My Haunted House (2013) s04e04 Episode Script

The Nanny & the Bayou

1 [ambient grunge rock music] - [inhales deeply] [gasps] Ah! [wailing] - I was spending most of my time at the house, alone.
[gasps, screams] - Please, don't.
- Something felt like it was a little bitoff.
[chiming] - Help! - Sounded like chanting coming from the basement.
- [whispering] I hope she doesn't die.
- [gasping] - I wondered if I was losing my mind.
- Help! Somebody get me out of here! [dramatic percussive music] [heavy breathing] - I couldn't stand to be in the house another second.
[faint whispers] [knocking] [ominous string music] [footsteps echoing] [birds chirping] [creaking] - Hi.
I'm Claire.
- I sensed that was the case since that was how you introduced yourself when I buzzed you through the gate.
- Oh, uhright.
- Because if you are not the real Claire, we would have a problem.
- Got it.
- 'Cause that would mean you were an intruder, and the real Claire, the one I buzzed in through the gate, might be lost somewhere in the grounds.
Possibly even being attacked by the Doberman.
- Right, well, I'm glad that I'm me.
Claire the one you buzzed through the gate.
No thanks, Alfred, I [clears throat] Don't need help with my bags at all.
- Alistair.
- Ah, right.
Had to be one of the two.
- Being a nanny isn't what I thought I'd be doing with my master's degree at age 30.
But there I was, doing it all over again.
[distant ticking] [footsteps echoing] - Hi! Uh, you must be Margaret.
- The agency said you were one of their best.
- Oh, well, I'd like to think that I'm pretty good at my job.
- And you have a degree in education.
- And a master's in American history.
- Well, the reason we pay double what everybody else does is because we want you to tutor him as well as take care of him.
His grades are abysmal.
- It was a live-in position, looking after a ten-year-old boy named Henry, who was staying with his grandparents.
- Well, I mean, I'm sure we can get him on track.
- Hopefully.
He's really been floundering since his parents died.
- She actually said that.
"Floundering since his parents died.
" Like it was hard for her to understand.
- Come on, let's get your bags.
[ominous music] The house is rather large, but you'll primarily be in the first floor, in the kitchen and the dining room.
And your room and Henry's are on the second floor.
- Ah, well, good thing it's not on the third.
[chuckles] I just meant because my bag is heavy and-- - The third floor is off limits.
My husband Edward's studio is up there.
He is not to be disturbed at any time, ever.
- All right, sorry.
It was just a joke.
- I'd only been there for 20 minutes, and I already had a bad feeling.
- Truthfully, we don't want to be bothered with anything related to the boy: his cooking and cleaning, pick-up and drop-off from school, his homework.
That's why we hired you.
We retired from being parents a long time ago.
- I got it.
- Good, then let's go meet him.
- I was hoping I'd at least hit it off with the little boy, Henry.
He's the one I'd be spending most of my time with anyway.
- Henry, this is Claire.
She's going to be your new nanny.
- It's nice to meet you, Henry.
[tender piano music] Sothis must be a new house for you too.
It's at least 100 years old.
I'm not your first nanny here, am I? Well, I am gonna be a lot more fun than the last one.
I like to have fun, so that's what we're gonna do.
I mean, if that's okay with you.
Okay, well, now that we have that settled I am gonna go find my room.
- It's the other way.
- Thanks, Henry.
- He seemed like he could be a sweet kid.
I figured he was just shy and still devastated from losing his parents.
I was hoping I could really make a difference in his life.
Still, something felt like it was a little bitoff.
[electric flickering, buzzing] [ominous music] - [sighs] [muffled crash] [muffled shouting] - Why are you not asleep? Until you woke me up! - It sounded like Henry's grandparents were having a blowout fight.
[door slams] I was just hoping it wasn't gonna happen all the time.
[water dripping] [eerie whoosh] - [gasps] - I thought it might be Henry and maybe he needed me for something.
So I went to check on him.
[suspenseful music] - I think she'll be okay.
The last one was mean.
[whispering] I hope she doesn't die.
- [gasps] [gasps] - Shh.
Quiet, don't wake the boy.
- Someone was in my room.
- Well, there's no need to make up stories.
- No, I saw - Oh, Edward is upstairs in his study.
I was asleep, and Henry is sleeping.
- Uh, what about Alfred? - Alistair left hours ago.
Perhaps a good night's sleep would do you well.
- Uh Okay.
- I remember thinking maybe it had been Margaret in my room.
[suspenseful music] [eerie piano note] [ominous music] [indistinct conversation] - She made me really uncomfortable.
- Have a really good trip.
- Yes.
- So I wasn't unhappy to see that she was going somewhere with her suitcases.
But she never told me she was leaving, and I still hadn't met Henry's grandfather.
[birds chirping] [piano playing] - Nice.
Do you know where your grandma went this morning? - Europe.
Her family lives in Germany.
- Oh.
- And she's not my grandma.
- What? - She's my grandpa's wife.
She's not my grandma.
- Oh.
I didn't realize that.
- That explained why Margaret was so cold to Henry.
She was his step-grandmother.
- All right, well, why don't you get back to practicing? And we definitely need to get you some healthier snacks.
- I don't like them.
- Well, did you parents let you eat ice cream every--I'm sorry.
Um [woman weeping] I thought you said that Margaret went to Europe.
- She did.
[woman wailing] [piano playing] - Well, then who's that? - That's my grandma.
[eerie music] - These people were such a pack of weirdos, it barely surprised me that Henry's grandfather was living in a house with his ex-wife and his current wife.
[door creaking] [woman weeping] - Hello? [eerie whoosh] - Either way - Are you okay? - It sounded like someone needed help.
- I'm Henry's new nanny.
[creaking] Do you need help? - I'd been warned not to go up there, and she wasn't responding So I didn't.
[eerie music] I didn't like it there But I really needed the money.
Also, I was insanely lonely.
I had no life outside of work, no chance of meeting someone, and I went to sleep every night thinking about my boyfriend, who had just dumped me without any explanation.
[light music] [ominous music] - [gasping] [suspenseful music] [heart beating rapidly] Help! Help! [faint whispers] spering] I hope she doesn't die.
- [gasps] [gasps] - Shh.
Quiet, don't wake the boy.
- Someone was in my room.
- Well, there's no need to make up stories.
- [gasping] [suspenseful music] [scratching] Help! [heart beating rapidly] Help! [gasps] - It was just a dream.
[eerie whoosh] But then the room got freezing.
I honestly thought it was snowing.
I wondered if I was losing my mind.
[piano music] So I got up right away and tried to act like everything was normal.
- You're supposed to go over and stop it.
Don't just stand there and watch it.
Look, we'll kick it back and forth to each other.
It's fun, but you have to try.
- It's over there now.
- Well, go and get it.
[sighs] - But I couldn't quit thinking how bad I wanted out of the situation.
- It's all right, justtry again.
See, there you go.
[pop rock music playing] [exhales deeply] [creaking] [gasps] - It was the last straw.
It was completely unacceptable that this perverted old man was outside my door spying on me.
There were probably peepholes everywhere.
- Look, I know that it looks bad for the agency when people don't live up to their commitments, but maybe you shouldn't send nannies to the "Amityville Horror" house.
[whispering] This place is a nightmare.
So--so you're not gonna book me on any other jobs unless I wait for a replacement? I'm telling you, I am walking off the job next week.
I--I would love to keep working with you guys, but these people are creeps.
- I didn't know if I could make it another week there.
- Okay, thank you.
Yeah, and I appreciate that.
I'm sorry to have put you in this position.
- At that point, it was official.
There was no way these people could get any stranger.
I mean, who kisses their butler? I was so glad to be getting out of there soon.
- [cries] I miss them.
- Hey, hey.
I'm so sorry, buddy.
I know you do.
- I miss my mom.
I miss my dad.
I miss my grandma.
I miss grandpa.
- Hey, I'm so sorry, Henry.
Maybe you can spend more time with your grandma and grandpa.
Look, I'll talk to them.
[ominous music] - I was quitting anyway, so I didn't care.
I was going to confront Henry's grandparents about neglecting this kid Even if it meant disobeying Margaret's orders to never go up to the third floor.
[woman weeping] [faint whispers] - [gasping] [scratches] Help! Help! [screaming] [gasps] [woman weeping] [ominous music] [suspenseful music] [metal tinkling] [indistinct conversation] - While I was looking for Henry's grandparents, I heard the butler and Margaret and I panicked.
[tense music] - [whispers] Good to be back.
[groaning] - [giggling] - I don't want to talk about that now.
- Alistair, we can't leave him in the garage forever.
- I'll take care of it in the morning.
Now, no more talking.
- [giggling] - "We can't leave him in the garage"? - [giggling] - Something felt very wrong about what I'd just heard [indistinct conversation] So I decided to see for myself.
- [giggling] [suspenseful music] [creaking] - Yes.
[dramatic music] [door creaking] [suspenseful music] [creaking] [suspenseful music] - [gasps] - Whoever it was They'd been dead for a long time.
And they were wearing a long, red nightgown.
- [whimpering] - I called the police, and it turned out that place really was a house of horrors.
When Henry's real grandmother died of natural causes His grandpa married Margaret.
- It's important that you drink it all.
You need your strength.
- He was old and alone and wanted someone to take care of him.
But Margaret was after something else.
- That's right.
That's it, drink it all.
- Edward was worth a lot of money.
[dramatic music] She and the butler poisoned him together.
They put him in a hole in the floor of the garage.
But it turned out he wasn't dead.
He tried to claw his way out.
The police said he'd been dead for two months, way before I even moved into that house.
So it wasn't him I'd been seeing.
It was his ghost.
[owl hooting] [eerie, twangy music] - We had a choice.
Either I give up my job as a news anchor, or my husband, Adam, turn down the only offer he got after he finished his medical residency.
He won.
And so I was in the middle of Louisiana, spending most of my time at the house, alone.
- [sighs] - I was warned about how hot it gets in the summer, but I had no idea.
[clamor, clanging] I couldn't tell what it was.
It sounded like some sort of chanting coming from the basement.
[clamor, clanging] [knocking] - [gasps] [faint whispers] [door creaking] - [sighs] [clamor, clanging] [knocking] [gasps] - All the windows are open and you decide to lock the door? - [exhales] Habit.
I told Adam I thought I heard voices coming from the basement.
[clicking] - Okay, you sure it wasn't the water heater? - No, it was like singing orchanting.
- Well, you don't hear it now, do you? 'Kay.
- I figured it was probably coming from outside.
I didn't think much of it at the time.
[soft ominous music] The air conditioner died three days after we moved in, and we didn't have 4,000 bucks for a new one.
I couldn't sleep at all.
Adam didn't seem to have a problem.
The glass I had just set on the nightstand was gone.
I thought maybe it fell and I just didn't hear it.
- [gasps] - Whoa.
Hey, what's going on? You had a bad dream or something? Are you okay? - I didn't know what to say.
I was exhausted, and I wasn't really sure what I'd seen.
So I just said - I--I think I had a--a bad dream.
- But then I saw my water glass on Adam's side of the bed and I started wondering if the heat wasn't just screwing with my mind.
[eerie piano note] - Because I said I would give it a couple weeks.
- I remember I was talking to my mom on the phone the next night.
- So that's what I'm gonna do.
- The usual conversation about doing what's good for me and not letting Adam's needs come first all the time.
- Yeah, Mom.
[click] Ugh.
Hey--I I still feel weird.
- All the fans stopped at the same time But the lights were still on.
- Mom [eerie music] N--n--let--let me give you a call back.
There's something wrong with theelectric.
[beeps] [sobbing] [clamor, clanging] [sobbing] [exhales] [dog barking] [eerie screeching] [faint whispers] [clamor, clanging] [knocking] - [gasps] - All the windows are open and you decide to lock the door? - Habit.
[gasps] - Whoa.
[sobbing] - I heard chanting again, but this time, there was also a little girl crying.
[dog barking] [suspenseful music] - [sighs] [creaking] [click] [gasps] - It was this dirty, old doll just sitting there.
There's no way I hadn't seen it before.
Someone had just put it there.
I called 911, and then I called Adam.
- You guys always leave your windows wide open? - Basement's clear.
This place wouldn't be too hard to break into.
The doll's the only thing that's off? - Yeah.
- Nothing's missing? Uh-huh.
- The police told us to start locking our doors and windows if we were scared.
- [gasps] - What happened? [sighs] [quietly] Come on.
- I swear I felt a hand brush across my forehead.
I told Adam about it the next morning, and he went all "doctor" on me right away.
- Hey.
- No.
- Moving to a new city can be stressful.
- There's nothing wrong with me.
And a bunch of antianxiety pills is not gonna change the fact that moving here was a complete mistake.
[tender piano music] - I felt like I had given up everything for Adam, and now he was telling me that I had a mental issue? I've never felt so alone.
- [crying] - [softly] Please, don't.
[faint whispers] - [gasps] [tender piano music] [crying] - [softly] Please, don't.
[suspenseful music] [eerie breathing] - [gasps] - I told Adam about the little girl in the house, butof course - I checked the basement and the rest of the house.
There's no one here.
- Maybe no one you can see.
- Okay, maybe it was the pills.
Okay, you were sleepwalking.
- I didn't take the pills.
- I know what I saw.
She disappeared in front of my eyes.
He would never believe me.
[birds chirping] I had to find an explanation myself.
[typing] I started researching the house, but I couldn't find much of anything.
- Hello, neighbor.
[ominous music] - Her name was Belle.
- Thank you.
- And she was the first friendly face that I'd seen since we moved here.
- It's nice to meet a neighbor, finally.
How long have you lived next door? - 35 years in the same little house.
- Did you, um Did you ever know the people that lived here before? - There's been lots of them over the years.
- Anything weird ever happen here? - People that lived here before you, I was here the day they moved in.
Husband, wife, two children: a son and a daughter.
- Okay.
- Day they moved out, just three.
- What? - Never knew what happened to that little girl, but I know what they was doing.
I could hear them.
Lived here long enough to know what that sounds like.
- What my neighbor told me about the family before us was the last straw for me.
[crickets chirping] I told Adam I couldn't stand to be in the house another second.
- Okay.
I'll put in my notice.
And we'll list the house tomorrow.
- Thank you.
[eerie piano note] - I started packing up the next day while Adam was at the hospital.
[somber music] [knocking] - What's going on? - Ma'am, we have a warrant to search your residence.
Will you please step outside? - What? We didn't do anything.
- Ma'am, outside, please.
- I had no idea why they were there.
[police radio chatter] - Hey.
- What are you doing here? - This woman on the other side of the swamp, she found a naked boy hiding in her backyard this morning.
- What? - He told me the boy had been kept tied up by his own parents, but had somehow escaped.
- I was there when they admitted him to the hospital.
He had all these cuts and bruises andbroken teeth.
He had chewed through the ropes to break free.
- That's when I realized - The boy that lived here.
- It was the boy Belle told me about.
He told the police what really happened to the little girl that used to live there with him.
- I saw her.
- What? - Well, I mean she's dead.
- It turned out that the psychos that used to live in the house before us had taken in a little homeless girl named Grace and killed her as part of some voodoo ritual.
I'm convinced her spirit was still in that house.
Maybe stuck there in the place where she died.
I decided I didn't want to move at least not yet.
[spooky music]