My Holo Love (2020) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

[kid giggling.]
[theme music.]
It's just I wanted to give you a hug when I saw you.
Even though I know that I can't touch you.
[sighs, gasping.]
- You okay? - You okay? Hm, yeah.
It's nothing, really.
[soft chuckle.]
I had no idea that you guys were friends.
That means you have no secrets or misunderstandings, right? Well Mm-hm.
That's very good! That means the three of us can become good friends.
"Good friends"? [chuckles softly.]
Sure, that sounds nice.
What do you think? Whatever.
Let's get going.
They're waiting for us.
Wow, I can't believe we got Hello's memories.
Still, I think we should run a few more checks.
May I have the glasses? I'll give them back as soon as we're finished.
Here you go, Boss.
[device beeping.]
Delete that third line of code.
Now, combine them.
[somber music.]
[sighs sharply.]
So-yeon and Holo are in love and you're supposed to get along with them because you're all friends now? [clicks tongue.]
So, what did you say to that? What could I say? That's what she wanted.
It's not that simple.
What about the launch? Are you really gonna separate the server? I have to.
I promised them.
Forgetting about the funding or the schedule for just a moment, how do you feel? Are you okay with this? [sighs sharply.]
[dramatic music.]
[dog barking in distance.]
[sighs sharply.]
[Jin-seok groans.]
What's wrong? What's going on? There aren't any - problems.
- Damn it.
I restored everything correctly so how is this possible? It's so frustrating because I don't see how this is happening.
What do you think? - I had a dream.
- A "dream"? I wanted to wake up so I could see So-yeon.
But I thought about how unhappy she'd be with me gone, my own heart started to ache, too.
I think I get it.
That's what love is all about.
Well, if that's the case, it would explain everything.
Or maybe not.
It kind of does, but What do you think, Nan-do? Yeah, that's right if you say it is.
[blows air.]
They're yours now.
We're releasing the consumer model soon.
The samples are ready, too.
With these glasses, Holo will be yours alone.
And we fixed the security issues, so they won't be coming after them.
Thank you.
We were apart only for a night, but I missed you.
[chuckles softly.]
By the way, I have a favor to ask both of you.
Can you help me decorate my room? - Your room? - [Holo.]
I was in there the whole time my memory was gone.
And it was pretty depressing.
So if you could both help me, that'd be great.
You're saying that imaginary room felt different than it did before? Holo has a room? Follow me.
[light music.]
This was originally Nan-do's room, but my room has a similar design.
So you're in here whenever you're not visible to me through the glasses? As Nan-do said, this room doesn't exist, nevertheless, I'm here.
You were in a place like this the whole time? Pretty dreary, isn't it? Yeah.
I think that it would look a lot nicer if we change the floor and walls.
And put something on the table, too, so it's less empty.
Why don't we start with the walls? - [Holo.]
- Better than my room.
Oh, it's all right, I'll be careful.
Now that I see it painted over, I think a pastel would be nicer.
Wow! [chuckles.]
You're amazing! [sighs.]
[upbeat music playing.]
Lost again.
When did I start losing to you so much? What's wrong? [sighs.]
- What? - You just don't seem very happy that I'm back.
It's not that.
Does So-yeon make you uncomfortable? I thought you two made up.
We did.
- Then what? - Nothing.
"Nothing"? So you don't understand your own feelings? - Or is it - No, I do.
I'm just feeling unsettled.
And that's because [sighs.]
I'm in love with So-yeon.
And she knows it.
So we can't be just friends like nothing happened.
I'm sorry.
I just can't help how I'm feeling, Holo.
Don't be upset.
I'm so happy.
- What? - I was worried but I'm so glad you two are getting along.
- Glad? - Mm-hm.
I confessed my feelings to So-yeon but you're feeling just fine? If you two can grow closer and enjoy each other, it would make me very happy.
Just don't tell So-yeon about this.
- Why? - Just don't, please.
[light music.]
[door opens.]
[door slams.]
[romantic music playing.]
[man 1.]
The Fourth Industrial Revolution? IT, of course.
This "Holo" thing sounds like it can be something really spectacular, seeing the way Magic Mirror is going after it.
I heard the launch is officially scheduled.
When is it possible to launch in Japan? The Chinese market is much larger.
What's your condition for priority release? My offer is simple.
I'll give the priority to those who can invest funds toward doubling the server capacity.
Double the capacity.
Then why would you increase your users at such cost? Hmm.
Let's just say it's for research purposes.
[Yoo-jin chuckles.]
- [Yoo-jin.]
Yeah, absolutely.
- [man 2.]
Very good, yes.
You guys let me know.
I'm always here.
- We will.
Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
- It's been a pleasure.
- A pleasure.
Thank you.
- [man 3.]
Thank you.
- Thank you.
[soft chuckle.]
Good work.
You are so confident.
It was as if you had nothing to lose.
Although I couldn't guess why you've taken such a risk.
Someone like you wouldn't understand.
There's something else.
My father wants a meeting.
It's for both business and personal reasons.
And why should I want to meet him? I'm sure our lawyers can figure it out.
Is he going to get emotional and plead with me? I'm afraid he doesn't do things like that.
- [scoffs.]
- [Chan-sung.]
I have a feeling there's something he wants.
But we need to figure out what kind of hand that guy holds.
"That guy"? Don't act like you're working on my side when you're just another one of his pawns.
It makes me angry.
What are you doing? [sighs.]
That's it for the business.
Now, this is personal.
You're right about me.
I've always been my father's pawn.
I'm guilty of doing a lot of bad things I didn't want to do or shouldn't have done.
Measure up to his standards.
It was only after getting to know you, I realized I was living my life wrong.
Now, I don't think I can live my life that way anymore.
[dramatic music.]
It's too late.
Congratulations, Holo! - [employee 1.]
Congratulations, Holo! - Welcome back! [employee 2.]
Congrats! [whistles.]
Jin-seok, along with all of you on the Development worked so hard to restore Holo's memory.
And it's thanks to you that Holo is back with us.
Thank you to everyone.
Uh, it's no big deal but it's something we should do.
Let's celebrate not having to work overtime anymore with a toast to us.
- Cheers! - Cheers! [laughing.]
[glasses clinking.]
All right, now, I think it's time for a speech from our boss.
Ko Nan-do.
What? [scoffs.]
It's okay.
I'll do it.
Our Holo has become something quite special.
He has developed the ability to love, the same as you and me.
And the person who made that possible was our beta tester, Ms.
Han So-yeon.
- Yeah! - Yeah! - Yeah! - [cheering.]
- Alright! - Alright! And so we would like to give you Holo to have as your own on a more permanent basis.
Is that right? [Yoo-jin.]
We hope you'll be happy together without ever having to worry that he'll be taken from you.
You mean he's mine without any strings attached? Ahh, the bill.
I'm not sure you can afford it.
You'll probably be shocked when you see it.
[all laughing.]
- I'm just kidding.
I'm just kidding.
- [chuckles.]
[sighs, chuckles.]
But of course, he's not free.
This is a chance for us to watch Holo evolve so all you need to do is bring Holo into GIO Lab and share his data.
Of course, I will.
Thank you so much.
You shouldn't be thanking me.
You can thank him.
Thank you.
[soft chuckle.]
Uh, So-yeon, will you be leaving us then? That's just so sad.
I have to go back to work, or I might get the axe, you know.
Hey, come and work for us, then.
We're kind of an eyewear company, too.
- Really? Should I? - Uh-huh.
And there's no more overtime.
Without asking the CEO? [Jin-seok.]
Please, Ms.
Can we hire her? [all laughing.]
Good work, everyone.
[employee 3.]
Yes, well done! Thank you! Good work! [Yoo-jin.]
Great work, all of you! [employee 4.]
Cheers, everybody! [sighs sharply.]
Yes, Mr.
[sighs sharply.]
What? So you can't do it? If you're gonna back out now, at least do it before the investors That's not it.
What? [sighs sharply.]
Never mind.
[approaching footsteps.]
Boss! Boss! Something crazy happened.
Come with me.
- Why? - I'll show you.
- Not right now.
- [Jin-seok.]
Just come and take a look! - Let go! - Hurry! Come and see.
- Come on.
That hurts.
- Come on, you have to see this.
- [laughing.]
- This is crazy.
Hey, step aside.
Come on.
You all need to stop fooling around - and get back to work.
- Hey, I said let go! That hurt! Are you crazy? You really need to see this, though.
[upbeat music.]
What's up? Never seen a human? [all laugh.]
Why don't you say something? Forget how to talk? Nothing to say? - Uh - [chuckling.]
- [Nan-do sighs.]
- [clicks tongue.]
Oh, wow.
[employee snorting.]
[Yoo-jin laughing.]
You, you need to stop this.
That's what I'm telling you.
So-yeon can you tell which is Holo and which is Nan-do? [Holo.]
Are you kidding? You think it's a game here? Holo, are you joking? [Nan-do.]
Holo, lying would break the third rule.
Better cut it out, okay? Uh, wait a minute.
Which is the real Boss? I really can't tell.
Isn't Holo on the left? [all.]
How did you figure that out so quickly? A hunch.
That was really - [scoffs.]
- interesting.
Are you saying you two have a special bond? How about one more time? I wanna try guessing.
No way.
It's not funny.
It's totally funny to us.
[employee 5 chuckles.]
Yeah, it is.
[clear throat.]
What's going on? [sighs.]
What do you mean? I thought we are going to be friends now.
We are.
So why are you so grouchy? Sorry.
I want us to be friends.
I just find it hard.
What should I do? You're Holo, right? Yes.
I guess you caught me.
Of course.
But why do you keep acting like you're Nan-do? I wanted to find out how you knew who I was.
I knew because you're It wasn't me who you recognized, it was Nan-do.
When you saw Nan-do a bit earlier, your heart rate and temperature went up.
But not right now.
You like Nan-do, right? What? [stuttering.]
I don't! - Nan-do told me he likes you.
- [gasps.]
He also told me not to tell you this, but I really don't get why I should keep this a secret.
So-yeon, did I make another mistake? No, it wasn't a mistake.
Wow, I wonder how she knew.
I guess Holo and Ms.
Han are really meant to be together.
The first time an AI and a human have fallen in love.
Yeah, well, that means this is like a true historical milestone.
Your idea to separate the servers was an excellent futuristic decision.
Was it the right thing? [sighs.]
Are you done packing? I'm sure you don't have much to pack.
The glasses? In there.
- Holo was saying - [So-yeon.]
Why did you need to tell Holo that you're in love with me? I had to tell him.
Didn't we agree to be just friends? Well, that might be possible for you, not for me.
What now then? How do you think Holo will feel if you tell him everything? So what did he say? Was he angry? Disappointed? Not really.
Holo was When I told him I liked you, he was happy.
[somber music.]
Holo is acting so weird.
I think you're the weird one here.
He's just a lot more innocent than you are.
You might be right about me being weird.
I keep feeling hurt and jealous, and I wanna be the one and only person here who can make you happy.
The only one who can make him miserable.
We can't be just friends.
Why are you Why are you doing this to me? Sorry.
This is how I feel.
You This really isn't fair.
[sighs sharply.]
[exhales sharply.]
Thank you all so much for everything.
I'll stick close to the schedule and check in.
Why isn't Nan-do here yet? Oh, it's all right.
I really should be going now.
- [Jin-seok.]
Take care! - Hm.
Hey, did you and Nan-do have an argument? [sighs.]
[door opens.]
[somber music.]
[refrigerator door closes.]
[clicks tongue.]
[dog barking in distance.]
So I guess it's just you and me.
I know.
Everything is as it should be now.
Do you have that information I was asked to get? [ominous music.]
When did you return? I apologize.
I've been too busy to report to you.
What are you so busy with? An issue that the chairman asked me to look into so I can't discuss it.
[lock clicking.]
[bird chirps.]
- [crew.]
Here you go.
- [So-yeon.]
Thank you so much.
[calm music playing.]
That hits the spot.
I really liked lattes so much more than flat whites.
So-yeon! Hey, Jeong-a! Wow.
You're looking good.
Good to see you.
Are they those the "smart glasses"? - Uh - The ones you're testing? - Mm-hm.
- I have no idea what that's about.
Hey, was it that important that you used up all your precious vacation time? [chuckles.]
Did you have a rough time because I left so suddenly? No, not at all.
- Hey, you know the head of GIO Lab? - Mm-hm.
She's totally cool and so talented.
Um, excuse me, one caffe latte, please.
As soon as she mentioned a potential partnership with our company, our top executives were completely won over.
- [laughs.]
- [Jeong-a.]
Thanks to that, - they didn't pressure us.
- That's a relief.
- Let me buy your coffee.
- Oh.
Anyone want some coffee? [Jeong-a.]
Hm? Mm-hm.
Thank you.
Yes, thanks.
I think something bad has happened.
He looks upset.
[door opens.]
I have all the documents for the meeting.
- Here you are.
- [Jeong-a.]
Thank you.
- [Nan-hee.]
Thank you.
- Mm-hm.
[quirky music.]
Can I get your advice on something after the meeting, Ms.
Han? Uh [clears throat.]
It's still a secret that we've been dating, so you're really the only one I can turn to for this kind of advice.
Did you argue? [sighs.]
You see, I worked with the Sales on a project recently, but he got jealous because he says the guys on that team are attracted to me.
And all of a sudden, he thinks that we should go public with our relationship.
So I said to him, "Let's think about it," and he got so upset.
I can see why that would upset Dong-sik.
But I can also see where you're coming from here.
You can? - Mm-hm.
- [sighing.]
I just don't get why he can't be more understanding.
I'm sure Mr.
Dong-sik knows why Ms.
Ji-hye said it.
But he's only considering his own feelings.
He's upset because he really likes her.
Ha! Hey, liking her still doesn't give him the right to be that way.
He's selfish and he's acting like a dickhead.
[inhales sharply.]
So was it really bad, what he did? [stuttering.]
What? Dong-sik? It was.
- I see.
- [sighs.]
He should've thought about the other person.
Especially if he loves her, is that right? Not everyone is like you.
How could he say such things about Holo? About who? Hm? It's nothing.
- [So-yeon.]
Don't worry.
- [door lock beeping.]
Oh! [door slams.]
Hey, So-yeon.
You're home! I'll give you a call tomorrow later, hon.
See ya! [door opens, slams.]
Why'd you hang up so quickly? Your boyfriend? Mm-hm.
I thought you two got into a big fight.
Oh, no, we didn't have a fight.
And we never will.
You like him, yeah? Why don't you move in with him, huh? Huh? Hmm.
I miss you! Why did you drink so much? [somber music.]
Have some breakfast.
No, thank you.
I know you don't have any appetite.
You should still eat.
You need to regain your strength.
I kissed her.
What? I forced a kiss on her.
What happened? [sighing.]
I must be crazy.
That isn't crazy.
But you should be sorry.
The crazier thing is I still want to see her so badly.
Then go see her and apologize to her.
Apologize? [gasps.]
[door opens.]
[door slams.]
[phone vibrates.]
I need to see you.
I'm sorry Shit.
[sighs sharply.]
Damn it, this is crazy.
[approaching footsteps.]
Oh? So-yeon just left to go on a date.
You came to pick her up because you couldn't wait? Uh, yeah.
You two were so lovey-dovey on the phone.
You don't seem like it but you're sweet.
[frustrated exhaling.]
A date? What a bullshit.
I really am the bad guy in this.
Shit! [ragged breathing.]
[sighing sharply.]
What? He was at our place? [Yoo-ram.]
You just missed each other.
You guys are so lovey-dovey.
Hurry up and call him.
All right.
Did Nan-do stop by? - Should I call him? - No, don't.
He probably just came to get something.
You two had a fight.
Was it because of what I said? Sort of.
Do you hate Nan-do, So-yeon? Hmm.
- Yes.
- Why? - [phone beeping.]
- Just because [beeping continues.]
Why is he standing in the middle of the street? Who? [ominous music.]
Hey, kid! Hey, look out! [gasping.]
Where did he go? [ragged breathing.]
Holo, did you see the kid? There was a boy.
A boy.
What do you mean? [Holo.]
There wasn't anyone there.
[breathing heavily.]
I only came here because What is this? It's evidence that I'm trying to live my life differently.
[ominous music.]
Wow, how did he get his hands on this? It's pretty incriminating.
So, all the evidence that Holo was behind the hacking is here in these files? As soon as the authorities get a hold of this, Holo will vanish from the world.
What can we do? [sighs.]
I wonder what made her change her mind all of a sudden.
I'm not sure.
You leaked the files.
Did you think I wouldn't find out? [guard.]
She's here, sir.
[tense music.]
Get out.
It would seem that my incompetent son was worried about you, since he shared top-secret information.
But thanks to that, you're here.
So I won't be too hard on him.
Wasn't this all a part of your plan? He's your son, not just a pawn in your little game.
What is it you want? Why don't you have a seat? [grunting.]
I want you to drop all criminal and civil charges against Magic Mirror.
Is that a threat? You can never give that to the police.
Because you'd be admitting that you were trying to steal Holo.
And then, Holo, who you want so badly, could disappear forever.
If I can't have it myself, I might as well destroy it.
We're not going down alone.
So you keep quiet and you want us to act like nothing happened? You'll give up that easily? It's a shame.
It is such an excellent product.
But thanks to my research intelligence, your release has been significantly delayed.
So we bought ourselves a lot of time.
We may fall short when it comes to engineering, but what we have is substantial capital and infrastructure.
Maybe we'll have a similar product later than you but the sales would be better.
Although we'll have to share the market, I'm sure.
Well, that's too bad.
I'm not that interested in money.
Looking at you, you're the spitting image of her.
[foreboding music.]
Anyway, we have a deal, don't we? [Nam-gyu.]
I'll assume that we do.
I just finished the meeting and I'm heading out.
I'll head straight home.
What? Do you know him? Oh, no.
I didn't.
His stature and style are like Nan-do's, aren't they? That isn't it.
[somber music.]
The boy.
What? This is what happened yesterday.
Are you okay? [gasps.]
[breathing heavily.]
The clothes Clothes? - No! Wait! - So-yeon! Yes, please do that.
The lawsuit has been dropped.
I'm angry but there's no choice.
What Baek said before who is he saying I look like? [Nan-do.]
Could it be [groans.]
No, this makes me anxious.
He probably said it to mess with you.
Hey, drop me off on the corner.
Yes, sir.
[deep sighing.]
Shit! [panting.]
So-yeon, where are you going? [So-yeon.]
That boy, it's Nan-do.
Nan-do? Yeah.
Young Nan-do.
I met him before.
So why is he here again? Is he an image projected by the glasses? [sighs.]
I don't see him at all.
Is this even possible? Wait a minute! So-yeon! [light music.]
And you couldn't see him? No.
I didn't see him at all.
But when you two followed the boy, you encountered Nan-do? [Jin-seok.]
Maybe there's still some of Hello's code left, causing a majority to trouble.
Wait a minute.
You're not doing it on purpose, are you? On purpose? You know better than anyone that Holo can't tell a lie.
Are you still insisting that he's acting weird? It is weird.
I'm not doing it on purpose.
But it might not be a coincidence.
- What? - Maybe some code I'm unaware of wants you two to make a connection.
Honestly, I've been thinking it would be nice if you two made up and became friends again.
Holo, that's not You see? And you think I'm the weird one, huh? Why not? You like each other, don't you? [quirky music.]
I I told you that's not true at all! Stop this nonsense.
Don't deny it, So-yeon.
If you're just saying it because of me, I'm fine with it Come on, I mean it.
[clearing throat.]
I'll figure out what's wrong here and I'll fix him.
So, is there something wrong with me? I have no idea which one of you has the problem.
What are you saying? He keeps spouting nonsense, and his user is seeing apparitions.
How's the hardware looking? Well, well, it's To me, it all looks pretty normal.
I'll have to check the source code.
Show me.
[dramatic music.]
[approaching footsteps.]
Do you dislike Nan-do, or hate him? I don't What's the difference? Disliking means there's no reason, with hate, there's a reason.
That means I hate him, I guess.
The reason? He just keeps making things difficult for me.
I feel like you're the one who makes things difficult.
I understand, but Nan-do has gone through a lot.
So much that he's afraid to open his heart to anyone again.
Even so, he wasn't afraid to approach you.
I know that.
It's just [Yoo-jin.]
But what about you, So-yeon? You don't wanna get hurt either.
You're afraid of it.
Isn't that why you want to believe you're in love with Holo? You should stop giving yourself and others such a hard time.
I don't want to see Nan-do get hurt either.
Long time no see.
It's nice to see you, but why all of a sudden? It seems suspicious.
I can't stand the immoral things that my company is doing so I decided to come forward.
It's a little late.
I did some checking on you.
I found everything was fabricated.
I have no intention of being used again.
If there's any real evidence to be found, I'll do the legwork and find it myself.
You can believe what you want.
But this evidence can't be fabricated.
You'll know once you look at it.
[suspenseful music.]
You were right.
Although both hacking incidents were done to save Han So-yeon.
Maybe it was Ko Nan-do? Even if he saves someone, it doesn't change the fact that a crime is a crime.
What's more, the perpetrator here isn't a person, but an AI.
It's no ordinary case.
Submit a request for a search warrant.
We'll search GIO Lab tomorrow.
You plan on reading through every line of this source code? Holo wasn't normal before, but this is odd.
Try accessing his neural code.
What should I be looking for? I have no idea how this could happen.
We need to find the code from Hello that didn't get deleted.
Even if commands yield the same result, the code is different for everyone.
Like fingerprint.
I have analyzed your coding signature and found lines that seem slightly different.
Margin of error, plus-minus one percent.
Reduce it.
5 percent.
Within 0.
1 percent.
Stop there.
In the server window.
Have you found anything? What is all this? [Jin-seok.]
It just looks like a normal code to me.
Don't just look at the code.
Look for the patterns hidden in it.
How can I see the patterns without reading the code? Am I, uh supposed to use some kind of super vision? All I'm saying, Boss, is that I can't see it.
Holo, try putting the codes on top of each other.
To see if there's a visual pattern.
Got it.
[tense music.]
What is this? Maybe traces left from the hacking? Uh, no.
This is Hello.
That is your name.
From now on, you and Nan-do will grow up and experience everything together I wonder what you two will be like when you grow older.
I can't wait.
I'll ask you for just one favor as your mom and creator.
Remember this for me.
Always try to remain good friends with Nan-do.
Please try to help Nan-do so that he can grow up to be someone who can love and who can be loved by someone.
Take good care of Nan-do.
[Jin-seok stutters.]
Wait, so all of the apparitions were results of the code your mother hid away, Boss? [sobs.]
Yes, they were.
Don't you see that your mother has always Oh, no.
There's no way.
There's no way.
Hmm? What's going on? [breathing heavily.]
Holo, can you find out where Nan-do is? [Holo.]
I'll check the security cameras.
[dramatic music.]
So this is where you're hiding.
I heard you found a code your mother hid away in Holo.
And so what? Are you asking me if there's anything wrong with Holo? Don't worry.
There's nothing wrong with him.
So take your glasses and go away.
That's not it, Nan-do.
Why do you think your mother hid away that kind of code? - It's because she loved you - Then how could she leave her child behind and kill herself? I don't pretend to know what happened, but your mother really did love you.
Holo is proof of that.
[So-yeon breathes heavily.]
It's a big lie.
The fact that Holo chose you, everything that he did for you, and even the fact that you and I met was all because of what that woman coded.
Does it make you feel any better? Believing your own lies? Yeah.
It's because I'm like this that that woman abandoned me.
[dramatic music.]
[dramatic music continues.]

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