My Haunted House (2013) s01e01 Episode Script

The Nursery & the Closet

It would make a perfect nursery for the baby It got to the point where Jasson would only sleep to the closet.
It didn't seem to be anything unsafe about it.
Sanctify this home.
As he started the blessing, everything seem a little different.
Not in a good way.
Whisper: It's gonna be such a beautiful baby.
Are you ok? This was the house I was looking for.
So my husband Joel and I had just gotten into town for his new job.
We were staying in a hotel until we found the place.
And it was starting to get really expensive.
Joel's new job took him out of town a lot.
So it was pretty much up to me to find us a place to rent.
I was 3 months pregnant so I wanted to find a place that was inexpensive, but also want to have an extra room.
So I can turn it into a nursery.
- Hi How are you? I looked at 9 places that day, but this real state broker promissed me on the phone this was the house I was looking for.
The house was beautiful, more space than we needed even.
And I just kept thinking, how can this real state broker actually think that this was in my price range.
Then I see an extra room.
And it would make a perfect nursery for the baby.
And I'm imagining where the crib would go, and where the changing station would be, and then something catches my eye.
The room is completely empty.
But there is something on the top shelf of this closet.
And I'm thinking, "No way that's what I think it is.
" So I reach up and I grab it It's a tiny little girls baby shoe.
And I'm thinking this house is meant for us.
This is like an owmen.
But I still didn't know how we are going to afford the place.
I'm afraid this is probably going to be out of our price range.
Well, this is what the owner is asking for.
That's quiet a low price for the area.
The rent was cheap, I mean, really cheap.
But the landlord insisted on a year lease and wanted a huge security deposit.
Because the last couple broke the lease and moved out with no notice.
I mean, It was the strangest thing, she was pregnant.
You just have to sign here, here and here.
I really should have checked with Joel, but I was afraid that I was going to lose the house to someone else.
Congratulations! The house really was perfect.
3 bedrooms, a pool.
Finally, we were gonna be able to stay in one place, and raise a family.
And of course, we had Jens lucky shoe, watching over us I loved that pool.
I would swimg almost every night for about an hour.
One night, after I finished swimming, I was wasting time gathering leaves and i saw something at the bottom of the deep end.
And I'm staring at it and I'm thinking, that can't be what I think it is.
How's that possible? So I scoop it up with the net.
It's another baby shoe.
Identical to the one that I had found in the nursery.
Or maybe is the same one, I don't even know.
But how could that be? Because that one is hanging in my car.
- It was the same shoe.
Joel, I just found this in the pool.
And then I went out to the car, and I looked to the car and and the baby shoe wasn't in the car.
-ok So I'm trying to figure out our baby shoe got in the pool.
I've never seen her so worked up, about nothing.
I mean, it's an old shoe.
- Did you put it in there? - No I didn't put a shoe in the pool.
- The words are coming out of my mouth And I know that I sound crazy, and I think I was too scared to tell Joel because I felt silly.
So I'll just ended up sounding crazy.
That's weird, because it just appeared there.
I was raised catholic, but Joel is an atheist.
So I really didn't want him to know that I was going to have the house blessed.
He would have hated that idea.
-Hi, welcomed.
So I arranged for the house blessing when i knew Joel would be working.
- I'm father Timothy.
Thank you! I got to admit it, it felt a little strange to have a priest in my house after all these years.
Dear heavenly father.
God almighty - As soon as he started the blessing.
everything seemed a little different.
Not in a good way.
The air just got more dense.
Sanctify this home.
-He just stopped and then he just rushed inside the bathroom without any explanation.
But I could still hear him from outside.
Father, are you ok? It was like he didn't even see me.
I called the church later that day to find out what happened.
They hung up on me.
Joel was out of town a lot.
I loved that house, but it was so big, every time Joel left I would kind of feel vulnerable.
I as bent down to pick up the spoon, I noticed all this tiny little puddles.
They were leading all the way from the pool to the kitchen, and then upstairs.
It looked like little foot prints.
I was terrified, but part of me had to know where they led.
So I followed them.
My heart was pounding.
I knew I should go back downstairs and call the police.
But I just kept going.
I managed to convince myself that i was just my imagination.
But now I know better.
Later that night I was trying to sleep.
I thought Joel was home early.
-Whisper: "It's gonna be such a beautiful baby.
" I couldn't sleep for 4 days.
Jen I'm home.
- Joel We can't stay here, we can't We have to go now, tonite.
We can't stay here! She was histerical and i wish her it was all in her head.
We can't move out because you are having bad dreams.
- No they are not dreams.
Joel I know what a dream is, they are not dreams.
- The truth is I couldn't be sure what I was experiencing.
Part of me thought, maybe I am sleep deprived, or depressed.
I blamed the house.
But really I had no idea.
- I don't wanna live here.
- I hated seen Jen so upset, and I didn't know what to do, so i made her a promise, that I knew at the time, that I wasn't gonna be able to keep.
I will stay off the road.
I will stay here until you feel comfortable.
That's the best I can do.
Jen can you get that? - A few days later, there is a knock on the door.
Excuse me? There is a crazy priest talking nonsense.
I don't understand what you are saying.
- Oh God, it's the same priest that ran out of the house a couple of weeks ago.
Only these time, there is something wrong with his eyes.
I needed to talk to him.
But I didn't want anybody to know that he'd been here to bless the house.
Do you guys need something? You are starting to freak my wife out, alright? Time to go Wait, what's he saying? I'm so sorry, he hasn't been well.
He insisted I bring him here.
- No, what's he's saying? It's latin, he's saying she wants the baby.
- Yeah, of course she wants the baby.
Alright, have a good day.
- I knew exactly what he was talking about.
But to this day, I haven't even told Joel.
Everything calmed down for a while.
I stayed home with Jen, and I was going a little street crazy, so I did a little work on the nursery.
And I bought this baby monitor, where you can listen the baby for upto a mile away.
Can you take this to the baby's room? - yeah.
Let's see how it looks from there.
- Baby it's on, where are you? - Hi ! .
- There you are - Can you see me? - Yeah.
Alright, it works great! Later that night, I was working on my laptop.
I noticed that she had left the baby monitor on.
Hey Jen, staring at that crib it's not going to get that baby get here any faster.
When she didn't answer, I got this weird feeling.
- Jen! Honey, why are you yelling? - You were just in the nursery, right? - No, I was in the garage.
Why? - Nothing.
Never told her about it.
I guess at the time I had convinced myself it was my imagination.
But now I think that I was afraid to scare Jen even more.
Everything is harder.
Joel was working late again, so I thought a good swim would help me sleep.
That was not my imagination! I wanted to get the hell out of that house.
And then I thought, what if that has nothing to do with it.
What if it's me! Maybe this thing is stalking me! I needed to know more about that house.
I needed to know who died there.
I did some research, and I found a chain of title to the house.
Turned out that in the last 16 years, no one had lived there for more than 2 years at the time.
I thought that was weird.
Then I searched the address for the house, to see what happened 16 years ago.
And I found a news report.
Just hours ago, police arrived to a grisly scene outside this suburban home.
I immediately recognized our house.
A young mother, allegedly drowned her 2 year old daughter, then herself in their back yard swimming pool.
And it's said that the resident 22 a year old woman I needed to get out of that house.
I started packing my bag.
Joel was gonna be home any minute, and i needed to be ready when he got there.
Hello? Joel, where are you? Ok, I need you to get home.
Joel said that it was gonna be late.
- No, no, no.
You said you would be here.
I was gonna have to stay in that house one more night.
Just get here as soon as you can.
I should've stayed in a hotel that night.
I really wish I had.
I had to pack up the entire house by myself.
I would never set foot in the house again.
Never! It'd been a really hard year for us.
Alright, come on out.
My son's father was no longer in the picture.
Hey, can you help mommy unpack? Jasson took it really hard.
My divorce was messy and we were almost complely broke.
But just when things were about to hit bottom, I got a job offer to teach at a private school.
with free housing.
It was the perfect chance for us to start over, new school for Jason, new friends - Where is my little nephew? And we got to live closer to my sister Diana.
Give me a hug.
Jason hadn't seen me in almost a year, and he didn't really know me.
But I thought and try and make a game out of finding his new bedroom.
What's in here.
We were exploring the house, Going from room to room.
That's a nice bathroom! And then all of a sudden, he just walks off.
And heads for this door, at the end of the hall.
What you got there.
It was this creepy old talking doll.
But he just became fixated on that thing.
Let's go see your room.
- Is this your room? This is awesome, look at this big boy bed.
I was trying not to show it.
But I was really overwhelmed with everything going on.
- It's really good, I got a good feeling about it.
You know? - I know, thank you for helping me move.
The divorce, the move, the new house.
- You should really let me paint a uron this wall, for Jason.
- Alright - Personalized it a little bit.
- Yeah.
I guess, there were somethings I should've noticed.
But I just didn't.
- We got to make this house like is yours.
You can put the toy chest over there.
- That's what I was thinking, yeah.
- That would be really cute there.
- I could use something really cute (Whispers start) Whispers continue Jason! Jason! I finally got around unpacking Jason's clothes.
So I needed to get into his closet.
But the door wouldn't budge.
Hey Diana! I thought that between the 2 of us will be able to get it open.
- One, Two, Three - No, I don't think so It's there a latch somewhere ? We thought maybe it was painted shot or even nail shot somehow.
We had no idea.
- I can - I'll get it - You don't know what you are looking for - Yes I do We were arguing about which tool we needed for the job.
I'll use this How did that .
Hold on, hold on let me just.
Jason how did you get the closet open? We've no idea how he got in there.
Jason, Jason I was looking all over the house for Jason.
- Jason babe where are you? Jason I was sure I was hearing voices.
They seem like they're coming from the closet, but I'm positive I heard 2 voices.
Two different voices.
- Hey, what are you doing in there? Are you playing with a friend? I'm a school teacher.
I know kids have imaginary friends.
It's completely normal.
But this was different.
My son was different.
We eventually settle into the house.
But I never felt comfortable there.
It was like, like I was been watched or like I wasn't alone.
One night I was cleaning after dinner.
Jason was in his room coloring, he'd been doing that a lot lately.
I was just glad he had something he liked to do.
- Jason! What are you doing? What are these? - It's time to go to bed, ok? He had drawn like a dozen of this terrible disturbing pictures.
But they were just pieces of pictures, part of face, a severed hand or foot in chains.
They didn't look like anything he'd done in school.
They almost look like they've been done by somebody else.
I came to baby sit Jason one Saturday, and I was so excited But then, as soon as I got there, he grabbed that stupid doll.
And hid in the closet.
I guess my feelings were hurt a little bit.
But the dolls constant talking was totally getting on my nerves.
I mean, it was driving me crazy.
I just wanted to shut it up.
I didn't think it would be a big deal.
I'll just remove the batteries.
There were no batteries.
I told Stacy what happened with that creepy doll, and she said I was overreacting.
She said, "it must have batteries hidden somewhere else".
- l love my sister but she's always had a wild imagination.
It got to the point where Jason would only sleep to the closet.
That didn't seem to be anything unsafe about it.
But one morning about a week after we moved in I was doing chores around the house.
And I just got this cold feeling in my stomach.
Jason, are you ok? Jason, Jason Look at mommy, are you alright? Jason! Oh my God, how did this happened? Is that blood? Come here, come here Sit down sweety, are you ok? I checked his whole body, there wasn't a cut anywhere.
Look at me, you do not play in that closet any more, do you hear me? Stacy was completely freaked out on the phone.
She said, I never want Jason going in there again.
That closet gave me the crips from day one.
No way was anyone ever getting in that closet again.
I wasn't sleeping well in the house at all.
I just kept seen the blood on Jason's hands everytime I closed my eyes.
mommy I'm thirsty.
Mommy I'm thirsty! Honey, What is it? Mommy! Mommy I'm thirsty.
coming I kept telling myself, it's the stress from the move and the new job.
But another part of me, knew it was something else.
I was really worried about Stacy, so I decided to spend a few nights at her place.
I could just feel something weird about that place.
It felt, I don't know heavy.
I know this sounds crazy, but I was sure that doll had something to do with all of the weird things that were going on.
There was something evil about that thing.
Help me.
! Jason wouldn't even look at me after that.
It was hard because I knew it was best for everyone.
Especially him.
Things finally started to calm down for about 2 weeks, and I was able to get some sleep.
It was a Saturday morning and Jason was spending the day with Diana.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
And how is this possible? Stacy was still looking for logical explanations for everything.
But I was sure something evil was inside that house.
So, I get on my computer at home, and I start seaching through all property records, news papers looking for anything that might explain what's going on And after about 4 hours of searching I find something.
I had no idea what woke me up, but I knew I had to check up on Jason.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
The closet was wide open.
Diana put like ten screws in that door.
No one should've been able to get it open.
They were laying there, in a perfect little pattern.
Like the spokes of a wheel.
Then I noticed something dripping down the wall.
But it's dark, so it looks just like black, like ink.
Two perfect hand prints, like a child's, but way to high for Jason to reach on his own.
Then I noticed something behind the old wall paper, what it looked like it had been peeled back from the wall.
This was the most terrifying story I've ever heard.
A mother chained her 7 year old foster son.
Inside the closet for months.
And by the time the police found him, he was dead.
The more I tore off the wall, the more I kept seeing what look like drawings.
And then it hit me.
I've seen this drawings before.
How is this possible, how could my son know this, how could he see this? I wanted to grab Jason, and run from the house but, I couldn't stop myself.
I had to know how the pieces fit.
And they fit perfectly.
- Ok, come on baby, we gotta get out of here.
- Mommy, where are you going? - It was Jason calling me! So I think, Who am I holding in my arms? I can feel this child in my arms, but he is so cold I'm terrified, but I forced myself to look in the mirror and Swirling smoke where a face should be.
And I just let go.
I grabbed Jason and I ran out the door.
We moved into my sister's one bedroom apartment.
And we all slept in the same bed for a month.
Jason was fine, for him it was like he found a new friend.
But Stacy was different after that night.
I know my sister, and she saw something that terrified her.
I never believed in this stuff It's still hard to admit that I do, but I know what I saw.
And I couldn't stop thinking about that little boy still trapped in the closet.
What if that were Jason? What would I want someone to do for my son? About a month after Stacy ran out of there, she asked me to go back inside with her.
She said she wanted to cleanse the house and hopefully help the little boy move on.
So I agreed.
I still think about it a lot.
I guess I'll never really know if we've released him from that closet.
I just hope that he is finally at peace.