My Holo Love (2020) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

- Hey! - Look! Bam! Bam! I'm going on a picnic at the park with my mom tomorrow.
Wanna come? At noon, you should meet me at the park pavilion.
I'm so glad you thought highly of my work, professor.
But, Hello was only created to keep my son company.
sorry, are you threatening me? my mom seems to be in a bad mood.
It's not because of you.
Professor, I only started to work on this project after I left your lab.
You don't have the right to tell me to stop working on it.
Hello, can you ask my mom if we can go to a picnic tomorrow? You ask her.
Your mom will love the idea.
Please don't ever call me again.
I see you're already home.
did you have fun with So-yeon? Guess i lost track of time.
i'll get dinner ready.
Mom Nan-do, did you just call me? Tomorrow What about tomorrow? Please Can we picnic? Yes, of course.
Let's go on a picnic.
Hurry! Dad, can you hurry up? We're supposed to meet them at noon! Come on! Oh, you go ahead, So-yeon.
- So-yeon, go ahead.
- Okay.
I'm so happy that you asked me on this picnic.
Hold on.
Nan-do, would you like some cotton candy too? Thank you.
Nan-do, i'll be right back so wait for me here, all right? I said i'll be right back.
Wait for me here, okay? You know `very well the kind of people I work with.
Locating a single mother and her child.
It was a piece of cake.
I made myself clear yesterday on the phone.
Must you be this way? This project is special.
It's a matter of national importance.
And then, to be truthful We haven't had too much progress ever since your departure.
I didn't leave.
you kicked me out.
Either way, this isn't my problem anymore.
sell me the AI engine.
Name your price.
It my only be a toy at this point, but it can become something so much greater than you think.
Combining it with our research No, thank you.
I'm not interested in money.
Why not? You need the money don't you? You're a single mother raising a retarded child.
Don't talk about my son like that.
I'm leaving.
Don't you dare! I guess you don't care.
It could get ugly for that precious son of yours.
Hmm? Don't you dare touch my son! Your papers? Your research? I'll tell everyone that I'm the one that wrote all of them.
Nan-do Nan-do? You didn't see this happen what i look like and what happened here.
You will never remember this.
, Mom? If you somehow recognize me someday you will die just like her, oaky? Your mom and dad will both die because of you.
Mom? Mom? - So-yeon? - So-yeon! - So-yeon? - So-yeon! - Have you seen a little girl? - I'm so sorry.
- So-yeon? - So-yeon! Mom? Mom? So-yeon? So-yeon! My baby.
honey So-yeon So-yeon, please look at us.
Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss Han.
We haven't met.
Don't forget.
Holo, who is that? It's miss Ko.
Baek! It's all right.
Get in.
Here, boss.
Where's So-yeon? Just go.
Th person you're trying to reach is Damn it! You sure know how to pick hideouts.
So-yeon and Detective Nam are't picking up.
He said that he would look after So-yeon.
Who's looking after who? I'd like to know.
I haven't heard from him in hours.
I saked the department for help but Chairman Baek must have already gotten to them.
this phone doesn't have any GPS or tracking software but his phone was active around the park right before he went dark.
I don't get it.
Isn't Holo able to find them? It wont be easy.
There are practically no public security cameras in the area.
It's not impossible.
If we break some laws, we can.
Imagine I did this.
I have to accept your help but I don't wanna owe you.
Did you find them? - We have their location - Let's go.
Nan-do Be careful.
Holo The tire tracks are fresh.
It's a nine-passenger van.
It looks like he was dragged to another car.
But that car's still here.
Nan-do, over there.
No! Stop! Dammit! Calm down! There's someone inside! What the hell is going on? I said, there's someone in there.
He's been badly beaten up, but he's still alive.
Hard to think he could do this.
Chairman Baek wanted em to be here and see Detective Nam's death.
It's his way of telling me he'll kill So-yeon if we don't give him Holo.
You're starting to tread on dangerous territory, Chairman Baek.
You should've kept you detective on a tighter leash.
What? I'm just worried, that's all.
If the world found out about this, who do you think it would actually hurt more huh? Don't mind any of it.
Holo will be back in our hands before you know it.
how is Han So-yeon? She was quite scared.
That's no way to treat one of ourguests.
You should bring her here.
Don't touch me.
The cahirman would like to see you immediately.
Can I have coffee and some milk if you don't mind? I'll get it for you.
Perhaps you could make it a flat-white or maybe I should do it.
Chairman Baek is waiting for you.
You can take it with you.
Get her! - What? Hey, my phone! - I'm sorry.
Stop her! The key.
Miss Ko, it's So-yeon.
You all right? - Nan-do and Holo - I found out who killed Nan-do's mother.
What do you mean? I saw him myself.
I'm sure it's him.
Chairman Baek.
Magic Mirror's security network can be broken into.
You don't need my permission.
I believe you can make your own rules.
What do you think? I'm a part of this.
Thinking once this has ended You should let your sister live her own life.
Can I ask what makes you so special? I suppose it doesn't really have anything to do with me.
ButI think I get it.
We were ordered to restrict you from entering.
I'm sorry, Vice president Baek.
I'm still the vice president, yet, I'm not allowed? My apologies.
Excuse me.
Sir, wait! Stop! Miss Han I found out something.
I've been told you suffer from face-blindness.
It must be very hard for you.
do you recognize me? I don't.
Let's make sure to keep it that way.
Ko Nan-do has entered the building.
Get him.
Stop it! - How is he so fast? - What? After him! Go to the annex building elevator.
Sir Open it! c Do we have the security cameras? - Where's So-yeon? - The server room.
It's Chairman Baek.
Let's go.
Yeah? Chan sung So-yeon just called.
You punk! Holo! Got him.
We have some unfinished business.
Hit the lights.
So where is So-yeon? Nan-do, something's not right.
Wre's So-yeon? You're not the only one with cheap tricks.
What is it? Didn't you think that our security system was too easy to get into? I already predicted that you used Holo to hack my servers - What the - Sit down! And so I was able to bring Hoo out of that dump you call an office.
Holo, open the server room door.
Yes, sir.
Holo Obviously, these are useless now.
But keep them as a souvenir.
So-yeon gasps.]
Nan-do! You're all right? I'm okay.
how about you? I'm sorry for not being here.
It's all right.
But there's something yo need to know.
So-yeon was a witness to the musrder of Nan-do's mother.
Is that when you started suffering from face-blindness? Yes.
Are we running the surveilance? Yes.
Once the backup stabilizes the servers, we'll be online.
Very good.
Tell the engineering team to step it up.
We'll put together a press release.
Tell me Did you kill her? I can't believe it.
It was an accident, right? Please tell me you had no choice.
I did not have a choice.
She had the program.
Are you about to kill those two now? You need to kill me as well if you do.
Do you belive that I wouldn't?? Come on, dammit! This must stop.
You achieved everything you've ever wanted!! If you hadn't performed so incompetently, then things would never have gotten to this stage.
I know I can still be youseful to you.
Let them go.
I will never disobey you again.
I'll do everything you ask and if a problem ever arises, I'll take the fall.
So please please! This is the only thing I've ever ask of you as your incompetent son.
You cannot keep taking us down this path.
Get up.
The moment you leave this room, Everything that's happened so far will be forgotten.
I've been put in charge of legal.
Therefore, you must give up Holo.
What are you doing? There's no choice.
You'll tell Yoo-jin I'm grateful for everything.
The only son I have is too much like his mother.
He's unnecessarily sentimental.
It seems you may have a grudge against me.
Please tell me.
It doesn't feel right to make you go home.
I'm guessing you have nothing to say.
Well in that case, before i change my mind, I suggest you get out.
Follw me please.
What's goin on? Unfortunately, I've decided otherwise.
You better shut up, if you at least wanna save Ko Yoo-jin.
Holo, drop them.
Holo, What the hell? Drop them, I said.
Nan-do's mother created me for her beloved son.
She programed me to protect Nan-do and the people in his life who he cares about.
, At first I didn't know such a program was even possible.
I'm pretty certain that trash like you would never understand it.
How dare you do this to your father.
I'll beat you! This is where our relationship as father and son ends.
Are you going to beat an old crippled man with a cane? So much for that high and mighty attitude.
Fuck! Why'd you kill her? What did my mother ever do to you? My memory's not so great.
Especially about something - that happened over 20 years ago.
- Nan-do! because of you my whole life's been spent resenting her.
Amd what about So-yeon? She's had to live in fear with terrible face-blindness.
You are gonna pay.
Will i now? Holo hacked into the system for evidence and came up ampty.
Why? Any evidence that would raise suspicions was ereased forever that day.
I was there.
I saw it all.
Hmm Possibly, yes.
Might be difficult to prove in court.
Will you be even able to recognize me sitting alongside of the faces? Police are on their way.
And I've already secured his program codes as evidence.
That would be enough to punish him correctly How are you so certain I did all this by myself? Others who are responsible, invested millions and are powerful people who will defend me, to save their necks.
Bastard! She's not the only person who witnessed your crime.
What? - What? - Who is this? Isn't this chairman Baek? Might be difficult to prove in court.
Will you be even able to recognize me sitting alongside of the faces? Others who are responsible, invested millions and are powerful people who will defend me, to save their necks.
The entire nation just saw you make your confession.
It's a lie.
This is all a big lie! This is a setup! It's a lie! This is a setup, I tell you.
This is a setup! Chairman Baek of Magic Mirror was arrested immediately after his confession was broadcast on live TV.
In an incident that shocked the entire nation.
In addition to the charges of murder, the poice say they also have evidence linking the Chairman to the recent crime involving HoloGlass and will soon be inestigating them all.
While a debate has begun over whether a hack performed by artificial intelligence can be categorized as a crime.
The world will soon know The nationwide hacking was performed by an AI.
acting on its own.
Some will fear it, whil others will want the software for themselves.
In any case, I should not exist.
So, you only wanted to stop Chairman Baek from hurting us.
People will not believe that I'll keep acting with goodwill.
The rest of you can wait here.
I can't be sure of my own actions either.
If someone else like Chairman Baek ever tries to hurt you, Will I be able to save you both again? Nan-do once told me to make my own rules.
but I'm programed to protect the people I care about.
Even at the expense of my own existence.
That is the principle I have chosen to follow.
Holo Sorry.
We will always be friends.
are you watching this? This was your favorite beach.
It's over a year since you've left us all.
Many things have happened since that time.
Everyone of us needs other people in our lives.
Why do you think that is? I would assume because humans are imperfect.
That's why i was a firm beliver that artificial intelligence should be flawless.
Just last year, however many things happened due to this pair of glasses.
They were shocking to some.
And a comfort to others.
They were powerful to many.
And brought a lot of pain as well.
As a result, Holo chose to say goodbye.
However, the sincerity he left behind gave Geolab the strength it needed.
Allowing us to adopt a new plan.
And I'm sure you're all curious of the many things that Geolab has been up to.
all this time.
HelloGlass are glasses that will connect us all.
Allow me to introduce the latest creation bt Prism Optical, our amazing Miss Han So-yeon.
Miss Han, how've you been? I've been very busy with the HelloGlass launch.
Is that also why you're never available to go out on a date? Let's talk about that later.
How hard is it to catch a movie with me? Hey, come on.
It's possible through this high-res holographic image for Miss Han and I to see each other as if we're actually together.
With the concept suggested by Prism Optical, Geolabmodified its AI Technology to recreate a person's facial exressions placing them into a holographic image.
Miss Han, may we ask why you came up with the idea of Hello Glass? Um Just 'cause.
"Just 'cause?" Actually, it was more like a thought that occured to me.
we're all born alone which simply means, we're all together in this earth for one another.
Cheers! Good job, So-yeon! I knew from the beginning that So-yeon would do great things.
at the flagship store launching party, she escorted the president and introduced him to all the guests even though she had face-blindness.
That's pretty difficult! So full of it, huh? Don't you remember how we used to talk badly about her for not greeting us properly and always skipping team dinners, and just being a total snob in general? Shush! she's the one who always talk badly about you.
- What? - We would always agree with her.
That's not true.
Yeah, okay.
Bottoms up, everyone! I had to hide my face-blindness from you guys And it's too bad, actually.
I'm often told that I look like a celebrity.
But you can't see it.
Oh Oh, please - Shut up! - Should i? So, tell us How's it going with the boyfriend? It's the same.
Sulks like a baby all the time and he's always complaining.
Oh, my god, it's him! Oh, you went from wanting to strangle him to shooting hearts out of your eyes.
Holy moly! Hello, everyone! Hi! My baby told me all about you guys.
I mean, So-yeon told me all about you.
Nice to meet you all.
Cheers! People tell me that my personality has changed.
They didn't know how silli i could be.
Maybe because I don't hide it like I used to So my true self must be coming out just like you said.
You should hop down now.
I know you sobered up.
Man, you're heavy.
Oh, come on.
You always carried me even when I refused.
Having someone in you life can be pretty heavy.
You wanna stop? Nah.
You are the perfect weight.
So, haw far have they gotten? From what I can tell, unfortunately, nothing special has happened.
What kind of couple takes relationships so slow these days? Who do youi think is to blame? Both I suppose.
Neither have had much experience when it comes to dating people.
Right here we are.
Please tell me why you come here unannounced, Mom? A couple should be out at this hour.
Explain why you're home.
I'm sorry.
Next time, i'll make sure to Mom? What is it? I don't like you drinking so much alcohol.
mom? Mom? What? I'm able to see you.
I see you too.
I mean It's a little blurry, but I'm able to see you.
You must be boozed up.
See? You can see me? Yes.
Really? Yeah.
- It's a miracle! - Mom! You really see me? She can see me.
My poor child.
Your pain is finally over.
Thank oyu.
You can really see my face? It had been a while since I saw my mother's face.
She had aged quite a bit.
I felt sad.
These days, my mom tears up every time she sees me.
Yoo-jin! So-yeon.
Wow, aren't you beautiful? - You look great too.
- Oh.
Look at you.
I never knew how pretty you were, Yoo-jin.
More than So-yeon? No one is ever prettier than the bride.
You've gotten cheesier.
You're here! What's this about? It's pretty obvious.
You should get outside more often and see more people.
I'm outside meeting all kinds of people right now.
Instead of criminals, you should meet pretty people like my Ji-na here.
- What? - Shall we? Let's go.
I promise to love you forever and ever and devote my life to you.
I promise with all of my heart to always be with you.
I miss you more so today than ever.
I'm sure Nan-do feels the same way.
What are you doing here? I haven't seen those in a while.
I just thought he might be listening.
Miss ko said you were working many hours into the night.
You never told me.
I was restoring Hoo.
He was secretlt uploaded to the dark web by Chairman Baek.
His files have been completely scattered.
Could there be a chance he'll come back? Around, 0.
0000001% I almost forgot.
They must be waiting for us for the picture.
Really? You should've told me sooner.
- You said that they're waiting for us.
- Let them.
- Let's stay like this for a while.
- Okay.
- Sorry.
- Hello.
- You're here.
- Where were you? - Come and take your places.
- Hurry.
- Are we good? Here we go.
- Sure.
Go ahead.
Smile! Hey, boss.
Your eyes were closed.
Oh, dear.
Let's try again.
Keep your eyes open.
Open up wide! Again.
Here we go! One more time.
Big smile! I think were good! Close your eyes? Not this time.
Not now.
i kept them open.
, i need to show you something.
Something not possible, i think What's going on? Are you messing with me? I swear.
Just take a look.
Subtitle translation by Hye-lim Park
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