My Life with the Walter Boys (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

The Cole Effect

["Peach New Am" playing]
Moon shining
And the night starts reeling ♪
All hooked up
Under a Westwood ceiling ♪
[Jackie] Oh, wow.
Uh, what is it again?
Abigail Walter sold cider
to weary prospectors with this very cart
during the Colorado Gold Rush.
And her grandson, Bernard Walter,
used it for bootlegging.
Though, I will admit,
his nickname was Boozy Bernie.
These days, we only wheel it out
on special occasions.
And that includes football games?
This isn't
any ordinary football game here, okay?
This is homecoming.
Bighorns versus Hawks.
A gridiron rivalry over 100 years old?
Did you not have homecoming back East?
My old school didn't have a football team.
Or boys.
Well, it's good small-town fun.
You know, working the cart
at Homecoming Huddle
has kind of become
a Walter rite of passage.
And it's for charity. We do it every year.
Still confused as to why Jackie and I
need a babysitter to sell apple cider.
You'll be glad I'm there
when it springs a leak
or rolls down Main Street or something.
Okay, Butch Cassidy. Give me a hand here.
Perfect. Now,
when there's a defender on you,
you gotta stay focused
because you gotta create separation.
Okay? Take it easy. Hike!
Number 19 was having a heck of a day
until rookie Isaac Garcia
stepped off the bench.
Gotta get open, P.
Make him fake!
And that's an interception!
Isaac, she's nine.
Let's go.
Hey! Good hustle out there,
but time to hit the showers, all right?
That's not the game face we practiced.
It's my first time playing offense.
What if I mess up and we lose?
It's like Dad says,
"You can't win until you learn to lose."
That's what peewee football is about.
Learning how to lose,
getting back up, and winning.
Okay, nobody starts with the Super Bowl.
But if you're nervous,
which I know you won't be,
you look up into the stands,
and you'll see me eating popcorn
and cheering you on.
Front row center.
Cross my heart.
[Parker] Cole. Catch.
This is our worst infestation
since, I don't know, '98, probably?
Well, if my old man would've adapted
with the climate,
maybe we wouldn't be looking
at slashing and burning 20% of our crop.
What? You're gonna try a pesticide?
It's how much?
Oh. [scoffs]
No, we're gonna have to think about it,
'cause we gotta do something.
Hey, I gotta jump.
What does "slashing and burning" mean?
It means we set a fire to kill the pests.
It's a last resort, all right.
Hopefully, this new pesticide
we're talking about will kill the moths
before they get down to the roots.
Hey, Lee,
I need you to grab that crate of apples
and get it out to Will.
- Good morning, Jackie.
- Hey.
Oh, is that for me?
- Thank you.
- Sure.
Where's the fire?
Ed Omak's tabby cat was
snooping around the chicken coop
and he took
a couple of angry beaks to the
Where are my keys?
I just saw Oh. Here. Got it.
Oh. Thank you.
- Come on. Guys, we gotta go! Okay?
- [Alex] Come on, buddy.
Come on. Let's go.
[dog barking]
[somber music playing]
These are on the house.
[woman] Oh, thank you so much.
- Thank you.
- [woman] Thanks.
Lightly toasted croissants to-go. Thanks.
Oh. Kiley. Hey, don't forget to push
tomorrow's extended hours, okay?
Mato takes homecoming very seriously.
We've never been open this late before.
- Copy that.
- Thank you.
[pop music playing over speakers]
- Hi.
- [Tara] Hi.
Never a dull moment. Where were we?
Sustainable agriculture.
Right. Okay, so my graduate advisor
pulled a few strings
and got me into this competitive lecture
on ecologically-based
pest management strategies.
- What?
- I know, it's amazing.
- They only take 15 students a semester.
- Sounds right up your alley.
I know.
My program is expensive enough as it is,
and I can't afford the extra credits.
What does Will think?
I haven't told him yet.
I mean, anything money-related
always leads us back to the wedding.
- Right.
- And this is not about that.
- [sighs]
- [phone ringing]
- [groans] I should probably take this.
- That's okay. Hey, brunch tomorrow?
God, yes. Richard!
Jackie is fine.
Hi, Jackie.
Olivia. Hi.
Obsessed with your ensemble, J.
- Thanks.
- No.
Thank you
for not ratting me and Cole out to Erin.
I mean, I know they aren't,
like, official or anything, but
What Cole Walter does
and who he does it with
isn't any of my business.
I knew you'd understand.
You know, now more than ever,
we women need to support each other,
which is why I assumed you'd want to know
about the emergency fundraising meeting,
which starts
- [bell ringing]
- now.
Okay, people,
this is a judgment-free zone.
There are no stupid ideas.
We need to come up with
something we can do to raise money
for the auditorium renovations
that we can organize in the next 24 hours
because the T-shirts we were planning
on selling still haven't arrived.
- How much are we responsible for again?
- Three thousand five hundred.
What about a silent auction?
We could ask local businesses
to make donations.
In New York, people always bid
way more than those items are worth.
In case you haven't noticed,
Preppy Longstocking,
you're a long way from New York.
We don't have time or manpower
to throw something together
before tomorrow.
But a silent auction does call for tons
of community involvement and interaction.
I could talk to my dad about getting
his businesses to participate.
Fine. Show of hands,
who's for the auction?
[indistinct chatter]
[rock music playing]
I swear I told Ruby to skip me.
Dude. Leave it.
Okay? The entire starting lineup gets
their locker decorated for homecoming,
and that includes you now.
What does your dad think
about you finally getting first string?
Well, he thinks we're gonna need
a damn miracle to beat Lockwood
without Cole Walter.
Come on.
I don't know.
What if Allen moved up the wrong guy?
Allen knows if you replace me with a dud,
the school board would fire his ass.
Well, you know, Sandberg's hosting
the after-after-party this year.
- God.
- Win or lose, kegs.
His parents' liquor cabinet.
- Come chill.
- All right.
You know,
you might not be on the team anymore, but
you're still part of the herd.
[bell rings]
Normally, I wouldn't sound the alarm
so early in the semester,
but Cole doesn't seem to be trying.
He's coasting.
- I'll track him down. Thanks, Beth.
- Yeah.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Uh, is there a trick
to using this monstrosity?
Oh, um, sometimes
you just need to give it a little
- Wow.
- Magic. [chuckles]
Nikhil Choudhry. English. I'm covering
for Miss Allison's sabbatical.
Oh, right, yeah.
Uh, Tara Jacobs, guidance counselor.
So if you ever need a tour guide,
I'm your I'm your girl.
I will make sure to keep that in mind.
- Awesome.
- Yep.
Thank you.
[Tara] Have a good day.
"Tour guide"?
So, Tony's is in for
five premium oil changes,
and Kiley just texted and said
Monty's wants to donate
an entire month of free pizza.
I wasn't expecting this level of support.
Everyone here is
much friendlier than back home.
So when are we gonna take a break?
Do something fun?
If this auction falls
even a dollar short of our goal,
you know Erin will hold it over my head
until we graduate.
Yeah, so you might as well
have some fun now.
Thank you for the vote of confidence.
Guys, it's just I had to agree to work
a church barbecue tomorrow
to even be here tonight,
so if you could humor me? Please?
Okay, Skylar. Uh, kiss, marry, kill.
[indistinct chatter]
Okay. Bye-bye. Have a good one.
Oh. Hi, Cole.
Miss Jacobs. Hey.
- Actually, I wanted to talk to you.
- I'm sorry. I gotta get to work.
I just need a minute.
Look, Cole, we need
to discuss your grades.
We're not even two months
into the semester
and you're failing everything except shop.
It's just been a hard time keeping up.
Nice try, Cole.
I've known you since you were a freshman,
and keeping up wasn't an issue
when you were playing football.
How is that leg doing anyway?
[tender music playing]
Still useless.
I know your future looks
pretty different than it did a year ago,
but that doesn't mean
you don't still have one.
There are other colleges,
other scholarships.
So, if/when you're ever ready
to talk about what that future could be,
you know where to find me.
Sure. I'll do that.
Okay. Jackie, your turn.
kiss, marry, kill. Cole, Alex, Isaac.
Why are you the way you are?
Maybe because my parents won't let me date
and now you guys won't let me dream.
Okay, fine. We can play again
after you spend all day with Alex.
Alex and I are just friends.
Okay, well, what is love
if not friendship on fire?
- I've got your booby holder!
- [Jackie] Benny! Hey! Give that back!
[Skylar and Jackie gasp]
[Jackie] Benny!
Benny! Hey!
- Hey.
- Hey.
How'd it go?
- Hmm?
- How'd it go?
- One person showed.
- Mmm.
I'm sorry.
I don't think I'm cut out for real estate.
Maybe I should just look
for something else, even part-time.
[somber music playing]
Well, I think you should do something
that makes you happy.
I just wish I knew what that was.
[door closes]
[faucet running]
Hey there.
[Nathan] Hi, Skylar.
I can throw that in the wash.
Lend you one of mine, if you want.
That'd be great. Thanks.
[Skylar] You play?
Uh, I dabble.
[Skylar] No way.
Show me.
Okay. Okay.
This is new.
Yeah. [chuckles]
Yeah, I mean, it's,
um, a work in progress.
It's nonsense, really. But
Leonard Cohen spent five years
writing "Hallelujah."
I think you're doing just fine.
Thanks for the shirt, Nate.
I just mean to tell you
that you grew up very nice.
[woman] Thanks.
[man] You don't
you don't remember me, do you?
Wanna catch a movie tomorrow?
Maybe go camping up in Cherry Creek?
Yeah, I mean, that sounds fun
but I already volunteered
to work the drama club's bake sale, so
how about a rain check?
And since when is homecoming your scene?
I really want them
to fix up that auditorium.
But if anyone starts wondering
where you are,
I'll just come up with something.
You're not gonna try to convince me to go?
Nope. [sighs]
[Will] Tony, glad I caught you.
Well, what do you know? Will Walter.
- Something wrong with your set of wheels?
- No, the truck's running fine.
You got a minute?
Sure thing, but talk fast.
I'm meeting my wife at the Huddle.
She's not a patient woman.
Well, any chance you're hiring?
I'm not car-savvy like Cole,
but I'm a quick study.
- I thought you're selling houses?
- Folks aren't really buying.
If I had the money,
I would in a heartbeat.
You Walter boys are a good bunch.
But I can't give you all full-time jobs.
What? Sorry
What do you mean?
Cole. He asked about full-time too.
I told him
he should still try for college,
scholarship or no scholarship.
[engines starts]
Tell you what.
Check back with me
in a couple months, okay?
See you, Will.
[somber music playing]
- Daddy!
- Hey, bud.
Mommy's taking me
to see where babies come from!
What? Whoa! No!
Where piglets come from, Benny. Piglets.
Mrs. Jeong's sow went into labor,
so I think we're probably
gonna end up being late to the Huddle.
As you know, us ladies,
we can't rush these things.
- You don't think he's too young for that?
- What?
You're never too young
to witness the miracle of a piglet birth.
Says you. I still cannot look at
Christmas ham the same way.
You know what, Isaac?
As soon as you're ready to go vegan,
I would love to introduce you
to my quinoa burgers.
- I'm good.
- Thought so.
What's up? Hey.
- [Katherine] Hi, honey.
- Hey.
- Is Cole around?
- I think he's still in bed.
- Okay. Thank you.
- You might need a crowbar.
[knock on door]
[Will] Cole, you up?
Good morning!
- Go away.
- Wakey, wakey. Come on!
Tell me what I gotta do
to make you leave me alone.
Cover the cider cart?
Good joke.
Do me a solid.
I have to go to Lockwood
for another showing.
And you just have to do it today.
Yeah. Yeah. I really do.
Come on. Alex has no idea how to fix
a crank when it jams, and it will jam.
That thing was built in the 18th century.
Alex is a big boy. I'm sure he can manage.
Cole, I'm not asking you
to go to the game.
The whole damn day
is about football, Will.
Okay. So
If the Broncos ever make it
to another Super Bowl, you won't watch?
Yeah, I'll cross that bridge
if they get there.
I saw Tony earlier.
You're not going to college, Cole?
Come on. What's going on?
Don't say anything to Mom and Dad, okay?
I'll do the stupid cart.
[somber music playing]
[marching band music playing]
[overlapping chatter]
[Jackie] I'm so sorry for the wait.
Looks like we're having
some technical difficulties.
Please come back later.
Anything from Will?
Uh, I texted, but I have not heard back.
[cheering and applause]
Welcome, everybody
to the Silver Falls High
Homecoming Huddle and charity drive!
Wanna go check out the madness?
I don't think we're supposed
to leave the cart unattended.
The cart's survived worse.
[announcer]Bighorns cheerleaders!
Talk to me, baby ♪
I'm going blind
From this sweet, sweet craving ♪
Oh ♪
- Let's lose our minds ♪
- [boy] Whoo!
As you can see, there are many
different ways to show your school spirit.
Talk to me, baby ♪
So, thoughts on homecoming?
Well, I know absolutely nothing
about football.
My dad and I were huge Knicks fans.
But it is impossible
to ignore the electricity in the air.
What happens if the Bighorns lose?
There's a week-long mourning period
and then the cycle begins anew.
I'm guessing no part of you
has ever wanted to be a cheerleader?
Yeah, that's what I thought.
- Yeah!
- Cake by the ocean ♪
- [cheering]
- [chuckles]
How we doing, Bighorns?
Today would not be possible without
our Silver Falls Alumni Association,
so please welcome the SFAA president
and Bighorns quarterback, Class of '92,
Mato Summerhill!
Thank you.
Wow! Thank you for that warm welcome.
I just want to take this moment
to give my deepest gratitude
for everyone coming out to support
the school football team. Yeah! Whoo!
And a friendly reminder to you all
that this year's worthy cause,
giving the school theater auditorium
a much-needed makeover.
So please give as generously as you can!
Go, Bighorns! Whoo!
Now, you didn't hear this from me,
but our cider pairs very nicely with rum.
Thank you so much.
[Alex] I thought you weren't coming.
- I had a change of heart.
- That would require you to have one.
Hey, I'm happy to leave.
But another pair of hands couldn't hurt.
And he did fix the cart.
Right, Alex?
What was wrong with the tap?
Well, let me show you.
Sometimes, when the cider sits
And let's hear it
for your new starting quarterback,
number 44, Dylan Newsome!
And I know I know
with his God-given talent and dedication,
Lockwood doesn't stand a chance.
[coach] Let's go, Bighorns!
[coach] Let's go!
Let's go, Bighorns!
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
you gotta be a Bighorn
so you can play like us. Say what!
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
you gotta be a Bighorn
so you can play like us!
Let's go!
[team] Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
you gotta be a Bighorn
so you can play like us!
- [Hayley] Here you go.
- [Tara] Thank you.
"So if you ever need a tour guide"
Like, what?
Honestly, after that first impression,
I wouldn't wanna date me either.
Stop. He's totally your type, though.
And single.
So why haven't you swiped right?
Uh, because
if I swipe right and he doesn't,
then I'll be forced to see him
every day in the faculty lounge
knowing that he saw my profile
and thought, "Meh."
Do it. Here. How about I do it for you?
Hoo! Is dating a coworker unprofessional?
Oh, now you're dating?
- A second ago you were his tour guide.
- Okay.
What do you know?
You've been in a relationship
for a million years.
You still avoiding telling Will
about the lecture stuff?
Well, he's got his heart set on getting
part-time work to pay for the wedding.
Meanwhile, I have money
just hanging in my closet
in the form of my wedding dress.
So take it back.
You both agreed to postpone.
[Cole] Who's thirsty?
Like my grandma always says,
"An apple cider a day
keeps your hair from turning gray."
Our grandma never said that.
Who cares?
Well, I do, but I wouldn't expect you
to give a damn about honesty.
By all means, bro. Show us how it's done.
Excuse me! Excuse me! Miss?
Uh, can I interest you in a refreshing,
100% guilt-free, all-natural cider
that's been in the family for generations?
Not the cider itself, the recipe.
The cider is definitely fresh.
Um, no. Thank you.
That was really smooth.
But watch and take notes, okay?
Hey, I'm sorry, ma'am.
What my little brother forgot to mention
is this cart kept the Union soldiers
hydrated while the Civil War raged on.
So you're not just drinking apple cider,
you're drinking history.
Okay, I'll take two.
Thank you.
The nice lady will take two ciders.
How's it going?
Someone needs a crash course on which
states were involved in the Civil War.
Yikes. That good, huh?
Deep breaths.
I'll take one cider, please.
Thanks for the pity purchase.
I'm gonna check on the auction table.
You make sure
to celebrate responsibly, Mr. Leland.
There won't be any celebrating.
We lost the best quarterback
in Bighorns football history.
Real damn shame too. All of Silver Falls
would have loved to see you go pro.
Thanks, sir. It means a lot.
I'm taking a break.
[whimsical music playing]
At this rate, we won't reach
our fundraising goal before kickoff.
Personally, I'd hate to be
the one responsible
for denying our young thespians
a chance to perform
in a state-of-the-art theater.
You good, New York?
If people don't start bidding,
Erin will make it her personal mission
to ensure this is my first
and last contribution
to the fundraising committee.
Erin doesn't have that kind of power.
Okay, and let's just say if she did,
our school has like a hundred committees.
Yes, but Princeton looks
for consistency and follow-through.
Can I steal it
from you for a second? Thanks.
Hey, Mr. Summerhill!
Go long!
Oh, oh!
[boy] Whoo!
Come on! You can do better than that!
Bighorns, let's hear it one more time
for the man, the myth, the legend,
Mr. Mato "Summer Breeze" Summerhill!
- Go, Dad!
- He's still got it.
Now that I've got your attention,
it's been a little quiet over here
at the auction table.
So how about
we turn up the volume a little bit, huh?
Come on. This town couldn't
write checks fast enough
the year Taylor Field got its new turf.
Now put your money where your mouth is
and support
the auditorium renovation project
just like you did athletics. Okay?
- Thank you.
- [woman] Yes. Thank you.
I see you over there, Mr. Beattie.
A coupon to Tony's Auto Shop
could come in handy next time
that Caddy breaks down.
You know what I'm talking about.
And Mrs. Dworkin, don't hide behind there.
I saw you checking out
the 90-minute Swedish massage.
Um, Skylar, what is happening?
I believe we are witnessing
a romantic gesture.
[Cole] 'Cause we now have
a surprise item available to bid on.
You need your car washed
or your lawn mowed?
Someone to teach your kid
how to throw the perfect spiral?
Well, today's your lucky day,
'cause for the right price,
you can have me for the entire afternoon.
Oh my God. I'm finally free.
Okay, tell me everything. What did I miss?
Cole's auctioning himself for charity.
[Cole] Ten dollars! I heard a $10!
Can I get a $20?
Where are you going? You just got here.
Fifty dollars!
Right here, $50. Can I get a 75?
- Seventy-five bucks?
- A hundred!
- [Cole] Oh!
- Ew. Mom.
Um, a hundred dollars?
Hundred and twenty-five dollars? Anybody?
Two hundred and fifty!
[chuckles] Brad, my guy.
I'd kick it with you for free,
but your donation is greatly appreciated,
as it is from all of you.
Going once, going twice on the 250
Five Benjamins for the handsome gentleman.
- Okay. Five Benjamins.
- [cheering]
Going once!
Going twice!
Sold to the beautiful
Mrs. Edna Mutschnick.
[Cole] And don't forget! Next year
[tender music playing]
Where have you been?
Who peed in your cornflakes this morning?
I see.
How am I supposed to compete
with the Cole Effect?
I'm sorry. The what?
Irresistible appeal of Cole Walter.
You really think
the grass is greener under his feet?
You just gotta be Alex.
Okay? Well
I'm gonna go be Alex
somewhere else until this is over.
[heartfelt music playing]
[crowd chattering]
- Thank you.
- There you go, ma'am.
It was very sweet of you to sacrifice
an entire afternoon working for Edna
to give the drama club the new theater.
Well, one of us
should hold onto our dream.
Is it too late to bid on some help
breaking down the cider cart tomorrow?
I don't know, New York.
Something tells me Edna runs a tight ship.
I'm kidding.
I will be there.
Cross my heart.
Hey! Skylar's saving us
a spot at Monty's. I'm starving.
I could go for some pizza.
You wanna hang with us?
She means the more the merrier.
Wow! Mr. Choudhry. What are the odds?
I'd say considerably high
since we live in the same town
and teach at the same school.
Yep. Very good point. [chuckles]
Hey, um,
apologies if this is
totally unprofessional, but, uh,
would you like to
- [chuckles]
- I mean, I'd love to.
- Would you like to join? Yeah.
- Oh! Yeah. Okay. I can sit.
[Tara] So have you ever been
to this café before?
- [Will] Hey.
- Hey.
I don't think I've ever seen
this place so packed.
I know.
Imagine if we were open late regularly.
Maybe you should be.
What? Is that a bad idea?
I'm sure Mato would love it,
but who has the time?
I do.
Think about it.
So we'll have beer and wine, live music.
Just a few nights a week, tops.
You know we need to save up.
- We'll put that cash towards the wedding.
- I returned my wedding dress.
I needed the money for school
and honestly wanted
to avoid this very conversation.
[somber music playing]
- [Katherine] What do you think?
- [Benny] Mm-hmm.
What you eating there, buddy?
Persimmons from Mrs. Jeong.
Please tell me you didn't let her
pay you in persimmons.
The Jeongs are struggling.
The entire farming community is.
Yeah, us included, Kathy.
So what do you want me to do?
You want me to deny them veterinary care?
I don't know. They gotta figure it out,
all right? Just like we do.
- Can you pass me the orange?
- Sure.
Thanks, bud.
Um, Alex? We're all gonna grab a slice
at Monty's if you want to join.
Me, Grace, Skylar, and Cole.
Ah, you know, I gotta be up early,
but we can finish breaking down tomorrow.
I'll push practice.
Cole actually already promised he'd help,
but thank you, though, for the offer
and the memorable first homecoming.
See you later?
Yeah. Yeah.
Uh, later. Sounds good.
[country music playing over speakers]
[Grace] The cowboy hat.
What cowboy hat?
[indistinct chatter]
What's up?
Are you okay?
Do you wanna go to my place?
Well, actually, I have plans.
[crowd cheering]
[boy] Yeah, Dylan! My boy!
[ominous music playing]
Let's get out of here.
[music fades]
[moans softly]
That's really sweet.
I should've told you
about the dress.
I don't care about the dress
or that you didn't tell me.
What I care about is
that you felt like you couldn't tell me.
You have a lot on your plate.
We both do.
Yeah. Maybe.
I just haven't had my priorities straight.
We can't afford a dining room table,
let alone a wedding.
I just hate that I can't give you
everything that you want.
I've already got everything that I need.
Now, tell me about this Lark After Dark
concept one more time.
"Lark After Dark"?
That's perfect.
[both chuckle]
Just like you.
["Everything Everywhere Always" playing]
- I see you smile ♪
- Oh. Ow. Just a book. Okay.
Look at the stars
But I only see your eyes ♪
[text message dings]
The brightest red in the sunset ♪
Those summer nights
With you lying there on your bed ♪
Everywhere I go, wherever I stay ♪
I'm always reminded of you every day ♪
No matter the distance
It won't ever change ♪
Since you're my ♪
Everything, everywhere, always ♪
Love till it hurts
Till my heart aches ♪
The light in my world on my dark days ♪
For always you'll be mine ♪
Everything, everywhere, always ♪
We thought you could use some help.
You didn't need to skip practice.
Ah, no problem.
I wanted to.
Besides, what were you gonna do,
wait for Cole?
He's not exactly
the poster child of dependability.
Back her up.
Easy. Easy. Little more.
You keep talking to me like I'm one
of the horses, you're walking home.
- Okay. Stop!
- [brakes squeak]
- Hey.
- Hey. How was the game?
Um, brutal.
Yeah, as games with nine-year-olds are.
Oh no, she was fine about the game.
It's just Cole never showed up.
He's been practicing with her for weeks.
I know. And I tried calling him
a bunch of times, but he didn't pick up.
- Oh.
- She was so upset.
Well, yeah, of course she is.
I just don't know
what's gotten into him lately.
Where are the boys?
Oh. They're, uh
They're out at the barn. Stan came by.
Dropped off that pesticide.
I'm just having them stack it up.
Oh, that was nice of him.
We should send him a thank-you.
Listen. You were right.
I can't keep donating
my time and services.
Eh, I was grouchy.
What I should have said
was that you're the best vet in town
and you deserve to be compensated fairly,
preferably in money.
How bad is it?
It's, um
Plus we got the equipment, the fuel,
the maintenance, the ranch. It's just
Well, we're 11. And plus Jackie now.
So that's 12 mouths to feed.
I genuinely don't know
what we're gonna do.
[ethereal vocal music playing]
- Parker, I can explain.
- No!
You promised you were
gonna be there and you weren't!
Isn't it funny ♪
You're a liar.
How we taste the milk and honey ♪
But it's not enough? ♪
[door slams]
Isn't it true
That everybody bends the rules ♪
In the name of love? ♪
[horse whinnies]
Give me something more to find ♪
'Cause maybe I'm not satisfied ♪
Until I'm falling off of the edge ♪
Falling off of the edge ♪
Shelter me ♪
I haven't felt so far away ♪
My faith is foreign ♪
But it's here to stay ♪
So give me something more to find ♪
'Cause maybe I'm not satisfied ♪
'Cause I've gone
And fallen off of the edge ♪
I've fallen off of the edge ♪
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