so proud of you, Nut.
That means
Father can have a retrial, right?
My gosh, I'm really proud of you.
You're the best.
-My gosh.
Oh, you're all ready.
Why are you guys here?
I could've just taken a taxi
with your dad.
Well, let your daughters help you.
Did you already finish
the check-out procedure?
Yes, I got it all done.
We rushed here because we wanted to do it.
I've brought this dress
so that you can wear it.
Oh, shall I put it on?
-This doesn't look nice, right?
-It looks fine.
You look beautiful
no matter what you wear.
What matters is that you're comfortable.
Oh, right. Jun-yeong and Yu-ju
had to go to work.
They said they're sorry
they can't see you.
Why are they sorry? They can't skip work.
Thanks to my daughters
who lost their jobs,
I get to enjoy this special treatment.
She's calling this a special treatment,
but I think she was mocking us.
I see that you can still make
sound judgments.
We're ready, right? Let's go, then.
All right. Mi-yeong, can you carry this?
How are you feeling?
Doesn't the surgical site hurt?
No, it's fine.
You heard the doctor saying
it's healing well.
All right, then.
Lie down and get some sleep.
Mi-yeong and I will go to the market.
Mi-yeong, let's go.
Mom, are you really okay?
I said I'm okay.
Gosh, I'm really fine.
I decided not to believe you
when you say that.
I have to see it with my eyes
to believe it.
I have to go see
Jeong-hwan's parents though.
Ra-yeong, stay right here
until Dad gets back.
Don't worry. I'm jobless, you know.
Mom, I'll be glued to you.
Gosh, don't brag about being jobless.
-How much is your garlic?
-How much is your garlic?
How did you know that I wanted
to buy garlic?
I didn't know.
I just heard
about their anti-cancer benefits.
I see.
I'll get 300 bulbs of garlic.
Let's get some shiitake mushrooms
and cabbage too.
We'll get five sweet pumpkins too.
Sure. Just a second.
You must've looked up
cancer-fighting foods too.
Mom will be okay, right?
Of course. She'll be fine.
The doctor said that the surgery went well
and that it's very likely to be benign.
This is just to prevent cancer,
that's all.
They're good for you, you know.
I'm not worried.
You're right.
That's what I think too.
Oh, right.
They say that carrots are good too.
We'll get carrots too.
We'll also get a big bag of onions.
Hello. You wanted to see me, Mother?
Hey, you came.
Hye-yeong, come have a seat.
Hey, you're here.
I made cold plum tea. Have some.
Has Mother been discharged?
Yes, we just got her home.
-I see.
Things have been happening nonstop.
I heard she even had surgery.
I heard there was good news too.
You'll apply
for your father's retrial, right?
Yes. Luckily, I was able
to find a witness.
He has decided to testify for my dad.
I see.
Winning a retrial isn't easy
without firm evidence.
I know. I'm not being blindly optimistic.
I've mentally prepared myself for it.
Good. If you ever need
the media's help, let me know.
A friend of mine currently manages
the news department.
Good to know. Thank you, Father.
Shall I say it?
we asked you to come by
because we want you
to come back.
It's true that the news
caught us by total surprise.
This is the first sentence of
The Great Gatsby.
"Whenever you feel like
criticizing anyone,
put yourself in his situation first."
Your father
must have been in a bind
to make such a decision.
After some time passed,
I could understand him.
Yes, we've decided
to be understanding about it,
so come home now.
Until when are you going to leave
my son all alone?
Thank you,
Mother and Father.
I honestly didn't know you'd be
so understanding.
My dad even fought for you.
Hey, stop it.
Hey, why would you say that right now?
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I'll discuss things with Jeong-hwan
and decide on when I should come back.
Thanks, Mom and Dad.
But keep in mind that I'm not going
to sleep alone.
I should go where my wife goes.
If Hye-yeong goes to her parent's place,
so will I.
Sit down.
I'd like to hear about what happened
back then.
I watched the whole thing.
I was beside…
Thank you.
-Thank you.
-No problem.
-Thank you.
What are you looking at?
What did you buy?
-Oh, really?
I was thinking
it'd be a good idea to buy this
for Hye-yeong's mother
to help with her recovery.
Why would you buy her
something so expensive?
Follow me. I already reserved something.
Is this what you ordered?
Yes, please pack this up for me.
I thought you said ginseng
was too expensive.
My gosh, ginseng is just a plant.
Plus, she went through surgery,
so she should eat meat to gain strength.
And mushrooms have an anti-cancer effect.
We should at least buy this much
to boast about our gifts.
I'm just saying you did well.
Good job.
Welcome to our house.
I'm so glad to see you.
It's been a while. Have you been well?
I heard that you went through
a few things.
Oh, yes.
Have you been doing well?
Yes. Thanks to you,
we've been doing very well.
Here, take this.
We brought you some meat and mushrooms
-for you.
My gosh, you didn't need to.
-Thank you.
-No problem.
Please come in and sit down.
-Sit down.
My goodness.
No, it's okay. You can stay there.
I prefer sitting on the floor.
No, it's okay.
I like sitting on the floor too.
I'll just stay here.
Yes, of course.
Please make yourself comfortable.
But what brings you here?
Didn't Hye-yeong tell you anything?
I told her to tell you
that we'd visit today.
I'm sorry.
I guess she must've forgotten.
Then please excuse me for a moment.
I'll check if my wife's still sleeping.
My gosh, I must've fallen asleep.
What is it?
Our in-laws are here.
They came to see if you're doing okay.
Our in-laws are here right now?
Why did they come without any notice?
What should I do, honey?
My gosh, I look like a mess right now.
Honey, come sit over here.
You're the one who should come down.
I'm wearing a dress,
and it's uncomfortable
to sit on the floor.
My gosh.
But I have to say,
their house really is small.
Be quiet.
My wife just came home
from the hospital today.
So she keeps falling asleep.
She just woke up,
but she says she looks like a mess,
so it'll take her a little while
to come out.
She can just keep resting.
She must be tired
if she got discharged today.
We're fine with just giving you
what we bought.
We'll treat you to a meal
when she fully recovers.
-Let's go now.
No, please stay.
She'll be out in no time.
I'll bring you some iced plum tea.
So please wait while you drink that.
Then how about I just go inside
and see her by myself?
Thank you for coming
all the way here to see me.
Thank you.
No, don't mention it.
We should always be there for each other
during hard times.
I've always lived my life that way.
But you seriously look
completely worn out.
Oh, yes.
I guess I do a little.
No, it's not a little.
You look completely worn out.
I knew you'd be like this,
so I brought you some meat.
I hope it'll help with your recovery.
It's high-quality, organic beef
and the cow was raised
in a very clean field.
It's the best quality beef tenderloin
and sirloin. It just melts in your mouth.
It's the highest quality beef
that's only sold
in the luxury goods department store.
I see.
It must've been expensive.
The price isn't the problem.
You can't get it if you don't
make a reservation in advance.
When I heard that you got hospitalized,
I called the department store right away.
But they told me
that they were all booked already.
So from then, I called three times a day
and told them to tell me
if anyone cancels.
I begged and begged to buy that beef.
If I were to exaggerate, the phone bill
might have cost me more money
than the actual beef.
I see. Thank you for the beef.
By the way,
I heard that your husband
is going to go through a retrial.
Yes, that's right. I guess you've heard.
He's going to go through a retrial,
although we're not sure if it'll end well.
Don't worry. It'll all work out well.
I'm not saying this
because she's my daughter-in-law,
but Hye-yeong
is an extremely competent lawyer.
She's so confident and smart.
My husband never loses an argument,
but she's the first one
he lost an argument to.
I wonder where that smart
and intelligent girl came from.
Where do you think? She came out of me.
Oh, right. Yes.
Yes, you're right.
The weather's hot.
You should try that tea.
Oh, okay.
That's nice.
You must've been surprised.
I'm sorry.
I'm so ashamed of myself.
No, don't say that.
You're the one
who went through so much.
No, that's not true.
Thank you
for understanding.
Don't mention it.
Is it because it's summer?
The floor is nice and cool.
If you're not comfortable,
you can sit on the couch.
No, it's fine.
I feel comfortable
as if I'm in my bedroom.
By the way, Hye-yeong told me
that you're preparing for a retrial.
I'm sure
it'll be fine.
People say retrial isn't easy,
but I heard
you have a very high chance.
Hye-yeong is very smart and talented.
Thank you.
Their conversation is getting long.
Why is she talking so much to a patient?
I'm sorry.
No, it's fine.
Have you found anything good?
I'm still searching.
When I was looking for a job before,
I only looked for jobs
that are close to my house or high-paying,
but I want a proper job now.
But I'm not sure what I can do
or what I'm good at.
You're good at sales.
What about sales?
Yes. That's good.
So I'm searching for those jobs,
but the industry is so broad.
If you see here, it says insurance sales.
Also, here it says…
Yes, Yeong-hui.
Home shopping?
I have someone for you.
Are you telling me to be
on a home shopping program?
I've never done this before.
-Oh, my.
-Please. I beg you.
The person who was supposed
to be the host got too nervous
and ended up going to
the hospital due to a stomachache.
You can do it, Ra-yeong.
Imagine the camera is your customer.
-The camera is my customer.
-Got it?
I'm not saying I won't do it.
Don't blame me even if I ruin it.
The show will start.
Hello, everyone.
This is the first episode
of the Healthy food series
with GB Corporation.
-What's that?
-I'm your host.
-Is she the substitute?
-Beside me is
an employee from GB Corporation.
I'm actually not
GB Corporation's employee.
I'm a part-timer.
Okay. I see.
We should take a look at the products.
We'll first look at the ingredients.
I heard you've added
a lot of healthy ingredients.
I actually don't have a good relationship
with GB Chairman Park,
so honestly,
I don't want to say anything nice.
Are you watching this, Chairman?
What is she doing?
But they do use really good ingredients.
He's very picky.
He even sent me to the plantation
and made me manage the ingredients.
Anyway, ladies and gentlemen,
they didn't add anything
bad or weird in here,
so you can trust them.
I see.
She emphasized the fact that they've used
the best ingredients.
-The sale is increasing.
-My goodness.
This is unusual.
I'm expecting a sell-out.
You should hurry up.
I just tasted it. What's this?
It's not bitter, and it's very fresh.
No. Honestly, it's bitter.
You can't make healthy food
without making it taste bitter.
That'd be sugar water.
It is bitter,
but I enjoy it
even though I'm a picky eater.
You can feel that you're getting healthy.
But if you think
you're a really picky eater,
order something else.
If you look here,
these products are sweet and delicious.
Good job.
That's sweet.
Oh, the sales are increasing again.
I'm expecting a sell-out today.
I think you should hurry up.
Nice. A sell-out!
I guess everyone has something
that they're good at.
You should hurry up.
This is all garlic.
Did you say all garlic?
Cabbage, carrots, onions.
There's nothing else to eat.
They're all delicious and healthy.
I'm planning to make healthy food
from now on.
-Let's eat.
-Thank you for the food.
Oh, I know. These are ingredients
known for their anti-cancer effects.
I knew it.
Honey, my result is not even out yet.
That's not why.
I made them because they're healthy.
Fine. I'll eat it.
Let's eat, guys.
Then I have no choice but to eat it.
Here's tangsuyuk.
Great. Tangsuyuk.
This is all garlic. There's no meat.
When did you peel all the garlic?
Did you peel them alone?
I bought 300 bulbs of garlic with Dad
and peeled all of them.
Are you saying there are 300 bulbs more?
-No way.
I know.
I feel like this will surely kill cancer.
Why isn't he texting me today?
I have an additional shoot today.
I think I have to stay up all night.
I don't think I'll have time to call you,
so don't wait for my call.
I miss you.
You must be tired.
Hurry up and finish your shooting
and take a rest.
I said I miss her,
but that's all she says.
"You must be tired. Take a rest."
What does she think of me?
This is driving me crazy.
My goodness. What was that?
Why are you touching my chest?
What are you doing? You scared me.
I was surprised too.
What are you doing here?
What? That's my line.
This is my room.
-When did you get home?
-I got home at dawn after the shooting.
I'm tired. Move aside, so I can sleep.
Yes. Good night.
-Good night.
He scared me.
He's not my brother-in-law anymore.
He isn't.
Here comes the stew.
Sorry, I must've taken so long.
By the way, Jung-hui…
Good morning.
Good morning, everyone.
Oh, hi.
When did you come home?
At dawn.
When I go home at dawn after the shooting,
there's nothing to eat at home.
You told me to come
whenever I want to eat a proper meal.
Yes. I'm glad you're here.
Excuse me for a second.
What do I do now? I haven't even showered
yet because of Jeong-hwan.
It's all ruined.
Actually, I had a schedule
from early in the morning,
but suddenly it changed.
That's how you made it today.
Let's eat.
-Thank you for the food.
-Thank you for the food.
This looks delicious.
Eat up, Jung-hui.
Had I known,
I would've made the dishes you like.
It's okay. I can eat everything now.
Wait, by the way…
Today's theme must be garlic and cabbage.
Aren't you getting sick of them
just by looking at the dishes?
My husband is totally overreacting.
He's doing this
because I might have cancer.
Gosh, that's not the reason.
It's for everyone's health.
We should eat a lot of garlic and cabbage.
It's all good. Garlic and cabbage
are so good for you and they also taste…
They taste good too.
My gosh, Jung-hui.
-What a change.
We haven't gathered like this in so long.
This feels like a real meal.
-I know, right?
Mr. An makes the family complete.
You don't need to call him
like that anymore.
I should continue to be respectful to him.
You never know what can happen.
A friend can turn into a husband
and the family hierarchy can be reversed.
I've seen people marrying actors too.
Gosh, I'm sorry.
Did you swallow it the wrong way?
You're talking nonsense again.
Enough of your nonsense.
Are you looking for a job?
Don't get a job you'll quit
in a few months.
Find something that's right for you.
But you guys should see what happens.
What do you mean?
Come in.
How are you feeling?
I'm feeling great.
I couldn't visit you due to my work.
I'm sorry.
Gosh, don't worry.
The surgery was very simple.
Please talk casually to me like before.
I prefer that.
Thanks, Jung-hui.
Whenever I see you,
I still feel so bad and ashamed.
I guess I need some time.
I'll talk to you casually again soon.
Okay, I understand.
-Are you washing the dishes?
-You totally surprised me.
I came to surprise you.
By the way,
I guess you didn't miss me at all.
I barely heard from you.
I didn't want to bother
you during your shoots.
You won't at all.
My phone is always on silent.
And I love it when people bother me.
Please bother me, okay?
Bother me.
Shall we do this together?
I'll rinse them.
You know how to do these things?
Of course.
I've been living alone for years.
Let me show you. Watch me.
All right.
There's a quick way.
Do you have some time today?
I was asking if you have some time today.
If you do,
I'd like to go somewhere with you.
Yes. Sure, let's do that.
You probably haven't had a chance
to visit Han-soo's grave yet, right?
No, not yet.
Right. Get in. Let's visit him together.
Start the car.
I'll enter the address
in the navigator for you.
It's here.
This is where your dad is.
Jung-hui is here.
He's your son.
I brought him here too late.
I'm sorry.
You should give your dad a glass of drink.
How do you feel?
I feel good
and puzzled at the same time.
Although I could only visit him like this,
I'm happy I finally got to meet my dad
who brought me into this world.
However, I'm puzzled
because I'm not getting emotional.
I never met him when he was alive,
you know.
Because he never existed in my memories,
I really missed having a dad.
I didn't know
that having no memories of him
would puzzle me like this.
I'm sorry.
Why are you sorry?
Why are you saying that again?
It's not your fault that my dad
passed away at a young age.
I'd appreciate it
if you can stop apologizing to me.
All right.
I must say, I feel relieved now.
I feel like I can die with no regrets
because I finally brought you here.
Han-soo must be very happy now.
I'm sure he missed you a lot.
Do you think so?
Of course.
He's your dad. Of course, he missed you
and wanted to see you.
Right, I'll remember that.
Oh, I heard
that you'll apply for a retrial.
That made me so happy.
Not every application
gets approved though.
But my friend who witnessed the incident
said that he'd testify for me in court.
Therefore, Hye-yeong said
that it might be approved.
I really hope it does.
Why don't you
become my real son?
I guess you don't want to.
It's not that.
It's okay if you don't want to.
I just felt like suggesting it.
Shall we go?
We left too late to go there today,
but next time,
do you want to visit
your aunt's nursing home?
Yes. I'd like to visit her.
Excuse me.
Hi, Mr. Kang.
What? What scandal?
What nonsense is that?
"Exclusive. An Jung-hui
dating Lee Hyerim."
I guess actors really do fall in love
with their co-stars.
I guess so.
He's good. It's scandal after scandal.
Did he switch girls already?
He seems to have many girls on the side.
That's not like him.
You're back.
Hello, everyone.
Hello, Father.
Congratulations, Jung-hui.
It's not like that.
It's your fifth scandal already.
You're quite talented.
It's more like he has superpowers.
That's not true. It's really not.
Don't lie to us now.
It's all over the news.
When did you start dating Hye-rim?
Was it before you shot the kiss scene?
-Was it after?
-I said it's not true.
Can't you tell us?
I'm dying of curiosity.
When you kissed Hye-rim in that drama,
I felt something was there.
Shut your mouth. Keep quiet.
You don't even know what's going on.
Let him go, Jun-yeong.
He needs to be elsewhere.
Mi-yeong, I left my phone in there.
What was that about?
I don't know.
You people are so slow.
I'm sorry, Mi-yeong. It's all my fault.
This is really not based on the truth.
I didn't do anything
to cause this scandal.
You know I barely talk to Hye-rim on set.
I feel really wronged.
I don't know where this came from.
Why do these rumors start?
There's no smoke without fire.
This time, there is smoke without fire.
That's why I feel so wronged.
Okay, then.
I'll go and put out all the fires.
Will you believe me?
I'm completely blameless here.
Mi-yeong, you're the only person I love.
Okay, then.
Let's tell everyone we're dating.
Are you crazy?
You two told the world yourselves.
I tried to keep your secret.
We're home.
Are you surprised?
I guess
we are surprised.
I'm sorry.
I meant to tell you
when the time was right, but…
I feel like someone hit me
in the back of my head.
I feel totally betrayed.
When did you two get together?
Listen, sis.
Did you just call me "sis"?
You're dating my younger sister, okay?
He forgot his place.
-This means
you aren't serious about my sister.
No, don't say that.
Just look at how comfortable
-you look right now.
The day I came to ask for permission,
I knelt for so long I got cramps.
Watch your tongue.
I think I lost my mind for a moment.
That's it. It's time we make sure
who's the boss.
Right, so…
How should I address Lawyer Byun?
Are you two married?
No. We aren't married.
What should I call her?
Lawyer Byun?
I'll let you call me that for now.
What should I call you, Ms. Kim?
You can call me Ms. Kim for now.
Okay. Thank you.
Will you please stop it?
Dad, Mi-yeong's defending her boyfriend.
That's enough, kids.
Mi-yeong's blushing way too much.
We should call her "Red Yeong".
That's hilarious.
That was lame.
Jung-hui, are you laughing?
What? No. Sorry.
That must be it.
I ordered chicken because I was hungry.
Brother-in-law. Can you pay for it?
Chicken? Sure.
Your brother-in-law will pay.
He's the younger brother-in-law.
Ra-yeong, let your older brother-in-law
pay for it.
-Keep the change.
You're way too relaxed.
You keep sitting down.
Stop it.
It's okay.
This is fun.
-Stop it.
-They look cute together.
That was tough.
I did expect it a bit, but Hye-yeong…
I can't call her that now. Lawyer Byun
and the two brothers-in-law were so mean.
I actually feel better
now that everyone knows.
How do you feel?
You seemed to enjoy the chicken.
I love fried chicken.
Why didn't you eat?
Don't you like chicken?
I don't eat fried chicken.
I'm traumatized by the memory
of being sent
to buy some so you could kiss an actress.
Wait, Mi-yeong.
I hate fried chicken more than anything.
I like the rice cakes they come with.
I never liked fried chicken bites.
Are you still upset? The press
even released a correction article.
I'm not angry.
It's your job, Mr. An. Things happen.
When will you stop calling me that?
Mr. Jin, Mr. An.
Am I Seong-jun's equal?
I never mentioned it,
but it really bothers me.
Then what name
should I call you by?
Will you say it for me?
-Anything but "dear."
Mr. An.
Are you crazy? This is a public road.
Do you want a sixth scandal?
I suddenly feel annoyed again.
How could you have had
as many as five scandals?
Just a moment. Why did I do that?
I must have been crazy.
I can say that
all of my life's journey has been a road
that leads to you.
It was all so that I could meet you.
How do you feel
about Jung-hui and Mi-yeong?
It's complicated.
I still feel guilty and sorry.
I'm not sure if I should let the two date.
But then I think it's fate
and that we're meant
to keep Jung-hui close.
You feel that way too.
So do I.
I'm pleased but worried.
Confused but glad.
It's complicated.
Let's just see how things go.
I think they just got together.
It's Sanghwang and shiitake mushroom tea.
When did you make that?
What are these two?
Cabbage juice and carrot juice.
They're both good for breast cancer.
You're really worried, aren't you?
No, I'm not worried at all.
Why would I be
when the doctor said it's fine?
These are preventative measures.
You're getting old
and need to mind your health.
Okay, give me that.
It's so bitter.
Well done.
Well done what?
Now the cabbage juice.
It smells horrid but it's good for you.
Gosh, save me.
Will the results be clear?
I'm scared.
Will it be cancer?
Even if it is cancer,
the recovery rate is high,
so she'll beat it.
Yes, it'll be fine.
The doctor said the likelihood was low.
It's okay.
My sister's biopsy results
come out today, right?
I feel bad that I can't be there.
Should I tag along?
Would she feel uncomfortable?
It's fine. Yun-seok will be there.
I hope it's clear.
If by some chance
it is cancer,
Mom will hate that.
What's that about?
Who has cancer?
Your sister?
Did you hear it?
Mom, what are you doing here?
I have to go out.
Where to? The hospital?
I'll come with you. I've heard about it.
Let's go.
How did you find out, Mom?
-Ms. Na.
Look at this.
The test results show…
My daughter has to be okay.
that would be too unfair.
She's still young.
This is just a disaster.
How could the heavens deal us such a blow?
Could you take my life instead?
No one
is going anywhere.
Your daughter's lump
was benign.
We got rid of it, so all is well now.
So, there are no problems?
Is it not cancer?
You look so lost to hear it's not cancer.
Oh, come on.
I'm not lost.
You're trying to make me look bad.
You did look lost.
And my wife
isn't that young anymore.
She still looks young to me.
Oh, my.
I feel dizzy all of a sudden.
-Oh, dear.
-Oh, no.
I'm so dizzy.
Are you okay, Mom?
Mother, are you all right?
Oh, dear.
Oh, dear.
What a relief.
This is such a relief.
For 35 years,
you were under such great stress.
If you were
to end up with a disease too,
that would've really caused
my early death.
This is such a relief.
I'm so glad.
Me too, Mother.
I thought I'd die early,
but we're saved.
We are.
It's great news.
We should tell the kids.
They'll all be worried.
Announce it in our family chat room.
They'll be staring at their phones.
Are you all worried?
Mom's fine.
It was benign.
Sorry for causing such stress.
If you come home early,
I'll cook you a feast.
Without onion,
cabbage, or garlic.
I'm almost there.
Tae-bu's driving really slowly today.
Knowing you're waiting for me
makes me really happy.
I'll be there in five.
Who are you?
How can I help you?
I came to apply for a retrial.
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