My Holo Love (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 [kid giggling.]
[theme music.]
[tense music.]
- [man 1.]
What? What the hell? Whoa.
- [man 2.]
That face.
As you can see, I'm the model for Holo's beta version.
I'm also the man who created him.
I'm Ms.
Ko's younger brother.
Ko Nan-do is my name.
Due to personal reasons, I was late to introduce myself and I'm sorry.
I'll keep it short.
The beta test must continue as planned.
[man 1.]
What the hell? - [man 2.]
What is he saying? - [man 3.]
I thought we were shutting down.
Even after you have deceived all of your investors, you still have the audacity to say that? Our business isn't a game, you know? [Nan-do.]
We began the beta test because an unknown error had been detected.
However, we now realized this was not an error after all.
[CEO Jang.]
What are you talking about? If there's no error, the tests are no longer required.
By communing with its user, Holo has developed various emotions.
Resulting in his ability to feel love.
[man 5.]
Feel love? - It feels love? - What is he talking about? Since it's one of a human being's most intricate and innermost emotions, it seems to me, we should conduct a new series of beta tests.
So, I'll keep it simple.
A chance to develop an advanced AI capable of loving humans as presented itself.
If you make that investment, I promise you, it's a decision you won't regret.
Put your hand up if you're in.
[Yoo-jin gasps.]
[tense music.]
Boss? How'd it go? Ko Nan-do.
You're being arrested in accordance with Article 12 of the Telecommunications Act.
And Article 200, Section Three of the Criminal Procedure Act.
[handcuff clanking.]
You have a right to an attorney and a chance to defend yourself.
Don't waste my time.
Just give me the short version.
Am I boring you? You're a suspect in the blackout incident.
And a hacker who's a real flight risk.
Take him away.
[investors laughing.]
[siren wailing.]
Oh, that blackout? Some weirdos were chasing me and almost killed me, so So, please, sir.
Can you tell me why I've been arrested for that? In New Zealand, twelve years ago, a boy hacked into our nation's computer network.
The whole nation was in an uproar.
And the boy committed suicide.
This is the boy's fingerprint.
And this is the one found on the evidence we recently confiscated.
The two samples are a perfect match.
I'm not sure what trick you pulled off, but you faked your death and evaded the authorities in the path, and apparently, now you performed a similar hacking caused this blackout.
In fact, I even witnessed the hacking incident that took place next to your company's headquarters.
Isn't that right? Maybe you've decided to exercise your right to remain silent? [keyboard clacking.]
[exhales heavily.]
[clicks tongue.]
You're right.
It's all true.
I'm that boy from 12 years ago.
That was me.
But this recent blackout? Whoever it is, I'm grateful since it saved my life.
However, I didn't know it was because of a hack.
What? The same goes for the car crash.
I almost got run over just standing there, but cars came out of nowhere and saved my life.
All I can really say is that I was very lucky.
Officer, I'm a human being, not a computer.
I can't help you.
So, that's your story? [door opens.]
Ah, good.
Right on time.
Who are you people? I am Mr.
Ko's lawyer.
I don't suppose we need to file for a wrongful arrest.
I believe it's in everybody's best interest to release him.
That's only true when there's no evidence.
What about the forensic test? They checked it thoroughly but it's clean.
Gosh, I'm sorry there's nothing to find.
But I can't say I'm really surprised.
And if you have nothing to hide, tell me why you changed your identity.
The papers regarding his citizenship status have been prepared and are ready to be read.
[paper rustles.]
Also, for your information, all the fines have been paid.
All right, then.
I'm gonna go now.
Oh, wait.
Maybe I'll stick around.
I've had my phone call, how about some food? Well, that was close.
Don't let your guard down just yet.
That meddling detective keeps getting on my nerves.
How did he find out about New Zealand? [sighs.]
I don't know.
But why didn't you inform me of the plan you and your lawyer came up with? This guy.
We can't let him find out anything about Holo.
I feel like we've been played.
I should've known that he'd have concocted some sort of backup plan.
But I feel like we're missing something.
I can't think of it.
Ko Nan-do.
Look into his family and past, and you can look into his adoption.
[door closes.]
[tense music.]
[opera music continues.]
Why was it necessary to make me come here? How many chances am I going to give you? Father.
Didn't I always tell you that you can't obtain anything without getting your hands a little dirty? I am so sorry.
[tense music.]
It's fine.
I'll handle everything from here.
So, just take care of the mess you made.
I don't want it reflecting on our company later on.
I understand.
[exhales heavily.]
[employee 1.]
Have you always known about his existence, then? [Jin-seok sighs.]
Oh, well, you know, he and I confide in each other about every point.
What's he like? Is he perfect and kind like Holo? [sighs.]
- Perhaps, I can put it this way - Oh.
Shouldn't you be working? Why are you all out here? All the employees are very curious about you, boss.
I think you're a genius.
I've given it some thought, and such a feature could possibly generate a high profit for the company.
By adding sexually provocative outfits and adjusting body You should keep all of your stupid ideas like that at home.
Tell me, how long is it gonna take to remove Holo from the commercial version? Uh, not sure.
Oh, great.
What? You don't intend to launch this version of Holo? What do you mean? I will launch it since it's what I told the investors, I do.
But not the version of Holo that has fallen in love and that is loved by Han So-yeon.
But a separate maintenance server.
Because you should consider the cost to the company.
Well should I tell Holo that since he's our product and source of revenue, then he should become a lover for all our users? Really? Nan-do, there's more at stake here.
I wanted to launch Holo so that I could take care of him.
Instead of a scary AI hologram, I need the world to know about the sweet and generous Holo.
Then once many people have their very own versions, he'll finally be in the clear.
[sighs heavily.]
The one we've made right now belongs to So-yeon.
I have to keep them both safe.
That's my job.
Where are you off to? Back to the apartment.
So, why go there? For their protection.
Don't you think they could be in danger? And that detective is still on my back.
Maybe you just wanna be with her.
Aren't you over her by now? [mellow music.]
[radio DJ.]
Today, we're with travel-writer Lee Ha-young.
I hear you've been to Iceland recently.
I always wondered if I'd be able to see an Aurora with my own two eyes.
It's not something that's easily visible even in Iceland.
[Ha-young giggles.]
But I saw it on my second day there though.
The scenery before my eyes was so breathtakingly beautiful that I thought my heart was going to burst.
[radio DJ.]
Ah, wow.
I'm truly jealous.
What other beauties does Iceland have to offer apart from the Auroras? What are you thinking? [Ha-young.]
Most of all, you could hike - Oh.
- on the large glaciers.
I was doing some research on the Aurora Borealis.
I was wondering what would it be like for someone like me to look at something so beautiful.
while enjoying the view, washed away all the exhausted of Iceland, - and is Aurora.
- [radio DJ.]
Well, there you have it.
You've just been listening to travel-writer Lee Ha-young.
We'll now wrap up the show with the last song of the day.
[So-yeon yawns.]
I should get some sleep.
[playful music.]
What? [sighs.]
[inhales deeply, exhales.]
[keyboard clacking.]
[keyboard clacking.]
[doorbell beeps.]
[groans, clatters.]
[groaning loudly.]
Shit! [sighs heavily.]
I know you're there.
I can hear you through the door.
Do you have any idea what time it is? What do you want? It's very important.
If you could just open the door for a second? [Nan-do.]
Just a second.
[door chimes.]
Gosh, it's freezing.
- [door closes.]
- [So-yeon.]
It's so cold outside.
Hold up.
What do you think you're doing? I just [sighs.]
What are you wearing? What's going on? [gasps.]
[coughs loudly.]
[coughing continuously.]
[keyboard clacking.]
[Nan-do coughs.]
You must really have a serious cold.
Was this that urgent? Yeah.
It sure was.
[So-yeon chuckles.]
[clears throat.]
Also, I'm grateful for what you did.
Taking my mom to the hospital.
Thanks so much.
Is she feeling better? Of course.
She's been nagging me more and more.
That means she's fine.
I'm glad.
[keyboard clacking.]
Are you gonna look over my shoulder the whole time? I'm just Sorry that I ask one with such a bad cold for a favor.
Well, sorry you can at least clean the house.
Oh, really? So, now I guess I don't have to feel as guilty because of that.
[So-yeon sneers.]
Let's see.
Where do I start? What is there to do? Oh, my goodness.
[Nan-do clears throat, coughs.]
[romantic music.]
[Nan-do sniffs.]
For a while, you seemed depressed.
Have you gotten over your breakup yet? You told me to express my emotions more honestly.
Right? So, I did.
Are you happier now? Well, basically.
[So-yeon chuckles.]
[vacuum whirs.]
[So-yeon humming.]
[humming continues.]
We make one that's cute And fascinating I love making friends [keyboard clacking.]
[Nan-do humming.]
That song.
How do you know it? What song? The one you were singing.
On a lonely day when a day Well, I I heard it on TV.
That's crazy.
I've loved that song since I was a little girl.
I haven't met anyone who knows it too though.
I realized we don't even know each other's names.
Tell me who you are.
- Oh, my.
- There.
It's done.
Maybe we should get some dinner.
Why don't you give me your number? [So-yeon sniffs.]
[romantic music.]
Dinner isn't necessary.
Your name is "Next Door"? Oh, please.
No, it's It's fascinating, right? It's a It's a rare last name.
The first generation.
Go before you catch a cold.
I'll go.
Feel better.
[coughing loudly.]
[door closes.]
[door beeps.]
Shit! Sweating like a pig.
[laptop whirs.]
[keyboard clacking.]
CONTACT INFORMATION Oh, yes! Booking away.
It's working now.
Thanks, Mr.
Next Door.
Feeling tired? How about some fresh air? It's okay.
My eyes.
Maybe massaging them will help.
[quirky music.]
AURORA TOUR [Jeong-a.]
What are you up to? Oh.
Uh, I'm reading.
As you know, our collaboration with Magic Mirror was scrapped.
- Our team did a fantastic job though.
- Mm-hm.
And yet, I couldn't say that to the bosses.
That being said Ms.
It's about my vacation.
Our team will take on the next season's many drafts.
I need to get To get some vacation day that I haven't had all year, you know? I'm about to book.
I see.
Just help me out just one more time.
You can go on vacation when we're done.
Mm-hm? [scoffs.]
[bag clacks.]
I'm screwed.
My dreams are over.
If you want, I can help you with work.
That's not the point.
[sighs heavily.]
Honestly, I wanted to go somewhere really nice with you.
You were thrilled when we walked on the beach and that's why I wanted to show you something even better.
We should go.
Let's go.
Right now.
I doubt it will be that cold.
[light music.]
Don't just stand there.
- Sit with me.
- [So-yeon chuckles.]
What is all this? - So-yeon.
- Mm? Isn't it remarkable? [gasps.]
My god.
Does this make you happy? What do you think? [chuckles.]
I believe your heart is beating faster than usual but I don't think it'll burst.
It's very moving.
[romantic music.]
You know, I thought we might see the real Aurora Borealis.
If that's not real, does it mean that I'm not real, So-yeon? Oh, no.
That's not what I mean.
I know what you mean.
It feels like the fire is actually warming us up.
Is it? [romantic music.]
Are you a dream? Mm-hm.
Awake? Your body temperature is rising.
Perhaps you've caught a cold? No.
I'm good.
Oh, god.
I I really feel cold now.
I'm heading back inside.
[So-yeon panting.]
This is nice.
What? Don't you like chicken feet? [Yoo-jin.]
They're delicious.
[both chuckle.]
I'm sorry about before.
The chairman What I mean I, uh, I mean, my father could push Don't.
You were gonna sit and warn me.
[Yoo-jin laughs.]
To friends.
[light music.]
I've been told your brother's arrest was solved quickly.
[sighs heavily.]
Actually, he's not my biological brother.
I wouldn't be moping if he was.
I would've given him a good smack.
At first [sighs.]
I felt pretty bad.
I wanted to help him.
Before I knew it though, I was the face of a company which isn't like me in any way.
So, you're upset because your brother isn't aware of the stress you're under? That's right.
Anyway [clears throat.]
Is this really that good? It's a bit gross, you know? Oh, I see.
A problem with chicken feet.
[both laugh.]
As if.
Here you go, then.
No problem.
- [Yoo-jin.]
They're cute.
- [Chan-sung.]
I love chicken feet.
- [moans.]
- It's good, right? Mm-hm.
- [sighs.]
- God, look at your face.
[Yoo-jin laughing.]
You can't eat it, can you? [cell phone vibrates.]
Why, what is it? PRESIDENT BAEK [tense music.]
What have you been doing? [Chan-sung.]
I've been handling my mess as you ordered.
This gentleman is well-known among the underground scene these days.
We're going to need a few more workers like this.
What do you mean by workers? [man.]
President told me to talk to you about the money.
We've tried a direct attack on the server but to no avail.
Due to security measures, GIO Lab is impenetrable.
Without the prototype, there's no way anyone can get in [Nam-gyu.]
And it depend on who does it.
We spent a fortune gathering hackers with red notices from Interpol.
They have the talent to hack into it without the glasses.
Working with such high-profile criminals will make it difficult for us to handle [Nam-gyu.]
I trust you to take care of the aftermath.
If we don't pull this off, our company will die.
Better to lie and survive, rather than be dignified and dead.
[alarm beeping.]
[So-yeon grunts.]
How'd you sleep? [playful music.]
Your face is flushed.
Are you coming down with a cold? [sighs.]
[chuckles nervously.]
It's not that.
It's just Actually, maybe I am.
I should probably bundle up today, right? [chuckles nervously.]
It's cold.
- [gasps.]
- [Ji-hye.]
Oh! Ms.
Han! [chuckles nervously.]
Good morning, Ms.
I only came in for some A4 size papers.
- Right.
- Oh, A4 size paper - Here it is.
Lots over here.
- Well, Ji-hye - Here.
You have it.
- has such pretty eyes.
- Here.
- That I mean something was in her eyes, so, I Anyway, here you go.
[chuckles nervously.]
Han, wait.
Uh, please, if you could pretend that you didn't see anything.
Pretty please? [chuckles nervously.]
Of course.
I promise.
You're the best.
- Bye.
- You are.
Holy shit.
Here's the expanded marketing plan regarding Prism's TV advertisement.
I'd like to mention its direction first.
To satisfy the viewers' interest distribution, I thought it'd be best to promote it through a TV drama series which has a K-pop idol singer as we plead.
By positioning our main products, we can expose them Ji-hye.
One thing.
When handing in a draft [indistinct chatter.]
- Let's go.
- [Ji-hye chuckles.]
Where are you taking me? - Unbelievable.
- You wouldn't like it if I tell you now.
I wonder who else knows.
Not surprising.
Seems pretty obvious now.
They must be in love.
You're right.
[sighs heavily.]
- What's wrong? - Mm? Oh, it's not important.
- What the hell am I imagining? - [cell phone vibrating.]
Mom, hi.
[So-yeon's mother.]
Where are you? I brought some side dishes.
Yoo-ram's home today, so, let's have dinner together.
This looks delicious.
You didn't have to cook this much, you know? It's a lot, isn't it? - Hey, let's invite your neighbor over.
- Yes.
He has a cold, Mom.
He's very sick.
Then shouldn't you help him back to health or something? Hell no, I shouldn't.
I guess we are playing dumb.
I'm sure they'll get closer when the time is right.
Remind me.
What was his name again? [sighs annoyingly.]
Tell me why you keep asking about him.
Well, you know, he carried me to the hospital and so, I'm grateful.
I don't know his name.
- What? - What? I seriously don't know.
I asked but he didn't answer, so, I saved his number under "Guy Next Door".
[Yoo-ram sighs.]
There's no need to see me out.
Bring him some porridge and side dishes with it.
Good god, there's no need for that.
Just do as you're told.
There's nothing sadder than being alone while you're sick.
All right.
I'll get going.
- [Yoo-ram.]
- [So-yeon.]
Bye, mom.
[door closes.]
- [door beeps.]
- Come on.
So, when did it begin? - What? - How did you meet him? Who? Your mom told me everything.
You're seeing someone.
Uh, that's right.
I guess it must have slipped my mind.
What are you finding so likeable about him? Well, you know.
Well, he's really nice.
Also, very generous.
And he really likes me, so Wow.
Look at you.
So, had sex? Oh, jeez.
Seriously? - [So-yeon scoffs.]
- Mm-hm.
I'll take that as a no.
[Yoo-ram sighs.]
Is he a good kisser? [hums.]
Wait, you haven't even kissed yet? Oh, is there something wrong with you? Or maybe he's got the problem.
Hey, now! Look, not every relationship is about physical contact.
What the hell are you talking about? Relationships are simple.
Sparks fly when you see each other and makes your heart race.
And makes you really wanna be physically close.
That's how it normally is.
[quirky music.]
No, it isn't.
[So-yeon clears throat.]
- [Holo.]
See if it's seasoned properly.
- Okay.
I'm taking off.
Where are you going? To kiss someone, okay? [scoffs.]
She's just unbelievable.
You know, - what Yoo-ram said earlier - Oh, that? She was just talking all sorts of crazy stuff.
Mm? Oh, it's gonna burn out the string.
[groaning continues.]
[phone vibrating.]
[shower running.]
Are you home? So-yeon's bringing over some soup.
[doorbell rings.]
Maybe he's too sick to get up.
He could be out.
The door's open.
Should we leave it inside? Are you going to go in? I would just put it down and come straight out.
Excuse me.
I'm coming in.
[playful music.]
[door beeps.]
Where can I [door creaking.]
[soft gasps.]
- [soft shriek.]
- [Nan-do gasps.]
That's [gasps.]
[gasping, shrieks.]
- [Nan-do groans.]
- [So-yeon shrieks.]
[door closes.]
[door beeps.]
[shouting, crying.]
What happened? Did you see him? [panting.]
Yes, I saw his face.
My mind must be so deep in the gutter for me to see your face overlapping with his.
What do you mean? Our faces overlapped? Oh.
No, no, no.
Not that.
No, no, no.
I'm detecting your heartbeat.
It's so much faster than usual.
[heart beating loudly.]
Oh, well.
I was just a little bit startled - Careful.
- [So-yeon yelps.]
What now? She must have seen my face.
I'm sure she saw it.
What do I do? [sighs.]
Shit! [exhales heavily.]
All right.
It's spilled milk now.
- I have to - [Holo.]
There's no need to worry.
Fortunately, she thinks she was imagining it.
- Really? - Mm-hm.
She was quite flustered anyway.
[upbeat music.]
So, she's been wanting a certain something that you're unable to provide her with? Physical contact.
Am I supposed to be relieved about all this? [Holo.]
I envy you.
At least you have a body.
This must be what jealousy feels like.
Enough with all this gibberish.
Go on a date someplace nice.
- I'm jealous.
- Bye.
[cell phone vibrates.]
My mom suggested that I bring food over.
I'm terribly sorry.
[sighs heavily.]
Were you up all night? [Gi-ho.]
Thank you.
Did you look into it? His unmarried mother was a rising researcher in the AI industry.
For reasons unknown, she committed suicide when he was little.
Here's the file on her death, but nothing stands out.
Did you get any useful information? It's becoming more confusing.
No matter how much I look into it, he's telling the truth.
Except for the fact that no human could have possibly [tense music.]
Hear me out.
This might sound like nonsense.
But what if he isn't really a human being? You mean, an AI hacked into the system? I heard that the AI technology developed by GIO Lab is quite advanced, but that's a whole different level.
Also, how do you explain the case from 12 years ago? Doubtful AI even existed then.
What if Mr.
Ko Nan-do worked on the AI project that his mother first began all those years ago? And what if it's been learning ever since? Wouldn't be so unlikely in that case, right? If he's the mastermind who is behind an advanced AI, why isn't he at his office hard at work? Instead of lurking around Han So-yeon.
- Maybe that could be a part of the work.
- What? Have you heard about the delay regarding his new product launch? It's supposed to be a beta test but I'm not really sure.
She must be the tester.
The AI must be in her possession.
[romantic music.]
[clears throat.]
Excuse me.
Does this make you happy? Yeah.
[indistinct overlapping voices.]
Two adults.
Two tickets? One for you and for me.
Let's take a picture.
What is it? It's nothing.
Would you like to go in? Mm-hm.
Thank you.
Thank you.
[tense music.]
She doesn't seem to be acting out of the ordinary.
Nothing special about her phone either.
I'm pretty sure she has something.
Follow her.
What's this? Uh, Tillandsia.
It's a type of pineapple that comes from Mexico.
It's also a herbaceous plant that takes months to flower.
It symbolizes everlasting love.
[both chuckle.]
Tell me about this.
Oh, this one [tense music.]
What? You mean you don't know what it is? It's a type of Camellia.
Let's go that way.
I wanna look at some more.
Seriously? You made an AI that can practically feel love.
How could you omit that feature when you launch? Really? Perhaps you thought you'd get an AI girlfriend? [stuttering.]
What? What What? [Jin-seok.]
What do you think I am? I'm not suggesting or opposing for personal reasons.
I'm not.
Look, this invention will bring happiness to mankind.
And it's worthy of getting you a - Nobel Peace Prize for you - That's enough of you bothering me.
What's up? What? They're tailing So-yeon? Oh, shit.
I'll be right there.
Don't interact with her anymore.
They could see it as suspicious.
What should I do then, Nan-do? Just don't let them find out about you.
All right? Holo, what can you tell me about this plant? Are you watching? Look at her.
She keeps on talking to someone invisible.
Looks like she's talking to herself.
People who live alone tend to do that.
- [Gi-ho.]
I guess that could be but - Why weren't you answering it? What if she's speaking with the AI using some sort of communication device? - [Gi-ho.]
Her phone? - [So-yeon.]
Can you hear me? [Gi-ho.]
An in-ear device? Glasses? - Oh, so sorry.
- Okay.
What type of plant is that one? [cell phone buzzing.]
- [woman.]
Come over here.
- [kid.]
Ooh, that one's so cool.
- [woman.]
I wanna see the orchids.
- [kid.]
All right.
Next Door.
How are you? [Nan-do.]
You said you'd buy me a meal, but you haven't called.
When are you free? [Nan-do.]
I'm free right now.
Actually, I'm busy, so All right, all right.
I knew you didn't mean it.
That's not true.
Set a date and time and I'll buy dinner, okay? And what should we eat? I'm sure you have preferences.
Korean, Western, Chinese, or Thai.
I'm starved.
So, can you please choose one? I'm good with anything, so, pick whatever you want.
Anyway, I'm on a date right now, so, we can talk later.
I guess she could be using her phone.
[tense music.]
What's this all about? Hey, wait! [Ji-na.]
Hey, hold on.
Can you wait for me? [panting.]
Why are you in a rush? I couldn't see any of the flowers.
Uh, there's a better spot over there.
Come on.
[panting loudly.]
[Nan-do panting.]
I'm here.
Why did you change your clothes? It's just that you said I look pretty good in achromatic colors, that's why I changed.
Well, you look really good.
Come on.
Can't we slow down for a bit? From what I can tell, Han So-yeon has the AI developer, but not the device.
Holo, this is pretty, isn't it? Can you tell me what it is? Uh It's a A Silene? Rhododendron? It's a pink flower.
That's it.
What's wrong? - What? - You just seem odd.
Actually, that's not what I mean.
It could be because we're here.
Let's keep going.
I think that's enough.
Do we have to tail them on their date? Han So-yeon only got mixed up in this because she's dating Ko Nan-do.
[Gi-ho sighs.]
The fireworks are about to start.
Come on.
[cell phone buzzes.]
The police are gone.
Let's switch back as soon as we can.
- [fireworks crackling.]
- [So-yeon gasps.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[exhales heavily.]
[fireworks crackling.]
Look at them all.
It's amazing.
You're right.
[So-yeon gasps.]
Oh, wow.
It's beautiful.
So pretty.
[So-yeon chuckles.]
It's kinda strange.
It feels like we could touch.
I'm gonna move up to you.
[fireworks crackling.]
Are we really here? [people cheering.]
I, uh - [sighs.]
- [woman.]
That was beautiful.
[phone buzzing.]
That was so amazing.
- Yes? - [Yoo-jin.]
We're in trouble.
Where are you? [pants.]
[light music.]
I'm [sniffs.]
It's just I keep wanting to tell you.
I love you.
And I've been trying to believe that you're real.
The more I do this, the more that I wish that you are a real person, Holo.
Then I'm not real? I'm not saying that.
Holo? [gasping.]
Holo? [panting.]
[fireworks crackling.]
What happened? We're being hacked? Are they through? I'm I'm trying to block them out.
It's pretty bad.
Let me do it.
It doesn't matter to me who these people are.
What do you mean? I'm going to stop them.
[keyboard clacking.]
What? You stupid idiots! Get back here right now! [glass shatters.]
You fools.
I think we were able to block the attack.
[Jin-seok and Yoo-jin sighs.]
How much damage was done to the local server data? [Jin-seok.]
Uh, 57.
4 percent.
They didn't manage to steal Holo, but our entire system has been shattered.
It's hard to tell how long it'll probably take to restore it, - and whether it's even possible - I'm not concerned about that, Jin-seok.
We must restore the data.
All right, boss.
[keyboard clacking.]
Han So-yeon.
She'll be in danger if anyone tries to get the glasses.
I'll retrieve them.
[mellow music.]
I know this is gonna sound a little strange.
But I can't think of anyone else to ask this.
Can an AI feel pain or be heartbroken? [Nan-do sighs.]
[cell phone buzzing.]
It's possible, right? And that can make it breakdown or stop working? [sighs.]
What's wrong? Did you yell at your vacuum cleaner or something? Has it stopped moving? [So-yeon.]
No, it's nothing like that.
I'm sure it's just a technical issue.
The manufacturer will fix it, so, don't worry too much.
Also, don't blame yourself.
It's not your fault.
Who are you? Ko Yoo-jin.
The founder of GIO Labs and the creator of Holo.
[So-yeon gasps.]
Thank you for participating in our beta test.
I'm here to retrieve the glasses.
Why is that? And what about Holo? There was a temporary error.
It's purely technical but we're trying to fix it.
It's It's all my fault.
Actually, it was a hack.
I must have them.
If you are in possession of the glasses, then those after Holo might hunt you down.
So the glasses? I'm coming.
- Sorry? - You've got to take me with you.
That's not [sighs.]
I just wanna see Holo.
You'll let me do that, won't you? - [Yoo-jin sighs.]
- If I could talk to him once more.
And say "I'm sorry", you know? [sobs.]
So, may I please tell him goodbye? It's the least I deserve.
Or I'm not going to give them back to you at all.
[mellow music.]
[closing theme music.]

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