My Holo Love (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

1 Do you really not remember anything? I am So-yeon.
Han So-yeon.
Han So-yeon? I'm sorry, I think you have a beautiful name.
It's a relief that we are able to retrieve the data this fast.
Only part of his memory has been restored.
His algorithms are still not synchronized.
And what if we push him a bit? I tried, but it won't work.
Holo might be able to connect by himself.
How so? It all depends if he's willing to do it.
Why won't you come out of there? I don't know how to get out of here.
I don't even know why I'm here.
Tell me how I can help get back all your memory.
Is that really necessary? Of course.
I want you to be yourself again.
Which version of me are you speaking about? I'm speaking about the version that I was in love with, and that I knew loved me.
I I was really in love with you? Mm-hm.
I did get the feeling someone was waiting for me.
I guess it must have been you.
If I regain my memory, will I be able to love again? I believe you will.
I'm positive.
So we need to find a way for Holo to want this.
Yes, that's what we need first.
Then we have to find a cue that can activate his memories.
A what? Can't you put it in layman's terms? Holo is being kept in a locked room.
He must use a key to make it out.
Clearly, he doesn't know where it is or what it's even supposed to look like.
But supposed he can't recognize it.
I'll help him find it.
I want to help.
I'm sorry, but there's nothing you can do for him.
Holo He wants his memories back.
What? Wait, Holo actually told you that? Mm-hm.
That's impossible.
I've been trying the respond protocol for hours, but he hasn't been able to give me a single answer.
We might not be the ones here who know Holo the best.
You have to stay here for security reasons.
You understand? Of course, I do.
Considering how helpless he is, I'll do what must be done for Holo.
BAEK CHAN-SUNG Thanks for telling me.
How did you know? I just realized what a stupid question that was.
- Yoo-jin - Why didn't you just keep deceiving me? I'm sorry.
Why be sorry? Since we're enemies now, isn't that right? The ones who manufactured after HoloGlass were from Magic Mirror? Those bastards.
Are you all right? Not really.
To be honest, I'd like to rip them to pieces.
Then press charges in civil and criminal court.
Are you sure? What if the police discovers the existence of Holo? The blackout? The hacking? There's no way to prove it.
Even if there was an ounce of evidence, disclosing it will only prove that they were only after Holo in the first place.
Besides, they wouldn't want to ruin Holo's commercial viability.
You're okay with that? What should we do about Han So-yeon? I know she probably hates me.
Make sure she feels at home.
Oh, did you sleep well? Yeah.
The bathroom.
"Boss"? That's your position, not your name.
Is there a reason why you're not telling me Enough.
Give me prime numbers over 1,000.
1,009, 1,013, 1,019, 1,021, 1,031, 1,033 That's enough.
Your calculation abilities are up to par.
Next, I'll test your morality.
There's a man who is in love with a woman.
However, that woman is in love with his twin brother.
But his twin brother went into a coma.
So the man pretended to be his twin and dated the woman, and it made him very happy.
The woman found out, however.
How should the man act from now on? What are the woman's feelings about the man? Probably hates him.
I doubt she'll ever forgive him.
It makes sense for the man to stop, right? Doing? Loving her.
Love is the emotion of deeply caring for someone.
Must the other person also feel the same way for love to exist? Maybe we should take a break.
So that's when you said that you would always stay by my side.
It really wasn't that long ago.
Even though it feels like a lifetime.
But it was a promise I can't keep.
Are you saying that I lied to you? It depends.
That reminds me.
You also asked me this.
You asked me whether it's a lie when people say that they'll love one another forever.
Is it not? So that's when I told you, if they mean it, then it's true, even though it might not happen.
"They mean it"? That's exactly the face you made back then.
Does this mean you can tell my face apart? I thought you suffered from face blindness.
Oh, it's I was involved in a very bad accident not too long ago.
Then you saved me.
I did? But that's not physically possible.
Yeah, well Ahh, the boss.
He was the person who saved you.
Then it makes sense.
You said your face blindness was due to psychological factors, so That's not it.
I've never been able to recognize his face, but I can recognize yours.
I'm sorry.
I don't understand.
It's It's just how it is.
Is something wrong? So-yeon? Ma.
I just don't know what I've been doing all this time.
Did you get in a fight? No.
I wish that it was that easy.
Why? Did he say something? From what I saw last time, he seemed to be very interested in you.
I don't mean that.
Well, whatever it is, you must follow your heart, okay? Hm? That's all you need to remember.
Don't worry.
He's not back yet.
He'll probably come back very late in order to avoid you.
Got it.
Why are you up? I have too many things on my mind.
How about a drink? No, I'm good.
Thank you.
We probably feel the same way right now.
The person I opened up to turned out to be someone completely different, so I'm angry and also confused.
One part of me wants to know why.
But the other part of me is so outraged by the deception that I don't want to know.
There's something you should know though.
He did it for a reason, understand? I'm not sure I do understand You're his first.
It's his first time liking someone.
It's always been about Holo.
I'm sorry, but I don't want to hear about it anymore.
I've had it with the both of you.
We'll never fix Holo at this rate.
I hear there's no clear progress and I'm not surprised.
The two key employees are refusing to work together.
You think you know Holo best, right? There's someone who has spent much more time with Holo than you have.
He spent most of his time here, creating Holo.
Alone and in solitude.
You probably don't want to know, but why do you think Nan-do created Holo? A holographic AI that looks like him but is opposite to him in terms of his cold personality.
And so, my guess is that it was just his way to deal with himself.
You see? How is the memory recovery coming along? Uh, we haven't made much progress.
Is the conversation protocol not enough? Hello, Ms.
Hello, Jin-seok.
Uh Can you tell me how to make a latte with this machine, please? I'm really good with most machines in this world but coffee has never been my thing.
What would you like, Jin-seok? You enjoy your latte with much less foam.
In New Zealand, that's called a flat white.
There's a button here with "flat white" written on it, so just press it.
The touchscreen makes it easier.
It's hot, so be careful, all right? The key is to have a thin and flat layer of foam.
But I'm not drinking coffee Is that so? I'm gonna leave it here then.
Someone else might want it.
What's this? I must have forgotten who I am, So-yeon.
This is the real me.
I do whatever I want whether people like it or not.
So you can loathe me or ignore me.
You know, treat me like everybody else.
I'm used to it anyway.
That's perfect, so I'll just keep ignoring you and loathe you from now on.
What on earth are you two doing? We should be working together, you know, some of us working day and night.
Also, this coffee isn't even mine! Excuse me.
If you two are gonna keep on bickering, do it outside.
Bite each other's heads off out there.
You Since when do you yell at me? Hey! Jin-seok's right.
- Let's take this outside.
- What? We won't retrieve Holo's memories this way.
Let's use the glasses to show him things he might be able to remember.
- The two of us? - Is that a problem for you because I said I like you? I know how to keep my own feelings in check, so you don't have to worry.
- If not, I'll go by myself - No.
I'll go.
Come down when you're ready.
I'll pull up the car.
Let's go.
POLICE And these documents are additional evidence which definitely prove that Magic Mirror tried to steal the prototype from my client's company after failing to hack its servers.
My god, what's with the thick stack of papers? It's been a while, Ms.
Hello, Detective Nam.
I'm told I'll be handling this case.
Are you all right with that? I'm sure you will be impartial.
It seems connected to a case I've been looking into, so I intend to keep digging.
If you're implying that this investigation could hurt my client, we prefer someone else.
It's quite all right.
I believe that detective is an honorable man who'll stick to the facts.
Thank you.
See you soon.
Let me.
Didn't you two spend a lot of time up here? Is it transmitting clearly? Yes, I can see everything.
It feels like I haven't been here in a while.
Anything, Holo? You threw me a rooftop party here and showed me an aurora borealis.
It was really nice.
I don't remember.
Keep trying.
Come on.
Remember, I was drinking a beer and we were sitting together.
And then you It was you, wasn't it? The stalker.
That stalker was you.
"Stalker"? I was only here to retrieve Holo.
Besides, I wasn't the one who did the kissing.
You had too much to drink and Actually, I think it was just an accident.
I didn't even know you suffered from face blindness back then.
I thought you knew I was Holo's maker once you saw my face.
And didn't I explain it clearly? Huh? Huh? Look here as I look to you.
I know why you moved in next door knowing I had face blindness.
Because you knew I wouldn't recognize you.
Yeah, that's kinda true.
How can someone like you create someone like him? Boss, why did you do that? Do you hate Ms.
So-yeon? I don't want to listen to this.
Yoo-ram, are you kidding me? How could you leave such a mess? I doubt he'll remember the place in this condition.
Maybe once we clean up God.
Holo, I first thought you were a ghost.
A "ghost"? I even tried to exorcise you.
Just a minute.
Well, I can't believe I even bought this.
Holo, look.
Shall we go where you two met for the first time? I'm sorry for not remembering anything.
Is this familiar? On that day, I remember I was really upset.
I was sitting there all by myself.
And you were standing here.
You were so kind, what you said to me was so considerate.
And what did I say? Hmm.
My god, I expected nothing less for the residence of a global company's chairman.
My son already told me about you.
Then I'll cut right to the chase.
I've come to make an arrangement.
A "deal"? If you prefer, I believe the suspect I'm after isn't a person, but an AI entity.
AI suspect ran away from the police.
Is that what you're saying? Are you sure you're not from the future? No.
I'm glad you found my words amusing.
But GIO Lab, the company that sued Magic Mirror, are AI specialists.
But I've already released a statement regarding that matter exactly I can cover everything up for you if you cooperate.
You know that sounds misleading, right? I think you should go through with an investigation.
One that'll prove our company's innocence.
I understand.
By the way, you seem to have a problem with your leg.
Do you mind if I ask how that happened to you? Now, you listen to me, Detective Nam Gi-ho.
You seem to have a lot of questions.
It's my job.
I apologize if I crossed the line.
Will you forgive me? I met Holo here and not at the coffee shop? The coffee shop is where you first saw Holo.
And this is where he first saw you.
The delivery mix-up? I was walking along when he Holo chose you and dropped the glasses into your purse.
Oh But why did I choose Ms.
So-yeon though? I'm still not entirely sure.
You behaved strangely.
It's as if you fell for her at first sight.
That's so odd.
Maybe I thought she'd easily give me back the glasses later on.
It's true.
- Let me see him.
- No.
I don't think so.
Holo might remember something if we reenact the scene.
I'll watch you from where Yoo-jin was that day, so walk over this way.
Are you sure you don't remember this? I don't, I'm sure.
Where exactly was I though? Do I move closer? I remember.
But this isn't where we met for the first time.
What do you mean by that? I first saw you in a place with small houses in a quiet area.
The data from then should've disappeared.
Can you please tell me what he is talking about? Why aren't you telling me? What happened? Something happened back then when I met Holo.
Are you hiding something from me again? You won't tell me the truth, meanwhile, I still don't even know your name, do I? So you know what? I'll look into it alone.
Do you remember the name Nan-do? Seo Nan-do.
It was my childhood name.
- On a lonely day - On a lonely day - On a day we long for a friend - On a day we long for a friend - We make one - We make one - That is cute and fascinating - That is cute and fascinating - Let's make a friend - Let's make a friend - Ppyororong, My Friend - Ppyororong, My Friend Hello, friends! Today, we'll be making an animal.
- You're here! - It's a pretty puppy toy.
Now, fold a crooked triangle and flip it over.
Fold the ends slightly like this, and now, twist it to face the front.
Oh, what an interesting shape that is! I heard my Nan-do is here.
Oh, goodness.
Are you that happy to see me? I'm sorry I'm always busy.
What will you say? I don't get a "Hello"? Let's see what kind of fun you had all day.
- Ahh.
- Uh, hello there.
Oh, my, where's your mom? At the restaurant.
Oh, I must really thank her in person someday.
Anyway, thank you so much for keeping Nan-do company.
So then why did you say you were an orphan? I remember your mom very well She died.
What is it? Do you now think you should forgive me now? Because you knew me, and I became an orphan since then? Is that it? He's unbelievable.
I don't understand.
He moved in next door and hid his identity, pretended to be me in front of you, and hid the fact that you two knew each other as children.
Well I believe he wanted to hide it, not deceive me, Holo.
Hide what? It seems he didn't want me knowing about his weakness.
That's probably why he wanted to hide the truth.
I did it to someone that I knew when I was young.
So it's familiar.
Why would anyone choose to act that way? Just 'cause.
So you two knew each other when you were young.
It was called "Hello"? It really existed? Holo's earliest version.
So your late mother made it when you were little? I erased my data, as well as all the data from Holo's files.
I can't believe they were still there.
So Holo has become Hello again, is that it? That's why he's pretty much stuck on the screen.
Yes, in the same way that Hello was stuck.
Then Oh! Something related to Hello could be what we're looking for.
That sounds right, I guess.
Why don't you go to your old neighborhood? It really doesn't look the same since the redevelopment.
Well, then that only leaves one place.
Not that place.
I'd rather go there alone.
Green light.
Red light.
Green light.
Red light.
Green light.
Red light.
I saw you moving.
At the last moment He moved his head.
He moved at the last moment, too.
MIRAE CHILDREN'S HOME DORMITORY 2 I guess they don't call it an orphanage anymore.
Are we Where you made Holo for the first time? What age? I must have been seven, the age when most children make AI programs.
Let's just go inside since we came here.
Does this jog your memory? Not yet.
How may I help you? Oh Are you Oh Yes, hello.
I'm glad to see you've grown up so well.
You didn't get along with the other kids very well and often got into fights.
I was worried because of that edgy personality of yours.
He's still like that.
Is any of this familiar? Not yet.
Maybe things have changed.
Ma'am, then is there a place or object that might restore or help jog his memory? Oh, of course.
I wonder where I put it.
Instead of playing with the other children, Nan-do would rather work with the computers.
Right, here it is.
Hi, I'm Hello.
What do you wanna play today? From now on, you'll be Holo.
Not Hello, okay? Oh.
You left it behind even though it seemed special to you.
So I kept it just in case you came back for it.
What's that? It seems like an amusing device.
- Look.
- I didn't forget it.
I left it on purpose.
Put it in the garbage.
Thank you, ma'am.
Could we please look around by ourselves for a bit? Okay.
Thank you.
Your mom made this for you, remember? Wasting my time.
Let's go.
We need to get out of here.
Didn't she? - You never went anywhere without it.
- Please let it go! Can't you understand me? Wait.
Hey, Seo Nan-do! Don't call me by that name.
I know you hate remembering, but you should take a look.
This is a memory you share with your mother.
You have no reason to hate this computer.
Because the mother who made that for me committed suicide and left me all alone! At Namsan, that day we had planned to meet.
Uh Guess what, I'm going on a picnic with my mom tomorrow.
Do you want to come, too? Just tell your mom about it and don't worry.
And you can come to the park pavilion.
My mother told me to wait on a bench and left.
She said she'd be back soon, but she never came back.
No matter how long I waited He's still waiting.
Always there.
Sitting alone.
Are you positive? Holo said so.
That it felt as if someone was waiting for him.
Magic Mirror, Korea's top IT company, was caught hacking into its competitor's server.
Shouldn't you be grateful that this hasn't been made public? That's why we want a proper negotiation.
So that neither parties suffer any consequences.
I'll meet you downstairs.
May I have a word with you? I'd prefer if you met with my lawyers first.
Is it all right if I record this? I wanted to apologize.
Okay, that's nice.
I'm not accepting an apology now that we're in the middle of a lawsuit.
But I'll tell my attorneys to lower the settlement.
The civil suit will cost us a big settlement, but the more pressing issue is really the police.
How do you think they found out that we are the ones responsible? I'm not sure, but it might be that the burner phone that was taken had evidence on it.
That's pathetic.
The charges will be dropped soon.
What? How do you mean? You don't need to worry.
Go get a meeting.
Arrange it with Mrs.
Ko instead.
She probably hates our guts, but you'll be able to persuade her.
From what I hear, you two meet often surprisingly.
I'll do that.
Did you say it was by the streetlight? Uh-huh, possibly a blue bench.
A blue bench Where is it? I'll be right back, so stay put and don't wander off.
Okay? I said I'll be right back.
You have to wait, got it? Oh, my.
You really have been waiting all this time.
Is Mommy coming to get you? Uh Huh? - What up? - Boss! Holo's memory file has been activated.
The boy was crying.
Let's go.
- So-yeon, can you see? - Can you see? So-yeon? What's wrong? Are you all right? Yeah.
I'm tired of walking so much.
We should take a break if you need to rest.
No, Holo could be back to being himself, we should hurry.
Just a minute.
Climb on.
It'll save us time.
I'm fine now, you know.
You can put me down.
Nah, it's all right.
But I could walk from here, I mean.
You don't need to force yourself to forgive her.
Just keep pushing forward.
Don't be hurt by it either.
My mother always felt burdened by me.
Maybe it was hard raising a boy alone.
How can you blame her when I was a difficult child who couldn't adjust anywhere? That's why I sometimes think if I had been a more normal child, if I just been someone different, my mom When my parents got divorced and my father left the house, I went out looking for him in my bare feet.
Except I couldn't find him, only because I couldn't recognize him.
But I wanted to hang on.
Tell him that I wanted to apologize.
I thought my parents split up only because of how I was.
It was all in my head.
It wasn't because of you.
It's not your fault.
So we never got to meet back then, but we ended up here now.
I didn't think you'd remember me.
I'm happy you do though.
And why is that? I like you.
I have no friends or family.
The only good memories are of the times with you.
I'm happy that I got to see you again, So-yeon.
I'm glad you are the person you are.
I have no family and you're the only friend I have.
I have few memories and they're all of you.
It was you, wasn't it? At the playground.
Holo, you're here?
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