My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e51 Episode Script

Episode 51

Who are you?
Why are you standing there?
When did you get here?
You didn't even call.
Just now.
Goodness, you should have called me
before you come.
You aren't supposed to barge into
your 36-year-old son's house
without calling.
My girlfriend. This is my girlfriend.
Mi-yeong, this is my mom.
Hello, I'm Byun Mi-yeong.
Nice to meet you.
It is nice, isn't it?
You should go. You said hi to her.
She's getting her bag.
Why? She should stay for a cup of tea.
She doesn't need tea. You just got here.
-You should go, right?
Yes, I will.
Yes, you two should stay and catch up.
I will see you later. Goodbye.
Sure, see you again.
Okay, bye.
My gosh, that was nerve-racking.
Is she here because of my dad?
I'm sorry I couldn't take you home.
Go home safely.
It's okay.
Your mom's here, so I understand.
Call me when you can.
You must be thirsty.
What did you think about Mi-yeong?
She seemed nice.
I liked how innocent she looked.
She's different from the other girls
you dated.
Right? She's completely different.
I knew it.
But why did you suddenly come
without calling?
I tried to hold myself back
after what you told me,
but I just couldn't.
I have to meet Mr. Lee Yun-seok.
He didn't just fool you.
I also lived 35 years of my life
thinking that your dad was alive.
I couldn't tell you,
but I despised him very much in my heart.
I thought, "How could he never call?
I know we got divorced,
but shouldn't he care about his son?"
I wanted to go to them
the moment I got here,
but I came to see you
because I was worried.
Mom, great job. I'm glad you did.
But aren't you relieved
now that you see me?
I'm completely fine.
Yes, I'm relieved that you look all right.
So Mom, please don't visit that family.
I can't do that.
They will have no excuse to make
even if I decide to sue them.
Yes, I know. You're completely right,
but like I told you,
I benefited from this.
I didn't lose anything.
There is one more thing
which you should know.
What is it?
I'll be very honest,
so please don't get angry.
Wait, what did you say?
Okay. But you need to calm down.
How can I calm down?
How can she be so brazen?
So his daughter is dating you?
Do you remember what they did to you?
You need to hear me out.
Mom, I was truly happy
while I stayed with them.
I've never had a dad,
but Mr. Lee loved me like a dad.
And because I lived with a huge family,
it helped me act in my drama too.
If it wasn't for them,
I would know nothing about dad's love
or feelings between siblings.
People would still say
I'm a horrible actor.
Mom, you know this.
People say this drama is my best work.
I'm getting all kinds of offers,
like you wanted.
I finally got my big break.
I really like Mi-yeong a lot.
I actually love her a lot.
This is something I've never felt before.
For the first time in my life,
I met someone
I want to spend my life with.
So Mom,
can you please let me off one more time?
Don't visit them or be angry at her dad.
I beg of you.
Dad's here.
You're home.
Did you file for your retrial?
Yes, I did.
-Congratulations, Father.
Thanks, everyone.
Dad, it must've been
a long trip to Sokcho.
I should've gone with you.
Why didn't you let me?
You'll only make it worse.
But it's better to have
this human vitamin around.
Of course, it is.
I kept on telling her on our way back
that I should have take you with me.
But your breath smells like garlic.
Let's sit.
You have a new witness
who said the real culprit is someone else.
Why aren't they finding the real culprit?
Shouldn't it be done first?
You're right.
That's actually another problem.
They can go after that case again
only if Dad
is proven innocent on his retrial.
That's when they can begin investigating
to take in the real culprit.
My gosh, this is so frustrating.
Don't be angry, Ra-yeong.
Just the fact that I filed for a retrial
is like a dream come true.
Do you remember what I told you before?
The fact that you filed for a retrial
doesn't mean
they'll let you have a hearing.
I'm telling you
not to be completely optimistic.
I mean, it must be really hard
when successful retrials
are made into movies.
I know.
I watched that movie
because of our retrial
and the culprit in it gave me chills.
Oh, right. I saw that too.
I felt really bad for the falsely accused.
Don't worry.
I'm not entirely optimistic about this.
Dad, if you are
going to leave the shop empty,
may I use it as my office for a while?
Of course, you can use it
however you'd like.
Okay. I'll use the place as my office.
All right, everyone.
Don't forget to fetch his lawyer
good food when you come home.
-Goodness, okay.
All right, then.
We should grab a drink on a day like this.
Sounds great.
-I'll pour one for you.
You must have felt
all kinds of feelings
after going to the court in Sokcho.
That's where my trial was held.
Back when I was 17,
that was a place which made me feel
scared, terrified, and frightened.
But today, you and Hye-yeong were
there with me, so I was encouraged.
When I
walked into the building,
it felt as if I was seeing
the 17-year-old you.
I kept on seeing him everywhere.
It's not like I knew you back then.
You love me too much.
But I was more thankful and deeply moved
to be able to file for a retrial now.
Of course.
We brought our kids up pretty well, right?
They grew up well.
I'm thankful
that they all turned out well.
I'm especially thankful for Hye-yeong.
I'm worried
that I might become a stumbling block
for her to become a judge later.
I heard that's not the case.
I asked Hye-yeong and she said
she won't be held responsible for that.
All right, congratulations
on your retrial, Yun-seok.
Thank you, Yeong-sil.
This is good. Try some.
I'll feed you.
Is it good?
Should I tell Mom and Dad?
Mr. An's mother might visit our house.
You must've been worried a lot.
I talked it over with my mom.
She promised she won't go to your house,
so don't worry.
I'll call after I shoot tomorrow.
I'm sure he was in big trouble.
It's hot outside.
You don't need to walk me out.
What's going on?
Are you sad?
No, I'm not sad.
I'll use Dad's restaurant as my office.
I'll be here every day from tomorrow.
I'm not sad. I'm not.
Mother. We'll get going now.
Right, Jeong-hwan.
You've done a good job.
Thank you for everything.
-Get in.
What is it?
Do you have something to tell me?
I don't think I deserve you.
Thank you
for helping Dad out.
Regardless of the retrial,
I feel like the burden I had is gone now.
Is it going to rain or what?
Why is Ms. Na
so sentimental?
It must be the rain.
Get going now.
-Yes. Bye.
Get inside.
-I'll visit often.
-Yes, sure.
I can't believe the weather.
It should be less hot by now.
I know. It's scorching hot
from the morning.
-I'm fine.
I'll just sweat and shower later.
Why did you follow me?
You can't stand the heat.
I thought I'd get frustrated
if I stayed home
when the weather was hot.
I thought it's a good idea
to take a walk with you.
Did you poo, Chico?
Here. Good job.
Good job. Let me see.
My goodness.
You must be very happy, Chico.
You get compliments for pooping.
When did you arrive?
You should've told me.
We've moved out from there now.
We applied for Father's retrial yesterday.
Oh, did you?
That's good.
Good job.
I couldn't have done it
without your understanding.
Is it all done now?
I applied for the retrial.
If it passes, there will be a retrial.
There may be another trial
to approve the retrial.
In short, it's only the beginning
and they have a long way to go.
Anyway, I'm glad to have you back.
Have you had breakfast?
Yes, we have.
By the way, Mother and Father,
it has finally been
a month this Saturday.
-What do you mean?
-What is?
You decided to have a month of rehearsal
before you graduate from your marriage.
This Saturday is the day
the rehearsal ends.
Starting from next week,
you can graduate from your marriage.
Oh, right.
That's right.
-I see.
It's time already.
So I'm going to make a contract
for graduation.
Graduation contract?
Yes, it should've been done by now,
but I was so busy.
I've been a bad agent.
Then do you want to write
the graduation contract?
After going through
the data of marriage graduation in Japan,
if you graduate
without discussing the conditions,
many problems occur.
So I'm planning to hear
your opinions
about the marriage graduation
and make an agreement.
Tell me your opinions
on the questions I ask.
Yes, sure.
What's that look on your face?
What? What are you talking about?
Did you
change your mind by any chance?
You know, you might not want to graduate.
No. Not me.
Did you
change your mind?
No. Me neither.
Let's make an agreement
on marriage graduation.
This is the most sensitive question.
After the marriage graduation,
are you going to allow
each other's romantic relationship?
Did you say relationship?
Even in Japan, the biggest problem
with marriage graduations have been
the matter of affairs.
You'll be living separately,
so there's a big chance of having dates.
So unless you decide this now…
There's no need to talk about it.
I won't allow it.
That should never happen.
You're right. That shouldn't happen.
We're graduating, not getting divorced.
You're right.
That's so obvious.
I'm glad you share the same idea.
Then let's move on to the next question.
How often will you meet up
after the marriage graduation?
How about once a month?
Isn't that too often?
How about once every three months?
Hey. That's
too long.
How about once a month?
We should meet at least once a month.
Then you'll be meeting once a month.
Here's the next question.
What if someone needs to be hospitalized
or needs surgery?
Will you request each other
to be a guardian
or will you take care of yourself?
I don't know what's on your mind,
I'll be your guardian.
Call me if you get sick.
Married couples should share
their pain together.
We shouldn't ignore each other
when we're sick.
Then I'll be your guardian too.
I'll ask you the fifth question.
Hey, you're asking so many questions.
I know you're busy.
Make a copy and give it to us.
We'll write our own opinions,
you can combine those two later.
Yes. That's a good idea. Leave it to us
and go do your work.
Yes. Then I'll give you this contract.
Go over it and fill it out, please.
Then I'll stop by in the evening.
Hey. This is perfect.
You can go on your own now.
This is good enough to win
in the pizza competition.
By the way,
Mom, honey, and Min-ha.
How about we open up a restaurant?
-I thought
we should get our business going
before she gives birth.
You make a good point,
but if we spend all our money
on the restaurant,
we'll run out of money for birth.
I brought this today
for you.
What is this, Mother?
I saved up little by little for Min-ha
for him to use when he goes to university.
It's not a lot, but when you give birth,
it'll be useful.
-Are you disappointed?
-No way.
Grandma, I'm going to get a scholarship.
Don't worry.
Okay, then.
You still have three years
until you go to college.
I'll save up little by little
until that time.
What's with you? My gosh.
Your hands are covered in oil.
My gosh, what is it?
Thank you, Mother.
We always end up taking from you.
Parents are
always happier
to give whatever they can
to their children.
Let's eat up.
Yes, it is bitter.
I do have a childish taste,
but even I can have it.
It feels like it'll be good for your body.
-I look great on TV.
-If you also have…
That was really fun.
Should I look for a job in sales?
Yes, Yeong-hui.
Oh, with the chairman?
Right now?
Okay, then. I'll be there.
Will he be angry at me
for that TV shopping gig?
I wanted to see Ms. Byun.
Why are you here?
Are you her manager or her assistant?
I'm her boyfriend.
You idiot.
Dad, this is not the time to do that.
we actually wanted to make an offer.
After the TV shopping was aired,
we decided to do two more episodes.
And a part of the deal is
to have you as a host.
Yes, they want our approach to be
"a picky part-timer's
picky product show."
Will you sign a contract with us?
That's a great approach.
But actually, my eldest sister is a lawyer
and she said I should be careful
with contracts.
Do you think I will try to cheat you?
I am a businessman
of ethics and principles.
And isn't this
a great opportunity for you?
Isn't this great for your company too?
You saw how I made
everything we had sold out.
Yes, we should talk about the terms first,
like her pay.
Take a look and see
if that'll work for you.
But sir,
before we sign this contract,
don't you have to say something to me?
For example,
an apology?
Dad, this is an apple.
Apple-ogy may sound like an apology…
Thanks for your apology.
I'll take a look at this first
and bring it back.
Mom, don't just sit around at home.
You should meet friends
and eat something good.
Don't worry. I'll go shopping
or hang out with friends.
Okay, I'll be late from work today,
so don't wait for me and eat dinner first.
Okay, have a great day.
Mr. Kang?
Hello, this is Jung-hui's mom.
Yes, have you been well?
I have a question.
Who is it?
I called you to say something.
Have a seat.
I heard everything from Jung-hui.
Is your father Mr. Lee Yun-seok?
Then how can you date Jung-hui?
If you had even a bit of conscience
or a sense of shame,
you shouldn't be dating Jung-hui,
should you?
I mean, even if you were
dating him at the time,
shouldn't you leave him?
Will you say something?
Why on earth are you dating my son?
At first, my thoughts were
exactly as you said.
So I tried very hard to stop myself
from liking Mr. An.
I tried to live like someone
with a conscience,
so I even had to turn him down once.
And everything I did
actually made him suffer more.
Above all,
I liked him too much to stop myself
with such superficial conscience.
Excuse me, miss.
I completely understand
how you would feel.
You must be furious at me and my family,
and we probably come off
as brazen and shameless.
I really understand.
If I were you,
I would've felt the same way.
If you know that…
But Mother,
if there was anyone other than you
who would love, adore, and cherish Mr. An,
that would be my family.
My dad thinks of him dearly,
even more than his own son.
I really love Mr. An a lot.
To be honest, I can't measure up to him
even apart from what my dad did.
I am very ordinary compared to him.
But I can be a safe haven for him.
He can say anything and everything to me.
And I also played judo,
so I'm very healthy.
I can protect him 24 hours a day,
every single moment
without going anywhere.
I am even willing
to be courageous and shameless like this,
something which I've never done in my life
because I really
and truly love Mr. An.
Will you please let me be with him?
Since when did you come in?
"Above all,
I liked him too much to stop myself
with such superficial conscience."
That part.
Why are you
confessing that to her and not me?
If you want to say that, say it to me.
I'd like to hear it from you.
Mom, I wasn't sure
if this was really going to happen,
but Mr. Kang said you took her number.
I had to push back the shooting
and run over here.
What? Push back the shooting?
Yes, I can do anything
for Mi-yeong's sake.
Nothing will stop me.
You're seeing this yourself, right?
We really love each other,
and I am crazy for her.
But if you tell us to break up right now,
it'll be Romeo and Juliet all over again.
I might go crazy.
I might abandon my shootings
and just run away with her.
So Mom, please don't try
to break us up anymore.
Then I'll take her home,
finish the shooting, and come back home.
-Let's go.
All right, I'll wait.
I'm sorry, Ms. An. I'm really sorry.
-I'll see you soon.
-Yes, we'll see her soon.
-Let's go. Bye, Mom.
-Goodbye. Take care.
Mr. An, you should
go back to the shooting.
That was a lie.
The shooting got canceled.
-Come on.
-Stop chuckling.
Stop laughing already.
I'll get mad at you.
All right. I'm sorry.
I won't laugh anymore.
Then say it to me.
What you said to my mom.
-Mr. An.
You professed your love for me to my mom.
Now say it to me.
How can I say that to your face?
Have you lost your mind?
You're An Jung-hui.
So what?
I want to make this public right away.
Like this. Look. I want to hold your hand
and walk on the streets with you,
and I want to show you off to people.
"This woman is
my girlfriend.
This cute, pretty
and lovely woman is mine." Like this.
My gosh, seriously.
You sure are an actor.
How can you say
such cheesy lines as if it's nothing?
I love you.
I love you too.
Gosh, I haven't thought about anything.
What should I do? I can't be
the first one to say
we should forget about it.
She has been going on
about how much she hates it.
Why isn't she saying anything?
Is she waiting for me to give in
knowing I have nowhere else to go?
Shouldn't he be the first one
to call it off?
He has nowhere to go.
Does he still want to do it or what?
Gosh, what's Hye-yeong doing?
She said she'd take care of everything.
Mom, we're home.
Hey, guys.
Did you finish writing it?
Could you please give me the agreement?
I don't know what to do.
-Just a second.
Are you going to graduate from me?
You didn't want to do it.
Did you change your mind?
I've changed my mind.
I don't want to do it.
In a short amount of time,
I got injured, scammed,
and got into a fight.
I learned something
as I went through those things.
When something happens to me,
the only person in this world
who'd stay by my side is you.
My gosh, Dad.
Did you just profess your love for Mom?
What? Don't say it like that.
I was just telling her the truth.
You got a text. You should check it.
Mother, you need to play hard to get.
This is the perfect opportunity for you
to push your conditions on him.
If that's the case,
I have some conditions for you.
Yes. If you accept them,
I'll be fine with staying in our marriage.
All right, then. Tell me what they are.
Treat me like how you treat Chico.
You take Chico out for walks every day.
Take walks and go shopping with me.
I want us to go out
and spend time together.
You compliment Chico
even when he just poops.
I want that.
"You're great. You're the best."
Compliment me, please.
Do you know how much I've envied Chico?
You were jealous of a dog?
All right. I'll do that. I'll try.
Then I have a request too.
What is it?
Raise my allowance.
300,000 won a month is a joke.
Am I a kid or what?
How much do you want?
About 500,000 won…
No, I should at least get
400,000 won a month.
Well… Okay. Then.
I'll raise it to 500,000 won.
Sounds great.
You never let me down.
From now on, my motto is
"Oh Bok-nyeo forever."
All right. Then as of now,
you'll forget about marriage graduation.
-Everyone, a round of applause!
-My gosh.
Hey, our plan succeeded.
Gosh, Father was amazing today.
-He sure is a real man.
-I know, right?
He was so cool.
I think I can
finally understand why Mother
loves Father so much.
My gosh, thanks.
Thanks to you,
Mom and Dad's problem got resolved.
I know. I think so too.
Why are you laughing? Did you not mean it?
It's not that.
I'm really grateful.
You were absolutely right.
-My gosh.
This is so nice.
I finally feel at home.
Me too. I loved staying with your family,
except that we had to use separate rooms.
You must've been so lonely.
I've been really lonely. That being said,
shall we go into the room?
You're already starting?
It's urgent. Hurry up.
To the room. Go on.
All right, let's do this!
Treat me like how you treat Chico.
You compliment Chico
even when he just poops.
I want that.
"You're great. You're the best."
Compliment me, please.
My gosh, Bok-nyeo. You pooped.
What are you doing now?
You asked me to treat you like Chico.
I'm complimenting you.
You must feel better now.
Did you wipe well?
What? You asked for it. Goodness.
Let's eat.
-Thank you for the food.
-Thank you.
It feels empty
without Hye-yeong and Jeong-hwan.
I know, right? It does feel really empty.
Jeong-hwan is a big guy, you know.
Hye-yeong will come by later in the day.
She'll clean up the first floor,
so we're all helping her.
-I'm going to Yangyang today.
I'll ask the detective
who worked on the case
and the graduate
of Geumsung High School to testify.
I see.
Will they say yes?
Hye-yeong said it's very likely.
They were both very cooperative last time.
The detective
gladly gave us information too.
Hye-yeong and I are
preparing to help Dad
recover his identity.
What's the first thing
you want to do after that?
I'm really curious.
What do you want to do, Dad?
I'm curious too.
Let's see.
I'd like to open another restaurant
under my real name.
That's it?
The name doesn't change the man.
What's wrong with that?
I can't stand the boredom of not working.
You're so boring.
Mom, leave Dad.
Should I?
"We couldn't travel. Let's travel abroad."
Shouldn't you have said that?
Should I have?
Do you want to travel?
What do you think?
We haven't been on a trip,
let alone go abroad.
Okay, then.
Let's go
once our new restaurant's on track.
-Wrong answer.
Mom, you really need to leave Dad.
I should seriously consider that.
Dad, Mom might really leave you.
Coming through.
Just a moment.
Ra-yeong, help with the books.
I'll leave the chair here.
Are these all you need?
Yes. I'll put them away later.
You need a small desk lamp.
I'll get one on the way home.
I'm off to work.
Take care, Hye-yeong.
Thanks, Yu-ju. Bye.
What's going on?
You can do this, Hye-yeong.
Why are you so tense?
I'm not tense.
I hope Jun-yeong does a good job.
He'll do just fine.
-Can I go upstairs for a bit?
Where are you going?
On a date with Jung-hui?
Are you done?
Honey, why don't we go and have a look?
Later on.
Hye-yeong will be stressed
if we show up now.
Let's make some pancakes go down later.
Shall we?
Dad. Mom.
I have something to say.
I thought about whether
I should tell you or not,
but I thought you should know.
She could come over to see you,
and I think it's just right that you know.
Who would come and see us?
Jung-hui's mother is in Seoul.
Oh, I see.
Since when?
Two days ago.
I see.
I'm glad you told us.
We should know.
You want
to visit her, don't you?
I want to do that.
Whether or not she'll see us.
Yes, I feel the same way.
I'll ask Mi-yeong for her number.
Why did you ask to see me?
We should have asked to see you sooner.
I'm sorry we took so long
to finally do so.
I'm really sorry.
Are you going to ask me
to cover everything up
and forgive you now that our children
are seeing each other?
Not at all.
We wouldn't dare ask you to do that.
That's not it.
I lived with the guilt all my life
and I will continue to do so,
but we're here because I wanted
to see you and sincerely apologize.
I apologize.
I did a terrible thing,
and I can never make up for what I did.
I would like to pay the price
for my crimes,
but there's no way to do so.
I'll make it up to your son from now on.
I'm really sorry.
To be very honest,
when I heard Jung-hui was
dating your daughter,
I was angry.
I couldn't believe it.
If you had even a bit of conscience,
I thought you should have
stopped your daughter.
But as it turns out,
even I couldn't stop my son.
Although I'm not sure what you think
about the relationship.
If Jung-hui hadn't stopped me,
I'd have barged into your house
or sued you for fraud.
I thought Han-soo
had been alive until now.
When I heard
you had deceived Jung-hui as well,
I couldn't stand it.
I'm sorry.
But Jung-hui said while he was with you,
he'd been happy.
He felt what a dad's love is like,
something he'd never felt before.
He said your family made him feel the love
I hadn't been able to give him.
He begged me
not to visit you two.
I'd always felt guilty
and sorry towards my son
and his words cut deep,
but I couldn't complain if he felt happy.
I can't forgive you right away.
as a mother, I do understand
why you made the choices you did.
as of today,
I think I'll try
to forgive you both.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
-Are you a celebrity?
-I'm not.
One of each from here to here.
You are a celebrity.
Isn't that why you covered your face?
You look like someone.
That's it, Lee Joon. Right?
Don't be silly.
Lee Joon's way more handsome.
Is he?
I wasn't sure what you like,
so I got one of each.
Why? Were you worried
I'd get angry and faint?
No, not at all.
You're way too beautiful
and elegant to do that.
You wouldn't.
I heard you met with Mr. Lee.
How did it go?
What do you think?
I barely managed to contain my anger.
I felt like he was really sorry
for what he'd done.
They were very nice people.
Right? Don't you think
Yun-seok and his wife
would live like saints even without laws?
I haven't forgiven them.
I'm leaving it to you.
It's not like you'll listen to me anyway.
Thanks, Mom. I love you.
I'll be very clear.
I'm not giving consent.
If you want to marry her,
I might say no then.
Sure. I know how you feel.
But if you were to meet Mi-yeong
a few more times,
you'll just love her.
You just can't help but like her.
Will you keep defending her?
-That's so annoying.
It's not annoying. Keep drinking.
Are you Detective Jung Hae-il?
Thank you, sir.
You're welcome. I'd only heard rumors.
I'm not sure
if my word will help in court,
but call me if you ever need help.
I will. Thank you very much.
Mr. An.
Hello, Jeong-hwan.
It's good to see you.
-Good to see you too.
Cracker goes where Nut goes.
What about you?
I'm here to see Hye…
To show my support for Lawyer Byun.
I heard there'll be a hearing soon.
Yes, so I brought some eel.
It's so fat and heavy.
I brought food too.
It's heavy.
I'll carry this.
-I keep forgetting.
-Let's go.
That's great.
Well done, Jun-yeong.
I'm glad they both agreed to testify.
-I'm not tired at all.
-It's great news.
You're awesome.
Well done, husband.
How are things going? Hello.
Mr. An.
Jeong-hwan. Jung-hui too?
Mi-yeong, Ra-yeong.
It's good to see you.
Hello, Jun-yeong.
So? What brings you here?
I'm here to show my support for Ms. Byun.
How are you doing?
Be nice.
-This is delicious.
-Isn't it?
I wish your parents could join us.
They went out with Grandma for once.
They're having dinner.
Hye-yeong, when's the hearing?
Next Tuesday.
What is it exactly?
We have to explain why we need a retrial.
Can we find out
whether there'll be a retrial
on that day?
No, it takes a few days.
Cracker, I want some chicken.
Chicken for my dear Walnut.
No wings. Breast meat, no.
Here, have a drumstick.
I want chicken too.
That's so nice to hear.
Much better than "Mr. An."
A million times better.
Do you still call him that?
That's wrong.
I was so upset when Cheol-su
called me Instructor Byun.
What should I say, then?
-She can't say that.
-I am, though.
See? I can't say that.
I am your boyfriend.
You have a long way to go.
The women in this family
would never say that.
You're right.
They never even call me that.
Since we're all here, I'd like to share
a word.
About what? Are you already…
No, it's not that.
Jun-yeong mentioned this morning
that we're working to recover
Dad's identity.
When that happens, our surname
will go from Byun to Lee.
We'll get new ID cards,
and it'll show on paperwork.
You don't have to tell your friends
if you don't want to,
and you can tell new people your new name.
But I thought we should tell our spouses
and boyfriends.
I'm all for it.
To be honest, I was worried
-what to name our future child.
-Byun's fine.
I approve.
Though I won't be able to tease her now.
I told you already, didn't I?
I don't care whether you are
Byun Mi-yeong or Lee Mi-yeong.
That's corny.
-Oh dear.
-They're cringe-worthy.
So there are no problems, right?
Thanks, Yu-ju.
Jeong-hwan, Jung-hui, thanks.
You're welcome.
Will you be Lawyer Lee now?
What a change.
-That was funny.
-You're hilarious.
-I liked that.
-Have some eel.
-You're funny.
Thank you.
I'm here.
Are you all ready?
-Tie my tie for me.
Where's Ms. Kim?
I'm here. I got some water.
Mi-yeong's downstairs.
Where's Yun-seok?
In his room.
Are you nervous?
I am.
My palms are sweaty.
Just a moment.
Keep this in your pocket.
Let's go.
Do I look nervous?
I am nervous.
You should be, a little bit.
You'll do fine.
Mi-yeong isn't here yet?
Not yet.
Is everyone here?
Hi, Grandma.
Mi-yeong is here.
Get in!
Father, after you.
-I'll follow. Drive safely.
You can do this,
Lee Hye-yeong.
People are wondering
if there'll be a retrial.
Do you think you have a chance?
Excuse me.
Take everyone inside.
Let's go inside.
Coming through.
It won't be easy.
But as the public is very interested
and the witness testimonies
are trustworthy,
I think there will be a good result.
How do you feel
about defending your father?
I'm relieved that I'm his lawyer.
No lawyer in the world
would be as desperate as I am.
Are you nervous?
Why would I be when you're with me?
You're my daughter.
I don't care
what the result may be.
You can relax.
I will.
All rise.
Case number 74-K131.
We shall begin the hearing on a retrial.
Forty-three years ago,
a young boy made a huge mistake.
One should ignore injustice,
turn against the good, poor, and weak,
and never have any mercy
or benevolence for others.
But this boy sees three boys
ganging up on one
and calls it in.
Because of this, he is named a suspect
and is framed for injury
resulting in death.
He's sent to prison for three years
and is branded a killer
for the rest of his life.
That boy is
my father and the defendant,
Lee Yun-seok.
Article Ten of the Constitution
says the following.
"Every citizen has a value and dignity
and the right to be happy.
The government has the duty
to confirm and guarantee
one's inviolable human rights."
Article 11 says the following,
"Every citizen is equal before the law.
No one shall be discriminated against
on their gender, religion,
or social class."
It's a lie.
Isn't that contempt?
What's going on?
This is contempt.
I apologize.
I know I could be held in contempt,
but I couldn't hold back.
Who does the government stand for?
Who does the legal system protect?
If anyone had taken a careful look,
you could have told
the investigation was full of holes
and not based on confirmed fact.
The court at the time
hurriedly pinned the crime
on an innocent boy.
As a result,
the honest boy
who had many dreams
had his life taken from him.
He lived in pain for the rest of his life.
Your Honor.
Please make the right and courageous call
and approve his retrial.
Scold me and prove to me
what I said was a lie.
So that people can see
the life my father led.
Don't give the parents
a reason to tell their children
to turn a blind eye
when they see something wrong.
Please approve his retrial
and give the defendant
a chance to prove his innocence.
Give him a chance
to live the rest of his life
as an honest man.
I would like this court to reiterate
what our Constitution states so clearly.
His prior trial
ruined the value and dignity
of this man's life.
There should be a just, courageous,
and noteworthy trial
to correct what was wrong.
Please grant us that chance.
I beg of you.
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