My Hero Academia (2016) s03e06 Episode Script

Roaring Upheaval

1 The prestigious school that turned out many heroes, U.
High School.
Enrolled in their hero course, I continue to run toward my dream, standing up to any difficulties and saving people with a smile in order to become the greatest hero! "Izuku Midoriya - Quirk: One For All" Kacchan and Todoroki started second in the test of courage.
If they haven't moved from there, then they shouldn't be far.
Sh-Shoji?! Those injuries You shouldn't be moving anymore, should you? "Mezo Shoji - Quirk: Dupli-Arms" You're only thinking about saving your friend What are we going to do with you? That just now D-Don't tell me Yeah.
If we want to get through here, we'll have to do something about this first "Fumikage Tokoyami - Quirk: Dark Shadow" Get away from me! You'll die! T-Tokoyami! "Roaring Upheaval" Wh-What's going on, Shoji?! Quiet.
After Mandalay's Telepath about the villain attack telling us not to engage, we went on alert immediately.
Right after that, we were attacked by a villain.
Shoji! I covered Tokoyami, hiding in the foliage even as my arm got cut off.
Your arm?! Even though it's not a shallow cut, it's not like I've lost it forever.
My Dupli-Arms can even duplicate my duplicated organs, and what was cut off was a duplicate.
But I guess he couldn't even stand that.
The Quirk he had been holding back started getting out of control In deep darkness, he can't control it I didn't realize his Quirk was so peaky It was probably his emotions, like righteous indignation and regret that made it even more wild.
He kept trying to hold it back, but It reacted to any movement or sound, turning into a monster that was just lashing out with attacks indiscriminately.
Forget about me Find the others and help them! Calm down, Dark Shadow! Dark Shadow's weakness is light.
If we lead it to the fire or back to camp, it should calm down.
Midoriya, no matter the circumstance, I don't want to become a person who leaves a suffering friend behind.
You forced that body to get you here because you were worried about Bakugo, right? If you think you can still move, I'll draw Dark Shadow away and open up a path for you.
Wait It's pretty far to either camp or the fire.
Then, you'll be in dange-- I know.
The act of saving people comes with risks.
That's why heroes are called heroes.
Will you stay with me and help Tokoyami, or will you rush to where Bakugo is? Which will you choose, Midoriya? Sorry, Shoji "Villain - Moonfish - Quirk: Blade-Tooth" Flesh Piece of meat Flesh I can't get near him, damn it! The only thing I can do is blast him with everything I've got You can't! If the trees burn, just cover them with ice right after! "Shoto Todoroki - Quirk: Half-Cold, Half-Hot" The blast will impair my vision, too! What'll happen if I can't stop all of it? Our opponent has the advantage in both number of moves and distance! "Katsuki Bakugo - Quirk: Explosion" There! I can see ice! They're in the middle of a fight! Huh? Bakugo! Todoroki! One of you, please-- Make some light! Flesh Sorry, Shoji, I want to keep going, but I have an idea.
What is it? If it'll react to just sound, then make duplicates of your arms to use as bait "whoo whoo" and make it follow without attacking us.
But we'll lead it to Kacchan.
He can calm Dark Shadow down with an explosion.
If I have to choose one or the other I want to save both of them! Kacchan! Shoji and Midoriya? And Tokoyami?! Hurry up and make light! Tokoyami's out of control! Indiscriminate attacks, huh? All right, I'll use my flames Wait, idiot.
Flesh Piece of meat.
It's no good I can't allow it I'm the only one who's allowed to look at a cross-section of those kids Don't steal them from me! Don't beg.
Small fry! Look I haven't had enough fun yet! I'm a bad match-up for you.
Sorry Thanks for saving me In an instant, the opponent we were barely able to defend against was Tokoyami, are you all right? You did a good job doing what we asked.
Tokoyami! Don't fight it! Surrender yourself to Dark Shadow! Sorry, Shoji You, too, Midoriya I was too immature I let my anger take over and released Dark Shadow The influence of the darkness and my anger spurred on that guy In the end, it got so strong that I couldn't hold it back and ended up hurting Shoji.
We can leave that for later.
That's what you would say, right? Oh, right! We confirmed that one of the villains' targets is Kacchan.
Bakugo? Are they trying to kill him? Why? I don't know.
Anyway, I think the camp is the safest place since there are two pros, Vlad King and Mr.
Aizawa, there.
I see.
So now our mission is to escort Bakugo there, huh? But at the clearing, the Pussycats are still fighting.
Going back on the path would bring us to the attention of the villains, and we'd lose time.
We should cut straight across.
We don't know how many villains there are.
We might come across one suddenly.
We can use Shoji's search ability.
And we have Todoroki's freezing, and if Tokoyami's okay with it, an invincible Dark Shadow with built-in controls Honestly, with this group, we could probably even go up against All Might.
What's with you guys?! You walk in the middle.
Don't protect me, you scum! Let's go! Don't ignore me! Make sure you keep up.
Don't tell me what to do! Get everyone back safely.
If we do that, then we win "Ochaco Uraraka" "Quirk: Zero Gravity" "She can make people and things weightless with the pads on the tips of her fingers.
" "Affiliation: U.
High School Hero Class 1-A" "Birthday: 12/27" "Height: 156 cm" "Blood Type: B" "Likes: Japanese Food" "Tsuyu Asui" "Quirk: Frog" "She can do pretty much everything a frog can, like stretch out her tongue really far.
" "Affiliation: U.
High School Hero Class 1-A" "Birthday: 2/12" "Height: 150 cm" "Blood Type: B" "Likes: Jello" "5 Minutes Earlier" Ochaco, is your arm okay? "Tsuyu Asui - Quirk: Frog" "Ochaco Uraraka - Quirk: Zero Gravity" Yeah, it just grazed me.
Shallow Not much blood "Villain - Himiko Toga" That's mean, suddenly coming out slashing at us! Who are you? I'm Toga! You two sure are cute.
Uraraka and Asui She knows our names.
Maybe from the sports festival? In any case, she knows who we are, which means we're at a disadvantage.
There's not enough blood.
Normally, I'd suck it out directly from the cut to get more, but this machine will start sucking if I just stick it in, so my work will progress very quickly.
I'm sticking it in.
She's coming! Ochaco! Run back to camp! We were give permission to use our Quirks not to defeat the villains but to protect ourselves! That's the kind of person Mr.
Aizawa is.
Tsu, you too! Of course, I will also-- "Tsu" "Tsu" "Tsu"! Ribbit What a cute nickname.
I'm gonna call you that, too.
The only people I want calling me that are the ones I want to be friends with.
Yay, then I'm your friend, too! All right! Tsu! You're bleeding, my friend, Tsu.
You're so cute.
I love blood.
Get away from her! Against someone with a knife, pivot on one foot to disappear from your opponent's line of sight and grab the wrist and base of the neck.
Then, with all your might, pull! And push down! It's the close combat technique I learned during my internship! Gunhead Martial Arts! That was amazing, Ochaco! Tsu, can you restrain her hands with your tongue? Does it hurt? Give me a second for my tongue.
Ochaco You're wonderful, too.
You've got the same smell as me.
There's someone you like, right? And you feel like you want to be like that person, right? I'll win! I'll win and be like Deku, too! I can tell.
'Cause you're a maiden like me.
What is with her? You want to be the same as the person you like, right? It's only natural, right? You end up wearing the same things and stuff But eventually, not even that's enough You end up wanting to become that person, right? It can't be helped, right? What kind of person do you like? I love people who are beat up and smell like blood! That's why in the end, I always cut them up! Hey, Ochaco, you're having fun, right? It's fun talking about our crushes, right? Ochaco! Suck, suck Suck, suck Suck, suck Suck, suck Suck, suck Uraraka?! Shoji! Everyone! Shoot! There are more people now and I don't want to be killed, so bye-bye.
--Wai-- --It's too dangerous! We don't even know what kind of Quirk she has.
Who was that woman just now? A villain.
A crazy one.
Uraraka, you're injured! It's fine.
I can still totally walk.
Anyway, you're the one that-- This isn't the time to stand around and talk.
Let's go, quickly.
Anyway, I'm just glad you're okay.
I know! Come with us! Right now, we're protecting Kacchan as we head back to camp.
Ribbit? You're protecting Bakugo? Where is Bakugo? Huh?! What are you saying? Kacchan is right behind During this emergency, no one let their guard down.
But The boy you're talking about I took him with my magic.
This talent isn't someone who should be on the hero side.
We'll take him to a stage where he can shine more.
"Villain - Mr.
Compress" Give him back! "Give him back"? That's a strange thing to say.
Bakugo doesn't belong to anyone.
He's his own person, you egoist.
Give him back! Move! We simply want to show him that the path he's on now with its fanatical values is not the only path he can take.
Kids these days are made to choose their paths based on their values.
It's not just Bakugo! Tokoyami's not here, either! He snatched the two in the back noiselessly? What kind of Quirk does he have? To go out of your way to talk to us You're underestimating us.
I was originally an entertainer, you know.
It's a bad habit of mine.
Taking Tokoyami was an improvisation on my part.
Moonfish The man with "Blade-Tooth" He may not look it, but he's a cutthroat on death row whose appeal was dismissed.
With a violent nature that trampled that cutthroat down one-sidedly, I decided that he was good, too.
You bastard! Don't take them! Midoriya! Calm down! Uraraka, take this guy.
Right! Sorry, tricks and running away are my only redeeming features! There's no way I'd fight students who are hero candidates.
Vanguard Action Squad! Target successfully collected! It was just a short while, but with this, our show has come to a close! As arranged, head to the retrieval point in the next five minutes! "Come to a close"? No! I won't let you! I won't let you get away! Hey, Dabi! Did you hear the radio? I'm so pumped! Mr.
Compress already succeeded! Took him long enough! I was getting sleepy! "Villain - Dabi" Don't say that.
He did a good job.
Now, we just have to wait for everyone to get back here.
"Villain - Twice" That's not right! You're right.
This place was supposed to be hard to find because of the wall of flames and gas, but the gas was cleared away.
Things never go according to plan, huh? You're right! "Yuga Aoyama - Quirk: Navel Laser" Things are going as planned! Aoyama, I must go help the students from Class B.
"Toru Hagakure - Quirk: Invisibility" "Kyoka Jiro - Quirk: Earphone Jack" Please carry these two back to camp! The gas dispersed Someone defeated the villain! They're fighting! I I need to Our eyes met?! Hey, Dabi! Speaking of which, this has nothing to do with anything, but is it okay not to call the "Nomu" guy? You said it'd only react to your voice or something, right? It's very important! Oh, yeah.
You asked me why I didn't add it to the battle, right? Be grateful! Bow before me! A monster specifically for me, from Shigaraki It's probably killed at least one person by now.
This is bad! This is really bad! This guy's really bad news! Yaoyorozu, are you alive?! Hey! Please, run! "Yosetsu Awase - Quirk: Weld" It's gonna catch up! I'm sorry Awase! "Momo Yaoyorozu - Quirk: Creation" I'm I'm fine! When I came to, I was on the ground.
I had no idea what had happened to me Crap! Damn it! What the--?! What's that?! What is that?! What? Why is it leaving? Does this mean it has done its job? Then, don't tell me Bakugo! Use your judgment What would be the worst-case scenario, Momo? And what's the best thing you can do right now? Awase, use your Quirk to attach this to that! What is this? A button? Just hurry up and do it! It'll get away! I don't know what's going on, but! I attached it, like you asked! Thanks, Awase.
Ah, that was too scary Let's get away! Right.
"Villain - Magne" Hey, Spinner, this is your fault! Shut up! If you're going to blame someone, blame yourself for doing evil! "Pro Hero - Tiger - Quirk: Pliabody" "Pro Hero - Mandalay - Quirk: Telepath" That's how it is, Spinner, you villain.
"Villain - Spinner" Hey, let go, you harlot! Damn it, Stain will live again! You hear? His will, it'll live again right here! Through me! I have to purge you degenerate heroes and that glasses kid! What're you talking about? At any rate, you didn't show us your Quirk at all, did you? Shut up! Get off! Yes Let's have the two of you "Villain - Kurogiri - Quirk: Warp Gate" move out of the way.
Damn it, that mask guy's fast! If only Iida were here The hero course students are not as big of a deal as I thought they'd be.
Damn it! We can't give up We have to catch up and get them back! But at this rate, he's just getting farther away! Uraraka, make us float! And then Asui, throw us as far as you can with your tongue! Ribbit? Shoji, use your arms to correct our trajectory and pull us! Uraraka, measure the distance with your eyes and release your Quirk when the time looks about right! I see.
A human bullet, huh? Wait, Deku! You're still going to move with those injuries? It's true that it wouldn't be strange for this guy to lose consciousness at any moment Midoriya, you stay here.
With that pain, you're in no state to-- I don't feel any pain right now I can move Hurry! Deku, at least let me do this! Okay, Tsu.
Make sure you save those two.
Ribbit! Huh? No one else is here yet? You lunatic, did you get the blood? How many people's worth? One person's worth! Just one?! Weren't you told to get at least three?! It couldn't be helped.
I thought I was going to be killed.
Anyway-- Toga, aren't you a little too happy? Was there anything to make you depressed? I made some friends and found a boy I'm interested in.
You mean me?! Sorry, can't! I like you, too! You're too loud.
Shut up Hey, hey, hey, hey! I know these kids! Who are they?! "Preview" Here's the preview! Todoroki, Shoji! Let's make sure we save Kacchan and Tokoyami! We'll use everything we learned up until now at U.
! Next time, "What a Twist!" "Next time: What a Twist!" Go beyond! Plus Ultra!