My Holo Love (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 Mommy was worried about you, So-yeon.
Can't you see me? I'm here.
It's okay.
It's all right.
By the way, I really like those glasses on you.
The glasses.
So-yeon, can you hear me? You okay? What's wrong? Is it hard to speak? You But So-yeon? Come on.
Young lady, so you're awake.
I'll go get the doctor.
There you are.
Come on now.
You shouldn't be walking around.
Holo? I I'm looking at you.
So-yeon, I'm looking at you too.
Not like that.
I can actually see your face.
I can't see anyone else's face, but I see yours.
My face? Yeah.
I get it.
I Holo, I love you.
I love you.
No, no.
I mean What I mean is, I really like you.
I know it makes no sense.
But it's the reason why I've acted so strange around you.
I keep denying it and resisting the idea, but I have to accept it now, because yours is the only face I see.
That's why I'm sure that I feel that way about you.
I know you told me that it would be impossible.
But I'm just telling you how I feel.
Did you just hiccup? I've checked all the apartments near the crash site, but I can't find him.
He hasn't come back home either.
Come on back.
Where on earth is he? Excuse me, ma'am.
I'm not the only one seeing this, right? Yeah.
He's the model.
We need some additional facial data from him.
That zoned out expression is perfect.
Come with us and we'll collect the data.
Well, I told you I'd seen him.
So, Holo is modeled on a real person, huh? Just what did you think you were doing? Do you know how much danger you were in? You could've been killed.
And the police could've caused trouble.
She loves Holo! What? That's right.
She's in love with Holo.
I don't get it.
My heart feels like it's being torn apart.
Yoo-jin, what's wrong with me? Congrats on the promotion to manager.
So, you're skipping another team dinner? I was going to treat everyone.
Don't say that about someone who was just in a car accident.
How do you feel? It wasn't that bad.
Don't worry.
- I'll be out soon.
- Uh-huh.
Your manager's ordering you to rest and recover for a few days.
Then we can drink.
- All we want.
- Yeah.
So, are we having - a team dinner? - No.
We'll wait and do it after.
- You guys are such freeloaders.
- Settle these expenses.
- Livers and steak? - I'll settle dinner when she gets out and feels better.
So, after the accident, you only recognize certain faces? Yeah.
I don't think you suffered any brain injury.
But if you developed face blindness due to psychological trauma, it's possible we could cure it without external shock.
Sit down.
A little closer? There's no medical explanation for it.
But that person must be so special to you that they healed your trauma.
At least partly.
Just keep still like that.
Is everything all right? It's the first time since I was a girl that I can recognize a face.
So, this is what you look like.
My face, is it nice? Mm-hm.
There's only one face in the world that I'm able to see.
And I'm happy it's yours.
Why haven't you eaten anything? Leave me alone.
Our investors are getting restless.
If we don't launch soon, they want out.
On top of that, the bastards who are after Holo are getting bolder.
Now, the police are involved.
If we let Holo remain with that woman, even you will be in danger.
Look, I'll take care of it.
Are you listening? I have a report.
Just focus on your user.
Why are you here? Nan-do, So-yeon said she loves me.
- So what? - I've calculated a multitude of possibilities, - and it's likely she's mistaken.
- Mistaken? Ultimately, the reason she thinks she loves me, is that she can recognize my face.
And that really seems to be meaningful to her.
Yeah, and? It's highly probable that the face she saw was actually yours.
So-yeon was able to recognize the face of the person who saved her life.
And that was you.
But So-yeon doesn't know that we look the same.
So, she thinks that recognizing my face proves she loves me, - And so? - We need to set her straight.
And tell her she can see my face because we look alike.
That she's mistaken about her feelings, Nan-do.
- You have to tell her.
- And why should I? Because she won't believe it unless she sees your face.
Help me.
It will make her miserable.
An AI cannot fall in love.
Nan-do, meet with So-yeon.
Solve this problem.
When she sees your face and mine Shut up! That makes absolutely no sense.
Who cares if it makes sense or not? Just go ahead and do it.
What? Maybe it's for the best.
Let's end the test here.
It gives us a good excuse.
Go see Han So-yeon, so you can show her.
That the face she can see is really yours.
That her feelings aren't real, and she isn't in love.
And she needs to give us the glasses.
You also think Han So-yeon made a mistake? Because she can recognize his face? You want me to split them up because we have a good excuse now.
I can't do it.
To So-yeon, to Holo either.
Then why didn't you tell Holo just now? That he is capable of love, so he could give Han So-yeon happiness.
- Because - You didn't because you're in love with her.
You don't want to lose her to an AI.
It makes me angry.
It's making me insane.
The thing is Shit.
Whatever the situation is, there's only one thing to do.
If we keep delaying the launch date any longer, the company will go under.
Give me the folder I mentioned earlier.
The blackout occurred at 10:03 p.
Han So-yeon and the potential suspect who is dressed in black, were just about to be electrocuted.
But the sudden blackout saved their lives.
A lot like what happened yesterday also.
I don't see how this could be a coincidence.
Wouldn't it be even stranger if it isn't? I've never heard of anyone who could engineer a hack so fast on such a large scale.
One thing is certain, this unidentified individual is involved in both hacking cases.
But how do we catch him? We have no idea on him.
No one knows anything about him.
He's just like a ghost.
We don't have any leads on him.
But I looked at the cars involved in the accident.
We might make more progress if we look into the owners here.
You never fail to disappoint me.
How many more failures until you're satisfied? Just give me another chance, Dad.
This time, I promise VICE PRESIDENT BAEK CHAN-SUNG - Here you go.
- Discharged already? - Thank you.
- Just wait.
I'll drive over and get you.
That's all right.
I know you're busy.
Why? Is someone else picking you up? - No.
- So-yeon, don't lie to me.
Who is it? You've been acting weird lately.
Hey, I'll call you later.
- Holo.
- Mm? Let's eat.
I'm hungry for something delicious after eating all that hospital garbage.
Should I find a restaurant you might like? No.
Something special.
Let's make a meal at the house.
- Cook at home? - Uh-huh.
What should we make? Any ideas? Oh, look at how huge this crab is.
Should we steam it or grill it? Hey, So-yeon.
- Mm? - Don't go overboard.
- I think something simple would - Live squid.
Half price today.
For the next hour only.
- Wait.
Half price? - Come and get them.
What a deal! These squid are super fresh.
Oh, you came over pretty quickly.
How much are these? Oh.
Pick some out and I'll weigh them.
- Come on.
- Look at these squid.
Don't they look nice and fresh? See? So fresh.
How many for you? How many? Four.
You better give me ten.
Ten it is.
Chili peppers.
Bell pepper.
- Mushrooms.
- It's too much.
Hurry up! Would you like to try a sample? - Try one.
- Thank you.
So good.
Should we buy some? Uh, I should buy one.
I'll take one.
Where are they? - Right there.
- I see.
I found them.
Thank you.
Oh, jeez.
You've never cleaned a squid, have you? Why do you think my mom always brings a food over? Because I can't cook.
That's okay.
Luckily, we have lots of ingredients.
That's true.
Let's do this.
Hm-mm! Looks good on you.
Let's throw these out and start over.
Yes, chef.
All right.
- I'll show you how it's done.
- Yeah.
First, flip the squid over.
Flip the squid.
Then, cut here with the scissors.
Cut here.
Hold the squid and Harder.
Well done.
- Then, salt the outside.
Like this.
- Salt.
- Pat it down.
- Tap, tap.
Then grab both ends of the squid and pull.
Nice and easy.
Wait a minute.
Have you decided what dish you want to make? What? There.
I can't believe I made that.
What's the name of it again? Lemon calamari.
Cream risotto.
Lemon calamari.
Cream risotto.
I made lemon calamari, cream risotto.
- Mm.
- What is it? You burned the rice a little bit but This is exactly what I wanted to eat tonight! So good.
Hey, So-yeon.
About what you said before.
Yes, I know.
You said that AIs cannot fall in love with humans.
It's impossible.
There's something else I should tell you.
It's hard for you to accept but it could be for the best in the end.
This is yummy.
You know I feel really happy right now.
Can you just go on in making me happy? I'm concerned.
All right.
Let's go shopping tomorrow.
You've been wearing the same clothes since we met.
But since I can recognize your face now, you can change your wardrobe a little.
That's fine.
Okay? - You can't go in right now.
- Whatever.
It's important.
CEO Jang.
To what do we owe the pleasure of your visit? You know why I'm here today.
Yes, of course, I do.
Kim, can you bring us some coffee, please? Yes, right away.
You want to know how the beta testing is progressing.
Holo has been exceeding all of our projections and we're all quite surprised.
The user satisfaction is very high.
I heard that you're delaying the launch because you've discovered a critical error.
Well, that's quite a bit different from what I've been hearing.
The word is that someone's making false information about a non-existent error to our investors.
If you don't schedule a launch date very soon, we will withdraw all of our funds from GIO Lab.
It's a shame.
You're trying to kill the goose before it can lay its golden egg.
We'll just have to start looking for a more patient investor to take your place, I suppose.
I'm here to tell you on behalf of all of the investors.
If you refuse to announce a launch date within one week, the rumors will soon prove themselves to be true.
And you won't be able to find any new investors for this project.
I guess he doesn't like coffee.
- You can have it, Kim.
- Thanks.
What's up? If this is about what we discussed earlier, I'm too busy.
It's not that.
I just got a call from Ms.
She's going to meet with So-yeon because you won't do it.
What? Holo.
Come over here.
Wow, it's so different.
I mean, now that I can see you.
Would you try this on? - How does it look? - Hm-mm! I like brighter colors on you.
But you look like a snob when you aren't smiling.
Let's go.
You like this one? What are you doing here? What you should've done earlier.
This isn't why you found the GIO Labs.
We need to finish things.
I'm not sure.
All right.
As long as I can do it.
Come on.
It's so funny when you do that, Holo.
Uh The thing is, I need to tell you something.
Oh, yeah.
Those dark colors look good on you too.
I really need to tell you We're done shopping for now.
Let's go.
She keeps changing the subject when I bring up anything serious.
Damn it.
I better talk to her about it.
And then you can come and explain the rest.
That way, it will be less of a shock.
I must be crazy.
Ah, shit.
What are you doing? I'm not mentally prepared for this.
So, you're going to keep pretending to be me? Why are you hesitating? Hey.
I get it, all right? It's cool.
Aren't you ready? You got into dancing so quickly.
Uh, well I have to analyze the performances of Olympic skaters first.
Are you planning a triple x today? Hurry up.
It's no fun skating by myself.
All right.
Just give me a minute then.
Hold on.
Just a minute.
You can't go on the ice with sneakers on.
Damn it.
- Is everything all right? - I just need to talk to her.
You can't.
You'll get hurt.
- I'm so sorry.
- I'll be fine.
Thank you.
I said you'll get hurt.
It's okay.
I'll be right back.
You can't do it.
- It'll just take a few minutes.
- It's not allowed.
A bird.
All right.
All right.
You You win.
I'm gonna make it.
I'm gonna be fine.
Holo, you are just amazing, you know that? Hey, listen.
Can we talk about something? Let's go.
What does that mean? "Hurry up and say it.
" I don't know.
They must be having a special event.
- You You wanna go out with me? - What? After I saw that, I just felt like I had to say it.
Took you long enough.
Oh, it's so cute.
I'm gonna kill that guy.
HURRY UP AND SAY I It's nice walking with you like this.
It's not a short walk.
Are you sure you wanna do it? It gets scary being out alone at night.
It's worse with my condition.
So, I used to be afraid to walk by myself, you know.
But not any longer because I have you to walk along with me, Holo.
Look at me, Han So-yeon.
Mm? What if there I mean, hypothetically.
There was someone else who look just the same as me.
Someone who look just the same? Mm.
Not a hologram but a person.
If there were someone like that, if you met a person like that Stop it.
I don't think I fell in love with you because I could see your face.
I recognized your face because I love you.
- That's what I choose to believe.
- What? So, even if I met someone who looks just like you, it's not like I would be attracted to them.
That's what I'm saying.
I think I understand what it is you're trying to say.
But don't feel any pressure.
It's just that everything you've done so far, it felt like love.
Then, I realized that seeing your face was like a miracle.
- Miracle? - Mm-hm.
- Each moment felt like love to you.
- Mm.
And that's why you see my face? Listen, it's good enough for me.
I may be the first woman in history to have unrequited feelings for an AI.
So just stay by my side.
I'm saying - It's a mistake.
- So-yeon! Hey, Mom.
Hmm? So-yeon.
So, where in the world have you been? I heard you were in a car accident.
It wasn't too big of a deal.
Come on.
- So, were you hurt? - No, I'm fine.
You didn't take my calls.
I was worried.
So I had to rush right over.
Hey, let's go inside.
- All right? You must be cold.
- Okay, sure.
You're not in any pain? - I'm fine, Mom.
- Really? Are you sure? Don't worry.
Why are you dragging this out? It's not like you.
I won't, okay? I'll finish it.
I'll end this right now.
Huh? What do you mean by that? Just go.
Well, I'm glad at least you're okay.
Have you bought groceries? What? Yeah.
I did.
You actually cooked at home? All by yourself? Uh, no.
I was planning on cooking with Yoo-ram, but she had to cancel.
Well, Yoo-ram never told me that.
She offered to pick you up, but you turned her down.
So, are you dating someone now? - Who is he? - Mom, no.
What are you talking about? I should take this garbage out.
What is the matter with me? Damn it.
Okay, I'm gonna do it.
I am.
Oh, what the hell? I know you're in there.
Open the door.
Oh, my goodness.
This place is so empty.
Excuse me, ma'am.
How can I help you? I saw that you were hiding earlier.
- Me? - How long have you known her? Did So-yeon tell you to hide from me? Uh, you see Well, do you like So-yeon? Yes.
Very much.
Well, then, did she tell you that she's not the same as other people? I know she suffers from face blindness.
Did she actually tell you that? Not exactly.
She didn't tell me.
I just found out on my own.
I see.
You're not what I expected.
Yoo-ram is such a snitch.
Why did she tell my mom that? She probably told her that someone was picking you up.
I'm sure it's nothing.
You're not going back? My mom has really strong intuition.
She'll get me to confess.
What? Confess? Yeah.
Holo, why did you change your outfit so suddenly? Huh? Ah.
It's because you said I look better in bright colors.
Also, you picked these clothes out for me.
That's all right then.
It's so obvious, at least to me.
It's so easy to tell when she has a crush on someone.
It was so hard for So-yeon when she couldn't even recognize her own parents' faces at such a young age.
Not even her mother's face.
After I divorced her father, I struggled a lot as a single mom.
And I didn't take good enough care of her.
I always wanted her to meet someone who's loved when he was young.
So that he would know how to take really good care of her.
That's what I always wanted.
But I believe that you You will do just fine.
Please take good care of her.
I know she'll be back soon.
I'll pretend that I don't know about you, okay? Okay.
All right.
Hey, are you all right? Oh, I'm okay.
Thank you.
It's just a part of getting old.
Go sit.
You know I can find my way out.
Mom? What are you doing? Something's not right.
Mom? Mom? Mom, are you okay? I'm fine.
It's It's nothing.
Mom? Mom, wake up.
What's the matter? Mom, hey.
I've called an ambulance.
They'll be here in about ten minutes.
In ten Ten minutes? No, Mom.
Put her on my back.
You're the neighbor? - Hurry up! - An ambulance is coming.
It'll be faster if I drive her.
If we drive there, it will take 25 minutes.
It's better to wait for the ambulance.
So, what should we do? Mom, please, wake up.
Please, Mom.
Han So-yeon.
Get it together.
I'll drive really fast and run all the red lights.
Even if I carry her, it'll be faster.
So, please, put her on my back.
It seems to be a side-effect of her hypertension meds.
It can cause her blood pressure to drop and make her pass out, that can lead to a head injury like the one your mother has.
Hypertension? What are you talking about? Oh.
You didn't know? Oh, Mom.
I'm so sorry.
I had no idea.
Excuse me? Excuse me.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Um, bye.
I can't let you go You know you are not alone Stay forever Holo.
How is So-yeon? Upset.
But there's nothing I can do to help her.
Not true.
You have the best chance of making her happy.
What are you trying to say? I thought your abnormalities were because of a program error.
You were able to find So-yeon on the run.
You willingly agreed to the beta test.
You even engineered a blackout and hacked a car.
It was no error.
It wasn't a mistake that made you break all those rules for So-yeon.
In fact, it was love.
That's why it was possible for her to recognize your face.
It wasn't me at all.
It's because you're that important.
I'm not sure.
There are too many holes in that logic.
That's the way it is.
I just realized that How am I capable of doing things that you didn't program? You taught yourself.
I don't know a damn thing about love, and I don't want to.
So, I'll give you one final command as your creator.
Go make her happy, Holo.
You're capable of it.
- Nan-do - Get lost.
Is it supposed to be this painful? I'll do what it takes to get the investors on-board.
No need to worry.
Ma! Ma! The child who was unloved and abandoned by his mother.
Became damaged and left with emotional scars.
As he grew up, he wouldn't let anyone love him.
That's why, Nan-do my heart aches whenever I see Holo.
Your creation.
You said you weren't interested in other people.
That you just wanted to create the perfect AI, but didn't you actually program Holo who looks just like you to be someone you wished you could be? Because you wanted to be loved so badly.
Do you still believe that no one could ever love you? - Yoo-jin.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
I was going to wait because I knew you had an important meeting.
It's all right.
You're welcome here anytime.
Tell me, what brings you here? I'll get right to the point since it's so important.
It's about a favor.
I'm hoping you've agreed to accept our investment offer.
It's not that.
You know Chairman Jang of Blue Stone.
He's one of our investors.
I heard you were close.
Yes, we are.
Though unlike us, things are strictly business.
I think he's trying to convince the investors to withdraw all their funding.
Can you I mean, I want to persuade him not to.
If you can arrange a meeting with him.
The situation seems to be pretty urgent.
If you're asking me as a favor I'm happy to help.
In any way possible.
Thank you.
Thank you so much, Chan-sung.
I will return the favor.
I'll hold you to it.
I see something more important than acquiring our company came up.
You could say that.
- I can ride back with you.
- Just go to work.
How long were you going to keep it a secret? - What? - Did you think you could fool me? I want you to introduce us next time.
It's not like that, Mom.
Come on.
Relationships are not that complicated.
All you need is a man who's faithful to you.
Stays by your side, so you don't get lonely.
I'm going.
Okay, let's go.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Good work.
Let's see.
It's snowing.
Snow? Huh? It sure is.
Wow! Look.
Why is it snowing when it's not even winter? Oh.
And the snowflakes are giant.
They are.
Hey, Yeon-soo.
Are you watching the snow? Yeah.
Mommy is watching too.
It's so pretty.
I'll come home early today.
Okay? Due to the dry winter, - we have no snow this year.
- Mommy loves you.
But it appears that winter felt bad about it and gave us a late present.
There were some winters when it snowed so much, we couldn't wait for it to melt.
But this time, I really wanna see it keep snowing for a while.
Would you cancel my appointments and take me to the lab? Yes, ma'am.
The first and last snowfall of the season.
It's so pretty.
Yes, it is.
So, this is what real snow looks like.
I think I get why everyone was so excited.
When I was young, I used to build snowman with my father.
When I got older, I stopped because I wanted to be with the other boys and girls.
But now, I'm fine with it since we're together.
Should we build a snowman? Why don't we? Here.
It's cold.
Mm? So-yeon.
I can do it.
What? If it's just about being faithful to you, and always being right by your side, I can do that.
Of course, I don't know much about love.
I I want to love you.
You mean it? You're not just saying that to make me happy, Holo? No.
I'm incapable of lying.
I was afraid when I was It was the time waiting for you Nan-do, have you seen the snow out there? Are you sleeping? You've got a fever.
Take this.
There you go.
How's it going with the investors? Don't worry.
Chan-sung has been helping me.
I'll meet with Mr.
Jang soon and Yes, Chan-sung.
What do you mean? The investors wanna sell all their shares to Magic Mirror.
Can you give me any more details? I've tried to convince them.
But they've made up their minds.
They thought it was the only way to fix GIO Lab.
I spoke against it, but The chairman wouldn't go along with it.
I'm sorry.
The investors wanna meet with you tomorrow.
I'll be there too.
See you tomorrow.
The police said the interrogation's still going on.
Should be talking by now then.
If Mr.
Jang can convince the detectives like we planned, then not even that ghost can slip out of this one.
You're right about that.
We don't really give a damn who you are.
Now you need to start telling us.
Everything you know about the guy we're after.
Or you know, you'll never get out of this place.
Twelve years ago, a New Zealand code hacker got a hold of Korean police records.
Arrest reports, forensic data.
- And so? - So, the police tracked him down.
He was 17 years old.
And Korean.
They said he jumped off a cliff and committed suicide before they could catch him.
But he's actually still alive.
And this is our guy.
The investors have arrived.
I'll handle this mess, so just stay right here and don't worry.
Don't leave this room.
Follow me.
You can't come in here.
This is police business.
You can't just barge in like this.
You have no right to be in here.
Hey! It's Nan-do!
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