My Lady Jane (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

The traitor Mary has fled.
Each of you will pledge me 10,000 men
to search the Kingdom.
-Long live Queen Mary!
[Dudley] An assassin!
We have a crisis.
No soldiers, no bueno.
[Jane] I have decided
to hold a tournament.
-[Norfolk] If I win
Division Law remains.
I accept the terms.
[thunder rumbles]
[Jane] Norfolk, you lost.
[Guildford] You asked me about
the first time I changed.
It happened the day
that my mother was murdered.
I'm so sorry.
There is no cure.
I trusted you.
-Guildford's quest is to forgive himself.
-[Jane] Forgive himself?
-For what?
-When he comes back,
you can ask him yourself.
I will change,
-and then I will die.
-And then you will be cured.
Your Majesty, none of this is your fault.
-What do you mean?
-Ethians killed his mother
right in front of him.
[Dudley] They've gone.
Norfolk and Scrope have absconded.
Mary has been sighted with 10,000 men.
If you don't escape now, you'll die.
You pushed things too far.
-Take them all.
-No. Leave me alone!
[Author] Jane Grey is thoroughly fucked.
[dramatic music playing]
You lose.
[church bell ringing]
[Gossip: "Swing Low"]
All rise for Her Majesty, Queen Mary.
Better make it good ♪
Better make it now ♪
Well, baby, we'll shake it hard,
nobody has to know ♪
Sweet baby, Mama's baby ♪
There's only one thing
that could make you my lady ♪
Swing low, down low ♪
Sweet chariot ♪
If you know what I mean ♪
I'll show you a thing ♪
Like you never seen ♪
Sweet baby ♪
Mama's baby ♪
There's only one thing
that could make you my lady ♪
Swing low ♪
Down low, sweet chariot ♪♪
Loving subjects.
What I am, as you right well know,
is your Queen,
the right and true inheritor to the crown
of this realm of England,
your Regina Gloriana.
[all] Gods save the Queen!
Pluck up your hearts,
stand fast against our enemies
and fear them not.
I assure you, I fear them nothing at all.
But first things first.
There are consequences for treachery.
[suspenseful music playing]
Starting with Jane Grey.
Her head shall be struck from her neck
-[crying softly]
-until she is dead,
dead, dead.
[Supertramp: "Dreamer"]
[Author] And thus,
our beleaguered heroine is sent home
under house arrest
to await her grisly fate.
Dreamer ♪
You know you are a dreamer ♪
Well, can you put your hands
in your head? Oh, no
[Author] Jane's head is spinning.
But at least, for now,
it's still attached.
Don't fret.
Remember Julian of Norwich's words.
"All shall be well and all shall be well
and all manner of things shall be well."
What the fuck does that even mean?
[woman whispers] I don't know.
[Author] The truth is,
Jane doesn't know, either.
Any word of my husband?
My sisters?
Even my mother?
[Author] And for the first time
in her life
Jane doesn't have a plan.
[thumping on door]
Stop your sniffling.
You've had a face like sour milk
since we left Kenninghall.
I I feel nothing but joy.
I'm willing to let bygones be bygones
because, well, I won.
And we're sisters.
But never forget, I am your Queen.
Or I won't just send you away again.
I'll have your head as well as Jane's.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Frances] All is not yet lost.
Mary is not evil.
She's just [exhales]
She never had any friends,
she was banished to Wales
after the divorce and she stinks.
-Maybe we should talk to Bess.
I've had custards with more spine.
Let me comfort you with a story.
My parents were married
without King Henry's approval,
and he went absolutely berserk.
Everyone said, "That's the chop for them."
But then, he pardoned them,
they became very rich and powerful
and they had moi.
That is just one of a thousand examples
of this kind of thing.
And do you know why?
Because there is always a way out
if you know how to play the game.
And luckily for us,
gamesmanship is my second-best skill.
What's your first-best skill, Mummy?
[upbeat music playing]
[Author] Look, it's our erstwhile King,
ready for his triumphant return.
At ease, my good men.
I must have an audience
with my sister Mary.
Your what?
Do you not recognize me?
It is I, your King. Edward.
[both laugh]
On your way.
Look here, I am the King.
He's dead.
Listen to me, you filthy guttersnipes,
Mary poisoned me, she stole my throne
and now she wants to kill my cousin.
I must stop her.
-Massive treason.
[door opens]
[suspenseful music playing]
-Go back. The gate.
Seymour! Seymour!
Don't-don't mind him. He's a bit touched.
Last week, he thought he was
the Holy Roman emperor.
Think. If he sees you, he'll kill you.
-They will kill Jane.
-[distant laughter]
Let's get a pint.
Trust me, you want this pint.
[suspenseful music playing]
[knocking on door]
-[Kitty] We must be quick.
Fanny's tits will only buy us
about 45 seconds. Here.
Tell me, is there news
of my mother and sisters?
They are in the Palace, and from
what we hear, they're forbidden to leave.
If I try to escape, she'll kill them.
And my husband Guildford?
No one's seen him.
What will happen to you, Lady Jane?
People are saying, you know
[imitates slit]
Don't fear.
As you can see, I still have my head.
And I intend to keep it.
No. No, no, no, no.
-[Frances] Your Majesty, I beg you.
She is your cousin.
And when I think of your beloved father
and my sweet mother, I mean,
watching us now from the heavens above,
tears in their eyes,
aghast at our fraying family bonds,
-I actually
-Wrap it up.
I mean, surely we can
work something out for their sakes.
My considerable fortune from
my daughter Katherine's recent widowhood
Jane will be executed.
And there's nothing you can do about it.
Oh, this will cheer you.
-I'm making your daughter Margaret
one of my ladies-in-waiting.
-[Frances] Why?
-It's her reward.
Reward for what?
[laughs] She doesn't know.
[Seymour] We thought the mighty
Frances Grey knew everything.
Your little Margaret told me about
Jane's plans to capture us.
Margaret did?
How else would we escape?
If not for Margaret, well,
I'd be in the Tower,
and Jane would still be on the Throne.
[energetic music playing]
Margaret, you little wretch!
You helped Mary escape.
What? No, she didn't.
Of course she didn't.
Yes, she did. Tell me everything.
It was an accident. I was angry.
I didn't mean
to tell him anything important.
Your excuses mean nothing now.
-Mother, stop it.
-Wake up, Katherine.
Look what she did to your poor husband.
Ever since her birth,
Margaret has been
a wild, ungodly, curdled child.
Get out of my sight.
[door opens]
-Leave me alone!
[Author] That's the funny thing
about children.
The way you talk to them
is the way they talk to themselves.
And the voice in your head
is the one you tend to believe.
[suspenseful music playing]
That's why Daddy always said,
"Never trust ugly women."
Isn't this diverting?
Norfolk, you've barely touched
your boiled ostrich.
A toast
to the death of Jane Grey.
Your Majesty. Uh
you cannot execute Jane Grey.
I can do whatever the fuck I like.
Norfolk, whose side are you on?
You could almost be accused
of being a flip-flopper.
But executing Jane without due process
will encourage chaos and rioting,
and the peasants will stop paying taxes.
It's a fucking nightmare.
Why would my people riot?
Well, perhaps because the English dislike
the notion
that their divinely appointed monarch
is a bloodthirsty tyrant
who executes her enemies willy-nilly.
In this civilized country,
we hold a trial.
It's a matter of decorum.
And some of Jane's notions about
the beasts are becoming rather popular.
She the public are so impressionable.
[Seymour] As much
as it pains me to say it,
he has a point.
Even, uh
what's-his-face, the-the musician.
-Smead. Smead. Even he had a trial.
Why should I listen
to any of you craven mongrels?
Just schedule the execution and shut up.
[Seymour] You remember when your daddy
found out that Bess's mother
was a beastie?
He nearly killed her himself.
Luckily, Cromwell said,
"No, no, no, no, no.
You can't just go around
slaying your wives,
unless you hold a public trial
and accuse her of all manner
of depravity."
[chuckles] Yeah.
Which, it was all lies, of course,
but nevertheless, it ruined her.
Anne Boleyn became a figure of ridicule.
Mm, it's so easy when it's a woman.
-[Seymour] Mm. Mm-hmm.
Yeah, I think you'd rather enjoy
doing the same to Jane.
A public trial.
[Bess] Not a trial.
Pardon Jane and send her away.
She and her cause
will be forgotten within a month.
If not, Norfolk is right.
Jane has supporters.
Then let those who support her
burn with their precious Ethians.
I will purge them all from this Earth.
It is you
who needs to be punished.
[people screaming]
[dramatic music playing]
Don't just stand there!
Kill it!
-After it.
[Mary] Kill it now!
-After it! Catch it, you morons!
You are no longer my sister.
If I didn't need the world
to see us loyal and united,
I'd kill you myself.
Lock her in her room!
[Guard] Come on this way.
[creatures chittering]
[Author] When one's son
is a secret Ethian horse,
one puts in place certain contingencies
like a safe house.
Not even one servant?
Do you know what a hideout is?
[pounding on door]
[whispers] Wait, wait, wait, wait.
-[pounding continues]
[whispers] It's Mary.
-[Guildford] What? It's me.
-Oh, it's Guildford.
Dear gods, we had you down for dead.
Well, cheers, Dad. Thanks for that.
We need to talk.
Absolutely not.
-Yeah, why?
What, certain death?
That is a good reason.
I will save Jane.
[laughs softly] Will you, Guildford?
And what, pray, is your plan?
What, a sort of daring,
swashbuckling escape?
You know, and then,
dash in, rapiers raised
for a plucky effort
against 10,000 soldiers
and the whole Kingsland Guard.
You live in a world of fantasy,
and I hate fantasy.
I will not leave Jane to die.
There is nothing we can do.
Jane will be beheaded for treason.
And if any of Mary's men see any of us,
we'll join her.
-Then I shall do it alone.
-Hey, now,
you-you will do no such thing.
[somber music playing]
My father was beheaded
in front of my eyes when I was six.
You won't share his fate.
You are the reason that Jane is in danger.
You schemed to put her on the throne.
You have an obligation to help.
My only obligation, as ever,
is to protect you.
Protect me?
You protect yourself, Dad. Be honest.
[Dudley] Guildford,
I think we both know
you don't want my honesty.
[door opens, closes]
[atmospheric music playing]
[Author] Jane is vexed.
She feels impotent and out of control,
which she really hates.
[lock clicking]
From your Queen.
Oh, lovely. A hideous dress.
For your trial tomorrow.
She's giving me a trial?
[lock clicks]
[exciting music playing]
[Author] Finally, a problem
Jane can endeavor to solve.
And if she can solve said problem,
then perhaps she can save herself.
I mean, probably not, but who knows?
[birds chirping]
[Honeyblood: "Ready for the Magic"]
[distant chatter]
Spitting static right back at it ♪
It don't matter
that you got me frantic
This is my first time
in a shithole tavern.
-I'll be gentle.
-So supreme, oh, it's electric
I've always wanted
to visit a place like this.
But, obviously, Kingly stuff.
Your Majesty.
Hello, mate.
Two pints.
Oh, Fitzy, as I live and breathe.
I thought the Zookeeper got you.
-Not yet.
Oi, ugh
Tim, you're drunk. Go home.
[belches] Yeah.
I said fuck off.
[crowd cheering]
This is an Ethian alehouse?
A drinking establishment for clientele
of the metamorphic persuasion.
But that's not allowed. They're banned.
You can't ban people.
No matter how hard you try.
Fitz, why are we here?
There's a chap who might be able
to sneak you into the Palace.
So, we'll see.
I'll drink to that.
Peasant beer is so much better
than royal beer.
-[laughs softly]
It is.
[chuckles] I've never met anyone like you.
[owl hooting]
[indistinct chatter]
[suspenseful music playing]
[distant shouting]
[Author] Let us take a moment
in appreciation
of the swoon-worthy bravado
of Lord Guildford Dudley.
And while we're at it,
let us take a moment to appreciate
his calves and glutes.
[window opens]
[whispers] Jane? Jane, Jane, wake up.
-You're here.
You're alive.
You left me.
-You bastard.
-I know, I was a fool.
I'm sorry.
-I thought you were dead.
-I nearly was.
-It's all my mother's fault.
-Isn't everything?
[door opens in distance]
[whispers] Can you forgive me?
[whispers] Kiss me again.
Jane, Jane, we need to leave now, okay?
I counted 12 guards outside,
but if we take
-the path through the orchard
-No, I can't leave.
She'll kill my family.
I'm staying here.
Then I won't leave you.
I'm not giving you a choice.
If you stay,
they'll find out what you are
-and Mary will kill you.
I can't have it.
I won't.
[Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile:
"Fear Is Like A Forest"]

Fear is like a forest ♪
The dark of the unknown ♪
Love is like a promise ♪
That you'll never be alone ♪
Touch is like a tourist ♪
You know when you are home ♪
It's not that I'm a purist ♪
It's just I'd rather be alone
Books waiting to be written ♪
Love is waiting to be loved
Songs here, underneath my fingers ♪
Waiting to be sung ♪
It'll come back in space ♪
It'll come back in pairs ♪
It'll come back in ways ♪
-It'll come back 'cause it cares ♪♪
-[both moaning]
[fire crackling]
I know what happened with your mother.
I only wanted to say
I'm so sorry.
It was my fault.
Of course it wasn't.
[somber music playing]
I was with my parents returning from Court
when we were attacked
by a band of Ethians.
I'd never seen an Ethian before and I was
scared, and I changed for the first time.
I can't remember what happened.
I was in a blackout,
but when I came round,
my father told me
that the robbers had killed her.
Now, at first, I believed him.
But then I started having these dreams
that I'd done it.
That I'd killed her when I changed.
And I started to wonder if I had.
I could never control my change.
And I know it's not rational, but
it started to feel like
some kind of curse.
A punishment worthy of the Greeks.
You don't deserve that.
Of course you didn't kill her.
My father has never confirmed nor denied.
And I'm glad.
I'm relieved.
Because I'm also a coward.
Look at me.
Would a coward risk
certain death to rescue me?
[optimistic music playing]
I wish to hell you'd let me.
All is not yet lost.
-My trial
-Jane, that will be a farce.
It's a chance.
I've been preparing.
Even if I don't prove my innocence
you can live.
My family can live.
That is what I shall think about if
I shall think about you.
-[metal creaks]
-[lock clicking]
-[Jane] Just a moment!
-[Guard] Lady Jane!
-[suspenseful music playing]
What are you doing?
There's a divine supermoon tonight.
I just love the moon.
Is it a blood moon?
I've not seen one
since I was a little nipper.
Aww, that's a pity.
Go to sleep, my Lady.
Will do.
[door creaking]
[door closes]
I have just enough for two more, please.
Is that a Roman coin?
My sister Alice found it mudlarking.
It's Romulus and Remus.
She thought it was funny
'cause we're twins.
Where's your sister now?
It's a long story.
Tell me.
Here's our man now.
-Y-Your Majesty?
[both laugh]
-You're-you're alive.
-Well, he-he-he rescued me.
[Edward] How are you?
Uh, s-shocked?
Um, but good. [chuckles]
Charles, how in the world are you Ethian?
Well, the usual way, I suppose.
It's nobody's business but my own.
I-I'm just a man trying to make
a decent living.
How did you know that I was
Saw you around the Palace, then in here.
Doesn't take a genius.
Charles, we need your help.
-We're going to save Jane.
-[laughs softly]
[exciting music playing]
[doors close]
You sent for me, Your Majesty?
Yes, Lady Frances,
I'm awarding you a very special job.
You are to be my new Groom of the Stool.
Y-You want me to
[Margaret] Talk to her while she's taking
her morning evacuation.
[Mary] Assess the results of the easement,
wipe me, you know, on the botty.
[Margaret] Why aren't you smiling, Mummy?
It's an honor.
[clears throat]
Thank you, Your Majesty.
I'm most grateful.
Oh, it's Margaret's idea.
I said to her,
"Shall we punish Mummy like Janey?"
and she said,
"Why not give Mummy a job instead?"
Oh, I see.
[dramatic music playing]
[door opens]
Stan? Stan, where are you going?
-To London.
-Are you drunk?
Yes, a little.
But I'm gonna fight beside
I'm gonna fight beside Guildford,
help him save the woman he loves.
Ye gods. Was it the good claret?
I've never been a decent brother.
I've never been a decent anything.
Nonsense, Stan, you're perfect ly
[somber music playing]
Answer me one question, then.
If I was Ethian,
would you have sent me away, or worse?
See, Guildford was your favorite, and y
you still treated him
like a boil on the arse of our family.
You are my son, so is he.
Then why won't you help him?
[neighs softly]
Stan Dudley, you just stop.
-Stay here,
-let's talk about this properly.
Tell me why.
Tell me here and now, why?
T-Tell me or lose us both.
-I can't.
-Because you're afraid.
[thunder rumbling]
So am I.
-[dramatic music playing]
You know, when Guildford and I were boys,
we had a saying.
Dudleys never say "die."
"Dudleys never say 'die.'"
[The Velveteers: "Dark Horse"]
[bell ringing]
I am the dark horse ♪
Seldom unforeseen
[Author] It's a funny feeling, going back
to your previous place of employment.
You think about the challenges you faced,
the games you played,
the colleagues with whom
you laughed and kvetched,
and, of course,
the murderous tyrant who took your job
and now intends to kill you.
-[Guard 1] Move!
-[Guard 2] Make way for the accused!
I could be your worst enemy ♪
I am the dark horse, baby
[Guard] Move.
I ain't what I seem ♪♪
[dramatic music playing]
[Guard] Your Majesty Queen Mary!
Your Majesty.
Are you bloody smiling?
You will never break me.
We shall see.
-Where's Seymour?
Get on with it.
We are here to preside over the trial
of the usurper Jane Grey
who seized the crown
from the legitimate heir
in defiance of the natural law.
In the event that we should prove
these acts of high treason
there can only be one punishment.
[exciting music playing]
[Author] Knowing one's accusation
and potential punishment is one thing.
Hearing it spoken aloud is quite another.
Here you are, Your Majesty.
This will definitely work, right?
I mean, I go in, find Jane,
surprise the Council,
everybody bows and cheers,
Kingdom safe again, job well done.
Why aren't you changing?
You're in good hands with Charles.
I'd just get in the way.
What are you talking about?
I'm not going with you.
-Did I do something wrong?
I'm just not risking my neck
for some bird I don't even know.
[somber music playing]
Through her false imaginations
and confederacies and conspiracies,
Jane Grey plotted to deprive and depose
her supreme leader
from royal status and title
and regime and power
of the Kingdom of England,
with the ultimate goal
of destroying Queen Mary herself.
And here is the proof.
A document ordering
the end of Division Law.
And she, the treacherous pretender,
did sign the document "Jane the Queen."
[people gasping]
It is my recommendation
that she should be duly convicted,
dragged through the city of London
to the gallows of Tyburn
and there hung
and her body should be laid out
rotting on the ground
and h-her interior organs should be
brought out through the stomach
and her head should be cut off
and her body should be divided
into four quarters
and the head and the quarters
should be placed where the Queen
wishes them to be assigned.
[indistinct chatter]
I have something to say,
regarding your earlier point
about false imaginations.
Do continue.
[suspenseful music playing]
In his Will,
King Edward named me Queen
and heir to the throne.
This is incontrovertible.
Not imagination.
It was outside of my knowledge
and against my wishes, but it was true.
And so, I was bound by law, as we all are,
to follow the orders of the King.
-It is his divine right
to name his successor.
And Edward named me.
Every single one of you bowed to me
and called me your Queen.
So if I am a traitor
-so are you.
-[people gasping]
[Mary] If you'll recall,
my beloved brother's Will went missing.
And in fact, the Will naming Jane
was a clear forgery.
-[people gasping]
My brother's Will was real.
I saw it with my own eyes.
Sit down, Princess Elizabeth.
I will not sit down.
I will not be silenced.
Edward named Jane Grey heir to the Throne.
I swear it on my life
and on my father's name.
[quietly] Bess
My Lords, when you adjourn
to consider Jane's fate,
consider this:
what would you have done
if you were in her position?
Ignore the wishes
of your beloved King and cousin,
or dutifully accept the orders
handed to you with grace and dignity?
I said shut up, Elizabeth!
Princess Elizabeth is telling the truth.
I am innocent.
-Jane was loyal and good.
-What have you done?
Norfolk! Norfolk!
Shut up! I will not have
such insolence in my Court!
Would you take Jane out of here
before Mary kills her with her bare hands?
-It would make such a mess.
-[Guard] Yes, sir.
[Guard] Come this way.
Enough already. Come on.
All right, all right.
[suspenseful music playing]
[lock clicks]
[footsteps receding]
[Edward] Cousin.
[optimistic music playing]
Edward, you're alive?
By the gods, it's good to see you.
I missed you so much.
What happened to you?
How dare she? How dare she?
[playing cheery music]
-Your Majesty
-Oh, shut up.
-Your Majesty.
-[door closes]
-It's time to put Jane
back under house arrest.
Somewhere grim, possibly up north
No, I'd rather die than let her live.
Where the fuck have you been?
Everybody, out.
Everybody out.
Yes, including you, Norfolk.
-[suspenseful music playing]
-My love,
I can fix this.
You've said that before.
I've just received some information
that will change everything.
What is it?
Before I give you your heart's desire,
you must give me mine.
-[scoffs] Fine. We shall marry.
When Jane is finally dead
and we bring this Kingdom to heel.
Now tell me your big fucking news.
Jane, listen to me and please don't argue.
I'm here to save you.
When the Guards return,
I'll go in your stead,
reveal myself to the Court
and they will reinstate me.
No, they won't.
Edward, everyone thinks you're dead.
Mary will murder you
and no one will stop her.
-But she will kill you, Jane.
No, Mary will be forced
to grant me clemency.
-And banishment, probably.
-No, it's-it's,
-it's-it's still a risk.
-It's my decision.
You named me Queen.
So as your Queen, I am ordering you
to allow me to return and hear my fate.
Very well Your Majesty.
You wish to reclaim the Throne?
Do it properly.
With power behind you.
Rally an army.
Perhaps join forces
with Scotland or France
-and depose Mary.
And then we can change
this country together.
-[footsteps approaching]
-No more Division Laws.
-No more division.
-[keys jingle]
-I love you.
-I love you, too.
-Go. Hide.
-[lock clicks]
[somber music playing]
[lock clicks]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Guard] Move aside!
Lord Norfolk with the verdict!
To the question of whether Lady Jane Grey
falsely and treacherously
accepted the crown of England
and acknowledged herself Queen,
and in so doing, committed high treason,
we find her
[dramatic music playing]
[Author] That's right. Innocent.
I told you we were changing history.
[contemplative music playing]
[distant cheering]
[church bell ringing]
You're back.
-I want to explain.
-Well, go on, then.
Well, I've only ever cared
about myself, a-and my sister.
Edward, wait. Wait.
-Seymour has her.
She's in his Zoo.
It's a secret prison
where he locks up Ethians.
He's a sadist.
That evil bastard.
I don't even know if she's still alive.
I was outside the Palace,
at the poor box, the night you were taken.
It's not every day you see a King
get snatched out a window,
so I followed you.
I thought that Seymour
would trade your life for hers.
[stammers] But but we
we-we saw him, at-at the drawbridge.
You had that chance to betray me.
I couldn't do it.
Not to you.
[gentle music playing]
So now you know everything.
You can hate me if you want to.
[stammers softly]
[Author] Crime procedurals
would have you believe
that a declaration of innocence
is the best possible outcome.
The manacles come off and out you go,
into the world to celebrate your freedom
with a slice of lemon tart
and a snifter of sherry.
[Mary] Stop.
[Author] Would that it were so simple.
[crowd murmuring]
[Guard] Make way for the prisoner!
[Jane] Rupert.
-What are you doing?
[sinister music playing]
This is Guildford Dudley's groom.
-Speak, man.
Tell them what you told me.
-[quietly] Guildford
Guildford Dudley is
[people gasping]
[dramatic music playing]
[Seymour] Whether she is innocent
of treason is irrelevant.
Lady Jane Grey
married an Ethian knowingly.
She harbored the beast in secret
in clear violation of our Division Laws.
[Mary] That's a crime
for which there is only one punishment.
[people gasping]
I'm so sorry, my Lady.
That is a filthy lie!
Jane, tell them.
Guildford is not Ethian!
Jane, please tell them!
-Bring him in.
-[horse neighs]
Wait for it.
No, please, Mary, don't.
[Seymour] We apprehended this thing
outside your house last night.
At first, we didn't know
what we had on our hands.
Rupert helped.
They said they'd hurt him.
[Frances] You are all completely bonkers.
That is a horse.
Wait for it.
Just leave him.
Just please, leave him alone.
-[Mary] Wait for it.
[Savages: "Dream Baby Dream"]
-[people gasping]
I'm sorry.
Dream, baby, dream ♪
Dream, baby, dream ♪
Dream, baby, dream ♪
Dream, baby, dream ♪
Forever ♪
Keep those dreams burning, baby ♪
Keep those dreams burning forever ♪
Ooh, dream, baby, dream ♪
Dream, baby, dream ♪
Forever ♪
Dream, baby, dream ♪
Dream, baby, dream ♪
Dream, baby, dream ♪♪
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