My Holo Love (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 [kid giggling.]
[theme music.]
I just wanna see Holo.
You'll let me do that, won't you? [Yoo-jin sighs.]
If I could talk to him once more and say "I'm sorry", you know.
So, may I please tell him goodbye? It's the least I deserve.
Or I'm not going to give them back to you at all.
[cell phone vibrates.]
Hello? [Yoo-ram.]
Where are you? Look, I'm just What? Let me talk to her.
Han, this is Detective Nam, we've met recently.
I have a few questions to ask you about the incident.
Listen, I'm sorry but this is a bad time, all right.
I need to call you later.
I'm very sorry.
- Someone broke into my house.
- [gasps.]
It doesn't look like anything was taken.
It might have been them.
I am telling you the longer you keep those glasses, the more danger you're in.
I'll give you the glasses, okay? Just let me see him.
Put them in here, and go back to your old life.
I made Holo a promise when we first met.
I told him I would never tell anybody about him and he, he promised me something too.
That he'd always stay by my side.
I know this will all be over one day.
But I just can't let it end like this.
[keyboard clacking.]
[Nan-do sighs.]
[light music.]
[cell phone vibrating.]
KO YOO-JIN [cell phone vibrating continues.]
I'm not available right now.
Please leave a message and I'll get back to you.
Damn it, Nan-do! He never picks up his phone.
Um, thank you so much.
Don't thank me just yet.
Trust me, if you meet him in person, you might change your mind.
[Nan-do exhales sharply.]
[tongue clicks.]
[upbeat music.]
Holo? [So-yeon sobbing.]
I'm so sorry.
- I never should have said those things.
- No, it's - I just, uh I mean - Tell her now.
I was hacked.
- [sighs.]
- [Nan-do.]
That's why I disappeared.
What? But you I thought it was because of me.
No, of course not.
Nothing like that.
So are you, are you all right now? Well, I've been mostly repaired.
I'm still unstable though.
You said that that we were only able to get together because you weren't perfect yet.
That's it.
But there's still a lot of things to fix.
That means I have to run more tests with Ms.
Can you sit over there and wait a little while? You won't disappear again? I promise I'll get fixed and come back.
This problem will only take a minute.
Oh, um Uh-huh! She may come off a bit cold, but she's actually a really nice person.
Very warm-hearted, just delightful.
Would you mind waiting over there a minute? - [So-yeon.]
- Thanks.
- Come on, please, I'm begging you.
- [grunts.]
What the hell are you doing? - Shh.
She'll hear you.
- I hope she does.
- No, please.
No, no! - Do you think this is loud enough? - Come on, I'm begging you.
- Ugh! I can't believe you.
I made her come here so you could tell her the truth.
You are such a pain in my ass.
How on earth can I explain this to her? Did you see how she looks at me? She'll run right out of the place.
Think about it.
The hacking failed but Holo is still a mess.
Those guys have to be desperate right now.
What if they do something to her? I think they already did something.
They broke into her house.
Oh, my god! And plus Detective Nam Gi-ho, he thinks Holo was involved in a hacking fiasco.
You want me to believe that? It's the truth.
How would they ever know? This is serious! That's why I went to the botanical garden, we have her fooled so far.
If we just leave her now, she'll keep coming back and asking questions.
So then, what will we do? For this to work, I'll need you to help me.
Han So-yeon she'll live here for a while.
[scoffs, sighs.]
[soft music.]
- [spits.]
- Hm? [scoffs.]
Han So-yeon Do I know you? Uh, I Well, now, we don't really know each other, but I, uh, I monitored the screen shown through the HoloGlass beta test - and stuff, so - Ah! Hold on.
Were you watching the whole time? Uh-huh.
That's my job.
Oh, my god! [gasps, yelps.]
No, no, no! Nothing like that.
No! All private things like that are automatically censored by Holo, so don't worry, I saw nothing.
That would be a huge problem.
I mean, really, we'd never Uh, my apologies, okay? No problem, it's fine, really.
I have to say though, in person, you're really - you're really, just really beautiful.
- Oh, that's silly! Thanks.
You're nice.
Oh, sorry, I didn't introduce myself.
I'm Cho Jin-seok.
The senior programmer here at GIO Lab Oh, I see.
Then, could I ask you a question about Holo? Do you mind, I mean? Yes, sure, of course, anything.
Did Ms.
Ko really make Holo? [Jin-seok.]
Oh! Do you really want to know? Cause it's - a little complicated.
- Ms.
Han, - could you follow me upstairs, please.
- Is Holo - You'll meet him up there.
- Ah, yes.
He's already been repaired? - Shouldn't I - [grunts.]
Stay! What, what just Did I miss some something? Huh! You want me to stay here a while? Mm-hm.
And Ms.
Ko agrees that you'll be safer here.
But what about work? Most of the urgent stuff is done Why don't you take a vacation or a leave of absence? I guess.
They wouldn't let me use it last time.
- We'll go tomorrow, then.
- That's fine.
- Ms.
Ko will take care of it for you.
- [gulps.]
Oh! Are you sure? She'll pick up everything you need, clothes and whatever else.
All you have to do is stay here with me and relax, and have fun - until my program is repaired.
- Mm-hm.
[grunts, sighs.]
Do you think they targeted that girl instead of Nan-do because they're dating? I think they pretended to hold a grudge against Nan-do to distract us.
They want something else.
- I'm thinking something much bigger.
- You mean, something like Had to be something related to the AI being developed at GIO Lab.
How would some women somehow possess something so important? Switch it around.
Why are these things happening to some ordinary girl like her, huh? Answer is simple, we just need to follow her.
You didn't find it? [grunts.]
You better look into all her co-workers, her friends, her family, everyone.
Now! [sighs.]
Uh, sir the police have already placed her and Ko Nan-do under surveillance.
Any further action could put the company at risk.
Sounds to me as if this information actually gives you relief.
Do you really think this could make you look any less incompetent? Apology, sir.
Sit down! [somber music.]
I feel I'm only making things worse by me being here, sir.
I will step in, and like you suggested, sir.
I'll take care of this.
I'm sure.
How dare you? [groans, pants.]
Make yourself at home and just relax.
- Thank you, really.
- Do you need help with anything? [tongue clicks.]
Uh Be yourself, I guess.
Acting like your usual self could help Holo recover faster.
Be myself.
Thank you, Ms.
Oh, and there's important equipment in there, so, don't just go in, okay? - Yeah.
- All right.
Get some rest.
Oh, shut it.
What do you think? It's all a bit of a whirlwind, but it's fun.
I'm glad I get to see you again and now we can stay together.
- [So-yeon chuckles.]
- I'm glad too.
Why are you just standing there? Come on, sit down.
Uh, okay.
Why are you sitting so far away? Uh, it's just What I said, must have really freaked you out.
What I said about wanting to touch you and to be real Look, I'm really sorry.
I shouldn't have said those things.
You've already helped me through so much.
Well, almost too much, actually.
Anyway, I'll never hurt you like that again.
Oh, it's all right.
It must've been a hard day for you.
I'm sure you're tired.
Oh, yeah.
You know me too well.
Okay, good night.
Can Could you count sheep? Sheep? Five thousand two hundred and fifty-one sheep.
[breathe heavily.]
Five thousand two hundred and fifty-two sheep.
Five thousand [soft music.]
- [whistling.]
- [keyboard clacking.]
Hey, boss, I heard you didn't end up telling Ms.
Han the truth.
I mean, she seems to be in a pretty good mood.
Well, we are fine now.
It's not like Holo was stolen.
Just think about all this, like a final security test.
But, um, when do you think he'll be repaired though? So luckily, we've got an estimate.
Looks about two weeks at best.
Not too bad.
- Two weeks? - Oh, no, ten days, sorry.
Ten days.
- Ten days? - No, no, no.
Wait, I mean, a week.
A week? - Boss, I really can't do it any faster - You're right.
What if an error occurs, all because you were rushed? Take your time.
Be careful.
Yes, very careful and very meticulous.
Got it? Aah Okay.
- Let's do a reset and start again.
- What? - [system beeps.]
- [finger snaps.]
Got it? Okay.
My friend [keyboard clacking.]
[soft music.]
Nan-do is such a pain in my ass.
Oh? One more round? - All in favor? - Maybe you've had enough.
You can't control this.
You have to agree.
I sure disagree with your disagreeing.
[both laugh.]
- Oh, god.
All right.
- Oh - We'll have another round.
- [vendor.]
Coming right up.
You know, your name is really unique.
Whose idea was it? - My mother.
- [Yoo-jin.]
Don't the father's name kids usually? He was very busy with his research.
When I was young, barely got to see him probably every few months if I was lucky.
Oh! Wow, that's harsh.
So whenever I got to see him, I tell him about the things I learned, showed off all my drawings, and things.
I'd read all these books to get compliments from him.
Then he'd turn and look at me, then my father would say, "I hope what I create is smarter than you.
" [sighs.]
Why does he bother making an AI when he has no clue how to understand how people feel, you know? [chuckles.]
You're right.
Now, enough stalling.
Bottoms up.
All in favor? - All in favor.
- Cheers.
Oh, all right, be careful.
It's nice having someone take care of me for a change.
After all, it's having to be the one who takes care of the mess.
- Oh! Whoa, careful.
- [chuckles.]
You're in the same kind of situation, too.
You take care of your dad and you take care of the company.
While you, you don't have anyone to take care of you.
Don't you agree? - I guess so.
- [sighs.]
Then I'll have to take care of you.
I'll take care of you.
[car door opens, closes.]
- Oh! - [chuckles.]
[Yoo-jin grunts.]
[engine starts.]
Good night.
All in favor! [giggles.]
Till next time! [giggles.]
[wind blowing.]
The forecast today should be clear.
Chance of showers in the afternoon is 70 percent.
The temperature during the day will be 64.
But air quality [sucks teeth.]
Ah! might be poor.
[breathes deeply.]
I'm Holo, the world's first AI hologram, that when you put on that pair of glasses only you can see me.
[approaching footsteps.]
- You're awake.
- [So-yeon.]
I need to get to work.
What time is it? [gasps.]
Wait, I'm on leave.
The weather is so nice today, but I heard there's a chance it might rain, though.
[deep breath, grunts.]
Wow! - What? - Huh? Uh Uh, well It's It's gonna rain in the eveni Wait, was it afternoon? Anyway [gasps.]
[sucks teeth.]
Hey You haven't fully recovered.
Look at you, you're fumbling.
I'm hungry, what should I do? Why don't you check the fridge for some food? Don't worry, no one uses this place when Ms.
Ko is out.
Really? Then how about we cook something? Like we used to? Okay.
[sucks teeth, gasps.]
Wow, look at the size of this.
There's everything in here.
What should we make? Hey, what about the creamy risotto we made last time? - "Creamy risotto"? - Mm-hm.
Ooh, wait! Do we have squid? Squid? Squid? Ooh! [sighs.]
Darn, no squid.
Oh, hey, we could use abalone.
- Change it up this time.
- Abalone.
Hey, that sounds good to me.
Great! All righty.
Wouldn't it be easier if we just order in? Why? This is more fun.
Ah! That smells so good.
- My god.
- [So-yeon humming.]
All right, I'm gonna add the abalone now.
Don't you think there's a little too much oil in the pan? Mm, a what? I think we should turn it off.
- What's wrong? Is it too hot? - No.
Just thought it might be.
- Focus on what you're cutting.
- Oh, well, I just thought [groans.]
- Are you okay? - [So-yeon groans.]
- I warned you about this.
- [So-yeon gasps.]
Oh, I was You weren't, you weren't showing me how to do it like you used to.
[So-yeon chortles.]
- What's so funny? - I've never seen you get upset like that.
You kinda remind me of the guy next door.
What do you mean, because our voices sound similar? Well, I mean, your height and build too.
- [So-yeon.]
And something else.
- I'm sure you're mistaken.
- I think that's burning.
- No! Damn it! Oh, what should I do? [sighs.]
- Hmm.
- Well, um I haven't been fully restored yet.
I guess I'm still not working right.
- [So-yeon giggles.]
- I'm sorry.
No, it's all right.
I like you being like this, too.
Usually, you're so perfect and I mean you never made a mistake.
You always have to fix the mistakes I made.
Now, you're kind of clumsy.
You're a different kind of clumsy with a bit of a temper.
It's a whole new kind of charm.
Like that? - I'm not completely sure that's edible.
- Okay, but I'm still trying it.
[inhales, giggles.]
[clears throat.]
- [giggles.]
- What? Is it really that bad? Mm, it's pretty good actually.
Let's see.
How should I put this? It's a taste I'll never forget.
[stomach rumbles.]
What's that smell? Oh, Ms.
Ko, would you like to join us? [Yoo-jin gasps, sighs.]
Aah no, I'm good.
I have a terrible hangover.
Ooh! - Maybe she doesn't have enough to do.
- [gulps.]
She is always nursing the hangover.
- Well, bon appétit.
- Mm, thanks.
Holo must be drooling.
[Yoo-jin moans.]
[microwave beeps.]
[sucks teeth.]
- [Nan-do.]
Ah, that's hot! - Oh, boss.
I just have a few minutes before she starts showering.
Why are you still putting yourself through all this? [stammering.]
I meant, you must be really thirsty.
Sir, I got a drink for you.
[upbeat music.]
Boss, boss, take a look at this.
Do you think this field here might be the key to make him work? Check it out for me.
[keyboard clacking.]
Hey, can you run a diagnostic on the file I forwarded? Sure.
- [employee.]
Here's the data you asked for.
- [Jin-seok.]
Oh, thanks.
[romantic music.]
Aah! Hey, not like that.
Did you forget again? Follow me.
Aah! [giggles.]
Come on.
[blows air.]
- Aah! - [So-yeon laughs.]
- [giggles.]
- [claps.]
- Yes! - [hiccups.]
Did I just hear you hiccup? - Mm-mm.
- [snickers.]
You're so funny.
[romantic music.]
This feels weird.
Sitting here, sharing a cup of tea with you.
Don't remind me of that.
[both giggle.]
I'm really sorry about last night.
- Don't mention it, we're friends, right? - Of course.
He just keeps driving me insane.
Nursing hangovers? [scoffs.]
That bastard.
- Ah, it's my brother.
- Ah! He doesn't realize what a pain he is.
And it's probably why he's never been in a relationship before.
And again, I've never been in a real relationship either.
I've always been too busy caring for him.
[clears throat.]
Um, so how was work going? Well, uh Things are still quite hectic but we're taking care of it.
- That's good to hear.
- [Yoo-jin slurps.]
The problem is Nan-do himself.
He just does whatever he wants.
Can we talk about something other than your brother? Aah.
- Ah, yeah.
- Mm-hm.
Do you have Do you have absolutely nothing to talk about - other than him? - What? All you've been talking about ever since we started.
All you ever want to do is talk about him.
What are you trying to imply here? - Do you like him? - Chan-sung.
I mean, he's not like he's related to you by blood.
I'm done here.
It seems like he doesn't sit well with you.
Ah, shit.
What did I do? [sighs.]
[somber music.]
[keyboard clacking.]
[door whirs open.]
[Jin-seok yawns.]
[Yoo-jin sighs.]
You should go get rest.
- You'll faint at this, right? - I'm okay.
No, you are not okay.
You're doing all this to see So-yeon smile.
But she's not smiling at you.
She's smiling at Holo, not Nan-do.
I'm aware.
[exhales sharply.]
[foreboding music.]
[Nan-do's mom.]
Hello! Can you hear me? [birds chirping.]
Come on! [indistinct chatter.]
[upbeat music.]
By the way, what did you name him? [young Nan-do.]
Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Holo.
From now on I'll call you Holo.
I wonder - What? - About the guy next door.
You remind me of him.
So I texted him to see if he felt better, but he hasn't replied yet.
I'm sure he will.
Maybe he's busy.
Maybe he's very sick.
"Are you really ill?" - [So-yeon sighs.]
- [cell phone vibrates.]
[quirky music.]
Or he could still be asleep.
Why would he be asleep at this hour? He could be sleeping in because of his cold.
Or maybe because he had too much to drink last night.
He didn't seem the drinking kind when we met.
"I'm sorry if I woke you up.
" [cell phone vibrates.]
Um [Nan-do imitates cell phone vibrating.]
I just thought I'd ask because I remembered how sick you were.
[Nan-do imitates cell phone vibrating.]
Why does it sound like there's a phone buzzing in that room? [imitates cell phone vibrating.]
[imitates cell phone vibrating continues.]
Wait, it must be the equipment.
Ko told you specifically that room is off-limits.
- I know, but I'm sure I - [cell phone vibrating.]
Just a minute.
Yoo-ram, hey.
Your mother is really on my case to come and get you.
Yoo-ram, I'm fine, relax.
I know that, but I can't tell her that until I see for myself.
I can't lie to your mother.
[blows air.]
[inhales sharply.]
You think we could stop on my house for a visit? - Why? - I should go and see Yoo-ram - and maybe check on the guy next door.
- Yeah, but Why would you do that? Well, it does feel like I only talk to him when I wanted to ask a favor, so He doesn't seem like a nice person.
He's rude even when you're nice and he hasn't even told you his name.
I know.
However, I think his whole facade is an act that he puts on because he's afraid to get hurt.
Why would you say that? [sighs.]
Well, just, I was like that too.
It just feels that way, you know? - Still, you can't go.
- Why not? Are you feeling a little jealous.
Of course not, AI's don't feel jealous, it's just it could be dangerous.
All right, I'll just meet Yoo-ram outside for a minute, okay? My mother asked her to check in on me.
Oh, come on.
It's getting kind of stuffy being stuck in here all the time, you know.
It'll just be a bit.
You can come along with me, hm? Hmm.
- [So-yeon.]
- [sighs.]
You're not coming? Uh, you don't get good reception in the elevator.
I'll go downstairs and get the car ready.
Mm-hm, sounds good to me.
[inhales sharply.]
[Nan-do panting.]
Kim, are you there? Listen to me very carefully.
- [Nan-do groans.]
- Are you okay, sir? Oh, you're sweating.
Give me.
Oh, your hair.
Don't move, let me fix it.
The car.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
You really didn't have to do this.
It's not a problem.
Sorry? Oh, it's nothing at all.
I talk to myself sometimes.
You don't have to explain to me, I work at GIO Labs too.
I guess Holo is right here.
Thanks for your help.
- How do I get in? - I'll open a door for you.
Yeah, I'm on my way.
I'll see you at the cafe.
All right.
We could just as easily have gone back to my house.
They probably have your house under surveillance right now.
- What's that? - Hm? Oh, this? I had some leftover risotto.
So, I figured I'd bring it to the guy next door.
But you didn't have to.
I know.
But it seems like he has had a bad cold.
And I told him last time I'd treat him to a meal.
I can't pretend I didn't promise that.
And considering how this turned out, I don't think he'll be that grateful.
[both sigh.]
- Hey, So-yeon.
- Hm? Would it matter if I were a - [tire screeches.]
- [So-yeon yelps.]
[car horn honks.]
- [groans.]
- I'm so sorry.
Oh, it's okay.
[nervous breath.]
Uh, what were you going to say? [stammering.]
Uh, um nothing.
I think we're almost there.
I feel like I'll be in the way.
I'll disappear for a bit.
Oh! Okay.
I'll be back soon.
Oh, they look so cute together.
[grunts, pants.]
- [Yoo-ram.]
Han So-yeon.
- [So-yeon.]
Hey, I haven't seen you for a long time.
So what you're saying is that, you can't give me the details because it's classified.
All you can tell me is that, it's an important project - and you have to stay there for a while.
- Mm-hm.
There's not that much so.
It's pretty relaxing.
I mean, you are looking radiant.
I'm really getting the rest I needed.
Oh, good stake.
He's a developer and the excuse he came up with - to have you stay with him is this.
- A developer? Who? Stop playing, your boyfriend of course.
What are you talking about, Yoo-ram? How long are you going to keep up this charade? Your mother knows too.
Hold on.
My mother knows what exactly? That you're dating the guy next door.
She saw you two on a date together.
Wha What? So, why don't you just introduce him to me already? I saw him in the car when you arrived.
Ugh! No! You saw him? In the car? You're sure about that? Of course, I'm sure.
You know, my eyesight is 20-20.
I don't need your glasses to know when I've seen someone.
Then [gasps.]
What's the matter? Where are you going? [Yoo-ram.]
So-yeon! [pants.]
Holo, where are you? Come up.
I thought that you'd be a while.
I'm running a system's check.
The interface isn't functional.
It'll just be a minute.
I have a weird feeling about something.
- [So-yeon.]
- There's nothing I can do right now.
- Holo.
- [Nan-do.]
I'm sorry.
- Taxi! - Where are you going? My neighbor's place.
I told you it could be dangerous.
So-yeon, just calm down and come back to the company, we'll talk there.
[engine revs.]
Shit! [sighs.]
Do you have a minute to chat? [sighs.]
Is Han So-yeon still being followed by those men? [Gi-ho.]
She still has that AI device, right? - That's not an issue.
- [Gi-ho.]
That maybe.
But if that AI is smart enough to cause a blackout all on its own, they will move heaven and earth to get their hands on it.
Look, I'm kind of busy.
I don't have time for this bullshit.
Come on, man, step on it.
[doorbell rings.]
[cell phone ringing.]
[blows air, sighs.]
[exhales sharply.]
- Ah, damn it.
- [door lock beeps.]
Have you been here? [Jin-seok coughs.]
Then why didn't you answer any of my phone calls? 5 MISSED CALLS FROM HAN SO-YEON [cell phone vibrates.]
Here, I brought this for you.
[Jin-seok coughs.]
What are you doing? [gasps.]
Oh, sorry about that.
Get some rest.
It's still hot.
Take care.
[door lock beeps.]
[exhales sharply.]
- [cell phone vibrating.]
- Sir.
I think she bought the lie, for now at least.
Okay, did you happen to see anyone suspicious? - I was rushing over, so I'm not sure.
- [approaching footsteps.]
We've located her, sir.
Now, you listen to me, do whatever it takes but get the glasses from her, I'll deal with the cops.
[cell phone vibrates.]
BAEK CHAN-SUNG - [scoffs.]
- [cell phone vibrates.]
- What is it? - Where is So-yeon right now? What? How do you know that Han So-yeon [Chan-sung.]
The man who are after the glasses have found her.
I'll explain everything later.
Get her to safety.
[tense music.]
I'm here.
The system check just finished.
Did you give the food to your neighbor? - Let's go back then.
- Holo.
KO NAN-DO [Jin-seok.]
Yes, hello, Ms.
It's me Jin-seok.
Why are you answering his phone? Uh, it's because, because he wanted me to do something for him.
What will I do? [sighs.]
I keep having these strange ideas.
I need to ask you something, okay? Since you can't lie, I need you to tell me the truth right now.
Or I could just reach out and touch you or take off my glasses and see for myself.
But I want to hear it from you.
So just tell me the truth.
Are you really Holo or not? [panting.]
We don't have time right now.
- Just trust me.
- Hey.
Get after her.
Move! Oh, Mr.
Cho, what's happening to Holo? [Jin-seok.]
Hey, what the hell.
Why it's program suddenly activating itself? - Did you mess with some setting? - [employee.]
No, I didn't touch anything.
What the hell? [man.]
Where'd they go? You check that way.
Come with me.
[So-yeon grunts.]
- [slaps.]
- [So-yeon panting.]
How long have you been lying? Since I came into your lab? Or since [coughing.]
That means it was you back then too.
I'm sorry.
I'll explain everything later.
Right now, we have to Why would you do such a thing to anyone? - Why did you do that? - Look, I like you! [gasps.]
Yeah, it's true.
What do you mean? [upbeat music.]
Did you see anything? [both panting.]
[panting continues.]
[tense music.]
- [police siren wailing.]
- [police car door opens.]
We seem to be in search of the same thing.
So why don't we work together? Nam Gi-ho from the IT Division of Seoul Police.
What department are you from? Here, we're from [man.]
Run! [sighs.]
Hey, let go of me! What happened to Holo? Was he actually hacked? Or was that a lie too? Holo.
You're his maker, aren't you? You based him on yourself.
Why won't you answer me? Tell me the truth about what's going on.
I mean it.
Not some fairytale about you liking me.
- [sighs.]
- [cell phone vibrating.]
- Jin-seok.
- [Jin-seok.]
Something happened.
- Holo activated himself.
- What? - Holo did? - [Jin-seok.]
Yes, but I think that You should come here and see what's happening for yourself.
All right.
Wait, what is it? What happened to Holo? Hey, boss! Don't worry.
How's Holo? [gasps, sighs.]
Holo? Do I know you? [gasps.]
I really like those glasses on you.
[closing theme music.]

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