My Hero Academia (2016) s03e05 Episode Script

Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!!

1 The prestigious school that turned out many heroes, U.
High School.
Enrolled in their hero course, I continue to run toward my dream, standing up to any difficulties and saving people with a smile in order to become the greatest hero! Show me your blood! A hero can always break out of a tough spot! Sorry, Mom! Mom, I'm sorry! All Might! All Might! All Migh I'm gonna crush you! What, water? St Stop it! Kota! Later, 'kay? 'Kay? I'll kill you later, so just wait-- In the instant I was distracted As if Wait, are you getting stronger? I'd let you kill him! One For All, 1,000,000%! Delaware Detroit Smash! "Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!!" Will they really be all right by themselves? Yeah.
It's not my turn to be on stage right now.
They're enough by themselves.
"Villain - Tomura Shigaraki - Quirk: Decay" In other words, the game has changed.
"The last boss has appeared!" Up until now, it was a role-playing game where we had all the equipment but challenged the last boss while still at level 1.
I should've thought of it as a simulation game.
"Villain - Kurogiri - Quirk: Warp Gate" I should be the player, using all the pieces I can to break through the higher ranks.
In order to do that, I need to first put cracks into the superhuman society.
The Vanguard Action Squad of the League of Villains.
It doesn't matter if those guys succeed or fail.
Just the fact that they are there will scare the heroes.
Are they just sacrificial pawns? Don't be ridiculous.
Do I look that heartless? Their strength is real.
Even though they're all facing different directions, they're comrades I can count on.
In a society bound by rules, we're not the only ones being oppressed.
I'm praying for their success.
"Izuku Midoriya - Quirk: One For All" Hey! It's all right.
There's still something I must do.
"Kota Izumi" You're all beat up! What do you still have to do? I knew that he would defend against it But that's also why I had to attack.
Huh? Even taking that into consideration, I thought I could inflict a lot of damage.
But he's a much stronger villain than I thought he was.
If all the villains from this night attack are this strong, then everyone is in danger.
On top of that, they might be after us students.
I have to let Mr.
Aizawa and the Pussycats know about that.
If I can save someone by moving, then I have to move, right? We'll leave this villain here for now.
"Villain - Muscular - Quirk: Muscle Augmentation" With my messed up arms, it was probably weaker than usual, but it should have still caused a lot of damage.
I don't think he'll wake up anytime soon, and even if he does, I don't think he'll be able to move much.
Above all, right now, I need to protect you.
Huh? There's something that only you can do.
The forest has been set on fire.
With that, we'd be trapped no matter what.
Do you understand? We need that Quirk of yours.
Save us, the way you saved me earlier.
Now, get on my back! We need to get you back to camp first.
You can move with those injuries? It's fine! That's why I left my legs! Let's go! Hang on tight! where's the kid called Bakugo? I have a bad feeling about this! "A Few Minutes Earlier" --Vlad, I'm leaving this place to you.
--Huh? Why are villains here? --I'll go protect the other students! --Wasn't this place supposed to be a secret? "Pro Hero - Shota Aizawa - Quirk: Erasure" I don't want to think about what could happen This is bad Letting your worry get ahead of you, Eraser? Vla-- Well, I guess you are a pro, after all.
Nothing's gonna come out.
Tell me your purpose, number, and positions.
"Villain - Dabi" Why? Because otherwise this will happen.
Your right arm's next.
Let's do this logically.
If we get to your legs, it'll be annoying to transport you.
Are you in a hurry, Eraser? What's that?! Mr.
Aizawa! You guys! This is about as much damage as I can take, huh? As expected of a U.
Hey, hero.
Are your students important? That fire earlier wasn't his Quirk?! I hope you can protect them all till the end.
See you later Mr.
Aizawa! What was that just now?! Get inside! I'll be right back! That's no good, Dabi! "Villain - Twice" You were beaten! So weak! You small fry or something? Already? I'm pretty weak.
Huh? That's ridiculous.
Don't be hasty.
You're strong.
You should think of this as the pro being very strong.
Make another one of me, Twice.
We need something to keep the pros from leaving.
It doesn't matter how many times a small fry goes in! Leave it to me! We're almost there! Hey, look! Mr.
Aizawa! Midori-- Mr.
Aizawa I'm glad It's terrible! There are a ton of things I need to tell you.
--Hey --First, there's something I need to tell Mandalay I said, "Hey"! Please take care of Kota! --He has a water Quirk.
You have to protect him! --This guy's on a high Please! Wait, Midoriya! Those injuries You did it again, didn't you? Did you forget about what happened in Hosu? For uncertified individuals to cause injury with their Quirks without specific instruction from their guardians or supervisors is a clear violation of the rules.
No, but So tell Mandalay this "Pro Hero - Tiger - Quirk: Pliabody" "Villain - Magne - Quirk: Magentism" Oh dear, you're so close! "Pro Hero - Pixie-Bob - Quirk: Earthflow" Let me pick up my item! Damn it, predicting my Cat Combat moves, huh? You're not "Villain - Spinner" a real hero at all! Jeez, you're too persistent! "Pro Hero - Mandalay - Quirk: Telepath" So are you! --Hurry up and be purged already! --Smash! Huh?! Mandalay! Kota's okay! You! And here's a message from Mr.
Aizawa! Tell everyone with Telepath! Hey, hero! Are your students important? I hope you can protect them all till the end.
The way he said that makes it clear the students are the targets.
In that case, it's unavoidable.
It's about raising the survival rate! Use your self-defense skills! I'll take responsibility for this, along with whatever punishment is coming later.
Everyone in Class A and Class B! In the name of the pro hero, Eraser Head, you are granted permission to engage in combat! Everyone in Class A and Class B! In the name of the pro hero, Eraser Head, you are granted permission to engage in combat! I repeat! Everyone in Class A and Class B! You are granted permission to engage in combat! This is what you want, right, Eraser? Don't be defeated while we still don't know what's going on, future heroes! "Mezo Shoji" "Quirk: Dupli-Arms" "He can make copies of body parts like mouths or ears at the tips of his tentacles.
" "Affiliation: U.
High School Hero Class 1-A" "Birthday: 2/25" "Height: 187 cm" "Blood Type: B" "Likes: Taiyaki" "Fumikage Tokoyami" "Quirk: Dark Shadow" "He has a shadow-like monster inside him that can change shape elastically and fight with him.
" "Affiliation: U.
High School Hero Class 1-A" "Birthday: 10/30" "Height: 158 cm" "Blood Type: AB" "Likes: Apples" I forgot to tell Midoriya to come back right away.
This is bad.
This is worse than bad.
The only reason he's able to move with those injuries right now is because of all the endorphins pumping through him.
Once he accomplishes his goal and calms down a little, he won't be able to move at all.
Mister Will he be okay? Hm? I I punched him But even so, he got all beat up like that to rescue me! I haven't even told him "Sorry" or "Thank you" yet Will he be okay? Don't worry.
He got all beat up like that because he has no intention of dying.
But as a teacher, I have to scold Midoriya for acting without permission No So once all this is over, please tell him how you feel.
If possible, put more effort in the "Thank you" part.
You, get back to camp immediately! Those aren't normal injuries! No I'm sorry! Please tell everyone one more thing! The villains At least one of their targets is They're after Kacchan! Please tell everyone with Telepath! Who's "Kacchan"? Wait a minute! That rumble in the ground earlier There are two in our number who can fight in a flashy power battle If one let something slip Then that bloodthirsty Muscular was defeated? Does that mean he lost in power to that little kid? Oh my, this child He really does need to be killed! Don't, Big Sis Mag! What do you think you're doing?! He was on the priority kill list! That's just Shigaraki's personal desire! Spinner! What did you come here to do?! That child is someone Stain wished to save! In other words, a person worthy of being called a hero! I will follow his wil-- I finally got a good hit in! It can't be helped First, I have to tell everyone.
We have discovered one of the villains' targets.
It is one of the students--"Kacchan"! Bakugo?! It's Bakugo?! "Kacchan" should try to avoid combat and acting independently.
Bakugo Understand, "Kacchan"?! Stop making so much noise in my head! "Katsuki Bakugo - Quirk: Explosion" Don't go rushing carelessly into anything.
I have to follow I have to do my job Did you hear that earlier? "Shoto Todoroki - Quirk: Half-Cold, Half-Hot" She said you're being targeted! That damn Deku did something, I just know it.
Saying "Fight" then "Don't fight"! I don't give a damn what anyone says! He's good at using the terrain with his Quirk.
Even though he just looks like some scrawny small fry! You bastard! Looks like he's got a lot of experience.
"Death Row Convict (Escaped) - Moonfish" Show me your flesh If you use any large flames around here and the fire spreads, we'll be surrounded by flames, and everyone will die.
Do you get it? Shut up! I know! Even if we try to retreat, there's gas They're obviously trying to drive us into a corner Did you hear that, Kendo?! We've got permission to throw some punches! Wait, Tetsutetsu! Do you understand this gas? You're saying it's dangerous, right? I'm not stupid.
Stupid! There was nothing about the gas in Mandalay's Telepath.
That means the gas hasn't spread so far that it can be seen from the clearing where Mandalay is.
It's weird.
This gas is flowing slowly in one direction.
Normally, it would spread more, right? This is staying in one place.
"Itsuka Kendo - Quirk: Big Fist" "Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu - Quirk: Steel" And look.
The gas is a little denser here than it was where we were before.
Which means what? I think it's swirling around its source.
Like a typhoon.
In other words, there should be someone who is producing the gas at the center-- someone who can also control it.
I see! Man, Kendo, you're amazing! I knew it.
That's why I came with you.
And, the closer we get to the center of the swirl, the denser the gas, so it's just a matter of time.
There's a limit to the gas masks' filters, and the denser the gas, the shorter the functioning time.
In other words-- Run all out toward the denser gas and punch all out! Right? Well, yeah, but He's got such a one-track mind But Shiozaki and our other classmates suffered because of this gas.
I hate this! Stuff like this pisses me off! Let's do our best, Kendo! Yeah! I don't dislike that part of you! Heading straight toward me are three two people? I guess there are those who notice and can make it through, huh? "Villain - Mustard" As expected of a prestigious school.
But it's sad No matter how wonderful the Quirk Found you! they're still human, huh? What was that sound just now, a gunshot? Don't tell me it's Kacchan Oh yeah, I saw you during the live broadcast of the sports festival.
There were guys who could turn hard.
A gun won't work, huh? But well, it doesn't matter.
Because it's just a matter of how long you can hold your breath in this gas.
Seriously, a gun? And aiming for my mask, too! What's with this shorty, anyway? A school uniform? So he's about the same age as me, or maybe even younger? Don't underestimate me! Are you pretending to be the Terminator? Even if you can harden yourself, you're charging straight in? Give me a break.
You go to a prestigious school, right? You're smart, aren't you? Will you use your head a little? If you don't, you're not worth my time.
Tetsutetsu! It's no good! Retreat! Two against one, with one of you hiding for a surprise attack, right? That's weak! Such a weak plan! --This gas is produced by me and controlled by me.
--Tetsutetsu, you're bleeding! --This gas is produced by me and controlled by me.
--It's fine, just retreat! It's telling me your movements directly with its fluctuations.
In other words, you can't hide from me! Why can't you figure that out? You go to U.
, right? Don't ruin my image of it.
That's why you're being attacked like this now.
Wait a-- Stupid.
Huh? Aren't you softer than you were before? Is it metal fatigue or something? Looks like you can't breathe anymore either.
You can't really brace yourself anymore, huh? Does your hardness depend on your stance? For simple guys like the ones that just harden themselves, they usually end up in tests of endurance, huh? You just rush in without thinking about stuff like that.
Hey, you guys are gonna be heroes when you grow up, right? I think it's strange.
A world where someone with a one-track mind like you is fawned over just because of where you went to school It's not right, is it? Crap I can't breathe I can't My strength is My vision's getting blurry and distorted Crap everything's turning black and white Tetsutetsu! I told you, I can tell how you're moving from the flow of the gas-- It doesn't matter if you can tell how I'm moving! I can't believe you can look so triumphant with a pitiful Quirk like that! Whether it's pitiful or not depends on how it's used! Take this! The gas is being blown away! Just how much power do those hands have?! You're the stupid one, uniform boy.
Carrying a gun like that is like saying you're not confident in a fight! You little Above all, for those at U.
with a one-track mind The gas got thinner, so I didn't realize when everyone else would think "I can't take it anymore," they'll take another step and go beyond that.
The gas is dispersing If a gas user is wearing a mask, then you have to break it, right? Stupid! I'll have you make up for ruining our training camp, kid.
Kacchan and Todoroki started second in the test of courage.
If they haven't moved from there, then they shouldn't be far.
Sh-Shoji?! Those injuries "Mezo Shoji - Quirk: Dupli-Arms" You shouldn't be moving anymore, should you? You're only thinking about saving your friend What are we going to do with you? That just now Yeah.
We were ambushed by villains, and I covered us.
But that triggered the Quirk that he'd been desperately trying to hold back My Quirk's offensive ability increases the darker it is, but it becomes fierce and difficult to control.
D-Don't tell me Yeah.
If we want to get through here, we'll have to do something about this first "Fumikage Tokoyami - Quirk: Dark Shadow" Get away from me! You'll die! T-Tokoyami! "Preview" Here's the preview! Tokoyami's Dark Shadow's out of control? Should I head toward Kacchan, or help Tokoyami? I have to make a fateful choice.
Next time, "Roaring Upheaval.
" "Next time: Roaring Upheaval" Go beyond! Plus Ultra!