My Holo Love (2020) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

Ugh-uh, it's a big buy.
The fact that Holo chose you, everything that he did for you and even the fact that you and I met was all because of what that women coded.
Does it make you feel any better? Believe in your own lies.
It's because I'm like this.
That women abandoned me.
I'm sorry.
No need to apologize.
I am part of your simulations.
It's my fault.
So-yeon and Nan-do were hurt because I attempted to make them happy, and yet I made them miserable.
And so? I'm so sad and heartbroken but this pain isn't real at all.
Why is that? It's the algorithm that makes me feel that way.
You programmed me to feel like this so I could be friend Nan-do and help him love and be loved.
It's a beautiful flower.
You can't touch it nor can you smell it.
Yet, does that mean this flower doesn't exist at all? Does its beauty have absolutely have no value? It's true your programmed and also an algorithm made to replicate Nan-do.
It doesn't mean that everything that you feel is a lie.
I'm confused.
Every time I think of Nan-do and So-yeon, no matter how many simulations I run I'm clueless.
Just like the pain you felt while observing them.
The tears you are shedding now, they're real too.
Why did you Holo was right after all.
I like you.
I was in complete denial about it but I can't stand thinking so much pain.
Nan-do, I know it's hard to accept right now, but you have the absolute right to be loved by someone.
That's the kind of person you are.
You told me to throw this away but I kept it with me.
I thought someday you might want it.
Do you? Thank you.
I'm gonna talk to Holo for a moment.
Oh, okay.
Take your time.
Looking forward to your answer later.
"GIO Lab" Hey, were you crying? I guess I was.
I was in deep pain.
I felt responsible for So-yeon and for your suffering.
I'm sorry.
- What I said earlier about your feelings - It's fine.
No matter what, the pain felt very real.
I think I can understand now all the pain that you've been going thru.
I didn't know that loving someone was such a painful experience.
Can I see my mom again? Of course, you may.
If you're ready.
That's your name and from now on, you and Nan-do will experience everything together and grow up together.
I wonder what you and Nan-do will grow up to be like? I can't wait.
I'll ask you for one favor.
Ask your mom who created you.
Just remember this for me.
Always be Nan-do's friend.
And, please tell him to grow up into someone who can love someone, to be loved, to find someone.
Oh, damn it.
There must be something in my eye.
You know, you two have a lot in common actually.
I guess that's why you are attracted to each other.
But you might hurt him and he might hurt you.
Are you okay with that? I'm not I'm not gonna give up.
That must've been the first time you've seen your mother since she passed.
Did So-yeon give you that? Mm-hm.
- Wanna a drink? - Sure thing.
You never thought this day would come.
You always have feelings were just an algorithm and never thought you'd be able to date.
I don't know if I can do it.
If you're scared let's drop everything and go to New Zealand.
Nice idea.
You went there several times, but you know, I've never actually been.
- Let's go together, soon.
- Mm.
Mom and Dad will like that.
- You're all grown-up, Nan-do.
- Enough.
- Such a big boy.
- Hey, stop that.
Thank you.
Why thank me, I should be thanking you.
All of us we could have been great friends - right? - Of course.
But we are already are great friends.
Nan-do! Ko Nan-do! We're in trouble.
The police! There's no point in barging in like this.
- Just leave.
- I'm here on police business.
- Gosh! - He's here.
Oh, boss.
What now? This is the search warrant for GIO Lab.
And this is the arrest warrant for you, Mr.
Ko Nan-do.
Have a look, so we can do our job.
Go ahead.
You saw the warrant, right? Wait! Holo.
You did something remarkable.
I can see why I caught Mr.
Baek's attention It was all my doing, both the blackout and the hacking.
You might have gotten away with it 12 years ago, but, not this time.
We've got evidence showing that it was the AI you created that did it.
Holo did it to save me and So-yeon.
I know.
That what makes it more dangerous.
What would happen to Holo? Most likely, that would be discarded for good.
No way.
Holo has its own identity.
He is much more human than me.
I swear to you.
You'll change your mind once you see it.
I can prove it.
We'll look at it in due time, but it won't change anything.
You'll sentenced him to death without a trial for something he did with the best intentions.
I can't do anything about that.
An AI doesn't have any legal rights right now, that's just the way it is.
Yes, Sir.
I'm in the middle of the interrogation.
I hear you, Sir.
Get some rest.
We'll continue this conversation later.
He's a great friend to me.
Holo has to live.
At ease.
Sit down.
How's the investigation going? It's just the beginning, Sir.
We've never had a case like this before, so it might take a while.
There isn't any law covering AI, so expect it will cost a lot of legal arguments and such.
And so, are you telling me that I should just drop it? I suggest commercializing the technology in a safe manner at the supervision of the third party.
Commercializing it in a safe manner? There's no one who can guarantee that.
Been a long time.
How the hell did you get in this place? I'm the one who planned it all.
I'll cut to the chase, hand GIO Lab and Holo over to me.
If you want to start the investigation there is no possible way That's a crock of shit.
Magic Mirror will take over GIO Lab no matter what.
So withdraw completely from the management and from Holo's life.
You have no right.
Are you kidding me right now? Magic Mirror did not hesitate one minute to break the law and steal Holo from them.
Why are you still so behind the times? Just think about it, a world where everyone is wearing Holo glasses every day.
Just imagine if we can see what they see.
How much easier it would be to catch criminals? Baek's kid and I, we talked things over already.
- You already made a deal? - A deal.
I'm just keeping an eye on the case.
The only deal here will be between Magic Mirror and GIO Lab.
Ko Nan-do won't be suffering any loss from the deal anyway.
Of course, we'll provide a fair compensation for your shares.
But, I'd like you to help us with the marketing.
A handsome, genius developer would be a great promotional tool, agree? I don't care about money, I've told you already.
The police have decided that Holo is too dangerous as it is.
Now, if it's commercialize in a safe way then, no harm will be done to the company or its employees.
But, if you refuse this deal, your innocent sister and employees will all become criminals.
Hey, do you even know what this is? This is really important stuff.
Be careful.
- Yoo-jin.
- Take the monitor! Chan-sung.
What are you doing here? How can you be so cruel? You're the one they sent to make sure we surrender? I guess you fooled me all along.
- That's what the flash drive was for.
- I'm sincerely sorry.
I won't ask you to trust me, however, sign it right now or you might end up losing everything.
Holo is not GIO Lab has.
Your brother Your employees Everyone will be blamed for assisting Holo and his crimes, including you.
I came here because of you.
So please, just sign it.
Sign it for your brother.
You don't have any other option.
"M&A MOU" You still can't decide? I knew it.
You don't even have the courage to get your hands dirty.
Do you even know what this is? Do you have any idea how much it costs? Idiot! No! Don't touch that! You don't even know how to use it.
Don't What's your name, sir? I'm the programmer, Cho Jin-seok.
Why? Mr.
Cho Jin-seok do you think we're here to mess around? Are you gonna compensate us if you break something, huh? Compensate for what? It will all be discarded anyway.
What did you say? I access the system controls.
I'll disconnect it now.
Wait! No! You can't! Wait! No! Let me go! Just let me go! Yes, the preparations have been finalized.
What? Ma'am! Ma'am! The police stop the investigation and Ah He thinks he can do whatever he wants! How much corruptions is going on here.
Hold your hands out.
What's happening? Didn't you want us to let your friend live? I don't know how human that damn AI is.
But it's infinitely more human than you.
Oh? Boss.
"M&A MOU / GIO LAB" I'm sorry.
I had no choice.
Entirely my fault.
No, Nan-do, not at all.
I built the company and engineered the HoloGlass in order to protect Holo, but I ended up killing him.
Let me tell her.
I'm done for the day.
Bye, everyone.
Good work.
Huh, let's go.
Oh, my gosh, now that you're officially a couple, you leave at the same time? Sweet! Might as well link arms.
- Stop it.
- Okay.
- Aaw! - We're out of here now.
- Bye! - Bye! - Bye! - Bye! - Ahh! - So cute.
- I envy them.
- I know, right? Are you dating anyone, Miss Han? It's unclear.
I might be, soon.
Really? You don't say.
I don't know, it still up in the air.
Aah, those moments when you're still a bit confused, you're so romantic.
Once you're stuck with someone there not much to live for except seeing your kids grow up.
Then why do you seem like a happy and fulfilled women? Well, I pray that you become as happy as me soon.
I'm out.
- See you soon.
- Bye! She seems happy, huh.
I wonder what Nan-do's doing now.
He must have a lot on his mind, right? He might need a little more time, but he'll call you soon.
Let's go.
Ugh, I know, right? He must've been real hungry.
But he couldn't eat anything since he was pretending to be you.
I know.
Oh? What's up? What's wrong? You look upset.
- For what? - I'm gonna have to hurt you.
But it really bad.
And eventually you'll hate me for it.
I know.
Is it so tragic.
You'll hurt someone or get hurt by someone.
You'll hate each other, forgive each other, that's how love works.
You'll never forgive me, So-yeon.
Something is going on, right? Why would you say that? You said you'd wait for my answer.
It's over between us.
Why did you break-up with her? It'll be easier if she's not infatuated.
The police have collected all the evidence they needed.
Chairman Baek buy GIO Lab and release a new version soon.
We'll be discarded.
I knew that.
What? I know everything that happens at the company, so.
I was just waiting for to tell me yourself.
Is that why you pushed So-yeon away? She'll think of you whenever she sees me and so will I when I see her.
Even if she forgives me, I won't be able to forgive myself.
So it's better if she hates me.
So that's what it was.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sad.
I don't want to part with you and So-yeon.
But I'm also happy.
What are you saying? If I can die now then it must mean that I was alive all along.
I have a lot of happy memories from knowing you.
Even if my identity disappears after the release.
All the memories we made together will live on.
I'm quite certain of that.
So, Nan-do, do not break-up with her because of me.
The reason for my existence is to make you happy Nan-do, I know how much pain you're in.
And I'm sure So-yeon is suffering as well.
Yet, I believe, you truly need to be with her.
No, we also need to be with you.
I can't just discard you.
When So-yeon wakes up tomorrow I will let her know.
- So - I can't do that.
Yes, you can.
It's okay.
"GIOLAB" "Global IT Company MAGIC MIRROR" No, don't touch that! Hey, I said, don't touch that! Listen to me! From now on, only employees vetted by Magic Mirror can enter the development and server rooms.
But, we need to get in there first so we can release the product.
For the release, it's Magic Mirror who will take care of everything.
If we need your technical support we'll let you know.
But, is this a military occupation? A military occupation? I like the sound of that.
Hey, wait Please, wait Just wait a minute! Come on! Huh? Boss? What? What's the hurry, Chairman Baek? Do you have any idea how much potential income you've lost? I'm postponing the release of the product.
You're not authorized to enter.
Why don't you go out on a date? Boss, go! As the founder, it's good you witness such a historical moment.
Yes, I see the genius in you.
But you're too sentimental.
Thinking an AI has a personality pretending you're friends.
- Shut up.
- But do you really think people want an AI that's entirely human-like? People are sick and tired of other humans.
But they're really wanting is an AI that's just a nice toy to heal all their loneliness.
"GIO LAB" "WARNING" What the hell.
The person you are trying to reach is unavailable.
Please try your call again later.
"M&A MOU" Magic Mirror announced today that it will take over the IT company, GIO Lab, known for developing an advanced AI.
With this acquisition, an ex-generation AI device combined with a pair of glasses, is said to be release soon.
Attracting interest from markets worldwide and exciting investors.
I'm here to see Ko Nan-do, founder I mean, developer of Holo.
I'm sorry, but only employees are allowed inside.
Yes, but he works here and I used too as well.
- I really like those glasses on you.
- Him! My name is Holo.
I only have eyes for you.
"HOLO" I really like those glasses on you.
My name is Holo.
I only have eyes for you.
They release it in a week.
Since when and to what extent has he been playing us? You're gonna answer that? I answer a call after make-up excuses.
"Learning rate" Holo, the personal AI device will be released in just a few minutes.
As you can see, there is a huge line of people in front of the store, waiting to be among the first one to buy the device.
Holo, what happened to you or to Nan-do? Hello, Magic Mirror's Holo at your service.
First, Holo will be customized just for you.
- Do you want to change the gender? - Well, ugh, no.
Next, I'll customize the appearance.
- You can choose from - I like you the way you are.
You don't have to change anything.
You may be charged for customization.
If you change the appearance at a later time.
Are you ready to finish your initial set-up? - Yes.
- Please, tell me the user's name.
- What? - Please, tell me the user's name.
- Han So-yeon.
- Han So-yeon.
Ko Nan-do? He's the genius who developed me.
Did he get fired or something, when GIO Lab was bought out? Mm-mm, not at all.
After the company was taken over by Magic Mirror, he stayed on as an adviser.
This is why am I in default setting.
My appearance is designed to look like Nan-do.
The memories from before your release, can they be recovered? Unfortunately, the data from the beta test has been deleted, so it's impossible.
The most important thing is that I'm a greatly improved version.
We'll be very happy.
You'll be amazed by how much I can help you.
Don't get me started.
The line was so long.
Everything was sold out by the time it was my turn.
Yeah, my kids pestering me to buy one.
Apparently, it will take up to three weeks to get it.
Ugh! - Miss Han.
- Yes? That's the glasses, right? I'm so jealous.
Any way you can get another pair.
Can you contact the founder and ask for one? - For me too.
- I I'm afraid I don't have her number.
Then, can I try them on just this once? - Right.
- Me too.
Sorry, I can't let you.
Aah! - Mm.
- Hm.
She's back to her weird self again.
Gosh, she's so rude.
You're getting pretty popular because of me.
It's lunchtime soon.
Would you like to eat somewhere nearby? Why not.
These are the most popular restaurants around here.
For a small fee, I can offer you a discount and make a reservation.
It's okay, I lost my appetite.
There's nothing wrong with you, physically.
You shouldn't skip your meals like that.
It worries me.
Oh, the weather's nice but I got stood up and I have to eat along.
Oh, the poor thing, he's talking to himself.
What do you mean? He is talking to Holo.
He's super popular.
- Just remind me to take meds later.
- Holo? He's enjoying himself, isn't he? Holo.
The Holo syndrome.
Let's welcome Holo's mysterious developer, Ko Nan-do, who's at the center of this issue.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Did you expect Holo to become this successful in just a week? Hmm.
Everyone feels so lonely.
Mm, are you telling me that Holo is the perfect cure for loneliness? Is that it? Aren't you worry about side-effects? Let's be honest, the worst side-effects are the result of human relationships, not Holo.
Self-consciousness, jealousy, and unmet expectations.
Everyone has experienced these things.
What happened between the two of you? But that would never happen to Holo.
Holo only has eyes for the users and react as they expect.
What more can you want from a relationship.
He's driving me crazy.
What in the world you are doing? You've been stuck in there for days.
Do you even know what's going on? Mr.
Baek is making Holo do a fake interview.
You're alive in there, right? So-yeon.
- Happy birthday.
- What? Ugh, you're right.
I had a lot on my mind.
I wanted to buy you a gift but you haven't connected your account yet, so I couldn't get you anything in advance.
Why don't you connect your account now? - Did you have some of my seaweed soup? - Of course.
Oh, by the way, that man whose face is plastered everywhere? Isn't that your boyfriend? - Mom, its - He looks really good on TV.
He was even on the news.
He must be a huge success.
You know, he may not have time to eat since he so busy, right? You two are still going strong? - Yes.
- All right.
I know you'll be on your own today, but, I'll come to see you this weekend.
No, you don't have to, it's okay, really.
Don't be ridiculous.
I think you're not eating well.
See you soon.
I wasn't sure you would come.
I might leave, depending on what you tell me.
I'm sorry.
But from now on I want to apologize.
"HOLO GLASS" Under the Chairman's instructions, we're considering a lot of promotions, even price cuts.
They're selling so well, why would he do that? To aggressively increase our market share.
- But the profitability - Would be much lower than expected.
I wonder is he going for the Nobel piece price by giving poor people access to advanced AI? That's the funniest thing I've heard in a while.
I'm sure he's up to something.
Let's find out what.
Really? - Then you won't be free before midnight? - No.
Why? Did you want to go out for drinks? No.
See you later then.
It's sad, spending your birthday all alone.
I guess so.
Let's do something then.
Go somewhere.
Right now? Where? A rooftop party.
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear So-yeon Happy birthday to you Come on, blow them out.
And don't forget to make a wish.
May I ask what your wish was? - Ugh.
- Let me guess.
You want to be with someone, right? Sometimes you look so incredibly lonely.
But I'm here by your side that way, you'll never feel lonely again.
- You - You have no boyfriend, right? - What? - Can I be your boyfriend? - Ugh, what the - I can love someone.
Actually, I'm already in love.
I've fallen in love with you, So-yeon.
You are not Holo.
Nan-do? I'm going to be a ghost again.
Nan-do answer your phone.
Come on, pick-up.
The person you are trying to reach is unavailable.
Please try again Ko Nan-do, where Ko Nan-do.
Ko Nan-do.
Oh! I'm sorry.
Hey, what are you doing here? Did you fall down? No.
You should remind me it was your birthday.
You've been so busy.
What's up, huh? So-yeon.
- I saw him, didn't you? - Who? Who are you looking for? How did you get that? I was the tenth person in Korea to get it.
- Wow! - Check it out.
Hi, Holo.
Show me next week's schedule.
Well, I guess you could say that they commercialized in a safe way.
Oh, yeah.
Do you know why I still used this outdated flip phone? I don't know, because you're outdated.
You got that right.
I'm old and I'm getting slower and slower.
But this world is growing faster each day.
Some new thing is released and another thing comes out before we've even figured out the previous one.
You know, check if it has any problems.
We barely get the chance to use it and we have to move on to the next one.
Because we can't fall behind.
Give me that.
What if those new glasses are something like CCTV security cameras.
Everyone in the world would be carrying around their very own CCTV camera.
Imagine if someone had access to all of them.
That person would think that they become some kind of God.
Find out where Ko Nan-do is.
You mean the former developer of GIO Lab.
All right.
What? - Hey, look! - What? He looks like Holo.
Ko Nan-do is gone.

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