My Haunted House (2013) s01e02 Episode Script

Unwanted Guest & Mirror Image

1 Is there something you are trying to tell us? Death Something wasn't right, in that house.
I prayed it was another nightmare.
It was a really, really bad idea.
It's like an only child worst nightmare.
I'm gonna give you three seconds, one two My mom is gonna kill you.
-Then I heard this -Maria? Maria! I knew I had to get out of that house.
- Episode 1x02 - When I was 15th my whole life changed.
I know you are upset, I know you don't wanna live here.
- My mom died suddenly.
- You know, your step mothe is not that bad.
I was shipped off to live with my dad and his new family, over a 1000 miles away.
It's like an only child worst nightmare.
My stepfather 16 year old daughter was moving in with us.
Evelin, Evelin! Come meet your stepsister.
I wasn't happy, and I'm sure I didn't hide it.
- Hi, I'm Robin.
I understand how Evelin Felt, I wasn't excited to be there either.
Evelin why don't you take Robin up and show her, her new room? And you can show her around just little bit.
I couldn't imagine us just having anything in common.
I'll see you in a little bit sweet heart, ok? Maria was hardcore religious.
I counted 5 crosses and 3 angels between the front door and my bedroom door.
So, this is your room, it's your bed, whatever, bathroom is down the hall.
- Thank you! Evelin was a sweet heart, compared to her mother.
- Mom is really clean and stuff so leave stuff laying around.
Have your bag here for you.
Just wanted to go over some rules.
Keep everything very clean around here.
Cleanliness it's next to Godliness.
My step mother she was a pretty nasty person and a complete control freak, but it was her house, so it was her rules.
- Is that from your mom? - Yeap.
Let me know if you need anything.
I felt completely alone.
Maybe it was the emotions that I was going through at the time, or the fact that I knew that nobody wanted me there.
The house had a strange feeling about it.
A really deep permanent sadness.
You just felt it.
Evelin and I shared the bathroom.
It was the first night that was there, and we were getting ready for bed.
It looked like a drop of blood coming out of the faucet.
I can tell by the look on Evelin's face that this wasn't something normal that went on on their house.
I think she somehow figured that it was my fault.
- Ladies and gentleman here it is the big moment we've been waiting for - Dad Ladies and Gentlemans it's Robin's 16th birthday and the crowd goes waah When my 16th birthday rolled around, my dad tried really hard to make it especial.
It's a pony! No, wait.
It's just birthday cake.
Robin was new in town and she wasn't very social.
So she hadn't made any friends yet.
- take some pictures So her party was just the four of us.
Close your eyes, make a big big wish.
What was I wishing for? That I had my mom back.
- What's with the lights? - I don't know - Keep going, try again.
Alright, big wish! Every circuit in the house blew at the exact same time.
- Power is out.
Every light, every clock and every appliance.
- Somebody needs to go to the fuse box, come and grab something - I'll go.
Alright Evelin, thank you! I knew I couldn't find a flash light in a dark house.
So I figured I'll just use my camera flash to light my way to the fuse box outside the garage.
I saw her for just a split second, it looked just like Robin but it wasn't Robin.
It sounds crazy now, but I know what I saw.
- Robin, Robin, Where is Robin? - Stop Yelling - She comes back to the house screaming at me! - Why, Why are you yelling? I had no idea what she was talking about Who the hell do you think you are, why would you do that? I knew it didn't make any sense, I mean, how could she get inside so fast? - What's the matter? - What are you talking about? And her face was so different But at the time, I guess I just needed to blame someone for whatever was I saw - I saw you! - Ok you saw me, prove it! Are you kidding me? Look! - There's nothing there, nice try.
Dad, I'm not even there.
How is this possible? I saw her, I took a picture of her.
Whoever it was But there was no one there! - I swear to God you were there, you had put a mask on! - Why do you want me Thanks for ruining my birthday! Ok, I'm going to bed.
- Robin! - I can't stay here any more! - That's great! Thanks Ev'! I just wanted a few minutes by myself.
So I though, I'll take a bath and I'll go straight to bed.
And I just really wanted to pretend that I was alone and make them all disapear from a moment.
I thought it was Evelin screwing around with me.
Very funny Evelin.
Knock it off you perv'! I'm gonna give you 3 seconds.
One Two.
Everytime I'd grab from the siding, was pulled back under.
It was like a hand holding my head, and try to keep me there and hold me under the water.
What is your p.
My mom is gonna kill you! Everything had exploded all over the mirror.
And I was wondering, what the hell could do something like that.
My mom is gonna kill you We were both really scared.
In a way it's what broght us together.
We just wanted to know what was going on.
So we did what any 16 year old girls would do.
Eveling called them the death dice.
I wrote "Yes" and "No" on one, and then on the other I wrote things like "Ilness" and "Death", "wealth" and Happiness" It was a really, really bad idea.
Are you sure? Are there any spirits in the house? "Yes" Is there something that you are trying to tell us? "Yes" What are you trying to tell us? "Death" You do it.
"Death" "Death" 6 times in a row.
I looked it up.
The ods are 46000 to 1.
- Girls! What is going on? - What is all of this? - Robin? - Why are all of my candles out? - What are those dice? That says Death on that? - Maria was freaking out.
- I don't want this evil in my house, ok? - You know what? - Ok Robin, just clean every Maria? Maria! Robin, go and call 911.
Sit down, Maria, come here, sit down.
At first I thought she was just upset.
Then I realized it was serious.
And Robin just sat there, staring.
Robin, go call 911, now Go! Are you ok? Breathe.
And Breathe This is exactly what I'm talking about Ron, I can't have her in this house anymore! She's been nothing but trouble! You can't have her in this house anymore? - What is that supposed to mean? - She is evil, she's brought evil - Wow, wow, wow wow! - Later that night they must've thought I was asleep upstairs.
- What do you mean evil? - I am scared for my life, I am scared for my Daughter's life.
Nothing is going right in this house since she's walked in this door, ok Oh please, you haven't got liked her the minute we pulled up in the driveway.
You haven't liked anything that we've done ever since we got home.
I'm looking throught a crack in their bedroom door, and I noticed something on the floor.
It was the locket my that mother gave me.
And I'm thinking to myself, how did it get there.
What are you doing? This is a private conversation! I hated being there, I just wanted to leave.
But I had no where else to go.
After the choking incident my mom changed.
She got totally paranoid and she stayed away from Robin.
I didn't see it myself, my mom told me that story.
Probably about a hundred times.
She blamed Robin for stacking the stools but she wasn't even in the house at the time.
After that she started putting thouse Nanny cams all over the house, video taping everything that went on there.
Things quiet down for a little while.
One night, Evelin and I stayed up late watching some old movie.
I never felt that thing.
But I used to get up in the middle of the night and watch the tapes.
I thought deep down, maybe I'm causing whatever is going on.
And just wanted to know first.
I replayed that tape at least 20 times, you can't imagine the terror when you see yourself like that.
I mean, why was this happening to me.
Who was doing it? Was I possessed? I erased the tape .
and I never told anyone.
You must be Robin.
I felt really helpless.
But I waited until everybody left the house, and I called the medium that I found in a phone book.
We are surrounded by this drawn femenine.
You mother is here.
I never told her my mother was dead.
- My mohter would never hurt me.
- No she doesn't wanna harm you, she's here to protect you.
- Protect me from what? - This is not an outside spirit, this is someone inside the house.
Have you every heard of a Poltergeist? She told me that a Poltergeist is a destructive entity created by a living person.
and they usually don't even realized they are doing it.
It's like all your pent-up energy formed into this thing, that can manipulate objects.
It can make people see things.
And even hurt or kill another person.
It's drawn to you.
Am I not safe? She told me that my mother had already made her presence known.
As some kind of warning to whoever was trying to hurt me.
And that's when I knew it was Maria.
we all went to bed late that night Maria and I were still fighting, so he slept on the couch.
The house felt different, I was terrified from what the medium had told me.
But she also said that my mother will find the way to proctect me, so I just needed to trust that.
It was really strange, for the first time since my mother died, I actually felt her presence around me.
And it sounds crazy, but I swear I smelt her perfume.
It was probably the best sleep I had since I got there.
Every day for years my mom would tell the the story of what happened that night.
- Evelyn, get in the car! - Why mom? Just get in the car! Eventually it became all she would talk about.
You don't need to understand it right now, just stay quiet.
These days she forgets my name a lot, or that I'm a daughter but, She never forgets a single detail about what happened that night.
2nd Story When I was a baby, my american mother abandoned me on my canadian father, So I was raised by my father.
I had a good life, but my father never spoke my mother's name.
He refused to tell me anything about her.
Then he died 10 years ago and he left me knowing nothing about my mother, not even how to find her.
Nothing! Then about 4 years later, a lawyer from California called me and told me my mother died.
So legally, I was her only living relative and the house was mine.
I didn't ask how she died, I didn't care.
All my life I tried to imagined what my mother looked like or her house looked like.
What clothes she would wear.
All those answers where somewhere inside this house.
I guess I was exhausted by the bus ride, so I felt asleep for a little while And I had this dream I've had all my life.
My mother is in the back yard of the house, and she turns to me, and she has no face.
After all these years, I finally had the chance to see my mother's face.
I went through the entire house; every drawer, every shelf, And I couldn't find a single photograph of her, or anybody else.
She did have some cheap customed jewellery that I thought I could wear and some clothes that I thought might fit me.
I told myself it was just and old stupid radio, but I knew something wasn't right in that house.
Yeah, I know but, you were supposed to come over; that's what you said Yes, yes, You did say that.
My boyfriend David lived in Montreal and we'd been together for 3 years, and we had planned to get married.
- Yeah, I'm still waiting! He was gonna meet me in California in a week, then we would decide whether to sell the house or keep it and move in it permanently.
- well, it'd be nice to have a little emotional support sometimes, I'm just We had spent lots of time apart but, as soon as I got into that house I became angry about everything; I just couldn't help myself.
We were on the phone arguing again.
- You know I heard something.
And I swear, there was something in the yard.
- I think there's somebody here.
No I'm not paranoid! Why do you asume I'm paranoid.
I'm just telling you Yeah! My heart was pounding so loud that could hear it in my ears.
Just get here! I had traveled all over the world, but I've never felt this paranoia before.
It was like there was always someone standing behind me.
I had 2 glasses of wine to try to calm myself down, and I checked all the locks again and again.
I felt like I was going to jump out of my own skin.
I was concentrating on trying to get the wine out when I glanced that at the mirror.
My eyes were black; I thought I had just imagined it, but I was terrified to open my eyes again.
They were fine.
I told myself that the wine was bad.
After a few days, things settled down a little and I started looking for a job.
There was definitely a face in the window.
When I went outside, there was no one there.
I couldn't sleep so I decided to take a bath.
It was the first time since I got here that I felt a little like myself.
The tub was completely filled with blood.
I covered my face with a towel, I was completely terrified to look.
But when I did, the water was clear again.
I convinced myself it was just a terrible nightmare.
I stopped taking baths after that.
- Just get here! My boyfriend wasn't supposed to arrive until the end of the week.
I had become completely irrational.
I knew I was acting like a crazy person, but I couldn't help myself.
I was terrified of that house, but for some strange reason I was even more afraid to leave, just can't explain it.
Having fun wherever you are? 'cause I'm going crazy! It was like I was suddenly descending in this dark bottomless hole, for no reason.
Shutt up! I never felt anything like it.
I was having these terrible thoughts like I never had before.
I remember thinking so, this is like.
it's like.
I stared at the broken pieces of the bottle on the ground.
And I suddently felt like I wanted to feel the jagged glass in my hand.
I needed to feel it against my wrist; then a voice in my head said, do it! And it would all go away.
Do it, do it Making myself drop that piece of glass, was the hardest thing I think I've ever done.
I never had a suicidal thought in my life until I moved into that house.
I knew I had to get out of that house even for one night.
I don't know where to go, maybe a hotel, but I forced myself to pack.
And that's when I found this big duffle bag.
I could feel that was cold inside.
I've seen friends die from drug overdoses, except this time, it was my face I was looking at.
I prayed it was another nightmare.
But I knew it wasn't.
What was happening to me? Did I lose my mind? Was I already dead? Then I felt a strange calmness come over me.
And then I heard this it sounded like a gun shoot from inside the bedroom.
There I was again, this time with a bullet hole in my head.
And that's when I thought, I understood what was happening.
Someone or something was trying to drag me to kill myself.
And it never even occurred to me that whatever it was it was inside my house.
I stopped answering David's calls.
I knew he would worry.
But I knew I sounded crazy and I hated myself for it.
For a moment I thought about commiting myself.
But how do you even do that? Do you go to the hospital and say: "I keep seeing myself dead"; "Can I stay here?" Then I noticed something under the couch.
There was this folder; Sophie Duran: Multiple Suicide Attempts; released under the care of neighbor.
it was from an insane assylum or something.
October 12th, 1979.
Sophie Duran, my mother.
Multiple suicide attempts, electroshock administered; requires constant supervision.
Released to the care of Eleanor Woulf, her neighbor.
I knew that mental ilness can run in families.
So did that explain what's happening to me? Was my mother also normal one day and suicidal the next? But one thing still didn't make sense to me, I did not want to die.
I slept for 3 hours, until someone was knocking at the door.
One minute.
I looked down, and I saw this photograph, of me! At least I thought it was me, but I never seen it before.
You look just like her.
I knew her, I knew your mother.
It was Eleanor, my mother's caretaker before she died.
You look exactly like her.
She was a strange woman How did she died? - My mother cut her own throat.
- I only stepped out for a moment.
Just a moment.
That's when it all made sense to me.
I wasn't seeing my suicide, I was seeing my mother's.
All her attempts to kill herself.
She was somehow stuck; trying over and over to end her life.
Because my mother didn't know she was already dead.
Eleanor went home and I was still trying to process everything she told me about my mother's suicide.
I was releaved to know I wasn't crazy but, what was really happening in that house, was almost more horrible.
I thought it might be Eleanor again, so I went outside, but there was no one I could see.
Hey, someone here? Whoever is in the backyard, I can hear you.
It was my mother, hanging right in front of me! My entired life I hated my mother for leaving me.
But killing yourself over and over again was worst than any punishment I could ever imagine.
I thought about just leaving the house, but I was afraid of leaving her like this.
reliving her own suicide attempts forever.
I had to try to release her, she was my mother.
Eleanor told me that people who commit suicide can be so confused at their moment of death, that they might not know that they're dead.
They sort of get stuck in what she called, their death state.
They become locked to the same time and place, the same agony, sometimes for ever.
Then she told me about something called mirror gazing.
Sophie? Sophie.
It's your girl.
Some people believe that mirrors can be portals between the worlds of the living and the dead.
And the living and the dead can communicate through this passage ways.
Sophie Sophie? I thought that if my mother could see me, could see that we are 2 different people and could hear me say to her that she is dead, then maybe she could move on to wherever she had to go.
We were just about to give up.
I was staring into the mirror hoping for some sign for her.
Glass flew across the room; I couldn't move.
I thought all the bottles were gonna shatter.
There she was, I saw her for a split second.
Mom? And she disapeared.
And then, everything stopped, and it was completely quiet.
I'm not sure what we did, but I hope we released her, and that she's no longer in pain.
She's gone! After that the house was different; it even smelled different.
That night, I dreamt of my mother again, but it was a different dream.
Captioned by Eddy - volunteering for the community -