My Father Is Strange (2017) s01e52 Episode Script

Episode 52

Welcome, Grandma.
-Yes. Hi.
-Come in.
Welcome, Mother.
Welcome, Min-ha.
I heard you made gamjatang.
To have a meal together with everyone.
Everyone had a hard time
at court yesterday.
I didn't do anything,
but the twins will enjoy it.
-Oh my goodness.
-Eat a lot, Mother.
Let's enjoy it.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Eat a lot, Mom.
You had a hard time at court yesterday.
It was all right.
Hye-yeong suffered a lot.
You've done a great job, Hye-yeong.
You were awesome yesterday, Hye-yeong.
I respect you, Hye-yeong.
If I say no, you'd say I'm lying.
I admit that I do a great job.
Please show me your respect, everyone.
There were many articles
about the trial yesterday.
People are showing interest.
Oh, yes. She's right.
There are many comments too.
There are many comments rooting for you.
We didn't even work
on the comments either.
I know. I still can't believe it.
We couldn't ask for more
after applying for a retrial,
but many people show interest
and support us.
Also, they believe that he's innocent.
I feel like I'm dreaming.
There's one more thing to celebrate.
You'll get a new ID tomorrow.
Congratulations, Father.
Congratulations, Dad.
Congratulations, Dad.
Congratulations, Dad.
Congratulations, Han-soo.
I mean, Yun-seok.
Thank you, Mother.
Thank you, everyone.
Congratulations, Yun-seok.
I'm getting a new husband now.
Thank you, Yeong-sil.
My gosh. I'm just so happy.
Everyone is finally
where they should be now.
I wouldn't ask for anything more
if only I could see Yeong-sil's wedding.
Don't say that, Mom.
-Try this.
This is so sweet.
It arouses your appetite.
Go ahead, Jun-yeong.
Why did you want to see us?
This might be too much before the retrial,
but I thought I should say it now.
How about we have a wedding
for Dad and Mom?
When Dad gets a new ID,
he needs to report his marriage again,
so it's a good reason.
They didn't have a wedding?
-Then it's a great idea.
Jun-yeong. You're a genius.
Yes. What do you think?
I'm all for it.
I'm worried Mother might say no.
She might say no since she's old,
and she'd think it's too much.
You think so?
Yes, that's possible.
Then let's ask them after we discuss it.
I'm all for it, Jun-yeong.
Me too.
If we keep it small, it won't cost much.
Since everyone agrees,
I'll move it forward.
I'll find out how much it costs.
Don't you want volunteers?
I'll take care of the dress,
hair, and makeup.
Then I'll film the wedding.
Then I'll reserve a venue.
Mr. Kang's friend owns a wedding hall.
I'm sure he'll give me a good price.
No, he'll do it for free.
You haven't joined the family yet.
Can we take that?
-We should be grateful.
-Of course.
It's good to know a celebrity.
What is the first thing you want to do
when you get a new ID?
What about you?
There's something I want to do.
What brings you here today?
I'm here to open a bank account.
My gosh.
What? There's nothing wrong with it.
I'll show it to them proudly
like Jun Ji-hyun and Cha Tae-hyun.
Honey. I know it's belated,
but do you want to have a wedding?
At the time, you were pregnant
with Jun-yeong.
Above all, I was using Han-soo's name,
so I felt too shameless to have a wedding.
But I regretted it from time to time.
I also felt bad for you.
Gosh, don't worry about it.
I can't wear a wedding dress at my age.
It's horrifying to think about it.
Be honest with me.
If you say that you want to do it…
Look at my body.
How can I wear a wedding dress?
Forget it, please.
What do you want to do?
Dad, you'll come
to the community office today, right?
You should come around lunchtime.
I'll buy you lunch.
Let's save that for another time.
I have a busy day ahead.
Yes, he has a lot to do with his new ID.
Both of us are busier than Jung-hui today.
All right. Let's do it another time.
Oh, there's a surprise!
Mom and Dad, we prepared
-a gift for you.
We want to plan a wedding for you.
You can use your real name,
so you should register your marriage
and have a wedding too.
Mother, do you not like the idea?
All right, guys.
Well, I won't look good
in a wedding dress,
but that's understandable at this age.
Of course. Don't worry, Mom.
Having that figure at your age… Gosh.
-You're like Jun Ji-hyun.
Mother, you have such a feminine figure.
You look beautiful
and elegant in anything.
Okay. Let's do it, then.
My gosh, I'm so excited
that I can't say no at all. Thanks, guys.
Thanks, guys.
You're much more thoughtful than me.
You should've told me
if you wanted a wedding.
No. I said yes
because they're going on about it.
I mean… Gosh.
Here, Dad.
I guess
I put you through so much trouble
to become a civil servant for this day.
Congratulations, Dad.
I'm even happier
because I go to take this from my son.
How do you feel?
Really good.
I feel like I've finally become
legitimate and complete.
How do you feel?
I feel as if
I went back to my 20s and met you again.
Shall we go, Mr. Lee Yun-seok?
To do this, right?
Let's go.
When you drive after getting your license,
you must protect pedestrians by ensuring…
Oh no.
I've applied to this already.
This one too.
For this, age will be an issue.
Yes, hello?
No, I'm not interested.
I only get telemarketing calls.
Yes, that is me.
Thank you.
Thank you so much!
-Two mojitos, please.
Hey, why are you so excited?
I am excited indeed.
Mr. An, I'm over the moon!
You are? Really?
I also have good news. Let's say it now.
-In one, two, three.
-I got a job!
-I renewed my contract!
-You got a job?
Mr. Lee wrote
a letter of recommendation for me,
so I applied to Eye Entertainment with it.
And today, I found out that I got the job.
Mr. An, I'm no longer unemployed!
What's wrong?
I renewed it with Gabi on the condition
that I can bring you back.
And they accepted that request?
Did you actually renew
your contract with Gabi?
Yes. Why do you ask?
You need a professional management system.
When an actor wants something odd,
the agency needs
to be able to firmly say no.
That agency is weird.
Shouldn't you rethink your decision?
I can't even talk to you.
I did it to spend more time with you.
Well, you're…
Wait. Didn't Seong-jun
recently sign with them?
He got a new agency?
Yes, I think it is the one.
See? Look. He is there now!
Don't get me wrong.
I really didn't know.
I'm serious.
Had I known, I wouldn't have applied.
-You knew, didn't you?
-No, I had no idea.
To tell you the truth,
I did apply for a personal reason.
They manage the artist
I used to admire so much.
Who is it?
Yoon Mi-rae.
I used to go to live radio shows
back in high school.
Just a second, please!
Thank you.
Hello, I'm Steel Heart!
Please remember me.
Oh, really?
Right, Mi-rae is awesome.
I'm a fan of hers too.
Hang on, I was a singer back then.
We might have met.
Gosh, no way. Then I'd remember.
Right? We'd remember.
Mr. An.
Are you not mad at me anymore?
I'm still mad.
Don't do that.
Don't. Stop it.
Don't do that! Keep still!
-Stay still!
-I don't want to!
Gosh, I'm still mad.
Don't be mad at me!
Darling! Nut is here.
What took you so long?
The interview Father arranged for me
went on for much longer than I thought.
It smells delicious. Is it pasta?
Your favorite, vongole pasta.
Go get changed.
Here's to the retrial.
To your success.
-Is it good?
So you keep getting interview requests?
It looks like many people are interested.
I'm preoccupied with the retrial,
so at first,
I wasn't going to have the interview,
but I thought
it'd help to get the retrial,
so I'm going to accept every request.
Definitely. You should.
Social interest and reflection
influence a case like this.
That's why Dad is trying his best
to get you an interview.
I'm well aware of it. I'm very grateful.
I didn't know Father was that considerate.
He looks like he's not interested,
but he actually got my back.
I'm his son.
How about you?
You must be very busy
with the show coming up.
I was so busy preparing for the retrial
that I forgot to ask you.
Look at you. Did you finally realize?
I was a little disappointed,
but it's fine. Above all,
you helped me the most
in this pilot project.
What? I helped? How?
Actually, I'm applying
our marriage internship
to three real newlywed couples.
I'll be observing
how many couples will stay together
even after the end of the internship.
My goodness. Really?
Then I played a huge role in this.
I know. If it works out well,
I'll treat you out.
-Really? Promise me.
-I promise.
I just realized
it has been a while
since we did an evaluation.
You're right.
Not using separate bedrooms, 17 points.
Saying "I love you" at least once a day,
22 points.
Yes, 22 points.
It adds to 51.
I was worried,
but I didn't expect to get 51 points.
Do we get a chance for improvement?
Father's case is very special,
like a national emergency.
It's unusual.
We should consider that,
make exceptions for using separate rooms
and saying I love you once a day.
But to do that,
we should have indicated it
when we signed the contract.
I see.
I'm sorry.
I thought our internship
would have a crisis
due to your parents.
I didn't expect to go over 50 points
in such a short time.
Who could have known that
you'd become Lee Hye-yeong overnight?
How many would go through this
among six billion people in the world?
I have nothing to say.
Don't blame yourself.
Since we made a contract,
we should decide whether we'll
continue our marriage or end it.
We should.
That's the rule.
Yes. That's the rule.
Shall we meet on the weekend
after coming to a decision?
Whether we should end
our marriage internship
or continue on.
Where are you going?
You've bought enough.
Stop it.
It hasn't been that long
since you promised to go shopping
and spend time with me.
But there's a limit.
This is too much.
It's right there. Let's go check it out.
Honey. What do you think?
I think this will look good on you.
I said I'm fine.
I haven't even put on
what I bought last time.
That's for a casual occasion
like coming here.
We have our in-law's wedding
on the weekend.
We should dress up for it.
We're not the ones…
We're not the ones getting married.
Just wear something neat
and send our congratulations.
Are your feet okay in those shoes?
I'm over the limit now.
I really don't need more clothes.
Get something for yourself
since your birthday's coming up.
There's something I want for my birthday.
What is it?
Let's take a family photo.
Not with Chico,
but with Jeong-hwan, Hye-yeong and me.
I guess Dad and Mom are getting along now.
It's our first family photo.
I see.
We can tell from the number of calls
they make to us. It's less now.
-Hello, Mother, Father.
-Yes. You're early.
It has been a while
since we became family,
but we never took a picture together.
This could replace the family reunion
we agreed to do
every two weeks. What do you think?
-Sure. We can do that.
Then let's start the shooting.
-Let's see.
Chico. Let's take a picture together.
Hold your hands please, Mother and Father.
-What? Hold hands?
That's not necessary.
Let's just take it.
-I'm ready.
-Why not?
But you love holding Chico.
-Oh, my.
There's no need.
Can we?
-Come on.
Smile and say cheese.
See? It's so nice.
Do I take this one?
Oh, hi. Yes. That's yours.
It's heavy. Let Jeong-hwan take it.
He said he'll be late. It's fine.
I'll go up now. Goodnight.
-Are you leaving now?
Sure. Go rest.
Yes. I'll go up. Bye, Father.
Yes. Go rest.
What was that for?
I'm just sad
that they'll be leaving in January.
Did you let them move out in January?
What has gotten into you?
She stopped graduating…
Never mind. We had a promise.
I'm sad to hear that they're leaving.
I'm finally getting used
to living with them now.
I know.
Everywhere I go including the hair salon,
everyone's talking
about our in-law's retrial.
They always compliment
their lawyer daughter,
and I just want to tell them,
"Actually, she's my daughter-in-law."
I just want to tell them so badly.
I'm so hungry.
Let's have dinner.
We should put away the grocery we bought.
Right. I forgot.
-There's seafood too.
-Go now.
-My goodness.
-I'll help you.
Is this really our restaurant?
Yes. It's ours.
Yes. The bank owns about 30 percent,
but it's ours.
Shall we go in, CEO Na, Mr. Na?
Let's go.
Is it okay to have a ritual with pizza?
It's a pizza place,
so it's for the pizza deity.
Let's make a wish.
Please help us succeed.
Please make us rich.
I won't ask for anything,
but please get me a girlfriend.
-This way.
-Have a seat here.
Our first customer.
-Good job.
-Good job.
-Good job.
-Good job.
-Good job.
-Good job.
Did you see that? It's sold out again.
Of course, I do.
I think you're amazing.
How do you always do that?
I know. I think I have the skill.
It's fun, exciting, and I'm good at it.
I think this is what you should do.
I should study
how to be a TV shopping host.
Why is Dad calling you?
Yes, Chairman.
I didn't call you
because I knew you'd tag along.
Why did you call her?
Why are you giving this back?
I can't accept your resignation.
I want you back at work.
I can't find anyone who's better than you.
You created that academy,
so take full responsibility.
Dad, I already told you this.
That's enough.
Just know that I want you back.
By the way, Ra-yeong.
Are you
looking for a job at another company?
Yes, I think I finally found
what I'm good at.
So I'm looking for a job in sales.
I'm also going to attend
a TV shopping host academy.
Our company is known for our benefits.
We greatly support our employees
to help them improve work performance.
Would you like to work
at our company's PR and Marketing Team?
If you become a full-time employee,
the company might be able to pay
for your TV shopping host academy.
Are you offering me a job?
Yes, you can say that.
What do you think? Are you interested?
I'll think about it.
Okay, think about it.
I hope you'll give me a positive answer.
You have nothing to think about.
Get back to work now.
And you should learn from your girlfriend
about how to promote the soccer academy.
At this rate, you can't return
my investment in five years.
Did you just call her my girlfriend?
Yes. Go ahead and keep dating her.
Call me by my position at work.
And you guys can get married
after some time.
Cheol-su needs to get settled first.
The same goes for you, Ra-yeong.
Should I not speak comfortably?
No, you can speak to me comfortably.
Let's talk about marriage once both of you
get settled with your jobs.
-Okay, we'll do that.
You guys can go now.
Dad, thank you.
Chairman, thank you so much.
Okay, I get it. You can go now.
Go do that somewhere else.
Starting next week, I'm going to work
for their PR and Marketing Team.
I'm also going to keep appearing on shows.
And the company's also going to send me
to a TV shopping host academy
as my benefit.
Honey, can you pinch me?
I can't believe this.
Ra-yeong, how did you become an employee
at such a big company?
She didn't just get a job.
The company actually offered her the job.
My goodness, I'm so proud of you.
My gosh.
It turns out that Ra-yeong is
very talented in sales.
"Buy two, get one free!"
I saw her do it on TV,
and she was very good at selling stuff.
It was live,
but she didn't even get nervous.
She made it seem like
it'd be a loss not to buy one.
She was so great.
Right? Everyone says the same thing.
Apparently, I make it seem like
they must buy it.
So they end up calling
and ordering what I sell.
Jun-yeong, after doing just two shows,
I became the queen of selling everything.
At times like this, I can see that
Ra-yeong and Hye-yeong are alike.
But why do I feel a bit offended?
When did our youngest daughter
grow up so much?
I know.
I only thought of her as a troublemaker.
I'm the second tallest person
in this family.
This time, you offended Mi-yeong
by saying that.
Me? Just me?
I'm only a little less than 170cm.
-Don't lie.
-You're a bit over 150cm.
I'm 165cm.
Come to the rooftop.
I need to run to the convenience store.
-I forgot to get something.
-Okay, see you.
See you.
Didn't you say you had a shoot today?
I thought I won't get to see you.
Not a shoot, but something else,
and it ended early.
I see.
The moon is huge tonight.
Is it a full moon?
An article about me
will get published tomorrow.
About what?
Is it bad?
I brought it so I can show it to you.
-Can you take a look?
-Yes, show it to me.
Mr. An.
Yes, I know.
I know that
we've only just started to date.
I know it's a bit too early for us
to talk about marriage.
if I ever end up marrying someone,
I'm 100 percent sure it'll be you.
You used to be my manager,
so you must know that
I never wanted to get married.
I'm also very surprised
at how different I've become,
and it feels strange.
I'm not saying
we should get married right away.
After six months…
Don't publish this.
You're an up-and-coming star right now.
If this gets published…
It's okay.
I've been up-and-coming for ten years.
But still, no.
You can publish it
a month before the marriage.
And isn't this a ring?
Aren't you going to put it on?
I pondered
on where I should propose to you.
I figured that we shared
a lot of memories together
on this rooftop
ever since I first came here.
That's why
I decided to do it here.
I also wanted this proposal to be special,
even if it doesn't turn out to be fancy.
You're always special to me.
Will you marry me?
I'll stay by your side
for 24 hours every day
until the day I die.
My goodness.
My gosh.
-How many eggs do we…
-There are only two.
My goodness.
My gosh, what are you doing there?
Well, the door was a bit…
What are you guys doing here?
Right, the door was…
Yes, continue what you guys were doing.
-Let's go back inside.
-Hurry up!
-Go in.
Go back inside. Move!
Only I get to watch.
-Do it.
-Let's go back in.
Go on.
I thought we should wait
to tell our parents,
but we've been caught.
Let's just tell them now.
They told us to continue.
-Did you see it?
-Did you see that?
My gosh!
You guys were on the rooftop?
We were wondering where you went.
What did you do?
-Oh, we just talked.
-That's right.
Dad and Mom.
Oh, it's…
What do you need the red beans for?
Grandma likes rice cakes with them,
you know.
I want to make some for her.
What's going on, guys?
I'm here.
Hey, Jung-hui.
Mi-yeong, did you step out to meet him?
Come in, Jung-hui.
Your shoot must've ended early today.
-Have you had dinner?
Yes. There's something I need to tell you.
What is it? Go ahead.
And Mother.
I want to marry Mi-yeong.
Give us your blessing.
He just proposed to her on the rooftop!
Ra-yeong is right, Mom and Dad.
He proposed to me and I said yes.
We won't get married right away.
But probably in six months.
But only if you two give us permission.
I didn't expect this at all.
Honey, what do you think?
I'm fine with it
if they are happy with each other.
I have no reason to be against it.
You have my permission.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
Same here.
I have no reason to be against it.
All right. You guys can get married.
Thank you.
Mom and Dad,
thank you.
You're a real man.
-So bold.
-You rock.
-Yes, Mr. Lee. Oh, I mean,
I'll call you like that from now on.
-Will you?
When we visited my dad's grave together,
you asked me if I want to be your son,
but I didn't answer.
This was the reason.
I'll be your son-in-law, Father.
All right.
I'll be a father-in-law
who's like a dad to you.
Thank you, Father.
Can I give you a hug?
I want to thank you too.
Have you thought about it?
Yes, what about you?
-I'll go first.
I'll go first.
I still
don't think I'm cut out for marriage.
I love myself too much,
and I'm attached to my work as well.
I don't want to live
as someone's wife or mom.
I still want to live as myself.
I realized something
while we went through this.
I just thought
that I simply got married.
I was wrong.
I married you.
Hadn't you been there for me,
I wouldn't have been able
to get through the storm.
No, even if I had managed to survive it,
I would've been a wreck.
I might have ended up
becoming a really twisted
and pessimistic person.
Thanks to you,
I was able to stay optimistic
and positive regarding this world.
And thanks to you,
I was able to hold out
and get through it all.
That's what made me realize this.
If there is
a man who can handle
Byun Hye-yeong and Lee Hye-yeong,
it'd be you
and no one else.
Will you marry me?
On one condition.
Let's switch our marriage internship
to a marriage renewal system.
Every year, we'll assess things and decide
whether or not
we want to continue our marriage.
In other words,
we should try not to be too comfortable.
What do you think?
I totally agree.
I'm in.
How did you get this idea?
Don't forget
who you're dealing with.
Will you marry me, then?
But… Gosh.
What should we do about this?
We're too much, aren't we?
Let's just wear both of them.
The most beautiful woman
in the whole wide world.
Will you
marry me?
Isn't this too much, guys?
Uncle, we had to dress like this
to make sure people don't notice Jung-hui.
You're right.
People are looking at us
but not paying attention to Jung-hui.
People keep staring at us though.
This feels weird.
A celebrity must feel like this.
Jung-hui, are you sure about this?
I am. No one will recognize me
with a facial mask on.
You need to bathe together
to become family.
You're right.
I'm now a member of the Lee clan.
I wonder what the ladies are up to.
After you.
Let's go inside.
Come on.
-Did you bring my towel?
Well done.
Push up your upper body.
Keep your pubic bone
stuck on the floor, and exhale.
This pose stimulates blood circulation.
It's killing me.
We should've gone to bathe
like the men did and soak ourselves.
You're right.
But they're renovating the women's bath.
If we'd gone to bathe instead,
Yeong-sil would look good
in her bridal makeup.
I'll give her a facial tonight
so that her makeup looks great.
Do you think a facial would be enough?
Nothing beats a good soak in a hot bath.
-You're right, Mom.
Please stop talking
and focus on the moves.
Lower your upper body,
and sit up.
-My back aches.
This next pose is great for you
when you have a puffy face.
Grandma and Aunt can sit this one out.
Keep both legs straight,
and lower your chest to your knees.
Lean forward.
No wonder your face is so puffed up.
I feel like I'm dying already.
You won't die.
Think of the dress you'll wear tomorrow.
My face isn't puffed up.
I'm just plain fat.
I'm dying here!
Hang in there.
You want to be pretty tomorrow.
Save me.
I might die trying to get married twice.
I love you, Mom.
That's enough.
I feel so refreshed.
This must be why
people go to public baths.
You finally got the charm
of public bathhouses.
Your show's ratings are soaring.
Right, it's really fun.
Yes, it is. Marriage Internship.
It's hilarious.
The ratings are 11,3 percent.
The top show in that time slot.
Anyway, Yun-seok.
How do you feel about getting married?
Do you feel like a bachelor
or someone being drafted twice?
I'll tell you the truth,
so don't tease me.
I'm pleased.
Like I'm getting remarried.
-I feel butterflies.
You're so predictable.
Our dad's always been a romantic.
He's a true romantic,
and so is everyone here.
You don't know what you're saying.
It's not us men who are romantics.
The women are too headstrong.
You're right. You can't beat them.
You got that right.
Mi-yeong isn't like that.
My Mi-yeong is so sweet and naive.
Is she not? Is she headstrong too?
Jung-hui, she did judo for a reason.
One wrong move, and she might kill you.
No one can beat my Hye-yeong.
You're right.
Do you think anyone can beat Ms. Na
who gave birth and raised them all?
-You win.
-You win.
-You win.
-You win.
-You made it.
It's nice here.
It's lovely.
Why is my heart pounding
when it's not even my wedding?
Me too.
Let's sit.
-It's nice.
-It's nice here.
Jung-hui, is everything sorted?
Are we too dressed-up?
Mom has to stand out.
You're right.
Am I too overdressed?
I'm already overly beautiful.
Aren't you supposed to dress up
for a wedding
and stand very close to the bride
and pose as if you're a celebrity?
-What have you done?
-Stop it.
You're the prettiest here.
Thank you.
-Hello, Mother, Father.
-Our in-laws.
Grandma, my in-laws are here.
Are they?
That's enough.
-Thanks for coming.
It's such an honor to have you.
Of course, we should come.
-Are you well?
Congratulations, ma'am.
You got a new son-in-law.
I did.
I'm not quite sure
if he's a new son-in-law
or second-hand.
The wedding will begin soon.
Could the guests please be seated?
The bride and groom will now enter!
You're beautiful.
-You're so pretty.
-Dad, you look great.
Mother, you look amazing.
Looking good.
-You look great.
I'd like a baby brother.
Dad, you look amazing.
Now, the groom will read his vows.
Rather than saying my vows,
I'll give a short speech.
I, Lee Yun-seok,
would like to retire
from being a dad for a bit.
I'm sorry to the kids, but for a while,
I want to focus on my priority.
My dear wife.
I want to live as Yeong-sil's husband.
Good for you.
You're mine, Dad.
-You're awesome.
-Nicely said, Father.
Thank you
for marrying me,
I love you.
I, Na Yeong-sil,
would also like to retire
from my mom duties.
I don't feel bad for the kids.
I did all I had to.
Let's be honest. Is there a mom like me?
-You're right.
-You're amazing.
Mom, you're wrong.
For so many years,
you set aside your life and career
and lived for me and the kids.
I thank you
more than I can put into words.
I respect you for that
and am grateful.
From now on,
let's spend the rest of your life
doing everything you wanted to.
That's what I want.
even if I'm born again…
Even if I'm born again,
I will
marry you.
Now we will have
the celebratory performance.
Come on!
Not bad for a soccer player.
You're so handsome.
That hurt.
Not bad, Mi-yeong.
Do it, Jung-hui.
You nailed it.
-Kiss the bride.
-Kiss the bride.
-Kiss the bride.
-Kiss the bride.
-Kiss the bride.
-Kiss the bride.
-What happened?
-Oh, no.
Oh, come on.
Oh dear.
Byun Hye-yeong speaking.
Yes, speak up.
-Cut the music.
Mom, Dad.
This is the perfect wedding gift.
Our petition for retrial
has been approved.
We got you
a retrial.
That's great news.
-This is great.
-Is it good?
-At last.
It's good.
It's okay. There will be a retrial.
I don't believe it.
Don't cry!
No one can cry. Mom, Dad, stop.
We haven't taken photos yet.
Is my mascara running?
-No, is mine?
-Stop crying.
-Do I look okay?
-You look fine.
We went from laughing
to crying to smiling.
Kids, come and join us.
Don't fight.
Stop it.
That's enough.
Let's take this photo.
Can you look over here?
One, two.
You landed the sole lead of a miniseries
as your next work.
Does it feel more burdensome?
It's not really a burden.
I'd like to be an actor
who always delivers.
You're the most
sought-after actor for commercials.
That means you're a star.
Why do you think that is?
My secret?
My trustworthy looks?
I really don't know.
Thanks to you,
everyone knows my family history.
I don't know the secret.
Sir, shall I give you a scoop?
In three months from now,
I will be married.
I will marry my beautiful
ex-manager and current girlfriend.
I see.
Inner peace. I need peace.
Mr. Kang here
suggested we announce it later on,
and my girlfriend said it's too soon.
But I can't keep quiet.
I'm getting married.
I'm back.
Lawyer Lee. Go to the meeting room.
A retrial candidate insists
that you defend him.
-Are you the lawyer?
-Sit down.
-Be quiet.
Don't bow before we're sure
she'll take the case.
Are you the lawyer who was on TV?
Do you do retrials?
Mr. Client.
If you want me to represent you,
I think you should watch your attitude.
Now you're ready for a meeting.
So? You're here for a retrial?
You came to the right place.
I'm a public defender
and a retrial expert…
Lee Hye-yeong.
-Yes, I'm happy.
Are you?
We should get going.
-Bye, Dad.
-Drive safely.
-We will.
-Stay healthy.
-Take care.
Keep the door locked and make your food.
Don't just eat instant noodles.
Close the gas valve,
and don't stay out too late.
Especially Ra-yeong.
Check on your grandma often,
and make sure you pay the bills on time.
Air out our room whenever you can.
Will you stop nagging and get in?
They know what to do. See you.
Call if something's up.
-Yes, don't worry.
Dad, you left this.
Stop being silly.
-We're off.
-Take care.
-Bye, we'll miss you.
Mom! Dad!
Take care of yourselves.
My parents are great.
They're the best.
How did they think of that?
I never thought of a food truck.
I can't believe he thought of that.
Dad wants to sell food,
and Mom wants to travel.
They merged the two.
He just learned to drive.
He should be careful.
Don't worry. He said he'd be careful.
I wonder where they'll go first.
They should've taken this with them.
Can you manage? Shall I drive?
I can manage.
I'm a bit tense, that's all.
I'll ask you to take over
when I'm too tired.
You can rest.
I get nervous when you're nervous.
I'm relaxed.
I really am.
Where shall we go first?
I don't know.
We can let our hearts decide.
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