My Holo Love (2020) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

1 [kid giggling.]
[theme music.]
[reporter 1.]
AR Holographic glasses, infused with cutting-edge A.
technology better known as HoloGlass, was released last month by Magic Mirror.
Sales have skyrocketed since its release.
Spotting Hologlass users is easier that ever as it Hey, Holo, what time's my meeting? [woman 1.]
Hi, Holo.
This would look great on you.
Go ahead, try it on.
Much better.
See? I told you.
Yeah, that looks good.
Hey, can you zoom in a little? Holo.
Show me the forecast.
This Holo-crap is such a pain in my ass.
The optical business is in shambles, boss wants us to pitch some ideas for a marketing campaign Seriously, take those off while on the job.
I'm sure you're capable without them.
- [staff 1.]
All right.
- [staff 2.]
Got it,.
Holo, what's next on my schedule? [So-yeon.]
Is something wrong? I think those two broke up.
Holo's so much better than any boyfriend.
So much less bickering.
Anyway, why aren't you rearing yours? Just 'cause.
Would you like a sponge bath? Yoo-ram.
Wow, you're a player, aren't you? Yoo-ram.
- Oh, you're home.
- [So-yeon.]
Were you just on the phone? Yeah.
It's not like you to be home at this hour.
What's the point of going out? It's all about spending money and drinking too much.
This weekend, all I'm planning to do is lounge around and do nothing.
Don't you have work? [Yoo-ram.]
I got in trouble and suspended.
But, it's actually for the best.
I wanted to take some time off and figure out where I'm at anyway.
Yoo-ram, what's this? [giggles.]
I got some too, since everyone's been talking about them.
It's not bad.
I made him look like the most ideal guy.
I'm telling you, So-yeon.
Put all the muscles by buying some new features.
Here, give it a try.
Wait, is this why you got reprimanded? You were wearing these on a flight? [sighs.]
What were you thinking? Get a hold of yourself.
Why? You wear them to work too, so why can't I? - Yoo-ram, listen - Give me those.
On a lonely day On a day we long for our friends We make one that is cute And fascinating That nobody else knows about [chuckles.]
Not bad, huh? - [man1.]
I told you I could dance.
- My friend What, like this? [laughs.]
God, I miss him.
Millions are currently logged-on to the Holo server.
Shouldn't we have located him by now? Since he's the one who created Holo, I have a feeling he would easily know how to stay under the radar.
Ko Nan-do is a liability.
He must be eliminated as soon as possible.
The meeting with the intelligence agency is coming up and I don't wanna have to worry about him when I'm on the verge of landing the biggest deal of my life.
Yes, sir.
Hello, Miss Ko.
Is there a reason we have to meet with that man, Chan-sung? Because he's worth trusting.
Regardless, he's the one who chose this place.
What? Why this place? Because no one's wearing HoloGlass here.
My father is monitoring people through Holo as we speak.
He's gathering all their information.
So, that's it then? That's why he wanted Holo all to himself.
Have you located Mr.
Ko? No, not yet.
My father is frantically looking for him.
That's why I'm thinking of meting with Detective Nam Gi-ho of the IT division.
Didn't he close the investigation on you father's orders? Detective Nam wanted to continue.
His bosses forced him to close it.
The meeting with the intelligence agency is coming up and I don't wanna have to worry about him.
when I'm on the verge of landing the biggest deal of my life.
[tense music.]
It's pretty obvious why he's meeting with an intelligence agency covertly.
A secret coding is in Holo and Chairman Baek wants to sell it to the government to monitor the public.
I understand all of that.
But why did you decide to bring it to me? What? - How can you say that after - I'm sorry but I don't trust either of you.
Besides, this recording is your only evidence right now.
Then, we'll get you more evidence.
And we'll talk to you when you do.
However, that could change if Chairman Baek finds Ko Nan-do before we can and does something crazy.
Wait, what are you talking about? I'm guessing that this was a mistake.
Let's go.
This seems to be going just as you predicted.
What's that you're chewing on? Nicotine gum.
Since you won't let me smoke.
Are you really gonna stand by on the sidelines? That's not what cops are paid to do, I'm afraid.
This investigation needs to stay off the books.
Or else, I can't protect you, Ji-na.
Well, anyway, it's not like I joined the force so you could waste time protecting me.
So, tell me.
How did those two end up on the same side anyway? - Well, wasn't it obvious? - No, not really.
I'm serious.
You really need to get out more.
I'm out.
See? 'm here with you, right? [scoffs.]
[somber music.]
"But nothing "People yeah.
"To see allows you to see.
" "Allows you to see the one you wish to see.
" [So-yeon.]
Work already.
I'm sorry.
We're still friends forever.
[phone vibrates.]
Please, tell me you didn't toss the glasses.
Ko Nan-do? The world will go crazy soon.
When that time comes, Holo will return, promise.
What do you mean? Where the hell are you? I'm sorry.
[phone hangs up.]
[tense music.]
[keypad beeping.]
[phone ringing.]
[door closes.]
[keyboard clacking.]
Low battery.
Please recharge in the sun.
[tense music.]
What do you think? It reads faces automatically and monitors and records all personal data.
All their information at your fingertips and monitors all records.
What? [Holo.]
Thank you for being a Holo user.
For any questions, contact Chairman Baek at Magic Mirror.
He will answer each inquiry honestly.
What's happening? His phone number is 032-555-227-9660.
[keyboard clacking.]
What What's going on? [tense music.]
Oh? [chuckling.]
Look! [laughing hysterically.]
What the hell's going on? Holo's been erased.
We've been hacked! Fix it! [heavy breathing.]
[keyboards clacking.]
Did you hear? [sighs.]
Nan-do, what a re you trying to do now? [clacking.]
[tense music.]
Oh, what the hell? [man 2.]
Where'd you go? Holo? Holo? What's wrong with it? Did your go offline too? - [woman 3.]
Mine's not working either.
- [woman 4.]
[keyboard clacking.]
It's been a while.
Nan-do, listen to me.
Doing this will make you a criminal.
Already am one.
[keyboard clacking.]
[people clamoring.]
[woman 5.]
What's happening? [overlapping chatter.]
[tense music.]
Why are you doing this? I did what needed to be done.
The new server isn't nearly as good.
But it will have to be enough to accommodate So-yeon's glasses.
- Careful not to be traced back to - What are you going to do? I'm going to disappear.
And So-yeon? - Don't say anything about - You know it's impossible for me to lie.
You won't really have to.
It'll be all over the media.
That'a all she needs to know.
So, I'll never see you again? [sighs.]
I don't know.
Wont you be lonely though? I'll be fine.
Just look after So-yeon.
Protect her no matter what.
I'm asking you this as a friend.
Nan-do! [sighs.]
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
Breaking news.
Holo, the AR program with AI Better known as HoloGlass turned heads No one saw it coming.
Ko Nan-do is now the prime suspect in the investigation.
The police have put out an all-points bulletin [Gi ho.]
Did you collude with the suspect prior to the incident? Where is Ko Nan-do? If you don't cooperate, I'll have to add aiding and abetting to your charges.
Got it? [tense music.]
[exhales sharply.]
Why? Why wont she answer? Seems to me, she doesn't want to.
What? Excuse me, what are you doing? Oh, right.
Can't smoke here.
I've been working so much.
So sorry, I completely forgot.
[detective 1.]
Sure you did.
You need to tell me everything.
If I'd known this would happen, I wouldn't have come to you with this.
Was Ko Nan-do aware of Chairman Baek's plan? Tell me, what's his motive then? I'm not sure.
I have a hunch about it though but there's no way for me to prove it.
Please, do me a favor if you do hear from him.
I'll be the one making the arrest, so he better not get himself caught by Chairman Baek.
[tense music.]
[HoloGlass whirs.]
- [crackling.]
- [Holo.]
Are you all right? Don't worry about me.
Nan-do did something terrible.
I know that.
Do you have any idea where he is? He's going to disappear.
He told me to protect you, instead of going looking for him.
I'll find him then.
You just stay here and keep you promise.
[phone vibrates.]
[approaching footsteps.]
- You heard about - Yes.
Has he contacted you? So-yeon.
The glasses I haven't worn them in a while.
Oh, okay.
You'll reach out to me, if Nan-do calls? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
I wish I could be of more help.
Yeah, I know.
We should get going.
[somber music.]
[engine starts.]
Vice president Baek just met with Han So-yeon and Ko Yoo-jin.
Looks like none of them are aware of anything about Ko Nan-do's actual whereabouts.
Keep following them.
And keep an eye on Chan-sung too! [Mr.
Yes, sir.
Holo is back.
Nan-do said he was going to disappear.
We're being watched so I'll explain later.
[tense music.]
We're being followed.
Holo must have guessed what was going on and warned So-yeon.
Nan-do must have brought back the original Holo for her.
So then, does that mean she knows where Nan-do is? She'd tell us if she knew.
My father still can't seem to find him and he has eyes everywhere.
Nan-do left Holo with her.
So, I'm sure we can trust her.
Do you have any idea where Nan-do could be? Telling you could put you in danger.
That's not the issue.
Where did you last see him? It's not wise for us to make a move before we get rid of the people tailing you.
[door opens.]
So-yeon! So-yeon! [pants.]
Have you seen the news? [TV turns on.]
[reporter 3.]
Ko Nan-do, the creator of HoloGlass, hs now become the prime suspect in this investigation.
An APB has been put out by the police.
[tense music.]
Han So-yeon left her house.
Yeah, she's wearing them.
- [Nam-gyu.]
Follow her.
- [Mr.
Yes, sir.
[driver 1.]
Hello, ma'am.
Where to? I'm just looking for some fresh air.
How far can you take me? [Holo.]
Go down the alley there.
Why didn't Nan-do ever tell me about this place? [Holo.]
He probably didn't wanna burden anyone.
Just like it was 12 years ago, when I hacked into their servers.
A hacker? You? We were in New Zealand and I hacked into the government's network.
Why? Now that I think about it It was to find out what happened to Nan-do's mother.
She was my creator after all.
I needed to know if she really had abandoned us.
And so, what happened then? Interpol got involved.
And Nan-do took the blame for me.
Then, he used some of my footage to fake his death.
You know he did it to save his one and only friend.
Ever since then, Nan-do's been living his life as a ghost.
And that's what he's trying to do again to protect us.
Nan-do's always believed that it's easiest to just sacrifice himself.
Well, let's go find him then.
[computer beeping.]
[tranquil music.]
Has he really been staying here? Where could he have gone? I looked into all nearby security cameras but i couldn't find him.
How could he not have been caught on camera when they're everywhere now? It's not really that.
Even if he had been caught, I couldn't find him.
He knows all the loopholes too well.
Think you could still show it to me? The footage? [warbling, beeping.]
Here's Nan-do, leaving this location.
And this was the last time he was caught on camera.
After that, I've already checked all the cameras he could've passed.
I've got nothing.
He must've changed clothing and covered his face.
I've had to deal with face-blindness my whole life, remember? Piece of cake.
[tense music.]
Follow him.
That man.
He has a similar height and build.
that might not be enough Listen.
I'm sure that that's him.
How can you be sure? Just know I'm right.
My mom always said that she'd be able to recognize me from every angle.
There he is.
[heavy breathing.]
[engine revs.]
Find anything yet? No, but I wasn't expecting much.
Keep an eye out for any unusual activity.
Should we really just sit here and wait? - What if we're wrong about this? - His face is plastered all over Korea.
He won't risk staying for too long, I'm sure of it.
I'm betting he'll show up at the airport soon.
No way he can leave the country though.
Then again, falsifying information would be a walk in the park for him.
The way to catch this guy isn't through data, but by observing him with good old-fashioned legwork.
seems that my trip here wasn't in vain after all.
Chairman Baek sent me here to assist you with your investigation.
The commissioner didn't mention it.
We can give him a call right now.
No need.
But don't get in my way.
- Detective Nam.
- [Gi-ho.]
Where are the reinforcements? - They're waiting for you outside.
- [Gi-ho.]
All right, come with me.
[background chatter.]
[tense music.]
[tense music continues.]
[man 3.]
Hey, what are you doing? I'm here to inspect this malfunctioning security keypad.
[man 3.]
Step aside.
What's wrong with it? It needs an update.
I'll inform the head office.
[Man 3.]
Hold on.
- [sighs.]
- Have I Have I seen you before? Wait, are you I'll be right back.
Hold on Police! [man 3.]
That man seems suspicious.
Over there.
[officer 1.]
Excuse me, sir.
Hey, stop! [tense music.]
[officer 2.]
Get him! [officer 3.]
That way! The suspect has been spotted.
He's headed to departures.
Head for departures.
Surround him.
Don't let him get away.
[officer 4.]
Get him! [panting.]
He's over there! Sstop him! Stop, Ko Nan-do! [Nan-do panting.]
Ko Nan-do, it's over, yeah? [heavy breathing.]
[tense music.]
Shit! [grunts.]
Careful! Stop! [detective 2.]
Suspect is headed to the basement parking lot.
[horns honking.]
[tires screech.]
What's taking so long? Go fucking crazy if you have to! - [officer 4.]
Over there! - [officer 5.]
Go around! Cut him off! Faster! - [panting.]
- [distant footsteps.]
Fuck! [panting.]
[officer 6.]
Keep looking.
He has to be here.
Go check the back.
So-yeon? - What are you doing here? - [shushes.]
Clear! [pants.]
He must be hiding somewhere.
You fucking find him right now, dammit! [Mr.
Go through all the security footage.
Over there.
Head to Area B.
Run! Area B.
You need to get there first.
- Area B! - [officer 6.]
He's in Area B! [Gi-ho.]
Move! Now He definitely came this way.
He's gone.
He's gone that way.
I don't see him.
Where the hell did he go? [pants.]
Well done, Holo.
That was quite a sprint there, huh? Digitally speaking, of course.
Comfy back there? So-yeon, you're putting yourself in danger [shushes.]
Stay under the blanket for now, all right? I'll let you know when it's safe to come out.
Don't move around too much.
It was Holo.
Are you saying that a hologram helped Nan-do escape by imitating him? Mm-hm.
How? They pulled it off once before.
Why would it be impossible now? [radio chatter.]
Didn't Ko Nan-do delete all versions of Holo?? [Nam-gyu.]
Yes, he did.
But then, he restored the very first.
The original version of Holo.
Could he have known about our plan? He lets emotion dictates how he acts and thinks.
Just like his mother.
I want him found.
He doesn't deserve to own an AI.
Not Holo.
[reporter 4.]
Ko Nan-do, the creator of, and prime suspect of the cyber attack that disabled Holo was found trying to flee the country but managed to escape the police.
He was reportedly helped by an accomplice that the police is in search of in full force.
[radio shuts off.]
[clears throat.]
That's me, right? Accomplice? You really shouldn't have done that.
Hey! If it weren't for me and Holo, you'd be in jail by now.
Hey, Holo.
This is why I told you not to come looking for me.
Don't be mad at him.
[radio static.]
Holo Please don't argue.
You should've stopped her from going through with this crazy plan.
A crazy plan, really? [Holo.]
So-yeon, Nan-do didn't think you'd ever go to to such lengths for him.
I don't think that's it.
So-yeon knows how you feel but she's still upset that you didn't trust her.
So what does this make you? Our therapist? Holo Therapist? [chuckles.]
- [So-yeon.]
He's our therapist? Come on! - [sighs.]
So what do we know about the main suspect, Ko Nan-do? We know that when he was about seven, his mother committed suicide and he was adopted by a Korean family that lived abroad.
From early on he showed great promise in coding.
He went on to establish Geolabs under his sister's name.
Where are we? Somewhere we ca get a little food.
- [bell jingles.]
- Hey, Ma.
[So-yeon's Mom.]
it's been so long.
I'm glad you're here.
Let's go inside, huh? [both munching.]
You used to eat so much, honey.
Why aren't you eating today? Oh, is it not seasoned enough for you?? It's fine.
Everything's erfect.
I knew I recognized you from somewhere.
I mean, who would have known that such a good man was living right next door? [chuckles.]
You've always been the best with faces, mom.
One day, you just disappeared.
I figured there might have been a good reason why.
It must have been so difficult on your own.
I'm so sorry.
I put So-yeon in danger.
No need to apologize.
Not to worry.
I might not know exactly what is going on, but experience has taught me how to judge good character.
You're not one to just do anything without reason.
I'm sure the truth will come out in the end.
I'll get some water.
Please eat up.
We shouldn't stay here for too long.
I know.
We'll head back to your hideout and figure out some options.
Have some more.
You know you want to.
I'll go help my mom.
[somber music.]
[door opens.]
Nan-do! [pants.]
Where do you think you're going without me exactly? I just need to go.
Listen to me carefully.
You pitied your childhood friend, but you still helped him.
Then he took you as a hostage instead.
Got it? That's what you say if the police question you.
So Nan-do is [So-yeon.]
a cold-blooded jerk who takes his friends hostage? He's just a selfish, dangerous prick? That sound about right? Yeah.
- I won't - [Nan-do.]
Trust me.
This is the only way.
I alone hacked into the server and deleted all the Holos.
Unless they don't know who created the original [So-yeon.]
Why are you trying so hard to sacrifice yourself? Once you're seen as a criminal and a psychopath who kidnaps his friends, what about the people who care about you? Do you really still believe that you're all alone in this? What about Yoo-jin? Holo? [whimpering.]
And us? This is the only way that I can keep you safe.
If you truly care about me Don't do this.
Stay with me.
[dramatic music.]
[dramatic music continues.]
[Yoo-jin sighs.]
I'm still glad he wasn't caught.
So-yeon's just great, isn't she? You all right? How can i not be, when Nan-do got away? It's just that Yoo-jin Can we just not right now? I really need to be alone.
What if I don't want you to be? [Yoo-jin sobs.]
Yes, Mom.
we're here together.
All right.
Don't worry too much.
I'll call you tomorrow.
I need to look into something.
Would you mind leaving the glasses? [So-yeon.]
There? Mm-hm.
Thank you so much.
I should be thanking you always.
Where's Holo? Oh, he wanted to connect to the server.
You should get some rest.
I swear it's more comfortable than it looks.
- Just let me know if you - And you? I'll be downstairs or in the car.
Won't that be uncomfortable? You should just sleep here.
Uh [tranquil music.]
For the first time in my life I realized how happy I could feel being close to someone and taking care of them.
I'm awake.
Don't worry.
You want some coffee? Thanks, I'm fine.
Just go home, get some rest.
You really think Nan-do will contact us? He doesn't really have much choice.
If the original Holo still exists and he gave it to Han So-yeon, he'll do anything to protect them.
Didn't peg him as the selfless type.
He's the honest type.
I'd swear to it.
Alone, that'd be another story.
Now that Han So-yeon is in the game too he will call.
detective Nam? [Gi-ho.]
Ko nan-do? [Nan-do.]
I wanna meet.
[engine shuts off.]
[exhales deeply.]
[phone vibrates.]
Yes, I'm here.
Will you be all right by yourself? Let me know of any police activity.
And make sure to not answer any calls unless they're from me.
[tense music.]
Hello, Detective Nam.
This is the first time we've met like this, right? [chuckles.]
It was you who called? The other two don't know.
They're still fast asleep.
So, you made this decision all by yourself? - Yes.
- Why would you trust me? I could arrest the both of them.
What can I say? I just had a feeling that you might not.
That might depend on why you called me here.
I want you to give me to Chairman Baek.
Leave the rest to me.
You would sacrifice yourself to save those two? I'm the one he wants.
Promise me that you'll make sure to keep those two safe.
I'm asking you, since i know I can't trust Chairman Baek.
I can't promise that.
Why not? The Chairman's been monitoring people illegally with HoloGlass.
The project was luckily brought to a halt, thanks to Nan-do's cyber attack.
He'll definitely start it up again if he has you in his grasp.
[tense music.]
Calm down.
Glasses, now.
Nan-do! What? Stay right there! [sirens wailing.]
Shit! I swear i didn't call them.
But they found out somehow.
Chairman Baek's goons are probably here too.
It's up to you to believe me or not, but this is your only chance for you to get out of here.
[sirens wailing.]
Why would you let me go? I suggest you ask Holo for the details.
Only you and Holo can stop the Chairman now.
I'll follow you out and buy you some time, all right? So don't get caught.
[dramatic music.]
[tires screech.]
Hey, over there! - [detective 4.]
There they are! - [Mr.
Get 'em! [detective 5.]
This is unit three.
We are in pursuit of the suspect, Ko Nan-do.
Nan-do, Holo says this way.
[dramatic music.]
[dramatic music continues.]
Look over there! We got them! [Gi-ho pants.]
You guys, go and look over there.
- Yes, sir.
- See if you can find them.
[tense music.]
You all right? Oh, yeah, I'm fine.
Let's just go.
- [groans.]
- [screams.]
- [groaning.]
- So-yeon, what's wrong? My head.
it hurts so much.
Nan-do [jingles.]
Nan-do [detective 7.]
I think they went that way.
Can you walk? [panting.]
You should just go.
We say together.
No, please just go and promise you won't get caught.
Damn it.
Don't worry.
I'll make sure Miss Han stays safe.
You need to go.
I'll come back for you soon.
[detective 8.]
Look, over there! We got them1 Are you all right? [pants.]
- Surround them! - Where? Over here! [approaching footsteps.]
[all panting.]
Where's Ko Nan-do? He got away and he left his hostage behind.
He couldn't have gotten far.
I'll be taking the hostage in for questioning.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
Yes, i have miss Han.
- [thumps.]
- [groans.]
[So-yeon yells.]
What are you doing? Let go of me.
Get her.
Let go! [Mr.
The Chairman is on his way.
[tense music.]
[car door closes.]
I never thought I'd ever return to this place.
You listen.
You never saw my face here today.
[rapid breathing.]
[closing theme music.]

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