My Life Is Murder (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

Mirror Mirror

1 (FIRE FOR BY COOL OUT SUN PLAYS) Ask me if I'm sick of shopping.
Get in early, get out early, that's my motto.
- OK, what's that? - It's a present.
I told you no presents, and I meant it.
No parties, no singing, no - It's not for you.
It's for Pippa.
- Oh.
- I thought you were - Separated.
But it's our anniversary.
- It's weird, I know, but I - No, no, no.
It's cute.
Show me what you got.
Oh, Kieran.
Now, what do you want your gift to say? 'Cause this says, "Good luck with the hors d'oeuvres.
" Really? Kieran, I think maybe you have to revise your shopping motto.
Like, get in early and have a bloody good think about what you're doing.
Oh, thank you.
No worries.
I've got a case for you.
I think I'd rather have the plate.
Six months ago, an up-and-coming doctor was found dead in her apartment.
She worked at the Cavanagh Clinic.
- Oh, the cosmetic surgery place? - Yeah.
Matilda Phillips, 32.
She had a procedure at the clinic about 4:30 in the afternoon, micro-needling applied by a colleague.
The procedure went normally.
She left the clinic about 5:00pm, all good.
I thought you said she was a doctor at this place? She was, but she also loved having work done.
Her husband said she'd become addicted to it.
He found her body the next morning after arriving home from interstate.
Estimated time of death was around 8:30pm the night before.
She'd been dead more than 12 hours.
And how is he? He's distraught, confused, heartbroken.
Autopsy report showed a cocktail of drugs in Tilly's system.
Cause of death was anaphylaxis, probably due to self-administered botulinum.
So, she had a procedure in the afternoon and went home and gave herself Botox? It wasn't Botox.
It was another botulinum drug that she developed.
Using herself as a guinea pig? The case was closed.
Put down a self-medicating doctor gone wrong.
- Was she stupid? - No, she was smart as.
Highest grades in her year at uni.
Poster child for the clinic.
I'll take it.
Well, that was easier than I thought.
Show me that plate again? You can't give Pippa this.
She'll think you hate her.
- (PLATE SHATTERS LOUDLY) - (PEOPLE GASP) Well, I should give her something.
We've been together 10 years.
Trust me, you don't want to start your divorce off on the wrong foot.
Who said anything about divorce? We're just separated.
Look at this woman.
She's beautiful.
Nobody at that age has wrinkles.
Why would she inject botulinum into her face? I don't know.
To prevent wrinkles in the future? Is that how it works? It only lasts a few months.
Botulinum has only been available for cosmetic surgery for about 15 years, so it's not enough time for any longitudinal studies, but it is seriously poisonous, though.
Yeah, evidently.
Five grams can kill every person on Earth.
And we still put it in our faces? I mean, it's safe when it's diluted and used properly.
She obviously used too much, or injected it in the wrong place.
So would you use it? I mean, I can understand why some people do it.
It's tough out there.
Getting a facelift? What did you say to me? Are you getting a facelift? You think I need one? No, I just No, I saw the picture that said facelift.
- And you jumped to that? - I didn't mean No, I You don't.
Bugger off, George.
(CHUCKLES) So Cavanagh Clinic.
Oh, yeah, I've heard of them.
They're supposed to be great.
I can get you a price list, if you want.
Thin ice, Madison.
Excuse me? Would you like my seat? No, thanks.
I'll stand.
Sorry, not you.
You want to know what I think happened to Tilly? I think the people in that clinic killed her.
Well, when you say the people in the clinic, do you mean? The husband and wife who own and run it.
They sucked Tilly in, filled her head with promises and bullshit, and turned her into a different person.
A different person how? That's my gorgeous wife.
Look at her.
She's amazing, perfect.
That's what she looked like just before she died.
She's still beautiful.
But she wasn't Tilly anymore.
Well, how many cosmetic procedures did she have? I lost count.
She was addicted.
Those Cavanagh people got into her head, put her in pages of magazines one minute, told her she was a "work in progress" the next.
Can I have a look at the place where she was found? You don't sleep here? Can't.
Not since, um I sleep up the other end of the house.
I haven't had a chance to throw away her things.
Yeah, I get that.
After they stopped having all those things done to her, she didn't need those people.
She She could have done anything she wanted.
Started her own clinic.
When did you last talk to her? Um, we had breakfast together before I left for Brisbane.
Nothing struck you as unusual? Called her that night.
She didn't answer.
And then I came home the next day.
Found her.
Ooh! - How did you go? - Great.
Now you know more about me than anybody else, including my doctor.
- Sign here.
- Oh, right.
Thank you.
Dawn?! Oh, hello.
I didn't know you came here.
No, uh, me too.
You I mean you too.
- Either.
- You're friends? - Neighbours.
- Very good friends.
- Alexa Crowe? - Yes, hello.
- Oh, come through.
- How do you do? Hi.
Lovely to see you, Dawn.
Doesn't look like a dangerous mole to me.
Are you worried about it? Yeah, well I just don't like it, you know? Well, I could whip it off easily enough.
- When would you like it done? - I don't know.
Soon? Well, I see it's your birthday in a couple of days.
You can make it to present to yourself.
That is the worst present to myself.
(CHUCKLES) Are you thinking of having anything else done? Like what? Well let's take a look.
Smile for me.
Now relax.
You know, you are in remarkably good shape for a woman your age.
Alright, I sense there is a big 'but' coming on.
Look, we can always improve on nature.
Like how? A little smoothing out, a little jaw enhancement.
Don't you have a botulinum drug? Tomilax or something? Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
We have that.
We make that part of the mix along with fillers and collagen.
We, uh, plump up the skin to stimulate targeted growth here and here.
- Is that safe? - Ah.
Oh, yeah.
- Completely.
- Wow.
I mean, these are all very simple procedures.
'Cause I heard that you had a doctor who died here.
Dr Phillips.
How did you hear about that? I don't know.
The inquest was closed.
And the publication of the findings were suppressed.
Ah, well, I don't remember how I heard about it.
It's just weird that some doctor would misjudge the amount of botulinum she injected.
Says here you're a baker and small business owner.
Sure you're not a journalist? Well, I would like to talk to you and your wife together.
It won't take long, and I'm not a journalist.
Did you say you're the police? Well, long story short, no.
But I am helping them out.
Looking into Tilly's death? Yeah, just asking a few questions.
It was a terrible thing that happened.
But it has nothing to do with us.
You need to understand that this is a very sensitive matter toward our business.
No, no.
I do understand, and I am nothing if not discreet.
I'm just gathering information, that's all, if you don't mind.
Of course.
We're happy to help.
Have a seat.
So, perhaps we could start by you telling me about the drug that Dr Phillips was using, Tomilax.
It's a botulinum-based neurotoxin.
Which she'd developed herself? Well, she wanted to create a longer-lasting anti-wrinkle treatment.
And you're still using that here at the clinic? We own the patent.
It's very safe when used correctly.
Tilly wanted to be a pioneer, and she was.
But on that occasion, she obviously got the dose wrong.
Obviously, way wrong.
But, as Imogen said, that had nothing to do with us.
Well, the procedure that she had done that day - Micro-needling.
- It's a very simple procedure.
It had nothing to do with her death.
You know, we've been through this ad nauseam.
No, no, but bear with, because this is new.
So what is micro-needling? We use a needle roller to improve skin texture and elasticity.
I'll show you.
It pierces through the outer layers of the dermis with a series of small needles.
Well, that's got to hurt.
Well, we numb the area first with a lignocaine cream.
I mean, there's some discomfort, some pressure, but really no pain.
Well, could that have had an adverse reaction with the Tomilax? No.
Those drugs aren't contra-indicated.
How long had this clinic been using Tomilax before Dr Phillips died? Enough! This is insulting.
If you have any more questions, go through our solicitors.
I got your number.
- I'll text you the details.
- Levi And if you think about making any public statements about any of this, we'll take legal action against you personally.
It's very hard to keep details suppressed in a defamation trial.
Good luck.
Miss Crowe! Sorry about my husband.
Look, his bark is far worse than his bite.
Maybe you should walk him more often.
We take the good name of our clinic very seriously, and Tilly was a big part of the place.
Truth is, we haven't really recovered since her loss.
No, I get it.
Three years is a long time to work with someone.
Yeah, and we were lucky to get her.
You know, she was thinking cardiac surgery, and I talked her into joining us.
Well, that's a big call.
Why would you do that? Well some people think cosmetic surgery is a trivial vocation, you know, pandering to people's sense of vanity, but it's so much more than that.
We do reconstructive surgery, burn victims, post-operative cancer treatment.
Our work is about helping people feel better about themselves.
Did Tilly feel better about herself? Yeah, she did.
But she lost her way.
I heard that someone said she was a "work in progress".
She was, professionally.
I was her mentor.
And proud to be.
And her friend.
Levi and I both were.
You ignore what Levi said.
You can ask us whatever questions you like.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
You know, the botulinum treatment could have been administered in the afternoon, when Tilly was getting that needling thing done.
MADISON: Don't think so.
If she was injected with enough to kill her, she wouldn't have made it home.
Well, that's true.
Anyway, why would Levi Cavanagh risk giving her a hot shot in front of a witness? Also true.
And, you know, bad for business, one of your doctors dying like that.
Also true.
And that's actually a motive not to kill her.
So what we're looking for is a motive that makes the risk worth taking.
(CAT MIAOWS) Don't judge.
Hey, what are you going to do for your birthday? Pardon? Who said it was my birthday? Oh, it was in your police files.
Well, while you were looking at the files, did you notice whether the police checked the alibis of Levi and Imogen Cavanagh? It was deemed an accident, so no.
Find out where they were when she died.
Whenever you're ready.
Nothing but money and time.
GEORGE: Keep your hair on.
I'm finishing a masterpiece.
What do you think? (PHONE RINGS) I think it's not today.
What? Yeah? Did you tell George it's my birthday? No.
Why would I? I don't know, Madison.
Why would you? MAN: Hey! WOMAN: Oh, look! Happy birthday! Anyhoo, what you got? A malpractice suit against the Cavanagh Clinic.
My GP said the Cavanagh Clinic was the best, said they'll fix my acne scars.
How long ago go you go there? Around this time last year.
Said they'll make it look better.
Now I hardly leave the house.
Who was your consultant at the time? Levi.
Mr Charming.
Said all I needed was some laser treatments.
- Levi did this to you? - No.
He left it to some technician.
Turns out it was the receptionist.
She lasers into my face.
And then you took legal action, correct? Yeah I'm not supposed to talk about it.
It was a condition of the settlement.
I had their lawyers all over me.
You said you met with one of the other doctors, Dr Matilda Phillips, Tilly? She was a human being.
She visited me in hospital.
Had the decency to apologise, even though she wasn't there when I had this done.
She said it should never have happened.
You think Tilly was going to blow the whistle on the malpractice? It's a reason for Levi Cavanagh to shut her up.
But it would have been an overreaction.
Medical accidents happen.
Not at the Cavanagh Clinic.
They've got their reputation to consider.
And Levi Cavanagh tried to sue me, like, 10 minutes after he met me.
Well, maybe you should protect yourself.
Like legally.
You could incorporate.
- As what? - Don't know.
Murder Of Crowes Proprietary Limited.
I like it.
Whatever stops you getting taken to the cleaners.
I'd love to see him try.
So, if Levi Cavanagh wanted to shut Tilly up, why wouldn't he just use his lawyers? Depends what else she knew about him.
You know, if there's one case for malpractice, maybe there's another.
Yep, and there's good money.
You should see their clinic.
Levi and Imogen Cavanagh are obviously much dodgier operators than they pretend to be.
Did you check out their alibis? Imogen Cavanagh was at a charity fundraiser from 5:00pm till 6:00pm.
Dozens of people saw her.
What's the Juliette Rose Foundation? Oh, it's really cool.
They give scholarships to young professional women, just to help them advance their careers.
- You should recommend me for one.
- Right.
What's Levi's alibi? Left the clinic at 6:30.
Says he went straight home, made dinner, did some work.
Anyone see him there? Nah.
And what about the metadata on their phones? Can't without a warrant, but Tilly's phone is fair game - 'cause, you know, she's dead.
- Right.
I've contacted the service provider.
Alexa, a word? Tremendous.
Save yourself.
Dawn, you're looking very youthful today.
I'm sure I don't need to remind you of section 141 of the Health Services Act.
Um, you might.
Medical confidentiality.
Who would I tell? And why would I bother? OK, well good.
- As long as we're clear.
- Oh, we're clear.
Are you getting some interesting work done? - Oh, you're nose.
- Yes.
Yeah, I think that's a good idea.
Hey, Dawn? What doctor do you see at the clinic? Oh, Imogen, of course.
I don't like men touching my face, and particularly not her husband.
I find him creepy.
Fun with Dawn? Always.
So, a number of texts were deleted from Tilly's phone in the weeks before she died.
- Did you get them? - Yeah.
Now you do too.
- Who's she texting? Not sure.
The owner of the phone bought a travel SIM under the name Eric Smith.
It's probably false.
But I can tell you where they bought the SIM.
Where? 100 metres from the Cavanagh Clinic.
Hello! Back again? Yes, I'd like to talk to Dr Cavanagh, please, - Levi.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry, but he's flat chat this afternoon.
Aren't we all? Wait.
No, you can't just go in there.
- That's OK.
- Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
He's with a patient.
I'm afraid you're going to have to wait in the waiting room.
Miss Crowe LEVI: It's nothing to worry about Do you mind? Not a bit.
Can we have a chat? - I'm sorry, Doctor.
- No, no, no.
That's That's OK.
Thanks, Ainsley.
Well, if you would like to wait? Uh, sorry.
I'll speak to you when I'm finished.
Or we can do it here and now, if you want.
Excuse me.
Ainsley, look after the patient.
What the hell is this? That's not a very welcoming tone.
Your wife said I'd be welcome.
I have work to do.
What do you want? Well, I'm just wanting to see who was the recipient of these texts from Dr Phillips.
It says, "CU @ 8.
" - "Have you got your key?" - No idea.
Is that all? Maybe.
You kept the phone.
I mean, is this phone for, um, affairs in general, or was it just for Tilly? OK.
Look can we, um act like adults here? Um I'd appreciate if you didn't tell Imogen.
Don't we have other fish to fry now, Doctor? The thing that happened between me and Tilly was an error of judgement.
A fling, that's all.
But there's no reason for Imogen to find out.
So, the fact that your wife might find out would be a reason for you to keep Tilly quiet.
That and a malpractice suit.
You can't seriously think I killed her.
Well, your fling went on for months.
She cut you a key.
How many times did you slip around to her house when her husband was interstate? But the police and the coroner went over this.
You had motive, means and opportunity, Doctor.
In the trade we call that a trifecta.
No, no, no.
This is crazy.
No, Tilly killed herself.
It was an accident.
Um What if I told you I wasn't home that night? KIERAN: So, he was with his receptionist? At the Saxon Grand Hotel until 10:30pm, so he says.
- Did the receptionist confirm it? - Yeah.
She paid for the room.
Madison checked her credit card.
Do you think they're lying? Yeah, maybe, but they're definitely shitting themselves that Imogen Cavanagh might find out.
That's real.
Is this the same receptionist that assisted with the victim's needle treatment? Yeah.
Levi Cavanagh's a dirt bag.
What if the wife did know about the affair? That puts her squarely in the frame.
In here.
Oh, she gift-wrapped it and everything.
Thanks, Gina.
A cyclamen for Pippa.
OK, not a grand gesture, but it's elegant.
It survives pretty well without close attention.
- Sounds like a metaphor.
- Yeah.
Trust me.
It's the perfect separation gift.
Where are you off to? I'm going to where the beautiful people live to see what's what and who's who.
Oh, you've got to pay for that.
Ooh, I see you, see you See you every time And, oh, my, I, I like your style You, you make me, make me Make me wanna cry And now I beg to see you dance just one more time Whoa-oh, oh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh (DOORBELL RINGS) Hi.
I've just got a few more questions for you.
I told you everything that I know.
No, the questions aren't for you.
They're for - Imogen! - Oh, hi! Hi! Come in.
Thank you.
Phew! Hope I'm not interrupting anything.
Not at all.
Would you like a drink? Yes, I would.
So, how can we help you? Oh, I just turned up a few things on Dr Phillips, and I wanted your thoughts on them.
Levi, could you grab the wine? It looks like she was having an affair? - Really? - Mm-hm.
So, she never talked to you about it? No, not to me.
Do you think that this affair had something to do with what happened? Oh, look, it's hard to say yet.
So, she never talked to her about her marriage either? Well, you don't think - Thanks.
- .
her husband was involved? To be honest, I don't know what to think.
It's very puzzling.
She had so much more botulinum in her system than she ought to have had.
Well, it can accumulate after long-term use.
Systemic spread.
That's true.
- Really? - Mm.
I didn't know that.
It's a beautiful wine.
And a beautiful home.
How long have you guys been here? - 15 years.
- Mm.
Would you like a tour? Yes! I would.
Darling, keep an eye on that.
Seriously, your place is sensational.
Well, none of this was here when we first moved in.
We've done quite a lot to it.
Well, I guess it's a work in progress.
Oh, look at him.
He's terrified.
Of what? That you'll tell me about the affair.
So, how long have you known? Oh, not long after it started.
He has no idea how well I can read him.
So you don't mind? Well, she wasn't his first.
And she's not his last, I'm sure.
But we're a good team.
And Tilly was such an asset to the practice, there was no upside in calling them out.
He's attracted to younger women.
I don't like it, but I understand.
It's the business we're in, after all.
You can slow down the effects of time, but you can't stop it.
I guess not.
Does Tilly's husband know? I don't think so.
Be good if he didn't.
It would crush him.
(SIGHS) Hey! It's pork mince.
You're supposed to like that.
Oh, maybe you're just getting on.
How old are you, anyway? (CAT MIAOWS) You know, you should thank your lucky stars.
It's very hard to tell.
(PHONE RINGS) I haven't given it to her yet.
I'm still at work.
Did you see the toxicology report for Tilly Phillips? Yep.
Well, apart from botulinum, she had barbiturates in her system.
We know she took sleeping-pills.
Well, then, how does she metabolise 10mg of sleeping-pill before she injected herself with the drug that killed her? Obviously, she took the sleeping-pill first.
So, she took a sleeping-pill and then waited until she was seriously drowsy before she injected herself with Tomilax.
Does that make sense to you? No.
Is it suspicious enough for a warrant on Levi's phone? Did you get all your work done? Not quite.
What do you think about issuing a prospectus? You want to list the company? It'd give us the capital to expand.
We could open another clinic.
Maybe in Sydney, or even Japan.
- Big market there.
- Mm.
Aren't you curious about what our visitor and I chatted about today? I'm sure you'll tell me.
I know what you did.
What did she accuse me of? Let's not play games.
I'll protect you as much as I can, but I don't think this is the time to take investment risks, do you? Hey, Ross? Got a sec? - Did you find something? - No, not yet.
I just want to know, can you tell me what time you called Tilly - on the night she died? - A bit after 8:00.
Can you tell me exactly what time? Why? Because she didn't answer.
Well, I just assumed she was in the shower or something.
No, she wasn't.
She was still wearing her work clothes when she died.
Um Eight minutes past 8:00.
Have you still got those work clothes? It's the way they came back to me from the hospital.
- May I? - Mm.
You've opened this bag? I, um smell them occasionally.
Do you think that's odd? No.
What's this about? Can I borrow these? (BEEPING) Positive.
DAWN: Alexa! - Putting the rubbish out? - Oh, yeah.
It's my bin.
It has the blue sticker.
What? You colour-coded the bins? Yeah.
Well, it just prevents arguments.
Anyway, I, um, just wanted to say happy birthday.
It's not today.
No, but I'm going away for a few days.
I'm having my procedure done, so Well, who told you? Oh, your date of birth's on the strata committee documents.
- (PHONE RINGS) - Oh, great.
That's good.
- Oh, sorry, I've got to take this.
- Oh, yeah.
Yeah, hello? KIERAN: (OVER PHONE) Tilly Phillips' shirt shows significant traces of barbiturates, which means Yes, the numbing cream that was on her chest was laced.
And traces of lignocaine as well.
She absorbed it through her skin.
That's how they knew she'd be asleep when she was murdered.
That's how she must have died.
- Hey-oh.
- Hey.
Hey, I was thinking the two of us should go out for drinks.
What for? For the day that shall not speak its name.
- He never does that.
- Hmm.
- Did you get that phone metadata? - Oh, yes.
Um, just read it to me, would you? OK.
Um, the day that Tilly Phillips died, Imogen Cavanagh left the clinic at 4:00.
She got to the charity gig just after 5:00 and she was there until 11:00.
The victim, Tilly Phillips, she got her micro-needling at the clinic at 4:30 and she got home at 5:30.
Levi Cavanagh and the receptionist left the clinic at 6:30.
They got to the Saxon Hotel at just before 7:00.
Levi leaves at 10:40 and he's home at 11:10.
Just before the oil gets home.
And the receptionist stayed at the hotel all night.
But Levi and the receptionist could have left the hotel, gone to Tilly's house and then come back.
They ordered room service just past 8:00.
How'd you get that from the metadata? I didn't.
I went to the hotel, spoke to the manager and to the waiter who delivered the food.
So, when were Tilly and Levi last seen together? A few days before Tilly died, in the morning, somewhere in Toorak.
Before that, Richmond, South Yarra, Prahran.
- In the morning? - Yeah.
8:10am, 8:20am, 8:37am.
- On a weekday? - Yeah.
Well, what kind of affair happens at that time of day? Have you got addresses for these places? Mm.
Kieran, I've tried inviting her.
She blanks me.
Persistence doesn't work.
She just gets more and more pissed off.
Well, you give it a crack then.
Oh, gotta go.
(SIGHS) Give what a crack? Oh, nothing.
So, what's the story? Well, Levi Phillips and Tilly Phillips were looking at a lease on this place.
Seems they showed a particular interest in the parking.
Oh, were they planning on shacking up together? Well, not here, but I've got an idea what they were up to.
Show me that list of addresses.
So, did she like it? She did.
But she also thought it was weird that I was giving her an anniversary present when we're You can say it.
It is weird.
You said it was sweet.
Sweet and weird.
Should've given her the plate.
Then she complained about the petals falling all over the floor.
You know what she's like with her Persian carpet.
Cylamens don't drop petals.
Roses drop petals.
Do what you've got to do.
Don't mind me.
(OVER PHONE) Mads, have you got time to do something for me? - Wow.
- Wow WHAT? (OVER PHONE) Well, you're actually asking.
Well, I'm trying to be polite.
That's great you're trying new things.
The Juliette Rose Foundation Are you recommending me for a scholarship? No.
You said that there was a whole lot of photographs taken of Imogen Cavanagh there the night that Tilly died? Yeah, at least a dozen.
Can you get the time stamp of each of those photographs? Well, I'd have to track down the original uploaders.
It would not be ethical, but it's possible.
Ah, so that's a yes.
Should I check with the boss? Oh, Kieran's fine.
Um, one more thing.
You know that symbol of the charity that was on the brochure you gave me? It's a Juliette rose.
It's rare.
Only grows in France.
You still got the evidence from this crime scene? Yeah.
Why? I know how Imogen Cavanagh did it.
(APPLAUSE) Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all so much for coming.
Over the last five years, since our foundation has been operating, I am delighted to say that we have helped to advance the careers of more than 80 young women in the arts, science and technology, engineering, medicine, and many other fields.
These women of the future will help to shape the identity of the nation.
And on their behalves, I thank you for your generosity.
We are about to start the auction in just a few minutes, so please have as many drinks as you possibly can - (LAUGHTER) - .
and we'll see you shortly.
(APPLAUSE) Thank you.
Hi! How are you? - Lovely to see you.
- I'm great.
Are you bidding on something tonight? You know what you should auction off? Some of that lignocaine cream that you mixed up to treat your friend, Tilly.
(CHUCKLES) What are you talking about? I'm talking about how you made sure Tilly Phillips was sedated by the time you got to her house.
You knew that she was having a procedure that afternoon, so you switched the jars of numbing cream that would be used in the treatment.
It was a great idea.
It meant that you wouldn't even be at the clinic when it happened.
Tilly took sleeping-pills.
I know.
That's what makes it even more clever.
But we found barbiturates in the shirt that she was wearing, and pills don't do that.
That night, you made sure that plenty of photographs got taken of you here at the foundation.
If you look at the time code of those photographs, there's a gap of about 40 minutes, and that's time, isn't it? That's time enough.
You knew that her husband was away, and you went over there, let yourself in with Levi's key, and you injected her with Tomilax.
A few pings in the brow to make it look like she was self-administering, and then a massive dose by mouth.
You were back here within the hour.
In the morning, you switched back the cream jars.
It's just too easy.
- Tilly was just one of Levi's flings.
- You could tolerate that.
But what you couldn't tolerate was the fact that they were planning to open a clinic without you.
- This conversation is - No, no, no, no.
Just bear with me.
Bear with me.
Look, this is a photograph of Tilly's bathroom.
(SIGHS) And this was driving me nuts.
I couldn't figure it out.
But that is this and it's a petal from a Juliette rose, which you have flown in from France, 'cause they don't grow here.
Can I at least finish the auction, please? (APPLAUSE) OK, ladies and gentlemen.
Here we go.
The first item up for auction this evening is six months' treatment at the Cavanagh Clinic.
What am I bid? - WOMAN: $800.
- WOMAN 2: $1,000.
(MAN SPEAKS IN GERMAN OVER LAPTOP) Not as annoying as having your lazy brother living on the couch for three weeks, but still quite annoying.
Now, so, how do we get the cork out? Well, Gav will show you.
She's not going to show.
Told you.
I think we're done here, don't you? (SIGHS) - Yeah.
- Huh.
You owe me a 20.
$200 bottle of wine and I messed up the cork.
Aw, I'm really glad you came.
- Me too.
- Me too.
No singing! - Wouldn't dream of it.
- Happy birthday! Make a wish.
- Oh, Georgias.
- Yay! I am reducing.
Hey, can you fix this? We need four glasses and four forks.
Corkage will be $3.
Now we've got a party on our hands.
- Oh, yeah.
- (ALL LAUGH) Rapunzel, gotta let your hair down, girl Gotta let your hair down We ain't going nowhere now Gotta let your hair down, girl Gotta let your hair down Why we tryin'? We ain't going nowhere now.