My Haunted House (2013) s04e05 Episode Script

Don't Fall Asleep & the Double Walker

1 [ominous music] - [screaming] Oh, my God! That place was perfect.
We finally had a place of our own.
[gasping] - He was acting a little weird, but I didn't think there was any reason to be worried.
- Eric? [screaming] All of a sudden I couldn't breathe, like there was no oxygen in the room.
[gasps] Who died? [shrieks] - The priest said there was a demonic presence in the home.
[faint whispers] - So? - I don't know.
The off-white one? Let me ask you this.
Why is the color of the folding chairs so important? - Folding chairs are the most important part of the wedding.
Didn't anybody tell you that? - No, but I'm learning something new every day about this whole wedding thing from you.
- I just want to do a good job planning it.
I don't want it to be one of those horrible weddings everyone talks about behind the couple's backs, you know, like - Yeah.
- "There wasn't enough food," or "The bar ran out of vodka.
" - And I couldn't possibly care less, so long as you're happy, so [sighs] Sorry, you're right.
When I'm an old man and I look back at my first wedding, I just want it to be perfect.
- First wedding? First wedding? - Yeah.
- What? Brendan and I met when I was an undergrad and he was in law school.
Five years later, we were engaged and living in St.
I had a physical therapy degree and got an amazing job at a sports medicine facility.
We bought a house with a little help from our parents.
It was bigger than we needed, but we were planning on starting a family soon.
Everything was perfect.
[distant thumping] [faint whispers] Brendan? [faint whispers] Brendan? Brendan, what are you doing? [faint whispering] [faint whispers] Brendan! - Hmm? - Were you sleepwalking? - What? - I thinyou were just sleepwalking.
Come on, let's clean up your hand and get you back to bed.
[Alli sighs] [inhales, exhales deeply] You all right? - Yeah, all good.
Have I ever done that before? - No.
- Well, that was weird.
Um, sorry.
I don't know.
Anyway, I got to run.
Love you.
- Okay, bye.
He was acting a little weird in the morning too, but still, I didn't think there was any reason to be worried.
Brendan? Brendan? [gasps] Brendan? Brendan! [screaming] Brendan! Oh, my God! Brendan! Oh, God! I'll never be able to get that image out of my mind.
The man I was gonna spend my life with, dead.
After the funeral, I stayed at my mom's for four weeks.
Eventually, I had to go back, put the house up for sale and started applying for jobs anywhere but Minnesota.
[chuckles] There was a false bottom inside his shirt drawer.
He was hiding something from me.
Pain-killers, sleeping pills, antidepressants, antianxiety drugs.
Some of them didn't even have his name on the label.
I had no idea he had any of these.
When the autopsy results came back, they said he severed his spinal cord in the fall, but also that he had a fatal level of drugs in his system.
[crying] This was a guy who'd quit drinking before I'd even met him.
I didn't know what to make of it.
It was all just too much to handle.
- [sighs] I've been waiting for this moment all day long.
What? What's wrong? - I-I thought-- you--you died.
- What? Another nightmare.
- No, you died.
- Alli, come on.
It was another one of your bad dreams.
I'm very much not dead.
You need to stop dreaming that.
It's starting to scare me.
Hey, let's go out tonight.
Let's go out and eat too much and drink way too much wine.
Does that sound good? - [chuckling] Yeah.
- Okay, come on.
I love you.
[faint whispers] - Brendan, what are you doing? Brendan! Brendan? [gasping] Oh, my God! Oh, my God, Brendan! Oh, my God! You died.
- You need to stop dreaming that.
It's starting to scare me.
Hey, let's go out tonight.
Let's go out and eat too much and drink way too much wine.
Does that sound good? - [chuckling] Yeah.
- Okay, come on.
I love you.
[alarm beeping] - I felt such an intense sadness [crying] like he'd died all over again.
The dream was so real, so vivid [crying] it really was as if he'd come back to me, and then there was reality.
The next few nights, I dreamt of Brendan the whole time I was asleep.
[alarm beeping] Such real, beautiful dreams.
It got to the point where all I could think about was getting back to those dreams.
[sighs] [whispering] You slept late.
[giggling] [indistinct chattering] - [inaudible] [alarm beeping] - It was soul-crushing when I woke up so all I wanted to do was sleep.
I didn't care about work.
I didn't want to talk to anyone.
I just wanted to get back to the other world I was living in.
Every night, I dreamt of Brendan.
Every time, it was hyperreal.
It was almost like we could be together again, as long as I was asleep.
[Brendan chuckling] [indistinct chattering] [alarm beeping] I woke up standing in the bedroom.
I figured the blood was from my foot.
I had read that the sleep medication I was using sometimes caused people to sleepwalk But I was having trouble sleeping without them.
[alarm beeping] [foreboding music] [suspenseful music] [gasps] [breathing heavily] I didn't know how to explain it, other than somebody had to have done that to me.
- Yeah, I'm not an expert, but I know that stuff can make you talk in your sleep, and stuff like that.
From what it looks like to me, it doesn't look like anyone broke into your house.
I really don't know what to tell you.
I would suggest talking to the doctor that prescribed that stuff to you.
Um, call us if anything else comes up.
- Those symbols, I'd never seen them before, but they were specific.
I had no idea what was going on.
I decided to film myself sleeping.
[pill bottle shaking] [door creaking] [door shuts, static] [faint whispers] [door creaking] [door shuts, static] - [gasps] Something else was in that room with me.
I was cutting myself in my sleep.
[church bells ringing] I've heard it's often when people are at their lowest point in life that they find God.
Well, I didn't know who else to turn to.
- It's quite unusual.
That's not just normal sleepwalking.
- I look possessed.
- Took quite a few pills at the beginning of the video.
Do you abuse drugs regularly? - No, of course not.
But I realized at that exact moment, I was addicted to sleeping pills the same way Brendan was.
- Can I see what you scratched into your back? - Father Chester was not sure that that's all there was to this.
- How did your fiancé die? - He said that the symbols were some of the oldest Satanic symbols known to man, and he was quick to point out the similarities between Brendan and myself.
Then he told me he had seen this once before.
- So you found h here? - He was right here, at the bottom of the stairs.
- I don't know what, but there's something here.
This feels very wrong.
- What? - Shine your light over there.
- That wasn't here before.
That wasn't here.
- Brendan must've done it.
- The priest said there was a demonic presence in the home, and that it probably attacked Brendan and now me.
Brendan? That's how they work.
They prey on one person at a time.
Brendan! They can make you sad, depressed, drive you to hurt yourself.
Brendan! Brendan had a drug problem when he was a teenager.
That was his weakness, and it used my weakness to get to me.
My weakness - I love you.
- Was Brendan.
- And it obviously needs some work.
- Gosh, Eric's dealt with worse, right, babe? - I don't know.
This is pretty severe.
Almost everything needs to go.
- Ugh, including this? - You know how expensive it is to get rid of a load-bearing wall? - Yeah, we want an open floor plan, though.
- But it's structural, so we're talking permits, engineers-- - Hey, you've done this a million times.
You've always made your money back.
You'll be doing it again.
You know that, right? - My husband, Eric, is a contractor.
We'd been flipping houses while we lived in a tiny apartment.
Now it was finally our turn to have our own place.
We really only had two must-haves.
I wanted an older house-- lots of charm and character.
He wanted a cheap place we could renovate.
- I guess I'd better start calling in some favors.
- Is that yes? Are you saying yes? - Yeah, I like it.
- And I felt like that place was perfect.
- I'll write up the offer.
- We finally had a place of our own.
The house was a great deal, but every room needed work.
- How do you get that wall out of there? - It's all we got I just want to Be here with you - Eric? Eric! Eric? Eric? [faint whispers] start calling in some favors.
- Is that yes? Are you saying yes? - Yeah, I like it.
- I'll write up the offer.
[radio playing] - I just want to Be here with you I - Eric? Eric! Eric? Eric? Hey, are you okay? Hey, hey, what happened? Hey.
[Eric muttering] Are you ok-- - What's wrong? - All of a sudden, I couldn't breathe.
- Let's go.
- [gagging] - Come on.
What happened? - Like there was no oxygen in the room.
Eric called his friend Mark to come over to see if maybe there was a toxic leak of some kind in the house.
Looks good.
- You sure? - Positive.
No evidence of carbon monoxide, no gas leaks, no mold.
When's the last time those windows were open? - Who knows--they've been painted over so many times.
- Well, I'd start by replacing those and then getting rid of that A/C unit and replacing it with central air.
- Why the A/C? - Bad circulation, no airflow.
Room got too hot, and you got dizzy.
- No, it wasn't just dizzy.
I seriously couldn't breathe, and Serena felt it too.
- Well, I don't know what to tell you.
I can't find anything wrong.
Inspection was clear, right? - Yeah.
- Well, old house, old windows, old A/C unit.
I'd just replace it.
- Yeah, thanks.
- We all decided it was just a freak thing.
Maybe we were both overtired or something.
I'd never hallucinated anything before in my entire life.
[gagging, gasping] [choking] [gasping] [breathing heavily] It felt so real, it took me a minute to get a deep breath, even after I woke up.
That day, I kept myself as busy as I could with the house.
[sighs] Okay, there we go.
[gasps, screams] [screams] [faint whispers] asping, choking] [choking] [gasping] - Hey.
- [screaming] Don't touch me! - Hey, it's just me.
- Okay, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Oh, jeez.
[sighing] - What happened? - I told Eric what I had seen.
Of course he was skeptical, just like I would be if he told me the same crazy story, but he agreed to talk to an expert in the paranormal.
- So you've seen visions of yourself and your husband in the house? - Yeah, mostly of him.
Just me that one time in the bathroom mirror.
- And you, Eric, have you experienced anything like this? - Uh, no.
- But Eric wasn't really being truthful.
- Well, there was that weird shortness of breath in my office upstairs.
- And that only happened once? - Yeah, but my contractor was fairly confident that had to do with an airflow issue, so we're replacing the ducts.
- Well, based on everything you've told me, I don't think your house is haunted.
- You don't? - No.
At least not by the dead.
I think you're seeing your doppelgangers.
- I'm sorry, our what? - Your future selves.
It is a paranormal phenomenon and well-documented too.
It can be traced back thousands of years, and there are many historical figures who experienced it.
The most famous is probably Abraham Lincoln.
Lincoln wrote that on the night of his first election, he saw himself and his doppelganger in a mirror.
His wife, Mary, was terrified that this was a bad omen, convinced the double image meant he wouldn't survive past his second term, which, of course, as we know, he didn't.
- So I don't understand.
Are you saying we're gonna die? - We're all gonna die at some point, so this isn't exactly news.
- Eric didn't want to listen.
- Well, if you believe in the double walkers, doppelgangers, it could be a warning of something more immediate.
- I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
I knew we needed to do something if for some reason, we were about to die.
Okay, so how do we know what's gonna cause it? - Well, that's the thing.
Your experiences aren't cohesive enough to give us a clear indication of that.
- Okay, so what? We just wait? I mean, how do we stop it? - I don't know if you can.
- Okay, we have to move.
- What? No.
You know what kind of financial hit we'd take? We would be ruined.
- Nonef this happened before we bought the house.
- I'm afraid moving's not going to do the trick.
The walkers are here to tell you something, wherever you go, and they're not going to stop until their warning is heard.
It's not about the house.
It's about you.
- What he said was completely insane, but after what I'd seen, I believed him and anything that remotely resembled an answer was better than just Eric telling me I was crazy, which he did.
I felt so alone.
I refused to sleep that night.
I mean, how could I, after everything he told us? [distant thumping] Eric? [items crash, break] - [gasping, choking] [faint whispers] - [sighing] Okay, there we go.
[gasps, screams] So I don't understand.
Are you saying we're gonna die? [distant thumping] Eric? [items crash, break] - [gasping, choking] - Baby, hey, it's okay.
It's okay, breathe.
Take deep breaths.
Deep breaths with me.
Slow, slow.
Breathe in.
Breathe in.
Our friend Beth lived right around the corner.
She's an EMT, so-- How is he? - Can't find anything wrong with him.
- What do you mean? He could barely breathe.
- Right, well, once I gave him some oxygen, we got that under control.
I'll leave that here for you, just in case.
You two really need to take it easy for a while.
I mean, renovating a house is expensive and stressful.
- It's not stress.
[sighs] I'm sorry.
It's just--it's not that.
It's Nothing.
You know what? You wouldn't understand.
- Try me.
- No, I shouldn't have said anything.
I just have to get out of here and-- - Didn't you hear me? You can't move him tonight.
You need to let him get some rest.
Call a doctor in the morning, take him in for some blood tests and chest x-rays, okay? I'll let myself out.
- Hey, how are you feeling? Eric? Beth? Beth! Beth! Beth, come back! Hurry! God, I think he's [crying] Do something.
[sobbing] - What? - Hey.
- What's going on? - I don't know.
[crying] I don't know.
- All right, just get some sleep, okay? And get those tests set up first thing in the morning, okay? - What did you see? - Eric thought that the paranormal guy and his doppelganger theory were ridiculous.
We're getting out of here.
- Okay.
- He wanted to find what was, in his mind, a more logical explanation for it.
He asked his friend Mark to come back to do some more tests.
- Thanks for coming back, buddy.
Serena insisted I call you.
- It's a damn good thing she did, too.
- What is it, a leak? - This can't be right.
- What is it? - I mean, the level is It's radon.
- What? - You're kidding me.
I thought you said you checked for everything.
- I did check for mold and gas.
Standard stuff, not radon.
I mean, this is a specialty thing.
- Okay, so how bad is it? - It's, like, off the charts.
I mean, we should double-check this.
This is--it's crazy.
- Radon is a gas that's known to cause lung cancer.
- [sighs] - It seeps out of contaminated ground water and into hses.
The levels in our house were 20 times the danger level.
- Let's go.
- We packed what we could carry and got the hell out of there.
Eric tells people my hallucinations were caused by the gas but I think it's the opposite.
[gasps, screams] I believe the doppelgangers were there to warn us.
I really do.
Maybe most people just don't listen.