My Life Is Murder (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Remains to Be Seen

1 - Woop-woop! - That's the sound of the police - Woop-woop! - That's the sound of the beast - Woop-woop! - That's the sound of the police - Woop-woop! - That's the sound of the beast - Woop-woop! - That's the sound of the police - Woop-woop! - That's the sound of the beast Stand clear, Don man'll talk You can't stand where I stand, you can't walk where I walk Watch out we run New York Policeman come we bust him out the park I know this for a fact you don't like how I act You claim I'm selling crack but you be doing that I'd rather say see you 'cause (MUSIC DISTORTS) (GASPS FOR BREATH) DOCTOR: Deep breath.
(BREATHES DEEPLY) Has this happened before? I think I would have mentioned it.
- How are you feeling now? - Same.
My heart's thrashing around like a fish.
- Hmm.
- You're frowning.
Are you frowning? Hard to tell with you sometimes.
Listen, don't take it the wrong way, but this is all your fault.
Oh, I'll try to take it the right way.
"Exercise," you said.
- "It'll make you feel better.
" - Your heart's in atrial fibrillation.
What does that mean? It means we need to get it fixed immediately.
How? (MACHINE BEEPS) MAN: Stand away from the bed, please.
50 joules.
Hey, hey.
- Ah, here's the patient! - (CHUCKLES) How are you feeling? Disconcertingly normal.
Well, you're only 15 minutes late.
That's better than normal.
Well, I've been advised to saunter casually and not to worry about being punctual.
Never stopped you before.
I've also been told to avoid anxious situations.
- You're lucky I'm here at all.
- I should buy a lottery ticket.
- Me too.
- (CHUCKLES) That a case? A real friend would have bought flowers or a card or You want to sit down? No, saunter casually with me.
I've got to make a delivery.
- So, it went OK? - Oh, it's not for the faint-hearted.
Or, actually, yeah, it's totally for the faint-hearted! - Hey.
- Hello, hello.
- There you go, George.
- Ah, brilliant.
Would have been even fresher, but I was waylaid.
I'll trade you bread for coffee.
Yeah, done.
And one for my occasional mate.
- Is that a good idea? - Why wouldn't it be? Yeah, Dad? Coffee? Heart? Don't pretend you know anything about atrial fibrillation.
Sorry, what? She's had a near-death experience.
Looking good, considering Thank you, George.
And that means I can have a double.
Same, thanks.
So, the guy in here has had an actual death experience.
- I win.
- Mm.
Patrick Mandel.
A 44-year-old financial adviser.
His body was found in a grave at Oak Hill Cemetery, only this grave was already occupied.
Mr and Mrs Kovacs wanted to be buried in the same grave, only when they reopened the grave to drop the missus in, - they found Patrick in there - Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hang on.
or what was left of him.
- Definitely murdered, huh? - Well, his head was stoved in.
(CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) - Yeah, that'd do it.
- Mm-hm.
Nice shoes.
(CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) Yeah, he was a gambler.
We know he pawned a bit of stuff in the weeks before he died.
- He owed a lot of cash.
- To whom? Tomoslav Rifkin.
(CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) Yeah, doesn't seem like Tommy's thing.
He has people shot.
- Mm-hm.
- What else have you got? The victim owned a financial advice business (CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) till his gambling ruined it.
He was dead about five months and three days, give or take a few hours.
That is a very precise approximation, Inspector.
Well, there's a time line.
Patrick Mandel left a voicemail for his girlfriend on the night of 19 December.
That's the last time he can be confirmed alive.
Next morning, his landlady saw that his place had been cleaned out.
And the grave that he was dropped into was only dug for the first time on 22 December, three days later.
Found this in his pocket, along with his empty wallet.
- A tie clip? - Mm-hm.
- But no tie.
- (LOUD WHIRRING) Oh, God! So, he was killed on the 19th, but didn't go into the grave till the 22nd.
Or thereabouts.
So, where does a dead guy go for three days? - Not Bali.
- So, his place was cleaned out to make it look like he'd done a runner.
- We never found his stuff.
- Why?! - Because we don't know where it is.
- No, why this guy? God, hasn't he ever heard of a broom? Jesus, mate! Whoa! He's had a bad day, hasn't he? What's she doing? Oh, creating an anxious situation she's supposed to avoid.
- Has she always been like this? - Oh, no, no.
She's much more mellow these days.
Perfect, George.
What did you say? Oh, you're the police commissioner, if anybody asks.
So, his girlfriend was the last person to hear from him? - Last we know of.
- And who is she when she's at home? Well, when she's at work, she's a funeral director.
- Katrina Logan? - Yes.
I'm Alexa Crowe.
I'm helping the police investigate the death of Patrick Mandel.
Oh, have the police found something new? No, nothing yet.
I'm just following up.
What does 'following up' mean? I'm a fresh pair of eyes.
I'd like to know how long you and Patrick were seeing one another.
Um, about 2.
5 years.
What's happening with the man that Patrick owed money to? Well, right now, I'm more interested in how much Patrick had to do with the funeral business.
Look, I've been over and over this, and I have a family coming for a viewing in about 10 minutes.
How much more of this random interrogation do I have to put up with? (CHUCKLES) Well, it's not random.
Your boyfriend was found in a grave and you run a funeral home.
Is that a coincidence? Yes.
I don't know.
Do you think I killed him? Is that why you're here? I'm just looking for the truth.
(SIGHS) I can give you five minutes.
How long have you been running this place? Well, it's been a family business for nearly 100 years.
I took over after my husband died.
That's where we store the decedents after cremation.
So many.
Well, we have to keep them for two years, and some have been there a lot longer than that.
Unclaimed? I understand you also kept the last voice message that Patrick left on your phone.
MAN: (ON VOICEMAIL) Hey there.
It's me.
Just letting you know the car's all fixed.
I picked it up this arvo.
Hope you're having a good time.
Call me back.
I'll be at home.
Did you talk to him right after this? Half an hour later I was at a conference.
OK, no hint that he was worried about anything or? No, the opposite.
The last thing he said to me was that he loved me and that I made him realise how beautiful and sweet life can be.
He he was a gentleman.
He was kind and he was loving.
And what happened to Patrick was horrible, a person just tossed away.
And when you got back from the conference, your car was? It was parked outside his place and the keys were inside, and everything he owned was gone, including his mother's beautiful old china teapot.
Well, he had gambling debts.
You don't think he sold it? No, he would never have done that.
It was all he had left of her.
Did he ever talk to you about his gambling? - Never.
- Ask you for money? Never.
When the police mentioned it, it was the first I'd heard of it.
Well, maybe you didn't know him quite as well as you thought.
Well, we're all ashamed of something.
What are you ashamed of, Katrina? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) I thought he'd left me.
Then, when the police found him, I was relieved.
Mum, the Spencers are here for the viewing.
Oh, we can talk about this some other time.
Gabby, this is, um Alexa.
- Hi.
- Pleased to meet you.
Look, I've got work to do, but you're welcome to ask me questions.
Just shut the door behind you.
So, are you some sort of rent-a-sleuth? Well, yes, minus the rent.
(CHUCKLES) So, Patrick was a bit of a shape-shifter, huh? I thought he was a pretty great guy.
Mum's second chance at happiness after Dad.
But, I'm not too keen on what's come out about his gambling.
Yeah, your mother may have dodged a bullet there.
Don't say that to her.
She won't hear it.
So this grave that he was buried in We didn't handle any of those burials.
But can you think of anyone else who would have known when it was first dug? Whoever was at the cemetery and saw it.
Loads of people.
But not us.
We didn't bury anyone at Oak Hill that day.
It's all in the statement I gave the cops.
That's Mrs Pang.
Heart attack.
Seems too young for a heart attack.
(LAUGHS) 53.
Exercising at the gym.
We get a lot of that.
Really? I used to be scared of dead bodies.
Then my dad made me realise that this work is a privilege.
And now I love it.
I think of myself as an artist.
So, where's Mrs Pang going all gussied up? Off to be cremated tomorrow, at Oak Hill, actually.
So I'll get her tidied up for the viewing and pop her in the fridge.
Sounds like a party.
Do you want to watch? (MOBILE RINGS) I take it back.
Apparently coffee's good for your heart.
Oh, you do care! I try.
Any developments? I have an idea where Patrick Mandel's body might have gone for three days.
That qualifies.
I think someone popped him in the fridge.
So this guy, Patrick Mandel, had four online gambling accounts.
- Four.
- He was an addict.
Yeah, big time, but he was a snappy dresser.
So? Well, he wasn't some slob who sat around in his undies, playing Blackjack and eating baked beans.
He was social, right? I mean, he went out.
He didn't just want to be a player.
He wanted to look like one as well.
So I figured, a guy like this doesn't just gamble online.
- So I went digging.
- You are stringing this out.
Ooh, I am.
His girlfriend says she didn't know about the gambling, so why was she standing beside him at an ATM in the casino 18 months ago? Boom! I've got bad news.
Both refrigerated storage units at the loading funeral home had other bodies in them between the 19th and the 22nd of December.
Sure? Yeah, I spoke with the deceased families.
Double-checked the dates.
That guy is Richard Rourke and he went in on the night of the 19th.
Cremated on the 22nd.
Fell off a ladder.
He's too old to be up a ladder.
Look at the size of that coffin.
Can you believe they just burnt that thing.
That's a casket.
Wait, what's the difference? Coffins are six-sided.
Caskets are bigger.
Corpse number two.
She went in for embalming on the 18th and was buried at Melbourne Cemetery on the 23rd.
Terrible Christmas.
So, Patrick didn't go in the fridge.
Maybe someone was playing Weekend at Bernie's with him.
Could he have been hidden in a coffin, or a casket, at the funeral home? Unembalmed for three days in the summer? Eee! So, you think Katrina Logan is still good for it? Well, we know that she lied about her boyfriend's gambling.
We know that much.
It was a good alibi, though.
Four-day Funeral Directors' Conference in Albury.
Oh, doesn't that sound like fun? What about her daughter, Gabby? Also solid as she was a busy bee while her mum was away.
Out with friends on the night of the 19th, says Facebook.
Then back to work on the old guy who fell off the ladder and she was organising other funerals for the next two days.
The thing is, Gabby and Katrina Logan could not possibly have done it without help.
Why? Come lift me up.
- Bet you can't do it.
- Huh? Come on.
Right! You're making this difficult on purpose.
Can't hear you, I'm dead.
Look, I can't lift you if you keep flopping around.
See, now, that's the thing.
Dead bodies are like that.
They're really uncooperative, and Patrick Mandel was much heavier than I am.
Shouldn't we be checking out this Tommy Rifkin guy? Patrick owed him thousands.
Guys like Teflon Tommy, when they kill someone, they don't try to hide it.
They make an example.
You know, heads on sticks in village squares.
Things like that.
I want to know who knew that that grave was available? There's no connection between Patrick and the funeral directors who buried the Kovacs.
Then we just have to look for a connection somewhere else.
- (SNEEZES) - (MEOWING) And don't stare at the cat, it's a sign of aggression.
Hey, if you're headed to Oak Hill Cemetery, can I come? Yeah, why? I love it out there.
So that belongs to you? Me and the rest of the family.
My grandad bought it for us.
Wow, that's a great present.
But it's empty.
Well, none of us are dead yet.
How long has it been there? About 15 years.
That's forward thinking.
Bet it cost a pretty penny? It's beautiful, don't you think? Yeah.
You're going in there.
Ready for the resurrection.
(SNIGGERS) You believe in that? Sure.
Why not? 'Cause it's not rational.
Neither is quantum physics, but it built your smartphone.
You could do with some spirituality in your life.
Mm! I was thinking that myself.
You might be more relaxed about stuff.
Relaxed? Wait.
Did Kieran tell you about my wobbly heart? Bastard.
Hey, are you Alexa? - Yeah, Ty? - Ah, yeah.
- Um, you you wanted to chat? - Yeah.
- I-I don't mean to interrupt.
- Are you kidding.
I'm so glad you did.
I did this one the first time.
Dave dug it up the second time and found the trespasser.
Sneaky bugger.
And how long was the grave open the first time when Mr Kovacs was buried? I dug it up at about 9 in the morning and filled it in straight after the funeral, about 3:30.
And how many people would have known that the grave was here? Plenty.
People are coming and going all the time.
Visiting and what not.
You see, we're pretty sure that Patrick Mandel was buried on top of Mr Kovacs that night.
Bloody audacious, eh? How far down was he? About a metre.
That would be half an hour with a machine.
No, it was done with a shovel.
Oh, that would be a good three-hour job at least.
Do you just like, dig graves all day? No, no, we do the lawns and gardens too.
- Keep the place looking nice.
- Oh, well, you do a good job.
(SCOFFS) So how many grave diggers work here? Uh, below ground maintenance engineers.
- Pardon me.
- Eight.
Wait You don't think one of us topped this bloke, do you? Well, if I thought so, would I tell you? I've got to get back to it.
People are dying to get in here.
Anything else you want to know, just give me a hoi.
He nearly had a resurrection just looking at you.
You'll go to hell.
Where all the fun people are.
How do you know it was done with a shovel? Because a machine digging at night would have been heard for miles around like a bloody leaf blower.
You know, something and someone connects the victim to this cemetery and I want to know who or what.
I really think it's worth looking into this loan shark guy.
- Tommy Rifkin's a bad mother - Business card Please.
Thank you.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
I am an analyst with the police.
Madison Feliciano.
How can I help you? Well, I'm looking into the murder which was discovered here a few months back.
- Awful business.
- Yeah.
Could I look at your roster of grave diggers from that period? Of course.
Thank you.
We have a family mausoleum under that name.
Yes, we're all very much looking forward to using it.
Excuse me.
Could you tell me what this means? You at your desk? Give me a break.
I only left you 20 minutes ago.
Good, get me everything you can on Ty Danzinger.
What, the grave digger? But I liked him.
Oh, he likes you too, Madison.
Listen, on the day that Patrick Mandel's body was found, he threw a sickie.
I think that's legal.
He came to work first.
He would have seen the jobs list.
So maybe he didn't want to be around when Patrick Mandel got dug up.
Hey, Gabby, do you know a guy who works here called Ty? Uh, Ty Danzinger? - Yeah.
- The grave digger? So, do you think he knew Patrick at all? Not that I know of.
- I don't think so, no.
- No.
Did Patrick ever help out with the funeral arrangements? Yeah, now and again when we were busy, but I doubt he ever would have come here.
And Ty's never had a reason to come to us, as far as I know.
Oh, but you had dealings with Ty? Oh, yeah, sure, we're on great terms with all maintenance staff.
- Huh.
- Timing's important.
Oh, well, yeah.
Because you wouldn't want to show up for a burial - and have a backhoe digging away, right? - Exactly.
Wait a minute, is this Mrs Pang's service? Oh, sorry.
Great woman.
It was lovely.
- So, is Mrs Pang in the old? - Ah, cremator? Yes.
Well, can I talk to your mother, is she done? No, she's just observing the cremation with some of the family members.
What do you mean observe? What, they're all just like standing around the oven? No, there's a viewing room with music.
We'll stay for as long as the family wants.
(SCOFFS) OK, well, um, that's me, then.
- Alright.
- I'll call your mum later.
- Oh, wait a second.
- Yes.
I just have one more question.
You know when you get a box of ashes, how can you be sure that all the right bits in there? That's guaranteed.
Cremators are all individually emptied and the deceasedant's cremains carefully processed.
Really, no chance of a switcharoo? No, no.
Great, cool.
Thanks, OK.
Let your mum know I'll call.
OK, so how hard did you look into the alibi of Katrina Logan? Pretty hard.
She was in Albury without a car.
Patrick Mandel was driving that around Melbourne.
She still could have done it.
Could have borrowed a car, driven down there, killed Patrick, stashed the body.
- Motive? - Something to do with the gambling? There's no evidence Patrick ever borrowed from Katrina or her daughter.
We went deep into all their finances.
But Katrina knew about Patrick's gambling said she didn't.
Why? Pretty sure you've got a theory? Ashamed of herself? Of him? Didn't want her daughter to know? It's pretty thin.
I've come up with thinner.
He borrowed 20K off Teflon Tommy.
No, it's the wrong MO.
I told you.
Madison keeps banging on about Tommy.
You two having little side chats? I know that you told her about my heart wobble.
There was a time when medical issues were sacred, confidential, even.
I only said you needed some TLC, that's all.
I know when you're lying, 'cause you squint and you smile.
Katrina Logan, then? Yeah.
Probably with the help of grave diggers.
So, where did the body go for three days if not in the fridge? In a mausoleum? Yeah.
Think about it, it's perfect.
You lure Patrick to the cemetery, whack him.
Stick him in one of those sealed drawers and then wait for the next available grave? Wait, not my family mausoleum.
Well, it is a lovely one.
But they need a key.
I've been in that office, it's hardly Fort Knox.
Wait, there's not a scrap of data that connects Ty Danzinger with Patrick Mandel or Katrina Logan or the funeral home.
- There's no social media.
No emails.
- Phone calls? - Well, Ty doesn't have a phone.
- Serious? - How many people don't have phones? - Almost 12%.
Some people are so paranoid.
I know, anyone would think the police are going through their personal business.
Well, you'll just have to keep showing up at the cemetery and flirting with him in person.
- Does he gamble? - Nah.
Saves consistently.
Excellent credit rating.
Pays all his bills on time.
A couple of parking fines but no criminal priors.
Hasn't even lost any points off his driver's licence.
- Unlike some.
- Single? - Seems to be.
Is that relevant? - Not to me.
I've emailed you his credit and banking history.
Look, I've got two words for you, Tomislov Rifkin.
He's got loads of priors and a motive.
Patrick owed him heaps.
Madison, who is running this investigation? You're taking the long way around the problem.
And I think I know why.
You're addicted to unfinished business.
That's why you keep doing these murder cases in your free time.
It makes you feel like your life is moving forward.
Is this TLC? If a friend can't tell you, then who can? (KETTLE WHISTLES) (MEOWING) Hey.
Get off my husband.
Don't sulk.
- It's passive aggressive.
- (MEOWS) Hey.
- Why are his shoe laces untied? - (MEOWS) You're not actually allowed in here.
I remember the rules, Kieran.
Oh, my God.
I'm having chills, flashbacks.
Can't touch anything.
- Yeah, I remember the rules, Kieron.
- And you can't take anything.
Jesus wept, how many times do I have to tell you? You have no respect for the rules.
Yeah, well, that's why you get me to deal with your unfinished business, isn't it? Look, no touching, no taking.
Just I will touch with my eyes.
(SIGHS) Watch it, men of a certain age fall off ladders and kill themselves all the time.
Thanks for the concern.
(GRUNTS) - Milady.
- Thank you.
Ooh! I'm not going to open anything.
Stop being such a bloody nanna.
- Look, these shoes are new.
- Uh-huh.
- You saw the laces? - Yeah.
What did you make of that? That he was killed while he was getting dressed.
Or undressed, more likely.
- Because it was night-time? - Mm.
At home.
That's where the car was.
Where he told his girlfriend he'd be.
He had a tie clip in his pocket, but no tie.
I mean, if he was getting dressed, then he would put on the tie and then put on a tie clip.
And if he's getting undressed, he would put the tie clip away and then take off his tie.
Why put the clip back in his pocket? Maybe he was going to pawn it? At night? How tall was Patrick Mandel? 5'8".
Oh, these shoes are too big.
Size 11.
Haloumi salad for you, Ms Crowe.
- Ooh, thank you, Georges.
- Mm-hm.
Did you really have a near-death experience? Don't believe anything Kieron says.
He's an A-grade catastrophiser.
Why? Would you miss me? Oh, I'd miss the bread for coffee barter system.
I'm way in front there.
That's touching.
So what are you looking at? Just trying to figure out if a grave digger named Ty Danzinger has any suspicious buying habits.
You really know how to save on entertainment.
Got an end-of-life plan, George? You know, that's where you say what you want to happen when you die? Greek Orthodox.
That was sorted before the midwife slapped my arse.
First the burial, then the wake.
The candle in a box on top, Con's your uncle.
So, no cremation, huh? Not even if I died in a fire.
- You? - Thinking of it.
Oh! Hello.
You know Eve Mirandi? No, who's she? He is a French fashion designer.
And he makes lovely headscarves.
Hey, Gabby.
You're one heck of a multi-tasker.
Just keeping down the overheads.
Too right.
I mean, one day, all of this is going to be yours.
Yeah, one day.
Fifth generation.
Uh, Mum's out at the moment - but she'll be back later.
- Oh.
Oh, it can wait.
Have you learnt something? Yeah, a couple of things.
The man that Patrick owed money to is very dangerous.
And he's got a weak alibi.
Can't believe Patrick never told us.
Yeah, it's crazy what people keep hidden.
- Yeah.
- Where did you get that scarf.
- It's super cute? - Oh, thank you.
Um, I can't remember.
Somewhere in the city, I think.
Well, I want one.
I think it would look good on me.
Just because Ty was looking at the same kind of headscarf.
He wasn't looking, he bought it.
And it wasn't just the same kind, it was the same one.
There are probably thousands of those made.
You're being deliberately obtuse.
Why would a grave digger buy an expensive woman's headscarf.
Buying a headscarf doesn't make him a killer.
(SIGHS) But it does mean that he and Gabby are on much closer terms than she was prepared to admit.
And it does connect him to the funeral home and makes her a big fat liar, just like her mother.
Did you get Ty's medical records? Medical information is difficult to access these days.
Oh, somehow, I think you'll manage.
You did with mine! What did I tell you? And another little piece of your heart dies.
(BEEPING) - You rang? - Yeah.
Sounded important.
Yeah, can you witness that document on the bench? End-of-life plan? Yeah, it's everything I want to happen.
I don't want you to keep me alive any longer than absolutely necessary.
And I don't care what you do with my body as long as it's the least expensive option.
Hang on a minute, what I do with your body? Yeah, well someone has to make that decision and I'm not going to be here.
There's a copy for you and a copy for me.
Should I be flattered? Yes, this is personal shit.
- What if I die first? - Don't be morbid.
- You can talk.
- Just sign it.
You know, you really should write one of those.
It's much better for the loved ones left behind.
Thanks for the tip.
I thought you were going to talk about Patrick Mandel.
So, there's something going on between Gabby Logan and one of the grave diggers, something clandestine.
Other than that, I've got a pair of new shoes a couple of sizes too big, and a tie clip which didn't belong to him.
How did you know it didn't belong to him? 'Cause this guy didn't wear ties.
I mean, look, even when he ran a financial advice business, no tie.
Wedding day, no tie.
This is a man who hated ties.
Maybe it was an heirloom? - Oh, like his teapot.
- What? Doesn't matter if it was an heirloom, because this tie clip was 18-carat gold and if he owed $20,000 to Tommy Rifkin, he'd have sold it.
- So who does it belong to? - I don't know.
But why would you plant it on a body that you're going to bury.
It's driving me nuts.
That's a pretty short drive.
You know, when I'm dead, you're going to regret all of the cruel things you said to me.
Yeah, probably won't.
Gabby Logan and her secret grave digging boyfriend, they're hiding something.
Because? Because a girl doesn't forget where she got her $700 headscarf.
Well, I'm sure that all makes sense.
- Thanks for this.
I guess.
- Thank you.
Oh, Kieron if I do keel over when I'm out running, please don't make sure I end up on a slab in stinky shoes and sweats.
Got to be looking your best when you're getting burnt.
Too right.
Who doesn't? Huh.
A couple of days ago, you gave my colleague some photos of your uncle Richard.
- Yes.
- Sorry for your loss, by the way.
Don't be too sorry.
He was a mean old buzzard.
Well, I guess I'm sorry for that, too.
Do you happen to know what he was wearing the day he died? Couldn't tell you.
Well, would it have been something like a tie, for example? Probably.
He was big on appearances.
Connie was this his? - Yeah, I think it was.
- (SCOFFS) Thank you.
Just one thing.
Did you view the body before it was cremated? Nah.
Lived alone, died alone.
Well, where are his ashes now? Not sure.
No-one in the family wants them.
Hey, Katrina.
- You again.
- Yeah.
Like a bad penny, aren't I? Just got a question for you.
Why did you lie about Patrick's gambling? What are you talking about? Well, you knew all about it.
You were at the casino with him.
Can you please not let Gabby hear? I went with him because I thought I could help.
But it was a It was a compulsion.
He was a liar and a thief, Katrina.
No, he had a kind heart.
It was a sickness.
How much money did you give him, really? (SCOFFS) Barely anything.
I gave him dribs and drabs of cash.
Dribs and drabs, though, he was deeply in debt? I didn't know that.
Truly, I didn't.
And if you did, would you have given him the money? Perhaps.
And if I had, he'd still be alive.
Feel free to show yourself out.
(DOOR OPENS) Gabby, hey.
Oh! Hi, I'm sorry, I can't talk right now.
We've got a service.
No, no, your mum is fine without you just for a moment.
- No, I really can't - Sweetheart.
- talk.
- You don't have to talk.
Just listen and I'll tell you a story.
It's a story about the night that Patrick Mandel died.
The night that he let himself into the funeral home using your mother's key.
He thought nobody was there.
But he took off his shoes just to make sure, to make less noise.
But you were there.
- (THUD) - And you heard him.
Patrick was desperate for money.
And he thought he'd look in the drawer where you keep your dead bodies' valuables.
That's when he pocketed Richard Rourke's tie clip.
I think he'd stolen from you before.
And you suspected him.
But this time, you caught him red-handed.
That's ridiculous.
Come on, put it back.
I'll give you one warning, Gabby, go home! Go home? You hit Patrick over the head with something heavy.
You didn't mean to kill him, probably, but you did.
So you called on the only person who could help you, who could keep his mouth closed, and that was Ty.
It's OK.
We can take care of this.
Now, you couldn't keep Patrick's body in the fridge 'cause the fridge was full, but Ty knew what to do, didn't he? So while you went to Patrick's place to clean it out, Ty took care of the body.
Unfortunately, he didn't realise that the shoes he put on Patrick were Mr Rourke's.
And now you've got a problem.
Because what are you going to do with all of Patrick's stuff right? Can't throw it away.
You can't sell it, it'll be traced back to you.
Where better than Richard Rourke's big old casket.
I mean, who the hell is going to look in there before it's destroyed? Look, I brought something for you.
These are little pieces of ceramic teapot.
Which I found in Mr Rourke's ashes.
Patrick would have ruined the family business.
Which you thought was rightfully yours.
Gabby, what's going on? - Mum.
- No.
Gabriella Logan, you're being arrested over the death of Patrick Mandel.
You're not obliged to say anything, but anything you do say may be used against you in a court of law.
Mum, it's OK.
I'll be alright.
Sorry, Katrina.
Rest my eyes I don't want to see you Rest my brain I don't want to know You've been giving your rights And you keep me high And you almost tried to break away I couldn't keep burning I couldn't keep burning bright And the shine is brighter at night.
And the shine is brighter at night.
I love you, baby.
- (WIND BLOWS) - (COUGHS) Oh, Gary.
Steve Harborn.
31, nurse.
Looks like he interrupted a break-and-enter.
Just as well I didn't mention the clairvoyant who got in touch with us yesterday.
There's a clairvoyant and she says that she's in touch with Steven.
I really want to talk to her.
Do not get emotional.
(SOBS) There are spirits all around us, even for you, Alexa.
People need things in their life they can't explain.
It gives them hope.
His name is Gary.
Gary was your husband.
You either killed Steven or you know who did? (GASPS FOR AIR)