My Life Is Murder (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

Fake Empire

1 Hi, my name's Finn.
Um, I was wondering if you had some time to do a questionnaire, just for my university Psych Hi.
Sorry, sir.
Uh, Finn.
Hi, I was wondering if you had some time to do a questionnaire.
It's for my university Psych course on normal behaviour.
- It'll only take a couple of minutes.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- You're doing Psychology? - Yeah, first year.
- Done non-verbal communication yet? - Uh 'Cause if you look at my body language, I was walking at pace, I'm not making eye contact, my head is up, my chin is up, and everything about me screams, "Get out of my way.
" Psychology's about reading people.
It's about anticipating and interpreting human behaviour, and Finn, sorry, but you suck at this.
Right? 'Cause if you can't achieve the simple act of choosing the right subjects for your study, then you've got to ask yourself, "Is Psychology right for me?" (SIGHS) (PANTS) OK, sorry.
Don't say it.
How can someone with your attention to detail always be so late? Why'd you have to say it? I reckon this must be a PB.
- So, what time's the shark feeding? - (SIGHS) Steven Harborne, 31, nurse.
No major assets.
Well liked, even though he was a Collingwood fan.
He got home from work about 6:30pm one night last November.
His phone and empty wallet were found in a dumpster about two blocks away.
Looks like he interrupted a break-and-enter.
Right place, wrong time.
See? Being late has its advantages.
He lived with his fiancee, Jasmine Harris, also a nurse.
She found his body.
Neighbours heard her screams.
(SCREAMS) He'd only proposed to her the week before.
Picked up the ring that day.
The ring hasn't been seen since.
I always thought the knife in the back was more of a crime of passion than a robbery.
You're probably right.
Good luck with that.
- Not interested in this one? - (SIGHS) Alright, well, good to see you.
Shame this one didn't work out.
(COUGHS) Just as well I didn't mention the clairvoyant that got in touch with us yesterday.
Clairvoyant? Chloe Angel.
You're making that up.
It's a stage name.
It's a shit name.
She knows specific details about Jasmine's engagement ring, why Steven chose it, the fact it had gone missing.
Stuff that was never made public.
Any link to the victim? Anybody who could have told her all that? Nothing jumps out.
- I see what you're doing.
- I don't know what you mean.
You're setting a little trap, aren't you? 'Cause you know how I feel about clairvoyants, how they exploit vulnerable people, take their money, giving them false hope that their loved ones are happy on the other side.
Oh, well, fair enough.
Why the engagement ring? Why talk about that? Don't know.
But it's a good question.
You'll have to ask her.
OK, but no grinning.
- I'm not grinning.
- No grinning, 'cause you haven't won.
- No, absolutely not.
- No, just so we're clear.
Chloe Angel, real name Chloe Burles.
Cleanskin, barely even a parking ticket.
Look, I don't get why you think this woman's lying.
Well, isn't it obvious? My mum's cousin's stepmum has the gift.
Last Christmas, she spent all night reading coffee cups, telling everyone's fortune.
Well, it's a party trick, isn't it? Uh, she knew my cousin's baby was going to be a girl.
Oh, shit.
(INHALES SHARPLY) Well, she's got a 50% chance of getting that right.
What'd she say about you? That I was destined to work with a talented, powerful woman.
Oh, well, maybe there is something in this.
No, there is no such thing as destiny.
Look, you're wrong.
People need things in their life they can't understand.
- It gives them hope.
- For what? That big lotto win? That Prince Charming is going to come in on his white horse? Here.
Look at her big show.
Crap ticket sales.
Public's not stupid.
They know she's a phoney.
Look, bad ticket sales doesn't mean she doesn't have the gift, just should have hired a publicist.
There is no gift.
All clairvoyants do is instinctively get a read on someone, ask cleverly-worded questions, and then respond quickly to what they're saying.
Uh, you instinctively read people, ask cleverly worded questions, and then respond quickly to what they say.
Yeah, but I'm not pretending to talk to dead people, am I? Hey, listen.
- (MEOWS) - Stay off my pillow, alright? I don't want to tell you again.
(MEOWS) Cats are different.
(BIRDS CAW) Chloe.
I'm Alexa.
We talked on the phone.
Cor, I was expecting, you know, red velvet, and candles and stuff.
Never got hung up on expectations, does more harm than good.
You're the police, right? Yes.
Did did my dead ancestors tell you that? No, you just you look like a cop.
Well, you're half-right.
I assist the police when they're lucky.
You used to be a cop, though.
So, is this your day job? Being a clairvoyant doesn't pay well.
Maybe one day.
Is that why you contacted the police with information - about Steven's death? - No.
No, it's it's Steven.
He's talking to me every day.
I can't shut him up.
Is Steven a tree? What? No.
He's he's all around us.
All the spirits are.
What did he tell you? About the day of his death, about how just before he died, he picked up an engagement ring to be resized.
He keeps saying the word "epiphany" over and over.
I don't know what it means.
Um I've told the cops all of this.
Did he tell you who killed him? Well, he doesn't seem to be busy.
Why don't you ask him now? Hm.
(LAUGHS) That's not how it works.
I get images and voices, like a dream, but awake.
I can't control it.
If you're withholding information from the police, there will be a hindrance of investigation charge with your name on it, I promise you.
It's not me.
It's Steven.
He won't he won't tell me.
He won't tell you.
The only person he'll speak to is his fiancee, Jasmine.
(BEEPING) Hello? WOMAN: Jasmine! Jasmine! We did all we could, you know that.
I know, I know.
My name's Alexa Crowe.
I'm assisting the police with Steven's case.
I'm really sorry for your loss.
(SIGHS) Which one? (SIGHS) I mean, patients die all the time.
You'd think I'd be used to it by now.
Well, maybe when dying stops meaning something to you, it's time to leave.
Well, I'm one step ahead of you there.
I handed in my notice last week.
- Oh, yeah? - Mmm.
Time to quit, huh? Yeah, I've been thinking about it for a while.
All my friends keep talking me into staying.
And maybe it is what Steven would want, I (SIGHS) You got engaged right before he died.
So, tell me about the ring.
He was getting it resized.
Yeah, it was his mother's Tiffany ring.
When we got engaged, he (LAUGHS) He said he had an epiphany to give me that ring.
Did he use exactly that word, 'epiphany'? Yeah, he he liked that it rhymed with Tiffany.
- Oh.
- You know, thought he was funny.
- (BOTH LAUGH)w Yeah, that is funny.
'Cause there's a a clairvoyant, and she says that she's in touch with Steven, and claims that he uses the word 'epiphany' all the time.
I knew it.
I knew that he would try and contact me.
Really? Yeah, I've been to a dozen clairvoyants, trying to contact him.
I can't believe it's finally happened.
I have to go and tell Adam and Abby, 'cause they've been helping me look for him.
Hang on, hang on.
It's probably just - It's a horrible trick.
- I really want to talk to her.
What's her name? It's Chloe Angel.
But you have to be careful because she's going to say a whole lot of stuff that seems specific to you, but really could apply to anybody.
It's very important that you do not volunteer any new information, and above all, do not get emotional.
Right? (SOBS HEAVILY) He's showing me tropical fish, turtles - We went to Bali together.
- Now, hang on.
Well - We were snorkelling.
- He's filled with joy from it.
(SOBS) Something's changed.
He's turning his back.
He keeps saying the word, "Sorry, sorry, sorry," over and over.
Oh, he's crying.
(CRIES) He says that you deserve better than him.
He made a mistake.
He never meant to fall for someone else.
What do you mean? You're lying.
He says that you you need to know the truth so that you can move on with your life.
- Jasmine, listen - No, I'm done.
No, you need to open yourself up to the true love that you deserve.
- (WHISPERS) Nice.
- Steven wants her to know the truth.
She's a liar.
She's a fake.
Yeah, more than likely.
Steven loved me.
We were getting married.
Can you think of any reason that she'd tell you Steven was having an affair? We were happy.
He was giving me his mother's ring! You know, have you, uh you ever thought about moving away from here? No-one would blame you after what happened.
Oh! This was our home.
Sometimes life is trickier than one cares to admit.
How was the sex? Uh it was fine.
Crikey! That's what every girl dreams of, huh? Was it always just fine? (SIGHS) Steven liked to take photos of me naked.
It was his thing.
I I didn't love it at first, but then we started doing it together, and Something had changed.
Well, I mean, the last few months, he he stopped taking photos, so I just thought, you know, he was tired.
He was working so many night shifts.
Oh, my god.
What if she was right? He was sleeping with someone else! (MADISON SNEEZES) So, these were all on Steve's hard drive, huh? Uh, tech folk went through them at the time of the murder.
No joy.
Oh, yeah? Any joy for you? Well, the geotagging shows these were all taken at Jasmine's house, some on holiday, but all with Jasmine in them.
But these these were different.
I cross-checked the metadata with Jasmine's hospital roster.
They were all taken when Jasmine was at work, all in the few months before Steven died.
How does he get his leg into that position? Not a leg.
Where were these all taken? A hotel on Swanston Street.
Charges by the hour, no CCTV, cash only.
- Right.
- Chloe said that Jasmine was getting cheated on by Steven.
Now, we know she was telling the truth.
Doesn't mean she's psychic.
It doesn't mean she's not.
We need to find out who Steven's mystery lover is.
One problem.
Steven didn't take any photos of her face.
Then we need to find the person who's got this tattoo.
(SNAPPING) What are you doing? You don't have a tattoo.
It wasn't you sleeping with Steven.
I'm not really into guys, and I've never met him.
Not on this plane, anyway.
Only in the afterlife.
Well, you seemed to know an awful lot about his love-life.
Are there a lot of gossips on the other side? Laugh all you like, but there are spirits all around us.
Even for you, Alexa.
They're here to help you.
What, clean my fridge, do my taxes? Why is it so hard for you to just believe? I believe that you know something about this case, which means you either killed Steven or you know who did.
- Which is it? - Neither.
I'm just the messenger.
So, that means you're not supposed to shoot me.
- Chloe? - Hi, thank you so much for coming.
- I'll be with you in a sec.
- OK, no problem.
I'm so sorry about what happened to Steven, but I had nothing to do with it.
(INHALES AND EXHALES DEEPLY) There's a lot of hurt running through you.
You need to deal with that before your time comes.
I know what's going to happen when I die.
I'm going to go back to being what I was four billion years before I was born.
Hey, guys.
Thank you so much - for coming along.
- (MOBILE PHONE RINGS) I hope your camera has a bullshit filter.
- You're going to need it.
- Come on, we'll just go this way.
Oh, hey.
Thanks for getting back to me.
It's about Chloe Angel.
How are the ticket sales for her upcoming show? I can take the bold-faced lies, but the smugness.
Honestly, it's like she's a game show host, or a vegan, or something.
What? I haven't seen you this worked up in a while.
- I'm not worked up.
- (SCOFFS) I'm a little worked up.
But, look, Chloe's lies don't even make sense.
If she wasn't sleeping with Steven, why would she tell Jasmine that her dead fiance was cheating on her? And why would she go to the police with it? Jasmine's now got a cheating fiance? Gives you a nice, juicy motive.
Except that she didn't know about it until yesterday.
You said she was pretty feisty.
I don't mean that she stabbed her partner.
I've seen stranger alibis.
Nah, see, she still lives in the house where Steven was killed.
And she tries to talk to him in the afterlife, 'cause she just can't seem to let him go.
Means she's obsessed with him.
Doesn't mean she's not guilty.
I've looked into her eyes.
I think her grief is real.
Are you sure you believe her, or do you just want to believe her? We both know that I don't just believe in any old thing.
Grief-stricken or not, sounds to me like all roads lead to Jasmine.
(GASPS) Alexa! You should join us.
Wow, what's going on here? - It's a break-up party.
- All thanks to Chloe Angel.
- Wow.
(LAUGHS) - I am officially breaking up with Steven today.
He was a bastard who was sleeping around on me and who didn't deserve me.
- All men are bastards.
- Well, present company excluded.
Oh, no, no, no.
That's me.
- Absolute bastard.
- (OTHERS LAUGH) - (GLASSES CLINK) - You're not a bastard.
Let me top you up.
Go on, then.
Hey, Jasmine's doing better, huh? All thanks to you.
Dude, it wasn't me.
What, are you kidding? You helped her face the truth.
- Thanks.
- Adam! Adam, you've got to stop Abby from putting on this stupid depressing music.
Come on.
I haven't felt this good in ages.
Could it be anything to do with the margaritas? (LAUGHS) No, I have been so miserable for so long.
I've been feeling so guilty about Steven's death.
It's stupid.
People feel guilty for all sorts of things.
You know, things they didn't do, things they did do.
Did you kill Steven? Jasmine! Isn't that the clairvoyant you spoke to? (GASPS) REPORTER: (ON TV) On tomorrow morning's show, we speak to a clairvoyant who works with the police to solve baffling murder cases.
By day, medium, Chloe Angel is a gardener.
But since being contacted by the spirit of murdered Steven Harborne, it's her spiritual life that's now taking up most of her time.
CHLOE: (ON TV) Steven's spirit has been at me day and night, but being able to find new clues to help the police solve a murder (SIGHS) .
it's been amazing.
What's it like being a conduit for a murdered spirit? It's it's been a joy to be able to connect spirits to their loved ones.
Um that's what my public audience readings are all about, like the one I'm doing this week.
Kill me now.
Except that wouldn't help, 'cause she'd still be blabbing to my ashes.
So, you think this is some big game for her? Oh, no.
All Chloe seems to care about is how Steven's death furthers her career.
But she knew about the affair and the missing ring.
What if that's all she knows? Like, if she has more details, then why not brag to the press, or drop hints about what really happened? So, someone fed her information for a purpose.
I bet they didn't expect her to splash it all over national television.
Oh, Chloe's made herself a target.
Oh! (SIGHS) (GASPS) Oh! Oh! (GASPS FOR BREATH) Chloe? (CONTINUES GASPING LOUDLY) Chloe? Stay with me now.
Ambulance! - (BEATNIK TRIP BY GIN WIGMORE PLAYS) - (HELICOPTER WHIRRS) - (MOTORBIKE ENGINE RUMBLES) - (TRAM BELL RINGS) I drive deep in the valley so the stars can shine I was hoping to trip with a friend of mine But my friend's in trouble with the boys in blue A mercurial tribe who decide what's true I'm gonna let go of feeling low Ooh-hoo Oooh (GASPS) I bet you didn't see that coming.
Big week for you.
Meeting me, obviously a highlight.
Going on television for the first time, not as big as meeting me, but still big.
And then, um someone tried to kill you.
The doctors just said that my heart was beating too fast.
Well, the doctor doesn't know that you pissed off a killer.
Steven told me that when I would Oh, for Godsakes.
We both know that you were 30 seconds away from going to talk to Steven for a very long time in person.
Fine, have it your way.
Good luck with everything.
You're going to need it.
Someone bumped into me and I felt a pain in my thigh.
Which leg? The left one.
Chloe, this means you were poisoned.
Who did this to you? Who told you what you know about this case? I don't know who it was.
Someone contacted my website, and gave me some details to convince Jasmine to get over her grief.
This was about money.
No, it was only $500.
$500 makes you an accessory after the fact.
That means serious jail time.
How could you not think this might be the killer? Well, the papers said that it was a robbery gone wrong.
Listen, I rang the manager of that theatre, and it seems that you've been trying to get this show up and running for years, but you could never sell the tickets.
So, what I think happened was that you didn't care if this was the killer or not.
You don't want to shovel shit for the rest of your life, and this was the main chance, so you took the money, and then it was too late.
I was trying to help people.
You manipulated a grieving woman to get yourself on television.
This is why clairvoyants suck.
Well, will I be charged? That depends.
Do you think you can tell the truth for more than 30 seconds at a time? - I'll tell you what she is.
- (MEOWS) A fake, a phoney and a con.
(SIGHS) Just because Chloe lied doesn't mean all psychics are dodgy.
Come on.
Faced with tangible evidence, a clairvoyant admitted to faking it.
Why can't you accept that? Sometimes life isn't about proof.
You just need to believe in something.
You're a smart woman, Madison.
You get to make your own destiny.
You know, some people manage to do both.
So, the payments to Chloe were made using an e-gift card, which was purchased online with a similar card.
Really didn't want to be traced.
Clever, and annoying.
And you'll be thrilled to hear that the messages sent to Chloe all came via a VPN.
Do we know what poisoned her? Tox screen shows no poisons, no drugs.
Everything's normal.
No, that ain't right.
She was injected with something.
Well, you can believe that if you like, but there's no tangible evidence in the tox screen.
Give me some good news.
Well, Chloe sold out her show.
She's had to put on another one.
Who said lying doesn't pay? (SIGHS) What about the tattoo? Got anything on that? That, I can actually help you with.
Oh, good.
Got to go.
Ah! Your, er, date's here.
She has had two short blacks already.
- Oh, she's not my date.
(LAUGHS) - That's not what she thinks.
She said that? She said she really liked your profile.
Thought you had lovely eyes.
She's right.
You do.
Uh yep, it is not a date.
It's for work.
You might want to tell her then.
Is this one of yours? Ah, yeah.
That was my experimental phase.
Do you remember the client? This isn't really a date, is it? I'm so sorry, I just really need your help.
Do you remember the client's name? Yeah, of course I do.
I never forget a cute girl, even when it's not a date.
(MUMBLES) Oh, shit.
Good timing.
I need you to go back through Steven's medical records a couple of weeks before he died.
It's going to have to wait.
I found Steven's mystery woman.
You're going to love this.
So, Abby, tell me what you know about Steven Harborne's murder or I'll tell Jasmine that you were screwing her boyfriend behind her back.
I don't know what you're talking about.
- Oi! - Speccy tattoo.
Looks great in Steven's photographs.
I didn't kill him.
Why would I? It was the best sex I ever had.
Why was he sleeping with you when he was going to get married? Steven was messed up.
He was never the marrying type.
That that was all Jasmine.
So you were his way out? Did Jasmine know? She would have to be blind if she didn't know.
Maybe she just didn't want to know.
Look, we went really friends at the start but, once Steven died, she just sort of attached herself to me and I felt guilty, so I let it.
Pad thai with chicken, absolutely no nuts.
Thank you.
Abby, green curry with tofu? Look, I don't care what you believe.
I didn't kill him.
And I bloody miss him.
- MAN: You don't mind? - No, of course.
- OK.
We're at question eight.
- Easy.
- Alright, um - Oh, Alexa, hi! Hi.
Don't let me stop you.
Question eight.
You and your beast friend sorry.
You and your best friend separately enter the lottery.
Your friend wins and buys themselves a new house, a big boat and two high-powered sports cars but doesn't give you anything.
Do you, A, congratulate them for their good fortune? B, blame yourself for your bad luck? C, take something from them 'cause it's just not fair? Or D, believe that too much of a good thing will ruin them? That's easy, A.
- Too much of a good thing.
- What? No, I'd congratulate them on their good fortune.
Too much of a good thing.
Finn, you have got a magnificent career ahead of you, well done.
Come here.
I want you to look up epinephrine, otherwise known as adrenaline.
'Cause what if Chloe was injected with something which occurs naturally in the human body? Adrenaline spikes in your body for about two minutes, then it's broken down by the liver and eventually excreted from the body.
So it wouldn't be picked up in high levels on a tox screen unless they were actually looking for it.
And epinephrine comes in ampoules and, oh, it's also in an EpiPen.
Yeah, and thousands of people use that every day for anaphylactic shock.
Yeah, but you can't kill someone with an EpiPen.
A massive dose of adrenaline will make your heart race out of control.
- Too much of a good thing.
- Right.
But how do you know how much to use to kill someone? Well, that's the thing.
See, nurses know all about dosage.
Yeah, but this says hospitals don't really use auto injectors.
They're more for patients in the community.
Think about it.
The attack on Chloe happened right after she got to work.
That's within one hour of that interview going to air.
I think it was impulsive, angry.
You think someone used what they already had with them? I think that Jasmine's friend, Adam, is allergic to peanuts.
And if you check out his bank account, I bet you will find a withdrawal of 500 bucks, the same day that Chloe received one.
Hey, Adam.
Jasmine's not in today.
- First day off in two weeks.
- Just my luck.
- Keep a good eye on her, don't you? - That's what friends are for.
Well, she's lucky to have a good one like you.
She's suffered a lot.
What? Do you believe all that stuff from the clairvoyant? About finding new clues to the killer? I think all clairvoyants talk a load of shit.
(CHUCKLES) Absolutely.
It's just such a tragic way for Steven to die.
- Killed in a robbery.
- Hey, sit with me.
I'm just so proud of Jasmine.
- You two have known each other long? - Yeah.
Teamed up with her on her first shift here.
So you were showing her the ropes? Oh, I did what I could.
She's pretty clever, though.
So was she going out with Steven back then? No.
They met here.
He seems like a lot of trouble.
He didn't care about Jas.
She was completely under his spell.
Isn't it crazy how girls go for those bad boys? I mean she really deserved better.
She does.
All that stuff about Steven shagging Abby.
I'm glad somebody told her.
I mean, I know that it's hard to be the bearer of bad news, but I guess it has to come from someone you trust.
- You'll tell her I stopped by? - Sure.
I'm glad she's got someone like you looking out for her.
No wonder she's thinking of staying on after all.
- Hello? - Up here.
Still trying to access Adam's bank accounts.
But you were right about Steven's medical records.
Apparently he had a weird dizzy spell a month before he died.
It was diagnosed as a panic attack.
Everyone shrugged it off and forgot all about it.
Let me guess.
Symptoms include an elevated heart rate.
Excellent guess.
Gold star for you.
Because his autopsy report mentions a small scar on his upper right thigh.
A few weeks old.
Coroner thought it might be a bee sting or an insect bite.
Well, easy to ignore when the stab wound's the clear cause of death.
Was the wound on his leg like Chloe's? Mm-hm.
So Adam poisoned Steven before he died but it didn't work.
Cue knife in the back.
But if Adam killed Steven and got away with it, why would he involve Chloe and stir it all up again? See, I don't think this was about Steven.
What if this was all about Jasmine? Kieran was half right.
This is a crime of passion.
Just not the way he thought.
Why do you keep saying that? Like, there's nothing I can do.
First sign of madness, talking to yourself.
So it's you he's telling me about.
He keeps showing me a name, Graham, Garth.
- Save it for the act.
- Gary.
His name's Gary.
He says that you're wearing his watch.
Gary was your husband? Yeah.
That's super research.
He he never used to wear a watch.
He said that he hated wearing one growing up, but you bought one for him and And he saw how much joy it brought you seeing it on his wrist every day.
You're crossing a line now.
"All my love, all my love.
" He says that you'll know what that means.
That's enough.
He's worried that you're running away from life, that you've just been caught up Stop it! I'm sorry.
I was, um, deep in the zone.
What did I say? You were taking a crack at me.
What is it that you want, Alexa? No.
What do you want? It's really hard to pursue fame and fortune from a jail cell.
So you're here to threaten me? I'm here to offer you a chance.
I know who the killer is.
And you're going to help me catch them.
(CAT MEOWS) Not you too.
You know this could all go horribly wrong? I thought I was the pessimist and you were the optimist.
Yeah, but what if he goes all psycho-killer on us? I guess we're not watching Hamlet then? We all know the uncle did it.
- Oh, where's your white horse? - This isn't a date! (SIGHS) Don't stuff it up.
My name is Chloe Angel.
Thank you so much for being here.
It would be a little lonely out on this stage without you guys.
So congratulations.
For those of you who I haven't done a reading for, I make connections with the spirit world.
It's not always a crystal clear connection.
Sometimes it's more of a tin can and a piece of string.
(CHUCKLING) Yeah, I don't get the perfect message through but I can't control it, so anything that comes through me is a gift, yeah? Oh, there are a lot of spirits in the room tonight.
Let's give them a round of applause.
I'm sensing a young man.
There's a lot of sadness around his passing.
It was It was a shock.
I can see the letter C or K.
- It's K.
- Kate.
I'm Kate.
His name was Chris.
He was killed in a car accident.
It wasn't his fault.
No, it wasn't.
He wants you to know that he can hear you when you talk to him at night and that you were his true love.
He would have done anything for you.
I'm getting a message from someone here called George.
George, if you're here, stand up.
I'm sensing something bitter, a taste that your grandfather loved.
His coffee.
He liked it strong.
Yeah, he sees himself in you.
Was he a was he a lady's man? He keeps saying quality, not quantity.
Yeah, he wants you to find your true love.
He's very proud of you.
Love doesn't end when we cross over, yeah.
I want you all to know that.
I'm getting a lot of voices coming forward.
Oh! One very loud voice in particular.
Oh, I've spoken to this man before.
Steven passed away a few months ago.
And the police believed that it was a robbery gone wrong, but now he's saying that he knows the name of the killer and it's someone in this room.
Yeah, he's saying that that he was cheating on his partner and she She was angry, so furious.
He's saying that you killed him.
(AUDIENCE GASPS) (STUTTERS) What? I didn't do this.
I don't know why Steven's saying that.
- Adam, tell her.
- She's lying.
I know she's a fake.
Steven came home that night.
You were waiting, hiding.
He'd been out cheating on you.
You were angry.
You loved him and he betrayed you.
Oh, there was so much blood, it was horrible and and the neighbours heard your screams.
You you made it look like a robbery.
- That's a lie, she's a fake! - How do you know? Well, you seem to know everything there is to know about her.
You know when her shifts are, you know who she talks to 'cause you're in love with her and you always have been and you'd do anything for her.
So, it must have hurt when she chose Steven.
You knew he was cheating on her and you didn't know how to tell her and then suddenly they were engaged.
You had to do something drastic so you went around to the house.
But still Jasmine couldn't leave Steven behind, she even searched for him in the afterlife.
I can see it clearly now.
What Steven's been telling me all along the anger, the jealousy.
You killed him and then you tried to kill me.
(DRAMATIC THUDDING & WHOOSHING EFFECTS) - You can't prove any of it.
- ALEXA: Maybe but thanks to you everybody knows that Jasmine's fiancé was cheating and you made here the prime suspect.
So, unless you've got some proof that she didn't do it then what it comes down to is will you save yourself or tell the truth and save the woman you love? (HUSHED MURMURS) - (WHISPERED) Adam, please! - ALEXA: Who are you gonna choose, Adam? (DRAMATIC MUSIC) Sorry, Jasmine.
(JAZZY MUSIC) Just your average night out, huh? Pretty much.
You get use to it.
So, they just told me I have three show, all sold out.
Oh, congratulations, you're a born performer.
Well, you make it sound like it's a crime.
(CLICKS MOUTH) Just so we're clear it is, daylight robbery.
So, you've caught the bad guy, um I just wanna make sure we're square, yeah? We'd have caught him a lot sooner if you'd just told police what you knew in the first place.
- You know this thing with my husband - Oh, yeah.
Look, I know that you could look online and see a photo of Gary wearing the watch, and then, you know, I'm wearing the watch and make a correct assumption, but The inscription how'd you know that? Well, you're the detective, you tell me.
Six months ago an up and coming doctor was found dead in her apartment So, she had a procedure in the afternoon and went home and gave herself Botox? Wasn't Botox.
No, our work is about helping people feel better about themselves You are in remarkably good shape for a woman your age.
Are you getting some interesting work done? Ahh! Oh, your nose.
Yeah, no, I think that's a good idea.
Up for auction tonight this evening is a six month treatment at the Cavanaugh Clinic.
What a my bid?