My Haunted House (2013) s04e06 Episode Script

The Hitchhiker & the Widow

1 [water running] - Jason, will you get me a towel, please? [screams] - After she saw her dad die, she still hadn't spoken a word.
[faint whispers, yelling, shattering] - Jason thought it was just some kids in the neighborhood messing around.
[faint whispers, gasping] - Trust me.
- I knew something weird was going on.
- Exit to the right.
- Chloe.
- [gasps] - I don't know why he was there, what he was planning to do.
- [breathing heavily] I saw him! - At that point, we were sure that he was out there [screaming] Stalking us.
[slashing] [faint whispers] [faint upbeat music] - Is that, like, a-- is he a hitchhiker? Do you want to pick him up? Do you need a ride, old man? [all giggling] Welcome.
[siren wailing, dog barking] [dog whining] [buzzing] [indistinct radio chatter] [dog whining] [suspenseful music] [sharp dramatic notes] [building ominous music] [beeps] - Exit to the right now.
Exit to the right now.
- There is no exit.
Ever since we lost service, this thing has no idea where we're at.
Any luck back there? - I have zero service, babe.
- Uhsame here.
- My husband Jason and I went on a camping trip with his brother and his new fiancé to celebrate them getting engaged.
- I don't get it.
We should've hit the main highway like 20 miles ago.
And you're driving 30.
- I don't want to miss the exit.
[soft rock music on radio] - It was a fun weekend, but coming down out of the mountains, we got totally and completely lost.
- Think they'll be able to find our way home before the sun comes up? - No.
I think they should've let us drive.
- [laughs] [screams] - [yells] - Stop the car! - What? - There's someone out there.
- What? - He looks old.
He may need help.
[ominous music] - YeahI don't think we're doing that.
- What? - Yeah, I'm just hoping this guy doesn't chop us up into little pieces.
- He might've been injured.
He could've been in a car accident.
- I don't know.
That's weird.
- The guy was standing there and acting a little strange, but I thought Jason and Ansley were overreacting.
- He might be able to help us with directions.
[ominous music] Are you okay there, bud? Where are you headed? - West.
- So are we.
Do you know the way back to the highway, by any chance? Oh, seriously? - We've been going the wrong way for two hours.
- Okay, well, thank you.
- Do you need a ride that way, sir? - Hey, Tara.
- What are you doing? - Guys, come on.
- Close the door.
- There was no way I was gonna let them leave that old man stranded in the middle of nowhere.
[soft rock music on radio] He didn't say a word once he got into the car.
And he smelled terrible.
[beeps] - Starting route.
First stop: 117 Bridge Drive.
Second stop: 245 Burton Drive.
- Well, I guess we're back to service.
[bells jingle] - [yawns] - Is it weird th we left him in the car by himself? - Um, yeah.
But he didn't seem to want to get out.
- Right.
But all our stuff's in the car.
- An 80-year-old man isn't gonna make off with 200 pounds of camping gear.
- Well - Anything else? - No, thanks.
We're in a bit of a rush.
- Oh, okay.
- I'll go ahead and give you that.
What? - Hey.
Did you leave the door open? [ominous music] - What? - Uh-oh.
- You guys, he's gone.
- Do you guys think the smell is gone too? Or - I don't know.
That's weird.
- Let's go.
- It was definitely weird, but nothg was missing, so we figured he got tired of waiting and hitched a ride with someone else.
- [yawning] Come on, hon.
Two more steps.
- Get in.
[both sigh] - Oh, finally.
- I am looking forward to a couple hours of sleep before a horrible day at work.
[ominous music] - Wait, did we - Leave that door open? No.
Not, we definitely didn't leave that door open.
- I was 99% sure I had locked the door, but I wasn't positive.
- Wait here.
[dramatic notes] [branches snap] - There's no one in here.
- [sighs] - You see anything missing? - No.
- Well, you were in a rush to get out of here to pick up Corey and Ansley on Friday.
You could've left the door open.
- Maybe.
I might have.
- Well, honey, you got to be more careful about that.
That could've been bad.
- Yeah.
I know.
- Come on.
Let's go to bed.
- It creeped me out, but nothing was different inside the house, and I figured I had made a stupid mistake and left the door open when we left.
[wind chimes ring] [indistinct chatter on TV] - Keys - It was mud smeared all over the glass, and I could still see the hand prints.
- Well - Well, I'm not sure this qualifies as the emergency you billed it as on the phone.
- Well, clearly, someone did this.
- Yeah, but - It wasn't there when we went to bed.
- Jason thought it was just some kids in the neighborhood messing around.
There wasn't any damage, so he said it was harmless.
- I'm sorry.
Hey, I love you.
I'll see you later.
I have to go.
[dark music] - It freaked me out more than usual, probably because of what had happened the night before.
but I figured Jason was right, so I went into the office as usual.
I went to the gym after work, and by the time I got home, I pretty much had forgotten about the muddy hand prints on the window.
- Jason, will you get me a towel, please? Jason? [rustling] [sharp, dark notes] [slashing] [faint whispering] way back to the highway, by any chance? - Do you need a ride that way, sir? - Hey, Tara.
- Close the door.
[ominous notes] [shower running] - Jason, will you get me a towel, please? Jason? [rustling] [sharp dramatic notes] Jason! I couldn't believe it.
Even through the glass, I could tell.
It was the hitchhiker.
[muffled voices over radio] - So you're saying it's the same guy you picked up a couple days back? - Yeah, I'm pretty sure.
- Did you happen to tell him where you live - No.
We didn't even tell him our names.
- It could be him.
And you never want to pick up a hitchhiker, ever, by the way.
Also, we got a call from another house in this neighborhood.
regarding a Peeping Tom.
My guess: it's just some creep peeking through windows.
But until we catch the guy, make sure your alarm is set and everything's locked up.
- We will.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- You have a good night.
both: Thanks.
- [sighs] - Tara, honey, there is literally zero chance that it was the hitchhiker guy.
- Jason, I'm telling you - That you saw him? That you clearly saw him? You're 100% certain? - I wanted to be pissed off at Jason for not believing me, but I couldn't really blame him.
- Well, no, not 100%, but-- - Well, there it is.
There it is, then.
[cell phone vibrating] What the hell? 17 missed calls from Corey.
- Did he leave a message? - Yeah.
- Is everything okay? - You're not gonna believe this.
[ominous music] - Tara says she saw him around 8:00? - Yeah, just as I got home.
- That's, like, 15 minutes after I saw him staring at me through the kitchen window.
- How sure are you that it was him? - I'm very sure.
No question.
- It doesn't make any sense.
How did he know where either of us lived? - Hey, did Jason have any info in the car? Registration? - No.
That was all locked in the glove compartment.
- What? - My navigation.
It said the addresses out loud.
- At that point, we were sure that he was out there stalking us.
And there really wasn't anything the police could do.
We just had to sit back and wait and hope that he didn't come back.
- Go ahead, get undressed.
Face down on the table.
I'll be back in a few minutes.
- The next day, I decided to get a massage.
I was so freaked out from the night before, and I thought it would help to relax and breathe for an hour.
[exhales] [soft music] [knock at door] - Come in.
[door creaks open] [footsteps approaching] [loud thud] [choking] [slashing] [faint whispers] in the car by himself? - Hey.
- You guys, he's gone.
- Do you guys think the smell is gone too? Or - Let's go.
[shower running] - Jason, will you get me a towel, please? Jason? [rustling] [sharp dramatic notes] How did he know where either of us lived? - What? - My navigation It said the addresses out loud.
- Go ahead, get undressed.
Face down on the table.
I'll be back in a few minutes.
[calm music] [breathes deeply] [knock at door] - Come in.
[door creaks open] [footsteps approaching] [loud thud] [choking] - Ma'am! Ma'am, are you all right? Ma'am? Ma'am, I think you passed out.
- Call the police.
Call the police.
Somebody choked me.
Please, call the police! - I could smell him the entire time.
The police came, but he was long gone by the time they got there, and no one saw him come or go.
They put out a search for him and said that they would send extra patrols by our house, but we were scared.
[indistinct TV noises] [light knock at door] [light knocks] [dramatic music] - Jason! - What? [whispering] Call the police.
- [whispering] My phone's in the bedroom.
- Go, go, go.
[ominous music] - [screams] [gasps] - What happened? - He--he-- [hyperventilating] I saw him.
- Jason searched the whole house, but I knew he wouldn't find anything.
I saw him evaporate into thin air right in front of me.
Just like that, we went from thinking we were being stalked - Hello.
- Hi.
- To thinking we were being haunted.
- I don't know if you remember us, but - We went back to the area where we picked him up and started asking questions.
I really wasn't expecting answers, but we didn't know what else to do.
- We picked up a hitchhiker a few miles down-- down that way, - Yeah, right by mile marker 45.
- We described the hitchhiker and what happened.
The waitress wasn't rprised and she told us a story from the town's past.
- About five years ago, three little girls went missing within a year.
- She said there were no leads on what happened to the girls, but then a hitchhiker was hit by a car and died on the highway.
His ID showed that he lived near mile marker 45.
- The cops went to his house - And when the cops searched his property [eerie music] [creaking, dog whining] [eerie music] They found an old rotting corpse hanging in the garage.
And they discovered the bodies of six other women who had gone missing.
He was a serial killer posing as a hitchhiker.
They nicknamed him "The Reaper.
" - I'm not saying there's any such thing as ghosts, but the man you picked up, he sure sounds like that old hitchhiker.
- He'd been dead for 30 years.
For some reason, we never saw him again after that.
Hopefully, we never will.
- That was fun.
- For you.
- I was stuck talking to Dink the entire time.
- [laughs] His name's Wink.
- Well, he's an adult man whose name is Wink and you invited him to a party.
- [laughs] Do you want me to make it up to you? - Uh yes, please.
- I'll run a bath.
- Will and I had our first housewarming party a few months after we moved in to our new home.
- Bring champagne.
- Mm-hm.
[water running] [soft instrumental music] [creaking] [shouts] [dog barking in distance] - [gasps] [gasps] - [grunting] - [crying] Are you okay? - He stabbed me.
Call 9-1-1.
- [sobbing] No, no - Go.
- [crying] - Go.
[grunting, moaning] - [sobbing] [gasping] [footsteps creaking] - Daddy? [birds chirping] - [sighs] This is gonna be a great change for us.
- After she saw her dad die, Chloe just stopped speaking.
- We're gonna have so much fun here.
- Her psychologist said it was a reaction to the horrible trauma.
But after two years of therapy, moving to a new house, and changing schools, she still hadn't spoken a word.
- Let's go start setting up your room, okay? [Chloe speaking foreign language] [foreboding music] - [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] [slashing] [faint whispers] - [gasps] [gasps] [crying] - He stabbed me.
- We're gonna have so much fun here.
Let's go start setting up your room, okay? - [Chloe speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] - Where did you get the matches? Chloe? Look at me! [sighs] [sighs] This isn't easy.
It's a big change, and I know this house doesn't feel like home.
But it can be a fresh start, you know? For both of us.
It's you and me.
We can make this fun.
I love you, honey.
- I was upset she was lighting matches in her room.
- Please don't burn the house down.
- But she was talking.
Even if it was just to herself.
It seemed like a step in the right direction.
[thunder rumbling] - [gasps] Garrett, you scared me.
- Sorry.
- What are you doing here? - Well, I came by to bring you this.
- How did you know where I moved to? - You told meon Friday at work.
- Right.
- I should've called.
I was just in the neighborhood and figured - Thank you.
That was really, really sweet of you.
- Yeah.
Just, you know new house wine tends to make unpacking a little lessbad.
- [laughs] [door slams] [thunder rolls] Anyways, thank you.
That was really nice of you.
- No problem.
You know, if you need someone to share that wine with - Thanks.
I'll let you know.
- Okay.
[ominous music] - That night, my sister Karen stopped by.
- Where's that from? - A guy from work brought it by.
- Interesting.
Wonder why he'd do that.
- He kind of asked me out on a date, in his own weird way.
- Is he hot? - I mean, yeah.
Sort of.
- So, you're attracted to him? - No.
I'm saying you would think he's hot.
- Do you, or do you not think this guy is attractive? - Yes.
Technically, he is.
I mean, physically - Okay.
- Garrett had just texted to ask me if I like the wine.
- Karen, what are you doing? - I'm texting him.
- No, you're not! Karen! - So, of course, Karen found it right away.
- Karen! [phone buzzes] - Oh, wow, he's a quick responder! - What did he say? - You have a date tomorrow night.
It's been two years.
- I guess I was actually glad that my sister did what I was afraid to do myself.
Maybe it was time.
[thunder rumbling] [sentimental music] And think of me [gasps] [slashing] [faint whispers] - [speaking foreign language] - It's a big change, and I know this house doesn't feel like home.
- Wine tends to make unpacking a little less bad.
- [laughs] [door slams] [rain falling] [sentimental music] And think of me [gasps] [dark music] - Chloe never drew on walls, even as a toddler, but what really freaked me out was I had just walked by that wall a few minutes before, and there was not a mark on it.
[car chirps] I had no idea how she'd done it, but I was not gonna let her upset me.
So I ignored it.
I sent Chloe to my sister's for a few hours.
[doorbell rings] And Garrett came by the house.
- Hey.
- More wine.
- Well, I wasn't sure if you finished off the last two bottles.
- Oh, yeah, I polished off the last one this morning with my oatmeal.
Come on in.
[laughs] That did not happen.
Okay, tell me the full story.
- Well, we were at the company Christmas party, and Josh and I had one too many drinks at the open bar, and he dared me to go put a plate of tuna tartare in Mark's office drawer, so I did.
- That's what that smell was? - Yeah.
[both laughing] It sat in his desk for two weeks over the break.
- Oh, I hate Mark.
- So do I.
[soft music] [glass shatters] - [gasps] [foreboding music] - Weird timing, huh? - The shattered frame kind of killed the evening.
So Garrett left.
I picked up Chloe, and she went straight to bed.
- [grunts] [thunder rumbling] - You have to be careful.
It's fine.
She's asleep.
- But then I thought I heard her voice again.
- Yeah.
Braid it.
- Chloe? [suspenseful music] - I was positive I saw someone holding Chloe's hair, but no one was there.
Chloe scrambled under the covers and hid, so I knew she wouldn't tell me what was going on.
Between that and the picture falling the night before, I knew something weird was going on.
- I brought ice cream for dessert.
Rum raisin.
Your mom said it's your favorite.
Did you want some? - Chloe had drawn a little girl with blood pooling at her feet.
and what looked like stab wounds on her body.
- So, they think it was an armed robbery gone wrong? Nothing more? - Yeah, and they don't know why he was in the house.
They never caught the guy.
- I don't even know what to say.
I mean, it must have been-- - It was bad.
Traumatic, obviously.
I just-- you know, it's the kind of thing that's gonna stay with her forever.
And I don't want it to be the defining moment in her life, you know? [sniffles] - I'm sorry.
- [crying] - Why don't I stay on the couch tonight? - Will you? - Of course.
- Thank you.
- I was scared and exhausted and confused, and having Garrett in the house just made me feel safer.
[thunder booms] - Oh, Chloe.
What's wrong? - It's not Daddy.
[slashing] [faint whispers] - [laughing] I hate Mark.
- Yeah, so do I.
I brought ice cream for dessert.
Did you want some? [door slams] - Oh, Chloe.
What's wrong? - It's not Daddy.
- What? - I had no idea what she was talking about, but I didn't care.
She was speaking to me for the first time in two years.
- Oh, I missed hearing your voice so much.
[foreboding music] [thunder rolling] - [whispering] Chloe Trust me.
[floor creaks] - [gasps] Baby, what were you gonna do? - She said he was gonna hurt us.
- What? Who did? - [whispering] Chloe - [gasps] - [crying] I'm sorry, Mommy.
I didn't mean for her to come here.
[sobs] - Garrett searched the whole house, and the little girl we had just seen was gone.
- [sobbing] - And then Chloe started talking.
She told me everything.
- [speaking foreign language] - An older girl at her school had given her a book on the occult.
- [speaking foreign language] - She was trying to use dark magic to communicate with her father.
- Chloe! - Chloe - But another spirit started talking to her instead.
I wasn't sure whether to believe her, but I did some research.
In the 1970s, there was a little girl named Megan who lived on our block.
She was murdered by her stepfather.
Chloe said she was trying to warn her that someone was going to hurt us.
I thought she was talking about Garrett.
But three weeks later, while we were away on vacation, the police arrested a man who broke into our house and set off the alarm.
It was him.
The same man that murdered my husband years before.
DNA from hairs left at the scenes tied the two cases together.
I don't know why he was there, what he was planning to do.
- Oh, I ran into this family.
There was this really cool picture - It took a long time for life to settle down after all that.
- [indistinctly conversing] - But when it did, she started talking again.
- I think - Sometimes to me but mostly to Megan.